Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 25, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1933
Page 5
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IQLA. KANSAS THglOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 25, 1933. New York, Jan. 25. (AP)—A firm tone in the wheat ma]^§t,and payment of a dividend by Pennsylvania railroad, buoyed up the- stock market today, and several-issues closed with gains of 1 to 2 points. Trading THg NE WANqiJB&^JMom^^ remained, light, however,, the turnover • approximating 700,000 shares. The rails developed- conspicuous strength,. but .firmness spread to other major groups as well, although tobaccos were rather soggy, and motion pictin-e issues were sold in some volume; The 50-cent. dividend by . Pennsylvainla more^ than counter balanced the fact that Delaware & Hudson directors took nd;,action on their $1.50 quarterly payment, while • arinoiincbg acquisition of a 10 per cent interest in Newi York Central. Pennsylvania gained about I't; points; ^ did Unioni PacUic, which recently!, shifted its investment in New York Central to Pennsylvania. Similar - gains were recorded by Santa Fe, American Telephone, American Can. and Allied Chemical. r U. 8. Stee preferred and Columbian Carbon advanced about 2, while issues up a point or so included New York Central, Case. tJ. S. Steel common, Montgomefy Ward, Consoll- „dated Gad, and United Fruit. Copper^ advanced fractionally. High Low .. 2-r. ,. 21-'i ,. 61-; ..106"„ .. 65'i' AND St«3Wy NKJHX>AfHEM„ GEpTlE BffOW,-*- ' AfcJO SETTUBD DOWN FOP A SW-w;iTH #V HER CAME HEt? THEIR FOOP-YEAR- OLD HOPEF' AMD THEIP BAfiGAGt ^S^ NLX. KV. UFE.- rwc HEAPa ABOMT -(flJO \MERE JuSr A.BAEW -r -SHE WAS CRAZV ABOUT COUSlk "MAJiGE ^SOOXi MA-VOU PEMEMBEt^ NICE Urp-E'HANGOUT nVA COE^ MERE-NOT Cities SerV SO of Ind Amn Can . Ariin T&T Atnn Tob B Anaconda 8 Atchison 1, 43-", Aabum 48';, Beth Steel lS*i Case J I 47.'' Chrysler Con Gas • CO Con Oil 5\ Drug Inc ;. 36^'* DuPont .-. 40 H< Gen Elec 1 iS^i Geh Motors — 14 Mont. Ward .... 14 v. Packard : 2K- P«nhey J C ..... 2T-'k. Radio 4x Std Brands 15 SO of NJ, 30^i -Union Pac 16'^ Tex Corp ...... 13'' H U B Steel' 29'i Westlngh E 30 2vs 21 6D 104 H 63«-| 7>i 41% 46. 15 45 13 'i; 58 --1M 5'; 35 "2 39". .14-s 13?i 13\ 26"., 14 =4 30 V, 74'L- 13'.1 28 H- 28 ^. Close 21 61% 105'-;, 65 8 43-% 47'i 15-.i 46 14>'rt 59'-i ' 5-i 36 •40 15', 13";> 13 2% 27 ^8 15 30'i 75 13% 29^ 29'-.. PAGE PIV^ LEGAL NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT The State of Kansas. Allen County, ss. InUhe Probate Court in and for said county. In the Matter of the ' Bstate of James Marion Brown, deceased. Creditors and all other persons interested in the aforesaid Estate are hereby notified that I shall apply to" the Probate Court in and for said County, sitting 'at the Court House in lola. County of Allen, State of Kansas, on the 21st day of February, A. D.. 1933, for a full and final settlement of said E!;tatc, and for an order finding and adjudging who are the heirs, devisees and legatees of .said deceased. L. E. WIGHT. Administrator of the Estate of James Marion Brown, decea.sed. Kenneth H. Foust, Attorney. Januarj- 25th, A. D.. 1933. (l)-25 (2)-l-8-15 LEGAL on the south side thereof, known and heretofore described as A. O. U, W. Hall, Alien County, Kansas. !5a{d'lands and tenements will be sold without appraisement to satisfy said Otder of Sale.' BUD HURLEY, Sheriff of .