The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on May 18, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 18, 1894
Page 7
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. <i 4 ill DAILY AND WEEKLY. \ _—.i—.— ALL HOME PRINT. the only hewipafaer In Cnt- , wimty that It printed all at home And it con- em* nrtfre total ahd county news than any other two pa&ers In thli county. POWKBS * COLCLO, Propi. , MAt 18, 1894. 1 PEOPLE AND EVENTS Slippers at Moore a. • .Fine shoes repaired at Moore's. Best shoe blacking at Moore's. The best $1.00 work shoes at Moore's/ PabSt's Bofbrau beer always on tap at Henry Their*'. Window screens and screen doors at. Martin &, Qlovis'. Do not buy Oxfords this spring until yon see Moore's line. ... b G Bangs made a business trip to Manning yesterday. Inquire prices on screen doors and •windows and Hocking Valley coslat, oyce's. Sol Gussmun, of Chicago, IB in the citv buying'horses of the f aimers in this vicinity. , Hose company No. 1 will mset this evening at 8 o'clock at the engine house. Aug. Mannemann captain. The severest cises of rheumatism are eared 'by Hood's barsBparilla, the great blood' purifier. Now'Is the time to take It. Hood'* ou ei. Mrs; JvW. Kay has returned to her home at Uedham after a week's visit with her daughter, Mrs. C. L. Wattles. Chronic constipation is a troublesome and dangerous disorder. The surest and safest remedy is Ayer's Cathartic Pills, Anton Coon, one of the prosperous farmers of Sac county, came to the city yesterday on business, returning home .today.- -•-,' ••;•-. .•'••• ••.-• •'• ••'• .- '• •••••• . Do not spoil your' shoer-with "inferior: dressings, but if vbu would like something good and nice, you will find it at Moore's. <• ' M i-.- '* •" Special low rates to nil 1 points ID England, Scotland and Ireland. Now is the time to secure your tickets ot Moses Simon,/.. ; , ,•'••'.. • , ' .-•'•'' The King's Daughters will meet tomorrow afternoon at the home of Miss Matie Wetherill. 'The meeting will be called promptly tt 8 o'clock. Thos. W.iBussell, of Hartford, Conn., president of the Conneticut General Life,Ihsur»Doe company, is. visiting in this city With his brother Henry. E. C. Conkling was called to K».>kuk last evening in the interest of the ttuud* ard Oil company, the agent, ol iue cum panf .at ihat place having died suddenly, Luke Flynn, roadmaster for the North western, has bought >i >. Uf section of land in Jasper township 01 Mrs. E. L. Patterson, the deal being closed yester- G. W. Wattles has bought a half interest in tbe Dullono hotel att Omaha: The Dellone is ono of Omahats 'good • hotels and Mr. Wattles ha* undoubtedly /made a good investment. Mr. and Mrs .lus, M. Dree* returned home yesterday li-ora their western trip; much pleased with (he country aud especially with Denver, which they think i* one of the finest cities in the country. If ever a man feels like "a poor worm Of tbe dust," it is when he suffers from that tired feeling. Ayer's Sarsaparilla removes this discouraging physical condition and imparts the thrill of new life and energy to every nerve, tissue, muscle, end,tt,breof the whole body. Lewis Hoffman, Ooon Rapids' popular tailor, was a Oarroll visitor with hit family yesterday. Mr. Hoffman recently bought the Ooppock farm near Oooo Rapid*, and the deal was closed yesterday. World's Columbian Exposition will be of'.value to the world by Illustrating' tbe Improvements In,tbe mechanical arts »nd eminent pbysloans will toll you that the progress In medicinal agents ban been of equal importance, and as a strengthening laxative that 'Syrup of Klgs is far in advance of ajl pthers, . , . . We enjoyed a very pleosant visit today from Tho*. W. Kuweit, president of tho Connecticut General Life Insurance company, who has been visiting for several day* in this locality *ud i» greatly pleased with the appearance of Oarroll county, He say* he thinks this one of the finest agricultural district* tbat he ever saw. A lady at Tooleys, La., was