Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1927
Page 6
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PAGB SIX ^1 . HOLDING OUT IN M. VALLEY Kansas. Aggies Sharing Second Place With Washington TWO DIVIDE TILTS Drake and Oklahoma j^gie Crews Tied for : Next Position As Se«n By C: A. CLiFT (Kansas City, Doc 17. (AP)—Th«^ initial skirmish in Missouri Valley basketball today .found Ok'lalioma at the lop with two wins and uo losses, while Missouri, Uie Kansa* .Aggies and Washington had • perfects rt -oords with one win each. Thp I'ittvltnix Trarliers cpU ipiM" i^TPstltngr rrew, winners ui' tlip uld Kansa<{ runferrnce^ <-liam |)ioB>i |iI|» for llie two years luis dsht n\fets billed in the Centml , intercolleRlafe wnifen'nce tHh year" with olh -j er niatrheK |iluiined in Okia-' li«inia and .MiiisonrL On'thrniat M|i:ad is one ..4 lien conuty prsniplpr. Ilyron ( ronell of La. Iliir|>e. who wrestles at 158 Itounds. Twenty-six men make «p the sqaad.: * Th» Jackson irniversity of Business kt ChiVlicothe, iioj has a road trip through Kansas biilifd for "the ne.xt two months. The school Is nnxinus to litll a game in this section on some date between January 12 .and January 19. . Independent i teams interested in taking on the iqiiiiitct (with an expcpse of from i$.SO to .$75 involved) can get in iLA DAniYiRBGIST^R, LEO DIEGEL TAKE^GOLF TOURNAMENT New York Pro Wins the First of Six Tourneys Qn the Coast CRUICKSHANK NEXT Is Tied with" Smith for Second Money in Struggle San Diego, Cal.. Deer. 19. (AP)— Shooting tyro under par golf, Leo Dlegel wort the San Digo country club open tournathent, the first ot six Pacific coast meets ar'range<l to keep leading professionals and amateurs busy for a month. DJegel, professional of .the Fenl- Drak© and tlie Oklahoma Ag-j touch vjith AValter Jackson, presi-[ mprfe Country Club of Xew York LOREN MURCHISON. MONPAYrEVENING. DECEMBEIJ 19,1927. OLYM^IC'SPRINTER, WITH DEATH gles were nt -xt with one loss and ono victory. Drake lost to Oklahoma but beat the Oklahoma Ag- gi'es. • (Jrinncll dropped games with .IwiJi Oklahoma, fiehool.s, while Nebraska lost to Missouri M to IT) Saturday night and after being nospd out by a Kingle JKjInt • by WashiuKtoii ilu> previous i ev<- illng. : j- i Kajjsas. for "ix ronsecutivf yi-ars •champions of Hit- .vaili-y, ha.d' a' wro as a nsulj. of the bpailiig admlwlered by Uif> AgglfW. Iowa Stut*' liad ;i <-lf -.Tr r<'C'or<l In conlVrf-nci. piay witli no titular games* sailed nniil tlu* first week ,-m janu.try wlifn the M|uaq .4 tako iii<j floor Mgaln. dent of!the institution. If U recreltable that the two serrlce schools' can't g*t together on a foolbail game for ne.\t year. If the Army and >avy : elevens suspend relations, ias Indicated, football will lose one of Its riasslrs. It Is hoped' that the authorities of the two schools will cliange their, iittllude. LETTEIW TO Santa Claus NuTTiberl (Continued from Page One) IHCAR SA.NTA CLACS: : 1 am a Jittlei Iwy T- years old. took a 73 m the final round yes- j terday over the par 72 Chiaia Vista course for a total of 214. This was 8 strokes more than he're­ quired Saturday when he crackeii par by five strokes. His totals for tUa 54 holes, were: 67—72—75. victor>^ brought iJlepel 11.000 of th«? $2,500 stake. Bobby Crulckshank, also of the .Metropolitan dlslrJet. had 71—71~74—210, to tie for aeoond with llorton Smith of" Springfield, .Mo., who. obtained his yar: total, with cards of. 70--.71''-7b. • They v split seoond and third mone>'. giving I tlu'm 1400 each. " JJiUle* Burke, i Cincinnati. D.