Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1927
Page 3
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THE'TOLA PAtLY REGISTER. MONDAY EVE>JING. DECEMBER 19. 1927. PAGE THREE. S. S. Shellj;, of the Shelly Motor "tcinpany, is [reporteil 'ill at liis home, 317 Soutb Walnut'street. . —Pnrethread Silk Hose for Christmas igifts. Soc to $1.75. Edwards Millinery. —rGood selection Chrislnia.s Card.s at Cook's Drug Store.. John Zyskowski, who is attenditiR the Kansas City \Vestern Dental colleKo at-Kahsas City, is home for the holidays. —Get your .Candy and Gum from the "Candy Cid" at the City Exchange, formerly Otten's Bakery Bldg. Phone 27T,. —For Real Estate Loans see the Sccurffjr BIdir. & Loan Association, lola, Ks. Office in Fir^t Natl. Bank, Alson Kemp, p Halosman ifor the Proctor and Oanrhlo Co., of St. Louis. Mo., Js spending the holidays .with his parent.-?, .Mr. and Mr.s. J. U. Kemp, 51."> South Sycaiuoro utreot, —Elccirio lioaii 'iH, <I<'c»rli' iroiiH Jind toasters. luluk'- pra<'li<Ml gift.s. Se« our disiil;iy. f':ila<-<i Drug Co. Sirs. Delia licys wa.s a l)usin<".ss visitor in Humboldt tlii.s jjiorning. Mis.s tVlahle Morri?»Cherryvale, Kans., ti the week with her George. Chatman. rwent lo day jfo spend sister. Mrs. ALVAREZ GREETS I^INDY —.Inolher .injrel Food Cake l|eni. oiistratlon nlll >>c ulren Tac^^daj m. at i:Wi in the Self .Senlre (Jrorerj' for those who did iiotKet to attend the demon<<tration^.Snturdu.v. —impacts, aew designs, all prices: Cooks, i Lvrs. Chas.'Marsh will leave "Wednesday for San Juan, Texas, to spend a few months with her father. . i Cigars and Cigarettes .' ' -in Christmas Iwxes. ' B. & B. Cigar Store. Mrs.* H". I.^ Carter and sons, Chester ahd Bohert.iof Auguptart returned home today after a visit in the,, home of their sister and aunt, .\frs .Ji. A..Snyder. 623 South Sycamore street; They motored^ over yesterday to hfing Mrs. i 'i -.r- ter 'H iiiother, .Mrs. A. A.. East, who will fjiend th<? winn-r with. lier daughter, Mrs. Snyder . —Christmas light sets, for^ tree. Parace Drug Co. ' the , -r-.\nieric.'in Legion nu'eting Mon• day night,-o'clij.-k. Iniliatimi. • Every jm-nibcr oiii.' | .1. IJ. IiU(lian;ni. I'. ('. : - • i —Good selection CIiristni;c.<- CariJs at Cook's Drug -Sturc. j Dais;- Wofi!rii!!;('. who %va i i called . to El<loru<'.o .Spriims. Mo.. ' abovit tliriy ucoks ;ieo by the ill- ; negs of 4iU untie. .1. \Vyiid, vcturnoil I home night. t'nndios. riL-ara,' your'laVorii-' brand.-! at Codk'a. . -Walter "Ilockwel! is here for a.n indefinite visit' v.-itli his mother. Mrs. Jirown. of the Palai-e lloiol. Mr. Hookwell has been in Amarillo, T<-xas.,for sometime wh.'n- li'- was manager uf a st<ir«-. Wo know Bakery Product^ ' are good, nut - ITave "ion Tried Ours? VAN nOOZERS. Will T., Allen., president of ther -\Jlen State bank at Erie, died at}[ the Johnson hospital at ChanuteJ' •Saturday moiniing pboXit 10 o'clock. J; Funeral services were held thi.<?f: afternoon" at 2:30 o'clock at thp ' I'ederated <-hurt:h at Erie, wa.s in the Eric cemetery. Burialj: —Handpainted Boudoir JOHX LEROY HOWEY. John .Leroy Howev was born iMadora, Ind.. April 3. 1848. Pillovv.