The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 10, 1933 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1933
Page 14
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. r - ' 14. V. > '• .. '• -..;-; -r r , . ^.:\ -Tl , n .'I!' e b-1 ' .• H L ± . n ;•*"v.. "?' ; - i'-,' 'i t i *•* -. i ? :• K. i'. n , T«* - • I T %* lv \$ b- :-. 'j+ ' ' T f I ' - \'i- i> !v lr V. i. \-f -- r Mr-. T I -I ; til £*•:*--• v' H i. B. i. * tf "j ' ^ \'k , IL- . ' : < . L, r- ** ' ., »• - ,^ "- - j«? ^'»' i-\ - V I i 1 ' V \ '$ to & L .' • t \ '. >.;i TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 1933 i- - •- i '/A , .• , i*. •VVt ...„ I 1. ^&^^W^^ #! ' - .-•-. ' : _• -^ '>J V : -V .' (>-- >T - •1 T r * M P* «p*>V 4>W"#4r KDlfrOR AND II -•J I -'. '' ^ L '.> !' - .1,11 '-I *- - - L t ''- f". 1. I *-< I * L! b L L .1.1 i-1' :*, : t '- Issued Every Evening Except Sunday In Bakerslleld, Kern County, California t ^ r Entered In post office at Bakeraflold, California, nw second class mail matter under the Act of Congress March a, 1879. • *™****^»^"^»l«»»»»-«»««*»^*.^»^F^»^-»^-^^^»- • • • • || t „ < . _*. „ I I UPt T J » • !••!• I »!• _»ap. •_•• am-.! T —_t.-J MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited In this paper, and also- the local news published therein. The Callfornlan Is also a client of the United Press and the United News and receives the complete leased wire service of both. •••^•^••••^•••bV EASTERN REPRESENTATIVES Bryant, Griffith & Brunson, Inc. Now York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta •WASHINGTON (D. C.) BUREAU Frederic J. Hnsltln, Director, Washington, D, C, weed of additional income tax levies or sales taxes, but if we are to balance Hie budget without imposing such taxes, there must be dla radical reduction in the cost of federal government. And then he adds what is WHERQ THE MONEY GOES widely realized: "Only as a last resort would the people stand for more taxes. If we cannot balance the budget in this session, then the job will be done at the extra session of Congress after March 4." That is a more promising program than the one that was given to the papers a few days ago, wherein it was proposed to heavily increase taxes on incomes in the higher brackets and to reach down and tax earned incomes of as low as $2000. right when he said: "The people are in I' f - I w 1 ("• -1. •tl'i* •-• f IS. -. ' -' 1 v I L - .r- *, " / ». - > -•• ; .i-.s »'. *. r>- .r: >*, v >; 11 :-1 L I f- l 4 - 1 '-<-* ; * i*'. * >**>, iV.i •• i -• J .v .- •-* J • • 1- I I 1 By FREDERIC J. HA8KIN '> I F . ' ' Tills ife ft ipeelii Uepartinent deyotid iol«ljr to the huitlltnc of quorlei. Tlili Daper put* tt your dlipoial the service of an eitonihe or* a an Union In Wulilngton to i«rr« you In ftny capacity thit relates 'to Information. Thli aerrlce li frw. Failure to make me of It de* prlvci you of benefit! to which you are en- tUloU, Your obligation Is only : 8 cents \jn coin or Btampi enclosed with your inquiry for dirwl reply. Do not. send poateardi. Ad- dro» Tlio ItflkwifloJd Callfornlin InfortnMton •Bureau, tfrederlo J. Ha«kln, Director* Wash- tiiffton, D. C. ". HERE is much ado about reducing the mood to stand for that tax program." Is spent In this __ _, . . . . ... automobile touring- in a Mr. Rainey jg normal year?—T. R. J,' j i * ,. ^ "^"^'ed that in 1931 more dollars was spent by Americana on motorized vacations. compensation of federal employes in the effort lo decrease the cost of government and so aid the administration to balance the budget. But as has been before pointed out by this paper, it happens that in most governmental units, costs for all public service have so mounted that even a horizontal reduction in salaries of heads of departments STRENGTHENING INFLUENCE Q. How many radio's are' there In Canada?—F. W. A. In the 10S1 census, 770,436 were enumerated. Tho ratio of radios to F TS inlprp«4lin0 In nhcm*vn Ilinf Ilio or»«n«ll farm inhabitant .was 36.09 to 1000 pop- I Id interesting IO ODSCrve tlmt tile annual ulatlon, while in the cities there were fund created by the representation of the' 9827 radl ° S6t9 to 100 ° New York Times in the interest of needy! $• who was tho animal hunter who *1 10 -.,„* n f Cioin'-H-f it,' died In Africa, and whose wife carried til? Slim Of $249,311 this | on his work?—V. B.