very sick witb bilious cello whej M. 0. Tisler, a prominent merchant of the iowu,gavo her a bottle of Uhamborlain'a Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea, i^euiedy. lie says she. was wall in forty nilnutu* after taking tho first doae. For sale )»y J. W, liallon, 4ruggUt, We bavoou several occasion remark* •4 that (he arrangement for giving tbe fire alarm ws« very Ulraoult. For tone MMPO tbe bell I* not besrd only lo a few wbo live in the immediate neighborhood Of the tower. Thuro ihould bu an im- »vein«ui In (hi* and the council would well to put in an electrical alarm Icounoollug it with the lunch counter or [|omo other convenient place which la in all ulghl. Bvery fire at night more deuiouitrates Ihe necessity of tin aprovoiuout, , Judge Uubbird on "Kelly's Trumps" 1 General Weaver on "The Comuiou- i Crusade," with t» dogou or waro pbic inap-«bou at Kelly's army np will command tuoui&udi of tor tbe June uuiutter of the Midland Monthly. After thf, recent tie wspattef discussion iff• &5Hera1 Jdne*' war record, Maud Meredith's Midland sketch of the general, with portraits, will W read with keenmt interest. Henry Wallace has a fine sketch on "The 8cotch-"lrish In America?' very timely in view 6f the near approach of the national congress of Scotch Irish in Des Moines. Much interest attaches to the award of prizes in the Midland's April amateur story and poetry competition. The prize story'and poem appear In the Jund number, With portraits and Illustrations. A striking story of the War, "The Last .Vlnn of the Regiment" by Major Byers, 1ms first place in tbe number. Other illustrated articles add to the Value of the June Midland. Where can I find comfort T In the"MAMONP." It is cool in the Diamond when' it ia hot outdoors; warm when it is a chilly day. Awnings keep the burning sun out; screens keep tbe flies out; a stove with B flre in it keeps tbe room warm. It is very comfortable in the Diamond today. B, E. Brown, special adjuster of the Southwestern Mutual. Life . Insurance company, was in the city today. He had in his pocket a draft for §2,000 payable to the order of Mrs.' Chas. Jentsch of Arcadia, being the 'amount due Afrs. Jentsch ou the insurance policy' of 'her husband wbo rtsceuilv died leaving the family in straitened circumstances. Mr. Brown went to Arcadia this afternoon, accompanied by Aug. SUak, who is the local'agent of the company ( to turn over to Mrs. Jentsch the |2,000 draft; which will be most acceptable at this'time and goes to show that life' Insurance Is almost a necessity and one that no head of a family should be without, as he can thus leave some provision for his bereaved family at his death. "''; _ FIKB. ; • What might have proven to he a very destructive flre was' fortunately discovered in time to-be gotten under control beforft any. serious" damage.was done in comparison to wha^ might have followed. About 5 o'clock this morning •the nightwatch was notified of the exist rttice''o'f a fire in th'b Glller block on the coVner of Ftfth ftnd Main' street. The 'alarm was sounded and the flre company responded and A a few moments the flre was located in a room on the upper floor occupied 1 by A. W. Patterson as an office room. 'The flre had burned through the flqordown into the store room occupied by .Martin & Clovis. The space between the floors was filled with cement and thus greatly interfered with the progress 61 the ••flames 1 'which had only burned between two joice for a space_ of about five feel, ''•'".'• •>•.