Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on March 8, 1961 · Page 12
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 12

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 8, 1961
Page 12
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12 POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD Wednesday, March 8, 1961 jmiiiiMiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiimmititiMHimumiitiiMt^ 71 _ 1 See It I by I | C W. D. | ^tmifiMmttiiiiiiiinimiiiimmiiHimiitmtiifiifii^ If anyone thought that spring had sprung without winter having its fun. they failed to reckon with March. Spring will officially arrive March 21, with or without snow. A number of people have asked us in the past week, "Where are all the house builders planning to build homes in Postville?" A good question for we are pushing closer and closer together within the corporate confines and as yet there is no real indication that there will be a building area of any size opened up in the near future. We need a sizeable tract of land annxed to the town where orderly expansion can take place. This need has been shoved off from year to year until it is now beginning to hurt our building opportunities. ***** Note to all Florida, California and Arizona vacationers. As much as we would like to see you, we can't recommend the weather just yet And besides, fishing won't get underway for another month. ***** Dollar Days are synonymous with Bargain Days, Value Days, or just savings, savings, savings. We invite you to visit the Postville shopping center and take advantage of the dollar saving values being offered this weekend. It's the big sale timed to come at winter's end and just before the Easter season opens. ***** The greatest labor saving device of today is tomorrow. ***** A new freeze-drying method is said to produce dried foods without changing the original shape or size of the product. The food when packaged in air-tight containers will keep without refrigeration and can be reconstituted by a short soaking in water. ***** We take off our hat this week to State Senator Adolph Elvers of Clayton County who is standing firm against party opposition to his voting record on the Schaff reapportionment plan. While we don't necessarily agree with the Schaff reapportionment plarf for whirli Elvers cast the favorable de ; vote, we do agree that he has the right to vote his convictions c ' matter. No party officials—either I democrat or republican—shou' I tempt to dictate how party man bers should vote and expeci mandate from higher echelon", to be followed blindly by each date belonging to the party, i ins democratic central committee > a slap on the wrist for thesi \ in dictive tactics taken agaihsv a party member. ***** The definition of a reckless driver is a fellow who passes you in spite of all you can do. ***** A highly agitated patient walked into a psychiatrist's office. "Doctor," said the patient, "I'm having a terrible time; as soon as I say something I completely forget what I have just said." "Now settle down, young man," said the psychiatrist, "How long have you been having this trouble?" "What trouble?" replied the patient. The Class of 1961 ... SENIOR PERSONALITIES Interviews from P. H. S. SELECTIVE SERVICE COLLEGE TESTS SET .1 *5.00 SERVICE] FEE I Call 86 4-3715—Postville i Allamakee County j Dairy Breeders Ass'n. j !GET OUR . . . I TRUCKLOAD PRICES ON j Delivered Grain AND SAVE. ItllJIMIIfllltlill POSTVILLE FEED MILL I Elmer Ponsar, Prop. I Phone 86 4-7731 Postville! Your County Mutual Insurance Give's You More SERVICE — SAVING COVERAGE REAL ECONOMY In Auto Insurance 9 For every member of the family # Without a Membership Fee % Without a Policy Fee AGENT Rodney I. Smith Phone 86 4-3158 Postville, la. Complete Line of Insurance Winneshiek Mutual Insurance Association The annual Selective Service College Qualification Test will be offered to college students April 27, 1961 at approximately 500 colleges throughout the Nation. The score made on the test is a help to Selective Service local boards in considering students for deferment from induction for study as undergraduate or graduate students. Colonel