Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 24, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1933
Page 5
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New York, Jan. 24. (AP)—The I stock niarkct was a mixed affair today. with prices eddying about un- I certainly in quiet trading. The close was narrowly irregular. Transfers approximated only half a million shares. J i A flajreup in the silver market, coincident with debate in the senate on measures to aid that metal, help: nd the honferrous metal issues for a time, but silver lost part of its gain. Tlie gyrations of foreign e.xchanges distracted attention from securities: The pound sterling ; took the play away frbm the French franc, which weakened after | an early rise. American Tobacco B rose 1 points, in expectation of ordering of the r.egular extra dividend. U. S. Smelting rose a point, and. some of the coppers were firm for a time, althougl? their g^aina were not mjfin- tained. National Biscuit was ag'am a .soft 'spot, losing a . couples of points. American ' jTeicpiione, American Can and IJ.S. Steel closed with' minor fi^ac'tioiytl changes, while Du Pone. Noirth American, Consolidated Gas and Loews were off major fractions. The- recently weal: diiiry issues steadied. ^ High Low Cities Serv ...... 2-f, SO of ind ..... 21Si Amn Cdn 62 '4 Amn T&T 105% Amn Tdb B 05'1 Anaconda 7 i; AT TH£ KELLEY WEDNESDAY ONLY. AtGhisori 42 i .Auburn. ......... 47 1 Beth Steel ..... 15 . Case. J I •• 46'', Chrysleii - 13'^ Con Gas ....... 59'i Con Oil; •. • Drug Inc 35'-.' DuPont- 39 "v Gen Eloc 14".s Gen Motors 1,4 Mont Ward 13-ii Packard- 2'-^ Penney 'J C 27 Phillips-Petr 5'- Radio .: • 5 Socony Vac 7 Std Brands 15 • SO of NJ 30-^', Tex -Corp 13's U S. Steel 28^', Wcstingh E .... 29% ' 21^ 21-'« 60% 103-U 64 '.K 7', 41% 46 io\ 58 35'i 39' K 13-n 13 ^-s 2'i 26';; 5% . 4:1, 6% 14^, 29% 12% 28 28'.i Close 2-,'. • 21 -'k 61U 104 •'Ki 65 7-% 41% 47 15 46 IS--",58 5U 35'^ 39 Vs 14% 13-% 13 2 'i 27 5-% 6, 14-H 30-'i 13 28 '^4 29% Fredric March as I>r. Jekyll, one of the two characters he pprtrays,,.i_n.. .Parainounr's/''E>r._ Jekyll and. Mr. 1 Hyde" .LOCAL PRODUCE Eggs, firsts 9" Kggs, .sceonds 6c Eggs, thirds 6c Eggs, ungraded 7c - Hens, No. 1 ,.. • 8c. Hens, No. 2 5c No. 1 Springs. 1-J lbs. up ...... 6c No. 2 Springs 4c Capons.:over 9 lbs. 11c Capons, over 8 lbs. ...: 9c Capons, over 7 lbs. : 7c •Capons, under 7 lbs 6c Slips 4c Biitterfat. lb I4c Stigs. lb 4c 3c 3c 10c 4c 3c ic 15c 18c 28c 13c GAS CITY EVENTS Mrs. Belle Wood and Mrs. Fred Morris Entertain IVIctbpdist Ladies Aid on Wednesday. . Cocks ; Geese, lb f Guineas, each White Ducks, lb. . Colored Ducks, lb. Hides, per lb Mixed Corn. bu. .. Yellow Corn, bu. .. Wlicat. fbu. Kafir Corn Kansas City Produce. Kansas Cily. Jan. 24. (AP)—Hens, '7-10. ; , Other; ))roducc unchanged.' ; Kansas Cily Hay. Kansas City. Jan. 24. (AP)—No 'hay, re?eipls too light. — Kansas City Grain. Kaasa.<; City. Jan. 24. fAP)— •\Vheat:;25 cars; up to . No. 2, f 'sirk hard. 44''1-45 ''i : No. 3. 45'1; No. 2. hard 42-44':':'No. 3, 42',.; No. 2, red, nom., 42'-;-47'.j; No. 3. nom. 42-47 y,.- ' ' : Close; May 41%: July 41-'i; Sept. 42^4. ; Com; 16 cars: up '1 to No. 2, white, horn.. 23-23'j; No. 3. 23'..;: No. 2, yellow; 23: No. 3. nom.. 22':23; No; 2., mixed, nom.. 22-;'.-23'!: No. 3, nom.. 22-22%. Close; A^ay 23'-:, July 25'). ' bats^ 3 cars: up .'•: to 1. No. 2. whlte-ijom.. l7'-.-18. No. 3, 17'.-. Milo -maize, nom.. .48-52. Kafir, 44, Rye, 34. ' Barl<iy. nom.. 21':;-24. H- C. Livestock Close. Cattle: Killing classes of cattlo slow, steady to easier; choice n4<> lb. steers $6.35: steers, good and <-hoice;!9OO-110O lbs.. $4 .25-6.75: vcnl- ers, milk fed. 