The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on September 27, 1939 · Page 6
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 6

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1939
Page 6
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>AGESIX THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. Question: 'Can Reds Win A Game?' .WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 27, J939, Fans Take It for Granted That McCarthy Boys Will Walk Over Cincinnati By SID FEDER NEW YORK, Sept. 27.—<#»)— No matter where you go these days—in the pubs, the parks, or the better homes—the boys and girls don't ask "can the Yankees Can Der- Orioles Meet Scottville in Night-Light Opener Game Will Be Played at 9 P. M. Saturday; Remaining Tilts Fridays Coach Mitchell Read is putting his Oriole gridders through a stiff series of practice sessions this week in preparation for the first home game of the season which brings Scottville's Spartans to Ludington as the opposition. The game will be played tliG Instead, they wonder, "can the will" be' the "first "nighT & footbail Reds take a game?" - -----The big question is: Bucky Walters and Paul at 9 p. m. Saturday night and game ever played in Ludington. Installation of the lights is expected to be completed in a ringer, individually^ or _collec- day or two and everything will be set for the home opener. The Scottville game, originally scheduled to be played here Friday night, was moved back one day because it conflicted with the Scottville Harvest festival. AU other Ludington home games will be played Friday nights. Practice sessions for the Ludington gridders are being devoted this week to brushing up on offensive and defensive plays and other weaknesses brought out in the season opener against the Big Reds of Muskegon last Saturday. Various Oriole players are nursing bumps and bruises received in the Muskegon game but the squad is expected to be in tively, stop one of the greatest ball clubs of all time for just one afternoon? They know Mr. Joseph McCarthy's Bronx boys have it all over the Rhineland rascals in every department, and that the Reds' one and only chance rests . on the good right arms of big Bucky and plucky Paul. Big Line-Up Against this pitching, the Yanks haven't a thing except Red Ruffing, Monte Pearson, maybe Lefty Gomez, Steve Sundra, Atley Donald, Bump Hadley, Marius Russo, ad infinitum. ("Ad," of course, isn't one of the boys, but just an idea of how Marse Joe's lads are loaded). It's still possible for the Reds to '"blow" the pennant to the Horn's squad may be small but, the boys are willing and arc likelv i n«^~«« i»/- t o- i j. to blossom out with a successful I Dodgers Win from Giants to hits to win, 15-4. The Detroit Tigers helped the St. Louis Browns reach an all- time low, handing the St. Louis club its 108th and 109th defeats. The Tigers won the opener, 5-4 and took the 7-inning nightcap, 7-5, despite Joe Gallagher's one homer in the first game and two in the second. The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, rained out at Boston, will play a twin bill today. So will the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates, Encksen 131 132 137— 400 R. Johnson ...126 190 118— 434 SweikhaVdt ..154181143—488 746 825 678 2259 Park Dairy (0) W. Newman ..140 161 114— 415 B Barker ....119 174 145— 438 £• Done 115 171 m _ 39? T Shively ... .141 154 175— 470 J. Alkema .... 127 129 126— 382 The new reserved seat system is also being tried at other Big Seven schools this Schantz said. year, Mr. 642 789 671 Eagles (3) 2102 \_/ Li UO tlliV-i * AW«ji>^».«*.£,»»• *.»»Miv^.w)i_. , --ci " \™ r who were in danger of frostbite i Jankowski ....166 146 147— 459 and couldn't play Tuesday in 1 ?- Beyers 16 5 192 176— 533 "'" 545 season. Hold 12-10 Intercity Season's Margin Pittsburgh. J. Kncbl 210 R. Tower 131 153 182 156 202— 489 (Associated Press Sports Writer) This may come as a surprise, but there were six other games j played in the major leagues' Tuesday—in addition to "the Cincinnati-St. Louis feud for the National league title. But none of the others had bearing on a BOWLING Tiges End Road Schedule Today ST. LOUIS, Sept. 27.—(/P)— The Detroit Tigers end the road portion of their 1939 American league schedule here today against the St. Louis Browns, a club they 'beat 5 to 4 and 7 to 5 .... . . - . •, jm>_ nnn.^.^.0 *>«.« n... o^^.^ ....,,1 in a double header Tuesday be- i w , nich ls *'hy the Cincinnati cy- ; O f the Industrial loop swing into •?»•» „ u.« » „ I j ii * r i P lOTD m n \l*n *; O t vnn Qr\ m iinli i _ ^ i: ._.:*.!_ «.