The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on May 18, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 18, 1894
Page 9
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While tome features of Senator Morgan's pro ject are repeated, a great innovation is brought forward by provisions intenclec to increase the circulating medium o the country by paying for the stock o the canal company by an issue of lega tender notes, modeled after the green backs of ISO!}. The plan is designed * as to meet favor from the antibond men According to the bill, the stock of th canal company is to consist of 1,0<'0,00 •hares of $10' each for which legal Unit ed States notes identical in characte with those issued under the act of Feb 25, .1802, are to be issued, redeemable tc the same extent and in the same manne as the notes of 1803. The secretary of the treasury is to pur chase $70,000,000 of the stock of th« company and pay for it at par by the is sue of the notes described, which ,are tc be kept in circulation as a part of th currency of the country. Six millions o the capital stock is to be issued to th_ government of Nicaragua, $000,000 to Costa Rica and the remainder, $28,500, 000, is to be held hi the treasury unti the government decides whether to pur chase or permit it to be sold by tbe subscription, except an amount not to ex coed $7,000,000 to be used by the com pauy in taking up its outstanding stock Provision is made for an immediate issue Of $4,000,000 as a working capital and the issue of the remainder in quarterly installments as may be necessary to canq on the work of construction; TRIPARTITE NOT BROKEN. Reports From London That tho United State* Wanted to Withdraw In Denied. WASHINGTON, May 17.—Members of the senate committee of foreign rela tions, of both political parties, say they have no knowledge of the news from London to the effect that Bmbassador Bayard was negotiating for a withdrawal from the Samoan agreement. Senator Morgan, chairman of the foreign relations committee, says he has only to reiterate what he had before asserted, that whatever is done in Samoa the harbor of Pago-Pago must be secured to the United States and permanently secured. At present the agreement for the harbor is but a temporary arrangement and liable to termination. Senator Davis says it may be the policy Of thin administration to surrender our rights in Samoa, but tbe American people have a trade interest hi the islands. It is said at the state department to be entirely improbable that Embassador Bayard has made any statement to the British government that oould be construed as committing his government to » desire to withdraw from the Samoan agraement. Secretary Graham kas not gone to tba length of seeking to terminate the Berlin treaty, hat has . confined himself to bringing the disordered condition of affairs in Samoa und the unsatisfactory working of the treaty to the attention of congress and that is as far as the matter has gone. There have been no negotiations with Great Britain or Germany as'yet looking to the withdrawal of the United States from the agreement, and, it is believed, snob a proposition will not come forward until Great Britain and Germany have arranged to their mutual satisfaction for the future government of the islands. INK element* pf Illo, whU.4 lisve bean wasted arc glrcn back .—r-j™———— aprt, pKlloou rapidly i both strength and texue.1 vigor. • «• jk A Al evidence of siir faith In Pr«f. n *••'••'* jf AMU IS' PAMTffcMCS),Tw« 'offiiro' •.Irtnra'trlaUHSOI.l'Tlsi.v • ""•»- . AUiuoii, young or old, *a*w0r«rt, no wo luuy know tliolr condition >ropare moulclnu to omtov a prompt cure. ;ALIFORNIA And all Paoiflo Ooast and ?ug«t Pound points ar» rwiobtd com- forUblj and quickly via Drawing Boom Quit and Toorlsl Sleepers )MV« OblMM dallr and mo through to •in Frauoiaco wUboul ob«o«». rapnally ConHiioted Excursions In T<»url»» Bleeping Can l»v« Obioago «v«rv Ttwctdaj. Rut* for § oomptetelj equinwMI hartb IrowOhloAgo to San Fr«uoi«oo, Aog«i<M or Porllwd ooly . FDMBoger* from poinlp and uor)hw»at ot Obloego tbeso «*oureiouse« rouw. route vxauriion Uoii«t« f r*«Ujr reduced rates, REPUBLICANS DIFFER ON POLICY. •MMtor DuboU Daelsnw la F»»or of BpMdv Aotluo ao th» Tariff 11111. WASHINGTON, May W.