Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 24, 1965 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
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Monday, May 24, 1965
Page 10
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TIN IHONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, I RON WOOD, MICHIGAN MONDAY, MAY 24, 1965. Few Situations Brighten Dull Declining Mart Obituaries LBJ Endorses Paint Project Mrs. Elizabeth Daley Mrs. Elizabeth Daley. 86, of 408 Poplar St., Hurley, died ear- President Lyndon B. J o h n- ly Sunday morning_at Grand SQn nas endorsed tne program j been' a" patient tof^he past two of tne National Clean-Up. Paint- j NEW YORK fAPl - A few days. .Up. Fix-Up Bureau which is co-| special situations brightened an Mrs. Daley was born June 21, operating with the Wisconsin otherwise dull and declining 1878, in Oconto. Wis., and attend- Paint Varnish and Lacquer As- stock market early this after- ed the Oconto schools. She was sociatlon m sponsoring the city- nnrm graduated from the Oconto High wide painting project at Hurley Trading was moderate and School and then attended the Following is a letter the Presi-. changes of most key stocks Oshkosh Teachers College and dent wrote to RH Hackendahl.; were fractional. upon graduation she taught at director of the bureau: Here and there were some Frostville, Oconto and Oconto F o 1 o w i n g a long line of wider losses-IBM, off 6, Du- Falls. Presidential tradition since 1936 Pont down nearly 3 and Boeing She was the former Elizabeth and emphasizing once more the down 2 Thomas and was married to program for public and citizen Steel's, autos, oils, airlines, Herman Daley in 1904. They action which I presented in my tobaccos and building materials!made their home in Oconto message to Congress on Natural were narrowly mixed. Drugs .County. Mr. Daley died in 1906. Beauty. I am happy to have this electrical equipments and mail A daughter Elizabeth died in opportunity to endorse the Na- order-retails were generally 1938. tional Clean-Up Bureau s f i ne lower In 1945 Mrs. Daley came to program for a brighter and Opinion in Wall Street was Hurley to live with her ni e c e, more beautiful America, cautious following last week's'Mrs. John Dahl where she has • * + * steep correction of the previous resided for the past 20 years. "Throughout the years our advance. She was the oldest livi n g : citizens have drawn inspirat i on The Associated Press aver- member of the Oconto Prestay- and strength from the nat u r a 1 age of 60 stocks at noon was off terian Church being a member beauties of our land. In the face 1.0 at 337.1 with industrials off'for over 70 years. She was also of an ever-growing storm of 10 rails off .3 and utilities off a member of the Oconto Chap- modern change and technologic- .8.' j ter of the Order of Eastern Star al development. America must The Dow Jones industrial av-1 for over 50 years. preserve and enhance the qualit- erage at noon was off 3.60 at ! She was a member of the Hur- ies which led her to her pres- 918.41. iley Presbyterian Ladies Aid. ent greatness. Her citizens must Board Authorizes Road Completion Hospital Notes GRAND VIEW. Admitted Saturday: Tammy Seeke, 516 1st National St., Paula Puisto, 332 W. Oak St., medical; admitted Sunday: Mrs. Benjam i n Chartler, Hurley, Sam Fontec- BESSEMER — Completion of chio, 110 W. Pewabic St., Caro- the Indianhead Road, to pro-' line Jacquart, 300 W. Hard i n g i vide entrance to the north base Ave., Mrs. Joseph Vukelich, 503 lof the ski hill was authorized Bundy St., medical; Mrs. Albert iby the Gogebic County Board of Rye, 1100 Superior St., surgery; i Supervisors, last week, on rec- James Ransanici, Hurley, acci- iommendation of the finance and dent. i budget committee. Discharged Saturday: Joseph i The county road commission Vita, Hurley,; Gust Pennala, iwas authorized by the board to Ontonagon; Mrs. Glenn Beissell, | complete the road at a cost of Forest L. Kivisto, Mrs. Sec i $17,040, as estimated by Leon- Violetta, Neil C. Holmes, Debra j ard Mayer, superintendent of the Aili. Mrs. Lloyd Minkin, Mrs. 