Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1927
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•••••v.- •'A STATE HISTORICAL Cpmmodity a-Newspaper Has to Sell /to Aivertiaers. VOLUME XXXr. No. 48.. liu -.ti^Mxr lo Th"- l"la f'iiily RfuMtr. The l.ilii I'.ilU n <T <tr(l (lud lok IMlIy Index. lOLA. KAN., MONDAY EWINING, OF FIEND INMATH Not One Hopeful Trail to Murderer, Says Detective Chief THREE ARE HELD Chi^f Says, However, He Does Not Believe Persons Are Involved College of Cardinals . Is Now DividedAinoftg Italians^ Non-Iidlums Rome, Dec. 19. (AP)—The College of Cardinals was equally divided between Italians jtind non-Italians today when Pope Piu.s at a, secret, consistory; appointed five T*-"— cardinal.s. There are no\v iialians and 3f new non-Italian 33 non-Italians. Ur. h-, because It wa.s expetted that the jpontiff woulU deal with some oi" the moKt important quentions which claimtheattention^oy^h^^Cat^h^oUcj^f^^^ .LoC^, Comi^any While Empire Ga4 Fails Plant The REGISTER'S .Circular tion records open io public inspection at any tiifie. The. Weekly Ileglrter. B^tabllKhed iss;. The lola Daily Regtster. ^Edtablinhed wl897. SIX PAGES LACK OF G HALTS WO HERE TODAY Cement PlanTshut I^aW And Locil Concerns Have Trouble I BROKEN LINE HERE I.os .AHRPles. Di'c. l.t. (AP*. An uutomubilc stolen in K:in- HiisjCity, t-quippt 'd with a set <if iCallfornia lici-nffe plates, stolen in .San iJieKO. was. lo- ilay i idnntiriPd by I.os Angfles l)oil|-o as ihl; cur HjBPd by ihfi tnlnafitr atui «i(iri |<T >*t ol Sl-.iv' .i;cii I'iir.k r The new jpardinals -are: Ra>Tnond Kl 11. Rotjeau. bishoplof Quebec,- Mfir. Pedro Segura V Safitz, ^trchbishoj) of Burgos; Mgr. jHenri Charles JaBeph iSinet, archljishop of Besanson; ' world, uumely Mgr. .A.lf.\ -iJenri l^pfcier. titular j t:on." tjie attitude of the IJoV Sec ' .•iith»i!.«hop oil" Tarso au<l the Ilev. j inwards Frenrhi Catholic natioi^al- .lustiniaii Szproedyi of the Benedic-' isls .nnd the action Francaise, and j tine order. ... I the Mexican situatibn. The papal aloenlion dealt only Ih today'^i consistory the Pope'' <y»tsunifrH of.piift iu lola. with the dcaili of four cardinals did not recognize any other . mieri-: foi'isid service interrupted which occuip'd >iince the last ron-1 can bishops besides those whose' time this morning betau^e 'f-*'7-«nV'' i -PPO'wtm^nta were announce d Frl- . ^ ^^^^j. j„ j,,^ j ^e douth- dinal Hillot. da.v. Among was thi Rev.; ,. , J The all.HUiic.n .:.uHed c on .sider I Frank .lohanties of St. Josepl i. Mo., , Kansas (.as company between iible siirpuse. «'v«'n (lifappoinfmeni,.'coadjutor hlshop of L<ea%-enworth.' lola and .Moran. —— ' Tho break, however, was repaired dl this Faithful BeUeve "King" Will iRise'Again, as Did Christ POST OFFICE IS HAVING BIG JOB TO HANDLE MAIL Itoday or a MRS. LINDBERGp WIN6SMWAY, TO GREET UNDY i .as ,4inj?eleSi Dec. III. (Al>). -Not a .sinffle .hopefiil Infil; lhat mJKht lead to the t -ap- ture of the fiond ext'raortiin- Citizens* Can Aid Postal Plane Carrying Partyi Is; was Hhut down my wh»> tore apart the lindy Employes, Bollinger ' f^f^ IMV "" K''" "-n'-h'' oC little Marian Parker. Pi. Declares had been found by'lx)s An- j,„^„.,^^ .,•",„...,„..;., ,«,„.,fi,..< Off on Long Journey To Join Ace jand service a;iproached norm; . afternoon. I Probably the harde«t hit Injstitu-• tlon in lol.*] uf low iprf-ssiUH is the Lchlnh I'ortl.iii ment plant. '. After operatiup fur the last ,cn n °'hii and mis .('Hiisfd ',)\ -Jai* of gii.x, the thiH morntuK hed a point wh<! was iui|)0ssible to operate, (•uo I'rdni Kmplre. DEATH CAME FRIDAY {Ciilt yy^ll H6W i Body as Lon^ as Authorities Will Permit gai? (I Of- t wc» k I schedule,: plant W hen •re it ^••fl('.'< polite tietPftives up to |,i,.kim; UP accordiny tii (J (i. 8 a. m., today. This was the Hollingir. po.stmasU'r. and uulays candid statement of Herman '"i"'"''^'* piotnisfs to i-xcecd-that .... ,. ... ,i:„^,f of S:ituiil;iv the blggesr day since 1 ( hnts detective chief direc-t- .^^^^ ^-^ rhris,„,as u,aiii.,gl ifjfr the Kreiitp.'^t man hunt' iTi j.