— Senator AHi- aon presided over a conference of Republican senator* at the Capitol Wednesday, about two-thirds of tho membership being present. It was a continuation of tho discussion which occurred at Senator Sherman's houw on Monday uight. Senator* Dubois announced his intention Of publicly declaring hi favor of speedy action, and when several senators took intoe with him be said hi* judgment relative to tbe effect of the silver repeal was as good an theirs last fall and he intended to follow it. Tbe conference broke up without any action being •greed upon, bat the Mnaton who believe in early action setnted to be in such a large majority that they felt the policy would wow bo to consider tlw Mil with • view of engaging only in legitimate discussion of tbe various schedule. Senator Chandler advanced the BUggeatiaa that tlw debate would consume from 80 to 00 days on whatever basis it might ho conducted and said that M that wu tho COM, thero was no n*oeuity for resolving upon any particular course at present. He also urged that rher» waa no question of nllbutteriug for tba ttopubU- can conference to conf dw as thw» »ro nosenntcM who dttlred to tWbuttering. WA1/TEB O. 8ANGEB. «» UMi my i? 01 ** ^5 8 S b ?!f eve *fe ttt in *•»« absence of Zimmerman Walter C. Sangej. of MJwanlcee, will be the swiftest bicyclist in America. Last season he won the h ^ W Brit8 J5 h d def f, ate ^ Zimmorm^ «d He is 21 yean old, 6 feet tall and weigha 210 pounds. tion tor iu o'clock sessions, beginning Friday. They have reachedjthe conclusion the tariff bill is not making satisfactory progress and think the time has come when they should extend the hours. The resolution is likely to lead to a spirited debate when called np. TRIED TO BRIBE SENATORS. Kyle Mid Hunton Offered Money For Their Votes Against the Tariff BUI. WASHINGTON, May 17.—Senator Lodge soon after the senate met Wednesday introduced a resolution authorizing the appointment of five senators to investigate charges of attempted bribery of senators in connection with the pending tariff bill. Rumors of the use of money to influence action one way or the other on tho tariff bill have been in circulation here at various times during the past few months. The negotiations apparently have gone no further than intimations to the clerks of Senators Kyle and Hunton. These intimations camo from n North Dakota man. He was formerly a member of congress from tbe southern states. The amount which it was intimated Senator Kyle could receive was f 14,000, and $1,000 was to be retained by the man making the negotiations as a commission. Mr. McFarlane, clerk to Senator Kyle, says the matter never went any further than an intimation. He promptly informed Senator Kyle. The latter is now in South Dakota and will return to Washington Saturday. Ex-Bepresentative J. A. Bnttz of Buttzville, N. D.. whose name was mentioned hi connection with the alleged attempt to purchase the vote of fanators Kyle and Huuton, has asked a Ml investigation at tbe hands of the wnate on the charges made against him. tfajor ButtE called on Senator Hans- trough (N. D.) and made a general denial of the charges made against him and said he wanted a rigid investigation of them. He was not willing tb rest on he possibility of the passage of the iiodge resolution, calling for an invest!ration of tbe briber/ alleged and of the nfluenoe of the sugar trust on his makeup of the tariff bill. Ha told the senator ie wanted a personal investigation as •peedily as possible. Hansbrough ad- toed the ex-congressman to write him a etter asking for a personal investigation ad agreed to place it before the senate, This Major Butts agreed to do. & HORTH-WERTERM'y Oen'l }>«uw. * CHICAGO- . WASWNCJTOH, May n,—Coun»el lor Coiey, Browne aud Jpuw, tho leaden of the commonweal army, havu iu*da*p- nllo«Uoii to Justice Bradley for a writ of ceitiorurl ta t»ko tho case out of the police court *ld to certify it to the supremo court of the Plstriot for review, Tho case wout over until Friday, Ueauwhilo «n tuidentjundiug has been arrived at \>y which the B«uteuoe of the defonduute iu the uolice court, which wan to htwo Uikou place Thursday, wtw post, peuding Ju.dge Bfadley'ideotoiou. Proceeding* IB th* Uouw. WASHINQTON, May 17.