~ 1 BEGIN HERE TODAY WfitN eldtrly Am«i Pt«MO fall! t» hit fr«m the »e««nd ilary biletny «f Ttm Av«rlln Loni tilind h»m« LlhdR, Ttm'i wlf«, btlUvei It It murder. P«ib«dy WM h*r tmln. Ruihln* t« th« Ule«ny, Linda t««U Ikrvwn *tetut hw ttinM, tlmart «nd f-ilMi, Shi and Tarn dtilda »• »r«<ftnd Cauiln Amai* wat an «efrfent, mwnwhlls dmtlftf thantialVM la talvlni tha erlmi. Thty hava faur autitt wid all baeama luipeetn Mr. 8Ut- lina«r t buifntn atMtlata af Taw'i; Cavtatn Da V«, handtama ••(•Ian; Marvin Pratt, ftrnur aullar af Linda's; and Llan *h«uih- ntn«y, Irlih writer. On an« ax«uta and (hen tha luaili ara •iriuadcd ta remain, Tarn and Linda mera time ta t«IVa their prablen. Linda flndi,the tewal with whleh tha at- tarnM. was mad* ft itramla her (Identified by a. emear ef eunburn alntmaM) In Btat- landtrfe bathraam, Tarn, eusplileus afSheuih- fiaitey, aaarihet Mt ream. Th« Irlthman dff* eavare thle and ta let mattere right Linda lei It him the. whale itary, atklnf him ta help ealve tha myttery. The next afterneen Pratt end Da Vae plan ta fla ta A tha Oeuntry Club ta play tannle with Ftaur 8tan«r and Dully Alier. Oa Vae and Linda.hava a eenvertatleh In which ha •nave that ha It mu*h attraetad by Fteur.. WOW GO ON WITH THE 8TORY with talk close by but he'd be less I cousin's notlciner.of more distant sounds. '.'Tom .says we cari't. entirely count him out, though. And did he tell you —^about Mr. Pratl—'V ^ • * .' ' She. stopped. Aftei* all, f Tom, the perhaps ti4ai*ef." "Oh./'dear—I both did Ul?'; - ''*.•' ': »- .."' i/u.'.• L- ' don't Bupposo they & i V .1-. .T TEN YEARS AQO <T1ie CaltfornUh, thli nf.pther, traveling field ;toy LOB .Angeles, wrappedMtor baby carefully in bliinkets atAlnut the cold of Jthe drive over the Ridge. * • _ L _+J~* - -. _ L '^P' said- that this man, too, >c6uld:not;be of.V He spoke Very jearnertiy. "That's one - thing you can sure WTien-she-arrived, inLos Angeles she Unwrapped tho baby. It e l entirely counted out, Best keep quiet I O nft man did l£—quick and aulet'^and I ; «t®$ to <W*th. ttbout; the. book. She thought 'back alone. 'Twns a qiilclc job with n^ wea- ( T^o prisoners escaped from* th quickly. He and Tom had discussed P show and.nothlng to le&ve^be- county Jail last night through? th Statlander during their sWiitt. *;— _ __„ . - i had :happened,earlier?; Oh, that stop I havSbut 'vV^Bn^rftiahis t "16 : ^helpl *' Mi » 2eta Oicese will becpme the at the door/ That was fairly, trivial you form your 'Judgment. 'Twlir be a ? rl *« of CharleVi Franklin Harper to- and she had ttf say something, , She j 8mftn thing that gives him ; awiy. for I W»ht. , tlsvtho only sort would be left bhind 1 ' ., , .. r .. ... . VDo you not!" He ciiught .her up appeared to mask a yawn to account " fo -«*« e ^ enU ;u ;^ • * ^ lundertbe circumstances.'* . "—Trying the'door of-the room, "t-vft about .riven tm hone jthis morning?" . ?-;, ., began? ''He did.'* ...Sensitive as he was, the Irishman had not suspected her 1m-(earnestly, with an urgent .emphasis pulse of caution. "That he wants to I quite unlike his usual half-mocking t*3£tifjff*r{itf*A 'j Tt*lj.ffi lilt 1 **Do not 's-toti tell, when you spoke last night, of I watching and thinking! '<Ti8 the-thlnk- seeJnff his face, at the, window I Ing more than the watching, Mrs., . ttlrArto --toKiiai.«,*«t i,^ thought It but natural .curiosity to Averlli; will give yoii the clew. Be- ' takerir establishment here. Toultwoen you and-your husband, one Or look about in a strange .house. , OMrs. ( Q. tx. Brown".gave a : resuml of>the life:.' of.rJoa'tfuin, Miller before «hft i< the " Bllt * Reading ;Ctrote> th'ls after- 0 - r noon.,.' • •;• ,-:• '."".>,. --' •..• = - v % .. Burglars at Taft carried away : a 300-pound safe frorti the .Yellow Serv- ice'Station. Eddie Johnson, two hours after he had been'removed as dead from the cotmty-jail, came at an under- . He returned .to the Jail. CHAPTER Shausrhnessy chuckled. had no proof that he would have gone [the other will hit upon it." on the.'balcony/and tried, the -other "I'm sure, Tom' thinks we should casement had you not been looking-. I have-called'in the police. ^_ * i ^ A ^ year, the Contributions be in a made bv 100S?L A< C ?r l Akeley died in the Belgian Jgian friend Ms entirely too much the MB different " C* ««i»*v*v- »^j j.\7,wf CnniTO. NnVArnhnr 17. m«fi TWrn AUo-I i^_j ^.* ii-_ —..ii- ». -i_* _-u IIT "Wall Afi "Our Bel-^ But to turn the knob of a locked door " And told them— what i That all of us— myself ; the ..worst— " (he grinned), TWEKTY YEARS AGO , (The Cilirornliin. thli date. 1018) ' . . Sapho dliifttn has organ! ted a local baseball team. , •,}' Miss Claire Bender Is attending tho le. It has been the rule of The Ti , « , .„ . ' ucuuic. ji iias oeen uic and of deputies will aggregate but a pitifulL ach ycal% for a decade Congo, November 17, 1026. Mrs. Ake- i or d of the castle," he said. "I can "Well.. Mr. Statlander also wants "have bad tempers and quarreled with Los Angeles Normal School. She met ley remained in Africa to complete tho understand the French revolution per- to » e t into, that room. He practically *ne old-man? ...That you thought you many of .her friends here during the part of the increase. instance, to expose the so-called subsidy contracts, whereby the United States millions of dol- or more, to devote itself during the Christmas holidays to direct"—attention to the requirements of the most I D -^ »r the fectly when I see the unconscious airs asked to be moved-to It—and Just for .were attacked arid have only'a. greasy recent holidays. !