^,^,^ ; tiie hi.story of Southern .Call- Additiou.ii exiry help was em -'i' of I he; Indianapolis: Ucc. 19. <AP) .Mrs. Kvangellne I... L. Llnd- tuTgh resumed her flight to St. I.ouls, leg on the Detrolt- .Mexico City Journe.v, at 2 o'clock central standard time, this nfternix)n after .a stop at fudianapolis for luncheon. Pilot Hronka expected to reach i^X Louis within a little more than nvo hours after leaving here. II The il.f i!s |d ;iiJl I Kas fi •ceiK'.s practiciilly all lUi the l:nipii'«- (um- gas nentoii Harbor, MIcKu Dec. 9 (AP)t-L'nwilling to bflleve ^helr "klog," Benjamin Pumell. really Is dead, followers of the louse oT David culU pleaded ^ucc^ssftilly with county offic- als today for £4 hours addi- fe nal d(<lay in the removal of njamiii's body, from th> Chamber: at his colony where death overtook him last Friday. After an examination of he body; Dr. P. J; Donna, the ijiealth officer of Ronton town'- hip. granted the of I he colony ,iror.aii additional etay in .the'removal of Benja- iiiin's body. Senator Norr is Issiles Open Letter to Hearst f On Mexieait Documents Washington Deceinber 19. (AP)--iAn open letter to Wifl- iam Randolph Hearst commending hiip for publication of ;tHe documents piirportingto show creation "of a $1,215,000 Mexican fund for four United States senators was miade public today by Senator Norris, Republican. Nebraska, one of the senators nam^ in the documents. ';. Senator Norris and ihe_three oth-^— '• ^- er senators mentioned,—Borah, Idaho: Heflin. Alabama, and laf'ol- lette, Wisconsin—have been cleared of any. suspicion of having received the money 1 or having been approached in regard to it by members cif the special senate committee investigating-the charge and money, the Hearst stories did ijpt use the-names of the seoators, being njade public when the documents, were given, to the senale coinmittee by,Mr. IJeaist. i" Senatoi: Norris said In' the opjjn 'letter that'a falf-anatysis of the articles publishe/^d iby Hearst ajid also Mr. Hearst who gave, the; of his testimony before the coi^- docuin>nts to .the committee. From his sick bed. Senator Norris a-sks Mr. Hearst why be did liot publish in his paper along with the documents concerning the slush fund that he had no evidence that atiy of- the seitators received the i 27. mittee "leads to the inevitable conclusion that you are not only unfair and dishonest but you are entirely without honor.'' The »i)iecial' committee had ml- journed hearings until DecemKfer SIX STILL LIVING IN S- ipany. alitio-ig!) using »onu' , from tile s'oiiihcia Kansas iiiies. i ' Kmiiiri' -prps^»l•^^• has beeuf for more Uiap a wot-k. cement iifriciwis said today, with the Jenton Jlarbo,r, Mich., Dec. 19.1 (.VPi -Hi-nlapiiu I'lirnell—-King of itie Hotis'j of DaVid" - IH dead. Renljiinlti died ar ll..*!^ o'clock last Vv day nyirnlnp, mid <'arly today, in< r-' ih.iir hi.xtv hours after his tielilh. hi,'' 'boil.v still :l :iy in the bed wli|ere lir^ had dieit lie lef tlnit neiij:iniin will tise— , rs t'hi l .«t'arose over 1900 years jsure hehig high enough to operate ...^j ^ , MMtiU only about a third of the time. , „„„,„".„„i„„ JOHNSTON SEEKS LEGAL BARRIERS FORLE^LATORS Governor Plans to Worry [Chiiiese, Suspected of Bi^-t Impeachment Body i ing Communists^ Are ; i Executed I HUNDREDS SLAIN AS SUSPECTS IN ANTI-REriHGHt Lieutenant Taps Out His Plea- for Supplies And Air This Morning WORK li^ HALTED Heavjy Sea Prevents Any' Work by Rescuers To Assist Men Trapped /T' NeW London. Conn.. Dee. 19. (.VP)-Ilestae workers at the swne o( the sjunken S-4 off Prorlnoetown.„ were still in c«ramunIcat<on with th« snrrlTors In the torpedo room' of the undersea craft at S o'clock this afternoon, a radio message to the suhmarine base here reported. The method by which the eommuniratlon waM earrledon was not given In •the message. low' {plant pres- exlra help -Tornia. . ' i>loy-il lodny to ijiUe rurt T.liouRlv two ni •« and one womiiu IHMIMI busHiv^s. sllll were Iiel<l lis suspects In the Th" jiublii. a(coi<ling to Mr. Ilol-; j)e.,.nj| Dec '19 (AP) Mrs l .rnt .l crime, thief (line fn.nkly Mnj^er. is .ioii.g l,e„er this y^^r , 1J Undberph.'p'rob- .,.,es(,e.ii .rno, behVve either .u.d the i-arJ.v m^iln,« < .vmpa .