••"" , The hose company turned two streams of'Water on the'flre which 1 Quickly ex- tingHlshsd it; but the water did considerable damage to the. stock of hardware below pnd to the ,blllard tables in the basement.. ' The origin df the flre is supposed to have resulted from a cigar stub having been thrown into* wooden spittoon fillet .with sawdust. Mr. Patterson had not been in the room since4o'clock the even ing before and the progress of the Ure must have been very slow indeed for it was at bust thirteen hours from the time it was starjllti until was discovered. Dr. A. L Wright has tor year! been forging to- tbe trout as one ot the leading spirits of bis proteseion in Ibis state anti yesUrdey the State Mvdioal Association in session reooguictd this ability by electing him president ot tbe association tor tbe following year. We feel proud to know tbat, Oarroll baa a doctor of \ snub eminent standing aa to be plaoed at. tbe bead of tbe profession for tha entire •tale. It is a recognised fact that onr oity has better ability io tbe profession tban any other oity ot Ibe saoie alas ant we all take a'special pride io our doctors OAHHOU, vs. MANNING. Thursday afternoon was anything bu pitssant and tho Oarroll Stars added to the discomfiture of the Manning ba! players by dishing them up a dose of 0 to' 8 in favor of the Stars. The game was well played on both sides and bad i not been for'the rain and cold raw win; whioh was blowing quite a gale, th game would 1 hav* been enjoyed by a large crowd of spectators. At Ibe olos of the seventh inning for Ihe Manning club tbe game was called ou account o rain. The Star* bad played but »l« Inning but a* they led their advermrles the; were glad to call the game off and seel shelter. Tho Manning team will play return game on the home ground* in a short time when a close and Interest lug gam* can be looked for. Of course Ibe Stars have entirely recovered from the defeat they iutiered at the band* o lb« Uenlion player* and are again put tlnfl up good hall. ,. Two »«*ks from today Iba public Miboohj will close for tbeiummw v«ca liou, w»d il ia the intention of lb» leaob er« aud pupil* to giv« «n aotertainmen •I Ifaalo ball thai awning. Owing to th» tow of tba junior claw lut y«ar lb«r« was no senior otass ty* ya«r to gradual* •ad IRA ««rol*e« wbiob are glv«u on Ibl* Qooosiou will twaupplemeuted »bta ye* by what uigbl b« wllad « popular pro gram, that la. out wbiob will b« given Mpaolally to entertain tb* audiwoe. 'i'hel»4i«eof lbshl|bioou will pre wilt« abort Qr*oi«n play and will w«*r |o oorrMpo»d, 'fbe boy* wil NOT ACCOUNTABLE. "My own oontta. m' she didn't reokemiso me I" "Don't mind it, Sally, wimmin isn't accountable for \vhat they doos when th*y (•ts a Mary de Medecine collar on for the first tima I"—Lit'o. e to be ao original production. Mise Bangs will have charge of the music, Miss Kail will recite; and Miss Long and Miss Staok will have charge ot the primary exeroieee. The program will be especially arranged to interest the pnblio and a email admission fee will he charged to defray the expenses and the remainder will be used'to procure needed apparatus for school work. work on 'the foundation be begun next week. will doubtless Deafhoas) Cannot be Cured by local applications, as they cannot reach tbe diseased portion of the ear. There Is only jpe way to ours Deafness, and that 1s by constitutional remedies. Deafness la caused by an Inflamed condition of the inaoous lining ot the Eustuchlan T«be.;' When thli tube gets Inflnmed jrim have a rambling sound or Imperfect hear lug, and when It IB entirely closed Deafness Is the result, and unless tbe Inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored, to Its noimal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever; Bine oases out of ton are caused by catarrh, Which is nothing but an Inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. W* will glvo one hundred dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be' cured by Hall's Catarrh Cuie. Send for circulars, free. IT. J. CHENEY Ik CO.. Toledo, 0. WtJold by Druggists, 75 a. , NOT A,SDOOB88. : '•"' " i'""<'"" i The Adelphiau Quartette gave one of its programs' lailt evening ' at the Baptist ohnroh. : The evening: was very disagreeable" a'hd 'the audience '' was decidedly small:: Tbe Quartette, while- not as good «a 11 weK anticipated; enoceed- ed. in entertaining tbe andientw and several of >.the ''ejections were greeted with hearty applause. " '' < ' Miss Ohase as an--elocutionist diaep-, pointed, her atiilieube*^ Site'ia'a's'weei little lady wilb flue eipNoeion but ber pieces were all of the **me 'order and ' to tome np v lb the ; requimmenl* tbat are • demanded' of an elocutionist. On tbe whole tb,e <;Adalpbian ' oombina^ tioo wa*' a disappointment to the' ladies of the Olio club, and tb* proceed* wbiob were td.gbtoth* library'fund '--were' so small tbat they are!not worth 1 epeakiog of, the J olob is not <lo*ir by the tbeyaeoored the Adelpbiaos at about their value. .