••> «>*.__. _* I A. -^- __._. ._. V A .— . . . •> A •• •k>kiBh*l m t * - ^ — ~ •-. I ~ of him—and It's my guess he was the the ori« , night left," ^i^___* *t A. %_ . . __» 1 _ _^1 _« t • __ ^ i*_ A _.. _ "••___ I • t 1_J *» *• • A I* •_ •* Al. **^m — — —. towel to prove it? That the old inan Mrs; O. R. Peckham entertained at - first with any insulting that w,as done, Has the other made any such sug-|? ald 'over' when he might have stum-' a card party In honor of Mrs, Charles bled or fallen and'that your husband Friend of Sacrarpento'. t is paying many lars for carrying the mails between points which supply no business commensurate with the expense incurred for the service. It will interest the public to know that since October 1, 1928, the Admiral Oriental Line ,000 on its mail con- needy cases calling for charity, and in no I that part of siberia^nown^the far- year has there been failure of the public to eastern reglon oftheSovl ^ Unlon * respond generously to the Call. L Q; What-Is a stricken bushel?— It is significant that in this time of depres-| A- A bushel is a unit of capacity sion there were found 10,000 generous people to subscribe a quarter,of a.million dollars tbl^tj' 1*1 * • '' I °"*^i ^y relieve the necessities of the unfortunate andl° ruU y specified the destitute. however elegant his manners whilst gestlon?" he was about It" "Heavens, 'no. But then, - Marvin s , aw a man behind you—and that at^a Harold Pauly, P. A. Cassldy and "There's something In that," Linda Just wouldn't. At least, I don't think ?'. ance when ha1 '- b "nded by water? Charles Ca.lngy have returned to the agreed, and briefly recounted the con- he would. He'd think It awfully rude LT Is a ,?'ean ; bill of health* they'd .have | city after a successful hunting trip, versatlon. —suggesting to his hostess that she, MA . .. . ,„ A ,- — Shaughnesaey grunted and she I hadn't made him comfortable and all k.1 ^ . . hen y °H Wou ]^ all have gone | Sftnta^Barbara, after a visit here with that." Rather sneak In than go about It a ?.*u n .°J *°^ ln ^ ou !:" . openly, hm?" It was more a thought in the state" laws to be the usual stricken bushel measure "duly heaped in the form of a cone thought she detected a note .of envy in the sarcasm of his reply. "Tho conceited spalpeen! He must go to visit at a great Long Island estate— I spoken aloud than a direct save the mark!—and have a convey- "Has he talked to yourself at all since ance:fit to match his lordship's ele- yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Averlll?" grance. ' good for the likea "Hardly a word. back to town and we'd never have had Mrs. O. V. McClure, Joe Jacomlnt and his bride have re"That's the -truth of the matter, 1 turned after a: honeymoon In the south, one would.have stayed an hour after th'e had been here and suspected and questioned us. You did right, Mrs. Averlll. The police THIHTY YEARS AGO <Th« Callromlan, lhl«<d*t*. IPOfl) Business of selecting a horticultural of him to. walk every step of the way, | lot out of; him thls^mo?^^ *" thl " " county W|U bft »«o «^,t | W i U . P .,auu, W u uii Jis nmu con- i t js distressing t ] lat n le ne ops s i| v PX isU in h* h!gh M the artlcl ° win admlt " or tract; the State Steamship Company has re- 11 «^ircsbmg mat ^nc necessiij exists^n "heaped as high a« may be without , ^ ^ ^I.V,-,«IKIO>U|^ vjui|l|.jaiJJ J1U3 1C n ll pfifTimitnillOC 111 *ll« lnii.-l »« nVm^.^1 f«.« nnnnlnl Affnrt nv rtoolo-n " fpl,« h« nnA ^ Mrs. Averlll. I'm wondering didn't tell him so to his face." you what "he did"c^ly yes^rda;'Tno^ng %* S"t -ffiJ^K^ **? ^" and what he heard-or savs he heard." j!? S.^5 ^!.! t ^ t N ?" th 9 r ?. J » time "•I; hadn't time," confessed Linda. start. No—there is time yet—only don't be wasting it.','.. 4 j mi_ «* A. i *- —i A _ • - —* considered next month. Mrs; Jane. Cooper Is now the guardian neighbor of the Sequoia Circle, That's what worries me. -We seem W 5?A n ,2f_:Y.?°^ cr . af . t : ceived $1,098,000 for the same time for its Oriental lines and $537,000 for its lines to the Isthmus. The Oceanic & Oriental Navigation Company, plying between Los An- all communities in the land to appeal f«S~ r :^ voluntary subscriptions to aid the idle. But 12 poverty imposes its obligations and the man- hel * verywljere and nowhere.'-' ner m which communities meet them is not Qt Wiat ls the ° b i°ct of the sentu 11 . i .... .1 *. , . \nels of the Republic?