The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 3, 1958 · Page 24
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 24

Austin, Minnesota
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Wednesday, December 3, 1958
Page 24
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MARKET , D«c. S, 19S« ' Th» Aiucin Burrow* ana urn* <U«dint NO l 170-180 i.,, 180-160 100-200 17 «S. 200-«0 1790., 220-J30 17.70., 23 2'2 4 2 '•"•••••" M.. 240-S50 17.30., 250-MO 1710., MO-370 ..,, 19.BO., 270-280 18.70. »t NO. 3 lt.25 ..17 25.... 18.85 ,.17.50....17.10 No.U H.JS 280-290 200-300 .. 17.30.. ..17.10.. .. 16.90.. .. 16.70.. ..10.S0.. ..1«.30.. 18.50...,18.10.. .16,HO 1.16.70 ,.18,50 ,.16.20 .18.10 ,.19.60 ,.15.70 18,rO....15.60.... 15.50 All outchfrs weighing nw 300 lb» nrc priced 'the snmp is snw« of the <»m« wgt um and good 1,065 Iba 25.40. Sheep 3,000; slow; early sales slaughter lambs weak to 50 lower; but hulk unsold; good and choice 90-110 Ibs wooled slaughter lambs 19.50-21,50} a load good and choice 10ft Ibs 21.00; cull to low food 15.50-19.00; a shipment of choice 104 Ibs shorn lambs 104 Ibs 21.00; a shipment of choice 117 lb no 1 pelts 19.00; cull to choice slaughter ewes 6.00-7.30. CHICAGO POULTRY CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) Live poultry no tone; Tuesday's receipts 126,000 Ibs; wholesale buying prices unchanged;, Plymouth Rock Fryers 19%-22; White Rocks 17V4-18. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) Potatoes arrivals 54; on track 153; total U.S. shipments 451; supply light; demand slow; market dull; car lot track sales: Idaho russets 3.50; Idaho utilities 2.35; Minnesota North Dakota Red River Valley Pontiacs 2.50-2.60. CHICAGO (AP) - Chicago Mer- choice '.'.'.'.Y.V.y.Y.Y.Y.Y.Y.Yu.M-io so cantile Exchange — Butter steady, receipts 721,000; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA 57%; 92 A 57%; 90 B 57; 89 C 56V4; PACKING sows N.I i N» 2 16/0. ... 10.00. 16.15. ... 15.75. 15,1)0.... 15.50. 1S.8S/...1S.25. 15,40. .. 15.15 ... . .14.75. 14,90.... 14.50. 14.40.. ..14.00. STA(J3 under 400 ...... , ........... 11.25 StBIM <00-690 .................... 1050 ' trading 370-200 :tOO-330 320-3PO .1BO-400 00-450 J 50-500 •VM-550 550-UP No 3 . 15.M . .15.35 .. 15.10 ..H,85 . 14,60 . . M.35 .. 11.10 ..13.60 Sti\t?s over 600 8.50 tlnrtrrflmshed cull or rilled hm?s ust he discounted accordingly. All . nw v.iblcot tn government In apcrr.ion IBIS SPRING LAMB MA' ",t Prime ...................... 20.50 IB.'O-n.SO 15.00-18.00 11.00 down Common . All buck inmbs dlscnuntM *l p<>t nnndred wplpht hv i?rnd? tarn ha over 100 pound* discounted lOc per cwt n*r nound Old crop lambs »t rnnrket VKAL MARKET v>M eaires of an weigh u and elus*. '« purchnned Choice 180-230 ............ 2850-31.00 flood 180-230 .... k .......... 26.50-28.00 Standard ................... 24.50-26 00 Utility 180-230 IIM ......... 22.00-23.00 Choice heavy 2*0-300 Itw. ..27.00-28.00 Oood heavy 240-300 Ibs. ,.25.00-2fl«l Cuila all weight ........... fl.oo-18.00 A 'l $3 "InfT 300 Ibs. Veal calrw will b« accepted at Aua- tln until 9:30 a.m. Friday No marker on Saturday CATTLE MARKET 0. 8. Prime ateew ft year- 27.00-28.75 _ .................... 0. 8 Oholce steers Si vear- 25.00-27 J5 0. 8 Good ateera & year_ lln B« ..................... 23.25-25.75 0 S standard st«era & 5" e ,"llnR8 ................. 21.00-23.50 All heifers 50 cents to 75 cents CWT under steer prices. All steers over 1,050 Ibs. and heifers over 950 lb«. are discounted according to weight. U. 8. Commercial Cows ..17.25-19.75 U. 8. Utility Cows .......... 16.25-17.75 Cutter ..................... 15.50-17.50 Onnners .................. . . H .25-18.25 Put Bulls .................. 17.50-21.50 Sausage Bulls .............. 18.50-23.50 U. Wt. Thin Bulls ........ 14.00-16.00 AUSTIN GRAIN MARKK1 soybeans .............. , , ...... ai 98 Oats ............................ Corn ......................... , . , SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK SOUTH ST. PAUL (AP) — (USDA) — Cattle 5,000; calves 2,200; slaughter trade draggy; steers and heifers about steady with week's decline; cows steady cars 90 B 57'^; 89 C 57. Eggs steady; receipts 14,800; wholesale buying prices un changed; 70 per cent or better grade A whites 34%; mixed 34%; mediums 30; standards 33; dirties 31; checks 30; current receipts unquoted. NEW YORK (AP) - (USDA) Butter offerings relatively light; demand disappointing; receipts 385,000. Wholesale prices on bulk cartons (fresh), creamery, 93 score (AA) 59%-60 cents; 92 score (A) 59- Pilgrims Live in Memory of Holland Town By BILL WLL1NGHAM LEYDEN, Hol1?nd - Thanksgiving Day means more than a ,urkey dinner here. In fact, a tur- tey rarely figures In their cele- iration. On Nov. 29 of each year a commemoration is held marking the departure of the Pilgrims for America. The people of/ the Nether,ands, and especially those from Leyden, know that their country bad the Pilgrims on, their soil before the departure for New England. Attending this commemoration service, held in St. Peter's Church (Pieterskerk) is the American ambassador to The Netherlands, plus members of the American colony in that country. After prayers, hymns and a sermon, a talk is given on the stay of the Pilgrims •in Leyden. Later on the congregation usually retires to one of the Dutch restaurants that specializes in American food In St. Peter's Church there is a prominent plaque depicting, the Mayflower and dated 1620. Under it is the inscription: "In memory of the Rev. John Robinson, M. A., pastor of the English church, worshipping over this spot AD 1609 - 1625, whence at his prompting went forth the Indonesio to Take Holding! of Dutch JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP)-The Indonesian Parliament today adopted ft bill tt> nationalize Dutch holdings taken over by the government a year ago. Since then, Dutch owners of some of the major companies have converted them into Indonesian companies by taking in local partners. Cardinal Caro Critically Sick SANTIAGO, Chil e(AP) - The condition of 92-year-old Jose Maria Cardinal Caro, the Roman Catholic Church's oldest cardinal, grew worse today. Cardinal Caro, the archbishop of Santiago, took to his bed Monday with an attack of toxic gastroenteritis. Symptoms of uremia and pneumonia developed. Four doctors attending the aged prelate reported his temperature went up to 101 degrees early this morning and his pulse rate increased. He was reported being fed intravenously. The cardinal was given Extreme Unction, the sacrament for those in danger of death. 59 Ch±Td (m ^f t™ «^ F-to toleUle ta N« Cheese steady; rece.pts 90,000; England in 162o; Buried under ^ house of worship 4 March 1625 aet XLIX years. In memoria aetema erit Justus. "Erected by the National Coun- prices unchanged. Wholesale egg offerings heavy; demand spotty todny; receipts 19,600. (Wholesale selling prices based on exchange and other volume " ales)> limi " New York spot quotations fol-| low: includes midwestern: mixed colors: extras (48-50 Ibs) 37-38%; extras large (45-48 Ibs) 35V4-37; extras medium 32"-32V^; smalls 3031; standards large 35Vi-36V4; checks 34-35. Whites: extras (48-50 Ibs) 37V4- 39Ms; extras large (45-48 Ibs) 35>,i- AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD Wednesday, Dec. 3, 1958 Settlement Reached in TWA Strike 23 LASTING TRIBUTE — The late Pope Pius XII is the subject of this bronze work unveiled in London. It was created by sculptor George E. Campbell. :ALLS SPAN NATION Serum Is Rushed to Evanston as Lasf Resort for 2-Year-Old Mark EVANSTON, 111. (AP) — Serum | breathing, and administration of laboratory. rushed from New York to Evanston in an Air Force jet plane is cil of Congressional Churches of considered a last resort remedy the United States of America AD today for critically ill 2-year-old 37V4; extras medium 32-33. Browns: extras (48-50 Ibs) 37%- to weak; spots 50 lower for past two days; bulls fully steady; most savfe. good and choice slaughter steers , under 1150 Ibs 26.00-27.00; good D__|, D-LU«. and choice heifers 25.50-26.25; util-| Banl ; *°DDer, cows i7.5o-i9.oo; commercial': Awaits Sentencing DULUTH, Minn. (AP)—Eugene Fire Sweeps Resort Area in California Mark Sroge. Long-distance telephone calls and good bulls 21.50-23.00; vealers and slaughter rAlves unchanged; good and choice vealers 27.00- Klovstad, 22, awaited pre-sentence j E i sew here flames 100 feet high 31.00; good and choice slaughter investigation after ^leading guilty | roared on uncheck ed. MALIBU BEACH, Calif. (AP)A wind-lashed fire has cut an eight-mile-wide swath from thej mountains to the sea here but aj massed battery of pumpers, vir-i tually one to a house, today