'medium to choice. S3- 6.50. Sheep: Market same as earlj"; lop clipped lambs $5.90. Hogs: trnchanged. Estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 5,000; hogs 6,000; sheep J6,000. Kansas City Livestock. Kanias City, Jan. 24. (AP)—U. S. D. A.^^Hogs 7.000; 560 direct; un- oven. weak to 10c lower than Monday's 'average; lighter- weights off most; 'top $3.20 on , choice 170-200 lbs., good and choice, 140-350 lbs.. $2.60-S3.20;l packing sows $1.85- _-S2.40;,'slock pigs, good and choice, $2.50-$2.75.; Caltle 7.000: calves 600; fed steers opening steady to weak; most bids lower;, other' killing classes and : ^tockei-s and feeders little changed; good: light I weight fed steers $5.75; .steers jgood and choice, 550-1,500 lbs. $3.75 -46 .75;| common and - medium, $3.00-$4.75;'heifers, good, and choice, $4.00-$6.25; 'COWS $2.35-$2.75;., veall- - ers. milk fed, medium to choicf, $3.00-$6.00;| stockcr and fe'feder steer? good and cjhoice $4.00-$5.75. • She^p 7,000; lambs pctive 25c-35c higher; odd lots sheep steady; top Colorado fed lambs to shippers $6.35;' lambs, good and choice (x) 90 lbs-1 dovm. S5.65-$6.35; good and choice! (x)l 90-98 lbs.. $5:50-$6.25; ewes, 'good and choice, 90-150 lbs., $1.50-$2.G5. (x> .Quotations based on ewes and wethers. They've Stood Uie Test p( Time Established 1906 Williams Monoiaent Works 301 So. Wasti. loU, Kas. GAS CITY, Jan. 24—Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Ellsworth entertained at dinner Sunday the foUcwing guests: Mr. and Mrs. Marian Mower and daughter Carol of Welda and Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Rosebaugh and family. Duiing the storm Wednesday a tree in J. H. Searcy's yard was struck by lightning. Will Ensminger of LaHarpe was j j a caller in Gas Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Webb and Mrs. Maud Miller of Wichita, Mr. and Mrs. PhU .Pickering, Mrs. Ethel Scruggs and Mr. Wilson of Kincaid. were Sunday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Toin Webber. John Thomas is spending a few days with friends and relatives in Kansas City.. Gerald McGrew, Lafe Lane and Walter Scott Fees spent Sunday afternoon at the home of Perry McNally. Pauline Bauer of lola was a guest Smiday night ^t the home of Miss Geneva Carson, South Gas. Howard Baldwin spent Sunday in lola at. the L. D. Baldwin home. Mr. and Mrs. Dell Adams and children. Delmont and Mary Jane, attended a birthday dinner Sunday at LaHarpo which was given in hon- pr of the former's sister, Mrs, Anna! Barker. The M. E. church prayer meeting will be. held at the home of Mi's. Carrie Wright at 7:30 ;Thursday evening. Frank Ross of Mildred was a dinner guest Sunday evening at the Bert Damitz home. : Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Evans. Bar- tlcsville. Okla., were dinner guests Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Moore.,They were accompanied home Sunday evening by Mrs. Lucy Foster. Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Evans are daughters of Mrs. Foster. Mrs. E. W. Ellsworth received word last week from Yates Center that her brother, A. R. WUlhite. is quite ill. Mr. and Mrs. Maurce Rosebaugh enjoyed a few days visit last week with the former's father, U. H. Rosebaugh. who lives near Bush Cily. Mrs. Dora White spent Thursday and Friday with her daughter.';. Mrs, L A. Shi'ley. and Mrs. Ed Shipley, of East Gas. Mr.s. Sarah of Gii'ard is visitlncc at the home of her sister, Mrs. John Boyer. Mr. itnd Mrs. Bert Damitz, ^r. and Mrs. Nogle, Mi's. Farmer and George Hutton attended the funeral of ,Mrs. Theodore Hutton which was held at Lone Elm Monday. The M. E. Ladies Aid mr/. Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Belle Wood and | Mrs. Fred Morris, of East Gas.''w/ith Mrs. R. S. Goble and Mrs. Bert Damitz as- si.';ting hostesses. The meeting was called to order by the i)resident. Devotionals were led by Mrs. Carrie Wright, after which a business se.s- sion was held- in which plans were made for the society to present a play some time in the near future. A quilt show will be given at the home of Mrs. Flora Ricketts Tuesday afternoon and evening, January 31, to which everybody will be welcome. A short program was given which consisted of readmgs by Mrs. J. E. Campbell aind Mrs. Dell Adams; and piano solos by Mrs. Mark Lowe and Louise Morris. A contest was held in Vvhlch Mrs. Lowe was prize winner. Refreshments were served by the hostesses. Mrs. Alfred Tompkiiis and Mrs. Bill Gumfoiy, were Simday evening visitors at the home of Mrs. Bert Damitz. Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Close of lola visited Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr.^ and. Mrs. Howard Moore. We are glad- to report that little Richard Douglas Moore, who has been quite ill, is steadily improving in health. Mr. and Mrs. O. C. McGrew and children, Florice, Jack and Shirley Anne, visited Sunday at the home of the former's mpther, Mrs. . Mary Jane McGrew. Both Mrs. Anna Weaver and Mrs. J. M. Mason are much improved from their recent illness. Mr. and Mrs. Will Kenzler, Chanute. and their daughter. Mrs. Cecil Smith from California, who is visiting them, spent Monday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Webber. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Searcy and family have traded, their property in Gas for property in Oklahoma, where they expect to move sooii. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Mowrei" of near Welda visited over the weekr end . with Mr. and Mrs. - Maurice Rosebaugh. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Ellsworth motored to Yates Center Sunday evening to see the latter's brother. A- R. Willhite. who is very iU. Mi". Willhite is 80 years old and this is the first lime he has been ill enough to call a physician. THEIR VOICES TANGLE SENATE LEGISLATION The bitter fight these three men have carried on against the Glass.Banking biU in the senate resulted in one of the greatest legislative snarls ever to entangle the upper house of congress. Important legislation—including the vote on the president's veto of the Philippine independence bill—has beeri held back by the nUbuster with threat of a cloture petition commg from Democratic leaders. Pictured here: Senator burton K. 'Wheeer (at lefft) with Senator Elmer Thomas of Oklahoma, while; Senator Huey Long of Louisiana is on the right. KANSAS BRIEFS 1 (By the Associated Press) - ( -r THE J. F. GRENNAN PRODUCE CO. C. O. COGHILL, Manager POULTRY AND EGGS Egg Cases antl Supplies' Old and Reliable—Established 1911 Corner Monror and Elm (Just West of the Water Tower) Dodge City—Search for N. B. Perr ris. vice-president of the Exchange Slate bank. Dighton, Kas., ended h(>re yesterday when he was found at a Dodge City hotel. Police said he appeared to be suffering from of memory, and quoted him as saying he had no recollection of leaving Dighton and did not know hi,s own identity until told of the search. He had loft: Dighton last Thursday to inspect cattle. An extensive search for the banker had been conducted in the Dighton vicinity by posses and airplarie observers. Kansas City—Thomas P. Cook, 99, believed to have been the oldest member of the Masonic lodge in Kansas, died