—The home to- ay pawed the bill for the validation of affidavits made before United States coiuiutasfonors in all land entries. The joint resolution authorizing an investigation of the industrial depression was reported from the committee on labor. Mr. Springer gave notice that early next week he would call up tho )ill to remit the 10 per cent tax on state tank circulation. Then the house went nto the oonuuittro of tu« whole jn tho agricultural appropriation bill. Coffin (Wyo.) offered an aiuouilmeut which was adopted including the "sheep cab" with pleuro-puoumoniit, tubercu- *in and other diseases of animals which 10 secretary is authorized to investigate. Hainer (Neb.) proposed an amendment treating the president to enter into oor- Bspoudenoo with the authorities of Great Britain for the abrogation or modification of the law which requires cattle imported into Grout Britain from this country to be slaughtered at tho port of sntry and prevents them from boing carried to other parts of the kingdom. Agreed to. Piokler offered an amendment increasing the appropriation for the purchase, propogatiou and distribution of toed from $11)0,000 to 1100,000. Agreed to. Umslh of Coiiml Hdward* a* Unrlln. WAUUNOIXIN, May 17.—A brief cable dispatch received at the slat* department from Vice Con|tl Qeuwal Abbott announced the deutii of United Statoi Consul Qonoral Etlwnrda at Burliu. WIUIuui Huyden ISdwarda WIM oiw of UMbcst known Uxuien iu our foreign ••rvioo aud enjoyod « high reputation us • competent oAlcor, H» iiUod « high social position at the Qevmnu pupital, whero be had been Htutionet\ nearly five yean, Ho wiw uppoiubxl from Ohio awl has been almost 17 ywurs in th.e employ of the state department. Neb.j William T. Beans, postmaster, Glenwood Springs, Colo. Provide* For Coinage at Denver. WASHINGTON, May 17.—A bill to provide for coinage at the branch mint at Denver has been introduced by Representative Pence. It appropriates t«00,- 000 for the construction of the necessary plant. ' Breokliirlilie File* Hla Bond. WASHINGTON, May 17.—Colonel W. C. P. Breckinridge has filed Us appeal bond. Tbe bond is for $100 and the defendant's brother, Joseph C. Brsckiu- rldga, appears as surety. Lnnrt Titles Approved. WASHINGTON, May 17.—The secretary of the interior approved clear lists of indemnity sections of land made by the Oregon and California railway company aggregating 152,139 acres. Cleveland Will Stay Over Sunday. WASHINGTON, May 17.—President Cleveland and his party are expected to return to Washington next Monday or Tuesday^morning from their fishing trip. Missouri Odd Fellows Elect Officers. 8r. Louis, May J7.—At the session of the grand lodge I. O. O. F. Captain B. F. Thomas of Carthage, Mo., was elected grand warden. The next annual convention will be held at Nevada, Mo. California Prohibitionists Nominate. OAKLAND., Cal., May 17.—The Piohi- bition state convention met here and will nominate, a full state ticket. Robert Bummers of San Jose was nominated for congress in the Fifth district. THIRD BAPTISM OF FIRE Dr. T«lraagfe's Tabernacle a Brooklyn Entirely Destroyed. OOOUBBED AT A FORTUNATE TIME CauMd by ElMtrlo Uijht Wires-Hotel Re V*nt and Snmmerflelil Methmllat Cburc Both Burn—Totol IM*» About Two Mil lion Dalian—Hotel Quest* Lost No Tim In Escaping. BBOOKLYM, May ]4.