The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1955 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1955
Page 19
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1955 OUR BOARDING HOUSI — with Major HoopU OUT OUR WAY I WANT TH' WATER SHUT Off I WHAT'RE'WXJ V*SHIN' NOOR HANP6NOW FOR? ES r MARTHA ro(J 'CHRISTMAS ? T00,ArOD ^<5P£NDIN6 THAT} V MUCH CM THt < OMEfc itJR?/ f Mt65liS -^-THERE- TH& /I F0R£ MS MUST A (TOPS OP PgACLS — SOT A-IE 6HOM5 NECKLACES LIK6 ' DECIDED OiJ ExlEEY SiPT OF 1)5 *T LEAST A DlAMOfOD STiCK- PlM—50 WE '5 JUST •SHOPPIU5 * TueiM I'M SORR.Y IF 1 WAS / WELL,I<LLSAY I WAS IF OKAY, SUGAR. TOU WERENT/ .. I WAS YOU OMtY SAVEp ME TMSEE AT THE PARTY TOHkSWT, 1 LITTLE BtTTKETlLLB (AKK.) COUKIEK NEWS PACK Williomi Television — Tonight, Tomorrow - WMCT Channel S, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel S Friday Night, Dec. 16 6:00 Wild Bill HlckOk 6:30 Eddie Fisher 6'A5 News Caravan '7:00 Truth or Consequences 7:30 Lile of Riley 8-00 Biij Story „ E:30 Stories of the Century " -900 Cavalcade of Sports 9:45 Confederates 10:00 Your Esso Reporter 10:15 Loretta Young 10:45 Weather jjy.sw Touehdovm 11:15 Tonight 12.00 sign orr Saturday. Dec. 17 8:00 News and Meditation £-.15 Storytlme * 8:30 Mr. Wizard 9;00 Pinky Lee 9:30 Paul Wlnchell- Jerry Ma honey 10:00 Fury 10:30 Prtd(! of the Southland 11:00 Cartoon Carnival 11:30 Terry and the Pirates J2:00 Slim Rhodes 12:30 RouRh Riders 1:30 Cartoons 1:55 Channel Master 2:00 Pro Basketball 4:00 Siena College Muslcale 4:30 Robin Hood 5:00 Follow that Man 5:30 Father Knows Best 6:00 It's A Great Life 6:30 Big Surprise 7:00 Perry Como 8:00 People Are Funny 8:30 Jimmy Durante 9-00 George Gobcl 9:30 Your Hit Pflradfi 10:00 Millionaire 10:30 The Vise 11:00 Burns and Allen 11:30 Mystery Theatre 12:00 Sign Of WHBQ Channel IS Friday Night. Dec. 1« 6:00 Little Rascals 6:25 Do You Know Why 6:30 Annie Oakley 7;00 Ozsle & Harriet 7:30 Crossroads 8:00 Dollar A Second 8:30 Camera '4" 9:00 Confidential File 9:30 Damon Runyon Theatre 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Les Paul and Mary Pord Saturday, Dec. 17 8:00 For Your Information 9:30 Christ Js the Answer 10:00 Captain Midnight 10:30 Tales of Texas Rangera 11:00 Andy's Gang 11:30 Autry-Rogers 12:30 Cartoon Caper* 12:-15 Tops l-OO Saturday Show 3:30 Wild Bill Hlckok 4:00 Buffalo Bill, Jr. 4:30 Mark Saber 5:00 Top Ten Danca Party 6 00 Little Rascals 6:25 Weather 6:30 Ozark Jubilee 8:00 Lawrence Welt 9:00 Million Dollar Movie 10:30 Les Paul and Mary Pord 10:35 Classic Theatre Continued from preceding page Htlp Wanted Experienced mechanic. See or call Verner Williams at Horner Wilson Motor Co Ph. PO 2-2056 10|25 cfc if Money To Loan On Jewelry, shotguns, luggage, cameras. radios, musical instruments, etc. We buy uaed furniture and other articles of Talue East Main Loan Co. 300 E. Main Ph 2-2660 White family for farm. Must have two experienced tractor drivers In family. Snafecrop and day work. Only Interested In those who can give good references. Write Box SC. % Courier News. -*• " 12115 ck tf Help Wanted, Female Waitress wanted. Apply in person at Simpson's Cafe, Ark-Mo State Line. 12il4 ck tf Lotnt FOR THE BEST IN FARM LAND — FARM LOANS See EARL'S FARM & LOAN GO. O L. Barls 2-2416—J Harsh 2-2720 Blytherllle—Ph. 3-4052 3|30 ck tl Job Wanted N«tic« Oin foreman available Jan. 1. 