Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on March 15, 1961 · Page 8
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 8

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1961
Page 8
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S POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD Wednesday, March 15, 1961 ^mimiiiimiiTi'iii'iiiiHMiiMiMi'iiiiiiitiititlniii't^ 71 „ 7 See It by C. W. D. f ^•itimiiiimiiiMuiiHtttHiiiiimitiiitHmiiiiiMiiittT A tip of our hat to the street department snow removal crew. It was a big job to clear main street of the 17 inch snowfall last week. The work was completed in good time, though, and there was parking available for the crowds who took advantage of the Dollar Day sale. * * * » s School kids will be finding their spring vacation cut short now as I GET OUR . . . ! TRUCKLOAD PRICES ON • Delivered Grain AND SAVE. iii!iiiii!uni:m I POSTVILLE j FEED MILL i Elmer Ponsar, Prop. 1 Phone 86 4-7731 Postville I school was out Wednesday through Monday because of the snow and bad roads. Many parents will welcome the reopening of school as kids grow restless at home over extended periods. " * • * « » Northeast Iowa is again honored by having a championship girls basketball team — Valley High of Clermont-E 1 g i n. Our congratulations to Valley High for carrying the colors of Northeast Iowa to the top of the sports ladder in our state. * * * • * Quite a bit of indigestion is caused by people having to eat their words. * • • * 9 If a man's after money, he's money-mad: if he keeps it, he's a capitalist; if he spends it, he's a play-boy; if he doesn't get it, he's a ne'er-do-well; if he doesn't try to get it, he lacks ambition; if he gets it without working for it. he's a parasite; and if he accumulates it after a lifetime of hard work, people call him a fool who never got anything out of life. ***** A man who trusts too much may. be deceived but a man who trusts not enough will live in torment. ***** -^Saw a shipment of brightly colored seed catalogues come through the mail the other day. Spring can't be far away. The Missus will look, at all the colored beauty, plan spacious flower beds throughout the lawn, and then try to badger me into ordering the seed. But my memory turns to j previous years and the work of spading and forming flower beds, the watering and weeding, the extra work of mowing around the beds, etc. and I change the subject. Besides a middle aged man's fancy lightly turns to fishing when spring comes—not to flowers. ***** According to the United States Department of Agriculture more upper income men are overweight than those in the lower income brackets. Money seems to have an opposite effect on women, as lower income women tend to be overweight more often than their upper income sisters. The heavy-weights don't seem to be doing much about it. Only one per cent of the lower income females are reducing and only seven per cent of the upper income males.' UJflUllllllllllItllllHIIIIllltllltlliltlllllllllllMIIIinilllllliltllltllllllllttllllUlltlllltllltlTllllllllIlllilMllllilllllllllllUIIII 'Ill^ Hat Showing FRIDAY, MARCH 17th BY MR. JOHN RUPRECHT Gloves - Purses - Scarves to Match IIIMIIIIIfMIIIIIItlMlltllllllllfintllltlllltMIIIIHIIIIlllIltlllllllltlllltllllUlllMllllllllltllllltlllltllllllllllllllllllll Choose Your EASTER or SPRING Costume Now. (linilllllllllllllllllllUnilllllUIIIIMIIlllUllllIllhllllllMIIIIIIIIItlllUlllllllllllllllllMllltlllltlllll .llIllltHIIIHI. A Wide Selection of Dresses Walking Suits — Dress Suits New Blouses — Skirts — Lingerie •iiMiiiiiitmiuiiiiitiiHiitiiin Ruby's Fashion Shop Postville, Iowa iiIll|^inililiriKl ;;li :i !;lijit |niMi;:i ;ili 'i :i |:ii :j^ I Y ti 1 t 1 t i PHILGAS* IS YOUR SERVANT IN THE HOUSE When you install Philgas in your home, it's like having extra help in every day of the week. Philgas is the all-purpose fuel that does so much for so little. It lifts burdens off your shoulders-eases your work load-gives you more leisure to enjoy your home and family. You'll enjoy Philgas in many ways. It's ideal for cooking ... water heating ... clothes drying ... refrigeration ... garbage disposal... home heating. Take the first step toward comfort and convenience in your home—see us for information about installing Philgas in your home. It brings all the benefits of gas to homes beyond the gas mains. MARIANNA PROPANE CO. Phono 86 4-7451 Postville, Iowa Two-Way Radio on tracks for faster, more efficient service. BIG-FOUR BOWLING ASSOCIATION Monday Night Ladies League • • • • * Won Lost Tindell's 65 35 Hoth-T-Birds 65 35 Tuck's 57 43 Groft Drug 49 51 Luana Savings Bank 45*6 54% Heidelberg Gardens 44% 55% Home Oil Company • 41 59 Darling's 33 67 High three games — Mrs. Leroy Thompson, 576: Mrs. Don Olson, 527: Mrs. Clarence Tindell, 517. High individual game—Mrs. Don Olson, 219: Mrs. Leroy Thompson 208 and 203. Groff Drug. 4—Home Oil Co., 0 Tuck's. 3—Luana Bank, 1 Hoth-T-Birds, 3—Heidelberg, 1 Tindell's, 2—Darling's, 2. —Mrs. Carl Schmidt, secretary Proceedings of the Town Council f „r renewal of hU Clw l«r Permit was approved. Leonard On motion. "PI'll™""" " f „', r s' Klvon proved. On motion, approval Kot'erl 1.. Mnrtimlale and Knos Muchcm* to attend liasic training rotirm? for sew- aire works operators and water plant operator* presented hy the State Uni- This notice contains information ; vmil) " " ( UlKK wwkiy meeting »t concerning the business of Post-! " ,n,u , i ''''!l," ,„?, r n,,,c Wl ' ck! ' '"•'« illni "« Jn^oZl^'T™? 1 , " appearsj M " 0 ': h -^ 1 l; ,U.eme„t of Meyer in the public interest, for the pub- \m uml<inK , imi H,„ t |„ K ln „,,„, of I C gOOCt. | r or worl( ( | onc nt Community Memorial | Hospital was approved for payment. TI,„ n „rlt was directed to order three TOWN COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS 12.50 95.86 •I7.!K> 1.60 ield 64 68 73 Friday Night Ladies League • ••*•» Funk's Construction 68% 39% McGregor Electronics 66 42 Meadow Gold 65 43 Hi-Way Lanes 62 46 Strikettes 59 49 Cook's Rollettes 57% 50% Ossian :56 52 Watkins Pinettes 49 59 Sal's Gals 46 62 Albright Oil Company 44 Baade's Grocery 40 Hygrade 35 Rollettes. 3—Albright Oil. 1 Baade's Grocery. 3—-Funk's, 1 Electronics, 3—Pinettes, 1 Meadow Gold, 3—Hygrade, 1 Hi-Way Lanes. 4—Sal's Gals, 0 Ossian. 3—Strikettes, 1. High lines—Mrs. Bill Possehl. 212; Mrs. Harley Thompson, 207; Mrs. Richard Becker, 202. High series—Mrs. Calvin Kurth, 559; Mrs. Harley Thompson, 530; Mrs. Bill Possehl, 525. High team games—Meadow Gold, 899: Hi-Way Lanes, 868; Baade's Grocery and Funk's Construction, 831. High team series—Baade's Grocery, 2397; Funk's Construction, 2383; Hi-Way Lanes, 2378. —Mrs. Eugene Doerring, secretary A taxpayer is one who does not have to pass a civil service exam in order to work for the government. liiimiiiiiiliiiiitiiiiiiiiiniiiMiiiiiiitittiitiiiiiiiMtlltlliniiii For the . . . Easter Parade 3.13 13.30 21.S4 4.S5 6.55 46.07 34.15 1.98 43.00 2 60.9 ft 50.60 The roRiilnr monthly nicotinjr of the Town Council of Postville was held in the Council Room, Memorial Hall, nt 7:30 o'clock P. M. on March 3, 1061, with Mayor B. A. Davis presiding Councilmcn present: A. Burr Cook, K. Ted Green, Stanley W. Schroedcr, E. W. Kozelka and R. C. Huebner. Absent: None. The minutes of the regular meetinc of Februnry 3, 1961, the special