*-: ~u r-i *-*. Only two matches were bowled in the Industrial league Tuesday night, Moose lodge winning three straight from the Park Dairy and the Eagles also turning back the . . . . i Gas Corporation three times, championship, | Thc ma tche s saw the second half 202G 672 047 707 Gas Corp. <0) £• Papc 112 134 155— 401 T. Petersen ...157 118 120— 395 R. Hamilton ..110 115 132— 357 R - Young 126 130 145— 401 505 497 552 1554 RADIO HIGHLIGHTS Key station of cnch network Is llstod In the programs. The Networks: WEAK—WTAM, WTMJ, WQY, WLW, WSM, WMAQ, WOOD, WWJ. WJZ — WLS, WTMJ, WMAQ WXYZ, WLW, WOOD. WABC—WJB, WHAS, WBBM. NBC 8 a. m. and 12:45 p. m.; WABC-CBS 8 a. m, and 6:45 p. m. WEAF-NBC — 1:45 p. m. words and music; 6 June Hynd's guest book. CBS-chain —4 Belmoht park race; 5:30 March of games. WJZ-NBC— '12:30 Farm and home hour; 6:15 Edward Tomlinson on other Americas. Some Thursday short waves: HAT4 Budapest 7 Folk songs; ISZL Tokyo 8:30 Movie songs; !DJD Berlin 9 Press review and I music; GSD GSC GSB London .10:30 Variety. BOXING Cardinals, you know, they're only a half St. Louis but since game away from clinching, that possibility is about as strong as that of seeing an elephant strolling down Broadway eating an ice cream cone. Now, Bucky and Paul have been as valuable to Cincinnati thte year as a t-bone steak to a starving man, but the way the •Beds have had to fight right down to the wire has done neither any good. They've won .more than 50 games between them so far, which is pretty fair country twirling and no mistake, but they've been so overworked these last couple of weeks that they got the idea they were back on the farm pushing a plow again. Very Little Pressure Against that setup, Ruffing, Gomez, Pearson & Co. have been having the life of Riley. The Yanks clinched the American league flag, 'way back there in mid-September; since then there hasn't been any more pres-| years up there. good shape when it field against the takes the Spartans. Whether the team will be at full strength, with veterans like Snow and S. Horowski who have been nursing leg injuries which kept them out of the Muskegon fray, in the line-up, has not yet been announced. Scottville displayed unexpected strength in holding Shelby to a close 13-7 score in the Spartans' opener played in the Oceana county city. With only 18 men out for the Scottville team, Shelby was rated an overwhelming favorite to trim the Mason county eleven by a big margin but had to be satisfied with a one touchdown victory. Scottville displayed fight in the Shelby tilt and can be expected to put up a rousing battle against its Mason county Class B rival, in the past few years Ludington has beaten numerous Big Seven teams by larger margins than they have trimmed the Spartans. Coach John De- for a .bargain-day audience of 625 (count 'em). Today's engagement found Detroit continuing its late September fight to catch the fourth place Cleveland Indians and big Louis (Buck) Newsom trying for his 19th win of the season. Newsom's chances of winning 20 games for the second straight year appeared considerably brighter than the prospects of Detroit reaching fourth place again at the close of the campaign. Big Buck, a work-horse, will undoubtedly see action in one of Detroit's concluding four home games against the Indians. The Tigers this morning were three and one-half games in back of Cleveland and with only five contests left to play the margin looked insurmountable. clorama was given so much j action, with exception of Scott- prominence, if you didn't know, ville Rotary and American 1'or the Reds moved so close ; Laundry they almost could touch the i pennant by dividing the opening doubleheader of their crucial four-game series Tuesday. Billy Hyers' homer made him the hero of the first game's 3-1 Red victory. Then Mort Cooper J. Knebl of the Eagles walked off with most of the individual honors. His 210 was single game high and his 545 was high for three games. S. Meyers of the same team trailed Knebl by 12 pins for the evening, his total Tickets for Oriole Games Are on Sale High School Principal C. H. Schantz announced this morning that season tickets for the Oriole home games can be purchased at Hansen's Drug store (Eastern Standard Time) TONIGHT: European schedule —WEAF-NBC 7:15 and 12 midnight: WABC-CBS 6:30 and 8:55; WJZ-NBC 10; MBS 9. WEAF-NBC— 7:45 Col. F. C. Harrington on "WPA Program hurled the Cardinals to a convincing 6-0 decision in the second. There was cheering in Flatbush as well as in Cincy last i night, for the Brooklyn Dodgers i wound up their inter-city rival- j team • ry with the New York Giants ' Moose Lodge (3) to hold a 12-10 margin in the N- Peterson ...154 153 140— 447 yeai s series. WABC-CBS— 8 Phil Baker; 8:30 Paul Whiteman band; 9 Theater of stars; 10 CBS concert orchestra; 10:45 Prof. nue. Thev are also on the high school. sale at' WJZ-NBC— 7:45 Dr. H. D. " being 533. In addition to Knebl, the only other 200 game was rolled by R. Tower of the Eagles who hit 202. The Eagles-Gas Corp. match was rolled with four men on a . . |Laswell on "A Look into the .future;" 8:30 Ho !orse ancl bu Sgy . Holders of season tickets, Mr .future;" 8:30 Hobb lobby; 9 ' 145, Hartford, outpointed Frnnkln v-nmi?. M9. New Haven, Conn., (8); Cnrl (Red) Guggino, 136',-j, Hnrtlon.!, Mopp. d rtl Uiilltlmi-, m',2. Holyoke, Muss., (B). NEW HAVKN, Conn'.