Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1927
Page 4
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I- ^ • n PACE TelMhoa* ... i» CQiia«otlii« OM. Week ...... is'c«nu OUP McwUt 70 Genu aV MAIL. One Tear KM t»x Montlis .....!..... I .n.BO Thr«*. Mootha I........... .flJSQ •->r iL- - AUea County -Six Jtfontlia ..|2 ,W VivaAJkioftthi .ilM On» Month. ..S0<; •THE lOLA DAILY REGISTng. afQNDAY .EVIimNCX DECEMBER 19. 1927. lot*, or Battett. County. A^liter, carries the Associiited I rtnn report iiy' •8pecIa !fl«MisM wire. The Assochited *JtclUKlveJy entitled to the' nse for r«publftation of alt news dispatches credited to it. or not otherwise credited in this vaper. «nd also the local news pubUAed liere- In. All rlfhts or r^puMieatlott of apeclal: dtspatclies herein are also re- aeryed. ;• Bible Thought for Today thou Shalt call'his name JESUS: for it is he that'shall save hts lieople from their sins.—Matthew 1:21." THE CAKE TO CABAWA\) Senator Caraway, "of Arkansas, has tb^ bad eminence of having proposed'a farm relief bill which prqbably exceeds all others in slincr absurdity and unworltable- ness. The Senator's proposfal is to : allow farm organizations to bring into the L-nited States duty free a quantity of foreijsn products equal : in value t« tBe quantify of surplus • • crbps exJiort*d." In the first place this plan is based upon a total misconception : or ignorance of the present tariff law. The Senatdr ideclat-cs hfs plaii woiild "give the farmer freedom from Iho tariff • on articies .which he must purchase." Thp : J ruth is that the farmer now'has '•• freedom-from the tariff" on'all .nrticlca which h© buys as a farm- ri*-- Farm Iroplemeats of all kinds, .farm^animals, (foi^ breeding pur- iwfcs). fertilizer—everything tlia ' Protrats '^foiii an pver in.c United Slatds, report iila]jatfibfi» from Mexico City. kMvo. eatne tcvUie Atn- erican embassy agalDstfthe possible' attendance ot ;Col. 'Lindbergh at a bull fight. To all of which CoL-'Lindbergli makes'rthe cifttroly suffi^Ieat and sensible reply: "I think .Mexico is perfectly capable of choosing .Its own national sport." And doubt- l4 »s IQ cmuonsace with that reply the Cokmot attended or will at-- tcnd the bnlP fight if he wa^ or should be invitei). And in doing it he will show vastly more good sense than the i|i^4(M.e ''8 :W 'bo have prdtested against such action. Col. Lindbergh is in Mexico as an ambassador of good will, and 'he'hasrwon the hearts of the I^exlcahs as be has won hearts wherever he has' gone. Ue cou1d;'aniI most certainly would. loHc all the good will he has gained, both for himself :and for his nation, if he should rebuff his hosts by refusing to witness what they regard as nothing more than a great sporting spectacle, a frained man plttfng his Courage and skill again*st the strength and cnnning of a bull bred foi*'the pur- I>bse. By refusing to attend this spectacle he; would in i effect be saying 'to Uie Mexican people: ! "You. are a nation but half civiliz- ; ed, delighting ih a cruel and bloody sport. The nation ' I represent hbl.ds itself pbdve siich brtttal and brutalizing eontbats'>nd I cannot j^lve-yoiur national pastime "tie coiintenance *f^my presence;" Ai^d wouldn't that make the Mexicans h>vc him and Jove us! We AmeHoans do not take to bull fights. But hpw about our footbaH flKht)i7> And our priio flgh'ts? A*d 'our wrestling matcb- bs* As Mng'ai we pay a million and a half to see a prize fight and several milMoos every year to see football ahd wrestling matches, mighty little right have wc to pbint the finger of self-righteous siorn at anything that some other country majr'cht>os(j te call sporti NEWS NOTES OF MILDRED , , I • • .Ccnieul liiprhway Now Open from Hftt\ fornec Grade Schools Ohe Ui»eretta Uecember SS. CATCH INSANITY? mv IIU.MK BItKAH. .Moraii, Kansas. IXccmbi'P 17, VJil. To ihf ICdilor: 1 hav<! just .soon tliai p;igi> ail of the four liakcrioM in IIIIH. I wonder if it woiilil havo lK>n hoc- essarj- for them to put on tliat,ad- I'ditional uiic cent. If tlic IR'OJ)!