Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 17, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1927
Page 5
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After u fight' with the Bchixil Biiper- intendent he is rharRed with at- lempttHl murder, and ffees the territory. He and. Craig are in Caldwell some time later when CraiB de- -cides to go after a saloon owner named SHAPER, former marshal of Caldwell, jwho Craig ihiiiks is i 348.6— KVOO 7 :30— Fanners' HWr il:SO—tieiteral Mo 9:30 —Organ 10:30 —Karilone Tulsa^-MO ors Party -780 All WESTERN S2S.'9—KdA Dcnvtr—ttO • 8:30—.Appreciation PaSgran '< •jjuo —liiutrumental I'rogram »: 15—3lacDow<>ll Compoaltlona 4«8.»—KFI Los AngtlO»-Me 1 8:30—JIake Quartet »:00—.MuWc Box ' 10:15—Phflharmonlc Opciaiir*: . 12:00—Dahce Orchestra 4ICL44KHJ Lds Angslls—78B "»:00—UuBlo Beview :,Quartst . ,10:00—Popular Concert 11:00—Classic Hour ^ i ' S36 .9-| K NX U>» Angsl«s-«90 10:00—Feature Program 12:00—Orcheatra ; 384.4—KGO Oakland 10:00—Spotlight Hour 11:15—Pilgrims 508.2— KLX Oakland—SM 8:30—Dinner, concert 10SOO—Dance Music 11:00—L^ke Merritt Ducks 491.5—KGW Portland—610 ; 10:00—Spotlight Hour II :00-i^-Ooncert Orchestra :•• [ 4944—KFhC San Franciica—W 9 :00 -rna \TaHan.i 10:00—Blue Monday Jamboree 12:00—Gdodrich Orchestral 422.3—KPO San Fran'eitscof-710 S:.':0—KRO Orchestra ! 10:00—NBC Program • i ' 12 :00—Variety Program TS hrs.) 447.B-KFOA Seattle—670 9:30—Under the Awning i 10:00—SpoUigfit Hour 1 348.6—KJR Seattle—860 9:30—^mudlo Program , 1^:00—Dance Music (2 hr.s.) 370,8— KHQ Spokane—81« Jfl :30—Organ Concert l2 :50a—Spokane Coyotes crooked onrt -possessJr 'of a knowled^^ of the whereabouts of' TO.M fiE.NTO.V, murderer of Jeff Harrison. He confspires ' with JOHN SLAKE, editor of the Caldwell paper, to 'declare war on fViafer in nn editorial. He suspects that Shafer Will attempt revenge. That night. Wihen an attempt is iade to burn Blake's house, it is frustrated. The next day Craig and the mar- . shal call on Shafer. * * * . CHAPTCR XVUr. ."That's all right."'put in Cor- jUett. "Wiat Craip says' goes for me. I'll put the same question." Shafer shot a swift, ajarmed Ifrlance at the two men i)la>ing Nurds. Pawnee Bill, who w^ns I wutt hiiut closely, saw the lanteiii- ijawQd one lift his head at Craip's nue.stion and saw his eyes seek Shafer's. "Sure. I sleep upstairs." Shafer .admitted with a .shrug. "Why?'* ! "I'll ilie wauting to take a look around." Corbett told liim. "Better jconie up with us/', i T>*e eves of everyone In the big • rooni, werfi focused now on the group at the bar. The proprietor ,of the Oasis'loolted nronud rlowly, I a resigned snille ou his lips, as if 'he could not iinderstaud the reason 'for such a miuesl. "You're wel- 'conie to go "up." he; said firtally. l/'Vou don't need me; just , help iyourself.'" : ; . Corbett shook his head, "^faybe •you've got something valuable up I there, and the temptation might be ; t/)o great, even for a marshal. Bet- ifer come up." The last sentence was spoken sharply, peremptorily. Shafer came slotrly from behhui ;t.he bar, and again Paw-nee Bill jsaw him