Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 25, 1955 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 25, 1955
Page 2
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TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, Duchess Of Windsor Mum U. S. Will Buy Pork Products To'Hold Line' Over Margaret's Romance Flanked by her New York lawyer, Henry G. Walter, Jr., the CO- year old Duchess smiled sweetly and said: "Neither the Duke nor I know anything about it, really." 'Do you feel the Princess should or should not marry Peter Townsend?" a reporter shot back. Again (lie Duchess smiled and replied: "I just don't know the situa^ lion.". NEW YORK (INS)-Thc woman who 'probably knows the most about ! thc sorrow and trials of a royal-commoner love aitalr kept to herself today her thoughts on the Princess Margaret-Peter Townsend romance. Arriving in New York for a fast "book conference" visit to the U. S.. the Duchess of Windsor had a charming "no comment" for newsmen who pressed her for a statement about Britain's latest royal affair of Ihe licarl. Nor did she have any reply lo charges leveled at her earlier this month for allegedly "bending the truth" in her forthcoming autobiography due for publication next Spring. The Duchess from Baltimore dismissed (he blistering remarks of Author Cleveland Amory by say- iny merely: . . . "1 haven't any comment about Mr. Amory at all." Newsmen ran into the same Hank wall on the question of Gov. Lausche," Russell told news- whether the Duchess—for whom his throne—felt Princess Margaret should renounce her royal rights to marry divorced Peter Townsend. Lausche Seen Dark Horse' NEW YORK W>—Sen. Richard Ohio would make "a strong, dark horse candidate" for the Democratic presidential nomination. I have a great admiration for men as he arrived aboard the Britain's King Edward VIII. left American liner Independence from a two-month trip to Europe. "I think he is a middle-of-the- road Democrat and the others are pretty far over to the left." Wafcfc Your Bank Account Grow! SA VI MONEX... SAVE FUEL with* MOORE'S CAST IRON GAS CIRCULATING HEATER LIFT A MOORE'S AND FEEL THE DIFFERENCE! 'Ca»< Iron Lasts Lpnjsr . . . Rtfa/ni Heat Longer CUT FUEL BILLS: G« heats more economically '."; . MOORE'S Cast'Iron gas .circulating • heaters squeeze out every .bit' of heat. .., Cait Iron retains heat longer i .. unit operates for shorter period. SAVES MONEYi MOORE'S heaters are the ideal answer for additional heat , . , spare rooms, ex- 'psnsion space, etc; No ^need to completely re- jvamp your heating system. Install a MOORE'S. WASHINGTON Wi-The government has come lo the aid of the sagging hog market with an 85- mUlton-doUar pork products purchase program. Secretary of Agriculture Benson announced the', program yesterdaj and said il will begin "as soon as practicable." He estimated would continue through nexl Aug list. Benson said he .was acting on Ihe recommendation of l|is Hog and Pork Industry Advisory Com mittee. Hog prices now are about 30 per cent below Ihe level of a yea ago. These prices recently dropped under '$14 a hundred pounds on Midwest markets. Benson told a news conference he thought the government pur 'of chases would help stabilize the hog ' and might "hold the line. 1 AUTOMATIC '...COMPLETE!./ CAS-TIGHT Slwi from SO.OOO to 85,000 IK. SHONTER FURNITURE CO 128-130 N. Centra St. Phone PA 2-7575 ' He said the roughly 170 million pounds of pork and 30 million pounds of lard to be. bought would bo used in the school lunch pro gram, by charitable instilutions and by needy persons. He said none would be bought for govern ment storage. He also made it clear he has no plans to start a price suppor program for pork and lard. He said it would be loo expensive. 'Third Mail' (Continued pom Page 1) ish diplomats who fled to the Sovie: Union in 1951 just ,4. jump' ahead of their exposure as Red spies. Laborite Marcus Liptbn wantet to'know whether the governmen 'intends to seek repeal of the Roya Marriage Act of J772. The act'in terposes a number of lime-con suming obstacles 'to the marriage of the princess, third in' line lo Ihe throne, to Townsend, handsome di vorced commoner. Any statement by Eden that re peal of the act was in the works would.beJaken by most people as proof (hat Margaret has made up her mind to become Townsehd's bride despite Ihe objections of the Church of England. Michigan's lakeshore line of 3,12: miles is the longest coastline ol any stale'in Ihe union and equa lo Ihe Atlantic coastline Maine to Florida. from A S200 SPECULATION FOR BIG STAKES 80-acrc oil and gas lease — active area — in oil rich Wyoming recorded in your name. Leases offered in areas near production and exploration. Write today! No obligation! JOHN E. DUFF BONDED LEASE BROKER 8611 Willhire Boulevard Beverly Hills, California CRcstview 6-3181 UP TO WITH YOUR OlD REFRIGERATOR IN TRADE Yes, this week is the time lo get rid of your old refrigerator. . . while this huge eitra trade-in