••' s'i" ; . •', ''Taw HcraiaabUof nawa from a bright, dest*ake papwr 61 this city 'whioh ahowahow aooc^raM it ia when it doe* not oopy from shit) paper; > .- '. '• ' •• ' The contested election case which, pp- set A rc»dl» at the late municipal election has been decided by the uupremu court In favor of tho defendant against Frank liagan, both of whom were candidates for councilineu. 'Bury the hatchet now,boys! The con test oaasi at Anwdia ruiernHl to •bov* bat not yet been submitted to tb* aupreme oourl, BO tbe dooision M atated must b* ratber premature. Joe, yon must hurry baok from th* mounlaiufor John is geltiog more fooliah every day. All tba decision* ever made bv lb» •nprema court on lb« Australian ballot law in this date would go to iudioale that Frank Bagan will win in hi* coolest. JwnuuoN'a N«w Horn.. J«R«nitu 8ou»oulr. Tuesday afternoon Iba awlad bid* for Ib* building of Ibt new Hotel J*ffer*ou were opened in MoOarlby & Vaugbau'a •ho* atora and the variou* bidder* agreed to oooatruot lh« building (or Ihe following amouuU: B. F. Aoberw, of D«* MoinM, 118,000, £huna*l itoard »18 400, Jobn L. Tucker, 115,690 Mid John F. Atkinson, of Ifaraballtowo, •14,760. Yb» latter geutlemau (wbo alao built tbatohool bouse) having tb« lowest bid was given (be contract, whioh Mr. Ho> Owlby bad sp*olU*d tbat all our hom» Iftbodug OMUI, M far pruotloabW, should b* employed «ud ibnt all the Inmour, bdok, hardware and mill-work should b* ptouured ot bouia warolinuti, This ia proper and should ba followed by oil p*r«oii« building, Mr. McCarthy will (nruiabtb* ao<e*ns, grates aud tueUla and tba eutira ullioe (uruiahiug* ulde from the ooutrtol, Tb» weavatlug tor » ueurly A FAMILY ROW. AI.BX. OCEOEL SHOOTS WH. ISHMAKL WITH A SHOT OUN— TWO RUHORBD SHOT LODGED IN HIS BOOT. Thursday afternoon Alexander Guegel shot hip brother-in-law, .VYm. Isbmael, at the former's home in the fourth ward. For some time past things have not been as serene In this family as a May morn ing and frequent brawls and disturbances have marred the pleasures of that house; hold. 'Last Monday the husband an wife were down at Mr. Guegel's farm near Ualbur when he attempted to put a quietus to her existance, but owing to his poor marksmanship bis jwife lives. to tell the story of her husband's attempt to take her life and the assault he made on her brother a few days later. Ou the eventful day when Guegel mude the deadly assault, Mrs. Guegel and her brother were moving the household goods from the house on the south side where they had been living, to ner house in the first ward. Guegel was aud siiw that the goods were being moved, asked his wife what she|was doing and inquired who gave ber authority to move them, and she Informed him that it was understood tbat the goods were to be moved either today or tomor row and as she did not care, to move on Friday 1 ' she 'had concluded to move to- duy. 