^Uen County, Kansas. By Otis Lambeth, Uiidersheriff. Sheilff's office, lola, Kansas, Jan- uaiT 18th, 1933. Apt & Enlicld. Attorneys for Plaintiff. (1)-18-25 I 2>-1-8-15 ...10c ...8c ... 6c ... 7o ...9c ... 6c ...6c ...4c .. .lie LOCAL PRODUCE Eggs, firsts Eggs, seconds Eggs, thirds Eggs, ungraded Hens, No. 1 Hens, No. 2 No; 1 Springs, I'i lbs. up . No. 2 Sprlngis Capons, over 9 lbs. ......... Capons, over 8 lbs 9c Capons, over 7 lbs. 7c Capons, mider 7 lbs 6c SUps 4c Butterfat. lb He, Stags, lb. ' 4c Cocks 3c Geese, lb. Guineas, each While Ducks, lb. Colored Ducks, lb. ' Hides, p&r lb. ........... Mixed Com. bu Yellow Com, bu Wheat, bu. ... r Kafir Corn • Kansas City Produce. , . Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 25. Creamery butter 20c. Other produce unchanged. .... 3c lOc .... 4c .... 3c .... ic ....15c . ...16cr ... .28c ....13c (AP). First Published in The Ida Ually Register. January IS, 1933.; PROB.4TION OF WILL In the ' Probate Coiu-t - of Allen County. Kansas. In the Matter of the Probation of the Will of H. W. North, 'deceased. The heirs of said decedent and all other persons interested in the probation of the will of said decedent, are hereby notified that a verified petition asking tliat a writing thereto attached claimed to be the last will of said decedent, has beeii filed in .said Court, and the said Coiixt hjis ordered tlie witnesses to such will and such other witnesses as any person interested for or against having same admitted td probate may desire, to come before said Court at the Probate Comt Room, at the Court House in lola, Allen County, Kansas on the 8th day of February A. D., 1933, at the hour of 10 CL'clock a, m. so that Petition may be acted upon. Dated the 5th dav of Januarj-, 1933. (SEAL) TRAVIS MORSE, Probate Judge of Allen County, Kansas. (l)-19-26 Kan .<»s City Hay. Hay: 10 cars. Unchanged. (AP) Kansas City Grain. Kansas City. Mo., Jan. 25. •Wheat: 68 cars. Unchanged to !ic up. No. 2 dark hard 46-40'ic; No. 3 nom. 42'>;-51c; No. 2 hard 43-'Si- -43=)ic; No. 3 42'',c; No. 2 red noni. 43-48c; I No. 3 nom. 42'j-47'ic. Close—May 41'.sc: July 42'ic; Sept. 43'.;c, Corn: 15 cars. Unchanged to ViC up. No. 2 white 23c; No. 3 nbm. at 22'.-j-23c: No. 2 yellow 23',ic;iNo. 3 nom. 221^-23c; No. 2 mixed, 22'4-23c. Close—'May . 23-.sC: 25^C. Oats: 13 cars. Unchanged. No. 2 white nom.'17'-j-18c. No. 3 nom. at ^leHr-n^c. Mllo maize nom. 48-52c. Kafir nom. 39-44c. Rye nom. 34-35c. Barley nom. 21'2-24c. nom. July K. C. Livestock Close. fCansas City, Mo.. Jan. 25. (AP).'| Hogs: Closed dull on weights above : 240 lbs. Mostly 10T15C lowerj than Tuesday's average. Late sales 240-325 lbs. $2.65 ©2.90. , ; C6ttle: KlUlng classes of cattle uneven, steady to 25c lower. Most .• decline on medium weight and heavy steers. Top 911 lb. yearling steers "at $5.75. . Sheep: Lambs 25-50c lower. Sheep draggy and weak. To\i fed lambs to shippers $5.85. Estimated livestock receipts for tortiorniw: Cattle 2,.500; hogs 5.000: Sheep 8,000. ^ Kansas City Livestork. - Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 25. (AP). iV. S. Dept. Agri.)