^ J> WiE JUAl 'S SEWS. 'Sir Ccor'^i. ichusW:' who has**""''' ^avo giv.-u ih..,n all HK 1 , .T. ^ ^ bread businctis ami otiur Miirpoii been selected by the British Gov-, ^^^^^ ,i,ey shoul.l insioa.l ..i ,>air«n- ernment to fill• th6 newly-crcatcd i^iug outside Itakifiii-:^. Ami one •• racmcr uses In fanning already is'position of .economic and financial, cant help but won.l.r why husi- •'oulthe freeUst I advisor for qnCsHons of colonial '"f^^^ uui lue irec HBL. • x ..,_,,' , .off licH;auHe sonic .pt-opU- .send I" - , In the second place, if every-1 development, has had wide eJipcrl- ! o^.ie,.' iiousi-.s for goods and J thing th«f farmer might conceiva- j once in work of this nature. In j then biiy out of town liroail and Illy use" as a human being were placed on the five I(st It would niake ^ breach jn our tariff walls 1920 he reported on economic cpn- ditlo|ns in Central E^iropc for the Aiiglo-Danntiian Association. In Avliich would destroy all the bener; 1921 he was.appolnted chief assist- thereby, contribute to the downfall ot tho home bakeries,, I .suppose they will ^say the trade ~<Ienla^(i^< | it. I want to_ ask them, would the; trade ever demand it if they had fits of a i protective tariff, injuring'ant to the or^iilzer of Interna- never started if.' And doni the Ihe fafm^r indirectly immeasura- tional credits under the League'of People who n -e ilie I 'orci ^n pro- hly more than he couW possibly be -N'ations. and he'was also chaiVman , '*"""/''"^ !'" '''''"'"S > ^ > .t. • J . ... . ' "lat was fornnMl : benefitted directly. of the advisory committee appolnt- Btit in the third place, and cbie% cd by the Colonial Secretary- to ly. how i'mi>ossibIe it would be to. consider the appliu^tion of the ^ubh a plan! Who WoulA $50,000,000 loan raised a short time Avhat foreijgn prodTtctsi ago for development I purposes' in be Imported free of duty? East .Atiica. For the past five Who would place the orders for years Sir George has been Pinan-, ili'in: Vlio woul<l put np thv cial Secretary to the tSoverninent' ' '"'i"?'"-' '"^'f •" -n ..nex to buy them? Who woud «f the Sudan, in which position Ue^f^^ ^ ' ulZ: jseir them? Who would see to it has Initiated several highly Im- i .\()\V. al:ti::r :he!that |he-farmers^who produced thi portant commercial projects. Iliiy iKnne tnailc linad. >iirpllis crops got the bcne'il of ' ' '• •'• l.l-"<Ki:.N('K the duty free iniporlati.)!n.>? Tliese, ' •are i»Ut a fevrof the (ine.mlon< , 'f^wence Journal: The Kansas | l^viilch would have to be answered F"*' '"'>''' "'^^ "» 'he | •before the Caraway plan could • '» fonceraed there probalily fl»e put Into effect? Who tan an- »»«. «n*ny whoops of enthusi-; asm .Qver President operate] decide should alxint two years ago ran ever smceed in riiiiiiiiig out our.home Jnsti;utions iliey will surt make ns pay ilearly !<ir our daily-bread. I venture tiie asser,r tion that onr bakeries are Kivins us as good u proiliiei. more of ii. for llie nioiity ^iia'ii «<• will evi-r get ni;ain if tlifv are i<> (piii. Whetlier or not Insanitv. is. "comniuuieable" has l)ecome an issue in the case of Ivan .M. Marl (ahovel. young bank elerk of Kureka. Kas.. convicted of set'ond degree murder tor killing his wife by slashing her throat. His attorneys will j'ppv-al for a new trial. .Viien- 'isi^ called Hart's wife a pai-.i- iioiil. ami said she willed, so ^•tronKly that li,' kill her. that Iicr inflneiK-c lempoiarily loh- iieil him of liis own will