'JukV then ' her brother returnei with 1 a drayman and Guegel callec him (o him and raised bis shot gun. •Young .hhmael asked him if he was going to shoot, on being informed .that he was the lad toorf to his heels to escape. Be had not run farwken he caught his fbot and fell. ' Just then Guegel fired, the charge of shot entering his posterior. On sedinf; what ho had done and hearing the icreams. of bis victim Guegel jumped into his buggy and started for the country. Dr Keiley happened-, to be passing at the time, and was called to the assistance. of the wounded' man.' The doclo took him in bis buggy to the home of hi mother in the first ward. • It was founc that about two hundred shot were buried In Ihe fleshy part of his buttock. The doctor probed^ for them and says tba they are too deep to be removed as the; are so small and the skin for sever* Inches is at full of hole* as the cover o a pepper byx. It la not thought that th wounds will In any way prove serf ou* While the .doctor- was caring for th patient the officers of the aw were busy apprehending the escaping criminal Deputy Sheriff D. Mitt* and Marsha Hamilton armed with the authority o the law started In pursuit. They ovrr took Mr. Guegel just this side of Willey He had m»Ue up his mind to face the music and was returning to the city when he was placed under arrest. On ai riving In the city Ihe officers put him in Ih county Jail. In a few more minuets Sheriff Jeffrey sppesred ou the scene and Quegel in formed him that he was willing to giv ball and did not want to stay all nigh In Juil. The sheriff took him before Esqu'ro Lynch who placed hi* bond a 11,000 It was not long before the bon wa* suuurod and the Justice approved 1 and releaaod lite prisoner until Saturday morning when ho will bo given a pre- Itmluurv hearing. Since thun everything ha* boon quiet. It Is said that thn belllc eranta slept on (heir arms last nigh ready to renew hostilltlua at a moment' notice. • Oarroll Market Report OAT8-860 UOUS-8U5 POTATOKd-80 UUTTKlt-IVo - KtiOS-70 OATTLK-18.86 totf.60 Ion. Utah & Todd art) now rosily to delive Ice. They dtslro the palrouaue of Ihei old utistonxri and all othurs who are 1 need of first class ice aud promp delivery. W« guarantee satisfaction Leavo ordoiu at Tutld & McAIUstur' lunch room. _ Ition ife TOUD. PoHture. A Good tuum pabiuro with arteslau wul ou the iirciuUvs, silt furuUhod. C'utll |g,60 for mason, horses fl.OO per mouth I will not be responsible for ucuideut shuulil auy occur, liuiulro of J. IV I Correspondents, totnsare the publication ot lelr letters In the weekly, must mail them so faey will reach our office Wednesday,.) OKION Oorn planting is almost finished. Mr, abd Mrs. T. Ramsey were called y telegram to the eastern part of the tale lost week. Master Bob. Heald is reported lo be ick witb the measles. ' MiesBobriber did not go home last week on account of the famiiy having the mnmpe. *- Messrs. Bippey and Kuthrauff helped T obn Kameey witn his corn. " Mr. Bnthrauff received word last week bat his father died May 4tu. Tbe Foxworthy family expect Dr. Fox worthy, B cousin, ,tb visit them Saturday. Some ot the young people are talking >t unending eohool in Oarroll as soon as he country schools are closed. M. O. Butbrauff sold some hogs Saturday. ; PLK48AN1' HltiL. Last Sunday eveuiug Mr. F. Balk utertained a large party of friends, the icoaeion being the iieurly completed new residence. Tue yuuug folks enjoyed a social hup and the older ones discussed he affaire of state. . . .. Bev. Nelson at No. 8 last Sunday afternoon delivered bis usual interesting: sermon. Corn planting will be about finished bis week. Some were done last week. A. Broiuk bos bad bis bouse, moved hat be bought from John Hoffman. Frank Weatermier bos tbe Tnel land his year for 8145; cheap deal. Samuel Belter, ot Ooon Bapids, visited bis brother Oscar south of Oarrollton lost week.- i ' • '••'• It is gratifying toVns to see the verbatim set up of our copy of late and we appreciate this very much. We expect tha 'regulation visit of ye road boN.sQDii; the onlverta in this, community are in a bad shape. . We learned that Detective A. Eastman in this section, bnt what particular case he. was on wa did no) learn. The Willey Oornet band gave a very pleasant recital last Sunday evening at Frank Balk's new house. Samuel Oretsinger and family, of TnttleQrov*, Onthrie county, were visiting with relatives near the Hill last Snn- ,Tbe Quarterly .meeting of the Pleasant Valley M. E. church will held there next Sunday, May, 13tb. Bev. Wood,^ former pastor, is expected, to be present. Oome up, and beer him. . . ; Last week O. A. Smith, tba blaoksmith in Oarrollton, oxme very near losing his right eye by a 1 premature explosion of babbit metal while fixing a piece of mabbuiery; but'it may'be saved. ' '' "•'••• We learn that there'are"'some' young hopefuls in onr eeotion that "chew . the' weed," and ' if their so called .model parents knew it would enact a'scene equal to any in Daniels bell up to date. l! Qretlman, of Willey, waa buying up swine south ot the Hill this week. The planting in this eeotipn ia all done iand- tbe corn is coming up. . A ohildren,e day progiam will be delivered in good style by tbe Oarrollton Sunday school soon, i ,. -. •-•> •: 1 ' The Templar* will enjoy a teed of ice cream soon at the residence of 8/Bergan. D. 0. Benedict near Oarrollton baa been very *i6k lately witb, pn*nmoni*, but i* al present improving. ' T..M. <3*ble bee not bean able for military, duty, but is convalescent now. , Tbe quarterly meeting at the Pleasant Valley oburob wee largely attended from th* Hill lut Sunday. , We learn tbat tbe rite of baptiam will beeitoodtd to parlies inlereiled by Bey. Nelson, pastor at No. 8, in a tew week*. 0.' Sbaokleford, ot Qulhrie county, waa in tbis vicinity last Sunday. osten*i- J.B. Willey, ot Pleasant Valley, waa an agreeable caller last Sunday near Ibe Hill, There is a small scandal that is coloring tbe western horizon just now, but currency and apeoie will cover a big patoh ot sin. •AST UJUUtTV AMP BOOK WDM. A good shower would be aooeplable. John Binkter ia drilling a well on tbe Sopsr plaoe. N«|lle Figert is teaohiug ber flrat term of eohool io tb* Qowery district. ||iss Jennings is recovering from ber reoeul ilUtese. We hope aba will soon bb able to resume her plaoe a* organist in tbe M. E. oburob. It is hoped to secure Master George Wioterboroe, of Qliddeu, Io deliver his lecture, "Tbe Wbii* City," at tbi* plaoe. When w* remarked ibat we would write Ibal we had planted twenty bill* of water melon*;, « solnwu voioe eaid "forbear, remember tbe autumn raid*," and wa forbore. We learn wilb regret through a brother correspondent, tbal Bev. H. JU. Drown, former p«*lor at Ihw pleue, baa beeu obligwl to resign bis work ou the Bippay charge ou aooouul ol poor health. The road side has again beoome a morgue for datuuot poultry. It ii dim- ouli to duoida whlob U worst, dead animal* in Ibe river or «xpo*ad Io sight aud aen*e ou Ihe highway. Th»r* are many reason* agaiuit tbe latter practice, but we will ouly mention one now. How oftu a fellow drive • tetu ot ooU*, have oua arm urouud hi* b**| girl, auJ bold hi* now al the aauia UueT Wi»h it would ruin. John Sbubbsrl ha* painted bin bout*. Thomaj Smock ia beaulifying bia ground* wilb evergreen*. Bi*v< 8. E. Browoi • forma* pajlor of tbe East Liberty ohnroh, i* seriously ill- He has been obliged tb resign bis bbftfge a Bippey and with his family Is now; at hi* parent* at Boone. Ha hen many warm friends here, who will deeply regret his affliction. Mr. Bust was id tbe vicinity Monday in tbe interest ot insurance. John Earth has gone to spend the summer with his sister, Mrs. Tobin. He Will attend eohool. ' ' • We bear that George Ehunea, formerly of tbis place, has been injured by the bursting ot a gun. Have not been able to learn particulars. We all gladly welcome Miss Jennings back to ohnroh and lo her place at the organ. She has had a severe illness. ' Quarterly meeting was held uu the evening of tbe lath. Bev. Mr. Wood, ot Boone, preached o very interesting sermon, ' Mra.N. Henton, who has been a patient enfferer for a long time, has eo fnr recovered as to be able to attend church! Tbe Page woven wire fence appears lo ne growing in tavor. Charles Mobler, ot Oarroil,is sgent,uud he makes an occasional call on the people hereabouts. : We thought laet weak tbat probably the editor had a new waste basket ss all correspondence failed to appear. We duly attached a "Colombian" to ours and dropped it