Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1927
Page 2
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. 1 PAGE TWO THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 19,1927. BllMlKHS It>iri It strahRo thai princes and • kliiK«' Aftd clowns liiat <;aiKT in sawdust ', linKK. • , ~ And c-Qunnon folks liWti you and niP. ^\ri: IjuildtTs U>r ftfrn(ly? To .I 'acli Is Klvonia 1) UK ot.loolH, 'A 'xliiipc-lciis mn >is and a liuuk rules; • . '• u\»d I 'acli muh't niaki;. 'I 'l'c lift! j. flown. A . stumbling bluik -ur a st('i>|iini; ; stone. 1)1 is Tuiiitliiin-Lfi'e At )ii;;li noon .Sunday. IJcccniliVr IS, at the altar of live Cliurcli of the I 'nitod Brethren in Christ just : at' the tlose of the morning sO^r- . vlc^. the niarriaRO of Mis's Alma ' Loij; Vaughan anil .Mr. Lawrence Wiijliam Life., both or \Vi(jhita. was Kol<franizcd by the .Rev. K.; .\. .Mont- rgoniery. pastor of the clidfth. using (he ring ceremony. ; Beifora the weddiuK Lavou j .M:.'=s, .May Ferrin. > .Miss of the folh)WliiB jiTbRram: Violin sfleitlons. "SFiir jo£ the Kast," and ".The (,)1(1 Uefrain." .Miss Dorothy KHOIPS with Miss .May Perrin nc- rbmiranying; rending. "Il Was His lilMliday." .MTK. tli-orge- Vo-itie; song. "Holy Night" and ChrlKUAfiH carols, bv iho V\MS. The rcmftln- der of the lime wa.< spent with gajnes and telling stories. ss Itlanchn Itemsherg ami Ituby lUM'dcr were the liost- esHcM aiKl served refreshmeniM wlilT ;h were rurried out in Christ-' .mas ideas. ; .Mrs. Wissc was pre- Henteil with' a jwHed polnsettia -with ferns by Miss Zenith' .Mullen on beliair <(i the das .i members. .Mis MiflH congreg^lloa attended lu a body tho service of ilie Presbyteriaii church In the evening. The niuslc at the jpreachlpg hour was Iho anthem; "I ll'.arii the Volte or Jesus." by (Jllchrist a'n<l •Silent Night. Holy Night." as the otVerlor>-. -Miss Knola (heen play- c.l "The .CbJnUig of tiie .Magi." a.s a preliidc aii<l "i'ostludc," by Williams. « .> ! cnrKfluii Kiiilcaior .Sd |i]M >r and .Mertliiir A social hour and the regular meeting'was held by the senior Clirlrtlan Kndeavor jwclely of the rresbyiertan cliurclj last night In the church bnsehieni. ..Miss Hazel Tniiitwlne, assii^tant program chairman, had charge of tile meeting. •.\riir the cocial hour, which iii- cluder) a picnfc RupjAir and 'the singing of pel) songs, the meeting was held. .M.iry Kllen Htariler pla>.ed a.p^ano .solo. Harvey Herr. violinist. pfayed "The Indian I Cli/jnt." a4coin |janied at the piano ,s: Vosse responding with a 1 ''>V\"''\,V"''5"."''K"**-''- , . lort lalk of aceptanc. The Kev. I . '''••f>^': had charge of {he ' I. (-•oI.:-mi(ih was a sues: dur- ""Yl-tijnals which dealt with kind^ of the ^Jvenlng ^''e topic. "f;odV Kindness • ' and Our Own." was given by Owen Frsher sang, "fl Promise .Me" and ;Mrs. G. F. Klink played the \\e(i- ding march. .Miss Lois Ayling was the bridesmaiJi and .Mr. Kenneth Las^ter acted' as best man to the bridegroom. The brddc wore a wedding gown of^white satin and point lace t.rini- • med in rhinesion'cs and seed • pearls, and carried a l>oui]nct of ' -white roses and baby breath fern. The bridesmaid wore a dress of • coral| siUin backed crepe with ]ace and accessories to match. After the wedding a Itinchcon was served in the W. IC; Ayling home,-50-' South Sycamore street. The bride is the eldest daughter ,of Mrs. P." E. Vaughan and tht; late Ilev. y. E. Vaughan. formerly pastor of the local cliurth. She is ^tul!J •lng for tlie niriii.