-Geon?ti> Pitch, 1T2. New Haven, trchnlcnllv kn'"-kocl out Henry Cooper. 186, Brooklyn, (7). TEMPERATURE ~* TODAY AT 11:00'*** Weather Forecast Lower Michigan: Unsettled to- MiRht and Thursday; showers probable; not quite so cool In northwest and extreme southeast portion tonight. BOXIJSTG HOUSTON. Tex.—Elbv Pcttawav 158 Houston, knocked out Jimmy Clark 15s' Memphis. (2) • ' WHITE PLAINS. N. Y.—Vlnnle Vines J-.234. Schenectady. N. Y.. outpointed Dennis Deegan. 150! 2 , Brooklyn. (81. NEW YORK—Baby Yack. 123". Tor- cnto. stopped Lou Transparent!" 122 Baltimore. (2). NEW YORK—Jack Wofford 193U Texas, stopped Monty Marks, 194 Troy' The Giants won Tuesday's first game, 9-5, due largely to Carl Hub-bell's fine hurling and his home run after spotting the Dodgers five runs. The Dodgers came back in the afterpiece to win, 3-2. Kirby Hig-be tamed the Boston Bees by allowing them only 10 hits, thus ending Philadelphia's six-game losing streak. Homers by Marty and Letchas i helped him win. 5-3. I In the American league, the Philadelphia Athletics clubbed four Washington pitchers for 16 H. Jury 181 169 140— 490 ', ville tilt Saturday night , Schantz said, will .benefit by a' ! S orse ancl bu Sgy days: 10:30 new seating system which willi Radl ° foru ,™- Scn - Key Pitt man be in effect this year. All seats in the west stands 'between the 40-yard lines will be reserved for season ticket holders. The Oriole football card lists four home games, the *} Irst on the schedule being the Scott- on neutrality act amendments. MBC-chain—7:30 Lone ranger; 9:30 Percy Faith music. •,„, ,. * t ~u a • to c *P ect Thursday: n * IT'S NOT TOO Iw\TE— To pour concrete. If you have any foundations or other concrete improvements that must be made around the home get it done now. We have the cement. THE LUDINGTON LUMBER CO. For Correct Time Phone 99 LYRIC TONIGHT AND THURSDAY sure on them than "that caused by their vest buttons. True, Ruffing has lost his last three starts, but the chips weren't down in those outings. Put the money on the line, and old Rufus the Red is still about the No. i "clutch" man in the business. He produces. Gomez Is the same way, too, in the "money" games. El Goofo straine_d his side muscles a couple of days ago, but the. doctors say he'll be ready for the series. If he is, he has a fair chance of going right along with On the other hand, when you get past Bucky and Derringer, for the Reds, you find a lot of bright youngster.s, who develop, but who figure to nice may wind up all cut and bruised, if they try tangling with bombers now. Notable among these fellows too young for such a fate are Gene Thompson, pleasant surprise among the year's rookies, and Lefty Lee Grissom, who always has things happen to him. The Yankees, too, have some youngsters, particu- never having lost a series game. He has won six in four of classics. No. 3 on the list is that stylish California c u r v e-b a 11 specialist, Monte Marcellus Pearson, who needs only his control to give them all lessons in the art of how to win ball games and influence batters. He, too, has yet to taste defeat In a series, winning three games In three years. Good ''Spot" Pitcher Back of him is Bump Hadley, a good "spot" pitcher, wise '" the ways of the Steve Sundra, un- the defeated with 11 victories, but if they unwrap their soup bones at all, it will De only for relief chores. So, it's up to Bucky and Paul against Red and Leity or Monte. Pretty nearly everybody figures the Yanks can't miss cashing in for their fourth straight world championship, but it's going to be interesting to see whether Cincinnati's twirling twins are good enough to bring just one slab of bacon home. Big Bill Lee couldn't even get the Women rate STATE bank high.. because they find it serves them perfectly! Women like the courtesy and consideration they ^receive at The Ludington State Bank. They've |L^ found 'that they receive perfect service regardless of 1C size or the importance of their transactions. You in make use of our service, too! i!»iNCYON STATE BANK :-'•:•:(,HKiil !-;!i'. •.,'! !NMIKHI\U ^|;P •:• lUD'NGlQN .MICH tangled on crooked wheels of fortune! 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