'road commission not including Milton Gustafson, Ironwood: dis-!i!' v 'J'Jp i black-top. charged Sunday: Mrs. Lloyd'gL, Vj. | The breakdown of the costs '. Buccanero, Iron Belt; Sylvester j by the road commission estim- Robinson, Saxon; Frank Magd- late includes the following: ziak, Mrs. Walfred Strand, Mrs. pr o nfptv nTpasnrPs rould 1. Work to be done on first mile Floriar Partyka, Mrs. Robert ^"w: yln ™ oS tn iS°r i—gravel surface, pit-run, S3,500; Ketola, Ironwood. j culvert, 40 inches by 24 inches. Number of Motor Bikes in City Causes Concern The ever increasing number of motor bikes in the city of Ironwood has concerned the city commission to the extent that it asked City Attorney David E. McDonald, at a meeting today, the nossibiliti e ordinance Sf thS?e 03 sseLers would to weai crash * INFANT 300 for a total of $4,080. 2. Work on second mile — S clearing and grubbing. $2.160; j culverts, S800; grading. $7,500; i pit-run gravel, 52,500 for a total |of 512,960. ovac, Marenisco, Mrs. Del o s Hopkins, Ira Johnston, Carr. Wakefield, Martinson, Mrs. be brought into effect to decrease a potential increase in accidents. Members of the commissl o n brought the matter up for discussion after Ironwood P o 1 ice Chief Donald E. Nevala, gave a i the The clearing and grubbing of uivinen, Bessemer; discharged e first mile was done a few'snminv iwr c m*,™ D^-^,, * g ° C ° S ° Sunday: Mrs. Glenn Peterson, White Pine; Mrs. Raymond Lind- PAINT PAINT PAINT That is the oissword in the citv of '' does not lnclude . P avin g- wn ich ber g, Bessemer. fAiiNi, rAiiNi, I-AIAI—mac is me passwoia in me cay 01 ! Hurley today as a group of the Hurley city employes apply a Prices were mixed in moder-i Survivors include her niece,: all join forces in a common coat of paint to the old city hall on Copper St. Pictured from the A J.4Wk) VYV-*\- »**i*»v-v» *»* ...«•*.•*- T « . , - ^nf4• n vtr* f*l«*-»^ r* 11/•» Or%*f NTinl*- D 11 •*•» i *-»t ? «i *•» T m-i MorrvMMi nnrt D/-»havf ate trading on the American I Mrs. Dahl and numerous other effort to provide for every Stock Exchange. < nieces and nephews. man, woman, and child an en- Corporate and U.S. treasury; Funeral services will be held vironment conductive to the full bonds were mostly unchanged on Tuesday at 2 p.m. at the Hur- : development of the society in left are. Comello Bott, Nick Bunjovac, Leo Negrini and Robert Byrns. The painting began at about 9 this morning and will continue throughout the day. (Daily Globe Photo) in light trading. Stock Market NOON QUOTATIONS Memorial Day as Important Now as When First Founded is not under consideration at this ' time. , The board approved recommendation for financing the project over a period of three years, as follows: : 85,598 be paid to the county I road commission in 1965, the funds to be taken from the 1964 general fund balance; and BERGLAND — Six candidates $5,721 be appropriated in both j have filed nominations lor two NEW YORK (API—Following Clarence Dalbec is a selected list of stock transactions on the New York Stock Exchange at midday with nef^^^™ «V,o«rrr, fWMTI nrevlniie pWlCP ^^ allKlIlOUn. He was born in Hurley ley Presbyterian Church with which we live, the Rev. Nathan Daynard offici- "Ours must be a new and ating. Burial will be at E v e r- creative conservation. . .a con- green Cemetery in Oconto. i servation through which we Friends may call at the Eng-' seek to innovate as well as re- strom Funeral Home in Hurley, i store. . .a consefvatiion whose! after 2 p.m. today. objec t will ** man's |p^ in Pebr uary of the i by tne elec tor s Tat the annual Our conse?vattomusrnotonF y ! Joint Memorial Day Committee the lespair and suffering of mil- ^rtiveje&n^ .school boar election