-Just after wr Tloe at noon Sunday and while Dr. Tal mage was •baking hands with member of his congregation, Are burst out bo tween th* pipes ot tht organ and within 10 mlnutos tk« big tabernacle was doomed to total destruction. Adjoining tlie church waa the Hotel Recent, eigh •torlos in height; with a frontage of W tot on Clinton avenue and extending back SOU feet to Waverly avenue. The Ore spread from the tabernacle to this hotel and then to the dwelling houses 01 Greene and Wavorly avenues opposite the tabernacle. The wind carrying tlio biasing cinders in anoh quantities in a •outheasterly direction that dwollini. housea in Washington avenue, twt •quareg away, and also the SuuiinerfioK Methodist church were set on fire by them, but tlio greatest loss on any one of these structure* did not exceed $15,000. The totul IOJM, howover, rouchou over UevtitulUaT itup»ti«ul. .,_,-,. ,-j, M«y 17.—'i'lie Deiuu ertttio Itxtden iu the «eu«te decided Wud< t9 mm up ftftuatoy itarrui* , May n.- oouflrmod the fuliowiug uoiuiuationut public iuau«ym Audrew J, , livokcu Bow, Neb-l 8J»er |WiUI»ui», O'Neill, Ix'ob.i 0, H. Adams, id o&pe at Swkeja Bow, Dr. TolHllSsT**! Oraplilo Statement, Dr. Tuluiitge mutle a graphic statement of tUu incidents coniiooted witli t)i<' fire, Ho Hold: "At tho close of tho church sorvk'o, was standing at the foot of thu pulj, •baking huii(l>i with hundreds of i«'o t il,. front all lauds, f was uUiut tliruuj' and wulktxl toward tho cuntor of tin' church whore my wife stood, .when nil • called my attention to Are springing or! from the top of tho organ. I tmw ut once tlmt it was under full headway and my first impulse was to look uronuil ami ««0 how many people were than in tho houne ami to my great joy there werv only about UO gad with 99 doora to gut throng)), I fall that they would nil t«- capo. I then went iato my study, liiu'li of the platform, pushing under tho Wax- iug piping to get my hut aud t^nt ami then I Httid to uiysolf: Is it manly to run oOn I walked up and dowu my study mom rejoicing that tho tiro hail occurred when there was jio chuut-o of fatality. While iu this sort of luxiwu •tudy, ft Now York friend of inlnorushud into tbe room aud taking my ami. Bald; 'Get out of this room iiuiuudiaU'ly, or you'll not g«t out at all. 1 We went out luto the vhuroh, One-half of thu organ W«s dowu aud the tiro hod leujuxl to the roof, I «aw Uiut nothing could save the building and [ oume uut." Itforry uu V0u ttf t|i0 II|*iM(iir. Tho tours \vu^o ixjuitiiug duwu the 4iw- tor's oliuuku uud his voico bruko us Uu told tke Ktary, but Ui uu ij W tuut ho srjoku With htt oia irffW! "There is taster on top of tW« rjiBMttr. If it had occurred half an hoa* before it wotild have beett the calamity of the cetituty. The chnrch and all the rooms adjoining were packed With people and the panic would have left the whole scene one of indescribable horror. Or if it had occurred two or throe hours later, when the Sunday school -SVH3 in session, thr-e would have been 1,000 households bereft in Brooklyn. Little children, helpless children, what would they bare doiic? God cared for them and qven in this calamity His merev is infinite and I .feel not the least item of rliRhenrtenmont nor less faith in God. uor'less '«opo for the future, "This Ions 'irocwsion of disaster is in- expltcahle—like whnt occurs sometimes in n family, four or five dying from scarlet fever—it is inexplicable, we must simple accept the fact. Our church has burned three times and it has always occurred on a Scjiday. It is a mastery that I adjourn till the next world shall let us know. It is the Lord. Let Him do what seemeth good in His sight." Electricity Caused the Fire. When asked for his own opinion as to the cause of the fire he said emphatically: "Electric lights, electricity caused this fire, as it did in the last tabernacle on Schermerhorn street." Continuing Mr. Talmage said: "The fire may change my entire program and I do not think I will start on my trip around the world as I intended, I, however, do not know what I shall do." The