Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 20, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1927
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V Weekly KeKlnter. JB»ia.\h\»tird ml. lola Dally RegUter, Enta ^lKhed 1M97. SOUNDS JUST BEFORE NOON PuriousSeas Batter Ships Nearlreland rork.'lrehinrt. Dei-. 20. (AP) naitr-red by furious seas on - rocks-n«iar Old Jfead of Kliisale liisi iiiRl't. tlie collier Pearl of (ilniicpster has broken up with tiK« loss of hor capuin ;iud four nifiiibcrs of the crew.' Til"' ship wii.>«;W-reiki-i| during a groat .s;orni whii'h is .sweeping the Irisli coa«>t^ i The ,inward-bound ' liners, naitic. Andania and Republic were battling tremendous seas loday. They were due in Cork harbor y.sierday morning bui lia\f Jidvised port auihoriiies !haf thi.'v- will not arrive until toniRht. . -• SOVIET RUSSIA AD CHINA ARE VERYNEARWAR Officers of Sister Ship • Sayi However, They i • 'Were Not as Signals XX)DE* MESSAGE OUTj Receipt of Message Isj Ackfiowledged About Six o'clock This j Morning j : , Wisiinyton. Dec. ?0. (AP) j H In:\'estxgati6n by' a house com- ; ? Tnltlee'pf the sinking of navy j ^submarines S-4 and. S-r.l wa.^ ! • asked iodayi-by iR<Vi'««<*ntativt- i Griffin, DeiKocrat. Xew York. ; • ', Kvw )hingt(in. Dec. 20. (AP)— ! The'Folcon. flagship of Kcar Antral Frank H. Brumby, dlivciting .rescue operation.s at tJie scene; of the wrecked submarine S-4, ha.s been forced • 'Into-the protoctinK harbor of ProvJncetown, Mass.. by th<'. talgb: SPOH, the Navy Dopart-, meut was advi»pd today. \ ^Provincet|)wn, Mass.. Dec -20. (AP). Kiaint soiind.s wfi-e- jlearti: from'within the siiiik-'- r'en subtnnriiiie S-4 at eleven •ficoirraphical L.ocation Is Only Thing Halting. Battle Now • . •' I IIiin5<(iw. (Milnii. IVi'. V\. (APt More I'laii (.'Iiliii'si' Ui'iU j Wi'IO CXI Clltcd hiTI' (IV«T; tllr week-end. Kouitcen students; including four bobhcd-hUlr<Mr ; Kirli*. were shot Hiindavj •\Vhlli' the e.\efiitlon.'< were In propt-e.-is J( nio!) of soldiers and coolies '• Ka'lipi'il. "Kill-the cotnmiin- j i.'ts; "down with hoIshevi!--ni." j lh"v .shouted. | I ' m OLE.VN BARB ) (AP Far Ea.stcrn Correspondent! \ Peklnj!. Dec. 20. [(AP)—Out ot the bloody turmoil of Canton's last week has emerged the salient Tact that South Chrina. or f the portion calling it^sell natioualist, has ruptured relations with the soviet as who had beeo-imprisoned iu the | violently and completely aspo-ssi- torp^b room iof the S-4 since Sat-jble withont the actual declaration nrday were now too weak to rap .of war. j Indeed, it appears that .if armed conflict: were geographically possible, the two nations would be at each others Ihrpats. At least on^ recognized soviet official. Vice CfOfisuI Ha.ssi.s. is definitely known to jhave perished be- iAs tjie predicament of the pris- fore a Chinese firing squad at Cau- oifers continue to grow more de.sijton. pirate their comrades on the f ur^; From the entire Yahgtse valley far? were held to inaction bv.thijiand to the south of it. aJlRussians fitbrm and rough- water which offici.illy connected with the soviet uiade dirlng operations ditttcuii ;are being hustled out < and soviet TnjDO spinsters Starve Selves ^^To Save Money l^ancasler.. Pa., Dec. 20. (AP> Two spinster - sisters, whose existence in a, dilapidated old home'near here has occasioned stories of mysteriously accumulated wealth, are dead from starvation. >Ii.<>s Catherine Metzger, 70. . was found ^lead in the barnyard of the old estate at Bridgeport, just east of this city. iMiss Ifarrlet Metzger, ri4, succumbed'at a Lancaster hospital. ' The women entered a self- imposed exile away from their r«*lailves in the old family hohiestead and In their |de8ire to save gold, denied itltein- selve.s all ltji;surle8 and many of the necessities' of life. HESS TELlS TOPICS CLUB ABOlfTROADS Commissioner plains And Champions Prjesent Road Law OUTLINES DE Explains Dual Cjontrol j And Approves Plan T'"' :'.!i!ro« which Comity J^om-! MRSUNDBERGH TO BE GREETED BY LUCKY UNDY I missioner Hess eave befi • Current Topics ; Clith "ast ; >vas iu.'