The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1948 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 17, 1948
Page 16
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TBUMDAT, JUNW IT, 194S Bt/rTHEVn.T,l' (ARTCJ OOUHTWl Use of Canned Foods Increases From Sovp to Nuts, Snack to Main Dish There't • Can of It Takt a tour through any grocery •tore &nd jec the many shelves itacked with foods in tin. Note the . ^variety of fruits, vegetables, soups, fish. Besides these staples, Cookies Appeal To Younger Set, Soys Economist It'i tbout time for the Ytry yount set to lake over. School U out, «nd with the >ummer hoUdayi oome* Increased activity for the tyktt. Dally snicks it horn* h»v« an ln- crtaslnj Importance, e i p e c 1 a 1 1 y from »n energy-glvlriB standpoint. R«ba Stages, home economist, auKtnti thtt mothtn keep* watchful eye on th« cookie jar to we t* • nthr-i are nuU and £ho«-strlng po- In that appeale* to the klddlM, and % t»t 5 packed In tin to protect fresh I means little work for Mom. that It Is never empty. mllk are an Meal between-me*! till- {flavor indefinitely. There are des- ipert specialities such as date nut ; roll and Ice cream nil*. Thej'e are ready-prepared entre*s such as Don't be adald to bake a large several kinds If at "batch" or even once, aayi XtlM with ((iiallty Itiffredlentj and stored spaghetti with meat balls and chow j properly, cookies will keep fresh In- nieln with Chinese vegetables. . definitely. Canned food use is on (he increase. Before the 'var there were more than 350 million cases of food . . . twenty-four tins to the case packed a year. Now tlie count The familiar rolled cooklM and drop cookies are especially food for "at home" snacks. A win* choice for carrying (I.e., lunch boxet and pic- •nlcs) Is the bar coolie, which re- «ce«t$ 500 miilibn cases. Your vegetable preference mny run from artichokes to yams, and you'll still find your favorite comes In cans. There are 103 varieties of .vegetables now being packed. The tonnto family . . . whole, solid and ; sauce styles plus the tomato prod- j ,11-ts such as pastes and purees . . . . t m , k i n .., „. b the volume lender. Next In line I • - maKmgs ° f tre peas, corn and siring beans. quires no liquid but depends on eggs and a highly pliatlc fat, luch Inrd, for Us chewiness. These four have headed the list for many years, and they come in many forms. Peas are packed according to size and variety . . . may be of tlie smooth-skinned Early or June variety, or the wrinkled Sweet or Sugar variety. Com comes id crenrn style, kernel, and with red and green peppers. String beans are packed whole, cut and French slyie. Oilier vegetable leaders are beats, spin&ch. aauerkraut, asparagus, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Per capita use of canned vegetables this year will be about 42 pounds, compared with .11 pounds per year for the 1935-39 pcr- iod. The big six canned fruits ore peaches, pears, fruit cocktail, cherries, apricots, and pineapple. Countin? the apple, berry mid other fruit packs, there are some 68 varieties available in tin. Use of canned fruits this year Is expected to run about 20 pounds per person, showing an increase over the 1935-39 period when use averaged about 15 pounds. In the Juice line, citrus products are way out In the lend, but there are 26 varieties of Juices and nectars packed. Americans seem to like to drink their fruit and consumption of canned juices has quadrupled In Thr'.fty Beef Cut* Moke So very Sauce It is to the thrifty cuts of beef such ui chuck that we look for the perfect spaghetti sauce. Beef economy cuts contain the same high quality complete protein, B vitamins and essential minerals as the fanciest steak or rib ro.ut of