Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 20, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1927
Page 4
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1/ 1 PAGE FOUR THE TOLA bAILY REGISTEI. TUESDAY EVgNINGJ JDEOEMBEB 20^1927. . • God r«st ye. nierry Rentltman, liti nothlnE you dUniay! ^ITG words sounded tlirougb tlie hall.of the I>IR ofllce building In, a lilsh, qlonr soprano, which I inude both John Harden - , ' (uid his son, Ilalph, look nPi siarilpil and irritated. Then, UH 'merr,*- |ientleinen" sounded farther :*nr, Jolili Iliirden thought, "It's a food tlijns that woman didn't come n heresinpin«thatJ 'Merry gentlemen,' indeed:" and he loolced over »t liiis son, wiio sat brooding at his flest. .. "If[Ralph would only give me his confidence!" he thought "Money trouble of some kind,' I suppose, ind tdihelp him out if he'jl only - tell nje.i Troubles enough of my wrn. but not about money. If a million (Wllars would remove this 1hri«at^ ot blindness, I'd pay it In a ni'inut?.", , : /'Lot nothing you dismay!" came IhcL clear. li'4it voice again, and Kalph thou^lit: = "How can-1! help, being dismayed, with n pile of gambling debts I'll • oevorjKOt out from under? Father Kuspccts, too, I know, for he looks glum nil the time, and keeps his hand over his eyes so much. If he'd only ask me, maybe I'd have the courage to tell him." - As the sing- 1 n g v:o 1 c e neared pe office again. H a r growled that gtn hush [up [den "Tell to or go awn yi" Then the ofllce door ojienedi and tlie words ''merry jgcutle- men" made l)oth mfjh look lip lnipail<.ntly. But. Instead; of u bold .v<>ii"S woman-^stood u scrubby ijewslioy <;nving: { . " . "'f.v.lleclin' for the Trmed. Clr- fltil.iiiii' manager's so bosy he sent jiio." ; ' ' ""Ulicro ilid you learn toislng?" 'asked I^nlpli. - : "St.<:l.iii;>''s choir. 'We're-pracr thin' for Cliristnias. Get fifty ceijts a ijiinrlay, (iiid I get a dolIarjChrlst- mas. 'caus<> 1 sing a solo, cjeo, It's Hi<k. for n .Kl * l )Con sick aiftl If It -pofs on ]IH^ way. I'd never Ect ilollii'S : fi-r i n »l. What Uhlnk? <;<it irvp il 'iH: nit o' clioirjmoney saved for n ni overcoat!"^ ; . . "IJi-ri.'s auntl, IdWord It^" said Ilalpli. ''and I hope your j father gets well;"- 1 j}-'l'l!:!ik ynn!" exclaimed the boy. poiliiMinj the money. "Gee.ji hope be doe«, too, 'rause he's all the. family* I- got. He w^rks Ijn a factory where, the light's bad, and sometimes his eyes go wrong." ' "Couldn't be worh' somewhere else?" queried Mr.-Harden^ "Yep; there's a grand place g„ln' to be vacant at fhe paper-box. facfiy, where there's.hardly any! eye work, but there's so many after It—" "Waltr said Harden. "I know Mortimer who owns lliat factory. I'll give you a note to take! to bitn. What's your father's name?" "Albert Wickcns. and he's all right! .you tell 'em I said so^ known him all my lifo, an' recommend him.". , Presently Harden looked up, saying, "Here's the note, and'a dollar for yotir New Year's greeting In advance. Don't forget to come In with It- it's paid for, remember" I "You bet I'll come! I'd get a handsome llckln' If my Dad ever Tseard o* my j behi* crooked! I I'm proud o' my ole man an' I want to make him proud o' me." AVtth that the door slammed, and the young voice was beard caroling down the hall. The two men looked at each other, 'speaking slmultan«>oiusly: ySon, I have sonlefbrng to say—" TDad, I have sonicMiing to tell—" . Then, with half' embarrassed amusement, they both .:laughed heallngly. "I^guess tliere's a good deal;we hiave to tell ea<h other," said J6hn | Uirden. "I propose that we get a private room at the club, and have some luncli, and talk things over." "Grt^at!" snid fla'^ih, rising to help his father with his c )at. "I'm not lijjking forward, exactly, to what I have to say, because I'm •ashamed of It, l)ut It'll be a relief." "Nothing you can tell me will be as bad as this esirangemeut ha.s been," replied lils father." "it it's anything I can help you about—" ' "It Is, hnd ir you'll straighten me out Iliis lliiin. I laiou I'll m-ver get 111 siieli a hole a;::iiii. VVIieii ilial kill salil. 