here yesterday at the home of his daughter. Mrs. P. W. Max'field. A Civil war veteran.' Cook lived for many years at Effingham, Kns.. where he operated a : hotel and a nureery. He served two terms as superintendent of schools in Atchison county. Cook was the last member of the G. A. R. post at Effingham. ' Independence—Notice of an appeal to the state supreme court by Paul R, Jones, now serving a life sentence for participation in the .slaying of Mrs. Maud Martin, is on file in the office of the clerk of the district court. Jones pleaded guilty to the slaying, which took place January 5, 1931, at Coffeyvllle. saying he and Miss Muriel Sullivan. Seminole, Okla.. had committed the crime at tlie request of Dr. S. jA. Brainard, former Coffeyvllle physician. Miss Sullivan and Dr. Brainard were convicted and also are serving sentences. Leavenworth—Accosted \ by two men. as he left a newspaper office here late yesterday David Holman, 15, -R 'as kidnaped and held captive for an h&iir. while the I abductors questioned him as to the! means of his father, Chester D: Holman, Leavenworth attorney. They forced him to drive to the Port I^eaven- worth reservation where he was bound and gagged and lowered Into a pit on the rifle range. They left in his motor car. ' He freed himself and reported the incident to '• police. He said they robbed him of 25 cents, but returned his'watch when told it was a gift from his father. rpilE CENTRAL R.^|LWAY of * PERU operates at altitudes of OVER 15.000 FT. at some points. The UNITED STATESiaiid CHINA fiicli liavc Jive' cltlea over a million ill impulatioii. The Electoral C6I- Icjre had 5.'U votes up to and in- rhidliiK the i9.'12 presidential election. Joan Blondell Stars in Tola Film Toniirht and Wednesday. GENEVA (Mrs. T. R. Curtis.) Jap. 23.— A surprise party was given in honor of Allen Curtis at L. M. (Jurtis's home. Guessing games and other games were enjoyed by all. At a late hour refreshments of sandwiches, cake and cocoa was served; Tliose present were, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph CaroU. Mrs. Grace Irwin and son Merle. Mr. and Mrs. John Oliver. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Dickerson and son Clifton, Mr. and Mrs. .Leslie Smith. Misses Gladys Pierson, Bessie Mabie, Fern Irwin, Elsie Smelser, Nannie Tippiri, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Laymon. Mr. and Mi's. T. R. Curtis and daughters, Martha Jean and Bobbie Lou, Messrs. Will and licwis Tippie. Paul Pierson, Jesse Mabic, Will Bedenbender, Mr. and Mrs. L; M. Curtis and son, Allen. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Smith were callers at H. L. Barnett's Friday evening. Saturday morning "Gib" Pierson was a visitor there. Visitors at John Oliver's Thursday afternoon, to see the new grandson, little Richard Eugene, were: IMi's. R. J. Walk and daughter. Miss Olive, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sherwood and daughters Wilma and Dorothy; NO HORSE THIEVES FOR HIM TO DETECT BODY BEP.4miNG We arc'' con pletely iequipiicjd to .•jatisfactory se):>'ice. your requircmv-;uts. ROSS AR^UCEE GAllAGE l-PLYMOUTfi Sales—|Sertice-!