-s.J In 1.S72 at Decatur. JJI., he wa.s Door .Stops and Plaster Pl:ic(iues<united in manjiage to Miss ifajge^ . at Pandora Gift Shop. 41G SouthvWiUiams to which union seven Washington. Phone 767. ^children were born: Arthur How- |ey. 16 South Kentucky St.: Clar—Dr. MontRomerv. Chiropractor.l«-'nce Howey, 43.5 South Fourth Stl: Tola Laundry Bldg. Phone 138. i-Elm.-r llowey. G(il South Fourth _ ^St.: .Mrs. Nell Finnel. (las. Kang. —We pay 6'^ on Full' JPaid and :Th«; other children died in infancy. Installment SJock. Tlie best invest-; The deceased was a member of ment, the icst method to save.'the t; rand'.Army of the Republic, Secarlty Bld «r. Loan Association,,'a loyal citizen of his country, a lola, Kansas. ^ ig'ood neighbor, a lover of his home ^ - • • — ;. janil family. T lola was one crowded little townj The funeral service was held fit last Saturday. ^ Three rows of auto-1t,,e Adams & Hesser chapel Satur- moblles were parked all round the|.,jay afternoon at 2:.'!0 o'clock and Square with two rows for a block] ^va* conducted by the Rev. H. d or more on each street leading in^Mathis, D. I)., pastor of the First to the Square. ; It was a ChristmasJpresbvterian church. The music shopping crowd and most of the;| stores were crowded most of the day. The big crowd, tiiough. will be here next Satunlay if it is a fa.y^«„„ an,, Angelo C. Scott.' Burial ^lay —Dr. Lucy E. Poison. Chiropractor. Nofthrup Bldg. Phone 326. ^"Van's Bread." good as ever. was surig by Viss Venita Lorance, Miss Julia McClure, Miss MJlUcent.^ Voorheos and Messrs. A; E.? Garri- was ill Highland cemetery. .Mrs. .N'orrine Archer, Mr. " and .Mr.f. /.. C. AVilkerson, Albert Bran- jHum and W. H. King spent the ueek-enri in Kansas City; Thi.s fii'.«l photo .show.'; Colonel Charles A. Lindbei'KJi beinj,' j^rtictcd By Gcnci-jil Alvar.-z of Prpsiilenl Callcs .•iiTival at Valbi-'ena flying Hold, Mexico C ly. a: the t-ok'lu.sioii (i\hi<. w-. .Lip tii^'li. f-oni Wasiiinjcton. in Kroumi. between the two, can be .seer. Mr.s. Dwight Morl'ow. wife oi' t lit; Arncrivr'n aTiiItas.-jidor, while .Mr. M( ground daily hidden bcJiiiid Lindl)erg!i. :-taflf-on his th'j back- Morrow is i)ar- Dell Milne, of Kansas'Cily, Hpcnt! Paul Reed, who has beciv att.nii- \ .Saiiii.k.v night and Sunday here 1 injf a convention pf the salf -^meui with his parents. Mr. and ,Mvs.; for the J. U. Adams Road Supply' T A. Mllne and familr. or~Whep-!.'r U (iai;.:ay. held at Indianapolis. Ind.. ! ro{>v night, at the Hcight.s. i '. -Is oi/etUil honi.' tomorriJW. " , (.'(lOper. South Wal • I — ' • whitJh a threat dea Miss Mary Milne, of Supply, Okla., is spending the Christmas holidays here witli her parents. Mr. iand Mrs. T. A- -MUne and latnily. of Wheeler Heights. , —Ten cent bundles of old papers for five cents at the Register fromJ] now until Christmas. Dr. and Mrs. G. S. Lamlieth and^j I Colored; Cuinuiunlly ^lotj'timr frhe colored people uf Ii)i;ij will ReriKir ! fiiid Wiiitt vi.i.iif.rv ^niPsinin for tl^ughter, Marybclle, will start to-; M morrow in their car for Sbelby- .Motor company. Supply I hoild a eonnnunity meeting tomor-, siieM Smut-.i.v v;itli hi.^ parents in w niglif. at the home of Uury ChaiHiti'. Sonthwpsfem Beil Teleplione ,(o;— Thirtieth Dlvhlcud TJie regular quarterly divi- •_dend of one dollar and/se.y- enty-five cents per share on J'referred Stock will be paid on .Monday. January 2. 1928. t 'l' Ktockhnlilers of record at »he I lose oi business on Tiie.=dav. December 20. 