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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 1

Ironwood, Michigan
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Tuesday, May 25, 1965
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TEMPERATURES: 24 hr. period to 12 noon: 76; 60. Previous 24 hr. period: 65; 50. Year ago: High 70; Low 45. Rain, .trace. Precipitation, to date, 14.65 in. D DAILY GLOBE FORECASTS - Partly cloudy, warm and humid with occasional showers tonight. Wednesday partly cloudy and cooler. Low tonight 54 to 60 High Wednesday in the 80s. 46th YEAR, NUMBER 158. ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE MEWS SERVICE IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN, TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 25,1965. TWELVE PAGES SINGLE COPY 10 CENT! Lawmakers' Pay Hike Voted by House Mammoth 'Space Bird'Is Drilled Into Orbit Today Flight Is Saturn's 9th Success in Row By HOWARD BENEDICT CAPE KENNEDY, Fla. (AP) — The Saturn 1 super-rocket thundered to its ninth straight successful test flight today and drilled into orbit a mammoth "space bird" satellite to climax a spectacular early morning launching. The satellite, Pegasus 2, unfolded two giant wings to a span of 96 feet — greater than most four-engine airliners — and began swooping through space like a great bird. It was to measure tiny meteoroids and the hazard they pose to astronauts making lengthy space trips. Each time the thin, metallic skin of Pegasus 2 is penetrated by one of the streaking cosmic bullets, the satellite is to emit an electronic squawk to be recorded in a memory device and radioed to earth on command. The 18-story-tall Saturn 1, the world's most powerful rocket, uttered a mighty roar and sent a waterfall of flame cascading over its launching pad as it flashed to life at 2:35 a.m. after a perect countdown. The massive first-stage power plant, a cluster of eight engines, generated 1.5 million pounds of thrust. It was the first time that Saturn 1 had been launched in 4 Jet Planes Strafe South Viet Nam Outpost Near 17th Parallel GOVERNOR VISITS HURLEY—Governor Warren P. Knowles of Wisconsin, left, visited Hurley for the third time Monday, this time as part of the Clean-up, Paint-up, Fix-up Program which got under way. The governor is shown here in the parade held in the afternoon, during which time hundreds of Hurley residents were present to give him a rousing welcome. Hurley Mayor Paul Santini is shown riding in the front seat while Assemblyman Barney Gehrmann is shown riding in the back seat with the governor. Some of the schools in the Hurley School District were dismissed in the afternoon to give the students the opportunity to see and meet the governor. (Daily Globe Photo) Parade Climaxes Hurley's Successful Paint-Up Day' Governor Greeted With Enthusiasm Hurley was literally a beehive of activity Monday as the Cleanup, Paint-up, Fix-up Program rising missile watchers with a brilliant performance of noise and fire. It illuminated Cape Kennedy as if it were midday. A great thunderclap rolled across the cape and a 300-foot tail of flame fanned out behind the booster as it raced toward space. After 2V'a minutes, darkness, and it provided early- j go t under way with startling en- 'thusiasm and reached a climax in the afternoon with a parade with Wisconsin Governor Warren P. Knowles as the guest of honor. Beginning shortly after 9 a.m., merchants, homeowners and the student council of the J. E. Murphy High School got into the gen-powered second stage ignit- swing of things to give the com- the hydro- rnunity a much needed face-lifting. ed, and pushed the satellite into At 11:30 Gov. Knowles ar- Opinions Differ on Prospects For New Coalition Government By ROBERT BERRELLEZ SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) — The Dominican rebels were optimistic today and the Americans pessimistic about prospects for a coalition government. The junta showed no,sign of giving way. A rebel spokesman said negotiations to form a government headed by Antonio Guzman showered on him. He attempted orbit. The Space National Aeronautics and Administration announced that Pegasus 2 was in, toured the city from one end to an orbit ranging from about 320' to 460 miles high. Personnel at the West Indies tracking station on Antigua watched on closed-circuit space rived to spend the day visiting to visit with each and every per- with city officials, townspeople, i son present to greet him, and students and youngsters, and went out of his way to chat with television