exchange a meaningful . look with tlie man -with the laritem Jaw. At the rear of the room was a door opening on a f>Jght 6t "lairs. Sliafer led the way toward Mhls. with'Cbrbett tmmediateiy behind him and PaWnee Bill and Craig following. Shafer's two friends appeared to lie urbsorb^l once more in their card «aihe as tiiey iiassed. for they did not raise iheir heads. Pawnee Bill whispered„a word or two under his breath to Craig and the latter acknowledged It with a drooping of the eyelids. Halfway to the lioor. trraig wheeled sharply around. The man with, the lantern Jaw was In the act of-rising from his chair, his hand dosed around the handle of! his six-shooter. "Bettier drop 11. brother," Craig' advised calmly. His • own hands were dangling carelessly at .his sides. "Wlwit for?" A fiiU'er look came info tlie otiier man's eyes, his lips curled in a sujfer and he flipped out his kun. Before it wais leveled Craig fired. • The lanterri-jjiwed one's six-shooter fell from his numb giasp and his right ami dangled uselessly. It had all happened in a few seconds. Marshal Corbett was in the do<^wak' with iShafcr beside him. He had heard Craig's, words. { and then th^ shot. Now h6 saw the vit tlm of the Bar K foreman's nistolrv chttcliing at his broken 3TEWART -N5 /ARN£R cHatched-'Vnit '^RaMio' The Gift That Keeps oil Giving A STTWiRTWAKXre r .jJio » llir pfl lljjt briojl>; . io) m d« caaie tmilf.«« only un ITifiiMiii ' ' div.lwteanTII-lK«rotcvciydajrtli4l(vltimi. Itu ' diepftth«gi>^iiia»Miiypte»area»i*r)lMi »i (»*y. m gJlsiag m •nim«. Tadiy.:ai ri -ny boar.' muuc, totstft. <»• >j»di»a«.'«isttn.-fiswiii ORbtKm uttodwr «Mcr- (.tinrtc m cia the air—<c«aKC< ihic ire Mi «alf naosMf bBt|rdilcMiaiul at keU. opcdjUy <i >r ibe . &.>«rb)r v4ii|ai||cr.> Vou doo'c oud a bct<7 pane •OKnmdBifMxiaraUCIuiWBaigiAt. Ai a nuoo. able con. oo bigbcr dua )ou ^rauU pay be a mxif «, bcjhag an imiaowo nuw.yoa auy kjix she jams ' HucbcdtJiM Radio. j PUKkaaiaga|in*K («aiebySM *a -iraMH ,aa*ti. \ triiiMr OMrfifnMtt. ii ijttik nrte » ma»r .s4ni apcaJiui inaacy>paiwaU<{y CkriaaM'fia mmj^ flacc. your uolcr daw—ia liate iat On <irsw» Cfs . tfdivrfy. K. C. JEa ^TRIC & PLjUMBlNG CO 109 ^i;.iMad|s^ " ; "Hie Hadio SJore" Phaite ;6D • 1 liidm^t ifffer. ank c'aine ^brth with »'ohiddy ^tf trtAisiira.. ^Beep fMttr tfo -mud. Shif- MW«i l^lMlw." gald RhkCer, reM «|ilQs. *1 %ot ckacbt In tte frajii; tfif ^^er ^^ay.- '•atrt'll iiSimt iMt Tiljlitr' =<hie1Mf lagt liffte.- "Vwm. JtSte." 'saW Cralf: "therrf atin-iSafB." H# Ptissiid, the trouBMi. i&S»%jt Ckwelt.. "!nitKt* iili^HlAt,'' :«p !iaj »ed Shartr kjt^.jin JMitmpt at jbcn- IWfy. 'Thayw iWIe ittyer td dry: la t ^i ^t dcmtt.^ 'ffa^ t^f^ t6 be pi/t ^ftt In- tbio BTin. nitMMi 1 ought, to: liftre a MittwrtreflMjr.": "ApdtUbr ''tvaiKf tbiais," jwt to Pa«n^ IliU. -is .itaat -i ^gt vlebtra raiii 'was .tk^ fint in a .