^t what t?iose who k' I H OBS e.\pi>cled it to- be.—: . live, constnicilvp and int 'resting, lit was listened to with thi AILS ri' the evcnir>i; low Mr. nforma- Endurance If Op Attempt Fails In California Sad FrancisTOi Dec: 20. (AP) .Vfter remaining ia th^ air for nearly fifty hours lu .• an - attempt to break the world rec- Oi n for; an • endnranre flight, the tri-motnre4l monoplane "Spirit of California" was torctd ilown ot .Mills Field iiert! toil;'.y on account of an exhausted fuel supply. ^ The tliprs landfd^ at 9:50, forty- nine hours land 21. minutes after they took to the air. The plifi" went a oft Sunday -at ^•.ZVi a. m. try'ng for a new- World record for cnduranci, fivMu;; again»t the record made by two C.eman aviators several months ago. 52 hours. 22. minutes and 31 seconds. J Ambassador of Good Will roads. ' To Fly North to Meet Mother ; o'clock todaV lull ( wei -e '. 'not siirhalH. off icp .rs of t'li; I submarine $-8, .'^i.ster .ship <>f •• (he ill-f^ted craft, .said. It appeared*to tho .se on the .surface that the survivors of the' S -4 wiere'makintf vain'efftirt .s m their t),\vn behalf. Provlncetdwn, Mass., Dec. 20.,. (AP) FaUit sigUK of life were .still j apparent on the sunken submarine I ^ at S:15 o'clock this morning. The i oscillator of the S-S. si.ster ship of' ,.th« :ill-fated craft which is in posi- = titfn near the wreck, picked up at lliat hiiur signals '• from the stib- luefgedl vessel; The "jtapplngs Heard' early this . moralnig carried no code message. . U; was believed that the six men "oiit on; the side ot the vessel the orderly 'messages in the international code which had been received. 6n previous days. Hope for 34 J otli0r m^n in the stricken sub virtually has been abandoned. ^ Situation 1>esi>erate. St. Ijiuis. Dec. 20. (AP)— MrH. Evungrlliie Lindbergh left l.:iinbcrt-St. 1.^U{H field at IrOfi )i. 111. loday lor Springfield, Mo... iiri lich airplani* flight from luiniit III .\le.\ico City to Hpend; Christnius with her fon. Col. Charles A. Undberith. The tnkeoff scheduled at 9 a. ni., had been delayed by n stripped '•liglne start* r gear, which nricHHltateil replacement. Harry UrookK. pilot of the Ford tri- nititored monoplane carrying .Mr". Mnilbcrgh and party, naid he would stpp at Springfield to refuel and would continue to Tiilsa. Okla.. to spend the night. KIDWELSAYS DETECTIVE DID APPROACH HIM Fall - Sinclair Oil Case Juror Tratifies for Gdvemnient and dani^erous. .On board the .mine sweeper Fal- the commercial places dotted down. At Canton', this was accompanied .by revolting blood.shed. Soviet icon, which is. anchored Hear boo>' marking the position of the ] represeftlativ»s in Hankow were S-4, were supplies of oxygen and I given barely 48 hours to leave after 'condensed fo»d which iKcar Ad-j being rounded up early last Friday Mexico. City, Dec. 20. (AP)— Willingly placing theihselves under the wing of America's young air . hero. Colonel Charles A. Mmibergb. il•^e^i- dent Callej) of Mexiio apd former Ppesideni Obregon today made their first fllghta. \ Mexico aty. Dec. 20. (AP)— WhenMr».H^angellneIx)dg^Lind-l'" P'""' • " • . , . 0»athe. Pfiola .nnd Osawatomie. be'rgh. now enroute here by plane,' --- - .. . approaches the capital, a silver winged monoplane will appear from the south.—The Spirit of St. I.rfiiiisj pllofwl by her famous son, flying to escort her to Mexico City. Lindbergh announced that* he would fly from Valbuena Military aviation field to meet his mother, who is expected tomorrow or Thursday. He said he did not intend to fly as far north as Tam- pfco. Asked if hi."