j checked a threat to the famed i film colony. which roused Air Force Secretary James H. Douglas from bed in Washington and spanned the nation in both directions brought the serum to Evanston Hospital. Mark suffers from influenza meningitis, complicated by excess liquid in his lungs, and shock. He was reported holding his own after an operation to ease his drugs. The serum, which is no longer manufactured, stayed on a hospital shelf. The hunt for the serum started when Mark did not respond to the antibiotics which replaced the serum and which are used to treat influenza meningitis. A call to a Los Angeles laboratory turned up the name of a New Jersey man who might have access to the serum. He is Turk Gerlough of Highland Falls, N.J., employe of the E. R. Squibb & Son Gerlough, also roused from bed,! would end the KANSAS • CITY, MO. Weary negotiators reached a tentative settlement early today of the machinists' strike which has stopped operations of Trans World Airlines since Nov. 21. The agreement is subject to ratification by members and approval by officers of the International Assn. of Machinists. In a statement, TWA President Charles Thomas said the agreement "was at the same rate as had already been agreed to by Capital, National and Northeast airlines and includes for TWA a satisfactory agreement on other issues. The settlements referred to by Thomas called for wage increases of 30 cents an hour. Immediately the IAM representatives began a telephone pol | of international union officers on its terms, a preliminary to the rank-and-file vote. Cliff Miller, chairman of IAM District 142 and chief union negotiator, said he would recommend acceptance of the statement. Miller said picketing of TWA facilities will continue until the contract is ratified. Thomas said personnel will be recalled immediately upon ratification. Just when that will be isn't known. Except for Thomas's statement on the wage pattern, terms of the i agreement will be kept secret un- itil after the membership vote. The agreement, if approved, found the serum where it had been in storage for more than a year. Douglas ordered a jet plane from Mitchel Air Force Base on Long Island, N.Y., to fly the serum to Chicago. New Jersey and New York state police rushed the serum to the field and it was flown to Chicago. A helicopter then rushed it to Evanston, landing on a golf course near the hospital. Mark's father, Maxwell, is manager of the Chicago branch of Bell & Howell Corp. calves 23.00-27.00; stocker and Iate Tuesda y to federal charges of feeder classes moderately active, steady; low good and choice 900 lb fleshy feeder steers 26.00; scattering mostly good yearling fleshy feeders 24.50-26.00; shipment good and choice 446 lb steer calves 35.00. Hogs 16,000; fairly active; barrows and gilts 240-lbs down 25-50 higher; heavier weights strong to 25 up; sows steady to strong; 1, bank robbery. He appeared before Judge Edward J. Devitt to admit robbing the Erhard, Minn. State Bank of| $3,825 on Oc. 4. Florida State Ace Joins South Eleven MIAMI, Fla. (AP) - Halfback Bobby Renn of Florida State willjdown canyons to the sea. The blaze, driven by 50 m.p.h. winds, has destroyed an estimated 36 homes. Hundreds of residents have fled the area. The fire, perhaps set by an arsonist, burst out Tuesday on the brush and oak-studded inland slopes of the Santa Monica Mountains. The winds quickly whipped it over the crest of the hills and 2 -,? nd ,, 3 o 19 °" 24 ° lb barr ° W f and|add his runnin S a«d kicking skills gilts 17.2a-17.75; numerous lots l| to the so uth team in the North . and 2 ix Ibs ..rt n l i \ * 1, 2 and 3 27. "The situation doesn't look too promising anywhere," John Bar- Leisure Gift Will Benefit Whole Family How big a package does leisure time come in? And where can you buy it? There's not a husband alive who wouldn't like the answers to those questions — for leisure time is obviously the best gift he could possibly give his wife for Christmas. Actually, the answers are surprisingly simple. That's because , 4 i , . , , . M - star footba11 game Dec - ton ' assistant countv fire chief . ys labor - savmg 160-190 Ibs 17.00-17.75; 1, 2 and 3j Ren n rolled up 442 yards rush- sows 270-400 Ibs 15.00-16.00; 2 and ling this year to run his college 3 400-600 lb sows 14.00-15.25; feed-1 mark to 1,455 yards. The slender er pigs