1927. K. .\. Treasurer. r^Iiss Rutli Kiin)!) left i^afiirila.v ' afteriui'iii for OtJirlin. K;!.-;.. where she will spend about li-u ilays witli her .parents. Viiother Augel Food Cake Dent- onsTTalion'will he ghen Tuosdaj p. ift. at StWrin the Self Service Utccpry tor those w ho did not get to a^^.nd the demonstration Sat\ird»y. -^Jcjhn .ion's electric floor waxer pxitf yoor floors, and linoleum iii firs^ cla^^s condition. Rents for $1 per';day. ' palace Drug '"o —For Christmas Bargains stop at Roach-Elliott's stpre at; La- Harpe. Kans. Sheep-lined coats lor nien, $."..!in. Men's overalls. llOr. Boys to 14 y(<ars heavy all-ttdcil lu^jiber Jacks, S2.1i». .\iei- up -to- date stock of shoes for ail at bargain prices. Would be a nice pre -j- ent for Christmas. Oversize giiar- ahtcpd I'-i-incji halter; ^I.-Jiv .Men'.s rubber boots; 52 .7.^. When you have time look our harness depart mem j overJor future comparison: it will Dm save;you money. ' While liejiiiit -)U)S\)\\ MtiHT tAM»Y SI'Kt I.\L .VT lOOK'S ;tiii- Junteel (!ho!oIates. • <'hristm:i.s wr.»pped. ! ExielUnt <;iil. <;!ic 111. — I'oly<rhrome candle.';, .'f.'.c a .set. Palace Drug Co. J alnul street, at, . „ _ I ol" liusinci-s j wi|lli l»e discussed. Everyone is- urpeil to be present at this I ; in Wesley White, .Vasli lepreTOiita- -• I live in western Kansait. visited •'friends in iid'a over tile w<ek-end. i<'H• i:i -Radio Till)'. iiiiii :ill act es.-ior- Tl i< kill i'liaruevs and tilinators. K. f. Klf inr r. L. li. LEAYELL, M. D. .Siiecial attention given Dis^ eases of Colon and Rectum. Elect ro-riiysiotherapy —Dr. A. n. Twadell. Osteopath. New Globe Bldg. Phone 19L Mrs. .\rvilla Smith, \)f the Reg-- ister Job ilepartnient. was unahlc to he at the office today on account of -illness.; —0. L. Cox, .M. D. Specialist, Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat Mrs. Webster Brooks and son, Truman Brooks, of Seminole, Okla., whif have been visilins in the Fred Wilhite home south of Ida, rc- ville, Kentucky, to spend Christ-" mas with Jlrii. Lambeth's father., Charles Mape.'f. TheywiH be gone-turned hoiv.r on the Jiooii train to- nntil January- 1. • ?«Uiy. .'vLso. one pouifd ("lieu ol:il.- Covireil Cheirii-s Christiaa.s wtappid. lite Jb, '! - Dre.vs up your (lolls aihi paiiil ! your Kcooti-rs and tricycles, <•(<•.. to ' 1 luakf .'••oiiie' kiddy glad for (airist- ' jmas. Will start laliiiig them .\Ioo- * : day. City Exchange. Pliiine 27.^. * i Formerly (Itten's l!:ilier'v JJldg. * j Ray Wood.son, of Clianute, was * ; in lola S.-iinrdav ou business. Office lola Star. l>hone.s-147 • Bank Bldg. and 7lir. I - Toilet s.-t.-. ronipa-.'ts. iKrfiinie-;. make iiieal gilts lor lu-r. Palace Co. • coiit;;n ts have — Record breaking priics <iii all "i Tw ./to •ii-inie/l him ^ Hats and Flowets: IMwanls Mil-i Bo -i, th:. K:.Pv..s city .loun-.l tm- fond ^'^J'^^'y^^^'y^l aril-ks.Ill tli .ir .Sunday ,-,lit : ,„,,;nr ••• ; . Ethelbert Shields arrived homo' pi|..i.-'M:: tj..- • iii ^u-sti.m-ina.i.-' },v, U'mi.v call the bal)> -innior. I'liiiiiijiiig Co. : : - - it loward V'vouU, son of \\v. • ' - •> , Mrs. .Mcl Fronk. of 12'! .1::. k- •«••»••••••••»•••]• noil avclliw. i(!m;;((! Iioiii," — fr<)m Wichita ami ill < iiti r lo a ' Tic Kiiiii of .Spaia. iloes not know JHpii .T lol.'i'^'i- till- .sii oijii si-iiu : it .'Jiti' iierliajis ma.v iiever know it, hut a >;(i;it < o.