as the wings unfolded like satellite's an accord- ian high above the atlantic some 2,000 miles Kennedy. They said on the second stage provided clear pictures merit. The burned-out second remained attached to the lite for stabilization. southeast of Cape a camera mounted of the deploy- stage satel- Total weight was 23,000 pounds. Officials said the payload would be visible in areas of the world over which it passed at nighttime. The launching was the second of three planned in the Pegasus series, which draws its name from the flying horse of Greek mythology. The first Pegasus j glimpse of the other. Shortly after he arrived, he was treated to a spaghetti dinner at the Liberty Bell Chalet, along with other members of his party and city officials. From there he toured the former Cary Mine buildings, talking with officials and persons who had arrived there only moments earlier to greet him. Heading back into Hurley he made periodic stops, most ofj which were unscheduled, to chat' with youngsters at the South Side School, who had lined up to meet him, and members of the High School Student Council, who were putting the finishing touches on a house owned by Miss Agnes Hoye, which they had started painting earlier in the day. About 45 minutes prior to the start of the parade, hundreds of Hurley residents had lined up along the streets to catch a the governor and rousing welc o m e. young and old alike. Perhaps no persor or group was more enthusiastic about his visit than the members of the Hurley City Council, who assisted in every way possible to make .his visit a spectacular suc- Fernandez, minister of agricu ture under deposed Presiden Juan Bosch, were "very ad vanced." Other rebel source said the talks were nearlng successful conclusion." But a U.S. spokesman, notin strong opposition to Guzma from the junta, said prospect for a quick settlement were sti dim. U.S. officials would onl say that "a number of conver sations have taken place an are continuing." Sources close to the junta president, Brig. Gen. Antonio Imbert Barrera, said Imbert had not been consulted on the coalition government. He called in U.S. Ambassador W. Tapley Bennett Jr. and Jose A. Mora, secretary-general of the Organization of American States, to ask them for an explanation of By PETER ARNETT SAIGON, South Viet Nam AP) — Jet planes strafed a iouth Vietnamese outpost five niles from the nth Parallel ,oday and U.S. military spokesman disagreed among them- elves as to whether the raiders were Communist MIGs or traying American fighters. Four planes hit the outpost at Gia Linh in a single pass, two shooting and two flying top cover, and then sped out to sea. Five Vietnamese were wounded. truck was destroyed and a julldozer was set afire. U.S. military spokesman at the Da Nang air base, about 100 i with Oswald," miles from the scene, said the! "You're going to planes presumably were MIGs. He said, however, base intelligence officers had not finally determined what kind of aircraft was involved. Brig. Gen. Nguyen Chanh Thi, Vietnamese military commander of the area, said he suspected they were Communist Chinese planes. Thi reported witnesses told him the raiders were black Jack Ruby Tells How He Took Pills Before Slaying Oswald By MART ELLEN HARRIS I came during a hearing in which DALLAS, Tex. (AP) — Jack! attorney Joe Tonahill, who was Ruby told Monday how he took i on Ruby's trial defense team, numerous stimulant pills before killing presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and then expressed fear that he and Oswald would be linked in the assassination. "To the American people and the world . . . I'm going to be branded a part of a conspiracy said Ruby, forget how I I felt about the beloved President Kennedy. There has been so much torment, so much hardship—." Ruby's discourse, wandering from topic to topic and punctuated with emotional pauses, was taken trial defense out of the case for MlOs with no wing markings. Other Da Nang sources, however, denied that the raiders were black. American military spokesmen in Saigon, 380 miles farther south told newsmen the strafing was done by four U.S. jet fighters flying off course. Both Navy and Air Force planes were involved in raids during the day on North Viet Nam. A high U.S. authority here said Vietnamese spotted white- American — stars on the planes that hit the outpost and the initial investigation showed they fired 20mm cannon shells. "No MIOs are armed with 20mm cannon," he said. "Our best information indicates that the planes were not enemy aircraft." This