Glenn R. Bowles, State Director of Selective Service for Iowa, announced that the test in Iowa will be conducted at the following schools:. Iowa State University, Ames; Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls; Coe College, Cedar Rapids: St. Ambrose College, Davenport; Luther College, Decorah; Grand View College, Des Moines; Loras College, Dubuque Parsons College, Fairfield; Grinnell College, Grinnell; State University of Iowa, Iowa City; Graceland College. Lamoni; Mason City Junior College, Mason City; Cornell Col lege. Mount Vernon: Morningside College, Sioux City; Buena Vista College, Storm Lake; Wartburg College, Waverly. "The test is for the student's benefit as well as for the Nations' good and each student is urged to take it," Colonel Bowles said. "A local board should have full information i about a student in order to properly classify him, including his class standing and a score on this test. A high test score may compensate for low class standing; and high class standing may compensate for a low test score. "The purpose of student deferments is to give promising students an opportunity to continue to prepare themselves for careers in support of the national interest." "The undergraduate student who today does not plan on graduate study may change his plans as he nears graduation," Colonel Bowles added. "That is the time a deferment may be most important. That is also the time when a test score may be important in the local ; board's decision concerning defer- i ment." I Application materials for the test will be available by the first week of March at the nearest local board office. Students are urged to make application early. The application must be postmarked not later than midnight, April 6, 1961. Full instructional materials are issued with the applications. Have anything to sell? The Herald Want Ad section will do it PIPER BROS. Artificial Breeding Service FROZEN SEMEN Tour Choice of 27 Proven and Classified Sires Daily TOPS IN SERVICE PHONE 86 4-3112 Postville ALAN BEHNKEN Technician tfc. HIGH TEST AGRICULTURAL LIME ROCK FOR CONCRETE CHIP AND CRUSHED ROCK AVAILABLE NOW CHECK OUR PRICES—the most reasonable in the Postville Vicinity. Leave Orders With .... FRANK TEHEL, Postville Or Call Your Orders To ... . Dial 56 8-3515, 56 8-3532, 56 8-2456 Or Stop at the Quarry on Highway 51 R. J. Cooney Construction Co. WAUKON, IOWA David Benjegerdes David Benjegerdes Does everything right; always dependable; vigorous; is in Luther League; drives a 1957 Dodge. Belongs to 4-H; enjoys FFA; never loafs at home or at school; jostles with his younger brother, Don; ends each day with a sigh; raids the icebox each night after school. Going to be a farmer; enjoys working with go-carts; raring to go when it comes to field trips; doesn't have much to say; eats shrimp; studies .hard on his four subjects. ***** Mary Lou Frese If you see a black Dodge with a white stripe down the middle, you know it is Mary Lou driving the "Stinker." The - name -was attached after she painted the white stripe down the center of it because it reminded her of a skunk. She also has a skunk hanging around her rear-view mirror. Mary Lou has participated in band, cadet teaching, library staff, and mixed chorus. She also works Mary Lou Frese Mary Dreier at the town library when they need extra help. Her favorite food is a strawberry-sugar sandwich. When ask why she likes these she replied, "Because my dad likes them." Mary Lou is planning to go on (o Ames and major in Home Economics Education next fall. ***** Mary Dreier Mary Dreier, who is one of the more active senior girls in sports, likes to play and watch basketball and go roller skating at Art's near Ossian. You can find her here almost every Sunday evening. During the school week you will see Mary behind the hot lunch counter dishing up food for an always impatient line of hungry students. The only thing Mary is really afraid of is snakes. She said, "they look creepy and slimy and give me the chills." Her pet peeve is people who year stripes and plaids together. After graduation she would like to work in an insurance office in Minneapolis. BIG-FOVR BOWLING ASSOCIATION Monday Night Ladies League • • » • • Won Lost 63 33 62 34 54 42 _. „ 45 51 Luami Savings Bank 44*4 Sl'J Heidelberg Gardens 43H- 52!i Home Oil Company 41 55 Darling's 31 65 High individual single game- Mrs. Ed Schtiuelle, 200; Mrs. Gene Doerring, 195; Mrs. Clarence Tindell, 194. High individual three games— Mrs. Keith Brainard, 538; Mrs. Gene Groth. 