—Hogs 6.000; 150 direct. Slow, uneven, mostly 5i!Ti0c lower than Tuesday's average. Top $3.15 on choice 170-200 lbs. Good and choice 140-350 lbs.. $2.50'n!3.15; Packing BOWS 275-550 lbs., $1.85'^2.40 and slock pigs, good and choice, 70-130 lbs. $2.50.<fi2.75. 5 Cattle 5,000; calves .SOO. KUling classes opening slow, weak. Stockers and feeders unchanged. Fed light weight. steers early $5.10. Choice iSlS lb. beeves $4.00. Steers good and choice 55a-1500 lbs., $3.751?6.75; commo 1 and medium 550 lbs. up at $3',00«?f75. Heifers, good, choice, 550-900 lbs., $4.00ff?6.00. Cows, good $2;25ff2.50. Vealers (mUk fed> me-' dlum to cliolce $3.00 (i }650. Stockers and feeder steers, good and choice. $4.|30(??5.75.i .Sheep: 11,000 . 2.000 through. Pew opening sales lambs and yearlings 35 -50C lower. Odd lots sheep about •steady. Early top fed lambs to the shippers $5.85. Some held higher. Lambs, good and choice (*) .90 lbs: do\^n, $5.40@6.00. Good and choice 90-98 lbs. ^.25'S-5.85. EWes, good and choice 90-150 lbs. $1.50@2.65. (•);Quotations based on ewes and wetjiers. M small ad In the Classified columns often puts over ^a big deal. (First published in the lola Daily Recister, January 18, 1933.) SHERIFF'S SALE T')c St.nte of Kan-sas. Allen County. EK. In the DLstrict Court, Thirty- 4 -11-18-25 (2) Seventh Judicial District. Sitting In and for Allen County. State of Kan.'as. Case No. 17186 C'la.''. W. Bowlus, plaintiff, vs. Gp6rgc> W. Baker, defendant. By virtue of an Order of Sale issued by the Clerk of the Thlrty- Sevunth Judicial District Court. In and for Allen County, State of Kan- sa.s. In the above entitled cause, and to me directed and delivered, I will on the 2qth day of Februarj-, A. D.. 1U33, at lb o'clock, a. m. of said day. at the Boiit.h front door of the court house in the City of lola, Allen County, Slate of Kansas, offer for sale and! .sell to the jilghest bidder, for cash In hand, the following described real estate, to-wlt: The South West Quarter of Section Thirteen (13), Township Twenty-five <25). Range Eighteen (18). containing 160 acres more oi less. (First Published In The lola Dally Register January 4. ,1933.) SHERIFF'S SALE State of Kan.saa, Allen County, ss. In the District Court, Thirty- Seventh Judicial District, Sitting in and for Allen County. State of Kan- .sas. The Union 'Central Life Insurance Company, a corporation. Plaintiff, vs.. \ Georgia E. Hamilton, Jesse A. Hamilton and Gale West, , Defendants. By virtue of an Order of Sale issued by tlie Clerk of the Thirtyr Seventh Judicial District Court,' In and for Allen Coupty, State of Kan-1 sas. in the above entitled cause, and to me directed and delivered.yl will on the 6th day of February, A. D., 1933. at 10 o'clock A. M. of said day> at the south door of the court house in the 6ity of lola. Allen County.! State of Kansas, offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, the following described real estate, to-wit:, The Southeast (Quarter ('4) (if the Southwest Quarter (!i) of Section Twenty-two (22). and the West Half CL-) of the North West Quarter ('4) of Section "Twanty- seven (27); All in Township Twenty-five C25) South, of Range Twenty-one (21) East of the Sixth P. M;, containing 120 acres, more or less, Allen County, Kansas. Said lands and tenements will be sold W|ithout.appraisement to satisfy said Order of Sale. BUD HURLEY, ' Sheriff 01 Allen County, Kas. By Otis Lambeth, Undersheriff. Sheriff's Office. lola, Kansas. December 30, 1932. : C. J. Sloop, Attorney foi Plaintiff. 