-TTftat long tli^. Wefe had cOTiBlj^efable of a dry Bwlh" f jiafer'ii rac« rcd4erned: "Oh. aU right, ^ if yo^ .'warn to make a liar oiifof irie." i "Not-at all." said Cortiett. "It may be th^re -was a rain that we Just uatttrally slipped m on.". Me thrust a 'liaitd ^Dtooae of the trouser poc9tets. "'What'a thisT' he cried.'and held up to light a.piece of black- cldifh «itb two allU la It.' "Looks like-a mask" he smiled, and heM it tip a'gailnst his face to peer out of the holes. ^ \ He brbvlgbt it clown again and Stared GWtemrptaotisiy at Shafer. "I suppose.- tfe saii, ''this Here mask is a i^Ilc from jl ^otir administration as Marshal.' Something ypii took away Jfrdm one ot your numerous iirisoiiers and saved as :i| curiosity. Cofce to think • of it,i that's Jun alMrat HoW It got In your pants pocket, -afn't It?" Sltafer ^turoed bl.< head away fromrtiie marsbat'" sa ^e ^nd stared suilehfy at ftie floor. "L can't imagine libw else it could ;bave got tliere, Shafer.'* pursued tiirbett. Craig, dttrteg tbis, had been standing - silently beside the window., looking abstractedly into the street. Now he walked over a'ud coufronted the sa>oon owner. "Shafer. Where's . Benton?" he a.skert quietly. ••You-so to Iheil."'the man snapped. Craig smiled, "i hope. I don't. If jfu put us on -Benton's trail things miglit go a little easier with you." Shafer set his jaw and was moodily silent. Corbett clapped a fband ou bis shoulder. "You're uuder arrest, Shafer. for taklag |Mrt in a raid on Blake's home and shooting to kill." Bbafer started up violently. "I didn't shoot at him." life protested qnlckiy. "No? :But you'i'e not denying be- li<g In the ii&rty. Vou ought to have known better. IJo you suppose all that talk kbtsbt doing notb- ibg yon wei« passing out yesterday fooled I n>body? Come on." He stood u|f "I guess we'JI be going now." '( . . On the i-way to Caldwell's liti!lc Jail be told Craig roroethiiw; about the man be had ahbt in the arm. "It was qiem Ryder. J {e 's known! soBMWbat as a killer. I 'm,. downright aorr^ your abot wasn't aimed about four inches to the right. Aiflo,*you;re rlgbt lucky yon. shot first."Craig grinned. "It's right hand}^ to be able to do that" he admitted "Was Ryder r*JU mean'.»" "Aa mea ^i as th'ey com*—andj afra|id of nothing." . cfalg paused at the entranee. wish," he said, ".vou 'd try to leari something about Benton. He triet for me once and I'd lilte to tall to him. i'm riding back to the Bar R tomorrow. If you need ten as a witness Just let. me know." That evening Pawnee Bill tool the train to Wellington, and th< following morning Craig set out foi the Bar K. A(tliongh both be ant Corbett- had questioned Shafer anf B.vder and Jlyde'r's companion fnt hours, they had persistently deniiecf any knowledge of Benton's .com ings or goings. Craig was satisfiet they had been lying—and so thtj ha «l. If -they had toM the trutl and divulgcc Benton's whereabout-s the border i li ^ltc have been aparet one of .the v orrt desperadoes in its history]. As it turned out. tlie Ben ton gaiig Wtils to tcrrofrize the Kao- sVis frontier for years to come with A 4 jvifli .Chris V ^lacL-ieu un<l Heck Thomas, was -to be known as one jjf .Marshal K.