steady; good and choice Henderson, N. C. native averaged 38 yards on 92 punts in three seasons. He scored 99 points. Two Notre Dame players, guard Jim Shaaf and end Dick Wetoska, 16.5-17.25. Sheep 3,600; trade slow developing all slaughter classes steady; feeder lambs weak; good and choice wooled slaughter Iambs, I signed with the North team. 20.00-21.00; largely 20.50-21.00; slaughter lambs weighing over 100 Ibs discounted for weight; good and choice 115 lb wooled slaughter lambs 19.00; good and choice No. •J pelt shorn slaughter lambs 20.00- ATTORNEY DIES CLEVELAND (AP)-Joseph C. Hosteller, 73, noted Cleveland attorney, died Tuesday after a long illness. He was past president of said today. The Pacific highway, U.S. 101, was blocked on either side of the fire zone. The highway, a main are also time-savers. Thus, the lucky lady who receives a major from her family as a I Christmas present is getting more thfln * machine Which Wil1 nrhrh I h north-south route between Los make fc V ' eas - er _ ^ Angeles and San Francisco, runs east and west along the coastline at this point. The Malibu Beach film colony is on the ocean side of the highway. The flames jumped across the highway but the intensive efforts of firemen and their pump- ers and residents with garden " oses checked the threat. 20.50; cull to choice slaughter ewes the Cleveland Bar Assn., a direc- .1.00-8.00; medium and good feed- tor of many industrial firms and crs 18.00-20.00; package good and;senior member of the law firm choice full-mouthed breeding ewes averaging 128 Ibs 12.00. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP) — A sharp drop in the butcher hog supply brought a substantial price recovery today with the market 25 to 50 cents j Abbott L of Baker, Hosteller and Patterson. STOCKS NEW YORK (AP) - 1 p. m. Stocks: higher and wiping out most of Tuesday's setback. Slaughter steer prices were steady to 25 cents higher on all offerings except heavyweights. Vealer prices were strong. The sheep market was slow. CHICAGO (AP)-(USDA)-Hogs 9,000; 25 to 50 higher on butchers under 230 Ibs early on shipping account; 2-3 mixed grade 200-220 lb butchers 18.25-18.75; most 1-3 mainly 1-2 these weights 18.75 • 19.00; and a few hundred 1-2 mostly Is 190-215 Ibs 19.00-19.25; 29 head lots Is 220 Ibs af 19.50; 2-3 230-250 Ibs 17.50-18.00; a few selected lots 230 Ibs to 18.25; most 2-3 260-290 Ibs 17.00-17.50; mixed grade 330-400 lb sows 15.50-16.25; most 400-500 Ibs 14.25-15.50. Cattle 14,000; calves 20; slaughter steers steady to 25 higher; 5 loads prime 1,200-1,350 lb steers 29.00; few loads 28.75 including a load of high choice 1,050 Ibs; bulk choice and prime 1,250 Ibs down 27.00-28.50; comparable grade 1,350-1,550 lb steers 25.50-26.75; good 24.00 - 27.25 according to weight; 3 loads good 1,025 lb Allied Ch Allied Sirs 53 Ken'cott 95% AllisChal 27% Lor'lrd 82*i Amerada 99 Lukens Stl 68<s Am Can 50'/4 Minn MM 103'/4 Am Mtrs 34V* Minn P&L AT&T 199% Mon Chm Anac Co 57% Mon Dk U ArmcoSU 61% Mon Wrd Nat Dy Pr 48 No Am Av 40 averages 27.15; a load of good 68 Intl Paper 114 89V4 Jones & L 56^4 38% 30'-i Armour . Beth Steel 49 Mehru Asks Change *n Oil Development NEW DELHI (AP) — Premier Nehru of India said today that industrially underdeveloped coun- ries should be helped to develop :heir own petroleum resources. He sent a message sent to the naugural session of a 29-nation oil symposium. American and British companies are exploiting the refining, marketing and distribution of oil in India. Mainly Russian and Roman- an experts are collaborating in the establishment of petroleum companies. 26' s 44T-i 40% Boeing Air 48V4 Nor Pac 48 7 k Case JI Celanese Ches&O CMSPP Chi&NW Chrysler Cities Svc Comw Ed Cons Ed Cont Can Cent Oil Deere Douglas Nor St Pw 26% Norw AM 66H Penney 24% Phil Pet 30% Pure Oil 50% Radio Crp 59 Rep Seel 51% Rey Tob B 58 Rich Oil 58Vt Sears Roe 57 Shell Oil 47U Sine Oil 5634 Soc Mob Dow Chem 72% St Brands duPont 198V* St Oil Cal EastKod 135 St Oil lad Firestone 120U St Oil NJ 85',4 106 36? 