The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 10, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1933
Page 8
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t*T T~r^« • $-•'; ^xr^':^-7^%nmra i* 5 ~ ' ^* ' T I * ** ^ * V L i*" 1 ' * r "**'' l t\ i * * ^ *""** J THE BAKERSF1ELD CALIFORNIAN, TUESDAY, JAKUA&Y JOt.1^33 ^W*/'* M> ^f -' ^H^ 1 - •» -<,-. Hf vvX/«>7v TI' ' : ' - - ' • '^H» •• : , FOR CALIFORNIA to Star in "A Bill of Divorcement"; Buxlcr Is Also on Bill The Barrymoro profile l« back on the California theater screen starting tomorrow. Tho Barrymore volon In to bo heard onco more as "A Bill of Divorcement" opens u two-day run. It was In "A Bill of Divorcement" that Kntherlnn Cornell made her first great MUCCCBS cm tho New Tork stiigo. Her rolo In the Tltullo Plu- turi's' version Is being talten by Katharine Hepburn. Opposite Burrymore, who plays a shell-shocked Hngllsh veternti of I ho World AVar, Is Bllllo Miirlie, In an auspicious return to tho screen. Paul"" Ciivatiagh, .Davtd Manners, Elizabeth Patterson, Gaylo Kvors and Henry Stephensori head the distinguished cast, selected by George Cu- Uor, who directed. Warner Baxter has the sort ot role he loves best and most populnrly portrays In "Six Hourn to Live," Fox Film production which also starts tomorrow at the California theater. Baxter Is a diplomat who wins a tremendous victory at an international conference at Geneva, Switzerland, over the opposition of International "THE ANIMAL KINGDOM" ENDS-AT FOX TODAY 'The most revolutionary picture' In nars." ' ' That Is the claim mado for Strange Interlude," Eugene O'NelU's trnngn'and sensational drama which loses today at the Pox theater with, s'ornm Shearer and Clark Uablo In ho stellar roles. '• .• Adapted from tho famous O'Neill Psychological study of-a woman at war with her cmotlous, It strikes out uto a field of drama hitherto- unat- empted by screentnaUfirs. . • Phis Is tho .second tlmo Mlas Shearer and Oablo 'havo been 'paired otlmnllcally on the screen. '-They ippeiirod jointly In a previous film, •A Froo Soul," which enjoyed tre- iiendous popularity. In'"Strange fn- erlude," Miss Shearer portrays' Nina ds, and Gable Is the Doctor Ned Darrell who weeks to solve her prob- oms but loses his heart to her. MYRNA LOY, LESLIE HOWARD AND ANN HARDING plotters and tricksters. His support- T s Ing cast Is made up of Miriam Jor-1 -*• dan, John . _ Beryl Mcruer, Iruno Ware, /llulllwell Hobbes, Kdwln Maxwell and John Davidson. Wllllnni Dioterlo directed. Closing today are "Hell's Highway," starring Hlcliard Dlx, and "Washington Merry - Go - Hound,' 1 starring Loo Tracy., ' iox THI: ATM: CONTINUOUS, 2s30 TO 11lOO STARTING TOMORROW 7.1 AStory of the Other Woman IM THIS ft IS a slrnnger bond than nmde up of Miriam Jor- I *• that of miitrlmoiiy when two peo- Bolcs, Cleorgo y Marlon, | plo lovo each oilier profoundly? Is (ho very Idea of a legal contract an affront to pcrsoiiH wbo feel that such a bond Is worthless—that they would not want to remain united once they ceased to lovo or respect each other? In other words, do wo havo marriage because wo are really still living In the animal kingdom? "The Animal Kingdom," 11KO- Radlo Picture starring Ann Harding und Lesllrt Howard coming to the Fox theater tomorrow, goes Into this matter In the best sophlst^ated and whimsical vein of Philip Barry, autho of such noted successes as "Holiday 1 and "Paris Bound." "Tho Animal Kingdom" plnyed ti eight months' capacity business on the New York stage with Leslie How ard starred In tho same role he play; on the screen. +.» , L. HAMILTOM HE NEEDED .TWO WOMEN—ONE TO CHERISH . . . ONE TO LOVE! Denies Is Engaged to Greta Garbo (Vnite.d Press Leaned Wire} STOCKHOLM, Jan. 10.