Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 20, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1927
Page 5
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NEWS , OF HOPOIDT P Operelta Under IHrectlon of Mrs. IlartwiR: and Jlissi itrhmldt a ' Success—Personals. THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. AT THE HEARST QUIZ IN WASHINGTON 45 ^.1 '-Vt " TtJESDAY EVENTNfc, DECEMBER 20. 1927. PAGE TWeP l!qot> frMWioril ami \ HiKPii>s maili- "hits." Ijolli i • . . (Frances Culver) kuMBbLDT. Dec. 16— The op- i-neila. "Thei Fire Prince." was pre- Kcnted tonlglit at tlie high school auditorium IJV the glee clu,bs of * Humboldt high school. The production was attended bv a large audience.' "The Fire Prince" is _ one' of the most dlfficilll operiettas lhai the high school has ever presented. Both the music and action, are' much farther advanced than is' usual In an entertainment of this type. In spite of these diffi- cuUies. the performance was quite smooth and very Interesting. The credit for. the excellence' of the production given to Mrs. T. \V. Hartwlg. music supervisor, aided by Misif Mary Schmidt, dramatic coach. TlH? title role, the "Fire Prince." was^curricd by Phillip .McKnlght. His solo work and slag.' action were among the best fcalirres of the nperottii. Helen ' Mish, iiM UoHa .HWcet heart of th/^ "Kirv I'rincf." was vi -ry chaniilit^rfi in till" (>pp<islt>- leiiil. HIT volt-*- Is i ; liclit-hut very plonsing In (iiiuillt jr.! ; iiiidlii'i' ucliiig IH n..-iitiral and an!-' •iriatiil; .lu<'lt»! liiinir iiliiile a gri'iU ; drill (Mil of h<T iidi- as (jiieeii Fsa- •dof.i. tiiiilliiT of ll)i' piimiv'. Sho hits j II vclci- of exfellcute. lliiiliio nnrl (•"""-'"iiiiiHr. and 'ilii' iiavi'i a chariii - ' ^ porlia.val si'ldiiMi f(nialli'(l in .itiiaiviir p<;rf()rnianiM'.« of tljis type. The role of KinR (irognis. playeil by .lark Amos, was made ver>' in- tercstiiiu. Two- olhei; exrclb'nt i cliiiracler imrtrayals wtire, prescnt- • I'll in the ro'e of the duoliess. played by l.ticillc Fost.-r. iaiid of a wise inan. plavcil by 1>.:\. Mclioii- Williaui in sin«- , in.:; aj)d acting in tlifir I'speciiif jiaits of Spanisli aiiiliassadur and ;bu!ler. .Marjorie Osluirii and .lean ; 'KliiU showed real Mi!isi<"il- tali 'nl in' the roles of I-xiy Kalhleena ami IJTKIV Molinda, nieces of the king: i while flarpia .Baptist ar-i -M •- —^ - >Vrestlcr *:ere eqtially tnaTlocInC its lighted Christmas trees in front as vMpiion^to''and Kurico. uii^ii.^..->.iof each place of business. i | r.f the primv-' Other minor pirts I ^f^^ I^aak Walton Lia'-'ui- hold j ' iwere well played, and the chiirus regular meeting \Ve.!iie .<d.iy | I •work was excellent in tonal Quali-i nj„i,t Legion hall with a good ties and co-urdination of ptirts. A i mtpndance. Reports wore read by fairy clionis .comiKised; of li»lc; various committees, and lotters I girls helpeil to give the operetta I from state officers, urging greater j a mystical i and supernatural at-[ aj-tiyjiy j„ t|,e league work, there i mosphere.' The work of Mrs. H. H. | an «ffort on foot to! organize a! Mc(.lelland. iaccompanist. and Mr, gun club in the near future. The] .lames Jones, violinist, aided, mucJi j chapter organized for the annual j in the succesw of the production. rabbit hunt which will start on the^^ .W..A. Byerly spent two days iniGn, p,„i Uodncsdav the 21si. : Kansas City this week oii a busi- j AVarren Works and NUk Moor: nes.s trip. • < were appointed as captains. The. -- Thr .Kntre \ous club was eater- nibbits a'lv to be shipped to Kan- tained Thiy.sday afternoon -at the \i-itv bo .li.sinbutod aimmg = hoiiio.of Mrs. .loo Tow^nsond. wo.stii|,e poor at Christmas tiiii.'