—I. R. T. only heartening but it strengthens all that is A. The principal object of this or- 1922. U the "conservation of the constitutional rights of the citizens of the RANDOM NOTES geles and New Zealand, has been paid $480,- best in our na S onal life> 000, and the same company, for its service between Los t Angeles and Melbourne, has had $580,000. The Dollar Steamship Line, plying from San Francisco to Manila, has I -* A/"\ i. T T * l <• >*" • * ' I —"'** ********* *-«• « *" •*• *.»*a j,^«.tJ been paid $3,517,000 and the same company 10 ° cenls - In Ja Pan the depreciation of their ^w*s> Washington, p. c. has had $3,156,000 for carrying mails be- currency is 50 per cent, and with most other Q. HOW tween San Francisco and Ceylon. We have| forei S n countries like comparison may be paid one company $759,000 for its mail con- made - And tliat difference in the value of tract between San Francisco and Rio j an . standards emphasizes the Inspiration and It came out before i| In * People the old man had," observed could stop to think." tno Irishman dispassionately. "Here's "'TIs myself has the notion that * hls ol V over ° r yours will \alte him 'down!" exulted the L(nda 's'quick frown. . «, «> «««- i h - „_• - . , Irishman in one of his jubilant moods consclous lad ^ best and one that ?® , p ^?° r J^^here. One of you will I'll ask him wJll he be needing the I G ™ v eys to all the world his aense of| ima ll ~°£ ooth together." "' ganizatlon, which was established In loan of a dress shlrt > Caving so many his °, wn moral uprightness. Him your social engagements close together!" c °V sm chooses to suggest that he was "Oh, Mr. Shaughnessey—you would- compromising his. hostess by his at- Kem library trustees are»coneiderlnff carefully how they will expend J |E50 Patience—'Tis all I can sav 'T( S I foi L™V books f <> r the library. ... . i» uii i.can say. TIs f Rter anfl derrlck of well No> 47( on the Monte Crtsto lease, have been destroyed by fire. « The first annual ball of the San Joa- quln division of 404 conductors will be given in Kaar's - hall during February. ff -" He ignored | a ?". lck ' ^ een b ra<« you'have "and him"A stiff, self- I ?® ir j? n , ot far Behind you...There must (Continued Tomorrow) United' States and opposition to any n ' t! " Linda's laugh combined amuse- tentlons—which would likely.rouse the • d* - *._- Vl fca . ^ A.A J_ __» ^1 !___._. . •*« > m b I M« I^PJB b> V «V ^h • Bl m* — - — ^m. •._ ^.^& _-_- _ A _ - - It _-._._ _ _ __» f _ _ __ . _ infringement, public or private,"upon I me - nt and h°rror. Secretly she was I righteous man to murderous fury, such vested rights." There are said delI 8flUed that what had threatened "lore from Injured vanity,' perhaps, A dollar here in the TInitpH StntP* ic wnrHil to be over 900 ° members, and the to be a sore point had become a Joke th an from the thought of your own v.^imi. u^j.t, jn LIJ^ v^ijiicu oiuiea ib worm lv,« n /i rt ,.n«» A «« i» *_ *,__ ^,^*,' , ^.. " I hotwA*« tK^vM 'position if It were true. THE NEW YEAR members, nnd . . headquarters Is in the National Press betwe en them. many foreign countries pensions or S. A. At least 39 countries have will that," vowed Shaughnessey "But transpose the old man's Insults solemnly, "unless I think of something a "d nothing would come of them. De- better. If he flies Into a rage, sure I v °s would be complimented to be I'm the man to handle him. 11 " thought a gay Lothario and Mr. Pratt You think he has a bad temper?" "would agree with tho old fellow's tem- worth 99 tabllshed some form of pen- _ Linda was suddenly serious. I * '^*T**_ K_ — •__ _ _^._ _ t • _ .. _ . 4 perance principles and America-first r , , — — „„« vw - , None worse," answered the Irish-1 Ideals. Yet as It was the 'foreigner'.. OI tne| sl °n» according to data, available here. I man ' catching her hidden .thought * dislike the - term myself—was ready rt _ dexterously. "And 'tis a cold, proud, to strangle him and'your childhood- TIT IA Stween the Civil War and the murderous wrath he'd show if you ran Wend sulked all the evening long." World TV&r, In what year,were the I counter to his wishes. I'd cross him I "Poor Marvin! He did act' like a eiro, and all told, there are 39 leading steam- movement to "Buy American. ship Companies Which have been drawind r> i i i i r ^ ~ * l^ 01 ?* W ^ f in wnat V ear . w ere the I counter to his wishes. I'd cross" him 1 i •-r . 4 , drawing Rubber IjOOts from Southern Europe Call T St P n°, ple ^ n »• United States pen- for the principal of the matter but huge subsidies from the government and be laid down in this coun ^M.i«n«n^w ^ I M V._.^ . ... .. whose contracts are said to be illegal and $M8 lo manufacture tl roll?