Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 15, 1933 · Page 7
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 7

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1933
Page 7
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Bern* w AMU DAH.Y TRWDHB AlHM. IOWA, T0MDAY, A0Q08T 15. 1933. Complete List of Winners in the Seventh Annual Ames Glad Show Following is th» compete list of, Ruffled variety: first. M. C. Sev. fAOBOTB prize winners at the seventh an- Dual gladiolus show of the Ames Gladiolus society and the Ames Garden clu\>, held Saturday la the Sheldon-Moan hotel. Grand Ames garden cluh sweepstakes cup, M. C. Severson, vice president of the Ames Gladiolus society, 130 points. • American Gladiolus society bronze mtdal for thr<; best spikes, C. L. Goodrich, Madrid, 7» points. Iowa Gladiolus society bron» medal for best single spike, Beresford family, 65 points. Iowa Garden society sliver medal for most points, M. C. S«verson. Ed-Kooser won fourth place in the show with 53 points, and W. Neil Adams fifth place with 37 points. - junior Division Sweepstakes, Wayne Severson, Slater. Six spikes: first, Ruth Beresford; second, Helen Baird; third, Bruce Beresford. Three spikes: first, Wayne Sev erson: second, Helen Baird; third, Guy Back. One spike: first. Darlene Ragsdale; second, Wayne Severson. Variety Collections Sweepstakes, C. L. Goodrich, Madrid. Collection of 12 varieties: first, C. L. Goodrich; second, Ed Kooser; third. M. C. Severson. Collection of six varieties: first, C. L. Goodrich; second, Arnold Egemo; third, M. C. Sererson. Collection of primnlinus type only, 12 varieties: second place to Ed Kooser. Collection of primulinus typt- only, six varieties; third place to Ed Kooser. Named Varittits Sweeptakes, C. L. Goodrick, Ma- j drtd. (Rules called for three' spikes, one variety labeled.) Lavender: first and second, C. I,. Goodrich; third, Beresford fam tly; White: first and third. C. L. Goodrich; second. Ed Kooser. Salmon pink: first and second, C. L. Goodrich: third, M. C- Sev j erson. Light pink: first, c. L. Goodrich; j Eccond and third, M. C. Severson. Pure pink: second place to M C. Severson. Rose pink: first and second. CL. Goodrich; third. M. C. Seversoa Rose and rose red: first and sec end, Berr?sford family; third, M. t;. Severson. Purple: first. Ed Kooser: second. C. L. Goodrich; third, M. c. Severson. • Cream or buff: first. C. L. Good rich; second. M. C. Severson; ih'rd. Beresford family. Lisht violet: third plane to M. C. Severson. " '• ' ' • """ Dark violet: first. Ed Kooser: second. Jonn-E. Hflandr third, W. Ne'I Adams. Yellow: first and second, M. C. Srvrson: third. E4 Kooser Orange: first. C. L. Goodrich: j veconti. 1W. C. Severson; third. Ed j Kooser. • j Scarlet: first. C. L. Goodrien; ; second j»nd third. Beresford family, j Red: first. C- L. Goodrich; se^ j nnrt. M. C. Severson: third. John ; E. HHand. ...... ' Dark red: first. M C. Sfverson: | second, C. L. Goodrich; third, W. i N'H Adams. \ Smoky or other color: first and • thiTd. C. L. Goodrich; second, W j Neil Adams. Single Soike Color ! Sweepstakes. M. C. Severson. | Lavender: first. Beresford fam ily; second, W. Nell Adams; third H. B. Schultz. ' . White: first. >i. C. Severson. i Salmon pink: first. Mr. X (whose Identity is not yet determln- ( edt: second and third. W. Neil Adams. Light pink: first, ">.r. X; second. M. C. Seversou; third, Beresford ; family.- , i Pure pink: first. Frank Rabotx?: second. Beresford family; third, i M. C. Severson. J Rose pink: first, Frank Rabo< H ka: second. Beresford family: third, M. C. Severson. ! Rose or rose red: first, M. C.I Severson: second. Beresrord fam ! ily; third. Mr. X. ; I Purple: first, W. Neil Adams: second, M.- C. -Severson; thirc Mrs. D. B. DeMfrritt. Cream or buff: second. W. Neil Adams: third. Beresrord family. JLight violet: third place to M C. Severson. Dark violet: first. Mrs. E. R. Tetter. Yellow: first. Mr. X: second anrt third, M. C- Sfverson. Orange: first and second. M. * S«verson; third. W. Neil Adams. Scarlet: first ?.nd second. H. B Schultz; third. Edna Rhoades. Red: first. M. C- Severson; second and third. Beresford family Dark red: first and second. M C. Sevprson: third. Mr X. Smoky or othei color: first. Mrs. ! OB. DeMerritt: second, W. Neil I Adams; third. H. B. Schultz. | Character and Type i Sweepstakes: M. C . Severson. j _Sflf-colored. pure color: first. second, Helen