80 Vs 63 '.4 48 62' g 59^4 47 Ford Mtr Gen Elec 46' » 70 1,230 Ibs 24.00: a load utility 1,075 lb holstein steers 23.50; most good: and choice heifers 25.50-27.75; aj „ Gen Foods ITU ^^ Gen Mtrs Goodrich Stud Pack Sunray Swift & Co Texas Co Truax Tra 26 85',i 21'i load choice 800 Ibs 27.90; some mixed choice and prime 900-1,050 Ibs 28.00; bulk utility and commercial cows 17.50-20.00; canners and cutters 15.00-18.50; utility and commercial cows 17.50-20.00; canners and cutters 15.00-18.50; utility and commercial bulls 22.0024.50; good vealers 29.00 - 32.00; culls down to 15.UO; several loads good and choice 825-1,000 lb feed- Goodyear 113V4 Un Oil Cal 43'.4 Gt Nor Ry 50 Greyhound 18 Homestk 40' 2 Stl Un Pac 34 Vj U S Rub 45 U S Steel 85 West Un 30 IBMach 451 Westg El 69 IOWA NEWS SENATOR DIES SANBORN (ffi — A veteran member of the Iowa State Senate died Monday night in Sheldon Memorial Hospital. He was State Sen. Harry E. Watson, 52, of Sanborn, who had been elected to the Senate in 1948 and had served there since. He was last elected in 1956 and was a hold-over member of the upper house, not subject to election last month. CORN FLOWING BOONE (ffi — Corn was flowing in a golden stream at the Farmers Cooperative Elevator here Tuesday. The center bin, holding 29,000 bushels of shelled corn, split open and spilled the corn on the ground. World Inspection System Proposed GENEVA (AP) - The United States and the four Allies today suggested the establishment of a globe-girdling inspection system to lessen the danger of surprise attack by ballistic missiles. In a detailed document introduced in the surprise-attack conference, the Western powers defined a series of warning methods. The Soviet bloc countries at the 10-nation conference were urged to join the Western nations in a technical study of the whole problem. The first Soviet reaction was negative, Western sources said. wage strike by 6,700 IAM members against TWA, the nation's fourth largest airline. All TWA planes, including those in foreign service, have been grounded. The company laid off 19,000 employes because of the strike. There were little optimism, however, in the disputes involving three other major airlines. At Miami, Fla. negotiations be tween striking flight engineers and Eastern Air Lines appeared to be a stalemate. And in New York, a federal judge extended a temper ary ban on a strike by the Ai Line Pilots Assn. against American Airlines. ! There were no developments in ] the dispute between the Transport Workers Union and Pan American World Airways. The union promised Monday that it would not interfere with Pan American operations pending mediation of its demands. UP AND DOWN BUSINESS—It would be difficult to guess just what this odd-looking device is used for. Of all things, it's a flagpole painting machine. Its Inventor, Arthur Edelberg, of Cleveland, Ohio, displays It in opened position. To paint a pole, the machine is hoisted to the top the same way a flag is. Sliding back down, it sprays the pole with paint. Two brushes inside revolve to give a smooth, even coat. Edelberg, a professional painter for 30 years, claims his invention can do in an hour what it normally takes two men a whole day. He reflects happily on the number of flagpoles there-must be in this country. Surma Not to Wont J.S. Engineer Aid RANGOON, Burma (AP)-The new Burmese government has told two American firms their economic and engineering advice will not be needed after next February. Robert Nathan Associates has been acting as Burma's economic adviser for six years on a contract due to expire next September. Tippetts - Abbett - McCarthy Stratton, engineering consultants, have been working on some un completed projects. The number of airline workers n the United States has almost doubled since the end of World War II. RED PROFESSOR DIES MOSCOW (AP)-Maj. Gen. Luz- ma Nikloavevich Shalkov, 57, professor of chemical defense at the Soviet Military Academy, has died after prolonged illness, the Soviet army newspaper Red Star reported Tuesday. SAFE BLOWN OELWEIN UP) — Burglars blew open a safe at the Hicks Loan Co. during the night and an unofficial estimate placed the loot at several thousand dollars. T^e burglars gained entrance thrugh a rear By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS window. ' „, , . _ nigh Low Pr TEMPERATURES effect, receiving a "package" of leisure time. These extra moments will come to her every day of the year and they are hers to do with just as she wants. Family Reaps Benefits No husband will be surprised, „„,_ F T,T" mRnrp i H L Pet. of course, if bis wife devotes WTW "™,1I 0 * BIRD _9 E .. i Alexandria 42 17.08 most of those new found