beef. You may have heard stories of long-cooking spaghetti s«uc« that simmer for hours on the stove, but most spaghetti fanciers will now agre« that these interminable sauces are Quite unnecessary, that they taste no better than qutcfcer-cookinj? sauces, and that they run the risk of sacrificing nutritive values. Our sauce is not t quickie version but neither will It keep you latched to a stove. It has everything a good American expects from spaghetti, savory richness, a sprln- Xle of spice, the Indispensable tomato and tomato paste, and the wholesome nutrition of beef. You'll notice (hat the sauce Is mixed right In with the spaghetti, a noble custom that avoids those last served being cheated of their fair share of sauce. the last ten yean .... from 4 pound ntr person In the 1935-39 period to over 15 pounds In 1947. Canned meals come In 34 varie- tl»* . . . with luncheon loaf, corned beef hash, shlle, Vienna .sniisnge ind potted neals the most In demand. Bananas Offer New Muffins For Salad Mate At hand !j th« sen.ton of salads. The crlspnes* and coolness of let- tuct and other ireens, the appeal of frNh fruits and vegetables, put salads high on Ihe list of fi.vorcd summer dlshec. It's a popular custom—and a wise one, too—to serve a home-made bread when snlnds are menu mainstays, for a brand n*w muffin to bring to summer meals, look to the tropics for Inspiration. From .smmy lands cones the banana—mellow and dcllcloui with teasing, tropical flavor that's ao effective for • new note In your home-baked specialities, It's rood going when the flavor of your hot bread echoes the flavor ol your salads—and look what happens when bananas muffin!,- accompany fruit salads— harmony! Even the texture of Banana Tea Muffins suits Ihe mood ill hot weafher meaU. They're delicate and lender but substantial enough to round out a salad luncheon or dinner. .Hanan- as bring extra nutrition fo home baked breads, too, because they contain vitamin A, the B group, vitamin C (ascorbic ndd). eleven minerals Including eaJcimn, phosphorus and Iron, food energy ami have that satiety quality. When you bake enough Banana Tea Muffins for more than one meal—count, on Ihe Ijannims In the batter to keep them moist and fiwli- tastlng. When choosing hananas for Tea Muffins, here's a lip to Iteep In mind—rench for the ones that have all-yellow peel or yellow peel flecked with brown because they are sweeter. To spark your not weather meals with an exciting new bread course, follow this recipe for Banana Tea Muffins: Banana 'Ira Muffins IS cup sifted cake /lour 2 teaspoons baking powder !4 teaspoon soda. \ teaspoon salt ';i cup shortening 113 cup sugar 1 egg J cup mashed banmms* (3 to 3 bananas). •Use fully ripe or all yellow b«- nnnas. Sift together flour, baking powder, soda and salt. Beat shortening until creamy. Add sugar gradually and con limit beating until light an3 fluffy until batter Is smooth, Turn Into well-greased small muffin pnus jnd bake in a moderately hot oven (400 degrees F.) about 20 minutes, GOP Convention Delegates to Hear Herbert Hoover PHILADELPHIA, Jun. ll.-(UP) —Herbert Hoover, th« nation's only I HvliiK former president, will make I a spcc-lnl Bctdwss U) tlie Rei>iiblk:»n I Nulionnl Convention next week. I Tlie OOP convention arrange-1 ments committee also announced ' yesterday thai former Rep. Ctnie Hootli Luce of Connecticut ami House Republican Leader Charles Iliilleck will make special speeches. Mrs. Litce wll Bpcak Monday nlBllt, immediately aflcr Hie keynote address o! Gov. Uwlglil Green of Illinois. Mi. Hoover's talk, lo be »ii Inrormal 10-minute ntfnlr, will come the Iollov;li)K nlijlit. llalleck ; will speak Wednesday juonilng. \ Read Cvurlcr News Want Ads. i or unlit muffins are done. Serve )iat '. or cold. Makes 10 small muffins. Smart; tender, {/aver -rich You get th« finetl when you buy Ever-Good Mckory -smoked ham. Ever-Good Ham has real tender-imoked flavor, real h«m goodneu that male! if a joy )o serve, a Ireat to eat. Serve steaming Ever- Good Ham for dinner, and male thrifty left-over diihei later. As!: your dealer for Ever-Good Ham. For Quality . . . More Women Are Pointing to Sliced "A" Gradt BACON Chuck or Thick Rib -From J. D/s Meat Shop- FRUITS AND VEGETABLES lb. 59' BEEFROAST ,„ 55 [ Lean and Meaty PORKROAST lb 49 PORK CHOPS lb 58' Armour CloverMoom COTTAGE CHEESE Ib 27 1c Streaked 8 Lb. Carton LARD , (9S: Allsweet OLEO Brisket "A" Grade 29' 4 lb. OO lt ,45< STEW MEAT lb 45 Home-Killed lb - ^ J FRYERS & HENS Buy Your Favorite Piece CUT-UP FRYERS' HAMS VEAL BREAST ft 45 Prictt good for Irish POTATOES DITNC Crowder's CORN r<aige Kars ' i< ' 10 15 C 4 C CELERY • li : mbosulk , lch I5 c CABBAGE ( i"" .. TOMATOES . H . ome -. r ™ lt , 2fl c LETTUCE 4I !° 7enSi7e hpnri I7 c ORANGES 5IbSa r k 1 40 C CANTALOUPE '•::?: 8 .'" Mch 25 C „ ^ $a|«,,lay7« n .«.|9 . J. D.'S MEAT SHOP 417 Wmt Main J. D. Lunsford Phone 832 MEMPHIS PACKING co Memphis, Term. Home Made Salads Kroger-C«t Beef Gives Yoo PORK&BEANS3.:29< Ito.vaJ (Jem PEACHES 2 N ±43 e Avondale Halve* FRUIT Kroger Cocktail PEARS Kroger. HarUelt No. 1 runt No. 21/, 45; 35 e EXCESS lONf AMI WASH ItMOVED IEFOH YOU MJY PEAS 2 ?L 2 IV Standard JJrart,_ TOMATOES 2 N ^27 f Kroger Bells only top U. S. Grade* of finest beef. All Kroger Beef is Kroger-Ctib to give you more meat for your money! Sirloin Steak U. S. Govr. Graded good or Choice ib. 89c S(;itittard lirand FRYERS 18Fesh Dressed . Lb. SALMON r 47* Standard Chum PICKLES t 27 e Standard. Sour or l)ill BABY FOODS d Hein/., Clapp's or Gerbers SMOKED PICNICS Ib 49 HAMBURGER Armour Slav, Lean, Tender BACON Morrell'g Sliced CATSUP Standard Brand 2 Large Loavet U-oz Bot<. FRANKS ArniBur Siar Skinless T b . 65 52' The meal lhat is all meat. That'* what e you jr«t at Kroger'*. A pound of ptr- deliciouc »«tinj[. 55c Kroger Bread 27c Twisted white dough for finer texture. COOKIES ^Tr, 25 Nnhisco JJranH KROGER CRACKERS Soda or Grahams FIG BARS y£ 23' Kroger Fresh KROGER FRESH FOR BETTER VALUE! How much rjo«c each melon w«ighT How much should you pay? Surely no* the 3Crm« price lor a small on* at a large one. G«t sweel«f, vine-ripened watermelons pound pricexi at Kroqe*. WEIGHT BETTER BUYS 3-Lb Box 23" Watermelon Marslimallow Sandwich Spotlight Kroger Hot-Doted. COFFEE 1-lb. Bag 19' 40c Ib .5c KROGER COLA 3 S*n5 u 23' Taste-Thrilling Beveragt ICED TEA M ' Lfc Kroger Special Blend DIME BRAND Swcclcncd Condensed Milk Can 43' 25' Margarine " 40c MA qq I/oaf wv ^ JO-oi OQ e Embassy ":; 45c EATMORE Fresh and Pure. WINDS OR CHEESE Famous Wisconsin Quality APPLE JELLY Moll's |>ure Fruit CANTALOUPES Guaranteed Sw«et Yin«-Rlp«. LEMONS I Top quality Calif. Juicy PEACHES U.S. No. 1 bruihta 1 Fre«»ton«. LEnUCE Crisp California Iceberg. GREEN CORN 4 f Sweet tender golden Misjlssippi. Ib. Ib. Bag 2 »>*• tb. 15* 3* 29< 'art 25< 32-01. Jar • Salad Dressing PEANUT BUTTER Kroger Magic Mix MARSHMALLOWS Kroger COCOANUT Otirkee'* CLABBER GIRL linking Powder KROGER FLOUR Kroger HUMKO Dainty Cooking Fat CIGARETTES ctn'1.99 Popular Brand*. An Ideal Father't Day gift. VI-Ot Afl« Gl«s« OU 10-ox 46-0» Can Bar 4-I.h Cin. 20' 25* «0» 1" CHOCOLATE SYRUP Hershey CHEWING GUM All 5c Varietiet ORANGE JUICE Kroger GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Standard Brand BLENDEDJUICE Kroger DOG FOOD Stronghenrt AYVIWVI Sma11 rk ^' 2 for UATUUL T , xrge Pkg Mskes Clothes Sparkle 1-J.b Csn 15 C 3,., 46-O» Cam 48-0* Can 25 C \T It 35 C 35 C

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