-Parts LIV 21 Horses, ^ "> "Big City Blues" bnngs a cast of popular favorites in a melodrama of adventure and romance. Joan Blondell and Eric Linden- are co-starred with [a supporting cast '^'hich includes Guy Kibbee, Evalyn Knapp, Lyle Talbot, Shelia Terry and Ned Sparks. and Mesdamcs L. M. Curtis and T. R. Curtis and babies, Martha Jean and Bobbie Lou. Earl Smitli siJent Friday night with his grandparents. Mi-, and Mrs. Frank Smith. Ladies' Aid will meet with Mrs. Frank Mabic, February 10. Friday. Roll call "Bible verses." Ml-, and Mrs. George Tippin and Mis.s Nannie called at John Oliver's Friday afternoon to get acquainted with their new nephew and cousin little Richard - Eugene Oliver. Mr. and Airs. Jim Sherwood spent last Thursday in lola with her mother. Mrs. Bradley. Orie Laj-mon is working for Geo. Wvlie. north of; Colonv. Topeka—Constitutionality of the state law. prohibiting sale of appH- ances and equipment by utility companies was argued before the supreme court yesterday by state's attorneys and counsel for ten Cities Service subsidiary gas distributing companies. The law. enacted two years ago, was upheld by the Shawnee county district court in denying Injimctions sought by the companies to prevent enforcement of the act. A stay was granted pending outcome of the appeal. Coffeyville—Bums suffered two weeks ago when she feU on a Shot stove, proved fatal Saturday night to Mrs. Amelia M. McDaniel. 86. widow of Jcsst^ MCDaniel, a Neodesha pioneer. ! K;0,M0, vsje VMOMV OOR CDWS -I 'sNe: Re MOT OUT OUR WAY By WiUiams MO. A }Kie .\MuT»-\, sToPpe .0 «M TO G\T PuT COAT CM, Too. •JUST "STbP »vo TO Ge.T WARNA IM To G-H-T MOO COL.O e«-/ T^' TfME. TrteV &E.T WARM., VvJtlLl. FROZtNJ - VviS evAOuLO Pv>T A^\GM "CAPAOT<-/ OFT?A\& STfovjH., ONB COW eo^ife HVDE. — \_eAvJE. CLOTv-WWiCr 6oTS .!bE-" Q 1*33 or HE* SEH.VICE. Iwc: Keg, u. srPAT. OfT. i It IS a startling pronouncement that Secretary Robert T. Timan is reading to the 121st convention pf the Union Society for the Detection of Horse Thieves and the Recovery of Stolen Property at,Glenside. Pa. There was not a horse theft in Philadelphia last , year, he said. i A small ad in the Cla.ssified columns often puts over a big deal. SWAPPER'S COLUMN BULL — Registered Ilolstein, 15 months, sired by 43 lbs. in 7 days, dam 400 lbs. as 2-year-old, to trade for good horse. Horace Lower, Route 1, Humboldt, Phone Humboldt 322F12. CREAM SEPARATORS—U.sed, to trade for cattle, hogs or horses. Brownie's^ Cream, Poultry, Eggs, Feeds, and Seeds. FOR TRADE—White male pig. 135 lbs., good blooded, some weigh a little larger; 75 Barred Rock pullets, all laying. Riley, 3 miles west, miles south lola. HORSES, MULES—WUl triade for cattle or hogs or what have you? Will buy horses and mules. H. D. Smock, 302 South Walnut. ANNOUNCEMENTS Anctiohs Strayed, Lost, Found STRAYED—Taken up one Guernsey cow, 4 miles south Foster's store, Kentucky street road. C. E. Hufferd, R. 3, lola. $5.00 REWARD for return of typewriter in good condition i taken from office-of Odor's Greenhouse. AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale DODGE '26 four-door sedan; baled : prairie hay, $3 per tori. lola Auto Wrecking. Phone 782. PONTIAC - BUICK GOOD -WILL USED CARS SHELLY MOTOR CO. Authorized Buick-Pontiac 214 N. Jefferson—Pho. 80 HUDSON-ESSEX—Parts and Service. Bud White Motor Co., 209 South street. Phone 60. SALES Dodge 3 ,f4^ Plymouth Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phone 301 Cash—Trade—Terms , Bepairing—Gara«es BATTERY Recharging, 50c. Garage. , • Ideal FOR SALE-;-? 4 to 5 years 2700 a pair; horses. gb6i|l good yearling cows, givkigj per day; 3 1 4 wagons.- machinery. Butcher. 24 CLOSING ou: ware, ga;ragej track and Geo. J. corner squarfe MOTOR , Ideal Garage STOCK Cattle, VeWcWs- teams of mare mules, old. weighing 3500 to 20 head!of mares and matched teams; 2 mare ra'ules; 20 fresh 3 to 6j gallonis ihilk : 5 sets of harness ;• 11 kinds of farming \|ViIl sell on tirnq. J. C. bills MEHCHA^JDISK Artiisles For, Sale BATTERIES 4- Guaranteed,. $4.95. Ideal Garage. i Miscellaneous^ard- door sets, barn door track very cheap. Malrr, Puller Bldg., NE hay 0^^ 50c gal.