—W. D. it COStsl . A - In Ifl 02 ( when there were 999,- Certainly we shall have to cut the com- Rubber dolls are shipped in from Japan and sold here at $4.26 a gross. 446 names on the pension roll. Q. Please give a formula for aquarium cement.—T. F. I'd be ready for trouble from the moment he saw my Intent." "His room was next to Cousin Amos'," she eald thoughtfully. bear." "Divvll a bit— he was as nasty a customer that night as I'd want to sec. Quiet-like, , but nasty. Not a word did he speak or 'did any speak ITS otdra n ,?;m a e" n ,r,±r:k, a e n «,e°[ I"* 1 ""^ '•"«*£'*%£ doih "I've never lost sight of that a mo- I to him after your husband loaded us ment, .he assured her. "Was your | Into the car and brought us home." Tliec-ipergi^inrE'S^^ Zrrr- „ '^Vi ? 7- ' $7 - 48 ' J «P an manufactures and ships to that is bemg paid the steamship companies AmpriVn - hP ,, llW ,, Kc . C11 n ^ -^ ic i ?,L lt ^ aqUarla> the bureau of fisheries I gentleman doesn't hear so well?" I said eood-nleht to me uostalrs " IS I has for many years successfully used I "Yes-but Mr. Shaughnessey, I've I •?**°<~- . I^V,-_ .„ U ?.lrl rB J. on their mail contracts. And particularly is true when one company was 000 that paid ports, where the total postage amounted to only $174. America 'celluloid Combs for $11.06 a flrOSS. " thar ^°- TI 'ese Insrredlents are mtxecl — m — — **^ I Tfl T w\ ft T\V**r\¥%.a%' " — t -. t ^ while the cost of American manufacture is by the use of $25.86 Cotton rugs are shipped from Japan ^ou^f 0 LSS£«c it SS!TS and sold at o cents, while with our American chan *e the color from red to siate. wages the cost is 29 cents. A similar condi- £& SW ho ^Tb.^orl^£ puuv m \ nt ^ m ^ e< ? °/ G J )a : tS ° f I telk S? f t0 , him a lot an " d not ^ticed I Had putty, i part red lead, and 1 part j anything." cting— acting for your benefit. " ' TIs not really deaf he Is. you said another word to him you might have seen the vicious mood Just I he was In. -You left a dangerous man r1«*11»*l A Vi-v <r±. * .... --- • --« -- -*« *--* ^WU.AWLI, u uaiiKCl V UO llliiil dulled a bit. It makes no'difference I there, Mrs. Averlll, and as-near your nS. J ' ; A . . . " . t . , .„ t lion exists relative to grass rugs, pottery, is put In the aquarlum ' The new administration, which will beLi^i^:, r^i i i n j * » , y '\ ^ ^ *,r~; , ... _. __ V Wlliwil W1 " wu electric limit blllhs nnrf tn «™ro« nf ntlio«* Q. When did John El inducted into office on 4, has pledged itself to reduce governmental costs $J in every $4 expended, and it would seem that the elimination of the subsidies given to the steamship companies will make a very good beginning in itself. electric light bulbs and to scores of other| h!Wt "' nen aid John E1 JJ ott complete articles made in Japan, where the Japanese the New"National alSsSumi^j? s ln worth half of what it was before p^VU^S ^ ^'bSK the Messina earthquake. RAN cCO Quc«tl»n> wrUttn read*-! Cimtnilan •OOfMMtf MeC«r Frank Ardmvre avinue Miwerei IttltM uarttMd enviUpt The New Year came with amlllng race To offer us Us every graco That adorns a brand new year. a « we accept the timely gift. A £* w i? trus t WIH us uplift, And fill our hearts with cheer. As we enter this cycle of time May our lives be more sublime. As we our mission fill, . ,,?££ were the days forever gone With our record stamped upon Showing perhaps a selfish will. While only once we pass this way Seekers of crime should stop and say: "Why do I live In crime? What is life when friends are gone, waves of sin still rolling on; That may engulf me any .time?" Many there are who seem to live *or only what this world can give In fleeting pleasures here. May..they change and serve their While yet -the path o* life they trod, . . In this coming brand new year. Eternal life Js" free to all * * Who live arlgjit ere final call To pass from life away.. . • Your-duty is, that whuetyou live, unto God your service give, And then enjoy an endless day. •o u *. ... ^ ,. —O. H.^PEED. Bakersfleld, Calif. Japan debased her currency. TREATMENT FOR RHEUMATIC FEVER f /T»HE death rate for rheumatic fever, Ing light exercises and. when he can •*• Is very low but It is, nevertheless, support his own weight, ho may take ^, . , - i Q. Do customs duties form an lm l a very . dan serojis disease, owing to|£ few steps through the rooms of the Obviously We cannot Compete Where SUCh Portant source of our federal revS- r\ e , 1vldous nature of to « toxemia |?""'J?^^' tolc 7 ttfll j l « the.dta- ' - - - c 'which, once generated in sufficient J ance wlt A long periods of rest in be- 1913 there was no other I ? u . a ^ tlt ? to ^ cause -an acute crisis, muy ! tween - nue?