The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1948 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 17, 1948
Page 17
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, TONE IT, OUT OUR WAY B^nrwilii^ BT,YTWBYTT,r,« '(ARK.r COURIKl ,... ESAD, M ACTHA.' DO^} LET'S TKV A StJCKST FREIGHT <%$} SOMETHING/ VW -*>i OP CoS *XTeR NEWT BV. X Ti gffOTKER 16 6T(?ICKE>i!/ FIRST/ AlOO V*t FETCH A GLASS «4 ARE Y<X) 8L6JSTIMG OF SEAMfjs'-i~- \;> AO^HT?., sivs uu-n, ... US.' , OP THE ' OTHER . OMORROW, DON'T GOMAKISJ CRANKIN "S PAS MIDNIGHT AgOOTf .f SOU V46R6 .JUST TteViK^s TO GOLF HIM THROUGH A ' Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople C/tancc/ior or Georgia System of Universit/ei f in«d /or Drunk Driving ATLANTA. Ga., June 17. <TJP)_ Dr. Raymond R. p.ty, chancellor of the university system O f Georgia *« convicted of drujiX-en driving «t " IW<1 * W '" c ' Vy tra " ic COTlrt P*ty waa arrested about 12'30 «.m. after leaving the. Piedmont itmng club. Me was detained about two hour, at city jail before L. H. •leoert, secretary of the Stale »oird o< Regentn. arrived and post•a «612 collateral pending Paty'a I ln«t. ' OHj Traffic Judge Luke Arnrtd •ismuaed two other charges filed bj- »r™tin« officers igalnst P»ty. They were leaving the .scene of an *oci<Jent »nd being dnmk on city •treets. Arnom explained Uiat he dlsmlM- •<< the charge of leaving the scene •< »• accident because there vu r.o proof that Paly was Driving his •utomobile when it was involved in »n Kcident near the driving club Polrticol Announcements — - to announce the following c*ndid«te*, subject to the Deinocr«tio primaries. July rt and ' COUNT! TREASURER Prank Whttworth COUNT! COURT CI.EKK Elizabeth Blythe TOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR. COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippen KTATE RBPHESENTATIVE Jlmmle Bdwarbj L. H. Autry H. X. "Bud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dukle" Speck for <.'n»nty Jud| ( "-oland Green Fielder Peery For Circuil Court Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABIE (Cbiakasawaba Townahtp) J. Robert Crosskno Arch Lindsey NOTICE OF SCHOOL ELECTION Notice Is hereby given that the County Examiner of Mississippi County, has called an election to be held in Burdette School District No 35 of Mississippi County, on the 21st day of July, i»M, at which the qualified electors In said School District shall vote on the question of n loan from the Revolving loan jrjTnnd, and the levying on a special r-tax of 3 mills annually on the as- •essed valuation of the UX.ble property in the district no long •.« is necessary to repay said loan nn'rl the interest thereon Such election «hall be held at Burdette School on the 21. 5 t day of July. 1948, between thr hours of 2:00 o'clock PM and «:30 o'clock P.M., and otherwise in 'he »ame manner as J s provided by ln» r for holding annual sch6ol elections. WITNESS my hand this )6lh day of June, 19M. JOHN MA YES County Supervisor, Mississippi county _____^^^^ 8jl7-24-7"rl •" the haneerr Court. {Ihlcka- *kw-b* r^tric^ MfiAilMlppf Comity, I» th* Matter of !he &t«t« of- No. 1MI. /osephlne Werf, Deceased Notl« of GnMillnn of Utirr, a Adminiitralimi. Notice ic hereby given that lel- terj of administration were grant- id to the underlined on the 15th a»f of June, 1948, upon the estate of Jowphlne Wert. Deceased by fn« Proh«t« Court for the chicka- wiwbA District, MlMlsstppl County Arkansas. All persons having claims or demand! against s«ld estate must present them to Arthur S Harrison. Suite JOS Isaacs Bulldinsr Blythevllle, Arkansas, duly authenticated, wlthlng six (g) months from the date of the first pubil- ration of thin notfet or they shull he barred forever and precluded from any benefits