—Max Gum pel, engineer, whose name haa bee linked with that of the film star Greta Garbo, denied reports loda :hat ho and Miss Garbo were engagec He Intimated that rumors might hav started because ho had assisted th actress In business transactions. Qlftt to the Ladles From Weld's at the 16c Bargain Matinee Wednesday] ENDS TODAY— r f|VfAiiCR orau. COMING TO NILE WEDNESDAY (United 1'rnxn Leaned Wire) • WASHINGTON, Jan. 10.—Chairman Sumners of the House Judiciary committee, which has been Investigating tho official conduct of'Federal Judge Harold Louderback -of the Northern California district, telegraphed tho judge that he would be granted a personal hearing "not later than January 17." • . , The chairman's telegram was In response to one from Ixjuderback asking that h'e be allowed to appear personally to defend his record. The telegram from Louderback read: ' " "On reflection, although not requested by congressional committee to appear for the purpose of being Interrogated at the time of the San. Francisco hearings, I feel I 'should havo offered myself for same and I now desire to do so In person and make a statement and answer all questions. Can start Immediately upon receipt of your approval."Chairman Sumners said the proposed hearing will be before the full committee. DANCE TEAM" ONVMIA'SCREBi The .sensations, of. "Bad Ctirl," the stars of "Over the^ftill,' 1 James Dunn and Sally Klleraf are; teamed again In their third Pox -production, '?'pnnoe Team, 1 " .'which opens today at the Virginia theater. . ' / • Telling tho human story, of i -..two youngsters,* Who dreamed rof- dancing Vholr way to, fame and. fortune, who overoattnv discouragement and disappointment along the way, only 'to find when they 'reached .the top that, success 'and romance- are vital enemies, "Dance Team" ''combines the laughs and tearer of "Bad Girl" with the heart tugs of "Over .the Hill." In addition to Dunn and Miss Btlcva a -large cast IncluSes Minna domboll, Ralph Morgan, Edward Crandull, Harry Beresford, Nora Lane and many others. Sidney Lanfteld directed from Edwin Burke's adaptation of tho Sarah -Addlrtgtpn novel. DUNCAN R FACING , SEAVEY ELECTED SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 10. (U. P.) Clyde. Hi. Seavoy today won- elected president of the California State Railroad Commission for the fifth consecutive year. He has served on tho Commission' since 1921. (United Pre>» Leattit Wire) Jan. 10.—Tho fed- rgovernment today was planning to Institute deportation proceedings against Duncan Renuldo, whose marcli to .Btardom, In /the 'films 'was' halte* fcy ^Is conylclion iSM;charge« of faJsety'. claltnlng Afherlcan,.citizenship rlghta. , The goyernmeht: planned the dfastlo step after the, actor vhad been sentenced to'two years' 1 , Imprlsonmeilt and fined »JOOO,by Kedefal Judge George Cosgrave, ; , •• f The cpnvlotlori waa the outgrowt)V( of sttitomentB made two yearn ago by Ueimldo when he applied for a paw port to go to Africa ftfr the fllmlnk of the picture "trader Horn," In \ which'he attained famo with Bdwlnu, Booth. At that time, he' gave Cani- den, N. J., an hit) birthplace, whereas the government asSferled he .was born in'Rumania and came to the United States more than 10 years ago as a coal passer. ' The actor's counsel announced an, appeal would be entered with the District Court of Appeals. Renuldo wna released on IGfltJO bond, pending disposition of the appeal. • •*ALFRED BRISBANE DIES I,OS ANGELES, Jan. 10. (A. P.)