—T, S. A. Until A compact . stopped policeman's stray bullet" and saved the life of a New York girl. NO TIME TO SELL — Angeles (he A VEF -^*- Los rin^eies unies wnen it says prices of real estate are "inflated or deflated by human agencies in mass psychology. The values are created by conditions not affected by any temporary state of the money market. The value of » • ™— — -—- ' ' ^— •— ^"^ ^" ^p* P^BT ^^ ^Bpf^ •• a wide difference in the money standard ^ *-»» ^* j *»,> v *»m jLfxu ctidici wuo liu QLner i ." . % "' "* — —- _. HVV V «« V . W | .«^«^ . mu^ HM ^« ^i • i *WBW xuric KIFJ. UUL noFfiiiiir"« hAAn exists. Our own manufacturers and our '»**«" source of revenue to th« ^«-*• »J«»««/^^ MMM it n «. , federal government than customs the * raln cells before It can be ellml- ™ "JJ"* d " tl ff u ? tn he ls sufficient- CO mes out of a girl's compact OM'Il laborers are the sufferers When we DUr- d utiea. Since that time, however, the hated. For thlB reason, the patient £l Btron * and *** heai *t aeHln normal. ' a * " compacc chase thoso fnrpi0n mnHp rrr.n^ c o«^1 ««« income tax has become a more lm-I flhould be » ut to bed at once or at| Th ?. one who has been through rheu- ciui^c inehC loreign-maae gOOdS, ana COn-| portant source of revenue. versely, they are directly aided when we buv — _ • least as soon as the Inteatines have That gossip about Alfred E. Smith's A ,-, _ . . - ] Q- Does Germany's diplomatic rep- American, fcvery ttVCnue Of industry IS COn- resentatlve in this country rank as a minister or an ambassador?—T. B. A. He ranks as an ambassador. ffiver should remember to be i .. *_».. been thoroughly cleansed with one.-or] ****** 1» the future so^that such a SSffi* "2 "W*™r. mm \ ,<* ft* more enemas. He should then be | i?. 1 ??? 8 troubl e cannot be again pro- | j£lrine4 1 cerned with this new movement. Scores of newspapers in the United States using paper manufactured in Sweden limited only to the permanent uses lo which it may be put. In a community growing in population and ^L ^^^ I ^^^^ ^^^ piece of real estate is and Norway where the kron Q. solo A. A. placed between woolen • blankets and no.other garment other than wool allowed to touch the skin. Additional blankets, should be placed on the .bed duced. He did not. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Call Bladder Removed and pinned down so that, if the pa- QUESTION: Mrs. Sadya L. writes- tient moves, the outside air will not ...... be drawn under. of dark- patriots in brown derbies, marching under Tammany banners to the strains of "The Sidewalks of New York." The average American family, says has depreciated about 35 per cent. This Swedish paper, M N is manufactured and transported to America i A. *rrhe American Bible Th,s wm usuaUy | ItoffrS^ 'l^rtXi^SSl^SS"' ^° teM ° r ' °°»"«t»'°<-" result in a profuse sweating with a all over her body, nnd her doctor tells We suppose that's "a" Aro there any of the original I peculiar sour odor, but, If the persplr- I her. It is becaus'o'sheVs'^o^eairbladr' ther6 behl " d the decjnml P° lnt texts of the Bible in existence?"- «'-••- - ' - — u Btt "- umu der. What can 8he do? Would an Jujco fast do her any good? I industrial development,)and sold below the cost of the product of whatever the temporary price depression, the value of its real estate is bound to be American mills. There is only one way to ^*^£ ^•^*fr£<™ E. latlon does J not become abundant* It may be stimulated by rubbing the Society | body with a small amount of diluted I have tried the orange juice'fast oil of wintergreen, diluting tho self, for eight days and feel like a dff- wfntergreen extract with about five (Cerent person." of olive or corn oil. And one out of every six American families will be smashed by divorce, statistics indicate. The other five will Just talk About 'it. ANSWJ3R; There probably, - no earlier scraps, the oldest Old Testa- .if the joints are very- sore, It may bo connection between the removal of Th »t relieved expression on father'** ultimately upward." There is no question as to the correctness of that finding. The owner of real estate 1 1 li ' * 1 i l ii • * '— . «."ww w* t. v »vu,- .it inn juiliLO iilO VUijr HULU, IL Ulti> UU ^^li*iVULIun UQlWuQti \*l\Q remOVfll Of -«-*•-%-*• v^|*« WODIWA* uil lUtllDI O lelp tills JlldllStry, and tIlUt IS for 11CWS- " ieilt manuscript is ot the ninth cen- advisable to produce Additional sweat- your mother'8 gall bladder and -the face |S the look of a - nian who d oesn't papers to buy American. - •«h»pj ^ I ^ — ^^ — ^ m— — - -~- - - — - -. — .— - . --_n vv ^ w fjr vpk*b* •* fj m \.