^;n Nix.s Three Guardsmen; other, great ones fv<nild luL-iiide Bud Lcdbetter and Frank tfanton, the latter pro- L-lainied 'I)|r many.tbt^ nerviest man n-hocvrt-jpnlied a,trigger and every l>it as deadly with a gun as Wild Bill. In 188'i the times were ripe tor joutlawiv; and the bad man thrived. The Indian teriltory afforded ex- juellent hide-out country, and Just [a^ss the border in Kansas were towns with banks. Nothing better coulil have been asked, ahd Tom Benton.did not ask it; <TO BE CONTINITKD) In tli^ next eiiapfer Beaton and his tra 'nir raW a WelHnirtaw Iwink and romnlt manler. PUBI.iC AUCTlb.N—I will sell at public auction at 211 -V Sycamore. •\Vednesday..Dcc. 21, at 1 o'clock, ali of the furniture .:ind hnld goods of the estate of (irand- ma Decker, including furniture of a HT"-rooni .Imusc. Beds, dressers, rugs, .stoves, ranges, dinin.s; tables, library tables, stands, stools, linoleum, pictures, dishes, cooking uten.xiis, and uiauy other articles too iilimei'ous Vo/meiitiun. 'riiis furniture is all hi the best! of shape, and'-wll.' be Ibe-licst Siile of Its kind held in Io!a for a lonj^ time. !'. S. l ^lsll01^ \ucti()iieer. [FARM LOANS—Quick servic^Jand I reasonable rates. \. D. ilaw- tliorue. West Madison. ..MO.XEY "TO LO.^.V—On farrais or cltv III opertv. Lowest rate. Stejvart * Funk. AUTOMOTIVE Antamablle Agjenc'<«__< A H.'.pulle* out his own gun. •'if!"" raids on|border city banks and - - • •- •- 'occasional express train faoldups anybody eisp in this place." he <le- dared, "feels liWe defying the law. let hint do it BOW. Y<iu're uuder arrest." he: said to the wounded man. "and so are you." tiiid be thumbed toward the man's companion at thei oard tabl*. . Several men stepped forward and rangoti alongside him. "We're with yon. Mai;shal." they told him. ' i^et fThanks,".-he i?atd t-urtiy. "Sher-iSt. Joseph. Mo. The Younger boys fe.v. you and Sriihh take that pair i<?omrades In arms of Jesse an over to my office. Take away their And many of their crimes were tq be accompanleil by ruthless mur fler. The border country then -was Ir a restless and uncertain state, ani banditry nourished. Tlie plc^resQiilt JessG James, a Civil War Kuerllli turned bandit, was dMd—he bat guns first. The rest of you keep an nn things down here until we tome downstairs.. Come along. Hhafer." He grasped'the proprietor of the Oasis by the-arm. and none too gently. Shafer started lo protest. "Keep your month shut." snapped Corbett; "Come OH Craig; come on. Bill.^' Once In the toedroom he shut the door behind him and bade Shafer sit on the ibed. ".Vow, Craig, you and 'Bill ha^e a took around." . Craig liuKediately stepped td"ward tb6 closet and opened . t\ie door. "Wha,t'« this?" he asked a boirs^tt Proddce Co. «miCiM BttMt, loU J *hoBfl 7M C«4i fer.f»iritnr Eggs Ciii aajr Vm». ]r« will cvae airtar poaltiy. - 42t^NNAN *S MARKET CaroM- -RaKt MMFM aad £!• 8ta. lO^A, KANSAS We Want Your -PoBHrr, ^Rs A?