Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 20, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1927
Page 3
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.Mr. an* Mrn. C Hnri sl)OI>p*'I in I 'Mr: awl'SUi-. FninJj i'opHlan-i yu.l Ntis. W. M. Im-vslOT au<) il .'Uii DressJpi. of KJ Dormio. lc«)«., will) came Tiinryflay of last week to r\isit in tiu- l)»w<- of .Mr. ;inil .Mr.f. j - imi :iiniM -ro . W.D. <if tiOH Soutli A ^'asUinST |asc BaitcHp.". ?S .liiu ;ivi-nn(>. ri'tllJlied Iioiiie vestfl • I '.iiV .Mrs <;<;Ida Il<»ke unci littlpj .Mi>s Uii1 >y Fei ..lwii?ht»ii-. l,iu;ilU' ai (iniipan,-!'l*-!!! at the .MissoAri VaMey cblleKe. ifi; t'hem .is iilr as Iula c>n her way iar .Miirsisall. Mo., irrived home yes- Jii .Moiirii iu sjit'ini a week witO'tprday tO impend holiday.s with lifford Dozier of visited Telativhs |f >Ia .Satnrday. - inoricaii A Stoi"-. S. Maltfom. I Hud.son, u atu- .;ri<!iuls.! .Mr-;. Coiiclanil and ;.Mrs.;; hi-r nareiils. l\lr. iii'.'ss',ei- are sisters of .Mr.-i. llall. 'i Hudson; of "OJ \\\ - • ("ip^ars mul Ci^af'ttvs. CUrist-, niaf wTapppfi. I'lilai-e DniK . Moliio N'o.'SP ;'?:d thildreii. of llniiitifildt; wort' visitili;; iritiids and siiDiipiiiK in lol.i Saniniay. For Sup C'l-ani Moldil .Sifers Con , Mr. Chalmers Pf. lo... yr.->4«-ilibV on iting among his - Lis^ifnins airesloi.s witli' $100 „ „ . ,„ JiiMiraii!.- on your spr. <i k. C. ''*5tpe«.« to spPnd <j"»ristniaK in New j*?'' s. «est Madison. -Kli-yriiii- ..nti Plnniliiri-; r,,. I Vork .Cityi with 6t whom are nowl Thfliiia anil I-;-wis. Hunt, ol wes"! j •<if IliiiniinlrtT. sponl -Salnrtlay ••w- iiisiL' • .-.vit:) Boriha add .ViildrM i Ihini.of -tViT .Vorth fh.'siiiut .siri-el. , RpKi«lfr is ask-nl l«i make »' Mr. buii TrftJHk <r. L aitt the rej»ort of ib« •U4 North Buckeye ;«trPM, will , to PIttibiifff d^urtiv »rteriioou te | with their dd 'r^.'bvtPi !an rhiir.b .-irvices jiuh- U.xhed yesterday in which it waK|iip«nd OitW _ .stattd that -Tin- young i>e(iple ^'Utitpr. i'rs. .^rduey Xormnn and MHisl the W. f. T, r. laifies lAJil.i^. - hrinpin? Christmas cheer to thc> Jn-' mat <»8 c»f Hi" county homo" The; .—O. L. Cox, .M. b. Specllalist W. r. T. r ha.« b«.-u atisisted iu thifi [ Kye, Ear.\Xos< and Throat, and ^Irs. J. W. tri Madison ave- rior U p {."plione 274. ectloniery. Morrow was in niisine.-»s ann >i.-- |oid friends. He Work for sfrcral wafsv by iht> Alt; BrotUiTSs and this yrtir ;he entire ftxpense «( the Chr)stiua.« party al the '•ouiity home will *)•• borne by tlie Bis Hrothors. a special idfl jharina: i-otup to tliem for that pilr- I poce. - Pun'l buy yc>iii ('hri^tInas presents until you have sec-n the d(»-' fvplay at the ("ity ExihsuRe Build- iDR. formerly occupied by Ottea'* Bakery. Phone 2Tr,.. I Charles Cloyd and sou. Unssell. [of >roran. wcn-e callers at the Register office this- afternoon ami re- in«eil their <ulMHrlption to ihe '0;«I Home Paper fr.r another year. —Give her an all enamel b«s range, a special at |.lit. Hi'tiniiitt- Iijis daughters, all living there. larRc >;i-It'. tin". „f Flash ' s.H- iiiU.'