The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1952
Page 12
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PAGB TWBLTB (AMC.) OOURIBlt KIWI TUWOAY, MAT IT, Kefauver Steps Up Pace In Bid for California's Primary Votes Next Week By MORRIS SACRAMENTO name-calling Republican battle for nfttlonal convention delegates was rivaled today by a Democratic atop- Kefauver drive In furious cnm- patRning for California's presidential primary next Tuesday. Four slates of delegates, two from each party, are on the preferential ballot. Republican Gov. Karl Warren and Democratic Sen. Eslo.s Kefauver of Tennessee are contested by whn t amount to imin- strucled delegations. Election law prohibits write-ins. Vofers out of a record registration of 5,383,521 will pick 70 OOP delegates nnd 68 Democratic, The the combined political push and finances of or ffani nation Democrats, He says there have been stop-Kefauver movements in other primaries—but nothing like this. The regulars are almost solidly behind a favorite son, Ally. Gen. Edmund G, Brown, ranking Democratic officeholder In the state and heir to the stranded Truman filatc. Present indications favor Kefauver slightly. To Brown It's u stop-commitment rather than slop-Kef auvor slate. At otic point he* placed Ko- ftiuver high on the list of candidates who would ho considered. But he also has said ho got into the race—nt the very last moment primary signup continue?, the | after President Truman withdrew Democrats in the lead, 2 f &35,13 to 2,192,446—but (hey have lost tfG,-i37 since 1950 while Republicans have gained 247,634, Warren appears certain to overcome hard-hitting opposition—a coalition of hate, he calls it—and provide sizable company for the six delegates he won in Wisconsin, The anyone - but - Warren slate, striking at the governor's policies as "New Dealish" or socialistic, seems inclined toward Sen. Robert A. Taft or Ocn. Douglas MacArthur. Its nominal candidate. Rep, Thomas H. Werdel, promises to release hfs delegates so they can make a free choice nt Chicago, But the big fight Is on the Democratic side. Kefauver Is making a strong, lone-handed bid for his largest single bloc of convention votes against from California—to prevent Kc- fnuver from establishing squatters rights here. Werdel, he promises to release his delegates right alter the election. Recently he said more (Jinn half of the 7 delegates on his slate-—I with one-half vole each—preferred Illinois Gov. Adlai Stevenson, who hasn't said he's willing to run. California's Democratic delegation will be exceeded at tlic national convention only by New York (94) and Pennsylvania (70). The stakes urc equally high for third-term Gov. Warren, 1948 GOP nominee for vice president, After finishing second in Wisconsin and Oregon, he is in n position where he must wallop the Werdel slate convincingly (o revive his California-built vote-getting reputation Connecticut GOP Set to Give All 22 Votes to Eisenhower .. .. By RELMAN MORIN .. .. HARTFORD, Conn. W>—Connecticut Republicans, barring a long- shot political upset, prepared today to give all 22 of the state's national convention voles to Gen, Dwight D. Elsenhower, They opened their stale convention last night. Admirers of Sen, Robert A. Taft *re still hoping to make a fight today to elect some delegates fa- rorable to him In the GOP presidential nomination race. They claim that popular sentiment in the state is at least 30 per cent for him, and probably higher, and so a part of the 22- man delegation should reflect this feeling- But they don't believe their chances are very good. The convention will approve 12 delegates-at-Iarge, already virUml- ly sclented, and eiecl 10 more from the five congressional districts. In only one, which contains Ihe so-called "siJk stocking" district of Fairfield, do the Taft lieutenants hope to make a fight. Hut they doubt that they will be able lo rally sufficient strength in the caucus to put across their candidates. Moreover, (he convention nmy adopt a resolution pledging the whole delegation to Eisenhower. There was considerable talk of thai last night nftur the first session. The answer to Eisenhower's strength in Connecticut, according to Taft'fi admirers. Is GDV. Johr Lodge. Lodge is a brother of Sen. Hcnrj, Cabot Lodge of M ass nchuseUs, national campaign chairman for Eisenhower. His term rims for four years, and a Brent many appoint xnentfi for political offices in the state come up for renewal next July, More than six weeks ago, Lodge and Clarence t Gappy) Baldwin state GOP chairman, began work