Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 24, 1965 · Page 7
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 7

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Monday, May 24, 1965
Page 7
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MONDAY, MAY 24, 1945. IRONWOOD DAILV GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN SEVEN The Doctor Says By W. G. BRANDSTAOT M. D. Overweight children bee o m e overweight adults unless steps are taken to bring their weight down. About 25 per cent of our teen-aged population has been found to be overweight. The proportion is higher in the girls than in the boys, it has been amply proved that these youngsters are shortening their lives by carrying this excess 'fat. The causes of obesity in children are complex, under-activ- tty is as much a factor as overeating. The obese child is often merely copying the eating habits of the rest of the family, in Bridge Tourney Ends in Scandal BUENOS (AP)—The AIRES, Argentina 13th World Bridge Tournament ended under a cloud of scandal Sunday night as officials of the World Bridge Federation accused two British players of cheating. The captain of the British team immediately ceded all points It had won, giving the United States second place in the tournament. Italy won the world championship and the •Bermuda Bowl" for the seventh consecutive time. Argentina was third in the four-nation finals. Federation some, however, the tro u b 1 e starts with a trip to the hospital or with some severe emotional upset. A great variety of emotional problems may be respons i b 1 e. These tend to work in a vicious cycle. As the child bee o m es more obese he becomes more upset or embarrassed by his devin> tion from the norm and he seeks solace in eating. At the same time the child becomes more withdrawn and less interested in physical activity. Before anything can be done to reduce his weight he must have a strong desire to help himself ( and I don't mean to a candy bar). No one can do his dieting for him but mother can do much to smooth the way. Fed h 1 m several small meals a day rather than three large ones. Offer him foods that are high in protein and low in sugars, starches and fats, cut away the fat from the meat be^ fore serving. Give the ch i 1 d snacks of low-calory fruits and skim milk. Don't rely on appetite-depressing drugs to so 1 v e the problem. Remember that an obese child who is growing does not need to lose weight. Just keep him from gaining and his no r m a 1 growth will bring him into line. Stress the advantages of a trim appearance. Pi' a i s e him for A3C AT FORT BENNING Morris J. Brunell, son of Mrs. Alfred Brunell, 326 W. Ayer St., recently finished basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, and Is now at Fort Benning, Ga.. where he has begun airborne training. After completing that training he will go to Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi, to attend- a technical school. He expects that his permanent base will be McGuire Air Force Base : New Jersey. He is a graduate of Luther L. Wright High School with the Class of 1964 and enlisted in the Air Force last Feb. 24. Some Wont Church Standards On Sex Attitudes Reinforced By GEORGE W. CORNELL ! The S^-milllon-member de COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) —! nomination was asked to reaf-j Attitudes about sex today Have|firm "our church's historical: some Christians worried. i moral standards" in opposition They want church standards to what was called a drift to, on the matter reinforced. ; license. | The concern was in evidence! "Any abuse of sexual intima-; at the General Assembly of the'cy outside the responsible bonds 1 United Presbyterian Church of holy matrimony destroys here, with delegates from sever-(pure love, damaging marriage, al regions pressing for rein- \ and causing guilty alienation forced emphasis on sexual i from God,' declared a proposed! morality. resolution. t They said there were indica-' It was offered tay the Presby- tions of lax teachings by;tery of Omaha, Neb. Others churchmen themselves about similar to it came from regional i of the largest city police force in the nation. Broderick was named commissioner of the 27.000-man N«w Head of New York Police Force Named NEW YORK (APt—Vincent L. Broderick, 45-year-old assistant j New York City force Wednes- !u.S. attorney, Is the new head'day by Mayor Robert F. Wag-1 USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS ner. He replaces MlcllMt & Murphy, who resigned Tueedsy to enter private investitatlre work. NATIONA FOOD STORES extra-marital sex relations. Air Conditioning For Cars Booms officials accused Terence Reese and Boris Schapiro of "transmitting information to each other in a prohibited manner" during play. Authoritative sources said they had been using finger signals during bidding. There Was no Immediate com* ment from the two players. But Ralph Swimmer, nonplaying captain of the British team, announced the team would cancel all its wins. At that point the British Were slightly ahead of the Americans for second place with one final 20-board series to go. Business Man Of Year Feted WASHINGTON (API — Presl- smail successes but avoid sham- dent Johnson honors Dominic Starving Woman, Dead Man found in Home DETROIT (AP) — A starving woman was found Sunday in a Detroit home in which police also found the body of a man, Mrs. Ida Mae Bowden, 60, was hospitalized for acute malnutrition. She was reported in critical