-c. 19. (APi -llopi Florida professional, was m;xi wUli.o'.""' Gwrge llemus munfer case 21S, winning a purse of 1200. : , I I Kd Dudley of Hollywood, and want a cowlmy and a B-B gun and ; AI Ksplnosa of qhlcago, followed „;^"'"'" „7 „,'L7'^\ a sla.e .nd a Ioopy -l,K>p. <;,K,d -b.v... ' witi. 221. They revived $ir3 each. ^!^-„Yd no^ chirge .re'^juA^ Ol.KN LKROY TIN'NEI- ; Kd U'alsh and Mprtie Dutra. Ta- morrow" morning. * ' coma professio'nal, took 222 and CADETS AND NAVY TO BE MINUS GAME Such .Is Outlook for End Of Gridiron Season Next Year Guards' Are! Gridiron^Leaders at Weslej^an Salinn, Kan-, Pec. 19. (AP)-^^*'re(l^ Dice, Hutchin-soh, Kas.. and'Ct'orgc ! Baxter, Russell. Kas.. sophomores. 'respectively right andleft guard on the Kansas Wesleyan football ijeani, which was unbeaten: and unsi'ored against this year, were clectjal co- captains of the 192S team. ;= The twenty-two letter men "split ;their vote evenly for their two teammates. AVILL DRAW CROWDS But Most of Good Teams! Have Contracts for Schedule's Ertd? JUNIOR COLLEGE QUINTET, OFF to OHAWA TUESDAY SCORING LEAD IN VALLEY TOk TWOSCHOOE?^ Meyers of Drake Diyides Honor With Wri^Jit : Of Oklahoma OKLAHOMAN NEXT iLs Two Oklahoma Aggii Tie for Fourth in Scoring m BY ALAN 4. (;orLD ;-»T . -. 1 ^T ^..,i Kansas City. Dec. 19. (AP)— Associated Press .Sports Editor j University SqUad Will Meyers of Dr'ake and Wright ot Xew. York. Dec. 1?: (.\P)—if their " . . - • present Ijreach fs not healed and the service football classic of 192.S ift written off the book.s. the Armv Entertain Locals With Cage Fray Oklah<)ma Aggies, each having competed in two basketball games, tills year, are tied for high point scoring honors'as basketball is laid on the shelf until after the Loren .Vnrrhlson i'ast.stprtln'.r short distance rttuner, was stricken vtlth eekvltral spinal menlngiUs at D<catur, Jll., Is Nhown (left) In mood and (riirht) In hurnlnir up a lOCyard George Remus Case! Not to Go to Jui^y Yet going to thu jury lodiiy wa.' da .Hhed when Judge Chj'ster K Shook entered the court tooin at nien he mil to­ by: Ccbb was said by the officers jii luivf boon stt)Ien and the polici*! raid he facod a charge of ghmd lav- | <eny, in addition to other possibh- 1 aceusations. CHARLKS ROGERS. A report of the meeting on Friday evening at the Kelley Hbtel, ioi a number of business and-pro-.; only southpaw entered; nw. I St. l.oui^, Dec. 19. (APl~.Iohn K. «. (Speed) MarUn. former! yi: Hopson*; .nssistant cashie^ of th- coast league pitcher, took the amateur trophy with a; total of 233. Hodiamont bank, was sh6t and killeil and John C. .M<Cooa. chief He won low net of 227 bv a slii- r*""*''^''*^!"''"- "•i"' •'''•"i chest gle stroke from H. D. Stalnaker, P"'' sHghily wounded today by liv., Mound \ alley Bank^ , jlfe.«.MonaI women which was prom-j Virtually the same field will en- IS Closed Oy tJOaraiised to^the Ueglster.failed to ma-her the :$1,.'.00 La Jolla Country I • ; terialize and itherefore did not i club open tournament tomorrow, Topeka. DPI.-.-19. (APt-'The Peo- appear in Saturday's issue. Tlio ! for 36 holies. Then comes the San pies State bii.nkof Mound Vallfv i purpose of the riieeting was tojCabriel amateur-professional tour^vas cl<v=eil today by its "hoard of consider the organization of :i, ney. December 2S.""-This is follow- ..„ _ liirectors, the state batiking-dei)an- ilub. .AbotSt si.