Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 25, 1955 · Page 5
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 5

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 25, 1955
Page 5
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Dill PA-2-4600 for i WANT AD Taker EVENING .TIMES; CUMBERLAND, ,MD., TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1955 FIVE,-: In National Park:. : >; , W. Va.;Hunt 9 ; Fisliing^etup Called Ideal "'• By FKANK TAYI.OR .WASHINGTON on - A federal- slate cooperative program Is'as- suring'. West Virginians continued good..hunting and fishing in the Monongahela National Forest. ; A Forest Service official saic West Virginia has a model program' and—except for Virginia—is the only state to provide special wildlife development funds for national forests through a stamp act. a-- often as possible in Hie dummj West opens a • trump, suspeclih that declarer is relying, on ruffin values. A trump Jead is often bes in such a situation. • ..This stamp law provides a dollar' fee each for hunting for fishing in the national'forest. • ,l.loyd W, Swift, .chief of the Forest Service's wildlife management, sjid that deer, for-instance, have made a big recent years in "the forest.' >ln 1845, only 695 deer were killed by hunters in Mohongahlea Na- lion'Forest compared to 4,900 last fear. '•West Virginia, in cooperation with the Forest' Service, is conducting a long range program to improve hunting and fishing in .the W3.319 ' acres of national forest lands; ^This program includes, Swift said, such work as: il. Providing food and cover for wildlife. (2. Clearing springs and developing water holes. 3. Releasing fruit . and mast Irecs. 4. Building ponds for fish. • 5. .Releasing wildlife stock's. •"In recent years, Swift said, other wildlife, including turkeys, have increased materially in the national of the cooperative forest. '"Because plan," he added,, "the .prospects are good for excellent hunting and fishing in Monongahela National Forest for years to come." Get A Horse! , /ROCk .ISLAND, 111. Ul - Milk, man }!. A. (Die) Pahngren. who retired alter delivering milk'on the same route for 29 years, says wagons drawn by horses were best. "The horses were easier to handle," he said. "They knew the route and I didn't have to do any driving." . ] .1 •"' • ' • • ' ' Jacoby Oililridge Long Suit Set Up By Ruffing By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service In today's hand we carry th principle of ruffing a bit furthc than we have in other articles I this series. South must establis his long diamond suit by ruffin; ^ NORTH M AKJ4Z V K « 4 3 «7 *J«32 WEST EAST 41097 AAQ865 ¥ 1087 »» »K84 »Q106S + K97S . +Q105 SOOTH (D) *3 '' "• VAQJ52 * AJ932 *,A4 East-West vuL Sonth W»t North Bast !¥• Pass 2» Pass 4 V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V 7 South' wins, with the hearts and should lead jack o spadi at once instead of beginning on .he diamonds. Before we discuss he success of the spade play, let's see what would happen if Soutl jegan instead with the diamonds He would cash the ace of ,'d'ia monds, ruff a diamond in'the dum . my, return to his hand with the ^ ace of clubs, and ruff another dia mbnd in the dummy. There woult .hen be no convenient way to. ge out of dummy, so the defenders would get their chance lo lead a GOOD-BYE CORNS Enjoy quick relief •ml •ptcdily feronv* •ckinf. corn* with Uiln, cuahion- loi Dr. Scholl'i Z pudf-CoKt but • triBc. second trump eventually no mat ter what South did. | South leads a spade to begin with partly in the hope of cstab lishing a trick in the suit and part ly to provide a way of getting back (o his hand later on —.by way o rulfing spades. West plays a low spade, and South agonizes abou whether to play the jack or the king from dummy. As it happens South cannot possibly guess right- ind East wins the trick. East re turns a club, and South takes the ace of clubs at once. He then cash -cs the ace of diamonds, ruffs a jdiamond In dummy, ruffs a spade your home... or old rrfaeserves the newest of kitchens! ...individually designed ma skillfully installed by • Custom Kitchen specialist! In styling, in features, in quolily and variety of unih . . . BEAUTYCRAFT offers moft of everything you want jn your kitchen, at toil Hian you expect to pay! CaN now for FREE kitcta (taming iPPLIANtJii CENTER ' . . 