^n ...". ^.^^^^ ambassador :,ny eoune..,i„„ with tlK- ease. Jho postoftne ,lopart ,^>e .„t ,s bnn<;.j,,^ ^.^ Uesumptlon of. operation, jconi- Tlje woman »eld is -Mrs. J-illiaii ing lesult.s. Earl I Padley. The two mei) Smith. and (ijylor .VrreMed >ear Scene. Mis. Padley'was arrested fit 450 .South .Manhattan place, a few iloors iTom the spot ' .whore the kidnaper tossed the horribly mui.i- lated body of little Marian' at tlie - f «\vt of- i'erry M. Parker; her father, after the ^atter handed liver a ransom Of ^,690 that was . fi have saved i, life. ^ Mrs. -Padley sajjl she •was 'a. m. eastern stand.ird time today 1 2cns of lola can do much to :iid I the difpartment in its work. I Two letter receptacles, outgoing mailj and the other for will < any her to Mi 'xico City and > a tele- 'n Chiistmas holid.ny with her sou,' „jgiit broke into {safes s, one fof ci,arlc.« .\. .Uudbergb. Amer-j in the ciMnny treasurer's and toun- m MunitiLoning aii undertakei: or i -pany officials .said, depends o|i the, mi king aitv announcement of his wather. If the weather i« ilavor-' rfe; (h. .able, the plant probably will lie go- j tumors of Purncll's demise being at • full .s..eud ahead within a ^^1 ,., «„r.,ad through the city early , ••. ;rUi!s morning and Dr. C.N. Sower.s, The low tcmiH-ratiir-.- here oda> phygioian. was sought lor was eight above. i , veflKcatlfi). At first he said any aqnpuncen^nt must come from the coljony. old tba^ Purnell's death already ! WBjS knowi) outside the colony. Dr. Sofvfrs i.ssued lhi.s statement: lllert Krldaj ^fornlng^. Robbers Loot Court ; House at Abilene, Kas, .Ahilems Kau., Dec. . 19. (.ii*) - ; ». ... 1 .' — l.. 1 1-., • mail going to! local persons, have been placed in the postoffice. Perr sons are requested tb separate their mail and drop the letters into tho proper mailing box. One Inan, Mr. Bollinger said, separated hid mail—by means of ^ «laph, operator and did not live at j rubber bands—with a package for 1 he .Manhattan Place address. Of-jieach town to which he Wasimailing. ticers believed, however., thiit it j The postal employes aren't exp.ect- was ati this house that the body of the sdtodl girl wa,-* di.snienibercd. "I didn't kill her' 1 didn't kill 1 IHT ; They <liil!"' These .K .liii to have eonie from the the woman as she raced tip and flown, tile street in front of the leg others to do this, but they admit it would be a great help, , I Mr. Bollinger iKiinted out that I persons eoultl aid the department . . .fi \ wrapping their packages of let- .low:n^tiie .street in iront oi 'ne . ^^^^ l«, bt-ought a swarm of officersjj, , ^ ^^^^ ,^ to the I, the earb- "UXnlnK : V „.ill.„f« «i.nn,nin.,'^ l ,e ««i ,l liortrs. .\ coroner's jury- today carried out a mere forinatity and ruled; "We find the deceased caiiie-to her deiilh "at /he hiinds of |i person or (lersons Unknown to (his jury." ica's hero of aviation. The huge Ford all-metal monoplane No. C-1077 in which the flight is "being made, was piloted' bjr Harry Brcoka, and carried besides Mrs. Lindbergh, Mr. and Mrs. \X. B. Stout, Sr., I-ui .9 Lejus, representative of thb Ford Motor company and Harry Russell; engia^ expert. Mr. Stout is head of the r .lrplane divislon| of the Ford Motor company. ' . Those in'charge of the trip stated that the party would probably arrive at Ihdla:iai)olls at mi eastern time. -A landing will probably facilitate stamping; he said. j.^^ made at the speedway lield. he So far one package has been re-l''ai.<'. St. I^uls will be reached at celved with no address on it. lt|4 p: m., ea.stcrn time, if the plane jty eUik 's ofllces, taking money and |2 .S .j6i in checks the ircBsurei's Moif; rind % lunnej- froin the clerk'a safe.' The money and checks iters with all fucerl in the proper smith. Hon _or a den .iM with of- .