20 years experience with machinery. One glnner with me; Write Box OF, % Courier News 12115 pk_ IB Father's Day was founded by Mrs. John Bruce Dodd, Spokane, Washington, in 1910. The Whlteway Washateria open for business All new equipment Located at corner of 31st & Marguerite Sts. behind Gateway Grocery Owned and operated Dy Lloyd-J. Leverltt. 11121 pk ia 21 U51D REFRIGERATOR M9.95 up HALS1LL & WHITE 5J24 ck tl PRE-CHRISTMAS SPECIALS Christmas Trees ——— Banan&s—-GoUlen Tellow 5 Ib,—49c 4 Ib. paper shell pecans 11.79 Coconuts — Ea. — -!'•> Apples — Bu. $1.M Oft 11st mas Candy Lb. .25 Tangerines — Doz. - 15 Toys 1-2 price Blythevllle Curb Market 130 E. Main Open Until 10 p. m. 12,13 pk 12125 German Chocolate cakee, Party Torte. ,nd cooked cake, icings, can be used lor candles. Mrs. Fred Copeland. Ph. 3-3340. 1212 pk 1;2 lie a lasting gift. Family Circle Bible other Christian novelltles, books for little tote. Christian Supplies. 123 H 1st. Ph. 3-B801. 12115 pk 23 We buy uaed furniture. HALSELL & WHITE. 113 S Division Ph. 3-6096 5,4 ck tl Personal To MOM & DAD . L8d & "Lassie Toy Center Is open every night till 9 p.m. until Christmas. Wh? don't you drop by? 12j3 tk 25 Day oF the Outlaw By L«* W.Hi ^ ^rijtit 1955, by L« W«lli. OiitrB)«ti4 kr NtA S»rvi«, li* XXXI EVERYONE had been frozen :with the crash of the shot and Jack Bruhn's sudden death. Dan recovered first and his glynce swept the stunned faces. This was war between the outlaws themselves and he realized that he and Vivian stood in a dangerous place. None of the outlaws paid any ! attention to him. He touched Vivian's hand and she jerked up ; her head, eyes dazed. But she i ..understood his signal and she j '• moved slowly and carefully back loward the door with him. Tex had completely forgotten ' Dan and the girl, and none of " the others so much as looked their way. They stared down at = '.Tack Bruhn and now Juarez "stirred and moved to narrow's - side. Pace still leaned against 3 fthe bar as Dan opened the door \ :and he and Vivian slipped out. s. Suddenly Vivian started to r *remble and Dan put his arm i around her shoulders to give her ' mew confidence. V| "Thanks, Dan. I'll be all right." i I They listened but still could -• toear no sound from inside. Dan ! (turned, to lead her away and I stopped, short. Starrett came •MStriding up the steps and halted. ' toan shook his head. 1 "I wouldn't go ii> there, -ifBlaise." *\ "Why not?" i"[ "George Gorton was just '.Ikilled." Starrett's jaw fell and "Dan added, "and Darrow just "killed Jack Bruhn. They could s start fighting among themselves L 'any minute." 