power IHT insanity was •'ronimii- nieated to liini." .Mr. and .Mrs. PloyrtrWilson. -Mrs. .Hazel Uuncau and .Mrs. Rubcl Sinclair went to lola .Mouda.v:' .Millard Heath's and a number of Belleview folks spent Sunday with -Mx. and Mrs. Leslie feeding at; Gas. Mrs. Ward and children • who ] went- to ; California last fall hop; I Ing to benefit her health, have re- I turned home. ! Hank .MeAdain received word j Tuesday that his brother-in-law. .less Yeltou. had died suddenly. I News is scarce this week on account of' the inclement wejither. ^ , John Barley, who is at Bayard looking after his atore. spent Saturday night and Suiiday with his family. I .Miller and family sjient i Sunday at Lon Miller's". I Mr. aiKl .Mr.s. Corbett Thoiiipsou land.son. Max^ of lola. spent Sunday at Preston Patterson's. ' Mr. and -Mrs. CI iff Bidwell were I Sunday visjtors at Clarence War; ren's. tirant Shockey of iola was a visitor at Jerry llackett's Saturday • and .Mr. and .Mrs. Hackett aeeoni: >>anied him home. Olive and Veta ' went dowir and got them Satur- i day. I .Mrs. Dora ilolenian has b -'f -n on : the sick list but is improving, "nie cement slab ha.«i been opened for traffic from Bd Kite's (or' ner on south. I The noon train from City has changed time and does ' not go until si.\-thirty in the eve, nlng. T^his makes it quite uiicon- ' venienl "for travel and also about j the mail, as- the postoffice clo.t^-s ' at six. The seven o'clock train ' from City does not .stoj? : here now. j Dean Keeton accompanied liis j cousin. Krncst Keeton to Hartvllle. ! .Mo., wher^ they will look after vvivriiv'/- HiMiu-N- ; the Keeton farm there and hunt. >KWTO.^>. BJIOW.'V. TIip Ladies' Aid held its bazaar Newton Ceorgc Urowu was born and chicken supper Saturday aft- at Peoria. .III.. January 15. 184.1. • eruoon and evening. They took in anil died at his home in lola. Kan., sixty-four dollars. The ladies wish Deccmlier ig, 1927, aged S4 years, to thank every one who contribut- 11 montlis and 1-day. cd and' those who patronized the In 1S.^S the I family moved to supper or Iielped in any wa.v. Stark County. Illinois, and tlierc .Mrs: Bd Mite received word from made their hon»c iinlil 1879. when Mrs. Paul I). Cook that they were they inoved to first living now in Benson, .\rizona. and have in lola and later on a farm.^near • bought them a home in Campbell. .Moran, Kan.s. ' California, rvirs. Cook was former- Uurtng Hie residence in Illinois. '>' "es.sic Burkdoll. wlio the Civil War broke out and Mr. ta"S'" '« W'J'Ired high sehopl and Browii enlisted in'Co. B. :i3rd Itcgi- »'<-'''man.y friends here will be glad inent. 111. Volunteer; Ipfantry. Aft- tojiear from her. cr servi;ig for 2 V- years, he re.' Tlic hp worth League enjo.ved a enlisted and served, throughout the social, hour proceeding the league remainder of the war and was hon- ^ Sunday evening and had a deJight- orably discharged from service on f"' '"n^ They were expecting the November 26. 1S65. with the rank memliers of the Kpworth League of a second lieutenant. • from lol^ bnu they did not come. September II. 1S69. !Mr. Brown' We hope they can come in the was united in marriage to Miss; "ear '"">'''"• Following the league lennie Aumick. and to this union! '"f "-p' ^'r. Lane iireached a were born four childlen, three of: SP'*-"'!"! sermon on-Hope. Two whom survive ' persoiii-' united with the church. After' coming tq Kansas. .Mr. and ' J ^o R|'_y-,;'^'''. Lane will preadi Ijljwro.tthatklllcsiiSa'slumei • ToHOfk..f"omdaiV,pl'>y < Shff hrtpino mom. and Isnowj Be paid cr ChiiflRiaj day. OF WE Morun Takes -OH C'bristuias iSpIrit With Lime ni Trees oW .Haln ; .street—Personals. (.Mr.s. O. H. KordI .MOKAN. Dec. 16.