.n. P.ilaro DruK Co. •' .Ml-, .Tiui Mi.u. ICii Sloan.'of Htini-i' \iiiU\v. wiTt! har-int-ss visitors in'" i'.hi .<.ifiii<lav. - ;' Ovi -rcoatv. men's j-iiits. hoys' | eiiit-i and ovin -oats, ladies' coals, j rfiiessfs and fhoes stiif.ible for gifts al" tlif Citj- Exchange, in the build- iJ'S formi>rJv. o< iiipij-d. S»y Otien's Jialipjy. I'liono -7''. F. L. B. LEAVF.LL. 31. D. Special attention glyen Dls- ease.s of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Physiotherapy Office lola State Bank Bldg. Phones—147 and - 705 Mrs. Arthur Shnnnoii, ot tHe rbfna department r.t the Kiiauiioh store. Is confined to her liome. 211 North Waloiit strew. Mrs. W. O.^WTley, of the Oreonhcwsp, left this afternooi^ Chjnicothe, -Mo.. i-aHed there b; lUness of her-fathw. H. L. 1 wood. - your Candy for Chrittj from the "Caiidr Cld" i.t the Exchange Bldg,. formerly occi] by Onen'.s Bakery. Gorali) Coe!*, who rc'uruetll Kansas City lyesterday to «ct«pt aj Iiin.sii (4u with! the Kansas City >* Lompany, returned home todatv remain until) the first of tV when he will ixein his new —Dr. Lucy E. P o I bob. Chiropractor. Xorthrup Bldg. Phone 32i - -ChristmaM Cords." Tass.. Si ers, Christmu^ vrapping pap<>r{ purc-haiies wraf>ped iu atlra Cbr{stma.s wrappings. Co. Palace Drug Mr. and .Mrs. Fon Walls, of ni2 .Ni.rlh f-lifstn<it street. ;jre the par- f :i>s of .1 :t'^ fjoniid hoy, hoin 6at- iirdav. wlioDi. they have ^iven the •ii.'tiii'. AlpliOMsO. Jujiior. — rtcdl cairiagfs, ,v«ikfrs', lamps. if there are any who >:ould like to have a share in sending Christmas baskets to the poor Vmi do not find it exactly convcJUieiit j either lO call at the Res/ister offi,<e or to mail a check, it they will csli thif office som(> one will be sent to Ket .their contribution, it is a beauti- ;iul charity, to brighten •-'liristmas I Day for about seventy families, and one woulrl think tliat eVfr\''.)ody who has a dollar to spare would lie Vviii^' caiiinets. .^mokers,. makvJiRlad of the chai!>-e to have-a liaii"! idvMi ^ifls. i!<'nniMr '-i's. M i.' and t-'atiiiday. Mrs. Charlie Xot*e. of visited irir-nd.i in JoJa VtlTIl K TO ( O.NTRArTtlKS. <;:a '!i .'!!i ;iiid (•.'ravcllina Xor'th ciaii S(r<'et. ioki, K .Misas. ".'-'i-.iK'-il frojii saN will be received In- thi- ('it;. Clerk of the Cityiof Iwla. Kansas, until Noon 12 o'c'nrk .lanuany ;;. lO.'S. tor trading and .•^'iitaViii^ Hirh j;ravel. that i)orfioB ol Nrtith Oa;; Street iyiirj; between •J.ijKoJii ,and <"a;i)enler Su-eets in 111- Ciiv H" lola, KanJas. • <)iia)jtiiies are as follows: J'lai.ih l-::..-avatiijn. ijNS Tiihi I '.'iavel. 