condition. The body of Charles M. Morehead, 60, was found at a table in the house. Police said he apparently suffered a fatal heart attack. They said he had been taking care of Mrs. Bowden, who had been ill. Officers said Morehead had been dead for four or five days. They said the woman weighed only 65 pounds when they found her. ing or scolding for failures. Serving meals on a sma 11 er plate will make it app'ear that he is getting more than he actually is. Help him find satisfactions in physical activity rather than eating. Provide a peaceful environment b y avoiding emotional crises and never let him doubt for a minute that he is a cherished and valued member of the household. Ab o v e all, set a good example by not over-eating yourself. Obesity in children is a many- sided problem for which there is no single, simple solution. The diet you provide must give your child all the essential nutrients but in controlled amounts. Remember the c h 11 d's future health and happiness depend on it. ! Donatello of Anchorage. Alaska, today as Small-Business Man of the Year. Donatello. 46, son of an Italian immigrant, plaque in receives a ceremonies bronze at the White House. Donatello was selected for the award by the Small Business Administration and the National Council for Small Business Management Development. They said he exemplifies "the imagination, initiative, Independence and integrity characteristic of Amerca's millions of small-business men." Three SBA loans totaling $385,000 have helped Donatello develop his cleaning products manufacturing concern. It started By TOM JOHNSON Associated Press Writer DALLAS (AP)— America has been called a nation on wheels and indications are that Americans want to be a cooler nation on wheels. That's what statistics of the rapidly expanding car air conditioning industry indicate. Last year, for example, 1.73 million automobiles (including factory Installations) were fitted with air conditioning, and the industry is predicting a record two million for 1965. Factory Installations accounted for 1.4 million of last year's fittings. The remaining 322,000 units were purchased by car owners wanting to beat the heat. L. T. Merrill, secretary of the Automotive Air Conditioning As- Delation, Inc., estimates that units of Peoria, 111., and Shenan- jgo, Pa. They cited news reports of ("churchmen advocating a mor-; i al relativism holding that 'lists of cans and cannots are meaningless,' that 'no sexual relationship should be absolutely condemned by the church'. . ." According to their view, the resolution protested, "theology should adapt itself to the times instead of applying 'Juridical' or 'thou shalt not' ethics. . . thereby excusing fornication by en- vy. Aurora St. Ironwood NATIONAL FOOD STORE YOUR OFFICIAL FEDERAL FOOD STAMP STORE PRESENTS THESE BUDGET SAVERS TO START YOUR WEEK OFF RIGHT . . . all flavor* Negro Plays Intern's Role NEW YORK (AP) — Daniel Bostick, 24, played the role of an intern at Harlem Hospital for six weeks before he was spotted by a hospital official. Bostick, a Negro, was arraigned Saturday in criminal court on charges of practicing medicine without a license and impersonating a doctor. He told Judge Neal P. Bottiglieri: "I wanted to do good for people. I never had a chance to be a doctor, so I just acted the part." Bostick was sent to Bellevue Hospital atlon. for psychiatric exami- more than 17 years ago the on a work part-time basis with done in his basement. Donatello now has a 50.000- square*foot plant and employs seven people. They turn out soap, tallow, dog and cattle food, bleach, floor waxes, industrial cleaners, and glycerine. liquid starch Kent County Employs New Deputy Director GRAND RAPIDS (AP) James C. Neller, 39, director of the St. Clair County Department of Equalization, wa? named Wednesday as deputy director of the Kent County Bureau of Equalization. He takes up his new dirties June 14 to succeed Thomas Dunn who resigned to become head of the Ingham County Equaliza tion Bureau. Tough and Talented Tri-Taper Luggage by AMERICAN TOURISTER the most wanted gift by GRADUATES rom six million to eight million 3f the cars now on American lighways are air conditioned. He forecasts that independent manufacturers (as opposed to hose servicing factory installations) will sell more than 400,000 units to car owners this year. "The market has been steadily growing since the mid- 1950s," Merrill said, "and it's at ts fastest right now." He said car air conditioning started in the late 1930s but its development was nipped by the war. Some work was done with crude adaptations of compressor units off refrigerators but they were too unwieldy to be practicable. "After the war, the emphasis was put on relatively low cost home and office air condition* ing." he pointed out. "Once the public got used to working in cool offices and living in cool homes, the air conditioned automobile was simply the next logical development." Car air conditoners work on the same principle as do home refrigerators: liquid freon is circulated through a system that has a condenser and an evaporator. Heat is exchanged In the process with the result being that the house, car or refrigerator is cooled. Air conditioners for cars are highly compact, refined models of compressors In home refrigerators, Merrill said. gaged couples as no sin." However. the Command- i ments, including that against: adultery, are "permanently' binding" on all Christians, the resolution maintained, adding: ! "Our Lord Jesus, while em-! phasizing that superior love, which encompasses and is the* ultimate purpose of all the law and the prophets, still claims that He came not to abolish the law." Further, the resolution as-; serts. Jesus taught that "those i who teach relaxing of the Com-i mandments are to be con-' demned; that lustful thinking is' spiritually tantamount to un-: chastity; and that purity of ; heart is essential to the blessed- ; ness of seeing God." i HI-C FRUIT DRINKS 3 46., 4QO «"" § HILEX BLEACH gallon D | Assorted COOKIES 2 * 49 C Delicious, tender He price added that of $200-$500 the current would probably remain stable, since further refinement would be impracticable. Also, yearly car model changes at Detroit neces- s i t a t e corresponding unit changes Jn air conditioners. Merrill said air conditioning adds about 80 pounds of weight to a car, cuts gasoline mileage, and lowers effective horsepower by five or six. AMERICAN TOURIBTE& The only luggage to win the praise of Oleg Cassini, America's leading designer, Tri-Taper offers astonishing lightness without sacrificing strength . . . wall - to - wall un- wrinkling roominess . . . swing- action locks that can't pop open . . . foam rubber padde handles . . . scuff-resistant Permanlte coverings . . . stainless steel closures that seal out dust and damp! TRI-TAPER 1 by The Perfect Gift for the Lady Graduate ... in a choice Empire State Agrees To Turn Off Lights NEW YORK (AP) - The management of the 102-story Empire State Building Sunday, renewed its annual agreement with the National Audubon Society to turn off floodlights on the topmost, floors when weather conditions pose a threat to migrating birds. Roland C. Clement, staff 'biologist of the Audubon Socie- jty, said the lighting is a hazard to birds only on nights with low cloud levels, fog and rain. During these weather conditions, he said, confused birds have flown toward the high-level lights and fluttered around them until exhausted. Sidnow Personals Mr. and Mrs. Robert Long r 1 e. Covington, visited with relatives and friends here. Mrs. Evelyn Longrie and son, Wlllard, were Iron River callers. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Bennett, Kenton, visited with relat i v e s here. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Stebbins Jr. and children were callers at Michigamme. Thomas Thompson and Mr. and Mrs. William Beck were recent L'Anse callers. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Krumml. Champion, spent a week end here at their home. Mr. and Mrs. Nlles Ellerts e n and children visited her parents, the Ernest Cummings Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ball and family, Ishpeming, visl t e d j with her mother, Mrs. Beulahj Grooms. ; Harold Bennett, Trout Creek,! visited with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Guidon and children, L'Anse. visited her parents, the Orville Long- ries. Floyd Mclntyre, Trout Cre e k, visited with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Joey Beaupreyi and baby, L'Anse, visited herej with relatives. j Mr. and Mrs. John Chlebowskl j and children of Ontonagon spent j a weekend here with her par- 1 ents, the Keith Shinglers. Mrs. Irene Prodell, Diori t e , spent a weekend here with her children. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Longrie. Convington, visited here wi t h relatives. Mr. and Mrs. James St. An-j dre and son, Dnnis, were Ish-i peming callers. i Mr. and Mrs. William Ander-! son and family of White Plnej visited his parents, the Carl An-i dersons. Mrs. Evelyn Longrie and son,! Wlllard, were Houghton and! Hancock callers. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hill andi of High-Fashion colors luggage pieces. and wide choice of attractive 95* Ladies' Luggage 1 8" to 49 In Choice of Tweed, White, Red, American Blue and Fawn Men's Luggage 24 95 to 47 95 * family of White Pine visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Solomon, Hill. i Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Thomp-j son and family visited at Trout! Creek with her parents, Mr. and| Mrs. William Christen. i Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Longrie i and family have returned home from Colorado. I Mr. and Mrs. Emll KasklncnJ Covington, visited at the Ern- ! est Cummings Sr. home. ; In Choice of Silver Dusk or Cavalier Brown Wide Choice of Pieces *A11 prices plus Fed. Tax Jbonnclt- SPECIALS for TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY FINER ffllRWRY FOODS CALIFORNIA NEW POTATOES 8 i 69' Large California ORANGES 2 d.. 89e U. S. Ne. 1 Wa»hln§»en Winwap APPLES BEEF CUBE STEAK .. . Top Taste brand BRAUNSCHWEIGER * SALE * 79* 391 FRYING CHICKEN (part) Breasts Legs and Thighs WINGS BEVERAGES No deposit — no return 59' 49* 298-1°° |XbNs...3-49' ROSE BUSHES 98 C ea Giant PHILODENDRONS 89 each 2 Gross SEED 51 98 Get set for the Big Memorial Day Week-end! ...Buy all your picnic needs from National Ground Chuck 59c more L«ss Ibs. or Ib. .. Amounts, Ib. 63c CHICKEN LEGS 39c With Thighs Ib. 100 FREE STAMPS With This Coupon & Purchase ROSE BUSH Assorted Varieties Jumbo's Regular U9 99c Licensed FOOD STAMP STORE Marvel Vanilla Save Ue Libby Drinks Iced Milk Marshmallows Potato Salad Pretzels Hi-C Drinks Frozen 11 Varieties Halters Sticks or Twists £uper Five Varieties TH€ GKAt ATLANTIC A PACIFIC TU COMPANY AMIRIU'S OU'INDABU 1000 MIRUUNT ilMCl All Prices Effeclivt Thru May 267ft

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