31-35 N. Mechanic- St. Dial PA 2-2790 Armed Force Early Mailing Is Advocated other aeer, Officials at • the Cumberland Post,Office.say.that packages Ic be delivered to military personne, on foreign duly by Christmas should Ire mailed early. Gifts to men and women-on. duty In Korea, Japan and all Pacific bases including the numerous islands, should be mailed later than November 1. Packages for men and women ol the military or members of their families assigned lo bases Europe of the American territories should be mailed not later than November 15, to assure Christmas delivery.' Postal officials said that to assure prompt delivery, all packages should be. carefully addressed on both sides with full name, rank, serial number, branch.of service, organization and /the Army or Navy post office to which the mail is to be routed. In the case of Christmas cards, holiday delivery can be reasonably assured for mailings as late as December 1, provided Air Mail is designated. The post office department urges, "make it a Merry Christmas for overseas personnel by mailing gifts in time." Vacation Job LAS CRUCES, N.M. Ul - Chief of Police Santos Armires was enjoying his vacation — until tome- one stole all four of the hubcaps off his personal car. Four employes at-.the plant of Celanese Corporation America have been honored completing 25 years', service the firm. They are: Allen J. Mace, Fairgo; Gorman W. Mosser,;. 474 Barnes Street, Keyscr; Edwin Poling, Ridgcloy, and Michael Raso, Bedford Road, R. Finley Thompson, plant- rhari- •, presented each a gold watch engraved to mark the quarter- not century event. All are Extrusion Department it employes. Mace works in the bob' bin stores section and the olhei three are spinners. All four started to work in their teens in mid| n October 1930. . . Mace is married and has one in his hand, and ruffs another diamond in dummy. ... By this time South .knows that the diamonds are breaking 4-3. He can afford to overtake the king of hearts with the ace, draw the last trump with the queen, and ;ive up. one diamond. South's last rump gets the Jead back for him so that he can cash the last diamond as his tenth trick. . Q—The bidding has been: North East South West 1 Diamond Pass 1 Spade Pass 2 Clubs Pass. . ? You, South, hold: 4K10985 ¥843 «42 * A 7 6 What do you do? A—P*a* You should not make » tecond response with such > weak hand unless jour partner makes a forclnr bid. TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the same as in the question just answered. You, South, hold; +K.I09S5 9843 4A42 476 What do you do? Answer Tomorrow FourMoiiored AtAmcelle •Amcelle son. During World War II ho scr- o'f ved In the Army Medical Depart- on mcnt for more than two and a half with years.' He . Is a member of the Cvesoptown Vohintccr Five Department. His hobbies are photography and sign painting.' Mpsser is married and the father of three children. Poling is married and has one teen-age daughter. He served in the Army for almost two years during World War II. Raso. is married. Jobn Bcstwick, superintendent of other extrusion production, joined in honoring . the long-service em- ployes by awarding them five- star Celanese emblems,and certificates. . Clniinuntg Musicians To Meet Local 787,-American Federation if Musicians; will meet Thursday claimed it 7:30 p.'rrii at'lhe Labor'Temple, south Liberty Street. • . England, France and Spain a! ' possession of Nebraska a various limes during the early his lory of the Unilcd Slates/ OLD-FASHIONED REVIVAL CONTINUES AT ' Full Gospel Assembly Of God Church WINCHESTER ROAD, CRESAPTOWN, MD. , Service Every Nite 7:30 Except Monday til Ocr .30 EVERYBODY WELCOME EVANGELIST RUTH (Reckley) COWGILL Low Co 7 BUSES DAILY NEW YORK $7.70 Including 7 Expresses. For Example: . Lv. 7:30 A. M. Ar. 4:55 P. M. Other Convenient Schedules to: Pittsburgh ...'.3.05 Washington-.-.. 3.30 Philadelphia .. 5.60 Ballimort 3.30 Hormbufg ;"... 3.95 You Con Be There In 2 Days MIAMI $22.55 • 5 buses daily including through and expresses. For example: Lv. 7:30 A. M. Ar. 5:15 P.M., Next Evening Other Convenient Schedules to: Atlanta 14.55 Msmphii .... 18.50 New Orleans . 22.05 Richmond 5.80 Knoxvill. '.... 11.90 Dallas ...'...: 26.30 Choice of 4 Express Routes To LOS ANGELES $51.80 You can be there 4 Days . • For Example: Lv. 6:55 P. M.. . Ar. 7:35. P. M., The 4th Day ' Similar Service to All the West: Son Francisco 51.80 Portlond 50.45 Solt Lake City 39.15 Seattle 50.45. Minneapolis .. 