. A, of .the river. ! large consignmi'nt was sent the; Tho Fivo Hundrcdclub.met yes. : puh^t two. years lor this puri> i lenlay for its ro.uiilar meeting at: _ _ th- Irame of-Mr.-. T.' A. Kailsbac'h. • Mr.s'. Amelia Work.s entertained : . tho .Mtar Svi-iely of .St. .losephV ^-^'rs. .s. M. IHoker.son.) chunli Wodnosday afiornoon. with i Dxcinber IT. ('. ('. C. im i a'^ lu-r,.mother. Mrs. Ilonry Tholon, the homo of .Mr- H. i;.-,ii.r ( iSttisliiic ho.stoss.' - Thursda.v. .\ quill w:;s \\orl<'-il on Frank Mi-Fiirron movoilfrom his J fi>r Ihe ho.--.(v;is and a tr. o [.h ttllyl farm Just norlli fif town to the j d<«ora!i;d yi.'ldi-d a vAn- t<H-[ apartment In the (fftrlon building '•'•'h 'a>!y pr.--'. at .Mrs. Khiii oil Wodiiosilay of (his wook, ', llrook'. .Mrs .S. I! I'Mhoif. .Mrs .s. - Mr, and .Mrs. Waller Wulf anil ' • Waikiii.- and .Xli- It .\; .Null- Mr. A. f. Kritzoe o.-inio to allotid'g"'--i-i It.'oii Ih- .Monan -h Ceiiiom Co; mooiiivg | sislod by h-r iii'iilu-r. .Mrs. .StoVu Important ligures in the oxaminutiou of William Kamtolph Ikaisfs dooumonts which charged that .Mo\i..-^n govornmoni s .m'ght.tcj bribe four Cnited States senators are pii-iurod aboye. In the upper it] 11-ar.^t \< ^llowl,. .Th.- s.-v.alor- iiivostigating the paiH >rs aio (.s -.-Midi:!-,-) lonos (right., an.l .Inhn-on. v. tho.-^o seated (lolt to right i al-. IU-ed,of IVnnsylvajiia. Uobimson ami i'.ruoo To thorright. lu>low. is Mi ;.:,l lo !i ::vi M.":.! il.o dot uuitnts'to'Hoars', .Joho IVg'-. c lUor. is a Hearst tiow.n>aper mar., lilt, is Mexican .onsul gujoial at .New V(;rl< Ci!:.' wl.-- Ih- authenticity of do(;umom.s. .\vila: :-g< lit -Vriuro klia- he sot ii:o- and STAR DISTRICT Seal your gifts with heaKh stamps. S.VMIKL BISLKY i^aniuol Buslev was born in IJin- , (oln-hii-o. Kngland. .luly 24, 1> 62. He met his death by accident in I l.:lHarpo. Kansvis. Detembor 17. l!i:;7. ased" Ca yeai-s. I monlhs'iiiid . M days. He leaves to nioiirii h;s Ith- iid Oi an.l to visit rcLttivos and friends. | I'iokerson. and h. They are Jocated at San Juan. Tex., i M<'hols. served a iiio- 'sitioe leaving Humboldt a year or »"•>:' m.'.ting wil. h. molo aijo and are. well idi 1 with their new. home. The Huniboldt stores will olo.-e all day Monday, observing that day as Christmas. The town is very gay-aiHt festive no\»-at nightwiili aunt. liiiK-h, with .Mrs. (• i'.^li;. rcspcnso iwli! Ii Ro.toliiiioi'i- " . The' fn w .Mis. Tho l )i i -oinlu-r '•'•<>. ou rail N Y<ar's • •, ii jiip a ' 1 ;-; .--'inie ; ;-!;;i!y fann- are hiLsy h. :ui;!ig Ua'.ir < .•r::,' Cblii Kiv.-lt lirixim: Km,I -.•li.iii wliirh 1.1- pii:-i-lia,-od ri niil- ;y. Mis V^nloi! KiiS" i,< K.iiliiwd to h'r ioiiii- wit It ii'-iirali:!.!, iii^jir .mi iiispi'ciiir w.i;' IIKIL.M: I'll- i.iiiinis in /in- ii.'ii;!i- biirliiMid last wi i k ^!ls. i:riMst :.\, i'owi.;i ii.i^ iio'n vory I!!. •- . y,:-- {'•y-r.]'.- I |)ii !<• !, uii ai:>! I,'1.1 I,' .'kliar' ;dMr..