leisure moments to the family as well as herself. That's one beauty of an appliance as a Christmas present — the family reaps the indirect benefits even as mother herself gets the real use out of it. The woman who owns a modern home freezer, for example, will find that precious moments just before meal time can now be spent with her family and guests. Delicacies prepared long in advance merely have to be removed from the freezer and popped in the oven. And if she owns a modern range with the latest ini is completing a several-months ! The Pas automatic controls she'll have just| c °urse in x-ray darkroom work at!Albany, cloudy SITES FOR BIRDGE MUSCATINE (A — The Muscatine Bridge Commission and Muscatine civic and governmental leaders met Monday night to discuss proposed sites for a new bridge across the Mississippi here. Five or six sites have been proposed but no agreement was reached on where to build the bridge, which would replace a 68- year-old structure. —o — TRAINING FOR BLIND CEDAR RAPIDS (ft — Colleen | Alexandria Bemidji Intl Falls Redwood Falls Rochester St. Cloud Duluth La Crosse Madison Mason City Minot Fargo Rapid City Calgary Edmonton 10 T 5 .13 18 .05 30 .01 24 20 .07 33 T 29 T 22 .01 TIME TABLES (STANDARD DIME) GREAT WESTERN (New Great Western station ntat Ohio street) St. Paul and Minneapolis Leave* for: 4:25 a.m. Mason City and Omaha Leaves (ort 11:15 p.m. THE MILWAUKEE ROAD (Milwaukee Station) LaCrosse and Chicago Leaves (or: 10 p.m. except Saturday Arrive* from: 8:45 a.m. except Sunday. JEFFERSON BUSES Rochester Leaves for: 7:40, 2:1! p.m. and i:45 p.m. dally, Arrives from: 4:20 p.m. and 9:40 p.m. dally. Teneyck, 20, of Vinton.who is Regina blind except that she can see light, Winnipeg T .03 .06 .02 Composer Irving Berlin was born in Temun, Russia. that much more time in which to relax before the meal is ready for the table. St. Luke's Hospital here. Last' Albuquerque, clear summer she became the second Anchorage, clear i person in the state to begin a new! Atlanta, cloudy Or, if the Christmas gift comes j vocational training program spon- 'Bismarck, cloudy in the form of a dishwasher, the!sored by the Iowa Commission for!Boston, cloudy family will be able to relax to-|;he blind, gether after the meal while thej machine takes over the clean-up chore which once made mother an exile in the kitchen. Save* Shopping Time Meal times, however, are not the only hours of the day from which extra leisure moments can be extracted by modern appliances. A big, spacious refrigerator, for example, eliminates the need for repeated, time-consuming trips to the store. Shopping once a week is enough, for the wife with a modern refrigerator and home freezer really ha,s a supermarket in her own home. Washday, too, can be changed from an exhausting and time consuming interval to an effortles.- interlude during which the housewife need do little more than set dials and push buttons. RECONSTRUCTION — Sen. Clifford P. Case (R-N. J.) says the Republican party must "reconstruct the NEUKOSUKGEON DIES NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP)-Dr. STAND FAST — West Berlin Lord Mayor Willy Brandt .Buffalo, cloudy I Chicago, cloudy I Cleveland, cloudy j Denver, clear jDes Moines, cloudy ;Detroit, cloudy | Fort Worth, clear 'Helena, snow Indianapolis,, cloudy i Kansas City, cloudy | Los Angeles, clear Louisville, clear i Memphis, cloudy • Miami, cloudy (Milwaukee, cloudy |Mpls.-St. Paul, cloudy 45 29 New Orleans, clear 68 53 New York, cloudy 41 33 Oklahoma City, clear 59 -1U Omaha, cloudy 55 2<j Philadelphia, cloudy 41 29 Phoenix, clear 77 49 Pittsburgh, cloudy 29 17 Portland, Me., cloudy 31 13 Portland, Ore., cloudy 62 4a .25 42 31 22 52 42 40 29 37 35 43 41 23 39 15 57 31 49 35 42 32 27 20 17 13 14 10 29 15 58 35 11 1 57 47 .03 i 43 29 .101 35 30 30 24 37 29 35 23 58 40 49 27 33 28 UO 40 52 37 30 M 53 42 85 till 42 37 55 49 .08 78 75 37 27 T TV WRITER DIES HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (AP) — Bertram Millhauser, 66, veteran movie and television writer, died Monday. His career as a write began with the old Pearl Whit movie thrillers in New York. H came to Hollywood in 1923, Charles City-Waterloo Leaves for: S p.m. dally and via Mason City 4:20 a.m. dally. Arrives from: 2:05 p.m. dally. St. Paul-Minneapolis Leave* for: 7:33 a.m.. 2:10 p.m., 5:45 p.m. and