^rk pajl^ w was wrapped with light Chrislmas'i papfcr anil the address was torn off. The deiwrtm'ent suggests that the in heavy tici'> ou the V.:isl Side. Is siiid by paper with the ad- idfesK written on the package and | !r^;!:^'^...l:L!':"^^';^J^;:""t-n a„ c„vei„pe«r pap r, «fack ' 1 II i*" pdckage. Such addnishes ore. "• very often torn off. Mr. Bollinger RAYANDEiON -o «tle<l liys'liis piirents. Ili lionie. however, ill I lie liiu .•<iie .s(. Tlif, laiiiili W.I.- (""'"liari'ig I'L'f l.i -iuoVe when ofticers s-ized the ^ • : ' 'l Stultli'v llescrlption Fits. ^ jSiiiilh 's riesi'rilitioii .fits general-' ly thaV of the slayer. H^- is known 111 have been we .l ai 'i |ii:iiiiteil with' ('iif l.'nrk -r family and to have j>Wj>eil with llie Twin d:iUKlltVls of the bank official wtitU the p:iroiits I 'l the.'dead victim of the fiend (lanneii him fmiii 'their home.-: Uiiriuinian is believed to b> de- riiiiteifmentally. . lie was arie.sieil :tfter telephonint: various railio ..-stations .-^a.vinK he was "the ,tox " R ^-^. Anderson todav entered a which name was signed i^o thii k .d- „f ^^ ^ ^.^ „^ ^^rg- 7ia|. rs ransom 1ft er.^, asking ^rv -and was sentenced to seven :,lm„i the rewards l.een .^l.^^ i„ penitentiary by j ,os,..d. Police believe pi. was pure- 1 p^^„^ R. Forrest, (^strict judge, iy a ,.sychQp .ithic case. ; j^nderson. with Ford Orover. i.s . Numerous other piMsons^^^i^ ^ ..^^^^^ Daggett, county V<U, by .some Ol ti.e thousands of ^.^.^^ j„ ^^^.^ ^i^,, oiijcerji comb! ig the coumr.vsiile. ,,.^3;, p^idav. The fire :dld were either r 'leased immediately • or allowed to go after brief (luos- . tioningk holds .schedule. Walker said. • Dressed jn ordinary garb, 'all the fliers entered the huge electrically heatod air liner as though they were setting put on a journey by train. Brooks wore street clothes and did*not don a pilot's suit. Mrs. Lindbergh' and Mrs. Stout wore fur coats, but the cabin of the 12-passenger plane was so warm that December 19 io 24. 1927: .MosUy fair weather at the (beglnnlttg of WEATHER and KOADS.:^^^/-^?!:,^-^''I;::::\:'»,«^^^^^ L . J~, ^ , • i ., jamin had^ died. .Many of those - K.V>SAS -tHlr tonight and ^.^jr, i,eard,that death liad come to T«es«!aj; rlsliiR 1einperatttre.| thd 66-ycar-old "sovcrith messeuT Weather outilook for the pfrlod, | g^^;. refused to believe it. the week, priibably followed bjj pre-;^^.pLp confident'that he would ari-si cipitatlon by the niidd e or tlose:'gg Christ arose, rtii the third day. Rising temiieralure Monday and .^^1!- -Is the third day of Ben- Tue.sday and colder towjird the jaiiiin's dcitiise. close of the week. I l!'nder the stdte law^ regarding Temperature-Highest yesterday handling of the dead Bwijamln 21, at -3 p. ni.: lowest .last n.ghi, »• niiist be rapved within 72 tiour.s. With Decisions Oklahoma CUy. Dec. 19. (AP) All meihbers of the state supreme court. <;overnor Henry S. Johnston.. Mr.s. O. O. Hammonds, his private secretary, and -several administration leaders were subpoenaed-today to appear in district court and give depositions. Tl|is move was seen as a retaliation on the.jiart of leaders in the movement for a special session of the legislature to.the action Saturday of Chief Justice Fred P. Branson of the siiprcnie court, who subpoenaed fifty house members to give ile|)ositions tomorrow in connection with a jiocturnal Tneet- , ing last Tuesday, during whicb ? impeachment charges-were vot- cd against the governorl .- Washington^ Dec. 1ft. (AP>— The chances of rescuing alive the .six members of the crew of the wrecked submarine S-4. known to he alive, are"ex- ciffdingly- slim", in the opinion of Lieut. Charles B. :Momsen.' siihniarine expert of the navy. ! Beulaniin iMed :it •ll:;fO last Fri- , $6^0 ir ''^t '"^'"'"S- De.ctub-r IC. J did. from niiike an.\ ',>ui>lic annouiicemen:'. ,y Jn at his dehth. out «f detcieuce to tilt religious convictions of the col- aken They I'ci.ieve U-jujamin will fn>m ihe treasurer's otfice repre-i ••.'>'l.e<-;:o a resurrection sented taxes 'paid Saturday. I The diil and thiy are holding money;in the; cerks otiice i was• M lUn.