20.10 Denver 32.25 Luxu r 7 Express Buiej Erery Day To BOSTON $11.95 For Example: Lv. 7:30 A. M. Ar.' 11:30 A. M. Similar Service to Other Big Cities: Hartford 9.65 Buffalo .; 8.55 Syracuse 9.85 Nev Haven .... 9.10 Rochelttr '9.35 Montreal .... 16.70 6 BUSES DAILY TO i including expresses! CHICAGO $13.30 Jor Example: Lv. 12:30 P. M. Ar. 5:05 A. M. Other Convenient Schedules To: Akron 5.85 Columbia...... 7.45 Cincinnati .... 9.40 Detroit 9.80 Yaungstown ... 4.65 Indianapolil .. 11.30 Aifc about Charter and Package Expml Servict. Big «xlfo sovingi on found-trip ticket! GREYHOUND TERMINAL 139 N. Mechanic St. Phant PA 2-6226 ...on many trip*, -at no extra cost- you'll enjoy Or«yhound'* stncatlonal new buGre (ha HIGHWAY TRAVELER 29 Plymouth models, including an all-new line of Suburban station wagons in 3.low price-ranges, all with fabulous new Aerodynamic Styling. TOUCH... AIM D GO! . . '. • •• DHIVINOI Plymouth brings it to the lowest-price, field! A finger-tip, touch on a button selects your driving range-easy as flicking on a light. Then PowerFlite and new 90-90 Turbo-Torque take over! Choice of 5 Power Ratings. 200 V-S hp available with PowerPak In all 4 lines—Belvedere. Savoy, Plaza and Suburban. Or choose 187 hp.ln Belvedere and Suburban lines. In Savoy and Plaza lines you get 180 V-8 hp. If you prefer the super-economy of Plymouth's PowerFlow 6—also available In all 4 lines— you get. 125 hp, or 131 hp with PowerPak. 'All-new Aerodynamic i^Mm 1T^/WW-^J*J TrfW' "•• «• ••.'•sr -^ •:;-:-• ':' /% ;' • Drive It it-your • Plymouth dealer's— the car .that's going placei with the Young In Hciirtl Some 60% of the people in this country, according to a recent survey, didn't know that Ihe New York Stock Eich'ange does not own the stocks bought and sold on its trading floor. This advertisement . is one of a series being . published to help broaden understanding of stock ownership. We hope you'll find it informative. Who are America's stock owners? 1. lil'i lay a mylh to rtit. The. New York Stock Exchange "has never owned a share of any of the stocks traded on its floor. The Exchange is a marketplace where securities are bought and sold. ft- How rich shctr* owners art. Of the nation's 7'/4 million nhaie" owners in publicly owned com-. panies, it is estimated that 31.6% nave family incomes of less tban^ 55,000 a year; 44.4% have between $5,000 and $10,000. ' ; 3. Men vs. wpmtn. Actually,, stock ownership is pretty equally divided between the seies—36.3% of the shares are owned by men, 26.9% are owned by women and 7.5%areinjoint accou nts. The re-.' maining 29.3% are held by .insur- ancecompanie5,pensionfunds,etc. 4. Why peoplt invest. It's no secret-they invest in the hope of getting a good return on their money. You can't be sure of a return. But there are many established companies listed on the Exchange that have long records of steady growth and that have paid dividends regularly for years (298 common stocks haven't missed paying one in every year. from 25 to 107 years). S. How you go about buying er silling itocki. The first thing to do is to look up a Member Firm of the Stock Exchange near you. A partner or registered representative in that firm will be glad to give you facts about the stocks listed on the Exchange, and will help you decide on investments suited to your needs. His information and advice are free for the asking. Before you invtst, gat the'facti. Investing is a serious business..' Stock prices can go down as well as up. So before you put your money into stocks, be sure you have sufficient savings to cushion: you and your family against emergencies. OWN YOUR SHARE OF AMERICAN BUSINESS Fill IOOKLET Mis you how to buy or sell stocks, the cash dividends particular stocks have paid, and about the new pay-as-you-jo Monthly Investment Plan. For fr«fl copy of Investment Facts, write, phone or cnll on any Member Finn. of the Stock Exchange. Or write directly to New York. Stock Exchange, DepL 1-T, P.O. Box 252, New Yort 5.N.Y. r.- MEMBERS NEW YORK -'•: STOCK EXCHANGE Mill to your locil Member Firm of ' I the- Stock Exctiinic, or Nlw York I Stuck Exchlnfe, Dipt. 1-T, P.O. lox .1 252, Niw York 5, N. Y. . . J Nine und mi i frog copy of I l«mt«iil fKli. i • »MH_ I • ll. I

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