'I "Jack Bruhn!" Starrett looked »stunned. Just then a shot blasted •Mnsido the saloon. Dan grasped ^Vivian's arm. i "It's started. Let's get out of ^hcre." He left Vivian »t her door i »nd warned hei to stay inside. i, » • • • #£ ilowl/ mounted Ib* uloon steps, straining to hear some sound from within. He heard only a faint laugh, muilled by the wall. Dan pushed open the door, alert and tense. He looked toward the place where George and Bruhn had been killed but the bodies had been moved. His gaze swept on around the room, seeing Starrett seated at a table with Pace, talking eagerly while Pace nodded calmly now and then. Dan's lips thinned, knowing that Starrett had lost no time to renew his deal with the outlaws. Denver nursed a shot glass, a bottle at his hand. He looked up when Dan came to stand beside him, and his eyes were bloodshot. "You again," he muttered in his beard. "Have a drink. We don't pay for 'em no more, Pace says." "Where's Darrow?" Denver lifted a shaggy brow, stared owlishly at Dan. He pointed to the closed storeroom door behind the bar. "Tex is in there . . . With Jack and that crazy blacksmith. All three of 'em, waiting for boot- hill." 'Tex?" the surprise made Dan's voice lift. 'Tex . . . done went where all owlhooters go ... yonderly and for good." Denver shook his head. "Not five minutes after he sailed Jack Bruhn, him and Pace tangled. Least, I think they did. Anyhow Pace give Tex a .45 slug before any of us knew what happened. We got a new leader." "Pace," Dan whispered and looked up at the bar mirror. Maybe Bruhn held off but that killer won't. Hal Crane'i life isn't worth a whistle in a blizzard. Dan ptaccd his glass on the bar and walked casually toward the door. 'Hejrl* Tnt voict wu lharp and commanding and Dan's heart sank. He was sure it was Pace but he dared not look back. Instead, he pulled the door closed behind him as though he hadn't heard. He reached the haven of the store and, once inside, felt suddenly weak, as though he had raced at top speed for miles. Hal Crane looked up, startled. Dan brushed Vic aside with a quick word, advanced to meet Crane, took his arm and wheeled him about. "Hey!" Crane exclaimed, and tried to check Dan. "You gone loco!" "In the warehouse," Dan snapped. ''Could mean your life." Crane blinked but didn't argue. Dan closed the big door in Vic's amazed lace and then led Crane far enough away so that they could not be heard through the thick walls. "Hal, listen to me. We got to make it quick. Blaise fired me from Star." "I heard, but—" "Blaise plans to get all of HC spread, Hal. He's just made a' deal with Pace Odium to have you killed." Crane's jaw dropped. "Starrett?" - * * * DAN spoke impatiently, telling Crane the full story. "You can't get out of town, Hal. But you've got to hide." He tugged worriedly at his ear lobe and suddenly lifted hi* head, eyes alight. "George's shack! They won't look for you there. It's at the edge of town and, if they do think of it, you can see 'em coming in time to hide." "Where?" Crane asked dryly. "That old lean-to against the back," Dan snapped. t Crane didn't like the idea. Dan threw open the door and entered the store proper. Vic and Bob stood nearby, looking at him with owlish curiosity. Art stood near the stove, hands shoved in his pockets, boyish eyes alight with excitement. Ernine, still by the window, suddenly called in a low voice, "Dan! Come here!" ii«Dcr "Wanted: Logs. We are In market for cottonwood, Sycamore, gum, mnple and :upelo logs delivered to mill or banked jut on road or rail siding. Betz-Tlpton Veneer Company. Phone 323, Caruth- ersvllle, Missouri." 