The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 3, 1958 · Page 18
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 18

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1958
Page 18
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British, French Introduce Sleek New Cars Jc T eleDrsSe 5 idles Kccords for Christmas •f tOM A, CVLLBN LONDON *• (MBA) - Th» Brit- lab twe-aeatw sfwta model— Ihit fiwat raffish ot an motorcars - hu lot* iu ffrteneti took, In fact, It hM ton* retpectable. For yean KM iritith two-teat- era ~ the Martins, the A. C. Briawt), the J«* and the M.Q.'a — haw beta rtg anted aa symbols •f «ttnrthlijf that la Jaunty, debonair anal slightly disreputable. Now they havt become Status tymbola. ate H cental atMthi age. tint, It* asaavfaetvma t«plieed the •etovetl ftre-enflM red, the canary yeOtw art ktHy tree* with MMIe pastel thadM — "aaiwy ahatfea," a tpwttof type we«1d •ad than. The. they eaHed ta •w faahlM iestiMra Iran MU. ••. Reaidt U lhal IriUln'i rakehell •an art no longer rakehell. They look Just like any other welldress- ed motorcar. art the eaaraa atraps that kept the hood from rattling. Gone the bucket seaU open to all typea of weather. Gone, too, that Ike Asked to Clear Name of O. Henry AUSTIN, Tex. (AP)-Presldent Elsenhower has been asked to write a happy ending to the life •tory of author 0. Henry, who •erred a prison term for embez- Element. The Texas Heritage Foundation appealed to the President Tuesday to grant a fun pardon for the famed short story writer. 0. Henry, whose real name was William Sydney Porter, served a five-year sentence after being convicted M yean ago ef embezzling 1854.08 from an Austin bank. He died in 1910 at the age of 48. Paid Wakefleld, foundation president, said in a telegram to Eisenhower: "While he stands convicted under the records of federal court 60 years ago, there exists today abundant proof of his innocence and of his conviction purely en circumstantial evidence." The author's widow, Mrs. Sara Cojeman Porter, lives at Weaver- villt, N.C iptendld, worm's eye view of the world from behind an out-slie steering wheel, There are etceptioAt. the beaitifat Attot Martin DIM defiantly fcetraya Hs iperttai part, despite a faee-llft by Soperleg- gera ef MlUa. Ne amonat ef ftallai high fashion ean dtafabe Ha tlger*r«ehl«g lines. Elsewhere the news from the motorcar front is good. Production la up: 661,000 vehicles for the first eight months of 1958 aa compared to 810,000 for the corresponding period last year, Overseas earnings have Increased to an estimated 1,860 million dollars this year. British medium . sice ears have let only held their ewa In the American market, hot Increased their American sales to 117 million dollars to the end of August, as compared to 71 million for the same period last year. But It la to the domestic front that manufacturers and dealers alike now look eagerly. Thanks to fun employment and Increased pay, the average British skilled worker can now afford a motor car for the first time in historv. Liberal hire-purchase terms have helped to ease the way. The result 1s a boom, with British workers grabbing cars as fast as they come off the assembly line. Moderate • priced can, el course, the Austins, Hillmans and Morris Minors, in which the British excel. ASTON MARTIN DB-4—An Italian face-lifting, no more canvas hood straps, but still the lines of speed. RENAULT'S FLORIDE: Sleek lines, low cost and simplicity. By ROSETTE HARGftOVB PARIS - (NBA) - French auto makers are out to double heir share of the V. S. market n the next two years. The French designers have come out with a fistful of 1959 models they're confident will twit the 'ancy of Americans, The new cars are faster, have simpler lines, use even less gas than the 1950 models. The French brag about their "uncluttered exteriors" their lack of tall fins, their absence ef gadgets. They claim their 1959 cars are roomier In feel without actually being larger. They assert these cars will be even cheaper to maintain than past models. The French told 4$ thousand passenger cars in the U. 8. in 1957. They expect to increase this yy 50 to 60 per cent this year, raise exports to the U. S. In 1959 ay another SO per cent over that, The French frankly are out to win the women. They point to the scarcity of gadgets and the high- fashion colors used in some models. The French this time also have come out with some radical innovations aimed at appealing to the man or woman "who has every thing." Citroen's DS 19 Prestige Is designed for the plash executive. A soundproof roll-up glass panel between the front seat and x the back gives the businessman privacy. He speaks to the driver through a microphone hookup with the front. A radio-telephone Is attached to the rear