in such esUte Arthur S. Harrison Administrator of lh« Mtale of- Jo»ephln« ^fOTTC« Nolle. I. hereby given thst the ' ««H^' gl } ed *"' wit!lln thc "me; med b, law apply to the Commlj- I •loner of Revenue, of th« Slate of ' Arkansas for > permit to sell beer I «t retail R t 501 W Main, Blythe- I Vllle, MiMljslppI County. ' The underlined «tate s that h« Is '• » citizen of Arkansas, of good I moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other . crime involving moral turpitude; • thst no licence Jo sell beer by the ' Undersigned has been revoked with- \\ lo fend rnlihUb." m*jm h^r molkrr- !*•-]*»¥ Hltititr Jf**lc*. h«( Implies Ton will M«vcr let the baby |a. • * • xxiv TPHE next day brought a letter •*• from Jessica's father. ,le was .•agcr to see tiil grandchild, lie I 'egrcUcd his past harshness and 1 iaid thut tt e war ycari hud given lim a deeper understand))!?, of :he value ot family relationship?. ffe nskect her to visit him in Ken- .ucky. A 3ood of homesickness swept Jessica. Her father would like Oavitl, she thought. He would nelp her to get a divorce. She managed to get LUCY .ilone that evening and again thought that Lucy loked careworn and wyarj. The shadow on her face feepened as she listened. "You'll come back?" she asked. "No, I'm never coming back." -And Tom?" "If he want* (o see me. he may come to Kentucky and talk things over." "What things?" "A divorce." Lucy made no comment. She turned and walked away, and the door into the 'kitchen closed behind her. Why should 1 fee) ashamed? thought Jessica angrily, as she ran upstairs to put Uelsy lo bed. 1 have a right to iive my own life and b^ happy. How soon could she leave? She calculated rapidly. She would go downtown today ard buy her ticket. She would have to travel on a day coach. She remembered her disgust upon that other trip which had brought her to Akron. This ^otild be ditlerent. She would ue returning to tier own home, her :iome at least until David brought her to (lie home he made (or her. G day after she was in a fever of anticipation, sorting clolliL-s and packing. She congratulated herself tint in oil-day missionary nccling kept Mrs. Blake away from Ihe house '.hat-day. I won't tell her yol, thought Jessica. This is only Thursday. I'll leave Sunday morning while she's at church ond let Lucy break the news lo her She decided lo explain her plan to Lucy, bul Lucy 7/orkcd niRhl .'•nd was pone when Jo.Tsicn came down for a late brcalstasi on Friday morning. She smolhered a growing «nse of giillt. I'm a coward, she told herself. I should tell Mr«. Blake mysel! now. Later, Jessica locked herself in her room and complcicd her preparations. She must tell David, and wire her father. 'Jessica." her mo'.licr-iu-Uw's harsh voice soared up the staircase. "I want you to go to Hie store." Thij would 1« her opportunity to coll Javid, thought Jessica. She hurried downstairs and was oui of, the house flve minutes later, clutching 'icr coat about her. battling the wind which howled around corners and swept down the street, raising a cloud o< ius'. Overhead, fast scudding clouds traveled across a cold November sky. Jessica was breathless when she entered the small corre' grocery. Hastily she consultec, the list Mrs. Flake had thrust in her hand- raisins, nuts, ind spices More preparation tor Tom's return. Her high spirits suddenly evaporated. Tom. How little ihougm she gave to Tom. What a ghastly homecoming his would be when re arrived and found that his wile and child Had left him. It's my li/e. she thought defiantly. Am 1 goinE to weaken now? M'lIK clerks were busy, and she A stepped lo the reai oj the siore and asked to use the telephone. An inslnrx later she heard Unvld's deep reassurutH voice. "I'm gouiK back to Kentucky, David." she said. "Tha.'s line." 15a\ -J approved. He said he would be at the station Sunday morning to see tier oil. lie planned to cortic to Kentucky the iu'x; week-end lo tneel her father and explain ins plans for their future. Jessie;] said, ''I can't believe iU" Slie gave n sigh. "You will. Ifappy?" Of course s)ie was happy. She put back the receiver and turned lo see Lions standing at a little distance. She joit.ed Deris and s»id, "I'm leaving Akron.'' ''When?" 