—We certjainlr appreciated Friday's bright sunshine alter the very cold win Is of Thursday. . .Mrs. Waller .Strong took her "ht)n' Kansas City Wednesday for a special e.xamination . of his car thai has been bothering him so much recently and l'riend« hop*? he will receive treatment that will assure complete recovery. . ' Mrs. W. A. Perkins went to Kansas (Uly .Monday to lie under the caiv of a specialist for a few days in a sjiecial examination for relief i from a complication of trouble af- fectins her eyes. While in the city I -Mrs. Perkins is a .nuest of . Miss j Inez. Wilson, fiirmerly of ..Mildred. • but who Wi-nt rei-cntlv to make .^one an openltion at the lipspital ;'<-'»^»'* , • here and wa.sgetting along, jiicely. , ^ ''"=:<".''==^, •''iree aipng . •• 'the hiphwav IS a lane of Christ- - .Stht,i>; NtJtes. :> . mas" trees jdaced there by our The girls Ijaskeitiall tea^ii will i business men and is an^added eOi-. play the first game or fae •'r>as:.n ! phasis to th-- ^'hristmas spirit so Fliday night when it iu.-e^ the 1 ahiinditnt just nOw. ICIsmore team on the home t-.jurt. | Word from .Mr. and .Mrs. Fred Miss'Long's pupils will grv.-.ihe -MeCfirmack of near Kureka slates I hap?! program Friday afternoon. | J.but their liitli.- son Virgil is rc- ICver.vone is invited. This ivill be • f^verins nicely from an attack of t tiie iast chapel program ''before ""'""sl.-s com racl.-il at sihooi'where Christmas, as w.- shall devtite the 'be iliseas • lias iMcn epldemii- time to the operetta the grade anion!; \h>- children in attendanc* school will give Fridav eWning. - -^'^'ny -^H'-n County friends" Decemher 2::. as a Chri.stimis gift 'i''"' siiuere synn.athy to .Mrs.. K. to the coinmunitv. v ; .1. Bondy of Kansas Cify in the "" Mrs. Prekon Patter.^on ^called v"ip/'^^'"""''i'''^J"'- 1 1 11' 1. „ 1 ' fcnired Thursdav nioniiiii;. .Mrs. a. school .Wednesday. (r,"l.ered as Miss Ber- The basketball girLs had a-meet^ Ih;, j^j^-kh- and a sister pf DuniOlU • ing in .Miss Lang's room Tuesday : sii ,.k|v of'-Moran. evening. \- i .Mr.s. \V. .). Humbel'.4 clas.s of la- The little folks«eujoyed a riuisl"- dies in the I're.sbyterian Sunday mas letter from Jnanita .Myeiiis who t scliool will enjoy a social hour tb- lives at Blackwell. Okla. •• igether following the missionary .Miss. Hackelt's room" ga.iici' the; meeting at the Dr. Thonias" home chapel program Friday afternoon. The little folks gave a nicii pro- grani. Friday afternoon. -Miss Dorothy Cuniining.s who is in .Man- \1sitors were: .Mrs.:*Floyil! a student at the college „ Wilson. .Mr.s. E. E. Harris, -Mrs. | haltan. came home Thursdav even- Tom Lewis and .Mrs. Hugh .s ^j ing lo be at liome while her moth- Junior Ward who quit :-ichool er is in lola hospital for special early in the fall to accomp#y his j treatment. .Mrs. Cuniniings has mother to California, has returned • been ill for several months and her and re-entered the primary,-room friend-'i hope sfie will .soon rweived Tuesday. The grammar rtTimi some stingarees from Bob;' Kelly who is now-; in Vhor. Finriijji. The little folks have luadt^ their Christmas piosicrs. .MI'S . Vcrl Warren and .MrsJWard were school visitors Tuesday. Donna Lee .McAdym is btick in s'luibl aftei- being "absent ji few [ days on account of- sick^e.•5^)^ * be rapidly improving. BroWs New Location. lOtf E.