on Monday, : . . . - i, . .. _ * * /™\i if f\f tli A f~*\ tfil ^Ifo i* l-\a_ 1 i/-**^ P /-\f t-Vin ^tr<-»i*l rl' o it a sin la T^V^i o -1 report on a motor bike accident that occurred last Friday evening in which a 17-year-old boy Discharged Saturday: Sandra | was injured. Problems created by some of these cyclists, who ride s o m e- times four abreast on city streets and highways was also brought up, in addition to parking problems and alleged general n u i- sances, reported by some merchants. * * * McDonald agreed to look into the matter and see what could be done to not only elimin ate existing problems, but to prevent any problems that might Six Candidates File at Bergland i project save - must the countryside and! " Out of tne civil War be " lions of the world's people. This the 1966 and 1967 budgets for the 1 "vacancies on lhe~~B e re" 1 an'd arise - ln the future du< \ t0 the ll" ried on largely under shadowy! = e,.to be pa^tojhe /0 ad| Board of.Education,to 4 filled S^^S^AST ** Mayor Alfred Wright emphasized that the commission is in In recommending completion! June 14. r| ! V^UV WA \Jli\* V/» Y 4* TT M* WV. J.AV^AiO \J1 VIJ.V' »V WA AV» »J £J^-V/^AV»- -1. -111KJ P4-V* ,-1 4-1, f _1 t» J ' _ _ u'tween the states was born Me- very day in distant South Viet- of . tne roa °' the finance and bud-j Filing for the four-year term „ mortal Dav. The founders nroh- nam. we stniesle to m-eser v e i get committee members repor-i e x p i r i n g June 30. 1969, are cjg. morial Day. The founders prob- nam, we struggle to preser v e change from previous close. must rpctnrp what hoc hppn rip Jiiunai uay. me luunucid uiuu- iicun, we anugiiic LU uicnci v c i r . .. . ... , , _ •,. . i ~ " ** • * * " e »*.»««, ••«, *./«./, »»v. stroVlandTsalvaee the; beautv abl y little realized that the need that war-torn nation against in- 1 ted* 6 * 1 ??* W1 ^ J J»* English, Thomas H. DishneaU, Shirley ~^L^ ?,™FJS*™X\ for this dav remains as neces- surrection and successful ov e r-! and Emi1 Mascotti of the Indian-; M. Hill and Raymond J. Peter- Allied Ch Am Can Am Mot Am Tel & Tel Armour Beth Steel Calum H Ches & Ohio Chrysler Cities Service Consumers Pw Cont Can Copper Rng Det Edison Dow Chem DU Pont Ford Mot Gen Fds Gen Motors Gerber Gillette Goodrich Goodyear Inland -Stl Inter Chem Int Nick Int Tel & Tel Johns Man Kimb Clk LOF Glass Ligg & My Mack Trk Mead Cp Mont Ward NY Central Penney, Jc PA RR Pfizer Reiub Stl Sears Roeb Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stauff Ch Un Carbide US Steel Wn Un Tel U—Up. D—Down. on and charm of our cities. Thei for this day remains as neces- surrection and successful ov e r-1 ?"" J .... . . • o a »»* r ' i *i 1 A£R of it rlij-1 IM 1 QCC. tV» m-it-if V\tr fh« /->i-ii-v-» v*-in»-ii c-to lI7Vii lo •. 11C«U no way trying to discourage cycling, or to put restrictions on the cycles or their drivers, but is only trying to solve problems 43 U 37% U 23^8 68'4 Va Mr. Dalbec was a member of the St. Mary'Catholic Church of, Hurley. • | and responsible leadership of| He is survived by his mother,' your Committee in help ing in Ski Corp., and the road'son. Peterson is presently serv-j that have alrea dy arisen and to HIT,.*. ' may arise in the luture. Mar- * An-1 Approval was given the appro- I VA^f U VWAlfiiltl^Vl Ol/4.k4^^AV< CA^UlllOU J-H.iliV*HJAV-U VI. At \^^\.l*^tHl t JktUUA%^«vfj ,, II.* *Al» .~~~' ~ ^3 — - - -^ ~ ~ ~ * * *** I ,* , * + + ! tyranny in a new kind of war, and democracy. Often this sacri-' Questing completion of the road' brey Demaray, present scho o 11 pnation of $250 for the construc- •The initiative, imaginat i o n! a shadowy, twilight war. : fice goes on with little sympa- P™} 60 .*' stressed its importance board president, has not fil e d| tion_of a tennis court on "•"This struggle has been car-; thy and understanding here at 51% D Vs Mrs Amelia Bartelt, H u r 1 e y,' many communities to stimulate! 