Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 24, 1965 · Page 12
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 12

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Monday, May 24, 1965
Page 12
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TWELVE IRONWOOD DA11Y GLOBE. IRONWOOO. MICHIGAN MONDAY, MAY 24, 1965. Your Horoscope By Sydney Omarr Tuesday. May 25 "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points the way." ARIES iMar. 21-Apr. 10r Cycle now moves up. Face facts as they exist. Dispel illusions. Concentrate on reality . . look to FUTURE instead of worry i n g about past. TAURUS 'Apr. 20-May 20): Privacy required. Take time to] collect thoughts. Be SPECIFIC I Avoid scattering forces Accept challenges. Older individual can provide sound advice. GEMINI 'May 21-June 20)-j Complete assignment. Finish 1 what you start. Don't be satisfied with halfway methods. Your; influence spreads . . for the '. good. Act accordingly! I CANCER 'June 21-July 22):' Advancement due if vou utilize ' creative resource 1 , Find better j ways of serving f he public Good lunar aspect highlights, new ideas, recognition of efforts BRIDGE BY JACOBY NORTH 24 4AQ108 V432 • AQ108 *32 WEST EAST * K J 9 7 465 V65 VK J97 • KJ97 » 654 4654 4KJ97 SOUTH (D) 4432 V AQ108 • 32 + AQ108 Both vulnerable South West North East 14 Pass 1 * Pass 1V Pass 14 Pass 1 N.T. Pass 3 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4 7- By JACOBY & SON finesses will be wrong and South will do well to make as many as six tricks with the same cards that have just produced 13. Q—The bidding has been: South West North Cast 1 + Pass 1V Pass '» You, South, hold: *K Q J Z VA 10 2 43 2 *A 6 5 4 What do you do? A—Bid one spade. An immediate heart raise is * fair second choice. TODAY'S QUESTION Your partner continues to two clubs. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Quick Quiz 5909-H STAMP-ON MAGIC!—A single Q—What breed of dog was named best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club show in 1965? A—Fanfare, 4'/z-year-old Scottish terrier, won out in the final judging at Madison Square Gar- The finesse is by far the most den. beating five other finalists common play in bridge if y o u from an original entry list of 2,include all sorts of finesses. 573 purebreds. There are lots of definitions uf j Q—Which was the first state LEO (J U ]y 23-Au?. 22". Your! stroke of your iron will trans-' it but the best one is that the i admitted to the Union west of sense o! showmanship comes roif el - f nese lovely floral motifs to finesse is an effort to make a: the Mississippi River? a : A—Missouri, in 1821. « higher card by reason of its position I Q—In Greek mythology, who We doubt if today's hand has were tlie Centaurs? fore. Excellent for contacts Be as good a giiesf as you civ a host. Obtain vahviijie hint f'.'O'.n today'.-: CANCER message. VIRGO 'Aug. 23-Sep'. 221: Time to be versatile Try various methods. Key is willingness to experiment. Your enthusiasm impresses people. Don't use excessive criticism. Be LENIENT! LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct 22): Check details and facts carefully ... then proceed to handle trouble spots. Have courage of convictions. Your sense of JUS- and impresses ready-made items — treating 1 o w e r them 10 a touch of color and charm! Pattern No. 5P09-H has color transfer for 14 motifs. To order, send 35c in coins to: Anne Cabot. Iroiwuod Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive Chicago. 