^try .ind " jrreiiclied her .•^ernion here several months ago. Slie is u graduate.-of the IlutchiiiK-jn. Kau- raa, liigh school apd lias been eni- Jiloyed in the Southwest Dell Tele- jthono WicUiUi exchange, for the last ijirlje years. • T;lie iiridegnjom is UH- cblcs; sou of .Ml-: and .Mrs. .1. C. Life of H .iys- .villc. Kansas. He al-.<i is siiidy- ing[ for the ministry aiiil'at prc.s- . <>nl. is employed at tiic .Sl.ii<- lij-'- -serve Hank of Wichita and i> siip- -plying as pa^^tor of a Knited IJreth- . rcn church near Wichita. ?,the iHtle .r p.irt rile nifiiibci-s |)rc.-inl we/e: .Miss Zenith .Mullen. .Miss • Xell;,. Austin. .Miss Fern Miller. . .Mi^s Fliin.-i;co .Miller. .Mis .«Tf !rare Miller. .Miss Finreiice Koiind. , .Mis.-: .Myrtle Titu.s. .Miss Fern Stephenson. .Mrs. Callierine O.dor. Mi.s« Mary Wishard. .Miss Doris Cota, Dorothy Stafford. Knoles and Mi-s.s Maude. • • • • llostfNs lo Brldce Club .Airs. .C. L. Hoyt was hostess to the members of her bridge club Friday afternoon in her homo at ion >forth Cottonwood street. Mrs. Joseph Friedman, and Mrs. F. J. Horton were guests." ^Irs. ile.\ Bowlus received the favor for 1 igh erore. The members present were: .Mrs. IT. M. Palmer. .Mrs. (!. K. I'en- flarvis. Mrs. J. T. Keid. Mrs. Louis Schlanger aiid Mif-:. Re.ic J5owlu3. • - •:• •:• First MetlrodNt Chnrcli. That the interest in religious •iiLstniction i.-^ keenjs manifest liy t'lie. splendid increase in th" attendance? at the Sunday s .'hool Paul. .Mrs. Paul BasUrd tallied on the work that tjie W. C. T. f. was doing at the poor fsirni. telling cr ihelilrthday parties, Christmas services, -and regular, weekly service? held for the people there. The welfare work, of I6ia. csprHal- ly al the' Christmas- season, was told of by Miss Mary Itenisberg, e.xecutive welfare secretary for iDla. .\s part of her tulk Miss ReniPburg f-alle*! attention to the large box of to.vs which had been given by" the children pf the Presbyterian Sunday school's primary departmen'i. .Mr. A. E. Carri.son sang Gau- noud's "Nezri." .Mrs. J. K. C'oi- lilsh playeA •the piano accompaniment. •JIaigaref .Shannon gave the final talk, on •TnselfishncsB." She spoke of an opportunity for the C. E. to do.something which would not he selfish, and thai was to put on the Christmas service at th€ p<k.r farm nexjt Sunday aftprnoon, as the .society had been a$ked to do. Thiswas readily accctrted by I the y MiiiR i,.»ople and sonic« of the'; plans nientionciK Alter Mra. Bus- tar,! had expressed her thanks for the interest .s'hown by the! young people, and made a few suggestions for the-service, a few more! Christmas songs were sung, and the .MIzpali. bcncdicnion closed the meeting, which VTHS one of the beet held for some time, with wl^ch the i -ontributlons of the social hour hail a good deal to do. • • •> Christian Clinrrh .S«rW«<s -The Bible school was In diarge of .Mr. Charles Ableson ycHterday ii'i the Christian churt-hi ^Mlsit Evelyn Harrlhs played "Idlllo" as a piano solc^. A vocat trio entitled "1 Pa.