via Albert Lea 11:30 a.m. Arrives from: 11:30 a.m., 4:50 p.m., 1 a.m. and 4:20 a.m. Des Molnes-Kansas City Arrives from: 2:15 p.m.. 3:45 pjn. and 7:40 a.m. Leaves for: 11:30 a.m.. 4:20 p.m., 1 a.m. and 4:20 a.m. Real Estate Transfer Nicholas B. Deneen «t ux to A' bert P UIwelHng et ux part at O 32 In SEii 28-102-17 village of Rose Creek. Richard D. Bheedy et ux to Henry Krull et ux «,4 Int. In W 91 ft of L B15 Bolcom's Addn. Leon Underdahl, et ux to Onorle P. Spinier et ux, L3 B2 Auditor'* Fla of Olts In NW/4 NE'/« NE'/4 4-102-18 Nell C. Hemmer et ux to Edwuri A. Ulills et ux Olt 98 Decker Acre Ex. S. ISO ft. Lawrence E. Sathre et ux to Che* er P. W. Ullraan et ux Its 12 & 13 33 Dlnamoor Acres. Joapehlno M. Chrz et ux to Wm I. Schneberger et ux Olt 132 Decke Acres. Harold L. Rlernann et ux to Roge L. Brlggs et ux, parcel of land 8E Cor of N>,i NE'A 12-102-18. Richard J. Johnson et ux to Don aid O. Slverson et ux L4 BS BU: Oaks Park Addn. Clinton Jordan et ux to Charles j Eoser Olt 22 Auditor's Plat. Margaret M. Hanson, wdo, to W Harold Hoenlsch, L9 B3 Miller-Ell 2nd Addn. W. Harold Heonlsch et ux to Elmi C, Fossum et ux L9 B3 Miller-Ell 2nd Addn. Nels Brick Rasmussen et ux Duane L. Maxfleld et ux, Olt 35 E S. 150 ft. Decker Acres. John Nybo et ux to Rex. L. Savag L27 9 Kenwood Park Place. F. I. Crane Lbr. Co., et al to Ken neth B. Erlckson et ux . LI Bl Nob Hill 1st Addn. Miller Molde Cons. Co., to Julius J. Simonson, L4 B14 Bel-Air 3rd Addn. Lena Klvell, wdo. to L. J. Klvell et ux, Us. 1 to 10 Inc. B32 Vll of LeRoy. William Akermat et vix to Quentln E. Towels et ux, Lts 4 & S B8 Qoe- bel's Addn. Arthur P. Johnson et ux to E. D. LeVasseur L2 B3 Oak Tower. Harold Root et ux to Lloyd Fisher et al, L70 & 71 Bl Maplevlew. Roger L. Brlggs et ux to Ronald J. Radloff, N 95 ft of Olt 8 of Olto In John Nybo et ux to Ronald W. olfe, L9 Bl Woodlawn Park Addn. Charles Jay Smith et ux to John B. ybo et ux L4 B2 Neveln'» 1st Addn, John Nybo et ux to Durwood D. eyer L4 B2 Neveln'a 1st Addn. Woldemar B. Klrchdoerfer «t u* to ean H. Gilbert et ux, LI B6 Kauf- an's 2nd Addn. Samuel Hulet et ux to Roy M. elerson, L4 B4 Weseman . Miller ddn. George S. Gunderson et ux to Roert D. Monson, L« Bl MlUer-SlH» nd Addn. Oliver W. HllHer et ux to John F. Wall et ux L10 Pat of HllUer 1st iub- Iv, Prank Helebrandt et ux to Leo P. Jelmer et ux L8 & Wft L9 BS Moran's Addn. ' ' George S. Gunderson et ux to Wm. . Williams L7 Bl Mlllet-EilU 2nd Wdn., James E. Christiansen et ux to Home 'ed. Savs. & Loan Assn. L6 B3 Roch- ord 2nd addn. Bruce A, Hastings et ux to Vern D. Day et ux L18 B13 Keriwood Park Place, John B. Nybo et ux to Chas J. Smith L3 B4 Miller-Ellis 2nd Addn. Sadie Haugen et vlr to Robert t. Lappla et ux, L9 B3 Village of Le- fioy. Adolph H. Verchota et ux to Edwin B. PDrklns et ux, L5 B2 Neveln's 1st ddn. Hormel Foundation to Martin Bu«tad, Its 10 to 18 Inc. & Its. 1 to 17 Inn. In B13 Kaufman's 2nd Addn. Durwood D. Meyer et ux to John B. Nybo, L9 Bl Woodlawn Park. Harry E. Greeley et ux to Gerald a. Hanson et ux N}i NW& 2-103-16 with exs. Gerald S. Hanson et ux to Barry E. Greeley et ux : exB. NW',4 2-103-18 with James M. Jacobson et ux to Orant N. Walker et ux, L41 Orlg, Vll of Dex. Edward tThlls et ux'to Peter Klein et ux, Olt 83 Decker Acres ex. 8. ISO ft. Everett C. Carlson «t ux to Kenneth H. Hunt et nx E 55 ft of Its & 2 B6 Lewis Park Addn. Harry R. Klema et ux to Lloyd fisher et al Lll B2 Klnsman'a Addn. William J. Baudler et ux to Robert i. Dlgman, L6 B2 Cedar View Addn. John F, Flahnrty et ux to Lauretta M. Flaherty, W 4 f t of S 137 nf Olt 47 & S 137 ft of Olt 48 Of NWU 2102-18. Merrltt J. Lee et al to Lewis W. Drake, Us 10 & 11 VU of Dexter. Isidore J. Preund et ux to Chruch of St. John The Baptist, N 2 rds of W 28i.i rds in 32-101-16. Donald O, Slverson et ux to Paul Severson et ux, L4 B5 Oak Park Addn. August W. Sommers et ux to Lucille Baudler N 100 ft Of 8. ISO ft LI B17 Bolcom's Addn and tract of land In SE',1 NW«' 4 S-102-18. Lucille Bf.udler, sgn. to Zelda Sommers. as above, John F. Johannsen et ux to Lucille Baudler, SEV* 28-101-18. Lucille Baudler to John F. Johan- Auditor's Plat. Fderlck Qrose et to Clty - Hldll » and . rain Ernest Sachs, 79, international!; has told his 2,200,000 citi- . known neurosurgeon, died lues zens to stand fast against the ; ,'„ , , 3 ' C i e f r J ^ f, . ._ _ . 