The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 3, 1958 · Page 21
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 21

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1958
Page 21
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U.S. ehoro«s Roman planet otrttktd American planet over BatKc and Sea of Japan M Nor. 7. French beam eleehna, assembly for SHi Republic; prfr-De Gtntlle vote shapes op. Aloskflnt Democratic in first rttslonol eleeKon. Rtmia deelarts It will turn Eo<t Berlin over to fast German; Allies firm on no abandonment el city. Colombo notions meet In Seattle. Russia proposes Berlin at free city. Morocco asks withdrawal Retard November Iterm strikes western part of notion. flow to Hie Democrat! register congressional sweep. King Hussein of Jordan, *nroute to Europe, turned back by Syrian jets. Hilrd Air Fetct moon rocket fails. SOUTH AMERICA AHas missile sotfrs miles, first U.S. M to go fall roitt. French Sudan proclaims itself Independent nation within French Union. Senegal follows CODCvV frMNEWSMAPI HE STILL LOVES GIRLS 4th Divorce for Rooney? AUSTIN 'Minn.) HERAlD/changes in virtually every Amerl- Wednesday, Dee. 3, 1958Jc«n-made automobile..-" Q j caf engiries the study says many power plants have been tail- lored to bring peak performance within the normal driving range. It adds: "Reduced compression ratios permit the use of lower priced, standard fuel. Refinements for 1959 include improved cferburei <tion, reduced noise level, weight ireduction and greater economy." »_.__ Rp^nrt Shows HP Ratings Cut on Some Cars By DAVID J. WITKIE DETROIT (AP) — Several auto makers have reduced horsepower ratings in 1959 model cars; practically all the new models nre lower: a few are longer and several are wider than last year's models. These are highlights of nn exhaustive report on 1959 car engineering developments in the De- Russia Again Warns Janan cember issue of the Society Automotive Engineers Journal. Trend to Width of iceit that annoyed his earlier f "I get a kick out of everything," critics, He Was Top Draw-er By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP)—"You have to be true to yourself," said Mickey Rooney, whose fourth divorce is in the mill, | fore the footlights and got his first "You have to learn to under- ! lnugh when he was less tnan stand your own faults. You Mickey really never has been offstage since he crawled out be- progress then—if you learn to understand yourself first." It was 4:30 in the afternoon. breakfast time for Rooney, who is in the middle of a four-week engagement at his first night club appearance here. At 38, Hollywood's ageless Puck is as bouncy and full of lelf-con- fidence ti ever, but an air of friendliness has replaced the con- can year o ] d- Al 4 Interstate Has Option on Albert Lea Area ALBERT LEA, Minn. (AP) C. E. Myers, Albert Lea district manager for the Interstate Power Co., said today his concern has secured options to buy more than I be-j400 acres of land adjacent to lower lieve. You just have to seek it. I Albert Lea Lake as a possible site he said. "There are no problems that can't be solved. "Happiness is inevitable, LONDON (AP) - The Soviet Union has warned Japan to break its military assistance treaty with the United States in order to avoid the danger of nuclear war in the Far East. _, i Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei The report says the trend toward i Gromyko gave the warning note wider cars already has led to sig-; to Japnnese Ambassador Suem.t- inificant changes in suspensions | su K adowaki in Moscow Tuesday and brakes. It may also go a long| Broadcast by Moscow radl0i it way toward a solution to the prob-, e c h o e d numerous Communist Jem of improved underhood venti-: b i asts agalnst j apan ese coopera- lation and engine accessibility| tion with u.s. defense efforts in the study says. Other findings iTACT Tbe Amazon River, the world's second largest, carries mart water to the ocean than any other river in the world. It originates only 250 miles from the Pacific Ocean, yet it flows eastward across Brazil to empty into the Atlantic, In some areas the Amazon is seven miles wide. Several hundred miles from its mouth it is 100 feet deep. Since it drops an average of only 1% inches a mile on its way to the sea, it is a stow, sluggish river. BrtUaak* was less than a e played his first adult role—a midget—and he was the nation's top-drawing film star before he could vote. "I guess I've been in at least 150 pictures," said Mickey. "But I like all mediums—night clubs, radio, television, movies. They all come under one tent: Show business." I don't feel any limitations, and there's nothing I wouldn't love to play—if I was tall enough. But I never have felt my height" —he's 5 feet 3—"has been a handicap professionally. He Likes Golf * Rooney's outside interests at present are concentrated on golf, matrimony, and music — but not But if you do, you'll find it somewhere along the line. for a future power plant. The site, southeast of than a dozen of include: today's sories are pushbutton four out of five new cars :the Far East. More The United States and Japan are acces- now negotiating in Tokyo for re- actuated; vision of their 1951 defense treaty have .which permits stationing of Amer- automatic transmissions; more ;ican forces in Japan. The Kremlin i nave great laun in people. I never judge anybody at the first meeting— or the second meeting. It isn't