1. WEOERE LEigJE AND U. S. FEAR JAPAN'S GRIP iiSHANG-HAI, JAPANESE MANDATE. UNITED STATES' JAPANESE CABLE —• — ffHiTEP STATES CABLE rSETHEG.LAHDS' CABLE • JAPANESE NAVAL BASES UNITED STATES NAVAL. BASE5. MARIANA ^ISLANDS' ..YAP • •4.* ' (WAKE IS'LANDS' 4750 MILES' FCOM (JUAM TO HA\NA11AN ISLANDS' AR5HALL I9LAND9 i GLENDALE Jan. 24.— Ruth Hosley and Ula Strong spent the week-end at the Hosley home and attended the basketball game between Mildred and Elsmore. Kenneth and Wilma Ross accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Vansant to lola Sunday afternoon and attended the movies. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Ross remained with Mr. Theodore Hutton and family Sunday and Monday night, V. W. Heath and Lloyd Heath attended the Ray Snider sale Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. William Tull called on Lloyd Heath's Sunday afternoon. Scores of tiny ialand.s in the Pacific, controlled by Japan through a League of Nations mandate, have become new points of friction bibtwcen the United States and Japan and for the League of Nations. The islands are viewed as focal iwints in Japan's threatened resignation from the League over the Manchurlan issue, the United Slates fearing that if Japan withdrew from the league she would retain and fortify the islands. Other quarters believe that Japan's desire to hold Uie Islands would keep lier within the league. As the map above shows, the islands are in direct line of sea travel and communication between the. Philippine Islands, Guam and the Hawaiian group, all U. S. naval centers. Japan has hotly denied to the league that heavy expenditures for harbor improvements in the Mar.sliall and Caroline groups have been imide with possible naval bases In mind. Japan speclflcally denied that harbor Improvements' at Seypan, close to Guam, were made to accommodate submarines. The Japanese fleet will hold its maneuvers In this island region next summer. Also thel Northwest Quarter of the North west Quarter, and the East Half of the North ^^st Quarter of Section "Twenty-two (22), Townslilp Twpnty-hve (25), Range Eighteen M8). onei hundred'twenty acres, less railroad right-of-way. Also the West Half of the South West Quarter and the Northeast Quarter of the South West Quarter of. Section Twenty-one (21). Township Tw'en- ty-five (25), Range .Eighteen (I81, containing 120 acres. Allen CoxmCy: Kansas. ' • Said lands and tenements will be sold without appraisement to .satisfy said Order of Sale. BUD HURLEY, Sheriff of .^llen County, Ka;isas. By Otis Lambeth. Underslieriff. Sheriff's office, lola, Kansas, Jan- ua!-y 16th, 19.33. Ai-^t & Enfield, ' Attorneys for Plaintiff. (11-18-25 (2)-l-8-15 (First published in the lola Daily I Register, January 18, 1933.) ; .SHERIFF'S SALE ; In the DLstrict Court of Allen i County. K.msas. H. Eftrl Elliott, plaintiff, vs. George Broughton and Rose Broughton. his wife, defendants. By virtue of an Order of Sale, I without appraisement to me directed and dellevered, issued out of the Thirty-Seventh Judicial District of the Stat« of Kansas, sitting in and for Allen County in said state, wherein the parties above named were respectively plaintiff and de- fendiants. I will on the 20th day of February. 