\ty persons were i eil Decinibpr 29 and 31 by the 230 f«>et wide, the main toll nient announced. ••Bad loans" wasj present. After considerable dis- Piilos Verdes open. These meets jgother i with its ^ubsid^ar .vt b riven as the reason for the olosiujB cu.ssion no definite action wasjieail up to the I ..0S Angeles opeif .i;ird S. Kwinedy. assistant bank'taken but it wa.s agtfed that an-, January K to S. inclusive. The t omraissioner. said the bank prob- j other meeting should be held some; I^ohg Beach open. January 12 to ably would be reopeued.' ' time in January. . 1.^. completes the coast program; robbers who held them u bulld- inps, will cover a tota idrea of over four acres, and the ; pan of the roof, more than 200 fp|t, will he the largiest in existence.i ) three DISTRICT^ 79 Dec. 14.—Clarence Arnett missed .school Krida.v. on.' ac<ount of sickness. Mr. and Mrs. Delmer Ludlum and j Xavy battles," for 'in .s\a'nce."jnight Margaret and .Mr. and .Mrs. Itoy' and the Xavy may,find it anything; Tomorrow nighc the basket- ball [hut an easy ( to locate new as ^ frnm Tola iiinior roHeee will " well as suitable opponents for the.^"""^ ^'^"^ ^"'^ Tr.. if- ' I Christma.-, holidays, vacant clima.x date in their sf-b^. ^^^'^'i'^ .Ottny.a v ,heT-^ it wilLmeet] Both men have a total of ..TJ. dules. [the first siring men Of Ottaw^rni-i point.*'. Wright collected 16 Held There probablv would be no lack ' ver.sity, in a pre-season ba.«k*tball rSO^.'s and a-single free throw, of invitations. As drawing cards ; game. Ottawa holds one victory j i^*'>''^,,^'f>'"f''^«^^^^^ leges, in the Bast especially, Wave l^^!]^" .K"""^ ^"'^ iu :the Grin- filled out their 1928 playing slates. Ottawa won an easy victory last; ne 1 game .Meyers .scored 11 ^Vith few exceptions they also have Y'"'^ •^^n'^as City university. I>«ints in the Oklahoma .U game fixed engagements on or about tlio ^^"'K lola teamiiwice I and .22 in the OklahomSi Aggie Ume that the Army and Navy arc m«>ct defeat at the hands of the S'''"'*'- i^xustomed to get together. The 1 11" town team. ! Drake «t Oklahonut - «>iverslt> .Vrvice.cla.sslc had been put down! ^'"acb Slockebrand has th^ l.-i^i;>s » I'Td place w.lh 26 points. for November 24 next year ih..' Proftice for his tmn before the Oi-)and King and Collins of the Okia-. Saturday pfter ThanksKlvhiK ,iay ''a^'aKanie ar «:30 o'clock tonight. J boma Agglo squad ar.^ tied for* (WRl ^PhnadH^^^^ '«"al "f the time will-prob- 1 fourth with 22 points and ideDtI.<7 Igjlj. 'ably be spent in devi-Ioping team-! cal n^cords. '• „', - . . , ., ! work. MO miidi n.fdid by th." lola : The individual acre-;: Princeton ami Dartmouth, bolhj ' • of whirTi cJosf their seasonn oarlfvr than other big colleges woufii' fur- j nisli ideal opposition for the cadets or midshipmen. ' They might coii- Hider extending their playing slates, howeyer, with the prospect of engaging ."uch foes as the two academic«." Armv-Prlnceton and Dartmouth- Kc/)erts:ate Sunday dinner with .Mr. and airs. .\. \V. Robert-*. I-ester and Cladys. -Mrs. Ho.v Roggs and children spent Thursday evoning with .Mrs. Roy Roberts and Gladys. Roy Rbberl^helped Martin Roberts butcher a beef Friday morning. creatx» sufficient interest to offset! niosr"nf tlip regret over passing of' the colorful service struggle. j Yale and Harvard finish their campaigns November 17 but both' lire booked to play AVesl Point next i season an.vway. iSuch other col-; le:.;es iis Cornell, Pennsylvania. Syracuse, Columbia, Colgate, Pitts- 1 burgh. Brown and Penii State have , Thanksgiving day ifixture.4, on their schedules which would prevent con-; .sideraljion as emergency opponents.; Kit her the Army or Navy might .