4:>>i CuMc Yards. Tlie total length of the improve- int-i.'i is C-'7 liel IVntl? of gravel. ;i in< iiest .Mi iiids 'niiist a< roniltanied •witli ."i i)c-<«.<'nl of ilii> total l)id in .'lioricy. o 'r' a C 'Tti.ief! clu'ck on - ••11" ivsponsibi*? bank. JVidis aiifl .sticf ifirations may be !-•> > 11 at till- office of the City Knpi- ji'.'r. lola. ICaiis.'-. I; !.. M.NIKI.. |.-;.!ai,' Citv Clerk. in it. N»f,lre of* -Vnnniil Meeifng., —The stockholders of the lt)la Incinstiial Biiildini; Co. nill hold ;their annual meeting tor the v'iec- ition ot officers in the Comniission- lers' Chamber of the lola City Hall Saljlo o' a.,ni. .'ni Ttiesday. Jannarv :;. IP'iS. I., f-1 iWRVir.r.IC. Pres. 1,1. M. llend'-rsou. itWd, For the inforniaticm of outsiders: Sunny Southeast Kansas is. enjoying T 'Tfeclly Korseoiis Chiistni weather.. .Vo snow on the groit nor n'tnl nor slush. Colri. the ther- .mometer ranging front seven lo 27 ^ "I^-[degrees, but «iili lirilliant Bunsliiue every day. ' Perfec-t- wea titer • lor feed'rig hoas and cattle, for Christ-! inas siioppiiii; |;oo.f roads -and for | everytiiing else one wants to do in ! the iitiddle of wiiii/r. —If .voa want to bu.v or build, "ity or Suburban property. The lola Riiildihg cC-< I .oati .\ssociation will mak.e yoit a loan, low interest rate.- no commission. See C. K. ,Pees Sccti'tary, at obi llegi'^l'^r Viuildiug. soutlitvest corner of sciuarej; RI€IiARbSON'S 4 More Days of Our Big Christinas Sale 77//.'-- Sfxn OjUii Krirn Krinhiii L 'tii'tl f.'lin'stDins Our . "\ ifUm) Silk ItcdNpreiul-.. uihes liHiic <>|H-ri«l tN(.<^. A « hrMiiiii> Kilt she will like. ite bhr labf •«'" ^^^^ drmear. TecN. Vest*. Blopni- erx,' (>i >wns, Clioice !51.<)d. • X tvciiideriiil selection of iteaiitll'ul Towel Sets ;,'>c to •M Per Cent itUrount on the entire line of all >}lk ma- teriaK. Now -hctwlng. the Sew .Spring DreUes jil *lfi.7.". In high coliirs. eeonrrtfe , and llal crene-.. All winter dresses, »!ilues til ^ir^'iO. Choice $7.98 lit Per Cent HJscimnt on al! (•or«iel«. and Corseleltev. .-jj.v'i* .Ul Mnen- Lunch 1 Imhs, S]iecial :F1JHI. : ! JH'ILTEI) KOBKS n:> silk flnilfed R4>bes. ail silk lined, extra sperial ^."t A beuuth'ui triit and one vhe will like. ••» .. C «>KnrK <»Y llOBKS Heal vsiliies ar «,IK1, <SWO *C{Jv and ' RAI> CDAT.S Xn Ideal glit. *T.ri« Trench K:ihi Coal*. .Sj>erlaJ !«.*..!•«. Cliildren'N SSJ^lSi V -i_ L— _ UATH lU^S ' HTum Rath Koites f^JOH. [ *:>.tH) Unites iKun. . ; -Kt Per Cent l>NconDt nil all 'Cre|»eland Silk Klmnna". A rSKFIT (.IFT nne-Thinl Off on all fawj I Shine l >MnwcdH (iifl Chri-stmas lo.You with everj A "i.l >0 purc-lia«e <»r inure we will ghe a brmize. bras* or ^Iher veo. fng fraj nr (nit fray valB«4 at *3.W>. One to a ciiM<»mfr Come earl;, only IMI U» gire away. .STAPLKS :>i)c i )Hches <i Saline Vie Yd •1.V May Pongee S."*^ 2«r Fast Color Percale 16^ 20c Comfort CJwIlIe lG«-i BOc Pepperel fl-4 Hheetlng 4."{c jard, i «a>c Pepperel 42.lii TaMng 3"e yard. . 