(B OITR»llO:nB XrXBBBJfl^t loU'i rioduMHaue SiMe iML G. 0. COGHILL, MuatCb Frank Jqmes. had come to' the en'l of <he bad man's trail: and thij t>aitous. cousins of the Y'oungers bad not yet begun iheir spe 'ctacu-{ lar and disastrous careers ot out lawry which were to end In wholesale massacre In the tlttl town of Coffeyvilie, iCans: Bill Doolln. in many ways the most picturesque of all the bordeij bandits ahd oie "who had- a pecuJ liar hold on the affections of thtj pojHiiace.'had not yet been heanL A-om: nor had Blttar Creek (George Newcomb)', Dick Broadwell, ori Cliarlie, Pie.rue. AU of tbese, and) others^ later were to affiliate with the baltDns ;an«i provide the country wftb ao—thinii to talk -abont tt>r a JE^Peratipe. But the frontier If it was the Btainpiug ground df some of the mosi notoridus butht <irs of Iilstory. also prbdnoed famous \BM>B ^ho' sbed their blood on the side of law and order. Wild BlllHIckok, popu- Ibrly regarded as the greatest hau- dter of a pistol tlK> west produced and the most Cempua marshai of| tliem aU.i bad tamed ibe bad men ttf ilkbUeae andilays City and bad peH8h«d by an asJULssin's bullet in t87«. alx.^ >-«arB before. The name At Bat :klast «r8 «m Jiati spread everjt- Whefic and bis brother Jim was to' follow in Ills footsteps: Bill illgb- maR. who waa tQ^engrav* hta name In tbe |iM <)K.*''-Af ^pkiabaaM, was already launched oh hM famous cfareer as a peace tifScef and later. DEWITT Dec !).—Mr. aad Mrs. Biirrell Ho 'wi'll spent Monday evening vls- Ittng at ^troh's. " j Homer and C'harles Ostrander .spent. Sunday with theJr sister. .Mrs. Ben Collisori and family. . Oito Fieue threshed ikfir for HenA- Strack and Poweil Vil .son this'week. Mrs. Milton Ifewley speint Thurs- •dftr at Wm. Kriieger's. itra. one Sttn.son and son. Earl, of Parsons, spent Sunday'at Elmer! Stlnson's. . .Mrs. Hawley spent' several days .last week vi.sltlng at the home of tt^Tjidaughter, .Mrs. Wm. Krneger. "W^- >VaUer ;<:e!g:ler caU^d at J. A; Cress's Sunday afternoon. ,J [eaH jJeokins of Humboldl Is btilfltliig; corn fOr.Mr. Cres^ Mr. and Mrs. Stro ]h spent Ttaliir- day ufe|ning at MCw Stlnson's. Mrs. iStroh and son. George. sp6nt Monday afternoon lu lola visiting Mrs. SnSie Ellis who has been quite ill. Th«y found her iiqproving slowly. Mrs. Charles Slroh wa.s an afternoon visitor at Osfrauder's .Monday. \ William Krueger and family spent Tuesday Wentng at Charley StToh's. Geffert .called at Will Moon's i Thnrsday mbrning. \ The sadden change in the^weather put^'ia stop to the corn husking for-.a few da>-T!.. rMr; and^ Mr.s. George Moon of Humtioldt'spent Sunday ervening at Mr. Will MoOn's. MrSi ^Vill Moon's mother, Mrs. Whlteinan, is spending the winter with her. Mr. and Mrs. Leb Frederick spent Sunday vl.-dtlng relatives and took dinner at tl^e parental .Michael honie.' Mr. and Mr.s. Powell Wilson spent Sunday evening at Walter Baker's. Clifford Doxfer Is on, the sick lUt. . i IA USED C.\lil—Is ns; lejiendable as the dealer who sells it. IJmlge Sales and Service. The best pla<;f to buv good, dejienddble used cars. At present tv-e have a complete line of both open and tjlosed modfls. priced to sell. Ellis Motor Co.. 214 .North Washington. - .MONKV TO LOA.N—On real estate, repayable: In small monthly pa;f- nient.s. These loans never come d"ie —better because cheaper and uioro convenient. Security Bnildius; A^ l»au Aiisu.. 1st Natl. Bank Bldg. REJJ^^TATE_ff)jyBEyt BLACKSMITH SHOP-,And tool* for rent or'sale. Jolin'Hurley,, Miran. KatLs., Bo .T 475. .