-O d.avs. hunting license lees Karly tb}.s jjiorning only a 'pai .u <<1* tew ol the tolony whojstarted by the self-convened iegis- Oklahoma, City. Dec. 19! (AP)— With national guard patrols at the .state capiJol strengthened, admin"1 ^l""!?^jistratjon torces today sought more p ' ^ " ^' legal entanglements to aid in curb- com- ihg. the impeachment movement j ('anion, pec. 19. (.VPi Six hiiij- jdreil Hlinese suspected of being' PrOvincetown, MaSS., Dcc. jcoinmunists have been executed ITJ, I9_ (AP)—The si.\ men who one group. It was learned today, v ! ^^^^ submarine App.irently determined to crush; „ . , . . , . u i. I hoirevist activities by throwing-; i §-4 late yesterday that they •scare into the population and Cans- \ had survived after the vessel ]. j ing general anti-soviet sentlmeiit t h^d sunk off Wood End were \ (the anti-Red authorities are" con ^-isfjH alive early today. One bf itinuing ihe suppression of soviet. ^j^^^^. number,'Lieut.' Graham activities and executions of Chift-.xr n T-.^ U X J ^ ese communi-sts. !^ , Newell Fitch. tapped out on The Soviet vice-consul was ai *b,the hull of the .submarine a «ecuted; official foreign repoi^ j „gj,ga^g jhe Morse COde Virtual migration of Chinese tciwhich was received ;by. the Hong -konk is under way. T'rei^in g pe Falcon.' hundred thousand have departed i _, " . ! . from the Canton ar>a. " o^>'e''n and emer- . Reports are current that Gener^' gency food supplies could be sept •Li Chai-Sum, who was busted froiji (town to the survivors through the .the dictatorship of Canton Noveta-l,: ,„^„ TT ... ..„.._h\..„».fc.<.- ber 17 by General Chang Pak-Wet "Those w&<| accepted Dr. Sowers tword that 'Benjamin lived no more at 6 a. m.; ndiinal for toda.v, .13; deficient:/ yesterday, J7; excess since January- 1st, 251 degrees; this date last year,^ highest, 4.'i; lowest, .19. I Precipitation for the 24 hours cndlBg at 7 a. m. today, .00; jtotal for ttils year to date, 51.88; excess since January Ist 14.90 inches. Relative humidity at 12 noon yesterday, 40 per cent; 7 a. ra.. to- (thc take-pff. ' ^wnwmtt% M IwrjM « ««. MI Henry and Kdsel Ford were at r hA,\' K Yll A ll X i "'P at airport to Uu 1 J «l I IJAIilJ Ibid farewell to the party, and sev- , . eral hundred persons crowded the „ - . . L edges of the fle|d as the big alum- LnterS Plea of (xUlIty to mum plane wa6 wheeled out of the - ^'^Tjy Charge in '^^^f^^^ iJlStnCt Court j .Mrs. Lindbergh' said. "I am awfully glad ta be able- to make the fliglit. and I have perfect confidence in -Mr. Brooks, our pilot." they partially removed them before i liay^ 82 per cent: barometer ; reduced to sea level, 30.58 inches. Si|D, 7.-34 a. m.; sun isets, l>:05 p. n>. Rosd Condition». .Clear; all roads good. . Lindbergh Meets Officials but little damage. ileahwhile ;ij downward thrust in the curve iif popular Indignja- tioji which ben^.an in.a tremendous wive :SaIurday toiiay. The sel Mexico City,' Dec. \S^. (API— Colonel Lindbereh and members of tlie American embassy Ataff motored to the city hall this.morning to be welcomed "by Mayor Arturo J- X J i? rr I Serachi. members of the board of Predicted tor Kansas Inldermen. ami o.ther high city offl- , j cluls. Topeka, Kan.. Dec. 19. (API—; After the municipal greeting, the Rising Temperatures Following near zero weather, over night -was apparent titence of death has l>oen passed in the mind of every i-i'Vident as the drive for ^he slayer Kobs oil. i A reward that was expected }i),if\i\esUor the .state today and to-torli Mexican officials t-scorted Colonel reach the llOO.iiOO mark raised by popular subscription, was on the head of the fiend. • Kidnaping . Is: Friistrated Kansas last night, the'weather hu-{Lindbergh and the ambassador par- ireau this morning predicted rising^ ty to Xochimllco, or the floating temperatures with continued clear'gardens, a pleasure resort of hls- 's'for the state today and to-toric memory 12 miles from the tiiorrow. (ioodland reported a low j cit.*-, for Lindbergh to be the guest mark of zer.o. No rain oi- snow'of honor at a municipal luncheon ha.s: fallen in'the last 4S hours. and|and entertaininent .of native music none is In prospect. _ iand;dances. i'asadena. Cal., Dec. 19. (AP)— All atteinpt to kidnap Bthei Swapp.! 