I Beresrord family. j r blotched varielv ! first. Mrs. D. B . DeMerrilf sec' I ond. Beresford family '»Mrrt I Frank Rabotka. y ' imr(I< ! Plain-petaled variety: first Ber esford family; second, Frank R» botka: third, W. N> U Adam" erson. Best specimen with largest flowtrs: first, Mrs. D. B. DeMerritt; second, Frank Raootka; third, M. C. Severson. Primulinus variety: first, Helen Balrd; second, M, a Severson; third, W. Neil Adams. Special Features Best bouquet, gladiolus alone: first, Mrs. C. G. Lee; second, M. C. Severson; third, Beiesford family. Best bouquet. gl?dio)us with, other flowers: first. Mrs. George E. Tuiutr; »econ«J aud third, Ed Kooer. Best bask*!, fUdlolUfc Alone: first, Ed Koo«tr; second. Beresford faadly. Best basket, gladiolus with other flowers; second, Ed KOO»«r. Best llvlnf picture, shadow box or novel display: ^fjrit, second »n<l third. Ed Ktooser/ Lamst and best bouquet, one variety gladiolus jJone: first. Ed Kooser. Garden Flow«r« SweepeUkes: M. C. Severson. Delphinium dominant: first, j:<j- na Rhoades; second.'. Beresford family. Any other perennial flower: first, Mrs. Grady Taylor; second, M. C. Severson. Dahlia dominant: first, H. H Knight; third, M. C. Sevwaun. Marigold dominant: third, Seres- ford family. Petunias dominant: first, M. C. Severson; second, Btr«s(ord family; third, Mra. D. B. DeMerrltt. Zinnia dominant: first. M. C. Severson; second, Mrs. E. R. Becker; third. Beresford family. Any other annual flower: first, M. C. Severson; second, Margaret Anderson; third. Edna Rboades. ' A GGRESSIVE job-hunter ID Virginia lavadod den tist's office while a tenator vat having a tooth extracted to urge the senator to use his influence to kelp him g«t a political job. He ought to have known that the den- tiit ha4 the most pull. Divorce Is Atked From Nevada Man N E Y A D A—01 e Toppeuberg, long-time resident of Nevada, is being sued for divorce in a suit fil»d in Story county district court here by hit wife, Mr*. Ellen Toppenberg. The couple was married October 11, U32 at Boone. Mrs. Top- penberg. who charge* her husband with cruel and inhuman'treatment, asks a decree of divorce and the restoration of her maiden name, Ellen Holman. Chonu fftrl* *t*> working it*, rfer NRA code, with rettrictions 0ft hcnrt. After-houri gold-dig- 9^ng, however, it not clotted at work. That't ttill a SIAIETOIAWS ON 130,000 TONS COAl DBS MOINES. <U.R>—Bids were to be received here Tuesday for supplying cotl to 16 tut* institutions under supervision of the state board of control. Members of th« board announced that more than 130,900 tons of coal were Involved in the letting, to be distributed as follows: Men's reformatory at Anamosa 10,200 tons, state hospital at.Cher- okee 12,000 tons, state hospital at Clarlnda 10,000, soldiers' orphans home at Davenport 3.300. ,boys training school at Eldora 8,400, state penitentiary at Ft. Madison ' — ii •• •••-^•^^a »,MO Glen wood school 13,000 In-land were dinner guests of dep«bdtBee hospital 15,400, sol- Elsie No. who to worklma- diers' home at Marshalltown 10.000, Mltchevilk training school for girls 3,930, Mt. Pleasant hospital 15,500. tuberculosis sanitor- ium at OakdJe 8,200. women's reformatory at Rockwell city 1.000. Juvenile home at Toledo 2.400. and the state hospital :or epileptics at Woodward 8,000. 1 HUXLEY i HUXLEY, Aug. 10— The Misses Evelyn and Noia Handeland were Ames shoppers Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Seward Nass of Ames and Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Mass there. . Miss who to worklat <owd Leslie Lanon and SheHU Prt«d were Des Moines business callers Tuesday. Ptarl,and Marion Ritland of Roland returned to their home Thursday after spending a week at the home of their unclt aunt, Mr. and Mi*jpit' Mr. and Mrs. L. Iji lltlaaC were Des Molnes shoppers WedMldAy. Betsy Ann and Gloria May Nasi of Ames visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Legvold Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ole Ryan fed Mr. and Mrs. Andrew FJelland left Monday on a «iotor trip to Chicago where they pian to attend the world's fair. C. M. Paulson was an Ames busl. spent Wednesday in Des Molnes ness caller Thursday afternoon. WmnT* Sjpecfef J»0*dtaaeff A million HARD-WORKING men Tested Ward'* Pioneer OVERALLS $-1 00 1 Jackets $1.00, too! Husky. Brutcif ' t i • ~ Laboratory testa said "SUPERb. OR." But here's real proof! ' A million men on steel girders, jn mines, on Jarnis, on the midnight expreec — will wear no other! Husky 2:20 weight denims. Heavy triple stitched seams. Banacked strain points. Strongly sewn pockets. •*?