12)12 ck >H Privaf* Room* Bedroom Couple or men. Ph. 3-8604. Ili26 pk 12127 Bedroom with kitchen prlvledge "ouplB or men. Ph. 3-4224. Ilj23 pk 11128 Sleeping rooms, close In Ph 3-3237. HIM Pk M Bedrooms, 1C E- Main, Ph. 2-2288. 11J22 pic 12J22 Bedrooms. 104 E. Davis. Ph. 3-8813. Ill* Pk 1J4 .Nice steam heated bedroom adjoin- ng bath. Double or twin beds. 901 W. i\sh. Ph. 2-2209 12|12 pk 1(12 Large light house keeping room with 4 bath. Ph. 2-2920. 12J15 pk 12|23 Situation Wanted Baby alttlng, day or night. Ph. 3-B912. 12113 pK 11 Ironing in my home. 1329 S. 10th St. 12|15 pk 12;23 Baby sitting day or night. Ph. 3-6968. 12|15 pk 12;2:i Ironing wanted Ph. 3-2611. 12I1« pk 12J24 wamtd to Buy Still paying highest prices for your fur and pecans. Joe Hester's Oro., fi. Hwy. Cl, ph. PO 2-2632. 11|26 pic 1|26 We buy used iurnUure. HALSELL WHITS 113 S Division Ph 3-6096 5:4 ck tl H - M - MD or Super M. Stanton Pepper. Ph. 3-3833. 12J9 pk 17 410 gauge pump gun. Ph. 3-3712. Wanted to Rant 2 bedroom house or 4 room apt. Permanent party. Ph. 3-4237 or 3.-W70 aft- 6 p.m. 12114 ck 12|17 Read Courier NCWF Classified Ads WE'VE GOT IT! Over 33,000 different itemi in stock! H U BBARD HARDWARE City Drug Store 100 W. Main St. Phone PO 2-2542 Blytheville, ArkanMM . -, II I •' had ev«ry bit of my'tnoppihf KnTKfSri TK —now I «tn't catch th» "Shultz-is a very sensitive dog! I know I wouldn't like it if I had todre»s like a girl!" VES.IWASHIS.80MB-) 1 ATOEBFDBMWE ^ WSSIONS.THENI08EW ANOTHEBCBATE.IWAS .ONmSUSTBUM-OUB SHP CAUGHT IT TOO, JUST THE NK3HT BEFDre, JW TOO ME HE DBEAMED OUC BOMBS WEBS AND tr CAN GROW INTO A HORSE BY ITSELF M _A HORSE IS A PRETTY BIG PRESENT TO WANT FOR CHRISTMAS. YE5,VOO WILL. TELL HIM YOU'RE IN A J(W...NE£P HELP BtfKI (W, M3U BE SONS TO FMOTJ6 VIC PLNT, THE COP TUSN6P PB1WTE EVE WHO SENT ff.5 UP FOR A STRETCH, AND TELU HIM TO COMB PI&CUSS IT CV6B THE PHONE. , PLEASE! DON'T PICK. THIS BY THEN YOU'LL (f WO TIKEP YOU'LL WNT TO KEIM WITH THE PAPER! PAY AFTER Wt THERE'LL K SCME H6MOW TO PUT IT Of F! mwNOYOfl IN M CLOSET! OONT fflESE HfWE LMN HEW FOR \ MPGEU YOUR POOR 1 THINK YOU KEALLV Y CERTWNLY l\ PAP, MAY I / MO, CAR.LA... I MISHTFOR6ETTO MOSWERTHEM! LBWE ' M X CONSTANT KIP YOURSELF THAT YOU HILL AW&WER 5WEOAYI VflLL! PERHAPS TONIQHT,.>fTEK I MAIL THESE STR1P50WTHE TEN O'CLOCK THIS UWTIPY STACK OF LETTERS? THEPS'$ we ROOM FOK ART MATERIAL I'M WEPRV.. I'M GOING TO LIE DOWN FOR A WHILE., BUT SEE WHIZ, I'M NOT HM-F/, OH.YES THROUGH ( VOU ARE TELLING M3UV WBOY. MY IDEAS. HEY; WHERE YOUGC1N? •SCUSE ME, MR RE UftMTfc OM THE PHOWE UEU., OUST GUESS\ POPS

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