14.-;year-bld Pasadena girl, ffom aj <ioi< street here last night| wa.s frnptrated when a posse of 15 deputy sheriffs chased the man into the hills east of the city and.cor­ nered him in a canyon. j~ Officers said the de.scriptlon of '>^i5i.i Swapp kidnaiier did not tally with that of the kidnaper-killer of . Marian'Parker of Los Angeles. The Pasadena suspect gare his name as J esse Cobb. 23. His fiii- gei-prlnts were taken and hurried to Angelefl for checking as a = (ContlRaed hn Page C, Xo. 4) Junior College Debaters Have Wordy Battle Over Farm Relief • - I- Two local senior .high school de- hill and Wallace Anderson, put up bate teams clashed in the auditor-i« ^^My good debate and drew the vote of one judge and a large sec- lum of the senior high school lo­ tion of the audience. day fith the result that the nega-j The teams that :debated today tlve team. Lucille Wagner aiid' arc* not the teams picked for the A^laxine Wolf. won. The qiiestibn dcbateti was: "Resolved: That the principle of the McNary-ilaugen bin as proposed In tITe slxi^-sev- enth Congress of Uie United IStates shoiild be adopted.''' season as there are other good prospects left in {the class. L. R. Thompson, coach, presided, while Uie three decision and critic, jujdges were Miss Margaret Hanson, Raymond "Baker and Ow- The affirmative team, Jean Cog-^en Paul, Janior college studeots. BIG BROTHERS FUiND Reported . - $137.00 Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Ralston j 2.00 Mr. and airs. Travis .Morse, ; 2.50 Mrs. Anna Rogers .1.00 Cash . - - i 2.00 Total IW4.50 The committee of Big Sisters will meet at the Portland Hotel this evening directly following the Current Topics program to. pom- pare notes and make up .the fist of ^milles ' to receive batOcets. When that list has been compiled then it will be known just how much money will be required^ and announcement will be made tomorrow. No one needs be afraid; however, that too , much money will come in for if It Is not needed for the baskets it can easily be used for clothing for little children in families that are unable to provide for themselves. What the committee wants, right now is BASKETS! Usually it Is possible to pick up all the baskets necessary from the different: stores about 'town, but this year, on account of the small amount of fruit shipped In last summer, the merchants hare no surplus baskets! NOW THEREFORE If anyone reading this notice has a basket— a bushel basket such as apples are sold In—will be please call Pryer Brothers. This tinn vUl call for the basket and deliver it to the Big Sisters. If anrtftie liaa baskks he is willing-to sell but doesi't carb to give away be also is r< quested to' call Fryer Brothers 'rho will buy and pay for them and call and get them. Probably 70 t > 80 basket^ will be needed and / it is Importa.nt they should be-on hand by Friday aftarnoon. .Making Fight "ho passing of Purnell came just as he wa^ m^iag the greatest fig It of hU' career for the existence of Ihe colony he founded a"^ quarter cei tury as<>. Only a few weeks ago th< colony bad 'been ordered into rec elvei'ship and Purneli, together with his i'queen," Mary Purnell, were ordered to leave the colony. An appealj to the state supreme coUrt stayed execution of the receivership lind banishment order. . In his court appearances during the^ hearing of the receivership ac­ tio I brought by the state, Pumell wa^.carrieii in on a stretcher, tn thei later proceedings as the re- cel .