60 53% U 1/4 ' and'other "relatives"."' " " " ' the necessary public response j £/ V// jJQf fiHSG ' Funeral services will be held on ' and action toward this end de-' ^? /4 H '-t I Wednesday at 9 a.m. at the St.: serve public gratitude and rec-1 D*f\n*nm f/> R& ti TT of Mary Catholic Church in Hurley ognition. You have my best! r I Ul/f Ulll CU DC 37 75V4 243V4 55 7 8 ^ T 8 Cemetery in Hurley, inos/ rt 11*' Tne rosar y wilv De recited at ; 102 A D 1/8, 8 p m Tuesday evening at the £r i Engstrom Funeral Home in jf | Hurley and the funeral home /8 will be open for visitation after' 2 p.m. Tuesday. D 653/8 U 553/4 U Vs 425-8 D 1/8 3734 u 92'/s U 60% U 61T8 D Vt I Vs 1/4 -M OlSOn Four Drown in State Mishaps home where "teach-ins" "anti- 1 dlan head Mountain project. The; Filing for the one-year term, south side of the Newport School, after a letter was read from marches" andT terrific selfish' detailed . plans for moving the j expiring on June'To," ~1986," are the Newport Parent - Teacher naivete seems to govern in da ^ fa cilities to the base of the : A. Ronald Barlock, Roberta M. Association asking the city to many intellectual circles. Little hlll; for the construction of a Mattern and Charlotte Wolfe. ** . "i onn 1 c A A n i< 4 A *-m-»i.i.«« AUAA assume that amount. Total cost do they know how freedom for ; 120 °- 1500 auto parking area;, The following proposition will a ition can be kept. plans to divert the creek, and; also be voted on at this election: "While freedom is each gener- vanous other improveme n t s Shall all the territory of t h e ation's heritage, most often it Panned for the north area of;Gogebic County and Ontonagon' atAlts last meeting, approved a *-* Trip ClTI nlll < •*"• • — • — - - ' *POAA r4r^v\ ni- 1 nv* nv^rl 4-Vi rt XTmimn »« *• must be paid for anew in the; ine !>K1 nui - of the court is estimated at $450, it was reported. The Ironwood Board of Educati o n, and I blood and sacrifices of each demonstration of the Packaged Disaster Hospital program will be held at the Ironwood Memorial Building Tuesday from 8 a.m. generation's heroes. This was ; true 100 years ago in the events; leading up to Appomattox. It is j true today in the distant jungles! to 5 p.m., informs Waiko swamps of South Vietnam. Spets, Gogebic County Civil De- J This lesson is imprinted on the fense Director. minds and in the hearts of Invited to take part are hos-! those whose sacrifices came , pital admmistrators< medi c a 1 1 close to a living death. It is im-. BESSEMER— The pro p o s e d Meeting Tuesday On School Issue Edward Olson, 67, of Erwin By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Personnel, and all persons as-: printed on the minds and signed as Service Chiefs to the! the hearts of loved ones in consolidation of the Intermedi- County Intermediate School Dis-i* 200 donation and the tricts be united to form one in- PTA wil1 a PPi - opriate $150 for termediate school district, • ac- '• tne cost of metal tennis netting. cording to Act 190 of Public' The commission also approved Acts of 1962 as amended. a request from the Hiawat h a The polls will be open from 7 facing Association for the use of a front end loader and trucks to grade a stock car track at the Gogebic County Fairgrounds. * * * A request from John and Louise Pietrocatelli for transfer of a.m. to 8 p.m. 5714 U 81% U 381/8 D 44% U 38>/a D 56^/8 D 743/8 U 44'/4 U 57'/s D 43V4 D 69V4 U 42% U 78 D U D D D /8 j Township, died early Sund a y Four men were drowned and o gne , a0s S6rvi , ce , cmefs to the l the hearts of loved ones of - rnorning P at Divine Infant ^-^^e^w^^A^^.^^S!