-iipliiJient ha.s been Kt id, .Siir.^ery aiul'iiai'! to him by. a Ccdored family •lure in lola. Not long ago a boy iiaby was born into this family and ,ju - Dr. J.-. T. .K-r.-iy. Th'one 3."," Mrs. Jennie K. Johm-on. of , not yet been made, it is likely that |Sattirdav night from \iiiiii-a. Cal. jtln^ < ditor" »ii Hutchinson, is a guest in the hom'.'iwiihin ;i short time work will he i for a'two months visit with his par- of her sister, Mrs. C; O. Bollinger , started on exten.sive remodeling. and f.-iniily. of 3o<t .North Syejiniore i enlarging and improving the Kel- •Jtreet Slic will remain over :.Mon- ; ley Theatre. Plans -have already (l.-iy ,of next week li'i attend the b.-en <lrawn which ionteniplale j fiftietli wedding anhiveisary iif her ! raising tlie ceiling anil putting in .-ister and brother-in-law. .Mrs. and ' a balcony which will accommodate Mr. .1. R. Stewart. ,'several hundred people. Changes will liiade in the stage also eijls. .Mr. ami .\lr>i. Wilbur Shields (',( aiiii. family. olT :U J So.tlh BurKeyc tli i slri'ct. • • to _ • h, —The . lola Laundry will b-- is cliisid .'ill ilay Saturday "out open th^' all day Monday. 'ai »• ,* * Arllelfs Wanted, which .will tuakeviU. suitable for^ —Men's underweoT. chamois skill 1 ptittlnB on spoken plays in good ill' lli-Kisti r tliat iiU'i'is.Hiofi !)>• al'j.oiutiil by the Viriior fo .•<liir|e laws of s aiiil other iitr.tis and endeavo;' w rk out a new law that would .'^•liisiac.lorv to a'l confer;.ed. li v.iv s'-ljloiii that the .lou: nal ;(iid Star iw 'l toritlii'r ,ii approviuu jytiiin^ Ijial anyl'.cdy .sut ;i4ests. vest, shecp-llned emit, heavy por- tiers.. full size mirror, «:xlra pant.=5 shape. The improvements under coimideration, if carried into .ef- for men, hoy.s' sweaters, gray fur ^ feet;, will give lola one of the larg- fox eoal. children's clothes of all ; est and most thoroughly up-to- kinds. Phone 27;";. City Exchange : date play houses in this part of Formerly Otten's Bakery Bldg. I Kansas. ' INGBRSOL • Fotintilin Pens * : «1 .(K» *L>.Ott • BIU»V.V.S lUUfi .STOKE • '. • ' • Claude Stewart and dauchtej-s: • Louise and Roberta, arrived Sat- . nrday night to SPCIM I the holidays'; with their paretifs and gratidpar- ; Mr. ami .Mrs. .}. R. Stewart. '. 606 South Washington avenue. —If yoi want to buy or build, city or 'sul urban properly. The lola B|nilding & Loan. Association will mak^'ou b loan..hiw interest rate no comrals.<!ion. See G. E... Pees Becrctarv, atj old jlegistcr buildins eouthwcjst corner of square. - . 't • I . C. C^^ Luccock. of i JEarLsboro, Okla.. c^fiie last night to .spend the holidayji^-witli hi? family. American Teleplione & Tele. ,; cr,ii)h Crt.—Bell .Systeju ,l.v;nl (Bividend vThe regtilai (I'.iarlcriy <livi- df»i;d ;Of .Twi Dollars and ;T Wfuty -Five. ^ Cents (J2.2."') •per share will be paid on Monday. January 16, 192S. to stockholders of record at the close of iliusiness on Tue.s- - dav. .Decemh.-r .2ii. 1927. . •• H. BLAIR-.S-MITII. i . Treasurer. Marvbelle P;..:^. ii v invned yesterday from r :!Mk «,n (Ikla. Her mother.- Mr--, .lo!iii Pa .li remained to atl.ti ! i:i.-fiiHi;i! ot her sisfr-iti-;aV. ..Vi> .lo 'ea I M-UIT. . whi<di n=ill be held W, dr .t sday. .Mr-. , ! Belle I>o Davis. »f LaHarpe. sis- lOLA, KANSAS, ter•of Blackw he deceased, is al.