1933. at the hour of ten i o'clock a. m. of said day, at the south front door of the Court house in lola in said County and State aforesaid, offer at public sale, and sell to the highest and best bidder, for cash in hand the following described real property situated in Allen County, Kansas, to-wlt: All that part of the Northwest Quarter (NW. '4) of Section Twenty-one (21) ; Township Twenty-five (25), Range Twenty-one (21) lying West of the Middle Hedge running North and South through said Quarter Section: containing ninety acres more or less, said property to be sold as commanded by the Order of Sale without Appraisement and in pursuance of the judgment in the above entitled cause. . Given under my hand and seal this 18th day of January, 1933. BUD HURLEY, Sheriff of Allen County. By Otis Lambeth, Undersheriff. L. H. CabliB, Attorney for Plaintiff. (n-18-25 (2)-l-8-15 (First published In the lola Dally Register. .January 18. 1933.) SHERIFF'S SALE The Stale of Kansas, Allen County, .-=8. In the District Court. Tlilrty- Seventh Jlidlclal District, Sitting in and for Allen County, State of Kansas. Case No, 1714a Allen county Stat* .Bank, a corporation, plaintiff. vs, . loH Lodpe No. 43. Knights of Pythias, et al„ defendni^ts. By virtue of an Order of Sale Issued by the cn,erk of the TlUrtv- Sevcnth Judicial District Court, In and for Allen. County, State of Kansas in tho above entitled cause, and to me direct^ stud delivered, I will on the 20th day of Februkry, A. D:, 1933, at 10 o'clock, a. m. of said day, at the south front door of the court house In the City of lola, Allen Count3^ State of Kansas, offer for sale and sell to the highest bldlder. for cash in hand, the following de- | scribed real estate, to-wit: .Ml that part of the property | which is located above the second! I REAL ESTATE TBANSFESS | r (From the Office of 1*6 Ibla j I Abstract Co., 108 W. Jacteon) | ifr «i January 24, 1933. Laura L. Bailey anS Robert L. B&lley. her husband to J. R. Pinley, a widower, lot 6, block 19, Highland Place City of tola. Kansas,! $1.00. C. G. Krokstrom and Lois Krokstrom. his wife to John B. Nelson and Emma Nelson, his wife, all of the NE. '', and all of the NW. '• Of 25-25-19, $10,000.00. Ira D. Kelley and Carrie M. Kelley, husband and wife to State of Kansas, ,43 of an acre, more or less, exclusive of the existing highway in part of the NW. '4 of 34-24-18, $41.93. ; MjTtle i. Jones and J. D. Jones, wife and husband to State of Kan- .sas, .12 bf an acre. more.or less, exclusive of the existing highway in part of the SE. ', of 27-24-18. $40.50: F. A. • Bixby Fruit . comjiany to i Farm Bureau ...News... Calendar. ' Thursday. Jan. 26.—Central Avenue meets at 2:00 o'clock. Friday, Jan. ' 27.—^Landscape Gnrdening training school at 2:01 o'clock, in lola. Meet at office. Fridav. Jan. 27.—8:00 o'clock. Humboldt 4-H club. . ' . Saturday, Jan. 28.—Office. Monday, Jan. 30.—Office.. Tuesday. Jan. 31.—Cottage Grove unit meeting at 2:00 o'clock. Wednesday. Fob. 1.