of the front seat. Renault haa a new sports car called the Floride. The body Is by the famed Italian designer Ohia. The French count on its sleek lines, low cost and simplicity to attact Americans away from the fancier highly-chromed American cars. The Floride will sell at a little over $2,000 in France. There are other Innovations In the new French can. The Aron* de line by Slmca has rubber shock absorbers en the bumpers. SImca's Ariane has seats that turn Into a bed for the night. Renault's new version «t Its popular 4 CV will make 47 miles on a gallon. A 1959 Onr- donl model of Renault's Dan- phlne has speeds up to 80 miles an hour, Panhard'a Dyna has smaller- than-normal wheels to lower its center of gravity and a rubber dashboard for safety. Berliet is out with a new "magic" dlese 1 motor that "runs equally well" on brilliantlne, cod liver oil, kerosene, crude petroleum, mineral oil gasoline and whale oil. Americans Lead World in Betting for Simple Reason Celibate Sect Loses Lost Male Member HANCOCK, Mass. <AP) - The death el Ricardo Belden, M, has left no male member of the local eolony of the United Society of Believers, a celibate sect. Residents of the area said enly about seven women remain in the local group as a result of Belden's death Tuesday. The sect, once numerous, originated In New York State and extended through New England. Now membership is down to a scattered and aging far. WHAT THEY SAY Here's what automatic dishwasher users say: Fewer dishes and glasses broken, fewer tea towels needed, hot water saved because dishes day. are done fewer times a By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) - Things a columnist might never know if he didn't open bis mail: That Americans lead the world In betting—if only because they have more to bet with. It was recently estimated that U.S. gambling—legal and illegal—amounts to about 30 billion dollars annually. Researchers have found that black ink Is easier on the eyes than blue ink. Hardest en the morale: Red ink. No matter what you think of your own relatives, blood really is thicker than water, six times thicker. Milk la nature's ready-mixed highball. You don't drink It straight, for it already is 87 per cent water when delivered by that pastoral bartender, the cow. Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have found that everybody's head, like everybody's fingerprint, is a little different. We've suspected this al] along. In La Oomera, one of the Canary Islands, the inhabitants communicate at a distance by whistling. Their theory: Anything that can be said in Spanish can be whistled and understood. The American corn yield has risen 58 per cent since 1935, not including the television crop. Some business firms now are going beyond trading stamps to woo the customers. In North Carolina a store recently offered deeds to one square foot of Alaska with every purchase of $10 or more. The skunk can produce its no- ent scent only at the rate of bout one-third of a liquid ounce a week. It's the actions of mankind that smell up the world. Broadway has a heart in at least one respect. Blind beggars in that area earn up to $300 or more a week, far more than the average actor. Doctors now can diagnose a heart ailment over long distance telephone. But the average American still visits his doctor five times a year, almost twice as often as he did only 30 years ago. It was the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius who observed, "Remember this—that very little is needed to make a happy life. Nothing happens to anybody which he is not fitted by nature to bear." Contagious Form of Scalp Ringworm Is Hard to Treat By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M. D.J Written for NBA Service A correspondent has asked for discussion of ringworm of the scalp. She says that her four- year-old girl acquired this disease from a cat. Actually, there are several kinds of fungi which can cause so-called ringworm of the scalp. One is a form particularly resistant to treatment, which is transmitted only from person to person. Another — and apparently the one Involved la the four-year-old girl—Is caused by a fungus acquired only from animals and Is relatively easily treated. There is still a third acquired from the soil. Probably the most frequent form of scalp ringworm is that which is spread from person to person. This ia restricted largely to youngsters. There have been many outbreaks of this disease. Keep that new car thrill alive ... in any make of car you drive! Mobil The New Car Gasoline '59 Mobilgas SPECIAL Gives you the high energy performance you want from your new or late model car—yet you can gave up to 21 per gallon! Typical ringworm of the scalp (ends to produce icalj patcbei on the back or ildei of the