offer lasts. Come in or phon« now. PHILCO Trade-in Week World's Firs,; Air Conditioned Refrigerator Here's that brand new kind of refrigerator that's Air Conditioner! to keep foods fresher. Completely automatic. Never needs defrost^ inc. Hupe 2.3 zero degree freezer. New Double Depth Dairy Bar. Yours thi» week only on thi» special money-savin* offer. YOURS ON CONVENIENT EASY TERMS L. BERNSTEIN FURNITURE CO. CUMBERLAND MD TUESDAY. OCTOBER- 25, Dial I'A-2.4000 for a WANT. AD Ttjur InPlaiieGase WASHINGTON to-The Defense Department says it-and not two responsible for a $10,000 special plane flight to bring .them home from Europe. The Pentagon .put out its public .._ apology yesterday not long after 670 miles north of the Mini Slennis (D-Miss) stepped off a regularly scheduled Military Air Transport Service plane From Paris. McClellan and Stennis bridled at reporls Ihey had 'demanded special treatment. Earlier, the Defense Do- paiimcnl had sai'd it dispatched P'^- -••••.• iprtaTten'for the 5JSSjST,Ub£i£ CnlS^ophysica, year Commiltee members at Madrid because it didn'l have regular transport from that area on the dates GETS -BLUE' DISCHARGE-Pvt. Wilfred Cumish/40, survivor of 7',i years of Russian imprisonment, is shown at trial in Berlin, where he was given a bad conduct discharge for being AWOL from his unit in Vienna from March, 1948, until he was released in September by lied captors. (AP Photofox) Son's Ambition To He Minister Shocks Mother WASHINGTON Cfl-A young Baptist minister turned philosophy pro- :essor told how the mother of s family in his former church came to him about a "terrible Ihing" lhat had happened to her son. ' Dr. Samuel Stumpf described Ihe ncident as an illustration of one weakness iji the fight of Western democracy against communism. "The terrible thing that had happened to this boy," said Stumpf, lead of the philosophy department at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn., "was that he wanted .0 go iiito the' ministry.' Would I ilease counsel him and set him straight?" ' Stumpf told the slory yesterday to a panel of delegates to Ihe second National Conference on Spiritual Foundations. The''conference is sponsored by the Foundation for Religious Action, a nonsectarian group dedicated to fighting communism with ideological weapons, specifically religion. Ex-Wisconsin Athlete Dies Of Heart Attack MADISON, Wis. WV- Guy M. Sundt, 57. University of Wisconsin athletic director and one of the school's greatest all-around athletes, died ot a heart attack early today. Sundt entered Madison General Hospilal yesterday for a checkup after he complained of feeling ill. He returned home later in the day. however, but then went back to Ihe hospital at nighl. Dulles Makes (Continued from Paye 1) reunited by free elections throughout the divided country. 2. European security: To reassure the Kremlin against another aggression, the West is proposing a 14-powcr mutual defense, pact joining Ihe United States, Canada Britain, France, Italy, Belgium the Netherlands and Luxembourg from NATO with the Soviet Union Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary Bulgaria and Romania. The West is willing to tie German unification and a European security pact together so both are achieved in parallel stages. 3. Disarmament: The West is repeating President Eisenhower's "open sky" proposal at the summit conference last summer, offering lo exchange military blueprints and aerial inspection rights with the Soviets as a guarantee against surprise attack. 4. Better East-West relations: The West is suggesting lhat great er facililies be given for travelers and information to cross the Iron Curtain. Bank Loot Places Thieves On Spot WASHINGTON 10—Thieves who stole $31,400 in travelers' checks rom the World Bank office over he weekend may have to visit several foreign nations if they hope .0 spend about half their loot. That, is the opinion of George R. Young, arsistant director of in* ormation for the 57-nalion insli- ulion. He said after Ihe theft was discovered yesterday the thieves vould have to go to England or Australia to cash some ?10,000 in Jrilish travelers' checks. \\i\o Tags To Be Made At West Virginia Pen CHARLESTON, W. Va. tin— The State's new automobile tag plant at the Moundsville Penitentiary vill turn out 77,000 more green ind while plales for Ihe current icense year before a changeover or 1956 : 1957. The State Board of Control made hat poinl clear afler also announc- ng lhat manufacture of the plales at the prison, under provisions of 1955 legislative acl, would begin by Nov. 1. Egyptian war chariots charged hrough Gaza 14 centuries before he birth of Christ, says the Nal- onal Geographic Society. iredKocfcbfs Will Be Launched From Base In North Canaffa 1L 3Oja it—aim «iwv >••" — * MII v •""•-" t~Un,. Democratic senators-is launched .starting next 0 Ihe senators wanted to return. FORT CHURCHILL, Man. Wi eventually will be correlated : «nd _ Thirty-seven rockets will be studied