? mother would return to the United States by plane when her visit here for Christmas was ended, he replied: "that's entii'ely up \6 her. It will he an easier trip ami Just as safe if she chooses to fly." . Lindbergh then revealed that he has not traveled by steam or elec- i trie 'train, but has Journeyed in the closest j attention and all who heari It felt j 'as if they underftood the r< ad laws' :and the rtitid situation of t le Stat-> j belter than th<;y had before.' ! .Mr. Hess luaile it dear that h-- ^lelieve^i in duo! . .-on'r"! >f State • He does not favo giving the county coininissionerH ontli'fj rtiuthority' over all the road i within .'their county, for he admits that ;.stich an nrrnntrenieiil wo ild be res-lit in ih? bill din-,: of Jroad" f-ir lo. al ii-e only aid wl'h- out r'>^ard to the tr:ivpllM;i puhli.-. I Hill he d<>"- nut faviir irhin;£ ••h" iSlate llic'iv.i.y Cicniiilsclni "Vclu- yUir lontiol tif Siiilc IOUI I K for he' ar«ii«"< thai if tliiit were dot c roads i proliablvwould be built without reicnrd to J<;(ii| lifit rests. He dtid MIsHciirl, where a rail ton I engl- imer had been etnplo.ved to liiv out the cysteni of State roads, nlih tin* I result that .Missouri has roilds connecting Its big dties nil ilalit \n\' ;glvliia no consldrnitlon at <iil lo the j smaller towiv< or to the country. If .siicl, •> •••vstcir had ?ieen worked out: in Kansas there would been no "uch as T,i or that intersect at lola Mr. Hess cited the Short Line from ':Kansas I City to Ft Scott as a fair example lofn road laid out for long distance • purposes bnl', a road'^vhlch in pr^ der to .shorten' time hct ween two I cities passes throuch the e.xtreme! ea«* ji'Tiion'j .lohiison. Miami ji'id ,IJnii inunfes. leaving miles :.|) a iieur betY saloon, and the oth- to one side sii.h go.Ml fo«nH H-;,V. Ua„ Meiiiti,. had followed him WthoKt saving so directly, Mr. I -rofn the court bouse, bourdingJthc H"^s in.fde it pr:'tiv de.i' that >i.»|.sauie street car This testimony thinks :the present \^\^^• is a goo«l; wai the first lo show any member one. If anv,-hii'i' is ii< be ni.ide o, conspiracy jury was aware in it he ;r.prnves he <ii^;:estion of „( su.\e..lauce bemg made by the-editor of i!.e R. ..•,i<ier that A.^atu^i uc. cell. is. emplnvrd by Sin- commission Ice ;i->mrnffd in ad- ,.1JJ1,.. vance of the ui-eting of th- Leg-' •„ . '. - William Edward Hickman Escaped Dragriet;bf Police After Washington, l)i-c. 20. (AP)—Play in-.; :i triinip card, the government toilay obiulned from Eilward J Kidv.ell. a jurf r in the Fall-Sln- clalr contempt rase, ii statement tlhft he WAN awiire Hint he was being shadowed by detectives during the trial. The trstlinoiiy was considerci' linp'Tliiitit. InnHiiiiidi as the dcfcnst ba.H claliuiMl that no contempt of court could have lii'en committed so long as no'Juror knew he wa» being placed uuilcr surveillance.' Kid^ell Is the man accused of l/os .Angeles. lliec. 2ii. (AP)—M'illi.-im Edward Hickman, marked by police as the slayer of kidnapedf Marian Parker, sltill was al large late today, while Milton. Jakowkky. suspected accomplice, was held^ incommunicado in the city jail. •. = Approximately jS.OflO men are scouring the metropolitan area for the accnseih slayer wlio at dawn>^ • believed to have slipped through their fingers iu the downtown business district. - ; . " t Jakowsky, wtiosa name was withheld by police until noori, wasarrested last night and is belieTe4 tq have been the connecting link of information between the the miird»red:girl and the accused slayer. He came here from Kansas City, former home of Hickman, weeks ago and Is kn^wtt ;t (i$ have been friendly with both" the Parkers and Hickman. .1: haV"-having boasted of gains he expect•Mch (To .ss State highways |j y^^,,,; , y^rdtct in the trial of ^'Xfl Hairy F. Sinclair and Albert B ry F. SInclal Fall. Calljed as a government witness today, he identified two Biirn.