head. The hair on these patches hai • dull appearanoe and often break* off near the roots. The hair nay fall out In Irregular ipots. Special equipment Is needed to dentify the fungus. A light which consists of ultraviolet rays filtered hrough a special type of glass is necessary and examination must >e carried out in a darkened room. The infected hair (except the soil- acquired variety) usually gives a bright glow under this special ight. Other tests, such as looking nt the hair or scrapings from the scalp under the microscope are also usually used. Many of the ointments containing chemicals which are effective n other kinds of fungus infections of the skin may not be successful. X-ray treatment has had some success but must be used with caution. The contagious nature of the person-to-person kind of scalp ringworm must be recognized. The backs of the seats in movie heaters are said to be responsible for many cases. It has been suggested that movie house furniture should be disinfected once and afterwards the backs pro- ected with paper covers which could be changed fairly frequently. If ringworm of the scalp is common in a community, some'such preventive steps are certainly desirable. It has also been suggested that children wear close-fitting caps to guard against danger of nfection in public places, such as buses, subways or theaters. Should ringworm of the scalp break out in a community, an attempt should be made to find all of the cases by making a survey of preschool children in families to which an older brother or sister has developed the disease, Children In institutions are more likely to be exposed than children in homes. School teachers and barbers, as well as parents and doctors, should be on the lookout for suspicious signs so that steps can be taken early to prevent the spread of the disease. The fact that one variety can be acquired from animals suggests that small children should not sleep with their pets or fondle them too intimately. J'uiw to TRACKDOWN" stery Friday night, CBS-TV. •OCONY MOBH OIL COMPANY, wo. GET THAT "NEW CAR" GAS AT YOUR HANDY STATION Bob McCloskey's Mobil Service • HERALD SQUAU • Wf KEEP YOUR CAR HEALTHY "New Cor" Get Is Perfect fer Cold Weathci Driving LET US PUT IN YOUR ANTI-FREEZE • TIME FOR WINTER CHANGE-OVER. Portable Atom Reactor Latest IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (AP)—A new type portable atomic reactor was dedicated at the National Reactor Testing Station Tuesday. Officials promptly put it to practical use, substituting atomic power for the commercial electricity that had lighted the building housing the new reactor. Known as the Argonne Low Power Reactor, the new atomic plant is the first working model of a prototype designed for easy shipment by air to remote areas. Its dedication marked the 16th anniversary of the world's first controlled nuclear chain reaction, which occurred Dec. 2, 1942, at the University of Chicago Stadium. Crude Grenade Found on Bus HOUSTON, Tex. (AP) — Polic investigated today what looke like a small, homemade grenade found on a school bus. Homicide Capt. W. R. Waycott said the tube was about an inch long and as big around as half a dollar, and held buckshot, wadded notebook paper and an unidentified sticky substance. The bus took about 65 white children to school Tuesday morning. A cleaning man found the device at midday. Waycott said one end of the tube appeared charred and indicated By 9AM DAWSON AP Business News Analyst •> NEW YORK (AP)-fhe nation's ewelers say they expect to set sales records this Christmas. The Jewelry Industry Council reports today its members antici- >ate a 7 per cent sales increase in holiday business, which would pull the year's total to a new high. The Thanksgiving-to-Christraas jsriod is all important to the re tall jeweler. In this period he normally ehalks up 28 per cent of his sales for the year. Any letdown in Christmas spirit by consumers could spell disaster as far as the year's profits go. Solidly Optimistic But this year Albert E. Haase, president of the Council, says most of the nation's 24,000 retail lewelers are solidly optimistic. Business recessions usually spell I trouble for the merchants of dec-1 oration and tableware. But the most recent one saw scarcely a I bobble. The low point of the Depression,! 