The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 3, 1958 · Page 22
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 22

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1958
Page 22
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ANNfl ABNtft CANYON tMN MMNNAH ANP t Wttfi M WA4 KNNO W8LL IN PKTBM*, T CINff WE MOX6 Of 1VS KEN LOST/ CAN MB WHIL6 I *HAVB~ CAN'T HATS MB AW MOW TOAN Z HAT* MVWW... emu* WHO uvc IN cu» APARTMENTS ANP HE A(Ml)NPtM6WOL,SACM WITHHCRflWNhWNSCN A LONO CORP-WAITINfl FOR. A 5TUWO CALL. .fNI'AlkWS FBKSCMWS ONfORMOSA MfftJL WILL BgAU-fYM- WTHV WHEN THEY HfiAfe YWKSTWV/ NBCfc §y STOMBUN6 OVER. A PHONE COKt?,YOU OBT PAMSLWTSNINSlOYOI) WITH ONE EAR* ANP FOR A CASTINS CAUL WITH TO5 MARY WORTH WITH THE STORY I...THIi'LL FOf-By At VamiNr SHE SAID J I WAS AS 90REMBAD • • ITW wipe, BOTTS1M V •I _>TART UNRBELIN6 TH6 STORY OF YOUR LIFE/ 3USTTH& LAST FEW HOURS OF IT WILL 00— FIR6T OF ALL.WMATT AR6 YOU DOING VUTH THAT ILCf VASft!? AND HOW DID THAT 0At> ACTOR, MOfiT- MORENCY FLINK.6ET IHTO 7H6 PICTUFJ&? YESl THAT'S WM MA MIS OUR BOARDINO HOUSE-WIth Ma]or Heople ^^^HH^.1 WHAT HAPP£MED,MVTRUE LOVE.WA5 ,_ SUSPICIONS OF .. _ . . _ 16V CARRYING THE TOOLS OF Hl$ FORMER PROFESSION* INTO TH6 OVJLS CLUB/ THE CHAP VJAMT&O / 0MLY TO FKSS MY FINefiR, < WHICH BECAME STOCK VJKEM T x - THRliST IT IMTO THE VAS£, LIKE , k THi5 AND— GREAT CAHSARJ IT'J HAPPENED , AGAIN/? HE DOES IT ? JUST LIKE THW* CARNIVAl-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams COM* ON, PtVW UP/ VOU MUST HAVE MEM RAIPIMS THE ICC BOX YDURftfiLF, OK VOU WOHI.PNT KMOW -nwrr HS HAD/ YOU COMB OUT OP THERE, ANP I'LL WV8*TIAATH 7H1» KIIAHT CLUB.' THI* IS> A HICK Of A NltMT CLUB-T>f COMB ON wrm 1HUJMCH/ *» M. fit 0*. C tNt to KM smlM. IM. TIZZY-By Kat« Otann "XSot « clean handkerchief? Watch out crossing the •trtets! Don't lot* your glove*! Stay out of puddlet! Com* straight homer Want Ads Have Bargains and Good Buys! WA*HIM3TON»/ -VDOVOO THE SMARTEST,MOST X THINK f Ctrv OF BROTHEfckV I LOVEtf~AND,&ROT V -IF VOU WANT TO PAU.INL LADIES IN ALL THE"- ANYTHING fNI VIRGINIA? THI TOODLIS I KNOW- TTHATfc AN 1 IT* N<3Ni OCMM ^-T*i BUT Hi'* f AUBI-^JUSTJ BUSIMi**-I>A<VOUl»e ALSO IM < WAIT TILL *4.SOB*V t TtJl-WNOTHAUPA* BUSINSC5 LyouttBROTHER) YOU/ COOKI1 WITH DAOP/ltARRY HEARS hr^~*c\ t^YOU WILL 86 IP YOU AN OLD MAN, SALLY...VDU 5AIP SO YOUftSBLK so rex ASKED Me OUT SATUKPAV NIGHT ANP I COULDN'T - 6NCOURA6B THISOLDf- ARCHIE ARCH if /, LOOKOUT*' "PUau wake me up at **ven, Mother, «o I can lie in bid for a half hour before I hav* to get up! IT PAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS An early cencus in 1660 reveal ed that New Mexico bad 24,000 inhabitants — 1,000 Spaniards and 23,000 Pueblo Indians. There also were plenty of Navajo and Apache Indians, but they were not included in the census because they would not show down long enough Marc Connelly, the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright of "The Green Pastures," is now and then an actor. He plays a role in the new comedy, "Tall Story," headed for Broadway. A Pulitzer Prize playwright, Connelly has acted a few times before — completely in the ham school. JUOD SAXON-By Ken Bald and Jerry Brendfield PAULA BOS WORTH WANTED TO DO SOME- THINS REALLY IMPORTANT. BI& MONEY INVOCVER, SON... ... SOMETIMES I THINK TOO MUCH MONtY. WELL. HERE WE ARE. WE'LL /MAKE A GENERAL TOUR, THEN HIT THE "BISCUIT OVEN? AS IT'S CALLED HERE.. VISITORS f YOU MEAN , SNOOPERS, PR. WRISHT/ THEY HAVE OUR LATEST REPORT. WHAT DO THEY WANT HERE...? VISITORS CCMINO FROM THE HOME OFFICE, DR. LUCA*.JUST THOUGHT I'D LET YOU KNOW... FOOD; THAT INTRIGUING; HUTCHIN5 MORTY MEEKLE AUSTIN (Mlnn.1 HP*Atf> llf Wednesday, Dee. 3, 1958 £ I [ SHORT RIBS I REALLY COULD HAVE USED IT AN HOUR AGO; DONT CRITICIZE THE WAY MRS. OUOLEV 15 PAINTING THE KITCHEN 5ET/ THANK* FOR THE ADVICE, eur... / IF VOU DON'T WANT f TOQET5LAPPEDIN I THE FACE WITH A „, " Vtl IMI b, Ntt »«r,«., KM. T.M. «.