^ndIson. "Tlmt _ J)oor EhA* ill rag St9re. Phone 1^ .MOIII:K\ FTHM KTTK By liolicrta I .ee IOLA BAII.Y AB.STBACT issued froni office of Jola .Mistraot Compauy Airs. Brown made their home in Allen ciunty continuously. After living for many years on their farm near - .Moran. they retired from .the farm and inoved to .Morim in" 1907. and later moving to lola iiWl9I9. During ^he Kayburn meetings .Mr. IJrown was converted and unit- jeil with 111." -Methodist church and while not able lo alteml church a great deal has kept the faith pf the chllflreii -of Coil, and now bis release has <Mime. ; i lie Is survived by his wife. Ilir>-e I ehildien. .Mrs Chas. K. Hill. Su- iperior. Wyo.. Fred T. Brown, lola. ';HWer 'Hjem? message." becaust: the ,,, , . CJ. What j.. caili il tln' iialMiiia f dessert <;fl.h.. I'ni relates? A. A simple 1/. iuu-. attitude on the farm relief ques- f„iio,v,.d by u-iap.s or Hon IH unchanged. A Lawrence man who ments and talks witli 1; •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •> •:• •:• •:• • <• <•<• •:• - ; NEtiSHd (OI'XTY'.S LEVEE ^<VS•PEM. , While Ihe ;vfHt «f «be country "»«»>' farmers in the eastern end •Jius been talking about liow to j ot the slate says that fiilly 90 per .control floods. .Neosho i county has i^Jht of-tbose he visits Would favor ^ibeen. hard at wp^k getting ready L'odlldKe for another term, and 1 ilor the next flood. .Neosho Is the lhat they are for hiiii of : iinly county in the State whith has , hl»: stand for economy'In govern- taken advantage bf the provisions'n>ent eiptndittire.s. Apparently of Hue Kansas lay authorizing the"-'5'>«8e farmer.s thhik of farm relief 'organization of flooil control dis- as mor^ or less a political issue, j ; Irlcts atid providing a system of ™*'''»t*'i«d in the interest of politi-. apportiotaing takes and assess- ^al debaters. But when Coolidge iiients to meet the cost of control ajioflt inaking jmblic tax dol-. works. Operating under this liw'"^ go as far as possible, he is: Neosho county has btiilt IcVees pn!'*l''*''KJabou\ something that they-, both sides of the. river from tlic have fo| practice in daily life and: jfolnt wl^cre it enters the , county j "'"^ approve of as a govern^ to Ihe placed where it leaves U, a P^c^'cc- •distance, as the river flows, of 65 ' , iijilt>'s. Th6se levees wefc breach-' k'lapfs cup of bliii k iiift' or |)H-. iea< I'l--. !• afler- witli .lli< wards. IJ. WJleli sluiuld Ihi- liliile ac- knowli-dj,'!' a wildimc' ;;ifi'.' A. I 'rtomplly; i!ie i-aiiii- tiay II is leci'ived if possible <i.- F'.r wlicin den-; .i m:ui rt-ar dee|i moUMiiiig? .•\. ' Only for a close r<iativ'c. , Dei ember 17. l'.iL'7, I' It. .\. Kdgar and" wife .M.iud"-. I" Till- iiisoii. 'I'oirt-ka it .s;unta'Fe ' ikaihvay. an, area of, acres of : Ian 1 lU '.n- m- |.-s in SW >4 ..f .V\V. and .Mr. Joliiii II. Itrown. of Des Moiiifs, la. Funeral servicis wciv liebi in Ihe Adams H. Hess.-r chapel Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Itev. C. i. Coldsmith officiating. .Music was provided by .Miss Clara Brown. .Mrs. Dra'Duncan. .Mr. Clark Thomas and .Mr. Ura Duncan. Burial was made in the cemetery at Moran. The .Masoplc order., of which 'I 'aiid .VW. '.| of SW l-:;i-l\. j''^' member, conducted the j ritualistic service at the grave. I The •Dirty 1)iy" is Hie name of- A new high-speed camera that a new dance Iniroiluced by the flakes 2iJ,00« exposures ;•' ininiite I Dolly twisters, which Is said to'Isas been perfected by Baron Shiba. have taken Paris by storm. .:> Japanese engineer. next Sunday morning. Kverybod.v 1* Invited to conie. .Mr.< Barley anil Betty and .Mrs. R- R. Xevitl. jr.. attended the show- In :-Moran Friday night. Art Burris i.s home from I<an- sas Cil.v. but .Mrs. Burris stayeii to ' be near Betty Jean who had to re-enter .Mercy hospital.. 7\ir- and -Mrs. Ilu.'--.sell Warren si)ent Sunilay - with friends in Bronson. • . - Lfco Brown uccom)>anie<I his leaclii r. ,.