- :. Farms and liand For Kent 74 8i) .\CKI?S—Improved, for sala'-J^r trada; -I west, 1% north lola. W.l*. Keniietly, loIa.R. 1. _ •id ACRH li^AKlil—-WeMImproved, 109 acres under. •t:alti.tationv.,Jjalr aa.-'e hay and pasture; a gOM' an stock farm. L. E. North Washiggton. Brannon; 315^ HaMas Far Rent HOU.<>B^.Nic© 3 room cottage furi- ulshed; or will sell -on srnal,! monthly payments. .CaU 126i^. .' ilOU3E—.Seven room mddci;^. close In, garage. Jackson Realty COi, over Bjrown'a Oriig Store. . .-• j HOl;'SE?-Seven room modem, garage lor two cars, close in. .JoJin. • Reiither. . BE :^ YST ^TE FOR SAI* Waated—Te B«t 81 AP.\RT.MENT-:.Steam-heated; modern, furnished or uofurnisbed. after Christmas. "B. B." care the •Register. WANT chair. TO RENT—Good Call phone 2t)4J. wheel- Farms iiBLIaBi Far Side iSi WELL 1.MPR0VED SO ACRE&.And well: established: filling: .station on inaib trail north and sontb. Price ?6.600 for both. M.A.8ch»clt; I£6ALS Legal Notices 91 UVE STOCK i'S\\\\\vM-'> good siuger.-i. 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Tuc{ida[y; Dec. 20, at 1:36; complete a^ of restaurant fixtures inetuding the following: gas range. 11 barner, w-ith hood nearly 'ne»-;'•large' ice bos;- steani'oTen. complete: pie case and stand, [new and shelving;: 14-ft. counter; 7 (>t<^ls.:!6 chairs'; 3 tte« porcelain toq tables: cash register; ^ show case; water cooler; HII dishes and cPoMfag uteneiSs. Also beds, dress- era, tables, chairs, rocking chairs, library [laUe. buffet. (Iiga aMi lota of other articles. Ci Bishop, Auctioneer. ; , " ; OAKLAND — I>ealers — P0NT1.\C •2.S Oakland coach.; like new; *2« Oakland coupe; '26 I'ontrac coach; '2."; Bulck Mght six tourin.?.' fine shape; '2.T Ford cotipe; '2r> Ford fudor, good, lots of extras; '26 Ford roadster; Ford roadster, box on rear: '2.5 Chevrolet t louring; '24 Dodge touring, good. Several other cheaper used cars. Cash, terms or trade. Hobart Motor Co. • .MILK - COW-^Holstein.-' fresh in two Ions per tlay sey cow. fresh ner dav; roan Durham, wi'l 'jbe fresh In January: severial ot^ler good cows, fresh soph; 10 Jers ^'S and' Jersey heifers: 10 st^er _ calves; 1 extra good bull. '18 months old: 1 span 6-year-old mule.s; sound and a good p^: several good farm mares; Fordi toiudng t-ars; 1926 Chevrolet ro*lstjer. winter enclosure. i»w balloon tires. Will sell on time or trade.for any kind of livestodk. Boyerj Stock Farm, 4 nilles soiith of l.a Harpe. Phone 72C. IFIrst Published Dec a7 ..J92T) I OKRtK AX« JtESOJiUTlftX tKPi THE .VO.VBI> OF tOl^W I (;0 ]f!IUSSIO.\£RS. Of .Allen County. Kansas, allowing the. petition for the improv6mpt| of Elsniore-Savonburg State Highway No. 6. in Allen County. Ki -\ow,. upon this 6th day df'.Oc|to- ber, 1927. at k duly constituted regular meeting of ^he Board [of County Commissioners of Allen County. Kansas, and. all memblers of the saifi Board being present, the petition praying for thcvperr, nianent improvement of a certain road, knowu ^s Elsmore-SayoBr burg. State Highway No.'