•'ership .order was being preferred physicians' certificates were prcfetented Ijy W. J. Barnard, asso- clff e counsel with the colony attorney, to show Purnell's death was a matter of a short time only. The col »ny attorney H. T. Dewhirst, de- niejl this latter, asserting Benjaihin could not Idle. To this Barnard dec'lared he "didn't bellpve a word of it." •; Dewhirst'today is confident Benjamin will Hive again: While aic- cepiing Bei^jamin'h death. Dewhirst wlj' • - -' at mit inslHt fte body be held as long he colony as the law will per- latnre. While the legislators .scattered to their homes during ' the week-end adjournment. Governor ^enry S. Johnston pressed a special tribunal of jthree district court judges for a decision on his 'request for a permanent injunction to forbid the legislators from assembling. Fred P; Branson, chief. Justice-of the state supreme court, named in bills- of impeachment along with the goycrnor and Harry B. Cordell, head of the state agricultural' department, entered the legal fight by Issuiiig subpoenaes for fifty legislators. Judge Branson said he wished to question the members of the hcuse committee who voted the charges. All were summoned to appear tomorrow. Mr. Cordell demanded an early trial before the^ self-designated seimte court of impeachment which ddjourned until December 28 after accepting the charges voted by the house. He said he did not l^ve-a chance to appear before the secret session at which he was charged, with irregularities in pay rails of his department ir addition to two other cqnntsi" . > JI. Tom Kight. chairinan of the house investigating committee, de- crare»l he and other representatives would answer Judge Branson'a summons, and that the legislators would take some testimony. Roof Fire Damage Is $50 to Murphy House has retiimed to Swatow, 215 mil^ east of'Canton. He Is said to ^e planning an expedition on Cantq^ to regain his authority. ^ l[ The Ciiinese believe that serioi|$ fighting,^ between Generals Li an^ Chang is imminent and this has caused an increased exodus. V Foreigners are being concentrated on Shameen Island, the conce»^ sion area. The; British have re^quested their nationals to gathe^r there. There is no uneasiness iji the settlement, however, as it believed the present forces are ad«> quate to repel an attack. . ^; Olsen Has Inheritance Coming, But Gan't Get fit Because he failed to rememlbet the Norwegian language when hy$ cmiB to ibe United States at the age of 14, Die Olsen, asslstai^ «blef Of police, is having a. difficult time collecting.a small lai herlti^nce left to him by a. relatlv?^ In Nbrway. ' . • Olsen received.notice of his Jn; heritance by mall ^today. but he couldn't read the inotructlons. ^ far Olsen. hadn't obtained a clea*;; translation and is planning to sen^ tho notice to a bother in Okl«f homa to tranalabe- In order that he taay •comply with the instruor tions. • The roof of a house near Rock creek, about a half mile east of the loIa-Moran rba^ was badly j damaged iby fire Sunday. The lola fire department answered the call. CLOSE MONDAY Virtually All Business Houses Will Close January 2. 5; ^iBSt Be Moved Soon. Under the state law a body must be cared for by an undertaker or buried within 72 hours after dis- solatlon hra occurred. The local heaUh authorities, however, pan perpilt a body to He untouched an additional 24 hours if the condition of'ihe body warrants such delay. ^Vhen death came to the troubled and ailing leader of the House of Dafld "Qu^n" Mary was in her own apartnienU in another building of the colony grounds. Word of Benjamin's-, passing was carried to her by one of the girls! whi^ had atcended the "king" in his | days. • • , ) ' ; "Poor Benjamin, poor Beiijamin" j was Mary's:'comment. | At the bedside when death'came to (the '"king" was Myrtle Tulk. Beiuamin's «onfiduite ot years and thej woman jwbo was captured with hla over i year ago,, his nurse. Flr.|-enc€ '\V%lker, and others of the sick room retinue. Benjamin's death Is a stunning Wow to thf> rtiithfah The niider- lyiiip cardinal faith of Benjaihln's religion wjis that death woui'd nevier come to those who were "cbpsen" iabludinf- himself. The court house will be closed next .Monday to give county eij);- Damage was estimated at $oO. The ployes two days to<;elebrate Chrls'r house ts owned jby W. E. Murphy, mas. It was announced today 1^ lola dairyman. 