=eize the oppoitnnity ic make a' ne-w intersectioHal alliance, possi-' Erma Cation spent Saturda.v blocks from the hank and Ks.aped night apd Sunday with Velma with .S6.100. ' I . Mitchell of Chanute., .Mrs. .V C. .Mford is spending a ., . , , 1 , ' few (lavs with her sister in Clia- M.inchesier. Kngland. is |o havCj ^jjp the biggest exhibition hall in ilie 1 i ^, , ' — . : world. .Mea.suriuK 62.'; feet ong by , iT''" ^"nds up its, campaign ! ,„., frank tummiiis of Belva. Ukla.. l,h(. week before the prospective! are spending a ftUv da.ys with rela-' open date of the two academies. tives. • I ' •. ! It may be taken for granted that Vvrl Tloberis spent Salunlay something will he done by both night with -Mar; Liidiiim of Kls-JAVest Point .-ind Annapolis to pre- bly in the .Middle West^ where th-;! 1 - . 0. FT. TP. 1 Wright. I3kla.. Ags. Hi 1 . 33 LM.^er!:^. Drake ...13 # 33 Drake. O. V ...12 •a 26 i King. Okla. Ags.. . . 10 2 22 Collins. Okla. Ags. 't o'> Churchill. O. C. —: it 1 19 Ifolt. O. IV. !t 1 19 Zvacek. Drake 1 • 1 15 Coggeshair. Clrinl- +' 11 Davis, Cirinnell - - :' 1 11 i Yunkcr. ..M. V .'» 1 11 ' Peterson., Orinnell. _ 3 0 10 1 Pails. Crinnell 4 2 •10 'Othner. .N'ebr. _ 1 . 7 . 9 j Wientge. Wash. 4 1' i Holm. Nebr. _•' .„ 3 <> S ' Eckert. Wash. .-J. 3' •1 s j, M. r. 3 1 7 .Munn. .Nebr. 1 7 Barnes. Drake :_ -*> G -Viblack. O. U. • •> 0 $ Corrough. Grin'I. . o .Meyer. Wash. - ^ it Silverweed, K. A. 0 lioach. Mi.ssonri - . 3 0 «; more. sea.sons witb Carleton tollese ;and | Loyol.-i. the two teams now occupy- I ing the last ifefinlte date on if ho • vent ^thepos.sibility ot ending their cadet anu' middle schedules. GIFTS FOR THE HOME GIBSON'S Tires 6? Tubes N^NE BURNED OR SCORCHED Our Loss Your Gain! A "•fire which started at an early hour thia morning in the building occupied by the Tire Repair Shop on East Jackson avenue caused damage which is estimated today by Clyde Canatsey, owner of the shop, at between S3.000 and S4.000. The damage was mostly to the stock of tires, this loss being estimated by Mr. Canatsey to be around $2.500.— From lola Daily Register. Dec. 14, 1927. The few tires that were burned have been destro.ved but we have several hundred that were water .soaked. We believe they are as good as ever—in fact few people could tell them from new stock. However., we don't want to tiake any chances and are offering these^ires at unbelievably low prices^for cash only and without our:«sual guarantee. McKAY HEAVY DUTY CHAINS 50% OFF Sale Lasts Until Stock 30x3»2 •. MARATHON CORD AS LOW AS $3.60 Tires sold on cash basis only—Not to be sold on weekly payment plan. MUCH DOES WATER HAftM TIRES? This .sale includes all of the s^tock that was damaged by water in oar fire last "Wednesday morning. In it are included hundreds of tire.s—eaqh t)ne of which possesses many thousands of tire mile?, we believe. The wrappings on of these tires have been spoiled but we really don't know-how much they've been damaged. ' • i' And so we're offering the entire stock at prices which make it worth your while to gaHtble a little. No burned or scorched tires will be sold. :'• We've cut the prices on all tires and tubes to a level never before known in lola. , We're offering a Marathon Cord, .30.\.3' as low as $3.60. Other prices in proportion. . is Exhausted—Nothing Reserve^-r-First Come First Sei^'ed - AH Stock in Fire Included in.Sale. TIRE 116 East Jackson SHOP USED TIRES AT YOUft OWN PRICE C. CANATSEY, Prop. Phone 46

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