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc name, ever been dealt but it illustrates A—The Centaurs were the ultimate in finessing. The wild descendants of Ixion, the who and lived in the mountains of Thes- cards have been placed so that; were half-horse, half-man, South will have no trouble making all the tricks if he just ! saly. takes all the deep finesses that are available to him. Thus he plays dummy's eight i Merriweather Personals Send 50c now Spring-Summer Album! Regular!"'";"' 2i).] features; custom collection' 1 now "stresses | ltems to crochet . knit - stitch! interests. Be consid-' style No i Ol s P a des on the opening seven ' | spot and since West holds all the Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ellsworth _ , 65 f higher spades that eight wins were Ontonagon callers. ! frViP trinlr oc cnvolir <ac fVio ar»£» ; urnitm. o n .*l.*r.l»t •»«•«! (Oct. 23-Nov. Good romantic erate of children and KEEP PROMISES Change, travel, variety are in spotlight. SAGITTARIUS iNov. 22-Dec. 21): Recent restrictions lift. Opportunity is accented. Be aware, alert. Family member can prove helpful. Don't' let false pride upset plans. Time to be practical. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-J a n 19): Some confusion of recent the trick as surely as the ace: waiter Savlnski, Marque 11 e -• spent a weekend with his moth| His next play is to lead a er, Mrs. Madeline Haskins. heart from dummy. He chooses j Mrs. Stanley Ray, Topaz, vis- the heart in preference to a club '• ited at the Jack Ellsworth since holds three hearts home. TODAY is VOTTP RTRTH arul only two clubs ' He is pre 'i Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Ellswortt vnii tpnri t HP • t jpared to finesse tne ei S ht but were Ironwood business callers, .jou iena 10 oe iniro-; East plays tne nine so he wins ; Mrg Uoy6 Cook Jr and Mrs analyze, o 11 e n the trick witn the ^ n j Carroll Abrams entertained Sat- A second spade is led and he urday afternoon at a party at the the appropriate ca r d; Cook home in honor of Caroline cy of tact, diplomacy, a a ft DAY spective. You place yourself in role of under-, dog to see how others will re- se i ec t s act. You are sensitive and! would be or artist. a good actor, writer. from dummy to cover whatever card West plays. A second heart finesse and a third heart finesse GENERAL TENDENCIES: I follow and South has eight tricks days evaporates. Utilize knowl-! Cycle high for ARIES, TAURUS, edge gained in past. You are, Special word to AQUARIUS: An now able to see goal. Take steps i associate may need aid. Be to achieve it by probing deep, j fair! AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feta. 18): Agree to certain changes but Director of United hold off on complete revisi o n s. ^" ctl « r "' umieu Be PERCEPTIVE. Added work;ApDCal Is Appointed may be necessary. Realize one' MUSKEGON (AP)—Amos hpf nn pithpv Abrams who celebrated her llth birthday anniversary. Mrs. Clara Abrams, Mrs. Ed ith Darr, Mrs. S. A. Weste r n and Mrs. Jack Ellsworth attend- or diamonds. Jed a card party at the St. Ann's He does not need to finesse | Church, Bergland. the eight spots in these suits | Roy Jaugernoutt, Peoria, 111. in these suits since he only needs five more is tricks for the grand slam but ten spot finesses succeed. He ' makes all the tricks and c o m- is on "your Burrows Jr. now executive di- JustBfor tne fun of it shift the ion* im TT eC -,°!l °^ Loram Ohio, East and West c d Now all : Nelda gavola. 19-Mar. 20): United Community Services, with experience side." PISCES (Feb. Money question can be favora- has been named to head the bly resolved. But don't rush in- : Muskegon County United Ap- to new project. Examine pros-' peal. He is expected to assume pects. Realize some associates his new duties here about June are likely envious. Continue poll-. 