^^^, ! heroes wh ° did not return. This Jones Ending Term as Envoy to Indonesia JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — V, Vi / tragedies on nounced by SpetSi as follows: moria] Day meaningful . tal, Wak'efield, where he had been a patient the past week. Michigan waters! He was born Jan. 20, 1898 in Bill Pruitt, 27. of Detroit, was Ironwood; attended the Iron-: trapped and drowned in a 28- wood schools and had been en- i f 00 t cabin cruiser when it col- gaged in farming. He served n de d Sunday with the Belgian ^ UU11LV OL as Erwin Township supervi- freighter Patignies in the De-'^or SHPN sor from 1940 to 1946. ; troit River. P He was married Oct. 21, 19241 anri nrpBinnpri -'""••"•' ««»»••«• >»»«»»•. ; jiciuco wnu uiu JIUL rcuuin. 0.1110 «••« «..v«..« 0 w.. ~^,,. u .^,j, ,,..,^.. ouuco icit lui wasiitiigtun lUUay fraffpriipi nn The sche dule of,activity is an-!is the sacrifice that makes Me- wil1 be submitted to the elector-; ending a seven-year term as en- i ate of both counties June 14, will; voy to Indonesia. ,-i.: be discussed with school admin-1 8-9:30 a.m., unloading and bas- "We as Americans on _ e d al Day draw new strength for istrators by George Schutt, as- Hospital Training unit, j the tasks that face America and sistant superintendent of the 9:30-9:40 a.m., brief review of: the free world in the years ahead Michigan Department of Public Survival Plan by Direc-! from our memories of past Instruction, at a dinner meeting ! deeds of our heroes. Let the at Webber's Resort, Lake Goge- 133 51 Kokko. Surviving, besides his wife, overboard and J-'fjare three daughters, Mrs. Ken-,drowned. The four '* neth Klemm of Baltimore, Md., aboard the cruiser were Mrs. Walter Walo of Chicago 9:40-10:10, basic Hospital Dis- world note that their unselfish Dic - Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. = faster Plan, Frank A. Drazkow-! devotion to duty and citizenship! Expected to be in attendance; J p.m. «o;io P m 54; e a.m. '28 also nf nptrnit w »< thm«,n skl Jr " adminis tr a tor, Ora n d | will serve as an inspiration . . . '• are the Board of Education of J ^™. l^tnfV silio »:S: 128, also of Detioit, was thiown view Hospital. VPS PVPH n wamino- tn the Intermediate School Dis- Districts of Gogebic U.S. Ambassador Howard P. | ownership of a 1964 class C and Counties, which Jones left for Washington today i SDM licensed business with a -• *- il -- ------- -• J dance permit, located at 202-204 S. Suffolk Street from Paul E. Hayryrnnen and Donald H. and Edmind W. Kaars was approved by the commission, as was a request from Eugene G. and June M. Clemens for transfer of ownership of a 1964 class C and SDM licensed business with dance permit at the same ad- THE WEATHER presumed; 10:10-10:20 i service Chief, , medical D. L. David- TEMPERATt'RES IN IRONWOOD Monday. May '>!, 1!mr>. For 24 hr L period ending at 12 noon. 52 SB H2 05 . OBI 4 a.m. nii2 noon In other matters the commis- keep this nation alert and strong i tricts of Gogebic and Ontonagon j BaromTtof eTnu'ao.o?? i5 e no™ n M.oo. i sion received and placed on file in all areas that contribute to; Counties and the superintendents' J " ' x —- "- V4J '/8 and Mrc Tames P r»nu/ nf <5ppt \-,T , . uuia, uuuiay IieailJl IlUfSI and Mrs. James P. Dow of seat- Edward Buczkowski, of Port- 10-20-12-noon Rnwpna tic- throe cnne Porl and Wil. _.. T .. _, , . . lU.^U-i^ llOOn, KOWena j son or assistant Mrs. Mary Han-[the nation's strength . . . fr0 m | and boards of education of all tula> county nealth nurse ' ! education to national defense. : constituent school districts in tie; CHICAGO LIVESTOCK 'Let us make this reso l v e I both counties. a request from three pers o n s , on Ayer Street that the group WEATHER ELSEWHERE take action against the Lake Su- 'By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS CHICAGO (AP) — USDA) T- bing, Hogs 6,000; butchers mostly JArne. Ham of Chicago aSd'itenneth^Sf f nr> Berrlen 5 P S5? °L aTe ' nospitalf nursing consultant, divi-j Str0 ng, not onTy'in "the ejected . Schutt will explain the Provi-' Detroit; six grandchildren; o n e Siapin The boat in which hi • S1 ° n = hm «te™a» an d chi d mmt ary sense but also in other I sions of the proposal as embod- j A bany cieai . 