° detectives an those who followed I him. The wi.nes.s said John Kline, one. j^j^Q ^nd gaVe chaSe of the. (loi.eciive.^ approached him | - .o . . Los Angeles, Dec. 20. (AP)--Aman believed. t;6 be William EpH ward Hickman, named hy thfe police as the slayer of Marian Parlc^lHj driving what the police think is his'^eqond stolen automobile, slippc^iS through a,tremendous police dragnet tl;)is morning and escaped capf.-^' ture by a minute. ' ^ ji ' Just before dawn, a blue Cadillac car with wire wheels pulled: intO| ' a filling station on West Si^th street. The ^driver asked for five ^aj ?^v; Ions of gasoline, got it, and requested a new bulb for one of his liead -»f: I lights. / ' , While the attendant was inside the building getting the light, the-big blue car pulled out at top speed.- Jack Wood^, atterid- jant, jumped into his auto- not for a fugitive with Mother of Hickman Is ConvincM Her Boy Is 'Inno($nt of Slaying Kansas City, Dec. 20. (.t ^P)—Dazed by th? news that hM Islature to nia!«e a careful study of tjie whole tiuestloii and have the new measure ready for consideration when the Legislature convenes. But he points out the fact that great progress has been made under the pitesent law. This law vVEAtHKK and ROADS FOB kA>SA.S—FaJr tonight and W«dne!«dar? <in«e so eold tonight lempei-ature—Highest yesterday- went Into effect In .Inly. X92.i. and.<«' .{p. in.: lowest last nlghtt 7 li^en used ns ;i I ILSC for diving op- hatre ^tVatiops In the s:<hai!i .\'<irl: h:id been ij'oi nt that hour b>eii -a'lli' to cci other ' Into position f(ii- reuewints wcrk., Chlnijse revolution u;i to liow. , 1(: was believed, how. v.r. iliat a Tho absence of antl-forelgn feel-1, iniral Praitk Bniuiby, iij cliartie'of i morning and marched bound operation!), piuniii'd m send down through the streets, some of them lathe sunk h vessel h\ means of .still in..4.heir night clothes. divem as soon us ih :.i vviis po-si-| Thus death, suffering and Indig-' *''' automobile since he sot • Ijlip..- p't1e< biive 'iieen visited upon tlie i out from San Diego last spring on ^ i:al-lv today the •:<> wiilih RuBWUis who for the past three the flight that led to Paris fwepfthe coa^t :iP nixhi hy.i mod- .vears wer.j t/ie accredited brains He has traveled more than 40 000 e^tea-only ^.J"!..- - 1 of the naioualist moven.ent. Quit^ mi" H in he air he L 2^„d birometor Indicated worse weather ting t^he scones of their former tri-J ."H t,« come.- Tile r...."., „;.s lumphk ihey have tasted the Chinese I alLl ^hile ' which they ore said to have' , ^ ••sponsible for turning against' V, Xaken to the fe.stl- fordgners throughout the'*'*'' '^"""'^ a.l. Xochlmlico or "h'tosniufr G'arden.t," twelve mile* .Mexico City, It was by auto- ii'nal\ despilrins dfori i.. Ret siii-;ing, except again,st the soviet, is n'oblle. He politely dedlned to ci^r to the six men sill alive on ' noteworthy. DurlnR the events ofiI .''*^"V ''^ e'P<'f'f train which • ^4 would be iii:!.le iliiiiui; iliw last week not .T single foreign ca.s- "^^^ supplied to fake him to Jlurenoon. : ualty. e .vcept Russians, was r,..; the .Mexican Veiiice. .So today his Si'Ilej^resfentafives of the ,\.«s>)ciai- poniMl: from the whole "'ood ed pres.s went out to tli4 sulvsige'arca. Some non-Russians werie ar- 1 "I am not definitely attempting -rlwLearly "ti'Mlay in a fisiinc lioiit rested in the Hankow roundup, but a record." he said. "Doubtless I 'll aid; ispoke to >>«'•' 'he Falcon and they were liuer released with apol-'i have to travel otherwise than by Stibnjfirlne S-S. stationed above the • ogles, - stihicen vessel. M that time no, During the communist coup at preparations to resume" diving op- j Canton, it was necessary to bring.'"