-'s Uy your Window" . .was sPiig by Celeste tirlfflth^ 'Maiinetta f^eters-on arid \'elia Smith, accom- f.anied by Ii,avon Anderson ut the 'idaiio. There was an atteddaiKe of 2Gfi. i - ' : At the morning worHhip hour Mr .s. Wade Adams sang. "A Little Talk With Jesusr" accompanied by; .Mrs. C. A. Barber. The choir wa.s ltd a: both services by .Vlr. Fred Steele. I Tlie Rev. J. Lee Releford,' preached two sj /Iendid sermons. The niominp .subject was "Talking With Je.-jus" and was found In Luke !!•. Some of the outstandjng" thougiiif were that Jesnt- <Thrf!>t Is nnxiou* to- be in every home. When He is taken into a home He makes that hom.» happ.v. He is needefl in days of happiness as in days of sadnc-s. Big heartwIne.Ks is brongh: in b.v Jesus. The presence of Him makes for honesty with as with Zacchaeus. Clirisi. calls for honest dealing with Gad and with man. U is im-^ po.ssible to rob Goii when Christ is in y«Hir home. The e-i-ening te.vt wa.-; from Daiir iel 1 :S, and the subject was "Chrls-^ liaii ciiaract-^r." He s)>oke in detail cj" the life of Panield. and further stated thr .t riecisions go into the building of character.. Eyrvy life is made i::) of crises Indecisions of; right and wrong. He gave a vivid word-picture Of the wal6Hl cHy wherein dwelt paniei; Cbc one who worshiped the true Goit. and of the king's palace and When .enierlni^- the ikn of The same 6fld Is ica^y tb j vith the gorgeous display nagniflccnt settings. "Whcit Daniel was ItivUell lo Fine at. the klng'n table, pie l^ad to nctt one. of the gi<eat icrises o|, lis life, (ii deciding to abstala from ;atlng di the meat anrf drinking If tfte wrine. The Dcyll lA always •eady to. rtrapt ns a» he waia in cmptin^ Daniel. Here was oplortunlty: 'Accept It. H6W to <:hilin8 o} ci^rtom and eat the meat ind di'irik th^iwlne. It i» ^ fine a custom frcquent- y. .'.We- never can climb where •od wBiits as to ^llmb unless we ireak n «fay from the crowd. Danel hccujiie a r noted i jat jrtsr by . naking declslAns In tlie right way.' Daniel knew In which lie put his i ns: and was precri'sd by God lions, protect IS." <• • • lit. TniajbyN Kp;)iro|iul Ktrnlutr Prayer and ,S«Tinoii The Rev. Thoma .s G:i'. Hill's •ermon last night at si. Tinioihy's Episcr '.Jtl ihurch was *iii :iie subject of ''Ttic Ridge Ro.' 1 : " L'fe." ft-onv.the text found In Psalms 121:1. In. which he said In part: I "There are ways add higfi\vays in the d^ily life. ' We'can wattow in the mud antl mire of swamps or |ve can ;get oh to the high roads. I Ve can jihare temptation, transfig- iratlon jand glorification but we li -an 't find them in the lower levels of life. Temptation.'^ attack us in the higher plane of life when We are striving to get out of lower levels. One trouble with the religion of today "Is In choosing the Easier way. We want to "travel to the skie!» on •'lowery 'l )e«:-s of ease.' We forpfet that we must fight it We must, win. "There should, be bill cpuntry in •very life to avoid monosony and he Inspiration to dto i.'Cire tMr-'s •omcs fVom the presence of big hings. ;.\ call to the high road is a call^to consecration and service; to duty, hard task$. disconrfort and sacrifice. .Duty is a hard task- maker, but a conrfortable ohe.jind the greatest victory is the fulfilling of the best that is in us. "Jesus'only took three desciples with Him to the ihOunt of transfiguration, but resting ,was not epough.