^ 6, comes up for final consideration and acr lion: and thcr' Board having caused to be published'u notice in the lola Daily Register, a newspaper of general circulation, on August 15r 22. 1927, being at least ten. days prior to tlie date of tb^ meeting of this BoA-d for the consideration of the petition, .and hairing ,carcT ftillyie:iiamlned the saidj. petition, and having carefully examined and caused to be examined the records tit this t:ounty relating to. the lands in said petition described, and after careful Iniiuiry and full consderatfon, finds as follows: (1) TJiat the improvements as prayed for in said petition are of •per cent ot tie resH dent .land owners owning more than 51 per cent of the land wltb4 In the district defined by said peU4 tioii; and , ^3) That said petition designatea the road (or roads) to be improVeS sufficiently by name and.tiy.t^an-t inal points, and by other specify! fi.\ed iotiations; and ' j (4) That, said petition definitely! designates the lands within .'the| proposed benefit district, also tliei type (or types) .of permaiient Im-j provement and the wldtfi i (oi| widths) of the roadway,-also thej number ,i(or the maximum : an^ miniidum number) of .annual as-j •sfs.sments to be levied upon thej lands in the benefit district in pay-j mem tfaereof, and that said peU-i I'on is in all respectis found .to -be in compliance with the provisions of chapter 265 of the Laws of 1917 and amendments thereto. . : SPECIAL—Best springs on niarlvpt, I ^' tberefpre now by the' said 2r, year gniirantef. and T^f^-Va. .aji-j Board ordered and Tesolved^ That cotton mattress all tor 111.00 Silt- Paaltry and Snpplles BABY CHICKS—Hatching weekly. Janunj-y broilers. illO.OO per thgii- sand. Queen inculiatoi- for •• sa|e. Sunflower-Farms. Brou.son. Kaas. MERCHANDISE Articles For Sate :5i urday ami Monday only. Cbimsey. said road. and roads described in .said petition be improved aa pray^ed tor In said petition, and that .,. . ,the county engineer of said conn-| 1926 STCDEBAKBliT^SEDAN-— 'Bnsfaiesg aid Office EgalpBient jM ^ty shall cause an accurate surviy Clirvsler "60" coupe: Chrysler' " " " "60" sedan; 1926 Ford roadster; 192r. Ford sedan. .A 11; are in gowl * shape. We trade. Ross ArbackleV Ganpe. Chrysler dealers. Pho. ."iG. ITSED CAR BARGAl.N .S - CilKVROLKT, l!t2.-. 4-do «ir S.-diin. FOUD, 192.-) UOADSTER; FORl). 192.-. TI:D0R SEDAN. FORD. 1926 RotvpSTKll. FORD. 1924 COUPK. FOUD. 192.-. COUI'K. Several olher clicliiier Fords. ;Will se)l ou time or trade . for anything. BOYER MOTOR CO. ' 212 s: JEFF. to be made of said roads, together TYPE\\ RJTERS rent, or L ,-,th ^ profile thereof, and a mi p Tyi.ewriter (o-.Jof the benefit district and plana Il.t A >est idadlVOn. : ),,n,l ^nCfWlunnna for fho Xrr^T^rt^^i' Farm Eiinlpment UA FEED GRINDEBJS--B6th for tractor and ensinel power .^inil tor,. . . . monnttng on Fok-il tJhiissfe. Prices [ and estimates by the SUte Higj range from SS7.L-.(i to .$fili. .Mien i way Engineer they be filed w1 •• !,»,,. ,.i.._t; ~» .1.1.. and speclflcatlphs for the improv>-. ments herein ordered, and. an estimate pf the cost of such-imp^rov >- ments; and that after final-approval of such plans, speclficatlois i- it j County Impli'nidut Co. Good!