- 5 gal.; $2.ia jaragd;. Phdnfe 174. : NEW DE LA'VIAL and: Domo ;Cream separators; Dei Laval repair mparts; good used Efe Lavalj and ^telotte : sepyators. 3eo.i J. i Marr, ;Puller . Bldg., NE; cc rner square. OFFICE DESKS and | Safes. ? Hen- -ninger's Furhltiire Store. OFFICE E(3U] PMENT—Desk^, safe, <^iling cabinets, cihairs. Bates' numbering machme, desks lamps, etc. Geo. J. Marr, Puller; buildhlg, NE corner sqyare. I ONE INCUBATOR, 150-egg. orie 400- egg; good cohdition.; Hennihger's. STORE PCiTURES—Counters, show - cases, counter drawers, sholving, ladders, etc. Geo. J.Marr, Puller Bldg., NE corner s^uhre. ; 27 Feed, Fuel, Fertilizers; HAY—For sale, 10c bal.e. 3'miles west of lola. Greenej 28 Household Goods \ SEVERAL Electric Washing- Ma: chines, $12.50, up., Henningtr's. THE NEW- KARR coal and iwood range for- beauty, quality and low price. Curtis' Furniture. ! USED STOVES and Purniture. Store packed. Henninger's Furn. Store USED sewing machines, baby-beds, kitchen ciibinets, piunoy, etc' Save 50 per cent. W. H: Wood-i Fine Furniturii 202 S. Jeff. Phonb 190. 29 M.-Vchinery and Tools' GARAGE SUPPLIES—Work benches, bolt .rscks. bench grinder; electric drill po.'it stand, grease trucks, guns, vises, lots of tools, etc.; Geo. J. Marr, -Fuller Bldg., NE Corner of square; ' ,' WALKING: PLOW—14-inch, good condition, S8.00. Allen County Implement Co. ; --^^J. 30 iMusical, Kadlo PIANO—Good condition, will sell cheajj^ P|ione 1234^! 32 Wantjed— To Buy j GOOD COAL and wood heater; also : used dreijser or chestJ of drawers; must be -reasonable. Phone' 1234. ROOMS FOR RENT 34 Apartments and Flats' APARTMENT—Nicely ifurnish^ed, 3, modern, garage, cla^e in, reasonable. 210 East Jacksorj'. Real Estate For Reht 36 Farm's and Land For Rent 19P-ACRE PARM—Bottom land, for rent. J. %. Cllne. I < • 37 ' Houses For Bent POR RENT—Houses, good locaUon. See G. E Pees. j BUSINESS SERVICE 9 0 Business Service Offered 1933 PRICES—Harness," collars, strap work, etc. We have a sewing ma­ chme Snd can take Care of repair work. Shannon Hardware. Pho. 29. UVE STOiCK 21 Horses, Cattle, VebMea YOUNG PERCHERON: HORSES— Benj. H. Bacon, 4 miles south and east of Moran. Pho. Elsmore 5112. 2 FRESH COWS—Poi- sale. C. L. MorrLson, 4 miles north and 2'-^ east of LaHarpe, FOR RENT—Modern 5-room ; bungalow, hardwood floors, at 224 S. Walnut.; Inquire Van's Bakery. NICE MODERN HOME, one iblock from Juiiior high school, 109 North First strfeet. 38 yV&ntei —To Rent WANTED'TO RENT—Wheel Chair. Pred Duffey. Phone 950P14. lola Route 2.; I \ RealiEstate For Sale 40 Faniis and Land. For Sale POR SALE OR REN'T-Good 80- acre datry farm, 3 miles soiith of lola on Btate street road. Robert Bates, IJoute 3, Chariute, Kas. 15 ACRES—Improvements, wdl located. Take small lola property as part: payment. John Reirther, lola, Kas. 80 ACRES for sale, theiN'/i SW 15, 24, 20. Located 4'.i nil. northwest of Mor^n. About all in cultivation. Lgys smooth, j Good land. Good set of improvements on it. Price $39 an acre. Terms on $1900. Bankers; Mortgage Company') Topeka. Kas. ' 41 ] Houses For Sale FOR SAliE OR RENTi —Six -Toom house, modern, double! garage. Inquire 1021 North Jefferson, Tola. . 5-ROOM ? MODERN—Ciood - condition, near Lincoln school, a bar. gam; terms. lola Laiid Co. ' 6 -ROOM JIOUSE for sale, modem except furnace; locateSd at 302 W. Jackson j wUl seU onl terms like rent. Bankers Mortgage Company, Topeka.: \ I , • ^ 43! To Exchange—Re^l Estate E(5UITY IN 40 ACRES-l-2 mi. town to tradq. What have you? - Address BOX 77, care Register.

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