12Hc Bleached .nii^lln »c. 3fic Hwpe .Ha«liHll^ yard le McHumie .411 Silk Pongee e9c vard. ' !)i|.£> W^l (^oftds asc Yd ' if!X^ all woor, .'•B^lnch Fhinnels tijta yard. -•tc Y'ard wide Outing Flannel 'I9v yard. Uklte. 3 .III. Stitched Colleen 'BatL S iipc I m I SSF each ' fl^iX and *\M Snedr (ao>es Siieclal Uc 'pair Per Cent nil Sweater*;. 1H >4-«Bnt on .-. Per ( ent Blttoiictk. llNco^int on Inlonsuits. Special «<c .>Mlf. ^— ; s'l.i.l Onting tJoHus »Sc. AJleii A. I'olnlnr Bert H on;., all h II ^. s)kccUl i — ^ r__— • lA Per Cent PKconnt on »ll "RaMd Rags and PfickH BM>|t«. . • I • *Jij»o Kid tiloics newe «il vljles. sjieclal ittJls a pair. Si 1^ Cent «n RlanliHo. DismnHt IfBtilwtii. who b«s n'ete. -Mrs. Tin|.< !y. lul2 Kast street. 8. Majcom. .219 Air-.and Mitt. Gus Weekly antl j" jfr, and Mrs.fO. H. FiWlw^IcJc. itf little son. Ceorse, and Mrs. Week- 16 Xorth Chrtittint 5Trt>et, *in drive ly'a mother^ Mrt. K«tn E. Woodin. j fo BofineV Sifrlhi ^s. Fridh?" fe^nd of 'n «lBi'yi^a. Olda.. Siv. and Mrs.! Christmas with tteir sc7iisJ Le 'alfe ^aiffrt JWc.i*-. of tp:!**. and .Mr.i.'.nd ponah! fltipatrfck 'atiij their and J. <?. Wofldfn and two chil- fftTnllles ^ dreh. wile an* >r »Tj6«t^.v«* PitLs-. hnrti, *lli hi GllrtStinas ghests in; —For Real.Estt>:e Loans see the the or -MV. aiid .Mrs. Fred; .Secority Ride. £ Loan AtssdSrUiDaK. Mtt&n. in Sbrth Sveamore str ^t. i I«hi, K«. Ofltc* in First Natt Bank. Trticjr are alaO fijpfectini! MVs.;; l "~ Moore 's brother and wife. Mr. and, \ —Program and Chrfstm;^ Tree Mr*. FVrrt TVoddin. ot Ada. OWa. jiit E\ni Creek School honse *edn-.s^- •fiay evening. Det-., il. 'Praiwe Pell I orchestra, will furnWt th*tmu«c. •Reiia M. Sherrilt, Teacher.' We know Btfcery ftiBductil ^ are go^. Iftre Y'ou Tried Oars? VAN HdOZEttS. 1 liairinn Ster'bf :Ti .~»>u. who has ill T ojk O cji since Seiftemher ',wirkiug with,a •'Smdscai<e .garden- U-'r. refumed Itome tbU ItiorBJnK to j spend Christmas with his liarents, — \ytr. in* Mrs. H. O. SteQheB'stm aud .Ml.>»« Blauche Hess will he hohte I faml!.v. -Wl «qnfh Syraicolieiinrei&t. from Wichita iFrtdny to spend •ihe'He Will probably enter the "second Cltriatinas hoMday* wfth her moth- semester of Jtinior College, j i»r. Mrs. DfHa Hew. IS .Vorth Stato • • i street, dhe hi a'li^Rding ihe Ddgiie '—Dr. J- T. irtid,. Surgery and Vriiverslty at Wlchha.j JC-Tay.. Phone 357. —Dr. Montkoni^ry. Chiroiiractor. Phone J38. - We will g '-atWy wrap i.our Christmas packages. .\ gcKjcl sup-; lola Laundry BWi?. ply of >tamp» at all times for your i , —, conrenience. Palace Drng Co. ! W'tlter Bibinis. .,f near Jgldred. started on the noon train toqay for —nr. A. B. Twadell. Osteopath. -Vew Globe Bldg. Phon«iI9L Los -Angeles, Coli''.. where he will visir an nncle, Clavence Calfs. Jas. H, i >otts. W Tui «a, bwk. cbne to yisAt his Ttkagix^. Ittisis iOttft PoU3. —kWa psor 1g% oir PliU 'Paid load. BtstaHm'ent SttecJr; The be^t jrfi^- jment, the hest inefliod to sife; Security Bldr. 6 Losifh AssocMtioii, lohs lian^Ksi. MtsS Lcfeofa Hitmilton. of Cai- !ylc. ^ai in fofa betw«^a. trains foday on —"van 's Bread." srcfod as evei". , •Mrs. C. P. IWntifn, c>( Erie. fciUjke this «ftemoon for. a feW days v&it •witti lier gfSter, .M^r.