authority said a final report will be made after further investigation of the shell fragments, but added: "We are 99 per cent sure of our initial findings." The American report in Da Nang that the planes were presumed to be MIOs was at first denied by a U.S. official in Sai- tacular was the blasting of a petroleum storage area near Vinh, 140 miles south of Hanoi by 12 U.S. Air Force F105 cess and enjoyment. Cou n c i 1 j the negotiations. members, Oov. Knowles and the officials of the Paint-up Pro- Bennett reportedly told Imbert that the United States was give him a Never perhaps since the visit of the late President John F. Kennedy in 1960, prior to his elec- has been circling the earth since last Feb. 16. Although its panels have been peppered by thousands of tiny meteoroids, space agency officials say its findings have generated confidence that properly designed manned sat- tnis "congenial and distinguished ellite surfaces will be able to looking guest, withstand the impacts. As the parade was ending out- gram. It was "truly a great success" in every way, it was reported. U.S. Death loll In Viet Nam 385 WASHINGTON (AP) — The combat death toll of U.S. servicemen in Viet Nam today reached 385 — equaling the battle deaths in the 1898 Spanish- tion, was there such a turnout!., of enthusiastic citizens to meet;"* 1 " Orbiting of Pegasus 2 actually was a secondary goal of the launching. The main purpose was to further evaluate the Saturn 1, forerunner of the mighty Saturn 5 rocket which is being developed to launch American astronauts to the moon. Used Trailer Tires Find Ready Market- Want-Ad Cost $1.20! Don't let used items lay around the garage when you can sell them with a result-getter like this one: TWO USED TRAILER TIRES — 4.80/4.00x8. Sec Name of Party. Phone 000-0000. Quick sales are made with most used items when you advertise what you have to sell in The Daily Globe Want - Ads. The cost is small, the action fast. On The Range And In The Ontonagon Country It's Tht Iron wood Daily Globe Want-Adi G*t The Quick Action Remits Phone 932-2211 for Mits Ad-Taker wounded toll in the has reached a in the Spanish-Amer- War. In 1898, in a war lasting four •^ «, T" o „*, *r Q *o,.owc.«» months, 1,662 Americans suf- side the Iron County Veterans of, {ered ^ ounds According to the latest Penta- Foreign Wars Post Hall, greeting to the governor really took hold 1 with hundreds of persons, many of them high school students and j youngsters, as well as adults and elderly people, crowding around the governor's car to grasp a handshake and welcome gram said they were truly not trying to impose a govern- amazed in the way residents of i ment . However, the United area responded to the pro- states is known to favor Guzman as a compromise choice. Imbert has been demanding that the rebels surrender and has refused to step aside in favor of a coalition. The rebel chief, Col. Francisco Caamano Deno, has said he would resign if an agreement is reached on the coalition. The Washington Post reported Monday night that President Johnson has ordered a team of FBI agents into the Dominican Republic to investigate the extent and nature of Communist influence in the Caribbean nation. The newspaper said that details about these FBI activities were being kept strictly secret. It said White House spokesmen had denied that the FBI has been brought into the Dominican situation at all. "However, it is known the President personally contacted FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover '{IT i last week and requested him to Am«[ c ;n U " 6S erv^U 7 niHn de ^^ *£ , investigation," American War. The Viet gon figures, reflecting wounded total through the Viet Nam. The Viet injued in 1I1JUICU 111 i the re P° rt said ' 111; _. _,.,. ,j u Nam war and the him to the city. So tremend o u s was the reception that at one point the governor had all he could do to get out of the car. Once inside the VFW Hall, where the Auxiliary had prepared a lunch for him and the public, Gov. Knowles was besieged by a large group of grade school students seeking his autograph. For awhile it seemed the popular guest would not get a chance to partake of the lunch because of the crowd that sought his attention, Nation-wide coverage was given the event with Associ a t e d Press, radio and television reporters and cameramen on hand to record the truly unusual and well-received affair. Despite his grueling schedule from the time he left the Gogeb- Spanish-American War totals are only fractional compared to I U.S. losses in other wars. i