65 „,„»„_ i»_- Tnii., rninp nf Hih ^ napin - ine ooai in wmcn ne ;Care; Robert Laraway and Wil- arpa a o WP n T Pf „<, n pvpr iecl m Act 190 of the Public Acts Aiouquerque, cleai 81 aid 2lTb%SrSLj^^of!!SJI!,! W3S found i»am .Hayes, health mobilization SSe to zemembei- as AnS-!of 1962, which makes it rnanda- Atlanta, cloudy perior Power Company to re- consultants; Division of Special nogs o.uuu, uuwjjcia juuauy Ame. William MaticPiimll 1fi r>f ,. j-—, „ • ' ,'. ,. "^•--•"* *»»> »*«™*"** f l}* ...^--1 -/vices will be held: ^"L^TsS^^^ ^ 190-220 Ib 22.00-22.35; 110 head at 22.50; 1-3 190-240 Ibs - 21.2522.00; 2-3 240-270 Ibs 20.75-21.50; 1-3 350-400 Ib sows 18.75-19.50: Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. at the; Ketola Funeral Home with the j Rev Oliver A. Hallberg official-1 ing. Interment will be at River- i ™j'o"hnn~y"Rice off a " 91 nf in of 12-1 p.m.—: j 1-3 p.m., complete assemb 1 y i of training unit, using hosp i t a 1 r Staff> technicln ' centra Lake. nurss ° rderly ' Prmacist, su- 400-450 Ibs 18.25-18.75; 2-3 450-1 S id e Cemetery. drowned 500 Ibs 17.75-18.50; 500-600 Ibs' The funeral home will open 17.00-18.00; boars 13.50-14.50. i for visitation beginning at 4 p.m. i 1umDe d out of a boat and was! ""•' " «--—:"—• Cattle 12500; c a 1 v e s 15: , Tues day. jSE U^ get back °fn was 'Pervismg nurse and aides. slaughter steers steady; load; ' 6 prime 1,300 30.00; high choice , , A and prime 1,140-1,350 Ibs 28.50- JOhn A. 29.50; choice 1,000-1,a75 Ibs 26.50-28.50; mixed good and choice 25.75-26.50; load mostly prime 850 Ib slaughter heifers 27.25; several loads and lots average to high choice with an UnaDie t,O gel DaCK in. , -3 c n m nntilip vipwino- anri ° «^j""j"««»»- "ujo uu u Loren Hemerline, 16. of Sag- J" 5 O f init bv selSted e rouSs With " 1G unclerstan ding that no ; ,, , c.,,,.' ., ' ,-„ .,_ lour OI unu °y Selected gioups. man ex i s f s a i n np that a man Jnaw drowned Saturday in the; Tne unit to be manned by local WAKEFIELD John Aueust, Tittabawassee River in Oladwm: staff and Michigan Department! WAKtt I&L.U — jonn Augusi county when his canoe caps zed i of Health (Gust) Swanson, 86, Presque > H ,01 wealth. Isle, Wis., died at Lakeland- Memorial Hospital, Woodr u ff , Wis., Saturday night. He had been a patient there two days. end of prime 900-1,125 Ibs 26.75- j He was born Nov. 20, 1878 in 27.00; choice 800-1,100 Ibs 25.50-1Wimmerby, Sweden; attended Clinic May 27 At White Pine jGroup 5 p.m., program completed except for repackaging of unit. cans that moral and religi o u s' tol 'y for intermediate districts of strength are contributing fac-: less tna n 5,000 student member- tors to our greatness. We have a ; sni P to combine with one or role to do as individuals. A na- ;more accent districts by June tion is only as strong as its citi- i 30 ' .j 965 - or forfeit stat e a i d zens. Parents especially would | available Ior operation of the do well to remember that patri-: dl stnct. otism begins at home not i Jnasmuch as Gogebic and On- merely with the flying of' the i tonagon Counties have less than flag on appropriate days but "* required 5 000 student mem- i...!fu 4.1,- —.—i—.:__ ^.-^ ._- berships in the public schools, the boards of education of the and'hislarnny "are "an"indissoTu-i two ISDs requested approval of ble entity, the interests of each! consolidating the territory of the being the interests of all. ! tw ° dl s tncts . l ^° one mtermedl- "We in Ironwood can' stan nowi ate school district. The approval to renew the patriotic spirit thati was 8>ven by Dr. Lynn Bartlett, has been such a powerful force ^superintendent^of public instruction and the state board of edu- 38 42 83 68 68 58 51 43 65 47 71 46 59 53 86 58 64 M 73 48 82 67 62 53 56 ,46 84 71 48 43 82 73 88 65 Jacksonville, cloudy 88 67 Bismarck, cloudy Boise, rain ' Boston, clear Buffalo, cloudy Chicago, rain Cincinnati, clear .. Cleveland, cloudy Denver, clear Des Moines, clear