fire spread with lightning-like rapidity and before sunset had destroyed property to the value of nearly $2,000,- «XM». Ex-Supervisor John fl. Reed, who was rehearsing with the choir in the Snmmerfiold M. E. church two blocks in the rear of the tabernacle, had discover- 3d that the building was on fire and sent in an alarm to fire headquarters. This was quickly followed by a second, third and fourth alarm, which brought all the apparatus in the western district of the city. It was nearly 20 minutes before ;he firemen arrived on the scene and then half a hundred' streams of water were turned on the blazing pile. But the chnrch was doomed and every effort NOB devoted to saving adjoining property. In three hours only the bare walls of one of the costliest structures of Brooklyn remained standing. Hotel Regent Abo Doomed. Long ere this, however, it became evi- lent that the Hotel Eegent was also doomed. The fired started on the second story here, but was speedily ex- inguished. This proved to be only emporary relief, for in a short time lames were discovered in an upper story, )lowing fiercely np the airsnaft. the nflammable nature of the material and the great open ampitheater of the taber- lacle gave such a draft that the fire was orced into the air in columns of glowing lames that made a fearful picture of detraction. Flakes of burning wood and red hot cinders were shot up as from a volcano and carried by strong breezes, they awept through the air in every direction. Before long both sides of Green avenue were ablaze. So were those on Waverly avenue, but fast as they broke oat the people and the firemen extinguished them. The walls began to crumble and fall and the great rush of flames which followed started the houses burning again and at the same time flames were s^en banting forth from the roof of the Sunimerfield Methodist Episcopal church, a abort distance away. fitnwUoo Bitremvljr Tryln*- For Firemen, Withiu. half an hour the magnificent hotel was seen to have joyied the tuber naole on the road to destruction and nc water conld reach the fire there. Th« guests had lost no time in making theii escape. They waited only to snatch nj a few valuables, but wearing apparel .and other effects bad to be left to the greedy flames. From the fifth floor oJ the bouse, Mrs. Loomis, one of th« guests, and her newly bora babe had tc be carried down the fire escape to thi street. A woman appeared at a window on the eighth floor, shrieking and waving her hands to the horror stricken crowd below. She was brought down tht fire escape hi safety. The heat ol tbe sparks and embers had made the situation an extremely trying one for the firemen, and one man, George Cunning- bam, of engine company No. 1, had to be carried from bis post when the heat was most Intense, but he afterwards returned, John Lafely, of engine company No. H, had an epileptic fit from the heat and was removed to the homeopathic hospital. The trustees of the tabernaolo met Sunday night and decided to rebuild tlie church, but not on tho sumo sight. The insurance, the receipts and tho money realized from the sale of the present alto would euablo thorn to pay off oil thoit dabte. Then, occording to tho plan, they would raise $300.000 and within n year would begin to build. About *70,. 100, it was thought, would be »ufncitmt •o pay for a sight uud n lotis expoiuivo iwtldiug will bt> erected. It was decided Dr. Tannage's tour around the world should begin Monday evening tw arranged, Ho will start for Philadelphia and proctHxl from thoro to Atlanta, Qa, After visiting Homo southern oititw bti will go to Ban Fnmvinuo nnd sail to Honolulu and afterward to Now Zealand, Australia, India, Spain, England and itber foreign i-ouutrio-i. Abto laxative and Ki ^-UgglsUoreent by nail. 260., ( Oper package. Samples tree. KOHOffftVe C»pto»n Sweeney, t7.S."A H §an ..» TOOTS town ;h and Breath,»«, laeaidae I have aver found that iroufddolma •*rgood. w PrIcoWcta.Bola by Druggists. Sold