^. C- L Cold- sdlth ,aird faJoifly. of S<i^ East MaSft- yqn aTohwe. —Mildred Oirtts. M. D. G^ieiW Vedicifti}. Ufflcc oyer Cook's il>t^tg ^tore; • Phcii^ 3.>4 liay or iiiglit, Ori* firofwn. of Wichita .Falls, Texa^. is hei* to remain 'oVei* CbH^tmM with h».^ pire'nisrjaft'. aid Sirs. «aiA»iel Hn>wn. ilS tia*". .fnckson aTe«a<- C. K Pa:s«?. w 51^ ftouth Wi'limt . Ftreei. arrl'.-ed honi<> night irot^.i a .-iiXTV-fc'.-i-.. trit oVciT bis tisvcWng te?Titvipitid the Christmas hol^dij '. • OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL CHRISTMAS •4- DRY CpODStWOMENS WEAR- loin's POPtLAti iSTOI^ BVENtNGS UNTIL CHJllSTMAS Where Ckristmm Is a Real Joy GEKTLEMpN INVITED Gentlemeri Shopperi? in quest of presents approjjriate for dainty feminity- -whet ler or and combina qiiirements. Gift Handkerchiefs, Dainty square.-' of white linen, either plain or lace edgied and gay colored {iffai'r.s. Pari.** inspired. • 'I iOeto$1^5 Boxed Gift Handkerchiefs • the thing foi« mother's* or daughter's gifts. Bfixed handkerchiefs for women-fsheer lawn.'', voite.s and linens, with fancy embroidered scallops and lace fedge: white arfd high colors—three in a box at— e9cto$i:25 Men's Handkerchiefs Large as.<«ortment of Men'.s Handkerchiefs in plain white and rok)r.<». Fancy cottons. j lOc to 25c ^^'.sipure linen in plain white and colored drawn threads. 25c, 50c, 59c Men's Silk Ties Ties are always nice for gift.'?. • ties^ are hand made of a heavy grade of all .silk neckwear material. Special non-wrinkle lining. New and attractive patterns. 50c to $1,50 Onyx ^ Poiritex SUk Stockings The gift every woman hopes for. $1.95 Pair Humming Bird Silk Hosiery $1.00 and $1.50-Pair Men's Hose Fancy of rayon and lisle in .''mart stripes, checks and plaids; etmes, iO to lHo. ter. Sweetheart vited to Senekei ially prepared t6 cater to such re- Mother, Sis- Wife—are in- We are espec- Gi^ Gtovfes From Abroad $2.5i» and 13.98 There are j all of imported kid. soft, plktiyie land of excellent quality—with over.sewn seams-r-fancy stitched backs in ali street .shades ions. Luncheon Sets $1.98 to $8.95 Dainti' luBchetwi sets of pure linen, of fine quality. Cloth 54x54- inch. and 6 napkins. Colored borders—choice of blue, orchid and gold! Girls* Dresses for Christmas Gifts $2.50 to $8.95 She'll dance for joy to find that her heap ot treasures covers a frock all rea^y made to be worn at • price. Wobli; and flannels, beautifully made in ,*ize.s 6 to 14. Wool Scarfs A nice gift for mother. $1.98 