-" 1""? as I can. 'ertitlpns had been made on board approximately 120 .\mericans. Brit- .At Xorhimilco. Lindbergh cotn- 'tlie jhlne flweeper. the .sea being jlsh and fJermans lit from the out- pleted another triumphal voyage, sipi :too rough for the attempt. lying areas for protection ,by for- this time in a flower-bedecked gon- , ; . X«n Hear . SI STI.I I S. |e,ign .sailors. The .lapane.s^ landed The boat was imled through : -Mem on board the S-Sj *aid that , marines to protect the Japanese th^ canals at th4 average speed of ^'tSirbnigh the night signals lad b .^en ! hospitiil. \o one was hurt, liow-' " —>•-"•- —•.-vi- beard at vairious times'from the over. ; / .<S4«; jbut tiiesfe grew, falntdr as the j The latest official foreign re- tagiarlr passed. ThJ tappings heard ports, ena 'ble one to make a fairly this rinorninif while they j proved j accurate estimate pf the cosLs of Cantons orgy. airplane and automobile ere lonw. ^ Nevertheless I want to keep It up tiiatithere S(1U was life on board . t^e jwrecked submarine, carried i'Slap 'iUie grim lindicatioii that life isw ifast ebblnfe. f -h ^8igi &i« i^icked up from the j General Business' to by the oscillator of the sister i ^rr^w,, ^« T^i^..^^ O p ;s -8 shortly after s o'clock j Uarry on .January Z ij ^lB inoming differed In volume asi / —-— linen jBS In character from message The court house, tho banks and «i received yesterday through the the p >stoffice—but not the retail -='--•' •- .Ii- "stores of lola—will obj^erve the Mond; y after New 'Wqr'.s Day as a holiday according i to inltomia- lionif iven the Register. toda.\*. ' The court house and the banks will le closed all tlay. The port* office will obser\-e Suijday hour* but nay make delivery In the- "niorniig; Thl» point has not been ilecldt d upon yet, according to up with five of, iMstna.^ter Bollinger. .A. Oew retail stores may' close for a part of the day, but bnsinese , . generally will be carried on as ioiit: the news fron;. ,in8lde usual.] The towii has always (,-4i«inK bainmer strokes to closed its ^rs for Christmas but Qte-dots and dashe« of the k had not J)eeh castomarr for code.- In today's ear-] storefi |to'dbserre New Year's day ' M Fjiffe 5o, i) ' as « l^oUday. a • jhile art ' hojir—probably the ••lowest the Eagle na.t traveled in recent years. American and Mexican flags fashioned from flower.s greeted him a.i he- passed under the brld'ges ; Mmei means of communication. ( stores «-?jne3f: were described as feeble, as "" ' • jf;"lib« man wielding the hammer bJBd .barelyiStrength for the slight . e|fotit entailed. ; ;«^i^nKh there wais nothing but. cimj ^cture on which to basq a pic- Jf^tifreijor the scene in the iorpedo ''rodnii-tliose ron board the S-S b<>- • 3ii »yed it pot^ible that LieutI Fitch, v; liifil0S,<sxr Ishut up with fhe of v:i tBf .Sr*' crew In the sunken ship '•|i8ui'-iio longer able to carry oh fcosversatlons. It wnsjhe who At least 6.000 persons are be-! spanning the canal.s. Ileved to have perished. •,, Barefootwl Indlah girls, Indian —i — •. . : men In white cotton trousers rolled above the knees.i little Indian children, their arms and legs bare and their black plg-talls tied with gay ribbons- pressed about Ltntfy to «hdwer flowers .upon him a."? his boat passed. As Lindbergh approached the Island in the cewtcr of.the network ot canals, bands played the national anthems;of Mexico and America, .^s rliose oii the ehore roared their prelcome. the fljrer stood on the prow of his dilp waving his hand. Of his future olans. Lindbergh said: "1 wouldrlike to go to South America sometime hut have no intention of doing so at present I mhst an<l will conclude mv Central American trip wltli a flight to Havana during: the Pan->AmeTican rdnference. I can 't fix the date btit It will not ibe in time for the opening. Januairy 18. Then, as I hare said twfore, I will fly home tost LwiU." ; naturally there was a considerajle time ibefore nny actual work could be done under it. .