\liss Tliolen. to Humboldt for the week-end. i . Mr. and .Mrs. K. R. Xevitt. jr.. and Delia .Vnn anil .Mr. and Mrs. I'rless .Vevlti were Suiida.v visitors . HI Don Ray's. iRichanl Kvans of Chlcaao. visitr . oh last week at Floyil Wilspn'.s. lie is working at Channle. (,'Iair Wilson was also up from Chanute. i Scotf'Brown ami family. Bay Brown and Tom Lewis and family Were Suiida.v visitors at K. I^ Brown's." .Mrs. I.Mona lirown received word that her sister. .Mrs. Flossie Atchison, of Haiiiilton. .Mo.; had undery . ed ih.many places by the floo «l8 .of| ihe past year, but the peopli; have gone resolutely to work to build' fbl-m up again, having up to this ,fiiae sjiont $76,000 and expecting It may be interesting to recall' the fact.that in planning its levee; system the Neosho coui^y people n^ade, of the drainage Purvey' of the river piatle In 19D6 by the, to spend some $15,000 more, to get their levcc system back where it was,,or even bettor than it was. division of drainage and irrigation i in the Department of Agriculture.' upon the instance Of the then Con-1 ;grcs8iuan from this district. The j • ' : river hasn't changed In any ma- j Here is W. A. White'* version of Serial aspect' since. then, and no - what' the CptouePsald when some- known about flood, control j liody suggested at the Chicago Known then, so' this sur- ' convention that if he would with- vey is aslgood as If It had been draw,^Herbert, Hadley Tn'ight be['""•'e this^year. The flood control]' IJroblem ' in the Neosho i Valley j would be solved, therefore, as ne!<irly as It is likely ever to be nonilnaled: • The reasons why Hadiey was not nominated-by the' Republicans are tiiany,. The chief of them is probably this: When Mr. Hadiey came to. Colonel. RooseT^ Ivp did bang the-desk with his fist- but he did •olreil, if all' the counties through Which the river runs would organize ^drainage districtH, biiild lev.ees : not nay that the people had sent and cut away-' obstructions ai. .Neo- Hie delegates to Washington, to.sbo «ounty has donfi. vote for Roosevelt. What he said: "I baVe iiad'all out of the presi- rt.;\'LtS"^:;?g"^i -The President cap', refuse." de-, -the;r61l of thai contention and let dares Charles li. Hilles who still -t£6m noinlnate who th^- wilt-and clings to the tielief that Coaihigc: I iwl 1,1 support him wb>,iher il !«• j stiould be r|'«omlnnto<l, Alt: right. "Taft or you, or any '«»thor intni. i • • > Mn Hadiey" ' Nominnto hib and see if ho can't! Tested Foods More and more people are bu.ving food^—as they do motor oil—because it .ha.s been t^ted and proved to be of real, value. IVotein, found abundantly in good meat, i.s . necessary for health in winter. But there's a great difference in ) meat.s. Our Meats .\re All t'. S. Inspected. M. & M. MARKET HATIA'RE 10c and 20c MCHT iO(- and TOD-'VY AND TUESDAY It's.a Blaze of IVlerriment Planned by thcj Screen's Bre|ziest Comedy Team! Two of the screen's greatest comedians in one sma .sJirj iiig laugh hit., "^'oti cartTt imagine anything funnier than George Sidney as politjt chief of .Main street and Char-; lie JIurray as the FirexDepartment of the .same - town .j Put them btith togetht*}- and you have a riot—but it's aj riot of laughs, .yells amt .screams I - ' ADDED—tb.MKDY AND NEWS BEUE DANfeL$ in "SWIM GIRL SWI.MI" Krida.v .Siftiirday -pit tlie Screeri;- |»ii the Isiiigft- Tucker' I'onihig- -'i'liini Uon in .'*lliilsi Kegiii«l<j Denny iir "Oifl All Mifht!" ^ •;ai> (ilbper in -The Untian:' .Inimiil .l'lrcii> '. 1. TODAY AND TOMORROW - Atjmission—MatSiee 10c-20c; Night 10c-.30c "— • t.- • She;started out to \vi)i the bachelor in Paris.: You'll roar at her adventures. beftM-e—and after—s gets him. The always^'surprising mile-a-minute, ro{6& provoking tale of a beauty who. along an .amazing roWd' of adventure. di :Acover .'!%ow to be happy though .ratar-. ried. ^ ^ Copied V— "Call a Ca*>?WAesop's Fables and Topics • • of::t^ Day. ('ofl^Mff \V>4V-S0^. B.^*§-'« Bill. J"^ I" '*B:«<1 Bluff" A'

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