The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 3, 1997 · Page 44
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 44

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 3, 1997
Page 44
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IB SATUPRAY, MAY ,3. .1.997, THE SALINA JOURNAL DAYTIME May 5-9 LATE NIGHT 1:30 ID In Care of Nature I Gardener't Journal Hometlme NBA Action (Thu) (1:55) Movie (Wed) * it "Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff" (£24) 6991798 • (1:45) Movie (Tue) *** "Othello" (2:04) 33397910 (Frl) *!4 "Galaxls" (1:31) 9722590 (S) (1:36) ABC World New* Now (Thu) (1:38) American Gladiator* (Fri) m Donald WhIUker (Won) Carman (Tue) Mylea Munroe (Wed) Reginald Cherry (Thu) Highway to Heaven (Fri) (5) (1:37) CBS Up to the Minute (Mon) (1:37) American Journal (Tue-Fri) (27) (1:35) American Journal TCM Movie (Mon) ** K "Nancy Goes to RIO" (1:45)3380148 TMC (1:55) Movie (Tue) * 'A "Hard Vice" (1:30)7643939 2:00 • (2:05) NBC New* NlghUlde (Mon- Thu) O Movie (Mon) *K "Flrehead" (2:00) 437419 (Tue) ** "Center of the Web" (2:00) 846736 (Wed) +'A "The Final Sanction" (2:00) 328953 (Thu) ** "Curse of the Blue Lights" (2:00) 800170 (Fri) **!4 "Double Threat" (2:00) 399687 B (2:12) CBS Up to the Minute (Mon- Thu) I Community Bultetln Board Judge Judy (Mon-Thu) Comedy Showcaae (Fri) 1 (2:06) Newlywed Game (2:11) ABC World New* Now (Thu) (2:12) LAPD: Life on the Beat (Mon, Wed) (2:07) New* (Tue) (2:12) CBS Up to the Minute (Thu) JO Movie (Mon) * * * The Last Sunset" (2:00) 1318254 (Wed) ** The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu" (1:45) 50569330 1 (2:05) CHIP* (Mon-Tue) Movie (Mon) **K "Bar Girts" (1:35) 7561612(2:15) (Tue) *** "Strawberry and Chocolate" (1:51) 90534921 (Wed) "Body of Influence 2" (1:27) 905069 O (2:15) Movie (Mon) ** is "A Star Is Born" (2:45) 26479099 (Wed) *X "Stalked" (1:45) 52610589 (Thu) **K The World's Greatest Lover" (1:30) 9916083 I Overnight Panther Girl of the Kongo (Tue) Movie (Thu) ** )4 The Caddy 1 (1:35) 7297064 I I Love Lucy Music Video* (Frl) (2:18) Absolutely Fabuloua (Fri) Christopher Cloceup (Mon) Faith & Reason (Tue) Hashing It Out! (Wed) Scripture* Allvel (Thu) Our Family (Fri) B Up Close (Mon-Tue, Thu) Racehorse Digest (Wed) B Auto Racing (Mon) NBA 2Nlght a e-Frl) Movie (Wed) * * "Shaft: Cop Killer" (1:30) 983427 OB Boris Karloff Presents Thriller a u-Fri) Man Who Loved Blrda: The Story of John Bax (Mon) Baby Animal* (Tue) Animal Allen* (Wed) Camera In the Wilderness (Thu) In Search of the Hawk B ) (2:27) Movie (Mon) *K "Calendar Girt" (1:33)22855341 • Motorcycle Racing (Mon) Cycling (Tue) Big 12 Showcae* (Wed) Boxing f ) Triathlon (Frl) Law It Order Jan Feat Crlatlna 809631 (2:05) Movie (Mon) * * * "Ferngul- ly... the Last Rainforest" (1:16) 68707099(2:25) (Thu) * * * "Man's Favorite Sport?" (2:00) 94871644(2:10) (Fri) * * "Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy" (1:19)62929478 • (2:15) Movie (Mon) +* "Feast of July" (1:56) 15449S3 (Wed) **« "Slaves of New York" (2:01)56988088 09 Praise the Lord (S) (2:07) CBS Up to the Minute (Tue- Thu) (2:07) Bounty Hunter* (Fri) (10) America'* Store (27) (2:05) News TCM Movie (Frl) **** "Forbidden Games" (1:30)8900300 WGN Movie (Mon) * * * "Escape to Witch Mountain" (2:00) 471341 (Wed) **K The Beguiled" (2:00) 353137 (Thu) * * "Class" (2:00) 835354 (Fri) • * 'A "Desperately Seeking Susan" (2:00) 244671 Hercules: The Legendary Journey* Movie ratings **** Outstanding ***K Excellent ** Not bad *** Very good *isFair **« Good * Poor (Tue) 2:15 • World Report 2:30 • (2:35) NBC New* Nlghtslde (Fri) (2:36) Daytime to Remember 5 (2:42) CBS Up to the Minute (Mon, ) (2:42) LAPD: ~ Life on the Beat Wed) rrue) B (2:45) Movie (Fri) ** "Hard Bounty" (1:29)48102297 03 Hollywood One on On* (Tue) 9991718 (2:45) Movie (Fri) * * * * The Conversation" (2:00)73392045 B (2:35) Movie (Mon) The Grave" (1:30)5838341(2:45) (Thu) *** "Patriot Games" (1:56) 8876538(2:55) (Fri) ** "Fever (1:39)82664584 I CNN/Sport* Illustrated (2:45) Movie (Mon) * * 'A The Mississippi Gambler" (1:45) 39732186 (Wed) **** "Beau Geste" (2:00) 189069 Panther Girl of the Kongo (Tue) B Movie (Fri) * * The Sword and the Sorcerer" (2:00)238565 I Newhart Comedy Half-Hour (Tue) Today'* Health Stanley Cup Playoff* (Mon-Tue, Thu) Auto Racing (Wed) Inside the PGA Tour (Fri) B Inside Drag Racing (Tue) Stanley Cup Playoff* (Wed-Frl) 8 (2:45) Blgfoot Man or Beast (Fri) (2:40) Movie (Wed) ** The Quiet Gun" (1:20)16635311 (2:42) (:42) (Thu) * * 14 "The Alpha Caper" (1:18) 16602083 (2:44) (:44) (Fri) ** 14 "Moon of the Wolf (1:16)16506855 I Motorcycle Racing (Wed) (2:45) Movie (Thu) "Love 600" (1:30) 55276644 QD (2:38) In Concert (Fri) TCM (2:45) Movie (Wed) +** "Never on Sunday" (1:45)26502175 TMC (2:45) Movie (Mon) ** "Fright Night Part 2" (1:45) 32395065 (2:35) (:35) (Thu) *x "Dragstrlp Girl" (1:55) 23618002 (2:50) (:50) (Frl) *K "Under the Gun" (1:30)3730294 . 3:00 B It'* Showtime et the Apollo (Fri) B (3:06) ABC World New* Now (Mon- Thu) (3:08) In Concert (Fri) 1 (3:12) CBS Up to the Minute (Tue) (3:05) Laverne ft Shirley (Mon-Tue, Thu) (3:10) Mini Disaster Area (Frl) B (3:20) Movie (Thu) **» "EMC2" (1:34) 14760064 B Movie (Tue) * * * "Harry and the Hendersons" (2:00)8137945 B (3:25) Movie (Wed) *JS "Let's Get Harry" (1:42) 11867682 B Crossfire 605525 B (3:05) Movie (Tue) **K "Raw Edge" (1:25)41430200 Acapulco H.E.A.T. (Tue-Wed) Taxi Top 20 Video Countdown (Fri) Discover America Stanley Cup Playoff* (Fri) Motowortd (Tue) Kung Fu (Mon-Tue) Wild, Wild West 8 u) Ultra 7 (Fri) Tale* of Tomorrow (Fri) Secret World of Bat* (Mon) To B* Announced (Tue) Ceremony (Wed) Strictly for the Bird* (Thu) Wild India (Fri) • Elementary School (Mon) Thl* Weak In NASCAR (Mon) SUIng ae) Thl* la the PGA Tour (Fri) Movie (Mon-Tue) "Frankie's House" (2:00) 853849 (Wed) *** "10 Rllllng- ton Place" (2:00) 962953 (Thu) **K •Anatomy of an Illness" (2:00) 444170 (Fri) *** The Second Woman" (2:00) 933687 B T* Slgo Amando (Mon-Wed, Fri) 798186 Sen*aclonaU*lmo (Thu) B (3:25) Movie (Wed) * * "My Little Pony" (1:26)88533175 B (3:05) Movie (Frl) * * K The Molly Magulres" (2:04)24007229 OS (3:06) Movie (Frl) * * * "Amber Waves" (1:54) 17223377 (S) (3:07) Beach Patrol (Frl) TCM (3:15) Movie (Mon) * * The Kissing Bandit" (1:45) 28080693 (3:15) (:15) (Tue) * * * * "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1:45) 28984465 (Thu) **K "Knights of the Round Table" (2:00) 8844199 TMC (3:25) Movie (Tue) * * "State Fair" (2:00) 5146129 (3:25) (:25) (Wed) "Atlantic City" (1:45)86650663 WON Xena: Warrior Prince** (Tue) 3:30 B RM) TV (Mon-Wed) Headline New* (Thu) B (3:45) Movie (Wed) **X "Morituri" (2:15) 37271885 (Thu) *** "House of Usher (1:30)6994985(Fri) ***"...AII the Marbles" (2:00) 1374377 B (3:35) Gomer Pyle, USMC (Mon- Thu) Laveme A Shirley (Fri) B (3:35) Movie (Mon) ** "Mercy" (1:25) 30662254 (Wed) *** "Raining Stones" (1:30)414392 B (3:45) Movie (Wed) ** "Emerald Tears" (1:15) 38716088 (Thu) **X The Enchanted Journey" (1:30)6786921 I Comedy Hour (Tue) Newaroom (Mon-Thu) Future Watch S) (3:35) Movie (Thu) **** "Sayonara" (2:40) 83630557 (Fri) **!4 "X the Unknown" (1:30)417010 Mary Tyler Moor* Mualc Video* (Mon-Thu) Highway Auto Racing (Tue) Kung Fu (Wed) Cartoon* (Fri) On* Step Beyond (Fri) Champions of Speed (Wed) _ Movie (Mon) *** "Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey" (1:24) 172728(3:35) (Fri) *** "An American Tall" (1:20)79885132 TCM Movie (Fri) +'A "Lilly Turner (1:30) 6117923 4:00 B Jenny Jonaa (Mon-Thu) 170631 Star Trek (Fri) B Headline New* (Mon-Thu) Movie (Fri) ** "Alice, Sweet Alice" (2:00) 521039 