to $7.95 Fluffy Nifew Fur Chokers One of the most attractive of winter acces-sories is, the fur-choker. And these lovely cholcers are miBStuiHy fine—the pricing lower than usual for furs of such soft silky textiire. $7. ^5 to $69.75 59c to 89c Pair SENEKER'S Hundreds of Other Attractive Gift Articles Only a few item.s could be describe iberb, tlie selection is al- ihost withojit end, many delightful things, s«ur4 of a warm Y ^ekome. Lovely Dove Lingrerie The Gift every woman welcomes. Lovely gowns of fine <iuality crepe de chine and radium .«ilk. in many different styles. Tucks, laces, French ribbon, embroidered bits fi-om the^ trimming. Priced at— $3.98™ $10.00 Toddies of silk crepe de chine and radium. Plain and fancy styles. All new .shades. Priced at— $1.98™ $10.00 Pa.)amas of beautiful silk crepe and cotton crepe— $1.75™ $10.00 Lovely Robes and Nesrligrees Beautiful quilted, robes and soft i -re -iKi de chine negligees, in many beautiful colors and lovely trimming effecLs. $6.95 to $19.75 Rayon Bloomers and I Vests A popular gift item ut a moderate price. Something of q.'iality. that bring.s pleasure and .service to the receiver. All colons. ; 98c to $1.98 Exquisite Perfumes 35c to $5J0O Lovely in their novelty containers are these sweet scented perfumes in flower and .synthetic od- )rs. They make attractive gifts. Hand Bags She always waits for .wrneone to give her a handbag. She will be delighted with one of these new hand tooled leather.s, ori genuine pin seal for mbthier. or ;a fancy leather or fieaded bag for "Si.'?.'* t'rices range from $1.98 to $15.00 Visit Inland SCOOTERS. PEDAL BIKES. AUTOS, BLACKBOARDS, , DOLL CARRIAGES, TOY S'TOVES. TELEPHONES, TOY CABINETS, PIANOS, ACGpKDIONS DOLLS, W.OOBEW ANIMALS, TINKER TOYS, BOOKa GAMES OF H0RSBSiH»Sy AND a^OWTi TINKERS. T»y8 priced from 29<:™$15 PRE-HOLWAYSALE OF Women 'i Coats and A .110.ST WELCOlilE CHRLSTiLAS GiFt We are not waiting unti| after ChriH'rflf^ (>r. Mid-January to give yo^ the advantage of our ?eiis£iti«.>rially lo>y prices, but areigiving thetn to yoii NOW-^^-tvhen they're most weJci to you. Hundrfed.s of the .season'.s ttio«t .-;tylishj and desirable Cost.s and Dre.«;ses — every one new. $15.0 (1 Di-esses—^sale p.rice $10.73 I $19.75 Dresses—sale $15.76 1 ^25.00 Dres?fes --3ftle XifiQQ ;$19.75 $29.75 Dr^se»^^te piricc $2175 $35.00 Di^essas=*ale price $39.75 Dresfises—safe price Compare th€.'?e vaiu«es—every dre.s.s on ssle «t redacetf prices. >Jone re»etV6d; .Our jow- er prices .will wvfe yoa money. Cirats at.. €«Ats at. $2».t5 Coats at.. k^M 0»ati at.. $39.?d Coats at!. $4$.0e Coats at.. $4I.7S Coats at.. $59.75 Coats at.. $69.7o Coats at.. $75.00 Coats at.. $59.75 $SS.09 Coats at... $65.00 $81.75 Coats at. . $69.75 .$15.7^ $19.7? $21.7.^ $25,00 .^;7^ $^.50 $37,50 $45^ $52,50 SENEKER'S

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