«o 11 for the funeral. H0NIY*-TAR COMPOU><D. Safe and Reliable^ For all c^aebs and ail. ages—no opiatei. A pure cough medicine. SOLD AHO R£COMMEND£P EVERYWHERE -^BROWN'S DRUG STOBSI ! iness for Little Tots Our Selection ojf Toys is Still Complete *Here are A few selections from our larsre stock: l»"lls !)No In lt9 „««l Altthilnuro IlUhes »S<' tt> Gldshuke Seti . .. ^AVi Cedar Chesto SNe In «JN .Sneepinir Sets . ; s9c Baby .Sets . axc Handkerchief .Set- i«r-lit- Me Klrls 23c Hanii) and I'lin-e Set* ... .9M- fjinndrr Sets stir Purges' for the l.hlle Ones . V M- to Kfto Steel To) Truck* Steel Fire tiMrfne* .i'M Basses ...-..-'.-9s- to iPl^: Dump Trnclis ..._9Sc to iMJ»> .Steam Shovels . .f<9r to #1,9S .Scolders ' , Jisc to HASfi Tool thests ..9SC to 1SU9 F«iot Bulls _ 'JSC to iflJ)s .Mecliaplrsil .4u»"s .IJIc u> #2-19 I'ool "Tabtes • 9sc llukller Toy Builder Sets'*l -n9 I ^uhhfr Bulls ...... IO «T Ut 9Sc ABC .Sliifes .:{9c to H9e Horse Shoe (.'ume> 49e to S9f -Ole- .Million Face Blocks 89c Card (iames 23c to 9Sc Bowling Alleys S9t- W Ol den Jlnstler Toys 89c A li nre selection of :»re. rhanlral Toys ...23c to »Sc .MasiralToys -23c to 9sc .Santf Toys -.l»c to .K9c , ^;iFTS FOR HER— (IIBSOI^'S "Onyx Pbintex Hosiery" DRY OOOds -WOM EN'S WE AR-MIILINER- — tOUk - .- - r KAMSAS "Hummingr Bird ' liosiery" OLA'S ;rOi»ri .AR STORK .THIS STORK n 0 1 7 ' />•/•; OPhW KVKMkns I-STIL AV.V/-; •CLOCk ALL TfilS WKKK •Fok HER CHRISTMAS iiVE HIER THE KIND SHE BUYS POINTEX SILK HOSIERY The .-wi'opiiiir popularity of .'*()XVX POINTEX" lio.-iifi-y is atte.-totl to by the ftict that practically. oVory Itosii ly manufiu'tui 'vr of titty notf t.s trying? to imilatft the "Onyx Poiiitfx Hfi'I." ^ . Do no;( he misled—In.sLsl on (he original •'ONYX I'OINTEX." And they can only he purcha.scd at this store as we have the exclu.^'vo wile for lola. O'XYX I'OINTKX. Shoer Chiffon and all olor.-;. i)air -- -J- ONYX POINTEX. Service' WVi^'iil, all (ulois , .'5 I 'air.^ $5..50 $1.95 $1.95 HUMMINGBIRD HOSIERY $1.50 Paii^ Pairs $400 A -'ik to .'^ce the new full fa .shioW 'd Ilii'niminir nii'd Pure ."^ilk llo .siery. Shown in ev- qVy wanted color, f 'ompartf it with any S3 G.") or i?1.7-3 .silk on the market. BOBOLINK HOSIERY $1.00 Pair The jrrt 'atc.<;t dollar .^^ilk ho .-^e <!>n the rtiarket. Not .Silk and Pwiyon but PL'RE SILK. Every pair guaranteed to t?ive ab .soliite .^ali.sfaction. Bobolink Hosiery can only be purchased at— . SENEKER'S SENEKER'S For Today The.'te are e.xtra .specials^ for .evening- .shoppers, them itj our display windows See FOR HIM SMOKER'S CABINET Brown Mahogany Fifiish li.s .<hown mm FOR HER PRISCILLA SEWING CABINETS Red or green lacquer $5.85 Mahogany Finish $4.95 Open Evenings All This Week A. R. Sleepei Furniture Co. m ^^^^ Por the Meu Folks, Too! -' • - ' i. '1'- Of, the men ai-e-accustomed to come here'' when thev want sug^estion.s concerning -the proper gift for HER. Our list includes ncai-ly-^everything that a woman —^young or oId -Klesires.,> And it 's a good place, ^Iso, for the women folks to inquire .about gifts for men. We have oodles of them— io^ both sexes, regai'd- less of whether you w^nt to spend a dime or a centuiT note. T ' PHONE 181 Bjos. Drug Store % WE DELIVER - >

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