Detroit, rain .. . . Fairbanks, cloudy Fort Worth, cloudy Helena, rain Honolulu, clear Indianapolis, clear High Low Prec.jmove transformers situated at 125, 129 and 131 West Ayer Street, on the grounds that they j constitute a public nuisance. •491 Action was taken after the 08 20 .10 .04 .43 .19 .42 commission read a letter received from the company stat- I ing that it was necessary to retain the transformers. The commission also agreed that the company and the persons involved should come to so m • agreement regarding the matter. Juneau, cloudy 57 34 Kansas City, cloudy 87 69 Los Angeles, cloudy 68 56 26.75; mixed good and choice 750-1,100 Ibs 24.50-25.50. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago Mercantile Exchange — Butter steady; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score A A 58>/2; 92 A 58'/ 2 ; 90 B 563/4; 89 C 561/4; cars 90 B 57V 2 ; 89 C 57 V*. Eggs steady; wholesale buy- Ing prices unchanged; 70 per cent or better Grade A whites 27V6; mixed 27Vz; mediums 23; standards 25; checks 21Va. Funerals i Louisville, cloudy Continued from Page One i ial Day of 1965. The Joint Me- "W"'"v«u uy uic vuiem of i Memphis, cloudy WHITE PINE—An immunize-, V i S j oni under the last constitu- morial Day Committee urges ,. ried there in 1900. He came to tion clinic for children entering ; tlon wnlcn the mmtary threw Ironwood's citizens to take part ^ P r °P° se d merger can mater- the United States in 1901 and i kindergarten in the fall will be Ollt last year tne next regular 1 in one or all the events that is - lal ., settled at Iron Belt, where he j held at the LaCroix Hospital j presidential election is sched- j planned for Monday, May 31.' school in Sweden and was mar-. j in the past. We can begin by .. properly observing this Memor-. " on - . . .. jial Day of 1965. The Joint Me-' Approva by the voters „, both counties is necessary oefore! Miami, ciouay worked in the mines; later, he moved to Marenisco and worked in the mills, and in 1929 he moved to Presque Isle. May 27 from 10 a.m. to noon, j U ] ec j f 0r i a t, e 1966 according to the Woman's Club, j Rebel Foreign Minister Jottin! sponsors. Dr. John Pierpont will be in He had been retired for several j charge, and children will be im- years. Mrs. Swanson, who re•! munized against smallpox, diph- mained in Sweden, died three i theria. tetanus, whooping cough i and polio. According to state Cury told newsmen Sunday "much progress" was being made in the negotiations, but there was no corroboration of| his optimism from Strike May Go Out of Style 85 64 87 72 80 M 51 46 63 54 Voters will have the opportuni- Ne \ v Orleans, clear 83 70 ty to vote on the question on! New York, cloudy 79 53 .07 Bolivia Continued from Page One ernment decree declared the p mining centers military zones and put all persons under military jurisdiction. The miners' union proposed a suspension of the strike Sunday June 14 in conjunction with the! okla - Cltv - cloudy regular school district election | Omaha, cloudy in each of the school district Philadelphia, rain units in both counties. weeks ago. • i "* iu jjunu. nv*i*uiuiu£ LU amic' sources Surviving are two daughters, | tew, children enrolling in school; us 0 ffj C i a i s Elizabeth Petterson and E 1 s a j f° r the first time need a cer- convinced Anderson in Sweden; one sister,"" ' Mrs. Emil Nelson of Iron Belt, several nieces and nephews. other! WASHINGTON (AP)—Strikes! may go out of style some day, reported i and "the strike weapon has be- Briefly Told The Hiawatha Racing Associa- Phoenix, cloudy Pittsburgh, cloudy Ptlnd, Me., clear Ptlnd, Ore., cloudy Rapid City, cloudy that the child has not been im- win i munized because of religious or ment was once controlled by the: William E. Simkin told Con- munists but isn>t any long and the remains will Bethel Lutheran ' Presque Isle, Tuesday at| L to Edwin B 11 a.m. Funeral services willjCorrigan. principal. be