In Korea, there were 33,629 battle deaths. In World War II, 291,557 Americans fell. In World War I, the toll was 53,402. The Pentagon statistics on the Civil War list only battle deaths for the Union Army and these came to 140,414. Battle deaths in three early wars also were considerable higher than the present toll in Viet Nam — 4,435 in the Revolution, 2,2«0 in the War of 1812 and 1,733 in the Mexican War. gon. Later statement, he amended his saying the U.S. spokesman in Da Nang had given such information. The Saigon story, however, was that the Da Nang spokesman "jumped to the conclusion." MIGs have figured in three incidents north of the border. The Soviet-designed fighters shot down two supersonic F105 fighter-bombers from American squadrons that were bombing a bridge 65 miles south of Hanoi April 4. But American and Vietnamese fliers have spotted no hostile aircraft in recent weeks The attacks were under way again when the South Vietnamese outpost was hit. A total of 40 U.S. planes had bene engaged at that point in raids on targets in Communist North Viet Nam. The most spec Ruby's forthcoming sanity hearing. Tonahill's removal was ordered by Judge Louis T. Holland, Montague, Tex., who said the question of Ruby's counsel would be settled by the Texas Court of Crimnial Appeals following the sanity hearing. Ruby, his face pallid from over a year in jail, said he took 30 antibiotic pills and others that "stimulate you and make you want to do positive things" after awakening on Sunday, Thunderchiefs. Military spokesmen said the raiders dropped 24 tons of 750- pound bombs. Pilots reportec secondary explosions agrounc said they left the area engulfed in flames and smoke,. The spokesman said all these and the other planes returned Nov. 24, 1963, the day Oswald was shot to death. He said he brooded about the Kennedy children being fatherless but noted, "what quirked me after that I don't know. As God is my judge, that is the truth." Ruby repeatedly referred to "one of the most bizarre conspi- Wage Increases For Other State Officials Voted Boost of 50% Would Take Effect in '67 By AL SANDNER Associated Press Writer LANSING (AP)—In a continuing attempt to "upgrade the quality of the legislature" — already the highest paid In the nation—the House Monday night voted to raise lawmakers' salaries to $17,500. Without a vote to spare, the House passed a 50-per cent pay hike to take effect Jan. 1, 1987. The hike from $10,000 a year to $15,000, to which $2,500 expense money is added, passed 56-40. New York pays its assembly members $10,000 a 'year, but no racies world' in to the history of the link him to Oswald, safely. U.S. raids against the North continued Monday night. Two Skyhawks supported by two Crusaders from the carrier Coral Sea damaged three bridges under repair in the area between Vinh and Thanh Hoa, about 100 miles south of Hanoi. The approach to a fourth bridge was cratered, a spokesman said. The pilots reported heavy groundflre near one bridge. But no damage was reported and all four planes returned safely. On the ground, the Communist Viet Cong staged two more ambushes Monday night, leaving six government soldiers dead, 15 missing and four Vietnamese and one American wounded. One attack occurred between Da Nang and Hue, 450 miles north of Saigon. As a government platoon supported by armored cars entered an area where the Communists recently blew up six railroad bridges, the guerrillas attacked. Six government soldiers were killed, one wounded and seven were listed as missing. Viet Cong losses were not known. On Route 19 about 250 miles north of Saigon, a government convoy ran into a Viet Cong road trap. In the battle that followed, three Vietnamese and one American were wounded. Eight Vietnamese were listed as missing. There was no word of Communist losses. The town of Cang Long in the Mekong Delta south of Saigon came under mortar fire Monday See PLANES—Page 10. and seemed to have lost hope of escaping the electric chair. 