Ing for Elsenhower. Tatt's people claim they sewed up the five c!is tricts at that time. Although Tiifl made three appearances here, anc won some warm admirers, bis cl forts were not sufficient to offset the governor's persuasion power. The Taft people thought, nm still hold a faint hope, that a figh over the Connecticut, national com miUeemcm, William N, Brennnn might provide a rallying point Co theit own movement. Gov. Loritre has purged Urcnnnn antl Ercnnim has announced tha he would not make n fight for re election. He h:vs considerable popularity hoM'c-ver, as evidenced by a noi.s greying that welled up from th flcor last nipht when ho appeare on the sUge r,t the convention hnl' It seems probable that the Cor lantation Output Declines in Indonesia JAKARTA. Indonesia (/P|—Java's Ich siisnr .plantations whfcli ii rewar day,, made Indonesia one of he world's leading sugar export- rs, today turn out a meagre 20,000 ons a year, barely enough to cover omcstic needs. Hit hnrd by Japanese Invasion roops, the national revolution's corclted enrth tactics, nnd more cccntly by subversive bands and ;omimmLst lahor unions, many of he -sugar mills, nil located in East nd Central Java, are tn ruins or :nve closed down voluntarily. The powerful Netherlands Trad- ng Co. recently announced that no of Its plantations hi East Java 'ill plant no cane this year. Sugar rowers pointed out Hint Inbor trau- 'les arc the main cause for this rastic action, and not the armed ands, which have gradually hccn iiirgcd In East Java. Free Picture 01 Your Catch erllcut delegation. In spite of an Dpeiirnnca ot unanimity, inny «o i Chicago \vit!i some mcmbc» ccrctly hoping to be able to vote Tnft. Working to Help Support Family, Blytheville Youth Averages Only 2 Hours Sleep a Night THE CURE FAILED-Bobby Spain, lv:o, of Westgatc-ou-Sea, Kngiaml, took his first puir at the nge of one. Daddy thought it would cure him of wanting to smoke, but Bobby's still putting away. lie likes lo smoke, and his parents can't object, II seems to have improved his appetite. Democrats Wait For Truman in Missouri Vote JEFFERSON CITY. Mo. Wj- majority of Missouri's 42 delegates to the National Democratic Convention npyn-r'Tiiy Is waiting for guldnncn from President Truman. Mr. Truman himself was among Hie iniliistructcd debates elected yesterday to cast the state's 32 voles rU the July nominating convention in Chicago. Only ton delegates Indicated preference tor the presidential nomination. Tlie others remained uncommitted, obviously wnilini; to sec what Mr. Timian wants them lo do. Tlie President was elected one. of 10 delegates nt large from his home .stale, but an alternate will cast his half vote since he doe. 1 ; not plan to SO to thn convention until filler the presidential candidate is nominated. 87 WAKI.OK POWFI.I, (High School Chlckutw Staff) If you saw a young graduate about three-fourth* aslety at Dlytheville High School'* commencement>; It prob«bljr was Bohhy Hllhurn. "I get an average of two houri uleep each night." Bobby explairu This Is because Bobby works nearly .seven nlghta a week at drummer with Doyle Turner'i bund heie In order to help support his tamlly, which consists of Ills mother and a younger brother. And he accepts the situation cheerfully. "Although I've lost sleep lor the past three years In order to make a living. I plan to do about, It like I did about high school—graduate irom it," Bobby finid. At the beginning of tile school year, when It turned out that almost every drummer in the BHB Bind had left for Columbia MIK- Pink-fyed Hen, Jenny, Lays 10 Eggs in Less Than One Hour's Time CUDWORTH, England «'t — A prolific; pink-eyed hen named Jennifer had Britons claiming a new world's record today—30 eg-gs in less than one hour. Jennifer's owner, farmer Charlie Rogers, said she hadn't produced an ey.n lor days and looked "a bti off color." So he brought her Into the house yesterday and made her comfortable In front of the fire. Then things began to happen. The eggs cnine popping out at five-minute Intervals. Charlie got worried and summoned two neighbors and the village postman to stand by. The fioyal Society for tlie Prevention of Cruelty to Animals declared that by all rights Jennifer should have died of peritonitis. However, she seemed to be doing fine. t»rj Aeademr, rnap.r believed the band's drum Mellon nould automatically crumble. But Bobby, a drummer of Hit jear'i experi- wice, tame to the rescue and rejuvenated the drum section, Bven during hU afternoon study hall this past year, Bobby has been occupied. During this hour