by scientific groups, ,„„. this'military base, jointly operated by the United States and Canada. The location is in the barren _--•••--- cont!l i ncd in ,|, e vastes of northern Manitoba about « ll ™ l "!:;,,> 1 -,'„„„„„•, i rir ... slrumcnls.'are designed to go up 200 .mjles in efforts to learn secrets of the cosmos. This area is in the 'center:'of maximum intensity for the Aurora Borcalis. • Similar rocket firings will take At the moment fired in such countries as France, Australia'and Russia. Information ticc. The Churchill project will be cir- ribd out by the U. S. Air Force and Navy. The launching site i«12 miles east of Ft.. Churchill.; In- will transmit information during the flight to ground receivers. The projectiles will' fall . lo earth 20 lo 30 miles away. • Four lesl rockets will be fired next fall. The first recording rocket will be launched July 4, 1957. When they first built : model as houses for the natives in Casablanca, the French installed running water, but furious protests 'rom the women who enjoyed gos- induced them to abandon the prsc- $TAGG for better, brighter bourbon ' A gr«at volutt $443 $.778 "14/501. *• Mill l«ol Ttx Every mellow drop of Old Siagg is lop Kentucky bourbon. Us magnificent flavor has a brightness, a superb quality. Serve it and drink it proudly. Go Slagg! 86 PROOF • STAGG DIST. CO., FRANKFORT, KY. A DREAM COMES TRUE FOR AMERICA'S HARD-OF-H EARING... A tiny, light, full-powered hearing aid ...only *50 complete! -ADVERTISEMENT— Sells Peace Of Mind ED BURNS 'I like (o pay bills for people," says this friendly Aelna manager. "And I'm glad lo invite folks to see me for $50 to $1500 to consolidate their debt with one paymenl at one place every month "Usually it means less lo pay each month, loo." he added. "People who use this plan tell me il gives them peace of mind ticcausc It rids them of money worries." . Fast, courteous, one-visit seiv- Ice is the rule at' Aetna. No charge for counseling. Persons in nearby towns invited. See or call Aetna Finance Co. 4B N. Centre Slrcct, Phono PA 4-5IWO. (Loans over $.100 made under Md. Industrial finance Act,) Ever since the miraculous discovery of. tiny but expensive transistors, Zenith and its dealers have shared a dream with America's hard-of-hearing. It seemed an impossible dream. A vision of superlative hearing nid efficiency, clarity, convenience, operating economy—and all at a price so very low that.these benefits t could be enjoyed by every hard-of-hcaring person, in every walk of life. • ,. t v Today, this "impossible" dream has become a reality! Just imagine ... a highly efficient, full-powered 3-transistor hearing aid so small it can be worn in a woman's iiair, as a brooch, or under a man's necktie. Yet it dees not sell for $250 or $300, as do mSny other makes, but for only $50 com- Yaur Z«nUh hearing aid dtaUr jlto hoi four othjr superb ' n*w Ztnilh trantlttor modtli for you lo choot* from I Plensc refer this »nnouncement lo « hard- oMicarlnK friend or rclntlve-ll may be the most Important news In hit lift. plete. This, thanks to Zenith's 36 years of electronic experience and "know-how" plus the willingness of Zenith dealers to accept less profit per sale, in order to bring the security, happiness and opportunities of better hearing within easy reach of all. Operating costs, too, are amazingly low,' Just one tiny dry-cell battery, available everywhere, operates the "50-X" for about 101 a week instead of $1.00 to $2.00 a week for vacuum-tube instruments. These savings alone can pay the entire cost of the "50-X" in less than a year! But that's not all I The Zenith "50-X" is sold with a 10-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied ... If you do not find that it equals or excels A FINEST-QUALITY, 3-TRANSISTOR ZENITH Amazingly small, compact, efficient... backed by an ironclad guarantee of full satisfaction ... yet se//ing for less than one-fourth the price ef many comparable brands I so Licirr It on be worn in • woman's hair 1 Ihe performance of competitive makes iell- ing for $200 or more, simply return it for full refund. And remember, the $50 price includes everything: High-performanct air-conduction earphone, cord, stock car- mold, One-Year Warranty and Five-Ycar Service Plan. Time payments, if you wish. Act nowl A hearing'aid today is a symbol of progress and intelligence ... a victory over false pride! Oioiiio (o /icnuj/ demand, orders for ffii Zenith"50-X" will be filled in the seqiienct recciuerl. Sec your Zenith-Dealer vow! Hit immc is listed In the classified-.telephtmt • directory. Or simply send coupon below' lor tree titcraliire olid local dealer list. HIARINO AIDS By Ihi Mok«rl ol WotM-Fomoul Ztnilh TV ond Radio Stli — --- MAIL COUPON TOD AVI •• Ztnilh Kodlo Coipi'rotion H..rini AM Divlilon, Dipt, K1KS JMI Dlcktni, Ch!ii|> It, llUntti Please mall me free l!ter«tur« on UK mrw Zenith "50-\; and local dealer list ' N«mt ___ . city ..... _;

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