'I'm pt'oiiil <;• iii.v ole man, and I wanf iiliii to licf—' " Ualjili <1ir.(i(<it mil!; S1II]>)IIM 1. lint ; by tills lime -jlii'v ;«-fi;i' in llii- outer hall, so j.ilm H:iiii''ii <iiiiply took lil.s son's arm aiiil prc.-i.<eil it arreciio(ialely_. ' •; ' .\s,llie eii'v'iitor rcaiHii'd lli'' street level ilie two looUeil jif earli oilier nilil Kiiilled. Co." <Iouiit-llie li:ill lli".v hoard !i liiu'li. rlcar f<iii-e sin::iiig:- . Hoil ro.'-t vo.,merry Rj-nflpnien, - t.ct nriililnir vou ill .'.n ?:i .v: (E. I5;7. Wistirn .N">v<i.;iil.r OnL.n > WHERE WINTER GRIPS BtG SHIPS 5 . > t The hahd of winter has reached out over flu- Orcai Lakes ami havoc with ships eaiiicht In lee-loeked ehaniiel.s. The picture at the top sliotts the tug litin.'ral re.sciiiii^; the cfuw of 21 men'of the sleuiier .\ga«a wnich ran r'K!{iuniI tm .\tlvaiice Keet of iManitotilin Island, I. ike Huron. Tlu- eiew «: vatloii ri;o!ii. wMi liM .. ini|iris(inoiI for iray.>; in the ice-cncrustcci oh> [•• food iM- heat. T!ie picture below was taken vaiioii r(:o:ii. inn»* mwn IM m-.n. • ii^- I-I^-.M.^ ....^ ... the St .Maiv'.-i r'ver below .Saiilt .Ste.. .Marie, .Mich., where several laiKO •' • • ' •'• ' • '••»•-- <—!.." 1.. I..-...1- .. ..,(11 iiie r »i. in-i',»> .-j .iiiii ..L... ..•...•V, -..X lioatK li.ive lietM inipsisbnecl in Hie ice. 'I"he tug Is IryiiiB to break a i for the bin steali'.er to call off the seanh lor lia.'k'U! i Santa Claii.s was iiilro'Iiiced i .-tarred yestenla.v. The Big 'siS- ! America by the. Diitdi. Me i .s ter.-: rt'iion thai tiioy .'laved up i!ie ; American reiire.xeiitative of (lernian Knedtt Itiipert. baskets tliey ustil last Christinas. .<lorejl tlioiii all safely away, so that a snpiilv is ay.-ur<il. il.'n'l iiial iust like a lot of women;'! So the baskets wlU be <iii liaml all • her each aniiiial on tlie farm w right. i siiccial. food at (.'liristmas. in iito lifl he .Vniong the peasantry of t".-..!-!!!!- .slovakia it is the custom to remrjm- th NEWS NOTES OFCASCITY • ! jr : Klabonite PJang . Belaff ITade for ChriNtmaH PageMnt Oeeember es-«lres ojtnsle Beir Partor. ' I 1 I CAS, ClTY.ljlec. IS.^Mlss Freeda Smith; enteititlned. her Sunday school class Saturday night at her home, with, "Jingle Bell" party. Invitatloijs were given in a Jingle verse written on a 4)611. Before 'each guest etnered he was asked to ring a string of jingle bells which hung outside the door. The house was prettily decorated in the •Chrisfnias colors, bells, wreatbs and flowers Including the appropriate, mistletoe. The games were all in keeping with the seasoD'And navo much .merriment to all, Re^ freshmcnts of Christmas fee cream and cake were served after which the greatest hit of the evening came in the tree, its gift for each guest. The guests entertained were: Mrs. Beeding. Dorothy Benton, Vlo-- let ilulten, Edith Perkins. Lola Suavely, Merle GIffln. Heltle Perkins. Haz^l Beiiton, Sarah Doolittle, Mr. Beeding, Cecil Dodd. Floyd Holten, Earl Osborne. Elmer Dodd. Luther Kininan, Harold ^oore and AVinlfred Doo.llttle. The pageant. "«6odTidings of Great Joy" will, bo. given at the school house auditorium Friday niglit. December 23, by the school. The teachers and pupils are iriak- ing great preparations. Everybody is welcome. Jlr. arid Mrs. G. Thortoh and son. Bill, and Mrs. OrvUl^ Pope and little daughter. Marjorle,'visited relatives at ^Valnut Sunday. .Mr. and MM. Leslie Beeding ate Sunday