fair. "He can see you— but you can't see yourself," near the center of the company's Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa service area. Myers said the company has no definite plans for construction at this time. Here's Why Planes Grounded; Navy Had Sold Its Spare Parts than 40 per cent have power steer-1 asserted that "Japan's relations ing; about one-third have power with the United States are increas- here, is brakes; a large percentage havejingly assuming the form of , - - an dual exhausts and air conditioning;aggressive military bloc directed s climbing rapidly as an acces-'jby the United States." It advised sory. . j Tokyo to break off the talks and Change In Frame send the Americans packing. The report says changes in frame construction had to be, There are 15,000 veterinarians made to accommodate today's!in the United States, including a lower cars. It details engineering; considerable number of women. LIGHT-HEADED— Swallowed up in his work, a Londoner slips a giant Christmas lantern over his head. It's for easy carrying while he helps decorate the British capital. Tea Served a* Ceremonies Until Qjee,, Mother Leaves LONDON (AP) - "No hardl drinking during the ceremony" was the order Tuesday when Queen Mother Elizabeth opened a new bungalow colony for retired aarkeeps. A ribbon was cut and the Queen Mother strolled round the pleasant rows of little homes. Not a bottle in-sight. Under a marquee she sipped tea with a jolly vintage of old pint pullers, each with more than 20 years' service at the bar, and their wives. Only occasionally did some of the men's eyes stray to a silk curtain directly behind the Queen Mother's chair. Fifteen minutes later the royal visitor left the estate at Denham for her London home. The silk curtain was pulled ' pslde. Crate upon crate of hard! Hquot was revealed. An*d,lWf; pairs of practiced hands' get to with corkscrew and bottle opener. Dullei Plans 2-Day Rest in California PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (AP)Secretary of State Dulles Is in Palm Springs for two days of rest and relaxation. He flew here Tuesday from Mexico City, where he attended the inauguration of Mexico's new President, Adolfo Lope/ Mateos. Robert Frost has won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry four times —in 1924, 1931, 1937 and 1943. GIVE and you give the Finest Settt...FMi«ttt! • CafleihfceatP!pl«|H»t • IMfem Irewmg Tbm> tatematlcaly $28.50 CLEVELAND'S DOWNTOWN and STERLING WASHINGTON (AP)-An average of 8 per cent of the Navy's airplanes were grounded for lack of spare parts last September. The General Accounting Office, reporting this today, noted at the necessarily in that order. He has done the musical scores for t couple of films, he plays the piano now instead of the drums, and he likes to write semi- folk songs. He's a member of ASCAP. Mickey is quite willing—up to a point—to discuss his marital problems, and if his repeated matrimonial strikeouts have hurt him he hides the scars well. "I've had five wives," he iaid.! most o f them. "Four," broke in a member of his entourage. He Likes Glrli 'Well, so I'm a liar for one? I'm being divorced again now. But I'm still interested in getting married again. "They don't scare me. I love girls. They're here to stay." Mickey remains a perennial optimist. same time that hundreds of million dollars worth of parts were being declared surplus for disposal purposes. The GAO reported to House Speaker Sam Rayburn on an examination it recently completed of the aviation segment of the Navy supply system. Recommendations Made It made a series of recommendations to improve the situation, the Navy has accepted hern. For some first-line aircraft, the GAO reported, the number of planes unable to fly because of a shortage of parts exceeded 8 per cent during the September examination period. The Navy's supply system, the 823 million dollars was declared; excess for disposal purposes. | And, it added, the Navy esti-j mates that an additional 274 mil-] lion dollars worth of aeronautical material will be declared excess in the near future. Sputnik Rocket Likely to Fall, Burn Today CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) The Pullman-car-sized rocket of Sputnik III. was expected to burn up and fall to the earth today. Scientists at Smithsonian Astrophysical were it Observatory would fall indications somewhere between central Europe and the Middle East. The rocket has been orbiting since it fired Sputnik III into orbit PENNEYS OUR TAILORED CLASSIC WITH ROLL SLEEVES, CLUSTER- PLEATED SKIRT IN DRIP DRY COTTON AT A ratine SAVINGS Mack and droned by one cf P cwy's bes* Colitemia makers' to tooweo/ shirt style d f *s* in ^ new CaUJomio ho*$1 895 SIZiS 10 to 16 IAICONV GAO said, has "serious deficien- last Ua ? 15 - s P u t nil < itself >s ex- cies in several critical areas," pected to continue circling the fails to meet aircraft spare parts Slotje for another year because its more compact shape offers less atmospheric drag. Smithsonian scientists said probably very little would remain ofj the carrier rocket as it hit thej up 1 the requirements of the fleet, and results in "the accumulation of substantial quantities of excess material." Disposal Rate High During the fiscal years 1955 through 1958, the.GAO said, material valued at approximately earth since it would burn through friction on entering earth's atmosphere. 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