514; Mrs. Gene Doerring, 513. Tindell's Shoes. 4—Luana Bank, 0 Home Oil, 3—Heidelberg, 1 Tuck's, 3—Darling's, 1 Hoth-T-Birds, 2— Groff Drug, 2 —Mrs. Carl Schmidt, secretary Tindell's Shoes Hoth-T-Birds Tuck's Groff Drug GRAIN RESEAL PAYMENTS ADVANCED Half of the storage payments made to farmers under the 1960-61 price support reseal program for farm-stored grains will be advanced to farmers in early March, according to a February 8 White House announcement. The advance payments, the Department of Agriculture has pointed out, will total almost $25 million, and will provide needed funds to help producers meet spring planting and other costs. The storage payments, already earned, are being advanced in light of present economic conditions and the cost- price squeeze on farmers. Normally the payments are made when the loans mature. Seth Huisman, Office Manager, Allamakee Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Office, said today that the county office expects to begin mailing the payments to farmers after March 1. The payments will be made on all reseal loans still outstanding. The advance storage payment rates will be seven cents per bushel for corn, wheat and barley; five cents per bushel for oats; and 12 cents per hundred-weight for grain sorghum. The balance of the storage payments due (in similar amounts for the crops) will be paid after maturity dates of the loans, which fall on March 31 for wheat and grain sorghum, April 30 for barley and oats, and July 31 for corn. Under the reseal programs farmers are assisted in keeping grains on the farm and at the same time the storage payments help in defraying storage costs. The advance of a part of the storage payment is expected to encourage farmers to provide additional storage in heavy grain producing areas where it may be needed this year. NEED TO PLAN FOR LATER YEARS STUDY NORMAL CHILD The Iowa Child Welfare Research Station, started at The State University of Iowa in 1917, was the worlds pioneer institution for studying the normal child. The originator of the idea for the station, the late Mrs. Cora Bussey Hillis, then of Des Moines, urged that the normal child be given at least as much scientific study as was being expended on crops and cattle. Herald Want Ads bring results. -SPECIAL- FOR THE MONTH OF MARCH FREE 1 QUART SKELLY OIL with the purchase of 12 gallons of gas FREE with the purchase of 5 gallons or more of Gas, register for a 35 lb. pail of Skelly All Purpose Grease; FARMERS IMPLEMENT Harlan Reinhardt Postville, Iowa Iowa City — Your economic security, health and intellectual fit ness at age 70 or 80 will probably depend directly on the extent of your early planning and education for the later years. Professor Wood row W. Morris told vocational re habilitation personnel attending ; conference last week at The State University of Iowa. "Yet most individuals do little to anticipate and prepare for retire ment," Dr. Morris, director of the Institute of Gerontology at SUI pointed out. "And little is being done by employers, unions, cduca tors and social institutions to help the worker make this important transition to a new way of living.' One approach to a better understanding of retirement ijj. through a better understanding of the psychology of occupations and the meaning of work in the lives of people, Dr. Morris said. Despite a "reverential attitude" toward work, man does all he can to avoid it. Not only does he attempt to shorten his working day and week as much as possible, but he makes every effort to avoid it altogether by retiring as early as possible, in his lifetime, Dr. Morris observed. However, many positive attitudes toward work are fostered by our culture. Work gives man an identity, a reason for existence, a medium of social communication. Though to some, work serves as a "time-killer" or "time-fili- er," to many it is a source of enjoyment, especially for those who take pride in what they produce, Dr. Morris explained. "Retirement, then, while it appears to be a sought-after status, is also fraught with peril and possible sources of maladjustment," Dr. Morris said A need of extensive, carefully designed pre-retirement counseling programs is obvious, he said, and equally important is the need to motivate people through education to want to plan for retirement. Heidelberg .41 Postville Lumber 40 Hy-Line, 4 —Don's Jewelry, 0 Ossian, 3— -Castalia, 1 Heidelberg, 3— Lange's Sports, 1 Kneeskern's, 2— Postville Lum., 2. High series — LaVern Johnson, 654; Clarence Tindell, 607; Lorenz Lenth, 596. High line—Hnrold Peck, 245; LaVern Johnson, 230-224; Clarence Tindell, 227; Donald Helns, 221; Lorenz Lenth, 217, —Leonard Thomn, secretary Church League 36 41 42 Friday Night Ladies League Funk's Construction 67'-i 36'a McGregor Electronics 63 41 Meadow Gold ;.62 42 Strikettes 58 46 Hi-Wav Lanes 58 46 Cook's Rollettes 54'4 49W Ossian 53 51 Watkins Pinettes 48 56 Sal's Gals 46 58 Albright Oil Company 43 61 Baade's Grocery 37 67 Hvsrade 34 70 Meadow Gold, 3— Albright Oil. 1 Strikettes. 3— Funk's Con.. 1 Baade's Grncerv, 2—Cook's. 2 Sal's Gals, 3— Hygrade. 1 McGregor Elec. 3— Hi-Way. 1 Ossian. 4—Pinettes. 0. High lines — Mrs. Frank Tehel. 200: Mrs. Harold Scheidel, 193; Mrs. William Martin. 190; Mrs. Roger Thompson. 190. High series — Mrs. Frank Tehel. 538; Mrs. Rosier Thompson. 504; Mrs. Donald Bugenhagen. 496. High team games — McGrefor Electronics. 805; Sal's Gals, 798; Cook's Rollettes, 786. High team serif-: — Sal's Gals. 2297: McGregor Electronics. 2283; Ossian, 2250. —Mrs. Eugene Doerring. secretary 57. 61 63 68 74 Monona E. U. B 72 Monona Lutheran ; 67 Church Bowlers 66 Postville Lutheran A. ... 59Vj 48V& Farmcrsburg Luthernn * 59 49 Luana Lutheran B 56 V4 51% Luana Lutheran A 51 57 Castalia Lutheran 51 57 Castalia Lutheran 51 Gunder Lutheran 47 Farmcrsburg Bowlers 45 Clermont Lutheran 40 Postville Lutheran B 34 Postville L. B., 4— Gunder Luth.. 0 Monona Luth., 4 —Luana L, A., 0 Luana L. B., 3 —Farmersburg B.. 1 E. U. B.. 3— Farmersburg L., 1 Church Bowlers. 3— Castalia L., 1 Postville L. A.. 2— -Clermont L„ 2. High series—Al Topel, 651; Malin Schultz. 585; Ronnie Schrader, 573; Louie Erickson, 571. High line—Ronnie Schrader, 231; Leon Everman, 230; Al Topel, 225216-210; Louie Erickson, 214; John Doerring, 213; Loren Leas, 213. —Leonard Thoma, secretary 87. DAIRY STUDjffj. 681 COME FROM 5 I STATES AND M , „ Nine statoi , Rented ST' ^i* There are 18 w„, four transfers ft? n . nd . four traS • hidy areas at I Z class. Twelve „ I are from i owa . Unois, New Jor-", Pennsylvania are two students, tv- chusetts, Miimaou, nave one student The 26 new studirt current undergr^ in Dairy Husbandry to 53, including i{* sophomores, io L" seniors. 1 American League • » • * 83 .77 25 31 27 47 48 51 53 54 52 .,50'i 57<i 50 58 .44 64 38'-j 69'-'. .37 71 .34 74 30 78 ..61 60 57 55 54 :52 Farmers should not use milk drawn within 72 hours of the time the cow has been treated with an antibiotic; and children's disease specialists recommend the time be extended to six days after treatment, says Dairyman A. W Rudnick of Iowa State University Drnhn Implement Anderson's Clothing Meadow Gold Hi-Wav Lanes Groth Packing Co. Olson's Diamonds Marianna Prooanc Hall Roberts' Son Kv's Clothing Citizens State Bank Walnut Grove Willman Real Estate Frnnkville R. E. A. .. Hyerade Products . Postville Faculty Anderson's. 3—Citizens Bank. 1 Hi-Way Lanes. 3—Frnnkville. 1 R. F. A.. 3—Hygrade. 1 Groth Packing. 3—Marianna. 1 Hall Roberts'. 3—Willmans. 1 Drnhn Imp.. 3—Walnut Grove. 1 Olson's. 2—Faculty. 2. High Scries—Evert Hushes. 631: Willard Sander?. 619; Wes Halvorson. 617: Donald Bromelkamp. 610 High line — Wes Halvorson, 257; Willard Sander. 249: Don Hall. 23l"> Kendall Benzine 235: Edward Kozelka. 233: Donald Bromelkamp. 230. —Leonard Thoma. secretary Town and Country League ***** Gundc-r D.-X 72 36 Troian's Hv-Bred Schave Garage Halvorson's Insurance Ossian G & M Transfer . Wirklcr Bros. .. New York Life Luana Coop. . .. Postville State Bank Hi-Way Lanes Riverside Garace Frank's Recreation Farm Bureau Insurance Schroeder's Clothing 36>.