—Horville unit meeting at 2:00 o'clock. A small ad m the Classified col4 umns often puts over a big deal. •: SWAPPER'S COLUMN BINDER—Cow or sow wanted in exchange for baled hay. J. W: Young, 1002 North Sycamore, lolai Kansas. - • CREAM SEPARATORS—Used, to trade for cattle, hogs or horses^ f Brownie's, Cream, Poultry, Eggs. I Feeds, and- Seeds, i The 1933 CimVsLER Lme NOW^AS; —What aitomobile buffers MAY GET in som£ other make- of cat NEXT YEAR or tile year foHm\^- ing. Mr. Chrysler refers to' the 1933 line as "Thfi finest cars! ever to bea\: my name." See Us For Demonstration.^ ROSSASBUCEijCARAiGE CmiYSLER-PLYMOUTH i Sales—Service—Farts LIVE STOCK 23 Poultry and Sni^plies BABY CHICKS—All leading brefeds. Custom Hatching, l\ic per egg. Taylor's Hatcherj-, 201 South Jefferson, lola. I i ^ SUNFLOWER CHICKS — Hatches weekly. See ns before you iget chicks or hatching, 'i Sunflower Hatchery, Bronson. \ TEN PUREBRED Barred pfeck cockerels, blood tested. $1,00 eflch. Mrs. R. p. Sprague. Phone Lbne Elm, Kas. 1 ; MERCHAKDISR 24 Articles For Sal« i ' BATTERIES — Guaranteed, Ideal Garage; ,1. $i95. CLOSING OUT MLsccllaneous Ha»-d- ware, garage door sets, barn door -track and' hay track vfery cheap. <3eo.' J. > Marr, Puller Bldg., NE corner square. MOTOR 6lL—50ic gal.; 5 Idfeal Garage. Phone lii. gal., $2:ia riORSES, MULES—Will trade for cattle or, hogis or what have you? Will buy. horses and mules. H. D. Smock, 302 South Walnut. ONE 110 -ACRE FARM and one 80- acre farm to trade for tbvin property, subtirban, good hotel or cafe. Box 78, care Register. WILL TRADE ,1 good metal 150- egg capacity incubator for dozen White Wyandotte hens. Mrs.: Sam Gerdsen, 5 miles north of Bayard.. . ANNOUNCEMENTS Anctlona PUBLIC AUCTIQN-^Thursday, 1:30: pi m.; six rooms household goods at 224 N; Chestnut, including Edi-' son and 1 Silvertone phonograph • with records. C. S. Bishop, Auct. Personals NEV^ DE LAVAL and Dobio cream separators; De Lival repair paints; good used De Laval and Melotte separators. Ge|0. J. Mairr, Fuller. Bldg., NE comer squarel ' OPFIGE DBSKSi and Safes, ninger's PumltuTB Storei He)i- OPPICE EQUIPMENT—Desks. saJfe; filing cabinets, chah-s, Bates niim- bering machine; desks Idmps. etc. Geo. J. Warr, puller bui dhig. NE corner square. . ONE INCUBA-TOR. ISO-eggi, one 400egg: goo^ condition; Henningerfs. STORE FIXTURES—Counters, sh^w ; cases, counter drawers, ladders, etc. Geo. J, Ma Bldg., NE corner square 28 HbnaehoM 0«oda SEVERAL ' Electric Wash; •chines, $12.50 up. Henninger's|; THE NEW. KARR. coal aind wood ! MATERNITY AND ADOPTIONS— Seclusion for unfortunate girls, | expense reduced by working; address Fairmount Hospital. 4909 J5ast 27th. Kansas City. Missouri. range foe beauty, qualltyi price. Curtis' P;|imiture. Strayed, Lost, Fonnd USED STOVES , packed, flenninj arid P linger'; USED sewing machines, baby beids. Edward G. Robinson adds another outstanding character to an impressive list, with "Tiger Shark," spectacular story of adventure in the South Pacific. Richard Arlen and Zita Johann give! the film strong romantio appeal. ' • ! • .Announcement. Reporters tor the units Ije sure to send in on tlie day following your meeting. Helpfbl Thought. "I had six honest serving men. They taught me all I knew, Their names were what, and why and when, And where and How and Who. —Rudyard Kipling. ! STRAYED;—Taken up one Guern- I sey COW; 4 miles south Foster's, ' store, Kentucky street road. C. E.l Hufferd .m. 3, lola, ' AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale ELSMORE Jan. 24— Mrs. Robert Fetcher and