\nd yet; K.i.nsas now- has 2,400 miles of surfaced road, and 5.217 mi'es of roMd trwin which bridges and culverts have been built and the road bed brought to standard grade.] Within a year gaps will be filled which will give the State at least one continuous hard road North-South. East-West, and* befor^ tw-o years two cross-State highways \ will be completed in each direction.- And from this time on. Mr. Hess tie- lieves, progress will be much more rapid because ot better understanding between . the lioards of county commissioners and the State Highway Commission, and because the work which tiOces.the most time, grading and building cuh'erts and bridges, has *een to 80 large an extent completed. Mr Hess defended thr- township officials against the charge that they wasted mohe.v. He declares that they do as well as they can with the money they have. . (Continued on Pace 6. Nn. .1) at C a. m,; normal for today 33;i .ii-iciimy ye.vientay lo; excess •since January Isi, 23t; degrees; h s iiate ia=t (year—hignest 44; lowest. 37. t-recipii»;Ion for the 24 hours ending at 7 a m. today, .00; total for this year to date, 5I.SS; excess sinco January 1st 14.S7 Inches.. Relative humidity at 12 noon yesterday, 35 per cent; 7 a. m. to- doy HI jier cent; barometer reduce<I to sea level, 30.62 inches.. Sun rises 7:35 a. m.; sets 5:05 p. m. Koad Conditions. Clear,- aM rdada good, except Topeka. foggy. gasoline. At -top speed the two cars | jy niji,j mannered former bank thandered down Sixth street ;pior ^T *'iJ« has been named ^by . ' J .^L • u • i the police as the kidnaper who to Broadway, the mam busi- j „iurdered and mutilated little :H*r- Ray Anderson Is on His Way to Prison Ray Anderson, confessed forger, today Is on his way to the. state penitentlar.v. Sheriff H. I). Smock, left with the pri.s<;ner this morning. Anderson has beeii sentenced to five years in the penitentiary hy Prank H. Forrest, district Judge. REMUS IS ACQUITTED OF SLAYING WIFE, Sole Grounds,of fosanity.^^^^^^^^ Is Verdict KetUmed Ulr: as spectators in the court room Bv Trial Jury ' corridors begair a wild ^ ^ ) celebration. * i ^mus leaped up and cried: wanted-Ameriiian Justice arid Cincinnati. Dec. 20. (API—Geo Remus today.was foUnd not guilty. . j . of murder on the sole ground of 1 th^ic.«i Insanity. The Jury's verdict meant | Remdf he would have to face a hearing to determine his present mental stat- [ Park, here last October 6. as Only one ballot was- taken 1 1 folks." Remdf shot and killed his estranged wife, Imogene. in: Eden Postmaster Bollinger Compiles ''Don't" List for His Patrons C. O. Bollinger, postmaster, has compiled a list of "Don'ts" for per- soi^ who are making life miserable for employes of the postoffice. However, he declared that everything is moving along in beUer. shape this year than ever before. Mr. BoUlnger's .warnings "Don't call the postoffice over telephone unless it is abaolntely necessary. "(Roral patronB) Don't call for your mail at the postoffice during the Holiday rush. "Don't mall unsealed letters with only a one-cent stamp on them.. They can't be sent because IH-cent stamps are necessary to carry them. "Don't forget box keys and ask employes to cet your mail. "Don't as« poatofflce glue-and then smear it ail over couinters aa^^lBdowB." ness krtery of the city. Told of the chase poiicer officials threw a squad, of 100 officers into the street at a moment's notice. Before they could reach that intersection the fugitive, without slowing do'wn, spun east and escaped in the i darkness. Later Wood said Hickrhan was the fugitive, judging from the photo:graphs at police headquarters. False Report (•Iren. •. A false report that the slayer ot Marian Parker bad been captured threw central police station,Into frenzied confusion here Just-before S o'clock this morning. The fever heat of one of the greatest man hunts on record broke only for a minute or two. !