dinner wifb Mr. and Mrs. .lohrt Beeding. .Mrs. Lucy Cornell had; as dinner ciiests Sunday, .Mr. and Mrs. Merry man and daughter. Alma, of west nf Inia and Grandma -Holten. Mrs. DuvaM of lola was an^ afternoon caller. • The pageant, "Light Eternal," v.ill be Riven at the M. E, church Tiiiir.sday night. December 22. The head of the decoratipg committee. Miss I-'roeda Smith, is doing fine work with her committee. The boys acting as shepherds are Elmer Dodd'. Floyd Holten, Roy Perkins, Luther Kinman, Clifford Selns, AVinifrod Doollttle and Gerald McCrew. The Three 'Wise Men are inipersonatt'd lu a uniqtie way by .Air. Le.slle Beeding, Mr. 11. S. Goble anil Mr. Harry Benton. The spirits of Uive. (;ood»WiII. Peace, Joy and .Service are represented by Misses Hetty I'orkins. Fern Holten, Mabel Peres. Mfirie Sellman and EdIJh Terkins. The choir Is making fine lirogre.^s under the direction of Mr. A. K. Holten. The cherubs In the third 'act give an added beautr to the whole appearance. The final reliearsal wijl be given Wednesday, evening. ; ' BIG BROTHERS EUND Alrca/Iy reported - J$144.50 lela:!' «•" I'lanf . i .Ajniette I.,ainer J i f'asli \ J -.ri .sh • ^1 :M'T.-^ f. Fry , ••(.Mrs." Fr.v also contribut- • e.t ,a can of fruit) 5.00 .r.o 2.00 t-i .od 1.00 .^ Total $157.00 Til-- lomniittee-appointed to invent i=;He and report .upon the - -fijmilii's to whom Christmas bas. l;<-t.^- should be sent met last night ; lit the Portland Hotel, through the of the proprietor, and si>i'iit tiie evening checking up to seo iiolKUly was omitted and . tlpit there were no duplications. (•a.plain Ucdburn, of the Salvation Army, iaei with tlio committee and his liHt was comtiared with that ot "ihoiUg-Brothers to see that "be- trWVcn two stools" nobody fell il'iwn ami also that there were no iliijillcatioas. And let IIS say to-you. Men and I'.reihien. tli.Tt if the' comfortably well-io-do people of this conVmun- ijy.'; th" people who have enough • - '(ioiliiv.s tliiM one neviT woulij be . - nii.-i.fifil.- I 'liiild have "listened in" at ih;(i.coniniiiiee meeting- the money w-ottM have come pouring hi to. ila.v St) that the Big Brothers uoulil not only have had no ques-- link as to celling enough to pro-:' viilf Chi-lsiiuas baskets, but would liavi> hail funds cnouRh In addl: tlort to provide clothing and Diiier ronii'ortji where they are iMMMJiil. needed worse than jiLoiit of 11.- have any idea. There , ;u-t< ,smne cases, ot course, wher^ 1 tilt- pi.opio aro poor because ot In- cDmijeteiicv or la/.lness. But In the. great - iiiyjority of cases they are - lii'or because of long Ulnese on the/pai-t of tho breadwirmer or of ' :^jai> ni«:n!>er or members of the -VaiiiU.v. In one house an old man, .str.ii-keii with' paralysis, sits In his- chafr all day and weeps, while his - fain, the only one of the Caihlly . wJio- ever carus anything, is able .L ^to-w<jrk but Iialf the time. In aii- othi'r family three children are fiowji With whooping cough and • one with pneunioiiia. In another tlie-nionier, -with an infant child, lias been in; bed for three months and ftho father can only leave |the I hoirs^' two kir three hours in iLh • iU\y.- Ill jjnoiher house one ol I man Irliud anil two old Vomen, his sisters, unable to do any work at • all. In all lUe '^e cases,, from one cauSo or another, grinding jiov- erty. "It may ! that in some fami- lits ia^iiucss (I rice have cou- tribulfd to t! . Tioven.v. But the Big Brothers ot ask if a fam* ;ily is "worti.; . particularly In ' families wh'-re re are young Thildren. They only ask: "If .we ...