- Ui I'li.i 'I'hiirs- di> III L'.'' f..iiiisi' I)iikir>on. and .ill aii '-iiji 'd irii- C. (• I hi;) lio<-ii:g M,- K, I!.'o:;,.'>, ,Mr- C 11^. I',11 iicv ar .<i.-.r siii'icl. ,ai:r(n ;iii--. s a CIM';-.; ', deatli two sous. Harry and Sdm- tiel; four .-istors .iiid i!iroe bro' i -rs. a'l risiding in Kngland. ; Mrs. S. A. Busley a.nd family t.allarpo. .Mr. r .iisi'>y i-amo to Lalla from Kngland "in ISK ai:d has lly- n! wiih the Husley family ev'or.j 1 sIm o. ' . lb' !md for many years boon a , iiloiiilw r.of the I. O. (>. F. lodge ind I .1 r< nt all |:.ho Ifi- w;is Will at-..I |n-o'ni!- , lu ii'Iy k.'iortii to Odd 1 -ihro'.igliiUit' the county. I The ninoral sorvioe wa^ iiii|l<'r III! aM-!.-:' (s of 111" lo'.al lodi -i' fml wa.* held In the .MiMhodist chiihdi I lie K'-v Mr. Anilrows <iflio|al^nR riar'iu w.i> in tho " ' ' . iMi lery. Koliow.sjl'.ip ' l.aHarpe Wostmiiistor now proposed burial p!ar ,-ons. Abboy. which is lo enlarge, is the of noaily l.-')o |HT- prograin and tret- al lioii<. . Dedtiibor nim:, .vll p-.itroiis are \ilo.r, • S;ar .-oli( ol- In tlio eie- ' coriHally in- Only 4 Day$ to Shop . - • ' .J-- • For Christmas and Not a Saul Should Be Forgotten! Hundreds of Useful and Practical Gifts Will Be Found LU the lleader. Ii DRESSES lliadies Dresses $7*47 SI 2.50 to SI 5.0(^ BUick and Colors of Exce Values lent Quality Silk Ladies Dreskes 11.95 S20.00 to S24.75! Valuer ; i Hand 'I ;ii!'>r"d. ("heck tind Tailoiifd Styles in Fi'no Crepe Saiins. (^>ori>;etle |i and Combinations. Ladies Driesses il9.S5 $29:75 to S:;."3.()0 Values Classy Jean Frofks. Kxclu.«?ive Styles in the Very Fin• est of Fabrics. Black and Colqrs. j;7,50 .NOVELTY WOOLEN FROCKS. S l.Si) COATS Ladies Coats. . $5*95 Sm .OO to S 11 ,50 Values Dress and Spcrl Coals. .Ml Wool Fabrics. Fur Trimmed and Plain. Good Weijjht Ladies Coats. . 12.79 .SI 9.75 to S22.50 Values Shawl Collars. Johnny Collars, All Wool Fabrics, Guar- anJeed Linini;s, t \ll Colors Ladies Coatis. . 18.S5 S29.75 to S39.75 Values Muxkins. Suedes. Silk Linini;s. Black>and Colors, Shawl Collars and Cuffs 1! VY«>\ HK1» ' sPKK.vns Bt'UUlll'iil.KriiikIc •Sljles. MxU»> size blue, trold. pink, lin- ' ender— 1S3 .9S to !S6.7:. (Mlier Bed Siireads at ' *2.47 iiji. (nuisniAs \t >v. ' Ki.TY rniM With<Mit a doubt tiK moM nondpri'ul lection of Novelty China and (;i;;-s. waie ne iiiHe eirr seen. K»Try,Hrm I- Imiiorlrd aiii.l \ ••. i-: the stMni{»:(if i |Uali:} You will pitjoy .^erliij: »hl< dhuljij • nliether von btij <»i not. i'rii-ed Ht ".V to is.") m iKayon or Pure Silk (ionus. ItltMiDiers. .Sfep-lns. DunHettes rnjatiijis. in Individual ('Iiri<>tm8» boxes A wonderful jrtil— ?IJ«I to :r<i.7.'» At Sjieelai I'rire Kedikiiun HUSIERY •iueen Charolette Pair .Silk Hosier} •.emf.i'asliioned. . ciinninleed., all rol. or«. Silk over knee I'er pair #IJK) Ko*'nine Fnll Fa-h- ioned l^ire Silk Hosiery, all rnloro. triiaruiiteeil. Silk over kne*' !5!..">0 Knnrjr Chriktmas Boxes for Every Pair. iirriiiMw' ,nfci>iMP 'iw*ia ANATION^WiDE iNSnrUtiON' where savinzs are sfeatest SOUTH SIDE SQU-\RE lOLA, KANSAS ItV Just Around the Corkier! Holiday Stocks Here Are Now At Their Best! LetiUs Serve You! Gifts for Mother—Gifts for Father.. Wife, Hiisband or Grc ^nd^a! Gifts for the Young Folks—for the Ncwl3rweds—for the^ Cjiildrer^i—for the New Baby. Whatever your Gift Problems, we can help you In solving theni. No frills here, but Quality at Real Low Pricey I .': Lined Gloves Fb^a Man's Christinas Gift Fleece lined and fur-Iinedj warmth with style; mediud and he.ivy weights— " $1.49 to $2.98 Boys' Eagle . Muffler Oip« FineBrbadclotli Pajamas Featuring our own exclo- i!ve printed patterns; shir: collar or trench neck; values "outstanding, at— The cap that can be worn turned up or pulled down and buttoned below the chin. 