'The fire was be- county cominissioiiers. It wa.s ai> lieved to. have been started by a so announced that the court house spark from the chimney. would be closed the. following Mon—'• •• '•— : day to celebrate Christmas. ^:' Call for Condition The cuy.schools win close F H; yjl aiaie oanKS iniaae • holidays, school win be reopenVv?': shors. ProvincctQwn was forcdd to •—. ' January 2. it was Indicated. . :; i depend for its news of the progreaitJ Topeka. Kan.. Dec. 19. lAPl—A The Register will not publLsh V"^ .rescue upon telephone and ladio call for the condition of all state paper December 26- • from Boston. A treacherous ^ banks at the close of business on Virtually all bu.slness in lola December 15 was Issued today by'will be closed January 2 to celei- torpedo tube. The rough weather which'prevented* divers from going down (his forenoon and the break-^ Ing away from the S-4' ot the^ air hose through which air had ^been , pumped into the submarine made^ an immediate response to his plea , impossible. ' Falvon Ohes Out \e«s. j The fact that the message, had', been received was not known hete: until the Falcon arrived in Boston. There, the news was • given | put" briefly,,by Lieut. Commander'Ed­ ward Ellsberg. one of the leaders in the rescue operations. He did not give the hour at which the message was received but said that It was some time before the Falcon left the cape. A great hole ripped through the heavy steel plates starboard at amld.ships and just forward of the ship's four-Inch gun. left. little doubt of the fate of the officers and= mei> on duty there.when the speed-! ing prow.of the Paulding clove itti^ way into the.submerslble's side. ' Aft of the conning tower there was silence too, but there was also hope, however slight. Divers' had been unable to elicit a response to their tappings because of the mass of wrckage which ob.strueted the : decks. On'the surfeace. the frenzied, yet orderly efforts at rescue went forward with Yeal. Ke%U On Even Keel. I The divers found the S-i resting i on an even keel, a fact which" Admiral Brumby said would contrib! ute materially to expediting ,tbe i work of raising. .Ashore Provincetown .-ieethed with unwonted animation. This historic old towii. firsi haven of the Pilgrims, iii summer is a mec- • ca for tourisis and artists, and in winter is usually deserted - by all save its lishermen residents and their families and a few shop keep^ ers. Rooms today were at a premium. "The few restaurant.s which were open, found their facilities' scarcely equal to the demand. But although a great dratnafwaB taking place a bare mile, from Roy L. Bone.' state bank commls-' brate New Year's, it was indicali^tj sioner. : ' today. Forty Pittsburg Business Men : Arrested mSutid^ Labor I^im Pittsburg. Kan.. Dec. 19. (AP)— Thirty-five Pittsburg business men pleaded guilty In police court here ing the law in tl\e'Iast month, i' The complaints were sigiied b^ persons:favoring Sunday op|ratI<Mi this morning, to charges of violat-j of" motion picture shows, whlc^i Ing the Sunday labor law and fin-j recently were ordered closed o<) ed H each.; Ten pleaded not guil-'lthe Sabbath. Complainants asseri; ty and trials' were set for Decem-' ed it was unfair to close the theati her 29. Three are yet to appear, -jers and permit cigar stores, ga^:^ The business men vl-ere arrested;ages, filling stations and othef Satiirday and yesterday on com-; business places to operate on Sui^. plaints charging! them with violat-'day. . made boating hazardous. At the postoffic^ every incoming mail added its bit to the stack of holiday parcels intended for the crew of the S-4. Naval officers who viewed it, sorrowfully feared that much of It never would be dpenedJ Endurance Plane Is Up in Air 28 Honrs - San Francisco. Dec. 19. tAP)— The airplane "Spirit of California," piloted by Lieutenant George R. Pond. U.S. N.. and Captain Cfaas. Kingsford-Smith. of Australia which took off yesterday in fort to break the world's record of 32 hours, 22 niiniites, and 31 sec- ondi.-, for remaining in the air, was still aloft at 12^35 p. m. today, .24 hours after ita take-off.

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