into tbe office. Ji/isB Winterbonrne, of Olidden, is to give a free concert on the evening ot the 18th at tbe M. E. ohnroh end Master George Winterbourne will deliver bia lecture on Ihe "White Oity" on tbe even- ingot the 25th. JIM. May 16. TKMPLBTON ITB1IS. Jacob Overmier and bis mother are visiting at their old home with relatives and friends. The little three-year-old daughter ot F. Boos died Saturday afternoon. Four doctors were called, bnt in vain. Tbe remains were buried in the Sacred Heart cemetery. Most of the corn in , this locality ia planted. , Mrs. F. Hock«r is rV ported as being seriously ill. . Jos. Fangman is trying to get bia divorced wife to live with him again. So far the reoonoilation has failed, but'it will soon be consummated. Mrs. Jos. Pndenz and Mrs. F. Oeooke, of ,Ml. Oarmel. were visiting relatives and friends over Sunday. r Ibe child of F. Matohe and wife died. Sunday afternoon and was buried Monday at the Catholic cemetery. The little child was never healthy, so 'the Lord called it home. I Mr. Vollner,-ot Council Bluffs," will' have charge of the new creamery. He ia a first olaea man and we ere pleased to welcome him in oar midst. D. Joyce lumber company baa built * an addition to Hthe office. ' < : - • ''" Anton Manob^slipped awsy and left' numerous creditors behind to mourn bia departure. O. Meiso * Oo. lost S950. Mauoh bought machinery of them, selling them 2,000 bushels of corn to be delivered lost fall. During the winter he sold tbe corn at other markets and when Meise A Oo. wanted the corn Tony skipped ont.'' "' ' : Bev. Sohulte waa at Breda Thursday visiting bis brother. : W.8.8. Mueller and wife, of Dadhom, gave us » call Snnday. Joe. Fengmau is now working' ae a hired man for his twioe wedded, wife and < is as happy as a clam at high tide. ", \ Dr. liodslar bought an eighty acre farm ot Henry Stallmann, four miles end a bait north east of town, for $37J per acre. ' Jama* Lengblin and wife, of Carroll, were visiting relative! and friends here last Sunday. . . Jos. Ovwmeier and Jno. Soboeppner were at Carroll Monday on btwiueee. % : ' The corn which was planted a week ago or more is coming up uioelv, bat raiu is needed. • •' i • - "• •. ' ThtSnndey ball game wa* quit* close; feoore 12 to 18, five iuuiuge, tbe weatbjic being too not for auy mote, ' . , One of Ibe fellows w|io took the Keeley cure not long ago was 'under the influ- euoe of liquor again tbe other day. He look to drinking for fun and waa soon a* bad as ever. It is too bod tor him and tbe saloon keeper who aold it to bun had better look out. A barn 60 by 62 ia being erected on JpbuSeyller'a pluoa aud one 50 t»y 66 on tierman Stevens' furrn, aa is also one on Mr. Fiuerty'e plaoa. •• Theo. Soboeppner was at Oarroll Wednesday and we notice he brought a new wagon home with him. A tew waeks ago we eaid Juo. Holder bought it 18 aur« fmju, we should have eaid a 85 aure farm for $100 per tote. , The milk haulers struck tor 'higher wages and as they were refused they quit work. Now Ibe stockholders era doing tba work and the neighbors change off, whioh is proving salistaolory. Saturday was a great day at Ibe hoop ot Mike Quo* a* a pair ot iwiuu, a boy and a girl put in an uppearauoe. W* oougratulate (ben). AU are doing wall, A little daughter WHS born to air. and Mrs.Ueruiau Dophaid lost Saturday. "With *i«i> u« iioiitiuu as iho Kuuuueuf air Who uoiutulu iicauiifui itwttyv Her em UUsolvlug with • fovvrUh flow of llgfaMutil llor ohook u ro«y tint, i* If thw tip t>woU U uuuw." Of tMwuti'i ttugtr faliiu ii**i eoiuuiuiit Th« iviriblu UUodt rit>woU U lh«raf t uuuw." has uumboroU IU wity. uo wugli, an » ntui u« ir uilliiou*. «owu* lu thn uto*ttu*lu(iuj| itlug ont>i fv«t wet; a ilhiht oola, a d th«n othor luJl««rwUou» uulll Ug»l» and U. Wliy fait » victim wUuu u r ut. l'loro«'» Uold«u PUeovwry wllttffsotuttliy ouro oausuw Its e»rU«r»t*«*. ror w«tk luug», si . Ulo^d, aithwi Itu uliuiiuu, U U hs 44

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