'Pure worjted, in several colors: to seiect fi-om. Any boy would like an Eagle Cap for Christinas. Low prfced 98c $1.98 "AeroSpeeder" A Meduuiicai Toy An easy to run and entertaining toy — harmelss, too, for the smallest child. 89c Fancy AH-Wool Flannel Shirts Super Quality—Fancy Pkttems These sliper quality All-Wool Flannel Shirts are the last word in workmanship, fine materials- and splendid appearance. Thev are both dressy and serviceable: ,Big, full; cut jbodies, large sleeves ,and| arm holes; size 17 finishes 54-inch—other sizes in proportion. Our feature value at a thoderate price. WoodA<ptionToirs Are Amusing and Harinless .:1> Animals in gay colors, funnr men,'windmills, etc, will provide plenty of amusement for small^ boys and girls—these toys "are inexpensive, too. Dapply ^Horse stands on hi| ;,front'or hind.legs ...49c Kicking Donkey kicks out with' his -hind legs............ .89a Curious Ted Toy Dolls *9a. The Hustler T-wins play "Ring around the Rosey"........89e -Galloping Jockey 89a. !' Remember the ;.Hou8Cwif c With a Handsom^ Bed Spread The lustrous beauty of i rayon bedspreads tnakes them the ideal gift for the new bride — or the housewife of tnany years! Stripes—Solid Colors ' ;Two-color stripe patterns and . various brocade and jacquard novelties. Full size spreads from ^ $2.98 to $5.90 I A Haiuiy Set—Onr ^'Get AJ:quamted' Jadel Box Tliis convenient set is .an 'I ititrodtictory ofT :r of Jaciet : high <i!:.-.lity toilctrids—e.V • elusive with us. A box of = \. face rpwder and a jar each • J of co'.d anJ vanish- _ _ " ing cream in regu- '• Liar size f0r— = Anydne's Gift The "Penimaid" Iron With Safety Plug 3.98 with plug current A fine,-heavy iron ' an autoihatic safety ' that turns off the when a certain temperature is reached. Our price is ex- ceotionaL' Holiday Sets For Men and Women ^' A score of gift combina- * tion sets—^garters and hand— kerchiefs, belts and' many others from Gift Blankets Give Pleaaore For Many Months A warm blanket in a pretty plaid pattern is another suggestion for your Christmas gift problems. The^pleaiu,re from such a gift will last for many days after the holiday season is over. Here are many suitable blankets. A wool and cotton nixed i blanket — plaid — in several colors QO for only ^pO.JFO An s|]l wool blanket of fina soft quality Is priced at .... $7.90 Stieel Toys ArJB Slunly FdDows For Boy« Play 23c to t 98c ] All kinds of toys constructed of steel. Movinsr Van, atoel wfaeekand solid mblMi tires. $4.98 ^When Shoppini; for Her Gift . Remember a Handbag • - • If youiknow the predominating colof of her costume —so much the better! Biit whether you do or not, she will appreciate your selectionl , . 5 Maiiy Styles! Reptilian and hand-tooled effects — pouch and envelopes. It's a delight to select one. " 1: 98c to $7.90

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