—they prayed -aiid fasted- The same, three passed With Him- into Gethsematnc. The vision from a high .road enables ns to meet dil trials. Each climb upward unfolds new 'beauty before us, and the horlSMn will widen o'nt into eternity. 'I will lift/up mine eyca unto the Mils.'" The CImrch -iJer^'ice League will meet Tuesday iilght with .Mrs. H. L. Thompson, jr.. and a full attendance Is desired. •» * * Al Ihe PrpMbyterlan ChDrcli • Tiie special mu.sic at the Pres- byrcrian church yesterday at tl^e morning hour was most effective and aipprojirlate. The anthem by the choir Was "Rejoice the Lord Is King," .by Adams with. Mr. A. E. Garrison In the ;5oio part. Mrn. Elizabeth SIfers Hollingilier.v of Chicago, sang in a most pleasing way a solo."The Infant Jesns" by Pietrp Yon. Many of the young people of the church were home from college and teaching w^ork for the vacation which always gladdens not onlV the parents but rejol res the whole church. Th9 senior Y. P. S. C. E. had a pte-Chri.stmas luncheon at the chtrnch at' 5:00 p. m., and­ teresting program about the tables. The yonng people will a.'.sist the W. C. T. U. ladies in bringing Chr^tmas cheer to the inmates of the county liomi^ ChHatmas da.f. The young people have bberf^f^s- Eistlng the pastor the lastt^ree Sunday evenings Ih the wopship especially tnteii.ded far young people. The diolr'fe made up of ywiing people. The ushers have l^-en young people. They have also had a ."part in tho devotional parij- of the program. The choir sang a.s' a special number in the evening, ^All Jfail Immanuel," by Ga"brlel. Jhe iiastor. the R^v. H. C. .HfathiH. D. D., preached the closing .serxiion in thd series that came out of ;the questionnaires recently sent })Ut. The themo wa.9 "The Preacjier: What Shall He Preach?" iThe ydifng- people' have greatly etij</y- ed this "series beCaut-e they Jiave had such a large part in making it pojwible. They arc looking -.forward to another group cohfeefiice of this kind In the Sunday even)ngs that follow the new .vear. Entatatns ai T>fnncr airsi M. E. l«wis, of €05 South Btfckeye ; slrnct entertained ai . 6 o'clock dinner Friifciy n^1It ,^U lienor of the birlhdaytof -Mlssr \JWf ba Taylor. . The dining table was ccntcrsJl with a liglMed.birthilay cake ami there wereidinticr cover.s for'Miss . .Melba Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. M. U Taylor, (Jeorge and f >avisa Taylor. Mrs. G. H. .Newton; Mr. Fred'RoR-* ers, .Mr. Forest Slierrill. .Mr. and .Mrs. Al. E. Lewi.-; a.nd Oleva Lewis. • " ' •:• •:• •:• Chrfstnm.^ Service at ' Conity Home A delegation from ..Mrs. J. W. Gavin's class <if the Cliris- tiah cliur<«j)i went to Uu- county iHJiTie yesterday afternoou to' hold- u Christmas service for the Inmates. The class took a CiifLsinias. treat with them. C HESTCOLDS Apply over throat and rbest -r-cover with hot flannel cloth. VIGKS Thursday, Friday and Saturday. For the convenience of late holiday' shoppersStllis store will remain open.evening's until 9 p. m. Siimlay • morning Episcop; one (if tlic best r' of tlie year was p i !ay. The Ciiri.-;ni;i: the liitle folks and .11 \\\- Firsi 1 cluircji: also ciilar <)ircriir.;s i •esrntcd ycslcr- ! program for tlie jtiniors will hi- held in llic basemcni of the chuicli Friday afternoon at J:"" (••clock. .