by C, H. Wcstbrook. DR, DOWNING This well known and successful suoclallst In qbronlc and Nervous diseases and disease! of the Bye and Ear, by request of many friend* Mid patient*, will visit OAREOLL, IOWA, Friday, June I, Burke'a Hotel One day only every month. Consultation free. Wy»udult« lluud C.ia , WICHITA, Kan., May 11,— Judge Will aiu» of tho Unitud Btut«« court docidod lt« Wyainlotto ooimty road curtiticutu bond ousts fur |uuo,000 in f»vor of Uig county ftuii iij{ain»t Olar«noe A. Pitrlu nd tlio Quuk of Luusdulo, Pu, Tbu uit wiw ovur boiut* dainni by (Iw comity oinmisttiunoi* umlur whut la known an tie ttuuliMii rotnl law. iultli MAISII.UJK, O., May 17, oliHtruiuu u( tlio Doiuoci'utlo ceuUul ttv» ynttW, Putor Biiiith tw come out in I'u v or of J. S. Uosoy for Thu tluuiioml cluiuw of Mw. )oxoy No. t uuvo Uwu ntttUtd and U»r ovmor liiwbttud ia expouteU Jbaok ill Mua«iHou on May W. DR. DOWNING intbor of "Nervous Debility." "Gonerst!* Exauitlon, tla name and Core," etc. This Skillful and Sellable SPECIALIST Well and favorably known throaglioat'ths northwest for the many wonderful' enrol of ail form* of CHRONIC WNERVOUS DISEASES Wch be has effected that had baffled the ikil vt ether phyilolan* and specialist*. lie Cures When Other* Fail; Diseases of Eye* and Kars, Granulated Lid*. Cataract. Oroea Eyes straightened without pain or danger, Discharging Ear*, Deafoea*. etc.. Disease* of Note and throat. Catarrh! Bronchitis, Aithma,eto. Diseases of stomaojf sod laver, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Uearlborn. BUllouanou, Jaundice, etc" Kidney and Dla* J«r Trouble*, Illood and Skin UUoases, Borof • 01». Pltnplei. Blotches, Koiema, Uloei*; rto. N*rvou*niio»se(. Headache, Hysteria, Insomnia, Lack of Vitality, Langor, Nenou*nist. Rheumatism, Neuralgia, etc. Dlsaiwiof Women, Deformities Surgloal operation* of all kloda successfully performed. Vouuu tuul Middle Aged Meu San'erln* from Lost Manhood, Nervous or Physical Debility, Sowlnitl Weaknesi, Lo.t Vigor. Decline ot Manly 1'owers, Drains, DUobanw or Losses, Vartoocele, und all tho train of evil* '•lulling from Excesses, Errors In Youth, elo. producing tome of the following eHects, M Nervouinou. Gtmiuton*. Pimple*, blotoba*. °! WlJ}y. Dlulnesi. DefeotlifeMemory, Absent* of Will rower. Codfuslon ot Ideas, Aversion to Onolely, Setuiil Kxhaostlon, Pain In thu liaok. olo., blighting iho moat radiant hopes, render- Jerlog marriage unhapuy and Imilntxsa fall- me; sweeping thouaatiila loan untimelyCTSVD ."to matter who Uas failed, consult the Doctor, lie has cured thousand* who have given up in despair. A uorfooireitorutlon. Consultation* isejedly confldentlal. D«I«JI arodaagaroai. MARRIAGE. TUoao contemplating mar. rlagtt who are airaro of i>by*lcar defect* or maktwas which would render marriage a oil- ippoinluietit would do well to call on <U. FREE examination ot th« Urlno, chorntMl and tnloroiooiilo*! In all oaio* of Kidney pis. •aie, llrlghl'a Ulaeuie, Dlulmios, aliii Suatiuiv. loribo«a. Bring niieolmuti. r-«— REMAftKABlLe Curos i.orfooua tn ol« «i««s wuloh Unvu b»«i> negleciod or unskilfully Ueatetl. No oxpurliueitl* or falluro. Parlloa treated by mall or exprva«: but wbei«poaalbl*j poraonal oonsultailon iiro/orrcd. Casot aud oorrasponaunoo strictly noufldaB~ Hal ana medicine sun I to any pan u f lu* United SUle». I.ul of uuustlons free. Ad. r*«a w«U jioilage. ftll. UUWNINU, 'lawust Madison auoat.Ohlnagu.Uls. to $100 i wltu the Amorlwin HmUloule In- cream)* will) uinn'ttlous rapidly i>y ihelr plau of SYNDICATE SPECULATION. CONaKUATIVK-3A*'K-Hel.lAUlJ{. ThvoomblntHl ouulial iirutucla all trade* *QUallr. 8»f»al plan (or moderate luvMlon. Kuowiedm of jpwolailon uunecwwry. K*iabllili«d ISMS; l»rgo uroou aaou iear. Hank rsfareuw*. u»iid (or luturuiaUou. A. 0. NAUIU'ON A 0*. Maniwai Bit 101'aolUo Avo.. CUK'ajo, ill. 8-a YOU SEETHIS! So Do Several Ttiou&and Otlter People. YOUR «/ U/as j j-. A i id 1 *

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