held there Tuesday at 2 p.m i Mrs. Marion Dav with the Rev. Clifford Brege of: a g° n County health nurse, Bessemer officiating. I n t e r- i assist - Registrars will be M r s. MRS. ANNA SWANSON Funeral services for Mrs. Anna Swanson, 83, of South Davis Road, who died Wednesday, were held Saturday afternoon at the 'Ketola Funeral Home with the Rev. Frank A. Oslin officiating. Interment was at Riverside Cemetery. Serving as pallbearers were James Nordling, Alfred Lllje- strom, William Peterson, Rag- WAKEFIELD — Henry Poiko- Lakeside Memorial nar Johnson, Hjalmer Maki and.nen, US-2, died this morning at Funeral arrangements are Leonard Johnson. jhii home. The remains are at]complete. at e i other convictons. Eligible c h il- er " itoto teSrSdJ?a^oS^? ed be! h o e ri : baamano ll3S always denied Tlie dlrector of "^ ™eral fifth buthdays on or befoie, thot rnmn , efe contro , leo - h is; Mediation ancl Conciliation Ser- in an annual report Sun-'WontS to Fade Away And Be Forgotten ment will be at the Presque Isle Cemetery. Henry Poikonen Raymond Posey, Mrs. Art h u r Bigley, and Mrs. David Buck- waiter. A fee of one dollar is payable on registration. i San Fran., clear ; Seattle, cloudy Tampa, cloudy Washington, cloudy __. NEW YORK (AP)—Alfred P. Winnipeg, rain racllon - vice said "many unions or em- Sloan, former president and (M-Missing) A recent economic report on ployers still feel, rightly or board chairman of General Mo-; most advantageous deal un-j Sunday he wanted only to "fade 82 71 80 66 84 56 81 59 78 59 68 40 62 46 77 54 90 66 83 65 65 56 62 52 56 45 91- 72 88 62 62 48 night if the government would cancel its mine occupation or- .19jder and recognize the union's 141 rights, the miners' radio net- .12 i work said in a broadcast. The miners control 10 radio stations. Before the move on the mines was announced, President Rene .18 Barrientos told newsmen the government would ask the Roman Catholic Church to i.iediate the conflict with the tin miners. The archbishop of La Paz, 55'Msgr. Abel Antezana, had vol- .28 unteered to serve as a mediator. .31 Government Minister Col. Oscar Quiroga blamed the Communists for the crisis. The Central Bolivian Workers 01! Association called a nationwide j strike last Monday to protest 'the deportation of Juan Lechin, .67 , a leftist labor leader and former vice presidet. Strikes and rioting broke out in La Paz and in the mines, and the government country as a land of near starvation. It laid much of the blame for the revolution on the inadequate food supply and said the country til they demonstrate brinkmanship almost to the very point of the midnight deadline." He added, however: 'Solutions readied away and be forgotten." Sloan declined a birthday interview but sent this word: RANGE SKIES Sunset today 8:38. Sunrise to-j sent another 17 labor leaders morrow 5:16. Moonrise tomor-! into exile in Paraguay Saturday row 3:06 a.m. New Moon May to join Lechin. An armed band of gunmen i * > , - • --. _ .... u L , n ., f , wt,t** b \***vwv»vuiitvii\jii.3, uiu/ , a .in, % V -, , and man P° wer to feeci careful, calm consideration are they must have the courage and sets 9- Chapel, its people well but lacks agricul- likely to be more responsible initiative to reach out and southw are ui-. rural knowledge and capital in- and effective than those negoli- Rtasp it. and then the willing- above j vestment 'ated under the gun." 30. Prominent Star—Capella, In "The future belongs to the northwest at sunset, sets 12:17 tried to assassinate President through young the adventurous, but'a.m. Visible Planets — V-jniis,' Barrientos near the Kami mines 04 p.m. Mars, high in Saturday. He e s e a p e ci un- southwest 10:05 p.m. Saiurn, harmed, but one of )|;is guards willing- above the Moon. (All times Cen- was killed. Four of the gunmen ( ness to retain it." jtral Daylight). |were captured.

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