^ Thtnes to Eat APPLKS—$1.7.-. per County Ci-cani <'o. basket. Alj^n ^Auto Accessories. Tires, farts 1» lOLA .\UTO WRECKING CO.— Heailquartei-s for aiu kinds used part-s. tires ag<tjube8._Fji6ne_782. BUSINESS SERVICE SToTlng, Tnicklilg, Storage 25 CALL 'DEAN TRANSFER-^ Phone 88.5, will move you by bpnr or contract: with experlt»tced men. WHEN YOU MOVB^-{Or store yoar goods cairCorr's Traasfer. Offl-ve 140. . residence 140. I ' FINANCIAL Money to Loarf—Mortgages 4il P.AR.M "AND CITY LOANS— Base -ratfe on farms, .-.C, city 6^. Long or abort timey^R. .M. Cunningham. FARM AND CITY LOANS—At current traUw. Liberal terjns.'Frompt StetTTice. Y'o'ur business appreciated. Call on The Alien County Investment Co., Kelley.Hotel Bldg-. lola, Kansas. DRESSED OEESEr-And fruit ca^es , _ lf !r Chrl.stmas. JMrs. \. D. Moi^i-i ated therefor.. and that the cos county clerk of this county jis required by law. It is further resolved, that tie Board shall cause the expease >C improving said road to be m jt from, time to time by warrants drawn upon the special fiind cri lola R. .'!. Phone 948-21.; n^Bseheld Goods shall be apportioned and bonds Ii sued to pay for the same according to law. • F . In addition to the alibye' 'the I Board of County Commissioners • t. -r FURNITURE—New laul SCCWKI baud. 118 EastMackson. Pbcuie | - ^V^-^^ .1:5. ilel W. Fuller. FimNlTURE AND STOVES-(^r- loart just; arriv«-d. A. Chrlstnitas j;ift wort.h wbil'v; Easy paym««||fs. Ciii-lis Fni-nitnre Co.. l«jiHari>e! GIVE HER A GAS RANGl>-J:or Clirittnias. E&cchange old on new. Heiininger Store. WA L NUT DINLVG—'And bedrwuns siiites, overstuffei! parlor suites, larige assortmen . Easy payments. Trade in your cjld. Curtis Furil- turje Co., LaHarjie.. . i, WHIAT WODIiD VBrr^L alcertgm than a piece of fnriiiture. slt .^'e or in sets! At; prices yon tan irt- Ifcrd to pay, Bryson Fnmlttjre Start'; NorthjJeffersPn._;_ fTanted— To Bar WANTED TO IBUY—All kinds1^ cattle and Jiogs. J.. C. Bntclier^ REAL ESTATE FOB REKgT Apaitiflenfs and Flats RENT CHEAP—Nicely furnished five room modern -home, convenient, close'In. Phone 554. necessary bridges upon said rb^d and roads the cost of which ^taall ; exceed '$2,000 or that shall, have a span of 30 feet or more. 'All ^ such bridges shall be. paid for by tte couuiy out of the county bridge fund and with the assistance bf- such Federal Ald'asi m'ay be Ranted for said bridges. WILLIA.M A. HKSS; Cbairmati. . — J. Q. ROM!RTS, Cbairty Commissioner. E. L: BARNHART. County. Cpmmlssipnar. State of Kans&s. Allen CountyJ 88. I hereby cerli^V'that, as County Clerk ofj Ailed 'County. KanaJts,'.! ' am'the ihistodUn of aB^iMa . of the proceedings of the Board, ot County Cammfssib&ers, and '.that the above transcript Is a ftilU-trna. and complele copy trf the recprdj^l tte proceedltigs of the BtiM^l wKh r^rence to -the petition-, for ^ . Impnjrement of '^Ismbre -aiVb6-. bnrg State Highway No. 6. , >:, ' Witness my hand and the seal of saldxounty', at lala. Kan:, October ' 6. 1927. ' W. D. CLARK, (Seal) County Clerk, - . .1, .,

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