'Sunday." She explained h«r plan. Doris listened with no *xpr*a- sion on her lace. 'Bill's home. 1 she sdid. "We did the town last night and I'm a wreck today. Mayrx 1 can keep lhai guy at home lonight I'm having pot roast ami pumpkin pie. and everything he likes bert." jb« smiled happily. Doris was loo absorbed In Bill's return to toliier about her allairs. .. .night Jessica with relief. Then Doris said "A man *-n°'c been overseas deserves tile best. 1 say." Her tone was signiliciint. "You mean that 1 should stay Bt home until Tom returns, don't you?" demanded Jessica. ''I can't make your decisions for you. said Doris briefly Then, unexpected)} "Hav« you seen David Gregory?" "He'll oe at the station." Doris said. "Oh." and turned her back ami motioned lo a clerk moved awaj and lefi Jessica standing by herself, ingry and hurt. She filled the grocery order and walked honn alone, lot waiting lor Doris, unwilling to lisien to her hints ihat a woman's first duty was to her husband. That was all right for Doris. She didn'i have to live with a mother-in-law who hated and despised '"«-. (To K. Continued) in five years last past; and that Ihe I undersigned has never been coh- victed of violating the laws c' Ihi.s . i state, or any other state, i 1 .ting i to the. sa!e of alcoholic liruiors. i,"" B B. PALMER subscribed and sworn to belore victed of violating the laws <•' Ihi.s me this 15 day of June, 1B48. ., My Commission explre.s March g, 19-19. NOW! . Dr. W. F. BREWER "i[I DENTIST Jti OFFICE 209'.i W. MAIN ST I j J PHONK 2112 ! ' i Blythevillc, Ark. Remember Rothrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 ot FOUNTAINS: K very where! Clinic 514 Main, Blytheville, Ark., Phone 292J K. M. LARKIN AUTO PARTS Main * f,ake St. Thone 523 We Install Window Glass Kor -Any Make Automobile While You Waitl Window Channels Regulators PITTSBURGH PAINTS B Comp/et« Lin* of Auto Parts It's Not Too Late for SAFE FUR AND WOOLEN STORAGE Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Street Phone 4474-4475 ICE-COLD WHOLE or SLICED Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main Phone 973 VMRCKLIW * MM FRIBNM OU MERRILL BLOMCB fOR, SMOOTH€$r, ROY | S ... / owto. w*^, I &S. OWE ANO ONLY '(we Hoi>i8 l01Ce ' y*" •" *••*•• *•. T. i. 4, v , ,„ M( "W. wer. hoping that, thl. b«!n K • preticfeminl yanr, Junior would Uk* an inter«tt in politics—but he't ttill wild about art!" 'KISCIU.A'S 1'OP AL VEKMEER Th« Police Report B> Mli:HAKLj[)'MAU,BY mid RALPH LANB SUOUID II WAS A RuYSTER T A GlKl. WAS DRIVING 194* MOOH WITH I WHEN THIS GUY WIMSED NEW KXK MM. / M FROM WE BrtCKSFAr, - .XJv I NMP. EVEII SAW HIM. KOI CAB. Itll US JUST WHERf XXJ WEW V*E(4 <X) C UP WIIII THEM LESLIE TURN KB 1'MMOTEAflEP.TO HAVE YOU AND \ MVMIND TIMKDRED wiTH,suH,,.eur IF VOU'D »ur sftt>L^ IN VESD or WMIM HERt ro \PEUICf, me./WITH U<kEE INDUSTRIES WMCH CROOMElA I MliHT-,---- -._ TUC rrrrl! .' ^*^_ ^/ i \ HfRHPUSt TO SHOP. On the House By FRED BARMAN HCW'n 1 GOrtrtA GET . ( "We TO PRISON V SHERlFPf i AM to TEACH THESE \ — COtOT£3 THAT IT tXDK>'T PAY ro ROB STAGC COACMETS By V. T. HAMLIN . 7HAT<71.' HCNXA. t T TOOK Off y,'Hf.N >e / BV SUM ir ME COMIN': HE THOUGHT I . . TM _ Iff, TSK.' All Ori'sscd Up By EDGAR MARTIN

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