\l ilic iniiiiiing s<M-vlce r.ic piis- iiir. till- Ffcv. ('. I Cdiilsniilli. si>ok(ion tin siihjc( I "Tllf .Service ol i.ovtL,' fnini.ihi- tcxi. "Slic Ihilh (lone wiial Vile loiilil." He iiiiint- <;il out lliai -'siich a servici- is ijiie thal.tlie must e.xallcd and tlie nios rcii cnurci, near nichita. _ „„,„,,,,, ..^ „^ ,.^,„ ,^.,„,,^^,. f;,„, Alter aslwrtlioifcymoon „ ^...^.j,,., „,.„ a,.,.^,,,;,,,,.. .Ah-s Life win be at h«n„. at-,.:o:. | ,„ ,.,„.;„.„„, the meeting place .Kast Kellogg street. . \\ ichlia. ,„„ ,,,.„.;,<.,, „,„, „„. u to Kansas. The wedding party returned AVichita Suiiday evening. The tout-Jif-town guests were: ^Ir.*!. P. E. Vaughan and daughters, 'the .M|sses l^eatrlce, Cliri.'sline and Oleo. Vaughan anid .Mr. U." Easterly. * -f V ^ a significance for doer does not un- " .MOM»AY NU.IIT (UMIY * SPKCLVL AT COOK'S DUc Jontecl Chocolates. * Chrlstma'S wrapped. All Excellent Gift. 6nclb. * • Also, one pound * Chocolate Covered Cherries * Christmas wrapped. : 4»c lb. •» • •> -:• Sitrosis Class . Clu-lsinias Party i The members of the Somsis class <jf the First ,M( tiiodist • Epis•• ciJpal. church and their ti;acher. Mr.s. (iaorge Vosse. held a Christmas party Saturday night in th^ '. social room o^the church. I 'lidcr the dirViifn of the dei-or- alion committee. .Miss Zenith .Mnl- icn. and Mrs. ('iiilierinc Odor, tlie nxim wals dccoriiiiMi in Ciiristnia.'^ belib and cedar am! a mi-niaiiire Chti-ftmas. tree, liecoratcd and lignted. in the center of liie table. Giftli? of toys Sver'' lirouglll an(: willj be sent to .Meri 'y hospital Kansas Ciiy. .Mo. .\jiss Doris Cola was inj charge Pi aisd may have Clirisi that the dor.sland. Tlie Epwonh Leagues al! strcs-.;- eil the Clirrstmas ideal and special "U'liifj I Gift" services brougli gifts for hospitals as .'R'eri a,s for the nnre unfortunate in our own coininunit.v. Such gifts aild to the beamy of the services as well as reminding ns of the pure white .sjifl of..the Father 's Son. the. palstor's illncRS the When You fieet a Oold- Coming On fBromd Quinlnei Grip, Influenza and. many Pneu­ monias begin as a common cold. Price 30c. I The bos bears thai signator* ^Prtioen Mem stncc 1889^ pverytljiing l^hat Is Good for Your Christmas Dinner Wc arc^ ready now to serve you with all that it takes to rtiakc a jfood I*Juni or Fijf Puddinj;' and I^uit Cake. | Prepare your list now and call us (2yi, and 292) —iwe deliver these busy days. You ddii't worry —we do that and you jfet the GROCERIES, MEAT, FRUIT and VEGETABLES ypu want. OlFR CHRISTMAS CANIMES — Sifers' Best . Sweets j per pound I5c ClIRISTMitS NUTS, none better to be bought. Mixed, per pound 25c Fancy APPLES and ORANGES. pione 292 Corner 2hd arid Lincoln We Deliver - ' • • '• ^ ^ Just Received the New Colored Coronas Corona has long- been the leading personal typewriter. There i.s no better Cliristmas gift for the busy man or woman than one of these efficient little machines which will be of use each day for years to come. Coi'ona Is jiow finished in a variety of attractive lacquers—red, green, lavender, etc.—so that it is possible to purchase a Corona colored to harmonize with the furnishings in any room.

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