* however, and the great drive went on again as the flash came that tho word was | wrong. j ;Xo one seemed to- know from where the report came. The re-| action amoiig the hundreds Ian Parker 4^nd then bartered- Her body to he^ father for »1,500. H $100,000 on His Head. t The Intensive search, given -jm- petua by the fact that a prlce^jof $100,000 iias been I placed- on ^hls head, got under wi^y this morz^g announced Hickm|m, formerly, of Kansas City and firmer employo of the Los AtigeJes First Trust and •Sayings bank, l^ad been positively identified through finger prints and -photographs-a^the slayer- of the 12 -yeair«i>ld daughter of Perry Parker, an officer of the' bank. » . Chief of detectives, Hemiaji Cline, made public the findingtf.of his investigation after police )iad visited the youth's home In Jvi- bambra, Cal., and learned that'the' mother. Mrs. E^'a .M. Hickm|in, j lives in Kansas City. I The motive for ; the kldnap^g, slaying and dissection l of little Marian, one of th4 toost blood curdling crimes la the history; of the Pacific southwest was supplied in the police h >-pothe8l9. Htck- man ivo years ago wras given a Job in the bank. He worked an a "j.messenger until six months jigo when arrested forforgery.: The gray-haired mother appearfcdSi'r,-- •.-"•St.* stunned by the news, and sobiid.;'! out her belief Jn her son. I "I won't believe it until I hear an admission from Edward 's iown lips." she said tearfully. T "He's in Chicago. The p6 &c4 could find him ithere. Mrs. Hickman said the last she had heard from her son was 4.^^- tor he sent her from Ghicagq Jastt:i?.*i October. -I -r 'l '-f ^Sl The mother could not »ihprft -l <:ri hend such a crime by her Mri.- j^;; - 'T know my boy could not Their-Tti guilty of such an uniBipeakabIe£::^^>I thing. -.' . I-'^Jii: "This was the act of a-fiend. Bfjr u boy is a good, clean boy. He coW «ft ^ %| not have done it. There is a ml ^j ' take somewhere." > f' ^' "Plctnre!* Son as Bpji , r i> Earlier in the day. Mrs. Hicl(iiian; was unable to comprehend wliy-ij&4'>j tcctives awakened, her lieforedalirtf: • at her home. She pictdred 'her, apibv- as a youth who left her. i ..few^v young «man was not there. His jtnonths ago with an enviable'sclfbl-';' asilc record to make his waybill; ;^ Pthe worldv h' i>.;/5 Confronted by three detectlTiBStJJl? the grey-haired" mother told-lot' 1 Edward's recent trouble -with ih»: bank in California." . ' jit i^^i It was apparent she thought heir 15 son wa.s wanted in connection with ,' •'. the forgery of Checks wheii beriratf,:Kr^M employed in the coast bank. ' ]^ ,J^^^ "But that trouble- is all (now," she assured detectives as she; swollen-eveA men stationed at no-: Admits Forgery. iattempted to keep baqk tears .^t .p i -I ulehikdo ^rt^rs ^lsXostDm- Admitting haring traced signa-: She was not informed ot-^th«'--;| m ^Sv ^r ^lefTw ^n- tures .froni checks entrusted in^his charge against. her son ;^*ho 8h»^^:^ utes for a .brief few mm- ^^^^^ confe.=sed and 55'as insisted was only 19 years old; i. Hennan CTine, chief of) detec -l ?!!!?L*«J«Ji'i ??^*^^.r5 .f'i''l'f.r » 1"'*?"° ^.?'-'^. ^Jj ^^gJ ^if ^j is courfC'. J BT'^'^^ Thursday came the sequel-}iigh school-and- of his gra'duaifeik Cline, chief of| detectives of nearly pared for such I'umors and the big push was not even slowed up. In reconstructing the crim'e po lice admi many angles remain to bo solved. ; They allege, however, that Marian was abducted ' by Hickman, whose motive was revenge for the girls father-' prosecuting him on check charges. The youth may directing the roinbini- hoVde P*»«^^^^ and.urged a ,nr;s- "nianased a- hoarding h( ;arir7M0 riffic^^^^w^^^ ' ' :KA^or'\ completed his ! .t.