meetings of February 24 and 2S, 1961, were rend and approved. The monthly reports of the Clerk. Treasurer. Superintendent of Departments and Marshal were read and approved. Claims Paid. The following- claims amounting to 537.57, hnvinR been audited by the Finance Committee, were approved for payment by the Clerk as follows: General Fund. Harley Radloff, Sr., cigarette permit refund S Postville Farmers Cooperative, coal for hnll The Postville Herald, printing and publications K 1 i p t o-Stoyles Company, code stickers Joseph B. Steele, salary and expenses 113.95 Interstate Power Company, hall lights 23.15 Kittieson-Petersen, supplies for. hall 0.46 Schroeder Insurance, insurance on hall 109.76 Street Fund. D. & J. Electric, repairs ? Gibbs-Cook Equipment Company, repairs Falb Motor Company, repairs ... Alvin Kahle, labor Ed Nelson, labor Ed Lammert, labor Elmer Blumhagen, labor Viking Pump Company, repairs: Western Auto Store, supplies .,. Leslie Lawson, machine hire .... Street Construction Fund. Marvin Fosanen, salary S Schroder's "66" Service, supplies. Utilities Fund. State U. of Iowa, tuition, water operator's course 5 Enoa Muchow. salary ' Harvey Marting, machine hire .. Interstate Power Company, pumping (old pump) Interstate Power Company, pumping (new pump) Robert L. Mnrtindale. salary .... Gus* Plumbing & Heating, water connection John L. Gregg & Son, supplies . . Elmer Blumhatren, labor H. A. Lange, labor Interstate Power Company, street lights Western Auto Store, supplies .... Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co. Inc.. repairs Leslie Lawson, machine hire .... Schroeder Insurance, insurance on water plant Homelite Company, repairs Sewer Plant Revenue Fund. Pacific Flush Tank Co., repairs . .i Postville Implement, repairs .... Western Auto Store, supplies . . . Interstate Power Company, power and light 110.1 Schroeder Insurance, insurance on plant Bell & Fossett Company, repairs State U. of Iowa, tuition, sewer operator's course Public Snfety Fund. Kenneth E. Ellis, policy duty .. . Homelite Company, repairs C. R. Williamson, police duty salary Postville Farmers Telephone Co., phone Eide Electronics, police radio repair Interstate Power Company, fire house lights Turner Insurance Agency, fire department insurance Sanitation Fund. Interstate Power Company, sewer pump Interstate Power Company, new sewer lift station Arwell, Inc., rat control at dump Richard McNally, salary at dump Trust and Agency Fund. Internal Revenue Service, withholding tax S On motion, application of Emi! C. Schultz for renewal of his Class "\\" beer permit was approved. On motion, application of Frank Tehel hospital direction signs and six right of way signs. He was directed to publish notice to dog owners to pny the town's annual dog license fee at his olTice. The Clerk reported the following cash receipts for the month of Februnry. 1961: General Fund. Kent, Stockman house $ Building permit Dog licenses Halt rent Sanitation Fund. Q. E. S. . means Quantity-Earned-Savings _ tt J originated by Northwestern Mutual to h* more life insurance at less cost. I'll b e d tell you about it. P| BOYD B. TURNER THE NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. 