26. BUGS BUNNY ~~ ' plains mildly T - bidding. about under- a guest at the Carl S o d e r- strom home. Mrs. Sally Rosinski, Topaz entertained the Pinochle Club at her home. Prizes were won by Mrs. Barbara Ellsworth Mrs. Alberta Abrams and Mrs SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox I. MOW WE 'CAN SEETH'SWELL, MOVIE AT TH 1 BIJOU, CICECOi WE'LL SIT BV POBKYAN' PETUNIA,AM' j B7.ZJ BZZZ! / IP WE HAD WE COULD GOTOTH' v MOVIE/EH, KID? THEM TH'LOVEBIRDS ^ COULD BE ALONE, AM'... CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner „ "What do you mean you can't earn a nickel after school? Surely there must be some one who wants sorncthine destroyed!" • 1*5 I, NIA, IK. 7.M. In. UJ. f«. OH. "Hal's been real sweet lately, but maybe I could forgive him for a few things in advance!" Night Life Answer to Previous Puzzto ACROSS 1 Sight-seeing 5 Red juzx (slang) 8 Midnight 12 Marine bird 13 Poem 14 "Why RO —1 15 District in (irect'p escutcheon 3 Liberal churchman 4 Feel anger 5 Cheat 6 I larcm room 7 KOIIp 8 Tremble 9 Threw (var.'i 10 Persian pod 11 Shoe part u OI& TIE 51 1C AB.O Z] El IE g O S El al |A T T i BI E3EH3CHH QHDin[3t3C3 HQD QHC=] nom 16—— side shows 17 Stair post J8 Prisoner •M Rclurn 21 Genus of freshwater ducks '22 Veneration 23 Onward 25 Perform labor 2!) Boundary (comb, form) 30 Cricve 31 Aurora 32 Circuit Court ot Appeals lab.) 3,'i Dawn (poet.) :M L«K al point 35 Aircraft shelters 37 Demonstrative pronoun (pi.) 30 Reply fab.) 40 Monk's cowl 41 Scarcity •44 Shadows (FrJ 47 Holds 49Bullfmch (Scot) 50 Blue color 51 Fondle 52 Jewish measure 53 Danube tributary 54 Streets tab.) 55 Roast rare DOWN 1 Placed a [jolt ball 2 Viiidrcl 111 Bible book fab.) 28 Kssential being 40 Not guests 23 World War i 30 Adores general 33 Devilfish 24 Killer whale 36 Sock support 25 Boat paddies 37 "Piper's son" 26 English hangar 38 Drink 27 Pedal digits familiarly 41 602 (Roman) 42 Eternities 43 Peruvian IndJaa 45 Fencing sword 46 Slave 48 Seine fcNTKKI'llLSK ASSN. BEN CASEY POOR CHICK! 1 PON'T MEAN ID BUS YOU. MARIOS GOING TO COUNTY GENERAL NOW, WITH ME. W HEART, MARK KttP HiUR FM685 CROSSED. CHECK! ONSEX jttS rRtrnRL MElDMMf FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill DAD SAtf:* THIS WAS GREATEST OPERA TENOR, WHO LIVED/ WOW/DOES ME EVER. HIT THE, HK3H NOTeS/ PRISCILLA'S POP REALLY MISSING AlOT/ OP WHAT?? WELL. ID BEGIN WITH- MORTT MEEKLE By Die* Qmffli PA£TVAND I'M INVITING WJNTHGOP— OFCOLJOSe INVITED/ WA& BLUFFING, BUT A* &KU CAN YAFKTEDi TAME ANV CHANCeS. CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Tuner ZACHARY! YOUR UNCLE Tltt 'A* FINALLV IdeMTIREP OWE OF TH& TRAIN KQtKX*\ VODK M&KEB, m\ IT WONT HOLD WATER,.,UUr 5HOULP IT'S H6*RT-WARMIM& THE MA? UNCtC TIM AND DOC GlOSSOP HAVE RALLIED TO SEE THAT Hl» VISIT tfNT PUU. 1 IU WRWS THArjOKHTS MKK...TAWN6 APMNTA6E Of DdC* WARPEP SUSPICION OF EVERVBOOV» 5AWITY. TO PLANT DOUBTS/MUM8LINS NO SANER MAN— _/ 60 LOUD GST McKtt U?r& OF FINE PUBLICITY! H6AR TH& INSPECTOR: THE BORN LOSER By Art Sansem ALLEY OOP By v. T. HamHa MYeOCVNESS, AREN'T/ EH?? OH. \OU FIXEP UP REAL ( HI, COMFORTABLE '. A OOOLA.. OUT OUR WAY—By J. B. Williams r OH,YE*,LAPlE& PLAY it. 1 B-Z-»»IT'S REALLY A OH, KINP OF A REST FROM KNITTIN 1 AN' PI5HE5, HUH 6IT PLAYlN'i NEVER. RIPICULE ELDERJLV PEOPLE-- •(OU'LUBE THERE SOME PAY.' B-z-zzz-B-z-Z-- PELUCUT LAD1E5- B-B-Bzz-z-zz— IN TOOK HEALTH? ...MVGO9H, [ WELL,THAT'S NOT (...YOU'RE THE I YEH...AN 1 I'M BE I HAVENT \ MY PAULT, YOU JOUE WHO'S \ 6INNIN 1 TWONDER SEEN \OUIN A LONGTIME! AROUND ALL ( WHAT IT'S BEEN OVER THE MAP.'V. COSTIN' ME. 1 BEEN RUNNINGS )F ITS WORTH OUK BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hoople I HEAR VOtfRS 4lN'yoi)R ' BOARDER INTOAPWZE- PlSHTEPi, MA30R/ HOW DOES HE LOOK =9 HE'6 A KILLER] V^ITH EITHER c. . I^THOOSM HE TOES LACK THE FINESSE-. iflFMY PREVIOUS FI6HTER6.'-' , HAK-KAFP/-«-I'D TEACH HIM THE g&XlNG ART MV6ELF 0UT IAV 5URSEOM TOLD WE NOT ' JO Kl«K ASGPAVATIU& N\V, outJWAR WOUMD' fM AYBE VOL) COU.O SET! i PUNCHY PET£ t PETERSON TO HELP ^OU, MAJOR/ THEY . ,USED TO CALL HIM I i PUMCHIIsT PETE * gEFORE HE HAD \\\6 ll-OSIN 1 6T(?EAK/ IV O o rr \<\ R WOM A, k ^ ? L05T22«

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