^uf-! Last Thursday came the sequel rfilgh school .and-of his have beieh panly actuated by a more Sordid the impulses of a degenerate, the.v believe. Erfdenre I JJ ! Laefclnir. to the" forgery ca.<ie, as construc- .' live by.Chief Cline; A young ©an " called at the Junior high scgooi which Marian attended and said her father had been injured and was calling for her. The uniCus- pecting school o^icials released her from class aijd the stranger i drove away with hec i . When; Marian failed to retTam in 1926 \\iti\ high honors. Honored In SrhodL , His school .••nnual showed he voted "the. best boy orator," b been nanu-d jpresident of seven class so(-ieties and- bad taken leading part in many activitleai Jr ".An PX(-ellent scholastic ing; unequalled record in home day Parker, received a telegjfam. revealing that she was in ,*he A««,r»».o v.H„=l .n^ Hi-^v,,,,,. hands of A kidnaper who threaten- , under the .wJ,, 1^^™*^ .Aol^ »tH ' desperate measures unless? he [„„ai. illeved to have taken the giri '„ «i s/wi a„,i .ni!,.*»,C m ' .curriciiler actfvities and the search was begun. N'extjof a high standard of ideal ifhst^-.Uj; will fix.his memory in the annoali ^i^li of Central high," w-as the photograph in th6:'$iixiri/M ^f^rtLZ ^nlL-llV'rJ^t ^^IJ, ^-^re given $1 ,500 and allowecf to; • The mother then to!* how -5li^.i to a vacant house wfiere he held , ^^^^ getaway; without fear of-.son att leadership In Sunday her captive. This hdbse probably Is one located last night at Tenth street and Gramercyi Place, near i the Parker home. Whether the Parker, distracted, appealedrto child was abused before she was, <he law and started to keeif a killed Is unknown. 1 .rendezvous with . the kldnajer Although a woman wa.^? first ; while the police -watched froi^ a woven into the plot bv, the police distance. The wily kidnaper fxll- reconstructlon developrtents have. e<i to appear, having discovej-ed changed the picture. that he would have to deal with LiUian Padley,. 22. arrested in a th^.'aw if he kept the. appointnytnt rild on another vacant house was . Pai-ker. ./ • Three or four letters threatened make a-getaway";'without fear of!son attended church reguIarly-'iuA police intervention. * !of his leadership In Sunday scfiool-'Slf Parker Dlstrarted. : I activities 6till being held today after paying R fin*' for drunkeness. CHilef of, . ' . w .w ni,, detectives Cline does not helleye P a n«ve notes si|^^^^^^ she has any connection- with the case. Three'other men are held. It has riot .been explained how police believe them implicated. All the agencies of the law in Metropblftan U» Angeles were unleashed today and set,upon the trait of one mere fioy'-a 'seeming- girl herself then came to tho distracted parents.; 'In desperation, Parker asfced the'police to wfth- draw because of fears for the life Of the child. The banker last Saturday niiht drore to a place near tUe Parker (Coattwicd oa inge <, Xo. l)]^ She said that, when he was '-pftr:': roled after being found gulIty:dt-J" passing worthless cheeks in G^-i-- fornia, that Charles Edward8,^*JB -;'i-;i mer chief of police'here, had agrnea.^'S" to-advise the boy in his effOtt *-&t"^' start a career. She told hc^JlaJ^ ' Edwards, as he is known. cam#^ her last night and asked it .iiid^ r paving f •"•«r <7 i,. .«u. knew where Edward 'was; Sh«'|s-I>.^ Chief of i <l?a*,to little Marian, and _ two/dfcated Mr. Edjwafds had qcai^t^^ mm the impression ihe boy. was •wanti^iSl because he neglected, to rep6A»''i*^''* him regularly. Wrote Her flrom'i 'UcagSiip Mrs. Hickman said she ?fist lie from her son the jforepart ot'j6 Iwr, when be wroie bet from' eago where he, told Ji)il^ .^1

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