1933, saw sales slide to 175 million dollars. Since the war, they have | never fallen below one billion a year, but the postwar low was the recession year of 1949, when they stood at Itt billion. Per Capita Sales The Council also has figured I sales per capita as the nation's population has grown. In 1929 it j was $4.40; last year it was at a|] peak of $9.95. Haase points out other factors. I One is the growing pre-marriage The high postwar matrlagi rate and the spun in the birth rate has played a big part. And jeweler* expect a real marriage boom to start In 1989. Hope! for this month*! Increased aalea are based on ttill another factor. Jewelers, along with many other retailers, regard this aa a beginning of a new era of elegance. Debblt and Eddit Step Near Diyoret HdLLYWOOD, Calif. (Af») ~ Debbie Reynolds' lawyer aaya ahe la nearlng a financial settlement with fiddle Fteher and may aoon sue for tllvorce. "Of course, these things are never definite until signed," ssid Frank Belcher, is reached, it "If a settlement naturally folldws that Miss Reynolds will file a California salt for divorce." The rift between the Fishers started last Sept. 9 when he returned home after touring New Vork night spots with Elizabeth Taylor, widow of Mike Todd. AUSTIN (Minn.) HtRAlO Wedrrtidoy, De«. 3, If59 17 On Coconut Day to India, great numbers of devout Hte- dus go in a parade to the nearest river or the sea, where they throw garlands of flowers and many coconuts into the water while the priests ask Voruna, the god of the waters, for a plentiful yield of coconuts during the season. To these people it is an important day because coconuts are an extremely important crop. e Ba«jreI«p«4lA Brlttnftle* an effort to Houston's explode it. public schools are segregated. There was no indication this had anything to do with the gadget, police said. FUND SHORT; KENDALLVILLE, SUICIDES Ind. Iff)-| The body of one of the attorneys representing a credit union which may be two dollars short was found handing in a garage here] today. to dress up with jewelry and to| lay in a store of silverware. Postwar Marriage Rate The steady growth ia the school] population has had two effects. Buying ef graduation watches and| other gifts helped swell jewelers' profits. And the Council holds that I "the rise of the education level in the country has produced a proportionate rise in the taste level." | SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS All Year Through with Magazine Gift Subscriptions Call Your Order Today HE 7-3890 •CATHERINE CLIMMITSON THE STRETCH Yoir CHRISTMAS DOLLARS at KRESGE'S Kresge's can supply all your Christmas nwdj for gifts, wrapping supplies, and tre« trimmings NOW Look at Tht*« Every Day Dollar S-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-r-s IVIRY PAIR OUARANYIID Leotards • Girls' or Ladies, Reg. 2.98 ...... 2.47 Chenille Bedspreads • Reg. 3.98 2.47 Boys' Flannel Shirts - Sizes 2 to ox 77e Sofa Pillows - Reg. 1.98 99 C Plastic Draperies - Many Patterns .... 2 pr. 1.00 Bubble Gum Bank 77e Bowling Sets , 2.67 L P. Records 2 for 1.00 and 77c Wrist Watches - Reg. 6.95 5.95 Card Tables 3.67 Rayon and Silk Headsquares • Reg. 57« .. 2 for 77c Ladies Cotton Dusters 1.57 20" Window Portable Fan NnUf We »ti"9ho«M« Motor - 1C QE HOW A Family Gift for Summer lUitJO Wool Headwarmers - Reg. 1:00 77c Men's Sport Shirt - Reg. 2.98 1.77 Popular Food Choppers-Were originally 2.98-99c OFIHEYEM Announcing They* twrMlf silk Tht Thttadobiid and (he new Foid Giisxic. Robbers Work to Tune of 'Dragnet' KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — David Gottlieb and his family were robbed of $9,110 in jewelry, furs and cash Tuesday night by two bandits who left them bound on the living room floor. The Gottliebs freed themselves. Gottlieb said that while the men were tying him up, the television set remained on. "And what should come on," he said, "but that Dragnet song. You know, dun de dumm dum." It'* TiwMbrfciid b iMkil Tht ilreigbl-linf Colaxw rtal and dramatic m-il-oll rear window toy Thunderbird unmiitekobly. Hor« U Hit moil perfect match y«t *f the Thundtrbird'tcltan, lowaw tt'i IkwawtM b Invyl N*w Caloxl* •ppoinliMnli-fit* th« plink, • > e»p-pil* carptU—art it ¥«ry Tkundtrlti/t' in toil*. Thtrt'i Ttiunderbird V-8 pawts and p.f- for*«oc*. too, t» tat uw ta/4 <Mla«i*l Just Married In stylo to the ThoruJerblrd! It's the newest and most exciting of all Uw 59 Ford* - the elegtot new Galaxie. A bright new personality in ears-and move. The Galaxic ii a full "fine car" 6-passenger expression of Tbtmderblrd graee, ipirit, ttylc and luxury in an altogether new line of Fords. The Galaxie, as you'll quickly tee, is as wonderfully all-the-way Thunderbird as a low-price Ford can be. Reception n»w-you •« invited. Come and see the Galaxie and the very full measure of elegance U brings to the low-price field. "JVue, Ford ownen are accustomed to luxury-tfnd at the low Ford price. Btrt never in any Ford -nor in can costing far more-have you see* anything as tweet, mart and glamorous as this! Come today... and bring the family. You'll want to honeymoon again in a 111 SO. RIVER GRANT WILLIAMS, INC. FORDTOWN DIAL Hi 1448*

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