son Paul, Kansas City, spent the week-end with relatives in Elsmore and vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Price and Kendall were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Bacon. Dr. and Mrs.. G- W Longenecker were called to Kingman, Kas,.Satm- day by the death of a nephew, the son of Charles Longenecker. Mrs. George Squires spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Ralph Biggs. MI-, and Mrs. Merl Ludliun and children, Tulsa, spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr, and Mis. J J. Ludlum. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sisson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Ericson OUT OUR WAY Mr. spent Sunday afternoon witli and Mrs. Wilbert Setterstrom. . Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Bell, of Caney, spent Sunday with her mother. Mrs. Robert Zlmmermaa. i Mr. and Mrs. Hillis Krokstrom spent Sunday and Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kroksitrom. Mr. .and Mrs. C. K. Wise, of Lawrence; spent Saturday night and Sunday with her parents. Mr. :>i Mrs. Charles Alderman. Boyd Setterstrom spent two days .with home folks. Mrs; J. M. Par.sons and Wendell called on Mrs. Orah Mead and Phoebe Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Sears ,and children wei-e Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Knight. Household Hint. If you do not have cake flour you can make it by removing two tbl. of flour from each cup of flour and replace it with cornstarch. Remember to measure flour after sifting. Flour will pack and will make a difference in the stiffness of cakes. Recipe. Grainola: 3 cups rolled oat.s 3 euijs cornmeal 3 cups whole wheat flour 3 ci\\is white flour 2 tbl. salt 4 tbl. sugar IV- pints milk Make paste, roll out as for pic crust, and prick. Bake until brown. Roll out and serve as a prepared breakfast food. By Williams joist of the brick and stone building I of Kansas .25 of an acre, more i situP.ted on Lots One and Uie South i^^- exclusive of the existing Half of Lots: Two in Block 59. hil ^ie^Jl ^y I'iX'^ °^ °^ the City of Io!a. Allen County. Kan- i 34--'4 -iff, $40.31. s?s, together with the stairways, and seven feet of ground for buck stairway on south side of said building located in the rear of said builc^ng E&Te you a house for rent? Or for sale? Want "to buy anythhig» Ote tUe Classified columns I OVl MlMTAiiE.- GO AHE.AD, PUMP 'EP?! / OM , MO-NOT ME ! OF ' AKiy Ti-* I Ki 'j \M 11;^ A v4AKiO\.e. ONi \T— nKe POMPS A»SJ (SP ?tMDeitiMes AKi' FROM Mv/ FATHER . MO, I COUUOM' \ Do \T, tvT .-\£\:7, OOTof RESPECT FOP? FATHe <^r f l-L. tslt 'JeR \.f\-( M>-/ HPvNiO OM A THiKiGr ^r^AT Rutiv »e.o H»s WA ^rt OP\H POMPIM TUBS FULL OM / K ToRToRG. RACV< uKC -T^AT — BoT TrtAT A\KiT »>^V AuBl. ME-'-COUUDM' HE-LP ,-r, BUT . CAM! A LOOK'iKi' IMTO TME. PAST REaii.S.PAT.OFP. cr .f=?wiLUP(Ms Jos' V-OOKIM'. e 1933 '1 «" SEBVICE. IWC. |-25 SALES ^'^se Plymouth Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIg MOTOR CO. Phone 301 Cash-^Trade-^Terms DODGE '26 foii^oor sedan; balbd prairie hay. $3TTer ton. lola Atito Wrecking. Phone 782. i PONTIAC-BUICK Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 THE CHEVROLET DEALER HAS THE BEST USED CARS i IN TOWN 1928 Chevrolet Landau Sedan 1932 Chevrolet Pickup 1929 Cliev. Pianel Delivery 1930 Chevrolet Coach 1929 Chevrolet Coupe 1927 Chrysler Roadster 1929 Dodge Sedan 1929 Dodge Sedan 1929 Essex Coupe 1931 Ford Truck, long wheelbase 1930 Ford Coupe 1929 Ford Tmck 1929 Hudson Sedan 1928 Pontlac Sedan 1928 Pontlac Coach 1928 Hupla Coupe 1929 Whippet Coach Plenty of Other Bargain* BUD WHITE MOTOR CO. kitchen cablnei 50 per cfent. _ Furniture 202 pianos. Jeff. P shelving. ng Ma. and' low Pumlturo. Store '3 Furn. Store. etc. SaVe H. W6od FlJ>e hone 190. 