% \m^m *J I pjm || j_i ^ LI I H I • A - - ^- — — — -, — tury. These are, of course, copies of Ing around tho Joints by wrapping rash -which she is now bothered with. expec ' to carvo another turkey until copies. them with bandages niado from long Tho gall bladder, if Infected or dis- noxt Chrlstmas We to can apply lhe sumc line of argument almost Q. every industry in the who, for Any reason, sells his property now, is unfortunate, to say the least. As thc! Slu ! cs * _ A11 of lliem WOU M l? e benellted by a , , . * strips of v flannel cloth. These should I eased, may become a regular cesspool m applying fnqe powder, should | be changed every two or throe hours of poison. After such a gall bladder so that fresh bandages may be ap-1 is removed, the pntient should feel plied, ono use a considerable quantity on tho United n ° HO? - s - Now that they've found cosmetic Jars dating from 3700 B. C. In north- tu better foir a year or ,two, .but,\ If-the ' ern Iraq we e3 ^P ect to ^ear at any national movement to purchase articles llome manufacture onl, and because 'this is Times points out, "there is no more illogical time than the present for disposing of really." -Without question, prices will bel lruc ' lho " Bu >' American" plan ought to| Q. Must an'Si^lW a head^1?^^ restored, according lo the value of lhe advises against The pntient should be glvon quantl- name hnblts continue which produced motnent * nftt - they've turned up a only a small ties of water at any temperature ho the gall bladder trouble In'the .first rowinff Inachi "°- used on i desires but . at least one full glass I place, other symptoms and disorders • iso it la over-empha-I every half hour and more If It Is poa- | must inevitably result. The orange slblo for. the patient to UHO it. The | juice fast would certainly be a. good treatment for her to take to cleanse property involved, and who can have a wide appeal to the people of this re " country ' rom nation. • night until the temperature In down to It «broad?-c. T A. Any alien who leaves this coun- tho liver and remove excess toxins. Tell 3'our mother to be especially to the patient and. ho will .complain | raref.ul .afterward to use good food normal. This will b.o .vory -weakening possibly hold on to whal they have are going lo profit immeasurably by comparison with those who are compelled to relinquish their title. I i „ -.,„ A , .. :n: i-ii i.i _"••«•• «***«i. M^> mi »• iu ic-ontei iiuidi., t COSt a million dollars and three years of|«Pon his return, n^aln pay the heiid lime to gather the data and compile the "re- " i,.,, *^ „« ..i«, A j ^ ^ . , . about vit but it, nevortholess, should I combinations. o7«n nn^^ d '??¥* ^° ^ ovlsl °»« bo kept "up if HerlouH after con- of an alien permit to re-enter must, 1 Mquenrers npa to bu avoided. tax. However, allena lawfully admitted and having- boim fide residence hi Of course, no foot! of any Kind Lip Swells at Night .QUESTION: Joe writes: have port on social trends" which was given to the|^ a ^ it should b. on a bed pan should-bo given as long us there Is hen* rending your health ad- any fever. One! enema daily should be vice and am every much Interested. D K I •f. -- . l."~- A SANER PROGRAM ESPITE the determination of certain party leaders to gain additional revenues by increasing the rates for income taxes, we have the judgment of the Democratic leader of the House, Henry T. Rainey, that there is no pressing reason for additional taxes. He is quoted in a Washington dispatch us saying: "The budget can be balanced without the imposition of more otaxes except a tax on beer. There is no public last week. ,. , , money did not for' a te^ry' p^od?"nit" !*« «». •^*™V **•*«« win you plenHe tell me why the upper Up I« Rwnllen ever " t f Poets are reporters of human souls. —John Masefleia, England's poet- laureate. / from the public treasury; half of it donated by the Rockefeller Foundation, the ceeding six months, may not be re « "S I quired to pfty this head tax. get s out of the woolen covers. The ANSWER: Have your teeth ex- The ffoveruor of Oklahoma apolo- Hwealinpf treatment should be con- amtned. Perhaps you-' 1 are suffering fiflzes only to hls equals.—Governor tlnued at? lonff as necessarj'. The first from pyorrhea or have nome abscessed w - H ^ < M Alfalfa Bill") Murray of Ok-' other half being obtained from divers private(tur^?—s. n. sources. Despite the time and money in the compilation of the report, it seems to | t"' Qbabl y originated in Egypt. have attracted scant attention throughout the ,Q- i» prohibition enforcement underl 8 ^ 0 ^ an <* ere was glass first manufac- foml Rlven '" h °" 1(1 btf "octarchy veee- teeth which are poisoning * your tables prepared v in the form of'noup | durlns 1 the night. t be said with any cer-| wttn »'.very prndiml return to other glass was Invented. It I *°<>to- X ..the;-symptoms do not show a return.. '..*,, % After the rheumatic fever has suh- lip lahoma. Flrtt Aid to Pr«sh Cuti QUESTION: Mrs. Frances G. asks: hat would you recommend to I think a balanced budget Is the cornerstone of recovery.