B Movie (Mon) *** "La Bamba" (2:00) 6407815 (Tue) **K "Carry on Cruising" (1:30)4066718 B (4:05) Gllllgan'a ((land (Mon-Thu) Who's the Bo**7 (Fri) B Movie (Tue) *X "Bad Blood" (1:30) 236674(4:10) (Fri) ** "Reflections In the Dark" (1:24)5502313 B (4:05) American Coach**: Man of Vl*lon and Victory (Mon) I CNN/Sport* Illustrated Bloomberg Information Television (Mon-Thu) B Dick Van Dyke B Auto Racing (Mon) B Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Mon) Gllll- S i'a Island (Tue, Thu) Kung Fu (Fri) On* Step Beyond (Fri) WUdQuM* A*la Market Wrap (Mon-Thu) Movie (Mon) *** "La Bamba" (2:00) 682709 (Tue) ** "Pony Express Rider (1:40) 1907939 (Wed) **K "Code Name: Dancer (1:35) 9571750 (Thu) **K "Murder Is Easy" (1:42) 1935712 (Fri) **K "Acceptable Risks" (1:35) 9442294 B Motorcycle Racing (Mon) Hoop-tt- Up Preview (Tue) Cycle World (Wed) Divine Plan (Wed) Primer Impacto Extra Charlie Brown and Snoopy (Tue) (4:15) Movie (Mon) **u"AMonth In the Country" (1:36) 54621051(4:15) (Wed) *** "Metropolitan" (1:38) 54592595(4:25) (Thu) *** "Silver Streak" (1:53)26459847 (S) (4:07) Headline New* (Fri) TMC (4:20) Movie (Fri) * 14 The Lamp in Assassin Mews" (1:10)93153520 4:30 B First Buslnes* (Mon-Thu) B (4:35) Headline News (Mon-Thu) Who'* the BOM? (Fri) B (4:45) Movie (Fri) *** The Heroes of Telemark" (2:15)21620497 B (4:45) Father'* Day: Flr*t Look B u) (4:35) Making of Eraser (Fri) Daybreak (Mon-Thu) Earth Matter* (Fri) B Michael F*ln*teln: Sing a Song of Hollywood (Mon) Movl* (Tue) *** The Spoilers" (1:30) 437736 (Wed) • * * "Ball of Fire" (2:00) 264224 • Bloomberg Information Television Teacher to Teacher With Mr. Wizard (Mon) Nick New* (Tue-Wed) Launch Box (Thu) Bob Newhart (Fri) • UpCtoM(Wed) B NHL ZNIght (Tue-Fri) B Bug* Bunny (Tue-Thu) B InvMbl* Man (Fri) B Wildlife Journey* (Mon) Profile* of Nature (Tue-Fri) • Before the Bell (Mon-Thu) B Crerto A. Dollar Jr. (Mon-Thu) R.C. Blake*, 8r. (Fri) B Notlclero Unlvtaton Ediclon Noc- tuma I Ducktatoa (Tue, Thu) Movie (Tue) * K The New Adventures of Plppl Longstocklng" (1:40) 1117216 (5) AgDay (Mon-Thu) Headline New* (Fri) TCM MOM Pa/ad* (Wed) TMC Movl* (Mon) *** "Flauiners" (2:00) 423964 (Thu) * *x< "One Foot in Hell" (1:35)7634996 WGN Life In the Word (Mon-Thu) 4:46 B Teacher to Teacher Wrui Mr. Wlz- ardlMon) Up I I Tune in Tomorrow Soap opera summaries for April 28-May 2 By Nancy Reichardt • United Feature Syndicate SOAP SCENE • Call COMMUNITY HIM Category 7627 • ALL MY CHILDREN: Erica grabbed a slightly Injured Sonya from Maria before she could see the child's birthmark. Erica had Dimitri arrested after learning he was driving the car that ran her and Sonya down. Erica got a restraining order against Dimitri, who realized Erica Is trying to keep him from getting any information on Sonya's "Russian" adoption. Tad and Gloria made up after arguing about the time she spends helping Dimitri. Janet heard Trevor stand up for her when Opal didn't want Janet helping Amanda with her school fair. Stuart and Belinda failed to make Uza and Adam realize that they are In love. Liza and Adam learned they were named couple of the year for the Cindy Chandler Foundation fund-raiser. Brooke suspects Diana Is Plerce's long-ago lover, Christina. Hayley accused Tanner of raping her. Skye conned Stuart Into giving her the money to pay Tanner's blackmail. • ANOTHER WORLD: Detective Morris told Vicky that Bobby Is a convicted murderer named Shane Roberts, and Ton! told Jake that Bobby Is an escaped killer. Vicky came face-to-face with Bobby. After obtaining Gate's date book, Josle and Gary realized Commissioner Raines killed Gabe. Joe escaped from a jail guard Raines ordered to kill him. Grant told Carl that he saw Raines shoot Gabe, and later, Carl and Grant got Raines' confession on tape. Raines later took Paulina and