124 West Greene Phent (< 20.00 2.50 1.00 BS.00 7.U .5 !W.OO Sower cleaner sold Sorer Plnnt Revenue Fund. Sewer collections S Utilities Fund. Wnter connection Water collection 2.S12.G7 Street Construction Fund. State of Iowa. ens tux allocation S1.2G0.W Adjournment at 10:00 }\ M. JOSEPH I!. STEELE, Town Clerk TOWN COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS 20.00 203.OR 1 25.00 I A special meeting of the Town Council | of Postville was held in the Council Room, Memorial Hall, at 1:30 P. M. on March ti, 1061, with Mayor II. A. Dn\if nresidtup;. Councilmen present : A. Hurr Cook, K. Ted Green. Stanley W. Schroeder, E. W. Kozefkit and R. C. Huehnor. Purpose of the moetini: : to consider and lake action on the transfer of $5,000.00 from Utilities Fund to Utilities SitikinK Fund: and to continue the process of llxinK the actual value on each lot and parcel in said Town to IN? assessed for cost of street improvement program to be undertaken in ltttU. On motion, transfer of $5,000.00 from Utilities Fund to Utilities Sinkinc Fund was authorized and the Clerk Wft3 directed to de (K )sit said sum in said sink- inc fund in a time certificate of deposit in the Citizens State Rank. Postville, Iowa, hearinc interest at the rate of three per cent per annum. The Council continued the process of flxinp the actual value on each lot and parcel in said Town to he assessed for cost of the 1961 street improvement program and completed the matter for the entire assessment area and handed the valuations to the engineers on the project. Adjournment at i :00 P. M JOSEPH It. STEELE. Town Clerk 315.20 S1li.fi3 33-I.S5 57.12 3.10 03.07 2.01 210.fin 1.05 S3.R2 63.00 LILY Chris R. Hanson of Maquoketa has a Sacicd Lily of India, a flower that needs exceptionally little light and no water. The plant stands six to seven inches taller than ho. Deep purple in color, the unusual flower gives off a distinctive and pungent odor which keeps it "fed", Mr. Hansen says. Because of its distinctive smell, the lily remains "'all by its lonesome" in the basement of the Hansen home. Salute Spring with one of our outstanding SUIT FASHIONS. The fashion focus is on the short demi fit jacket with a full or straight skirt. Wool blends, shantung weaves or linen materials make up these lovely values — $ 10 95 to $ 17 95 Dereen Style Shop Where Style and Budget Meet Postville, Iowa NOW Special discount for early order and delivery. For best storage of silage or high moist grain demand a heavy duty- hand plastered silo with heavy hooping. Wc also offer a complete auto- j.^. matic feeding system. Terms can be arranged. Write or phone collect. B. & P. Silo Co. NEW HAMPTON, IOWA llltlllllUMIIHIIIIIIllHllltl NOT ANOTHER [COMMERCIAL! Yup! It sure is — try the Citizens State Bank for real honest-to-goodness service. We enjoy helping people. TRY US FOR SERVICE MEMBER F. D. I. C POSTVILLE, IOWA urn FISH FR I. O. 0. F. HALL — POSTVILLE,] SATURDAY, MARCH 18li| 5:30 Until Price ^| EVERYBODY WELCOME! SALE PRICE! CONTINUE thru Thursday — Friday - Satui| 6 PIECE LIMED OAK DINING ROOM SUITE .. Consisting of: Buffet, Dropleaf Extension Table | and 4 Chairs Regular Price — $239.00 Sale Price — $ 197 M BEDROOM SUITES . . . HIGH QUALITY Consisting of: Double Dresser, Bookcase Bed, and Chest of Drawers Walnut — Regular Price — $364.00 Sale Price — W Weathered Pecan — Regular Price $2l!j| Sale Price — W Seafoam Mahogany — Regular Price— $JK Sale Price — $ 225 M Sandalwood — Regular Price — Sale Price — $ 2ir DINETTE SUITES . . . NEW BRONZE FINISH 36 x 48 x 60 Table and 1 Chairs 5 Pieces — Regular Price — $W Sale Price — $ 109°° 5 Pieces — Regular Price — Sale Price — $ 99 M 5 Pieces — Regular Price — $W Sale Price — $ 95°° SWIVEL ROCKERS . . . ASSORTED FABRICS Regular Price — $34.50 Sale Price - *27 7S LARGE LOUNGE CHAIRS • Regular Price — $119.00 Sale Price — *94 M SPECIAL — Vinyl Floor Cover Sale Price — *1" sq. in 9 and 12 ft. Widths Louis Schutte & & Largwt Stock of Furniture in North*' POSTVILLE, IOWA IIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIHIMI

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