•' Over*ll» or 'ackets, Mothers! Get Style and Savings! School Shoes Marked or lOO -•- pr, For Boys! Girl*! Children! New i t y 1 e v the choice of the lot . , j good sturdy leathers that take all the scoffing active feet give them! Value in every bit of Ward's shoes—and only a dollar! A. and B. Children's and muses* two* toned' brown calf grain oxfords, patent leather one-straps. C. Boys' bUck calf grain leather oxfords in all sizes. Sheer Silk Dose with an all-time record for WEAR 59c WIGWAM ROLLER RINK Grand *. Main—Ames. |«. Skating daily 2:30 to 6:00 and 7:45 lo 10:30. A.1I for Fun—Pun for AD Six business girls wore 3 pr*. each— they lasted SO working days . . . lanndtred every night. Pare silk from picot lop to lisle-lined 16 • s ! Fall fashioned! Also s e r r i c • weifihu. Down $5.OO month!,* Small carrying charge "\Yhqt a beautiful range!" sags everyone who sees this new Gas Range WftrdBX Cable JimitHWj $3.49 Listed by Un- derwr iten'. Ami • i h e r t bnshiatt pre- t«ct wires. Milk Cans $2.60 S.otrfw Sanittry! Hettily t i B- ned. Eectri- eally welded. Bert value wt know o// 'Tough I Sturdy I SCREW DRIVER $1.29 Thr« way. Teapowrf u«I rte*l r»ieh«t screw driver. Hack Saw !<>«me. Nickel plated frame. With H.» A jne blade Oj|C Ratchet Brace. 10-in sweep —for square j»»j* shank bit OjC Bench Vise. Stationary base. Opens to AJ . A « Radio Tube* x 48c For type 201A. Others sfaai, larly low. All 1 rc«r. by RCA. \ Here's the design that is making gas range hi* lory! Ward designer* made it exclosirely for us. Look at the beautifully modern line*! And look at the smart floral pattern, inlaid in black against the ivory of the doors! The frame and legs are lovely fawn gray. The handle* fittings chromium plated. And it's tally equipped, too Everything a modern stove can have: full porcelain enamel inside and out! Oven insulated top, bottom, sides and door! Oven heat regulator! And a self-lighting cooking top—no matches to light or buttons to press! Money can't bay a better gas range—yet our price saves you 25%! Other Gas Ranges $19.95 to $09,96 Ward's AUGUST SALE t Wool BLANKETS $4.94 At Lowest Price in 13 Year*: TaJir Latt Year Tk*g Were $4.9* Fin*, ,4% pound all wool, plajd- blinkeu. 4 inch satoea binding. Full bed size— 70x80 ineftec. Pattel colon. A birfaio we can't hope to repeat! • WOOL FILLED COMFORTER, 7Jx84 inches ....................... PART WOOL BLANKETS, 75x84, full bed lice ........ . ..... « COTTON PLAID BLANKETS, «i*e 70x80, 89e pair— *«e 66x7$..,*. $1.94 August Bedding Sale! Longwear SHEETS 2 million women used them last year! 81x99, no filling, blevehed white. Standard high gt*de cot- tea, with 64x64 thread eomtk Hand torn edset. eoc LoMgwear Cases SlMeked to dear white- aeM ... evw werre . . . 22C ttitehed beta*. SUe 42x36 •ehet. «ocA $9*95 Cm Own o SHOTGUN Ita barrel it pv»o( ***** at I tons! Choice of 4 ••«*;«*. "Bargain"Paint May fieVs Water! ZIXC-ITE ^ all paint—and no water • $2.55 A gull on in ft-gaJ. cans f» «* -» T .... . Water, thickens paint, makes it look substantial. But water evaporates and soon the paint deteriorates. Then re-painting raises the cost! Save with Zinc-ite! It's all paint. By actual test it outcovers, hides better and outwears most high grade lead and oil* paints! It's easy to apply. It comes in 21 attractive colors. Aud our price saves you a good 25%! 4" Brush—100% Pure Chines* Briatlei.., $1*65 Silk Crepe 59 We bought it before the silk market rose! A huge quantity porchate cecortd 9 low price—you benefit! Here are the new fall colon: Tokay wine, town gray, cocoatan, fudge brown, Dnadec freeo* frost green, tartan red- 38 inches wide. .4 KmoticQiU Value! Ail-ever Plaid or Bordered Towels Sale! Rayon Had we b«e» prophets — w» eoswn c owe tsMM a becer b«y! The lace market joap* ed 100% AFTER we closed the.dnL These rayons mr» litviih with law! •Lace Prices Doflbfod Since We BtMnght Theae SLIPS Trimmed C We'd hardly closed the deal whan ihe lace market "went wild." The maker wouldn't |iv« us a single slip more. He used lace freelyon these! RAYON and COTTON flat crepts, in 2 lovely bias style*. Straight l«p or shaped V-Wf, •Flesh. IMKOM, white. PHONE 151

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