Rachel hostage, but released Rachel. Joe took a shot at Raines, who was trying to escape using Paulina as a shield. John examined a pregnant Rachel, who had abdominal pains after Raines let her go. Sofia and Nick found Neil, who had been shot. On her flight home from Hollywood, Felicia met billionaire Alexander Nikos, who looks like her deceased husband, Lucas. John was upset that Michael slept on the couch while "protecting" Shariene from Grant. • AS THE WORLD TURNS: Lucinda was stunned when James told her the baby they conceived together long ago was not stillborn. James reported that the delivery doctor lied that the baby was dead then stole the boy. James told Lucinda that the doctor told him the story a couple years ago. Lucinda was stunned when James revealed David is their son, and James wants her to acknowledge him as such and take him into her home because he Is James' heir. Kirk was holding a gun while Samantha told him she wanted a divorce. Hal was not sure Kirk was the Intended target when a sniper put a rifle bullet In Kirk's shoulder while he and Samantha stood In the door of Luanda's mansion. Margo was cleared when Kirk was charged with Umberto's murder. James anonymously told David not to resign as assistant D.A. Lily's former cellmate prepared for her bail hearing. Mark gave Connor his mother's dress to wear at their wedding. • THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Maggie and Curtis went to Cafe Russe for dinner after James told her to spend time with Curtis while he was at childbirth classes with Sheila. After making sure James saw Maggie having a good time with Curtis, Sheila Insisted the duo are just good friends. Lt. Baker told Hunter that he needs proof of his theory that Grant shot himself then blamed Ridge. Grant told Brooke and Ridge that he did not shoot himself. Enrique has latex gloves like those used by Grant's shooter. • DAYS OF OUR LIVES: After receiving a letter from Roman asking her to take care of Saml, Carrie prevented Austin from telling Saml that their marriage was kaput before her accident. Lucas persuaded Saml to keep mum that she remembered once asking Lynn about a drug (which she used on Austin to seduce him). Alter John had Marietta move back into the DiMera Mansion, Laura urged her to Ml John the truth about Kristen. Susan heard Vivian and Ivan talking about knocking her out and locking her in the secret room for Kristen. Susan later knocked Vivian out. Laura decided to stop taking her medication just as Stefano ordered Lynn to Increase Laura's dosage. Mickey told Jack that he is trying to get an appeal on Jack's cue. BUto told Bo that she was trying to help hit undercover case when she bought drugs from King's henchman, Mix, but she was arrested after Hope saw her make the buy. • GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jax Interrupted but did not hear Miranda threaten to tell him that Brenda slept with Sonny. Brenda went to tell Jax about her affair with Sonny, but he was away on business. Jax told Miranda that their relationship Is over for good. Luke was curious that Stefan was Uvid when he learned Nikolas gave Lulu the Faberge Egg (hat was a Cassadine family heirloom. After breaking Into the Spencer home looking for the egg, in which he had hidden a computer chip, Stefan learned the egg Is In Switzerland with Lulu. In Switzerland, Laura remembered Stefan's claim that he Is Nikolas' father. A.J. comfort- ed Emily, who was upset to team that Matt died. Sonny and Jason think Pierce was Harry's drug partner, and that Pierce killed Matt. Lucy secretly worried Kevin might really be stalking Felicia again. Katharine told Stefan that their affair is over now that Bobble Is back home. • GUIDING LIGHT: Annie kept mum to Alan that her fetus is dead. Reva confronted Annie, who