— Alfred Brisbane, 71, former Omaha newspaper mnn and a second cousin of Arthur Brisbane, noted editor, Is dead at his home here today. He came to Los Angeles to live , after his retirement from active newspaper work 10 years ago. ' Ronald Colrnan, who !• said to achieve his finest acting In, "Cynara." The supporting "cast Include* Kay Francis, Phyllis Barry and many ethers. Week Days IB* Matinees... •«* AIIIOI'XIA 300 Seats Any Time.. STARTING TOMORROW —TWO GREAT FEATURES! BILL OF JOHN BARRYMORE Katharine Blllle Hepburn Burks David Manners I AS GREAT A DRAMA AS THIS YEAR WILL I PRODUCE! I&UVE ENDS TODAY- RICHARD DIX in "HELL'S HIGHWAY" Lee Tracy in .. m '™*«:' IMAMCR i MIUAM JORDONl JOHN MHCS KERN—1200 K. LAST DAY Warren William In "THE MATCH KING" With till Damlta Starts Tomorrow lOOlOWtM f rvwswsvsjsy VB RONALD CO CYHARA1 and PHYLLIS BARRY Show* 7 and'9 p. m. 6—Tom Howard and George Shel- tori, "Chesterfield." 6:15—Threads of Happiness. 6:30—California Melodies. 7—Those McCarty Girls. 7:11!—"Tarzan of the Apes." 7:80—Ed C. Hill. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. 8—Globe ..Headlines. •fg : j5_Howard Barlow and Colored Symphony. • ; "8:30—Isham Jones Orchestra. 9-^-Don'Redman Orchestra. 9:30—Harold Stern Orchestra. KP-A11 nequest Hour. 10:40—Ted F16 Rlto's Orchestra. 11—To be^ announced. 468.6 M:—KFI—«40 K. -<8> 5:30—NBC-KGO programs to 6. 6—Helene Handin, Truthful 8:15—ipacl'flo Coast Advertising ' Association Speaker. 6:30—NBC-KGO programs to 8:45. g-45—Orchestra, mixed quartet and . cast In Tapestries of Life. 9 : 80—NBC-KGO program to 10.15. 10:15—Phil Harris' Orchestra. 10:45—Jay Whldden's Orchestra. 11—Phil Harris 1 Orchestra. _ 11:80 to 12 midnight—Jay Whidden's orchestra. 1 333.1 M.—KHJ—900 K. 6—CBS programs to 7:30. 7:30—Chandu, the Magician. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. 8_"Globe Headlines." 8:15—CBS program. 8:30—Stanley Smith Orchestra. 8:46—CBS programs to 9:15. .9:15—"Unknown Hands." 9:30—Don Clark's Music. 9:45—Harold Stern Orchestra. 10—New Items and Blsqulck Band. 10:15—^Ted PIo-Rlto's Orchestra. 10:40—Stanley Smith's Orchestra. 11:20—Dancing With the Stars. 28B.5 M.—KNX—1050 -K. 6—News. 6:15—Bill, Mac and Jimmy. 6:30—81 and Elmer. 6:45—Currier's Serenaders. • 7—Frank Watanabe and Honorable Archie. 7:15—Musical program. 8—American Legion Program. 8:30—KNX Orchestra. 8:45—Golden Memories. 9—News. 9:15—Dance band. 10—KNX Dance Band. 10:30—Organ and Marlon Mans- 11 to 12 midnight—New Paris Inn. MAOEE REAPPOINTED WASHINGTON, Jan. 10. (A. P.)— Wayland W. Magee of Nebraska, was reappolnted today by President Hoover as a member of the federal reserve board. ^_^_^_^_^_____ RIALTO 61« 6 ». •.. I5t; After 6. lie. Me Last Times Today TWO FEATURES Norma Shearer in "Smilin' Through" and Tom Keene In "COME ON DANGER" Comedy, News, Cartoon Starts Tomorrow—George Arllss In "A Successful Calamity" VIRGINIA Continuous 12 M. to 11 p. m. 300 SEATS—Any Time. 15c Today and Wednesday JAMES DUNN and SALLY EILERS In "DANCE TEAM" The stars of "Bad Girl" in another great love story. Pathos, Laughter, Romancel Comedy and Cartoon OPEN 12-11 P. M. REX 15c 300 Seats, Any Time.. .15c Last Times Today TOM MIX in "The Fourth Horseman" Tomorrow and Thursday Two Big Features "American Madness" With Walter Huston And "The Crash" With Ruth Chatterton DANCE at CANADAY'S t PAVILION ^tomorrow Night j Good Music Admission: Gents, 40c r