-don't come in will these folks have a dvceiil dinner on Christmas day?" And if the answer is la tho negative then down gws the name on the list. The Big Brothers need about ; $100 more to make'sure of meeting the >i;ed.; Can't they have it. by tortiorrow noon? : ; A MeiTy Christmas Means Music Rather Hard to Enjoy Christmas Without Music A Musical Gift to thelchild is moriB appre- n;ite(il than anything you can give. .Hence we are selling a worl^ of— Pianos, \''ictrolas,| Radios, Saxophones, Violins, Banjos, Gijita monicas, Accordions,' ^s,- Ukeleles, Har- Trumpets, Trom- Iwnes, Drums, Clarionets, Flutes, Oboes, French Horns, Jews Harps, Records, Sheet Music, Music Rolls, Player Rolls, Etc. ] SEE OUR \^ONDERFUL STOCK '\ OF ^PANATROPES, VICTROLAS, RADIOS, fTC. PAY A VISIT TO A VERY INT^ERESTING STORE. •i I -• 7 OFFieiAL STATEMENT Of the Financial Condition of the County State Bank lola. Kalnsas At the Close of Business, December 15, ld27. RECOURCES Loans and Discounts ^_ Overdraftis v- .- 1- kansas Municipal Bonds United States Bonds '...S.- CASH AND SIGHT EXCHANGE .-?lr,103,568.22^ 27131 2,000.00 25,000.00 - 518,772.42 Total 1,649,612.55 LIABILITIES . Capital Stock (paid in) SI0,000.00 Capital Stock (earned) . 20,000.00 $ sa.OOO.OO Surplus Fund (earned) 100,000.00 Undivided Profits (net) J i_ 86,631.16 DEPOSITS - 1,432,981.39 , iTtital _ _ —- - - ^— ?1,649.612.55 THOS. II. BOWLUS, President. OFFICIAL STATEMENT OF THE FINANCIAL CONDITION of the 4 • lola State Bank lOLA, KANSAS At the close of business December. 15, 1927. -; RESOURCES Loans and discounts __--_-$422,199.89 Overdrafts 44.61, Bank Bldg. & Fi.xt 29.000.00 Government and Municipal Bonds ... 57,005.24 Cash and Sight" E.\change__ 107,466.05 \ LIABILITIES , Capital 3tock 50,000.00 Surplus rand Undivided' Profits.^ - 47,486.98 Deposits'; 518,228.81 Total —- ?615,715.79 Total' $615,715.7? ' The above statement is correct. L.;E. HORVILLE, President. STANDARD MERCHANDISE TRUTHiULLY ADVERTISED WINCHESTER DUPONt FRIGIDAIRE DEiCOUGHT TORRID ZONE CROSLEY KOISTER NEW ffiEA MELOHE <;rxs—sroRTiNi; uooiis— tovLty- .\s ooou AS THE (;r.\. ! . HITO—For Woodwork, »w or * Old Fnruitiire—Automobncs— Floors—Wall.s—Mclal Work. ?. *• The Kleclric UeirfRprntor Is a 1.astingr *iVX, EfficJent and Econom. leal ill Operation—There are -more Fri^dolrvs In Use Than All Other Electric Kefrlgcrators Combined. FAR.n I.KJIITIX; PLANTS--I MATEIt SVSTE.MS FOK THE3I0.ME. SIITI I'liriiurrs Heat With W'rfrni Air—Bum Coal, Wood, Ca.s or Oil Free ileatinfjr I'lans. . : The Criisley Hand Box Is tiie Wprld's greatest Radio Value. "VoiiVc There With; u Crosley, . ' KAJllOS. The Makers Sa>: in *ar Our Instruments, Compare. Your Eur lie Vonr t.'iilde- We ^ant Our Instruments to Stand the Severest Test oi' All—Sell Ilemnnstratlon of Superloritf. sritEAHKK CO. OHHJI.\ATEIf THE WIDE Sl'KE.VI). SEE THE LATE .MOIIELS WITH WIDE TIBES. EASY DEXTER WALUS JOHN DEERE J. I. CASE COPPER CLAD SHANNON PITTSBURG CKEAM SEI'AKA rOKS— I'ine free Snrjfe JUIkers. Leads .ill Others in Sales In Allen' County. MIXED FEED MAKE|{S-.Sa»^tli* Fodder. .Make Dairy Feed Out of .Stemj- Alfalfa and Clorer. ELECT'KK WASHER-?L'5,()« lints This Wonderful New Electric in Your Home—Balance on TeniKa^^j- I'ayraents. DOIBLE TUB WASHER— For (ias Engines or.Electricll}.^ .. CERTIFIED TRACTOR—-ManuiVctured by J. I. Case I'low Work<*. .1. I. Case I'lows—CultiTafors—Cpm Planters Etc- PLOW COMPANY'S Full Line H^rse Drawi and Power Machinery—Tractors—Wagons, I^fc. THRESHI.VG .MACHI.\ES-^TRAtTORS—COMBIAES— A.\D CRA.>fi DETOUR PLOWS.* A Copper lining ITIiere tlthers I^st Out. See the >en' Tan EnameL '. • • ' Hand -Hade Harness—Efery StitCsh .Made In lola- .l^lc Your Xelghbor Who Has a .Set About -fThe Qaallty." PERFECT A>D C0LU.MB1A HL'S<;E JOI.NT FEXCISG—HAS SO SUPERIOR.'. ' HARDWARE—IMPLEMENTS4-HARNESS X^'f^-i T'-l''DhonPs Wfre First In?talM in Ida Our Number Was 29—It StilJ Is. - 4-

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