admitted lying that she was Reva's sister. Annie fumed when Josh and Reva made their first public appearance together at a party hosted by Amanda. During a confrontation with Reva at the party, Annie, pretending the baby was still alive, staged a fall down the stairs. Vanessa dreamed that Matt would not want her back if he knew she were alive, while Matt vowed he would do anything to get Vanessa back. Jeffrey realizes Buzz and Jenna are trying to get him out of their lives. Ross rejected Amanda's job offer and refused to help her make Roger jealous. Blake was crushed when she saw Amanda on Ross' arm at her party. Blake was livid when Amanda showed her tabloid headlines that linked Amanda and Ross romantically. Michelle tried playing' matchmaker for Rick and Abby. At the party, Ross accepted the job of district attorney. • ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Patrick was driving Blair home after she decided to have their baby delivered prematurely to donate bone marrow for Starr when he crashed his car trying to avoid a head-on collision. Kelly, who was driving the other car, called 911, then took off. Drew later realized Kelly caused the accident that Injured Blair and caused her unborn baby's death. A devastated Blair learned her baby was dead. Dorian and Todd were stunned to learn the new marrow donor for Starr was none other than Alex, who is out of jail on ball. Cassie made love with Kevin after she and Andrew argued about him. A shocked Kevin learned that Cassie had not officially left Andrew when they made love. Cassie later told Andrew that she slept with Kevin. His first day on the job at The Banner, Mel decided to write a story about Todd and Patrick. FU decided to start a recording company. Asa wants Dorian's waterfront property. • SUNSET BEACH: Wearing a mask, Cole broke Into Ben's office safe and then took off with that Deschanel jewels as Ben came Into the room. At the grotto, CaWln doctored the cuts Cole got during his escape. Olivia became worried when Caltlln said she has fallen In love with Cole. Annie confronted Elaine after learning she killed Del. Elaine told Ricardo that she killed Del because he said he killed her son, then threw her out of his hotel room after also threatening to kill Paula. Olivia told Gregory that Del forced her to help steal Elaine's baby by threatening to ruin Olivia and Gregory's budding romance. Ricardo arrested Eddie after Ben said Eddie and Annie had been In collusion for some time. Wei-Lee forced Rae to admit to her parents that she and Casey are not married. The Changs disowned Rae when she nixed going home with them. Vanessa Is not happy that Virginia and Jimmy are staying at Michael's place. • THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Chris was upset when Paul told her Michael Baldwin, who raped Chris, is up for parole. Phyllis gave Sasha her blackmail money, then fumed when Sasha upped the amount and threatened again to tell the tabloid press that Daniel Is not Danny's son. Ashley was happy for Kurt, who snowed her land where he plans to build a medical clinic. John fumed to learn Jill has custody of BiUy and can take the boy to live with her. Keith's daughters reluctantly agreed when he asked JiU and Billy to move In with them. Trisha quizzed Ryan about Jill. Nina Is upset Phillip is rejecting her. Nick was embarrassed to learn Victor vowed to make his Seattle Job interviewer, Barrington, pay for trying to force Nick to spy on Newman Enterprise*. Victor kissed Diane after praising her •ketches lor the Newman Enterprises building renovation. ONE STOP •LIFE »FARM •CAR »HOME •BUSINESS SHELTER INSURANCE Jean Curry 2737Mmont 825-5129 We'll alway be there for you. Shelter luaunuuai Coo., Home Office: ColuuiUu, ItO.

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