'I know that I am a lost cause as far as saving my life — Don't believe Joe Tonahill — I know here is a whole conspiracy behind it," Ruby said. At another x>int, he noted, "I walked into a ,rap when I walked down that ramp (into the city hall basement where he shot Oswald). I know I am going to die a horrible death." Speaking of that Sunday, he said, "I shouldn't have tried to Bolivia's Junta, Tin Miners Accept Cease-Fire Agreement The FBI said it would have no comment. There was no immediate comment from the White House. The State Department announced that the 21,000 U.S troops in the Dominican Republic are now under the command of the Inter-American Force formally created Sunday. Its commander is Gen. Hugo Panasco Alvim of Brazil. Lt. Gen. Bruce Palmer of the United States is deputy commander. contingent, LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — Bolivia's military junta and its tin miners agreed Monday night to a cease-fire calling for an end to the miners' eight-day-old strike and withdrawal of troops from the mines. The truce was signed after a battle between government forces and workers in the industrial suburbs of La Paz which continued into Monday night. At least 19 persons were killed and more than 70 wounded. Heavy casualties were reported in mining centers south of the capital where miners tried to repel troops under government orders to occupy the state- owned mines. The cease-fire agreement was signed by Gen. Alfredo Ovando Candia, the armed forces commander, and leaders of the Boli vian Drivers Union who have play the part background of a hero. My wasn't enough to play the part of a hero:" He thanked Judge Holland for allowing him "to speak for myself because I never had attorneys to speak for me," and appeared to regret the use of his trial defense team, Tonahill, Melvin Belli and Phil Burleson. I'd have done better if I'd thrown myself at the mercy of the court," he said. Twice he declared, "I don't want you as my attorney, Mr. Tonahill." Ruby began his statement saying: "I've been very patient while every one's classified me as an insane person." Ruby and his family had sought to remove Tonahill as his attorney and replace him with i group of attorneys they had selected. Tonahill contended he had a valid contract with Ruby. He said the condemned man signed it while he was sane and that he is now insane and incompetent to decide who his counsel will be. "I'm responsible for terrible things — this Is the part you think I'm insane about, but I'm not," Ruby said. Tonahill said there is no appeal of Judge Holland's decision, but that he would continue to work on Ruby's appeal before the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals where he and Burleson are recognized as Ruby's attorneys of record. Judge Holland said a hearing blanket $2,500 expense money. The Michigan Legislature reached that mark for the first time this year. A raise from $7,000 plus $1,250 expenses was voted a year ago. Lawmakers alsO it- ceive mileage allowances. Senate approval of the measures is required. The $789,000 pay hike, which includes $5,000 pay raises for the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and secretary of state, was tacked onto a bill appropriating $39.57 million for general government operations in the coming fiscal year. It was among nearly $500 million in appropriations bills passed Monday—Including $278 million in restricted funds, Over which the legislature does not have discretionery power. The pay raise itself would not affect the coming year's budget. The governor now receives $30,000 a year, the attorney gen- ). My eral and secretary of state $20,clean 000 each, and the lieutenant gov- advance on other mining cen ters. Bloody rioting erupted in La Paz last week following the start of the strike, and the junta sent 17 labor leaders into exile in Paraguay to join Lechin. An armed band of gunmen tried to assassinate the president of the junta, Lt. Gen. Rene Barrientos, Saturday at the Kami mining center 140 miles south of La Paz. He escaped injury but one of his guards was killed. Four gunmen were captured. The government ordered the army to occupy the mines Sunday after the miners refused to return issued mine 27,000 to work, reducing workers workers Decrees were wages of all would be held next week, to soon, perhaps determine if from the state mining corporation's payroll. been mediating the dispute be- and the leftist Soviets Launch 67th Unmanned Satellite MOSCOW (AP)— The Soviet Union today launched ie County Airport, the governor unmanned satellite in the its 67th Cos- responded on all occasions with mos series. Tass news agency Besides the U.S. the Inter-American Force is tween the junta made up of 1,250 Brazilians who miners union, begin arriving today and small contingents from Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua and El tions will meet in the capital to Salvador. Radio Mendez in La Paz representatives of the two Troops began occupying one mine after another north and south of the capital, freeing a number of the 70 hostages the i government said were being said held by the