-i 71H Taylor's Sinclair 36 72 Wirkler Bros.. 4—State Bank, 0 Riverside, 4—Schroeder's. 0 Schave's. 4—Halvorson's, 0 Luana Coop., 4—G & M Trans., 0 Troian's. 3—Hi-Way Lanes, 1 Ossian. 3—Frank's Rec, I Farm Bureau, 3—Tavlor's, 1 D.-X., 3—New York Life, 1. High series—Kermit Klinge, 635; Henry Mueller. 606; Dwaine Wolters. 606; Lyle Groth, 600. High line — Clarion Olson, 239; Dwaine Wolters, 232; Kermit Klinge, 229; Ed Kubitz. 228; Ray DeSotel, 226; Sylvan Taylor, 226. —Leonard Thoma, secretary ALLERGIES AFFECT MILLIONS If you sometimes sneeze when you don't have a cold, or break out with a rash or hives, or suffer from digestive disturbances, you may have an allergy. If so, you have lots of company. An estimated 17 million Americans suffer during their lives from an allergic disease, ranging from mild hay fever to severe, crippling asthma. You don't inherit an allergy, but you can inherit the tendency to develop an allergy, explains the Towa State Department of Health. It you do develop an allergy, it may be entirely different from other allergies in your family. There is no single cure for allergy, nor single treatment for all cases. The best source of advice and help is your physician, who can refer you to an allergy specialist if necessary. To be sure your illness is an allergy, and to identify the substances to which you are allergic, your physician will take a thorough history and inquire about your living habits, your occupation, your diet etc. He will examine you and perform the usual laboratory tests, and he is likely to include skin tests. He makes his diagnosis only after considering all the evidence at his disposal. It's real detective work, and it requires skill and patience. Once the cause of your allergy has been determined, you may be able to avoid it. If this isn't possible, desensitization by a series of injections of extracts often is successful, especially in respiratory allergy. The earlier an allergic disorder is discovered and treated, the better the outcome is likely to be. TOWN COUNCIL, A siu-dnl mntlnt 0 i a of I>OKU]||,. w„hc!d|„S Memorial H,^ Jt • Kcbruai-y 28, i 88 i, J Davis pi-raiding. Councilmrn ptewit- K. Ted (ire,,,, Stan] _ w. kozclka anil R. £ ) None. Purpose of the n-.etti». the Cmmril of the lot and parcel i„ ft, j to be asscjjed for Ui< - l.rovenu-ntj uy tain atrcets and by t«rt on certain other jtrejh. The Council |,roc«foj k ' value of each ot «H y III the manner provftjl in the area north of fa w»» deferred „„«! . ^ be held on March 6, Ifc Adjournment et JOSEPH i Ten Make it a feet on the ground')^ have far to fall. Clermont j Charter Fl' Beechcraft CLARENCE Phone 23F616I ORDER Raking and removal of longer clippings of lawn grass is recommended to prevent accumulations that will encourage diseases, says Turf Specialist Eliot C. Roberts of Iowa State University. B. & P. NEW HAJtPTOSi .67 >4 40 U 63'j 44'-'- 61U 4fi'A 58 U 57'i .564 . 55 53 524 52 . 52 . 48'i . 391-'. 49'-'. SOU- SI 53 55 55", 56 56 r>9'---. 68'.'. 100% LIQUID • • • in life insurance means that, with a North Mutual policy your investment value grows ft* the amount you pay in. BOYD B. TURNER THE NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL INSURANCE LIFE 124 West Greene CO. Phone W See me for high-yielding PIONEER® seed corn and A-T®brand Certified N0CULIZED alfalfa Trod* Mark R*g. seed—Ranger or Vernal 4 PIONEER H o realilerad trademark of Planter HI'Bred Corn Co. FRED H. J. THOMA Postville, Iowa Hy-Line Don's Jc Kneesker Ossian .. National League • • • . . 23 38 59 49 58 64 43 65 FEEDER PIG AUCTION Sat., March 11 Starting at 1:00 p. m. 50 Hampshire Gilts 10 Hampshire Boars 600 Feeder Pigs GROVE FARMS MONONA, IOWA When you pay a bill by check, your ca check is a legal receipt. Open a checking account at the Citizens^ Bank. One, "legal receipt" may f small charge for a checking a cct " years. Take advantage of our beginning o# er free personalized checks.. TRY US FOR SERVICE V/k Bank witt, the Clock on MEMBER F. D. |. C.

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