1. _ i -11 »•-, r- r~, .-trt i M » L.M_,4,-L-.!n.- i _-. . , n I . . ,-. . J • U 1 L LdKC \^ItV. .80 Lake City, clear U)f 26.80-28.00 ; » load Bid 63% George A Common Slock (Wrigbt Wells & Co.) v c , IP ii,ui K- — i •* i^y after a short illness. Dr coming hardships involved _ Yng S & T l(H» 4 tic i ma ge" O f the GOP in his hachs. former president of tht in the Soviet attempt to end Sa " Die «°' ciear ,. Hormel* Co. analysis of the recent elec- I \ m e r i c an Neurological Assn. the occupational status of ^" ^ ran ^ s ™, clear tion reverses of his party. He j A'rote more than 200 books and the city. Brandt declared beattle - do "a believes President Eisephow- '.articles. He taught at Washington thut ihe U. S, Britain and A am . pa ' rain Asked 55% er is the only man to do the i University In St. Louis and Yalft. 1 France had pledged them- Washington, ram Job. Medical School. selves to defend the city. <M — Missing; T 57 31 48 37 43 33 47 2(5 79 55 71 5ti 57 51 .62 BO 65 .47 44 33 .02 Trace) Albert Lea Leave* for: 11:30 a.m., 4:20 p.m., 9:40 p.m. 1 a.m. and 420 a.m. Arrives from: 7:35 »on., 2:15 p.m. and 5:45 p.m. AUSTIN BUS LINES INC Dally except Sundayt ft Holldayi — Kenwood it Baunun — Leaving Main tc Bridge St«. at S minutes after and 25 minutes to thr hour Leaving Harmon Se Kenwood Ar«. at 15 minute* to and 15 minute* after the bour - Railway & Garfleld — { saving Main it Water 8t* at 5 afMn i and 25 mloutea to the hour On ! Garfleld 15 minutes to and 15 mln- 1 utea after the hour Ti Running to Harrison at 3:15 p. m. * 3:45 p. m | Leaving Main it Bridge for 8«venth j &i Euclid 5 minutes to and 25 mln- | utea after the hour ] Arrives on Seventh it Euclid on tht : hour and '.4 hour j limning from 8 a. m to 6 p m ! — Decker Acre* — T saving Main & Water Sw. at 15 mln- . 1 utes to and 15 mlnuu* alter the !| nour | Railway & Watei Sta. 10 minute* tr>! and 20 minute* after the bour ! Arrives on Hope & Decker ut 5 mln- I ut«s to and 25 minute* after thr' hour i O.i Division & Center St« on the i hour and '.i hour I Kunnlng from 6 a tn to 9:30 a. nt and from 11 44 a m to 6 p m ! — Sterling .saving Main <Si Water 8U at 10 mln utee to and 10 minute* after tht hour ^rrlvea on Mtllflcld on the hour ami \'a hour Running fron. 5:30 a m to S a. m and (mm 11:50 a m to 6 p m — Maplevlew — ueavlng Main ft Water Bt*. at 20 mln j ute» to and 10 minutes- after thi hour ! \rrlvc8 In Map lev lew ai !:> niluutet : to tad 15 minutes aiu-i Unui - Crane Addition - 1 *avlng Main it Wat*i St* dt 3 mln '< ute* to and 23 minute* after trn hour i irnu-s in Crane Addition on me nnm and ',2 niur ; : .L.picvif* i, r.u Uran* Addition B : . : runs Irom 7:10 am. to 8 a.m. aiuh Irum 2:30 p.m. to 5 p :n. ' — HarrlMiu & ghrldun ; •vine Main i Walei S'4 »t 5 m'u Ule* to and 25 minutes after thi ! hour ; 'n Harrison on the bour »ud Q»" ' nour ui Sheldon 20 mlnutec to & iO mlo- . ute* after the bour. ! (tunning tram 7:30 » a to I W » n I only. 1 F. Ohde, LI B2 Herman Baudler Addn. Christian J. Kellen et ux to Frederick O, arose et ux - L9 Bl Sterling Place 2nd 'Addn. Nels M. Nelson, et ux to Robert D. Burns et ux a 85 ft of N 186.4 nsen et ux SE'i 26-101-18. Olive L. Roscnthal, sign, to Max Peroutka et ux, parcel of land In Olt 9 Elmhurst. Max Peroutka et ux to Olive L. Rosenthal, part of Olt 9 Elmhurst Addn. Frank L. Estllck et ux to Glenn M. Stevens et ux, Its IS, 16, 17 B23 Village of LeRoy, Lea Duholm et ux to Wayne Austin, part of BU SW!i of NW5i 3-103-18 with Exs. . Olt. 3 in 19-103-14 — village of Or, Mdw. Robert O. Burns et ux to Nels M. Nelson et ux, S 85 ft of N 1864 Olt 2 in 19-103-14 village of Or Mdw Anna Relersou, et al to Henry P. Ohde L23 B2 Gregg-Johnson. Howard E. Marsh et ux to Robert Burden et ux LH B3 Carlotto 2nd Addn. Wesley B. Crowder et ux to LaDale E. Lorenis, L10 B4 Schleusner &, Hartson Addn. MONEY TO LOAN ON CITY RESIDENTIAL PROP. ERTY. ALSO RIAL ESTATE CONTRACTS IOUGHT. SEE J. A. Ram set h REALTOR 111 E. Wottf . Ni. HE3*3494 DAIRY SALE CONGER SALES BARN Conger, Minn. Located 12 Miles S.W. of Albert Lea, Minn. Mon,, Dec. 8—1 p- 175 Dairy Cows & Heifers 50—Springing Cows and Heifers 65-Holstein Heifers, Wt. 600 to 800 Ibs. 55-Holstein Heifers, Wt. 500 to 600 U»*. CONGER SALES CO. Congtr, Minn. RUSSELL BABBITT, Manager DON BA»|)TT, AUCI,

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