| U.». r«. OH AW.THA'fl } OH, 1 PONnr KNOW, TOO BAD, VT I JUST DON'T UMPA..BUT > KNOW/ T \OUU MAKE 9O UTTERLY OUT, SOME- / HEluPLESS ^£, HOW ^ tsf "' HEARD AMY- I NO, THINS ABOUT/A WOR0..1 HOW GOBS (PONT KNOW TH 1 SEARCH) WHAT I'M FOR YOUR EVER GOING MXJ KNOW, I'M JUST NOW BEGINNING TO/YOU APPRECIATE OUR ' (ANPME LATE LAMENTED V BOTH/ MONARCH \l HEARD AMY 7 THING ABOUT HOW GOESTHE ^ SEARCH FDR |V VOUR HUSBANDr WASH TUBBS WHY HASN'T BUO CALLtOf HE SMD HE'D CAM'T «HE 6TAV HEK6 THAT" MJW'T IS HEW. HER UNCLE* BEEN BRIMS HER TO TOWN CASE THB CALL POE5MT COMB! DAY? OUR SON FOR DKUKJK PRItflNd. I CALL ANY TIWB,SAYIN6 FOLLOWIKT A SEKK7U5V HER ACCIOENT1 TH'COUWT/>»,« TAKB HBR! HOMB FOR QIK15 WILL TAKE HIS 500W! HE'S IM JNU »IMCB VESTERPAV AMO ELU&Kl IS WAITINfl HERS TILL HE 5HOW5 UP W 5HEBW* OFFICE. WHERB CAM I FIND KJBP \NHO LIVB5 OM TH'NfXTWItW BUGS BUNNY WOU.P VOU LIFTING XXJR FEET SO I CAN VACUUM THERE, 8U6S7JW PETUNIA i THAT LAZY BUGS HAS BEEN LOAFING AROUND HERE FOR HOURS FRECKLES LEFT THE WWDCR LAST N GUT— ICE COLD/ JACOBY'S BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOBY Written (or NEA Service II you look at all four bauds you will see that South's four spade contract la s> lead pipe cinch. West starts out by cashing two heart tricks and since his partner has signaled to come on he leads a third heart. Dummy's nine ol trumps Is overruled by East's ten but that •hould be all for the defense since South will fall back on the diamond finesse for his tenth trick and as you can all plainly tee the flnessa will work. When the hand wai actually played South managed to go down, The play started normally and East led the king of clubs at trick four. South took WEST VAKQ752 »K84 • 106 NORTH (D) *94 V 103 • AQ102 + A9875 EAST 4103 4J97SS +KQJ2 SOITH 4AKQ8762 VJ96 • 6 443 East and West vulnerable North But South West 14 Pass 4* Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— V K with dummy's ace and 'started to run his trumps. West lost no time discarding his ten of clubs and East let go on the deuce and Jack of clubs. Then Bait started to throw diamonds In ascending order except that he held back the nine and threw away the jack. Now South n*d a problem, Ob- Ttouily East held the queen of clubs —did he also hold the king of diamonds. South decided he did, went up with dummy's ace and lost the hand. South had swindled himself neatly. If East did hold the king of diamonds West would have simply hung on to the club ten and broken up any olub-dlaunond squeeze against Eiut. Easy-Knit Sets By LAURA H'HEELEE For brother and sister! Keep *«m warm all winter in smart, matching oup-and-mltien tets. Bands ol bright color altenutts with cables. Busy knit iu sport yarnl Girl's cap hac pompon*. Pa i Urn 7S6: directions {or 1, J. 3 year sia«* Included. 6«nd Thirty - live Cents (coins) (or thl* pattern — add 5 cents lor «ach pattern lor Ut - class mailing. Se&d to the Austin Dally Herald, Needlecratt Dcpt.. F. O. Box 169. Old CUelitia Station, New York 11. N. Y. Print plainly PATTEBN NUMUKU, NAME. ADOHESS and ZONE. A NEW 1959 Laura Wheeler Nwdle- cralt Book, JUST OUT, hu lovely designs to order: embroidery, crochet, knitting, weaving, quilting, toys. In ta« book, • *ped«i surprti* to w*i.« • llttl* girl happy — » cut-out doll, clothes to color. 8*&d U cent* tor thi« book.

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