Ladies, 25c G RANAD 618 Kentucky Street t Tilklni Plilurti Eviry Diy ANY SEAT, ANY TIME, 15o Children Always 10o Last Times Today IRENE DUNN, JOHN" BOLES In Fanny Hurst's Immortal Story of Lova That Defied Conventions "Back Street" News, Comedy, Cartoon ....SKYRIDING.... HELLO, HELLO—GBC, Rugby, England Calling Vancouver ... THIS IS STATION ZL2ZA, WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND ... RADIO BANDOING, PLE, JAVA, SIGNING OFF AT 8:53 A. M.... RADIO 2RO ROME, ITALY . . . NEWS— These Stations Have Been Received on a New All-Wave Atwater Kent! We Have a Verified and Notorized Log to Prove It! Gome in and see this Verified Log of foreign stations . . . and listen to this New Atwater Kent Radio that is taking the world by storm ... Ten-tube long and short wave with .tone control ... automatic volume control.. .golden voice speaker and patented coil switch, allowing all ten tubes to work either on the long or short wave bands. VERY EASY TERMS L. A. Puts Ban on Federal Prisoners '(United Prcts Leaved-Wire) LOS .ANGELES, Jan. 10. — The county Board of Supervisors ruled today that no ' more federal prisoners will be accepted at the LOH Angeles county Jail until the government pays a J60.000 board bill long overdue. The board also ordered counsel to collect tho amount, filing suit If necessary. Tho bill was due September 1 and { accounted for the board, at a dollar a ' day, of all federal prisoners held In the county Jail during the year. The supervisors learned that most federal prisoners are belnff sent now to Riverside and Santa Ana, where only 7G cents a day is charged for each prisoner. Seeks to Liberalize R. F. C. Relief Law (United Press Leased TVtre) • WASHINGTON, Jan. 10.— Senator Wagner, Dem., N. Y., today introduced a bill liberalizing tho emergency relief act and designed to allow tho Reconstruction Finance Corporation to make longer and larger loans to states. It also would free the $1,000,000,000 self-llqulda.ttng construction fund for more effective use. PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY Now Carries SHEET MUSIC <plUe7e I D Complete Other Models $56.50 to $146.50 WITHAM & Model 4«0 THE LINPBERGH LINE 2015 H Street Radio Sales and Service Fox Theater Bulldlno Phone 2834 ROUTE COAST TO COAST HPU«» , FAKk 2 1/3 San FrancUco. $ 14,45 1 Los Angeles......... 6.85 1 . Fresno 5.95 New York........... 160.QO '10% Off on Round Trips Call; Tnnl Bureaus, Hotel Porter*, PosUl, Western Union, Penn. R. *. «f TRANSCONTINENTAL AND WBSTOtM AMI, |M. ' Phon»K*rn ''County Municipal Airport, ?<I8B, or Any Hotel or Travel Bureau STORE OPENS MORNINGS AT "NINE" Bring a Substantial and Timely Offering of Beautiful Wool-Filled "Chatham" Blankets for a Wednesday Sale! Miss This Buying Opportunity Such Blankets as one would expect to pay at least $5 for-^finished in the finest soft double-combed wool, with silk satin bindings and of large snuggling size, 70x80 inches. Two-tone colors in pastel ROSE AND GREEN- BLUE AND ROSE- GREEN AND GOLD- GREEN'AND ROSEON SALE AND DISPLAY—CENTER AISLE -—MAIN FLOOR—WEDNESDAY 5 Dozen (Just 60) Fancy Cretonne Pillows Another , Wednesday Event— — and what home, ever owned too inariy pillows? These are exceptional in quality and color. Linen- finished cretonne in fancy floral de-' signs, pillows filled with the best grade 100 per cent kapok. —the Price —MAIN FLOOR- Green Stamps Are Becoming .a Household Word .Among the Thrifty Homekeepers YOU GET T^EM WITH EVERY PURCHASE at—Redlick's ,

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