he was scheduled to play with Turner'! band over station KLON here. Despite this, he made honorable mention on the (irst semester honor roll. Bobby will be able to attend college via one of the scholarships given ;by Ihe Church of Christ to students who are members of that church and qualify lor them. Bobby plans to attend Freeri-Hardeman Junior College at Henderson, Tenn.. where he will study to be a minister. IWbliy Hllhurn Wheat Test Developed By North Carolinians RALEIGH. N. C. W — A test has been developed to see whether wheat is dry enough to combine or store, says John Curtis, marketing specialist for the North Carolina Stale College extension service. To make the test, place a snm- ple of the grain in a small glass bottle with some ammonium chloride, make Ihe bottle airtight by closing securely, and shake t h e bottle 50 times. If Ihe ammonium chloride becomes dump, the grain is too wet to store safely. The new method was worked out by Prof. S. T. Dexter of Michigan state College. Read Courier News Classified Ads Most ancient chariots are open lit the back, but Ifle ancient, Irish used a type which was open at, the front. Church Proves Dangerous GOA, Portuguese India //r; — A swarm of Ijces chased film stars nnd technicians who were shooting part of the life of St. Francis Xavier In a Goa church recently. Two persons were badly stung. Only a feu 1 days before a priest had .been bitten by a cobra as he entered the same church. at >«' ARTHRITIC Mountain Valley •funeral Water <i /- ,H07 iMWOS. «— '" Liberty Cash Grocery 501 W. Main Phone .1973 Beenuw » ooVi dig«Uvt proe«w must include the activity of. bacteria which produce gas, bloat can TMUlt If the anui)«l gorges on young legumes without sufficient rouarh- age to stimulate belching. HALSELL & WHITE FURN. CO. Main & Division Phone 6096 Our 2 Stores Will Be CLOSED Wednesday Afternoons All Through the Summer Beginning This Week BlyrheviUe Sales Co. 109 East Main Phone 36IB Fred Callihon Radio Service 110 South 1st Phone 2642 RenU Courier News Classified Ads FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell Tkat Stuff" Phone 2089 Office& Bulk Planf—Promised Land StudebakerV-8 in style and value -say Don Me Neil I and Salesman Sam STARS OF THE PHILCO "BREAKFAST CLUB PROGRAM Yes, a luxurious gift of your choice at no extra cost ... for Limited time while this sale is on. Introducing the sensational new model Pliilco Refrigerators at money-saving low prices. Extra value offers on all sizes 7 to 12 cu. ft. THIS WEEK I PHI DAIRY BAR Just bring your string of fish to our store ant! we'll taVe a picture for you any time until 3:00 P.M. No charRe at all. Good luck to you on your fishing. Barnev's Drug CAMERA HEADQUARTERS Z00« W. Main Phone 3M7 A Commander V-8 beat all competing eights in actual gas mileage* in 1952 Mobilgas Economy Run! Newest of the new in "swept-back" modern styling! Sensational 120-h. p. zip and pep! Needs no premium fuel! Pace-setting Studebaker V~8 puces the 500mile mce AT INDIANAPOLIS, MAY 30 A lel-streamcd Sludobakcr Commander V-8 cotwert- ibl« will be Ihe Pace Car in IhU year's grcal 5OO- milo race-on honor accorded SludobalieT becau>« of ilsoulilanding contribuliatn lo moloTincj progteji. And Tor even less money... One of l!ic I lowest price largest selling ears in America «<MJ nrlunl fas milraxit* of all 21 fart „) ><n,,,lnr<< rtn.«.«-< tnlerr<\ ill this yror'j Mn/iitsas Ecannm} Kim •OVERDRIVE, OPCIONM AT EXTRA COST, WAS USIB. CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY W. D. "Bill" Chamblin, Owner Railroad & Ash Streets MAY MS NATIONAL OAJ, SAFETV Phone 6888 Refrigerator Sensation of 1952 Never anything like it for convenient door storage and advanced design. Huge extra storage space, right at your fingertips, to keep the foods you use most often. A Butter Keeper... special shelves for eggs and fruifs . . . shelves for bottles, jars ant! assorted food packages. And a brand now refrigeration service . . . the CHEESK KEEPKR exclusive with Pliilco. Amazing CHEESE KEEPER Keeps cheese store-fresh for weeks Preserves cheese flavor as recommended by U.S. Department of Agriculture. PHIICO 1125. A complete luxury refrigerator plus th« exclusive Dairy Bar and Clieese Keeper. Huge Freezer stores 77 Ibs. of frozen foods. Chiller Drawer, Adjustable Sh.etvcs.Twincrispcrs. New" Key Largo"color. Sensational values,from 7 to 11 cu. ft. —all on special sale offers. U NEW 1952 PKIICO REFRIGERATORS FROM 2O9 95 78 WEEKS TO PAY HUBBARD & SON FURNITURE Phones 3450-4409

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