— Speaker John. Nance Garner, vice-president- elect. • ' • the" department of Justice oc^treasury?1 normal, ,the patient will find himself I acid? teinperaturo Is again a frenh cut with—water and carbolio nation, most of the papers giving H small|F M. space and permitting it to pass without ~u- |l8 under the treasxiry department . the|f0 r a tOriUl comment. That Was probably dllC tol Uulted States bureau of prohibition -Is I starter! very weak and in Home cases he will out be painted with Iodine?" bureau of Industrial alcoholize unnhle to support hi R, own weight | ANSWER; Cutn nnd abrasions llm rri/.l Ihfii Mm n«,i;^^ tv i I'lii * cundor tho United States department, ., . UIC inu Uiai me minings Offered little Of a I of Justice; the United States ooaetl-vroolon g»rmepts; however, tho cxer-1 or mercuroohrome. JUxerclse should be I should be wnnhed with sterilised first'd Iceep- water an quickly as possible after the tho patlont well covered with Injury, nnd then painted with lodlno Or should ,the Inside of the I I want to retire in .time and the you««r people a chance.—Antonio Scottl, baritone, on eve of his retire- helpful nature. It is of small value to restate I KnJ^S" oit%SWortSb"' ° lsc 8hou1<1 " not '^ " aed "" 1n " B R " lhe obvious. lit ^ . there 1«, the slightest fever. When tho ration with the bureau of prohibition, | fewer, has been normal for at least _. »" ^ L . _ d helps to enforce prohibition. \,oi 84 hours, the patient may begin tah- ftUMtlffft* writtin t fry r»deo tf Tfc» CtHtor- MM. tttr»Md tt Dr. Frank M«Cty.'liilU«ri •ulNlMI, LM ARMlM. Will IM «d ttUffff.J ment from the Metropolitan Opera Company. If the Indian la lasy-it Is because tjie government haa made him so by supervising: every detail in hla life,— Chief Wi-hUnUpa of* th> O^allala tribe/nephew of ' LAST ADAM," by James Cozzens, tells the story of a small town In Connecticut—tells It so'well that the' day-by-dny doings of the town's undistinguished people seem vastly important and significant. Mr. Cozzens has- drawn for -us a diverse group of'Imperfect and very- human people; ordinary folk, all of them, t doing ordinary things In .an ordinary way, but standing, somehow, for the eternal struggle and failure and;triumph of the entire race. There is a doctor—a rather slipshod, careless man, getting on In years, drinking more than Is good for Him, letting his patients die occasionally when another" ,man might havq saved them, but giving his best, on th** whole, and fighting at least a fairly good fight. . There comes to the town a typhoid fever epidemic. The people aro .frightened, ,and in their fright theV turn on the doctor—who Is also tho local health officer—blaming him. for the epidemic, trying to take hip Jobc away from him. The doctor goes .unemotionally about his business,- and hla place Is saved; at last, by the machinations of a local political boss. On this slight thread Mr. Cozzens has hung a very moving story. ;The« people In his book—the tired little telephone'operator, the rich man's rebellious daughter, the local bootlegger, . tho doctor and the others—are uncommonly real. Among them, they manage to' sum up the aspirations and dls- lliuslonments of. all people everywhere. • : Published by Horcourt-Brace. It Is the January choice of the Book-bf- the-Month Club. A THOUGHT N«verth«lM» if thou warn the right- •oui man, that the rlgntcoui tin Aot, and he doth not sin, h« shall surely Hve,*becau>0 h» Is warned; also thou hast delivered thy lOul.—Exeklel 4:21. ' Friendship requires^ deeds.— "Rich ter. CAN SPRING BE FAR BEHIND? f January* February, March-rand spring la with ua! The glamour <Jf the open road will* soon be calling again. . Now Is the time to start planning a trip. It will help p'ae« the midwinter doldrumu to have .a mttp before you to pore over and select places to visit Or perhaps you -want to pacfc Into your car and go now, when the rush of the holidays Is behind you, and you have a breath- Ing spell, Whether you want to Jeavo at once, or plan to go later, 'you should get your copy of the "Of- ftcjai Road Map" now. Tt Is an excellent, .authoritative and helpful map, with 'major resort, ureaa and ,U. 6. numbered'routes shown on I is > face, and a wealth of touring Information on its reverse side that wHr'add greatly to the success and pleasure of your ,trlp, ' The price of the map is only 15 cents. Send for your copy now, using .this coupon, The Bakersfield Callfornlan' Information* Bureau, Preder'lc J. Ha skin, Director, Washington, D, C. . « , I enclose herewith 15 cents In coin (carefully wrapped) for a- copy of the "Official Road Map." Name Street., City, State, i*f ••••»•«• '»•••«., V *, t\ l-vx^ •' ' ?>• . - -V f * I I 1- ^ * I :l T I

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