29 Ma«hiner3^ and Toiola GARAGE SUPPLIES—Work benches, bolt racks, bench grinder, clefc- trlc drill post sttnd. grease trucfe, gurus, vises, Ibts bf tools,ltc, Geo. J. Marr, Puller Bldg.. NE coriier of square. WALKING condition. $8 plement Co PLOW -14. 18.00. Allen L '—14 -lnch, gciJd. County Im- 30 Musical, Eadlo PIANO-TGood condition, will sell cheap. Phone 1234. | . j; 32 Wanted— fro Bay GOOD COAL and ^ood heater; also used dresser or chest of drawers'; must be reiasonable. Phohe 123*. ROOMS FOR RENT 34 Apartments and Flat* APARTMENT—Nicely furnished. ;^ rooms, modem, garage, (^losfe ih. reasonable.- 210 East Jackson. Real Estate For itent 36 Fanns and Land For kent 80 north of Klchard Grow Colony, MoraR. IMPROVED good farm. Kansas. 19C:ACRE PAKM-rBottom fend. fbV rent, J. R. OUne; 37 Honsea For Bent 6 Auto Accessories, Tires, Parts SPECIAL PRICES on Batteries. We repair all makes of batteries. Geo; R. Hiser. 224 N. Jeff. Phone 63, Bepairing—Gara«ea BATTERY Garage. Recharging, 50c. Ideal BUSIJ^ESS SERVICE BuslnlesB Service Ottered 1933 PRICES-r-Hamess. collars, strap work, etc.! We have a sewing machine and can take car6 of repair work. Shannon Hardware. Pho. 29. 21 LIVE STOCK Horses, Cattle, Vehicles FOR SALE-f-3 teams of. mare mules, .4 to 5 years old, weighing 2500 to 2700 a pair; 20 bead of mares and horses,: good matched teams; 2 good yearling mare mules; 20 fresh cows, giving 3 to 6 gallons milk per day; 3 bulls; 5 sets of harness; 4 wagons; all kinds of farming machinery. Will sell on time. J. C. Butcher. , i YOUNG PERCHERON HOKSES- Benj. H. Bacon, 4 miles south and east of Moran. Php. Elsmore 5112, FOR RENT—Houses, good See G. E. Pees. locatioti. FOR RENT—Modern 5 -rookn . bunV galow, hardwood I floors, a Walnut. Inquire iVan's Bakery. NICE MODERN HOME, one block frbm Jtmlor hlghlschool, id First street. 3ft WauUOi—To Bent WANTED TO RENT—Whe«. chdr. Fted Duffey. PhoHe 950P14. Route 2. 224 S, 19 Nort^ lo; Real Estate For gale u 40 Farms and Lknd For FOB SALE:OB RENT—obod ebi- acre daily farm. 13 miles 4outh 6? lola on State street road. Robeit Bates, Route 3,. Chanutc, Kas. j ^ 80 ACRES for sale, the N'.i SW iti^ 24. :J». Locat^ 4^ ml. northwest of Moran. About all in ciiltivi,» |tion.. Lays smooth; Good lan^. Good set ol improvements on Price $30 an acre.! Terms on $190f Ba^kera^ortgagle Compajny, T(J 41 Hbnses^or Sale FOR SALE OR RENT — i house, modem, double gai_„_, qulra 1021 North ;Jefferson!, lola.f 5-ROOM MODERN—Good condi^^ tlon, near Lincoln school, a bar-gain; terms. loli Land Go. 6-ROOM HOUSE for sale, modern except furnace; tocated at 302 m Jackson; will sell on terms, llkfe ren^tokers Mcptgage c |)mpai$\ 43 To Exchangef-Beai E^te EQtjrnr IN 40 ACRES -2. nil. towk to trade. Wh ^t have yot? A& dress Mox 77, care Regfeter.

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