strikers. j The fighting spread Monday! Judge Joe Brown, who presided at the Ruby murder trial, should be disqualified for the sanity hearing. Testimony Monday was peppered with charges that lawyers sought to exploit Ruby for profit. Earl Ruby of Southfield, Mich., a brother, said he lost confidence in Belli and Tonahill "when I learned they were making a movie during the trial." Ruby's roster of lawyers now consists of William Kunstler of New York and Sam Houston Clinton Jr. of Austin, both American Civil Liberties Union attorneys; Elmer Gertz of Chicago; Sol Dann of Detroit, and Burleson, who apparently has approved by the Ruby farnllv y ' fac- widen the agreement. The broadcast said it now stipulates that: 1. The miners will call off the strike they began May 17 to protest deportation of their leader, former Vice President Juan Lechin. 2. The Junta will pull its usual congeniality to the great bit and is continuing the explo- 1 U.S.-occupied international safe-[troops out of tin mines they reception the townspeople j ration of outer space. I ty zone Monday. j have occupied and stop their The troops are under the flag of the Organization of American States and wear yellow and blue shoulder patches. Three-man international patrols, with a U.S. soldier, a Costa Rican and a Honduran in equal warmth, patience and un- said the satellite was in an or-!each Jeep, began patrolling the Civilian Agencies Saved $217 Million in Period WASHINGTON (API— Presi- .._ ...... _ ...... _ ________ .. ..._ dent Johnson says civilian agen- suburbs of La Paz, where offi- ; cies saved $217 million the first cials estimated that 300 snipers I three months of 1965 by reduc- from the mine centers to the ernor $17,500. Most lawmakers were quick to point out they were not voting the raise for themselves, but for whomever wins the 1906 elections. The measure, sponsored by Majority Floor Leader J. Bob Traxler, D-Bay City, and Reps. Daniel Cooper, D-Oak Park, Joseph Swallow, R-Alpena, and Thomas Ford, R-Grand Rapids, also says "the legislature shall be a full-time position." It does not, however, provide for any enforcement of the requirement. The measure also grants the Senate majority leader $5,000 in addition to his salary and expense money, bringing him up to the level of the house speaker. Other house and senate "officers" would receive "bonuses" of $2,500 or $:,000 each. "We are trying to bring the salaries in line with the position and tremendous responsibility of these state officials," Traxler said. He said the legislature rapidly is becoming a 10-month operation instead of 4 or • months as in the past. Minority Floor Leader Robert Waldron, R-Grosse Pointe, objected that making the legislature a full-time position merely encouraged lawmakers to slow down. "We are making our schedule longer and longer; we could finish earlier if we worked with diligence and didn't drag our feet." Opponents of the raise retaliated by refusing to vote Immediate effect for the measure. This means it would not take effect until 90 days after the legislature adjourns although It appropriates money for the fiscal year beginning next July 1. The bill finances general gor- ernment — including the governor's office, the House and Senate — for the 1965-66 fiscal year, without Immediate ef- ect, the money would not be available for general operation* when the fiscal year begins. Rep. Russell Hellman, D-Dollar Bay, voted against the proposed increases. Hellman stated today that he feels "this is not the time for a pay raise when their are so many unemployed in our d i strict." He said he believes the legislature should focus its attention on the unemployment problem in the district and see to it that "everybody can eat, rather than have some feast while others endure famine." were holed up. Air Force planes strafed the hilltops around La Paz in an effort to flush out the snipers. The junta which deposed President Victor Paz Estenssoro ing costs and improving operations. He said this brings savings by the agencies to $500 million in the first nine months of fiscal 1965, which ends June 30. This last November has been trying is in addition to Defense Deto reorganize the mines which it says are nearly bankrupt. I partment savings [$2.5 billion. estimated at Mrs. Kennedy, Children Return to New York LONDON (AP)—Mrs. John F. Kennedy and her children wUl return to New York WednNday, her secretary said today. They attended the dedication May U of the John F. Kennedy Memorial it Runnymedt. r

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