The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1948 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 17, 1948
Page 14
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PACE FOURTTTW Gelatine Whip Is Good Dessert Get* "Mother Made Something Special" Leek From Family WoKow the k«y to gel-cookery Vi find * world of delicate dessert* made with unfit*vored gelatine to which you arid the flavors, real not Imitation, your family leks best. Gelatin* whips are so simple to make yet have that "Mother's made something special" look that all families enjoy. Because of the unfavored gela- 1me used hi making gelatine whips, tht range of fresh flavors possible ft M wide as your imagination. Choose natural fresh lemon flavor or go to exotid like ginger ale, tangerine Juice, cola beveraje. Nourishing desserts, gelatine whips feature the natural nutrients of the fruiU or fruit juices used, together with the bonus nutrient of the protein found in unfavored gelatine. Basic Method For Gelatine Whip* The making of gelatine whips begins in the same way as in mak-1 ing basic clear gelatine. The gela-l tine Is then chilled until slightly ihlfker than unbeaten egg while consistency. At that stage, it is beaten with a rotary bealer until the mixture is light and foamy. The gelatine becomes opaque Instead of clear, and the texture is changed to fluffiness. In making gelatine whips, the gelatine must be viscous enough to hold the air which produces the fluffy texture. If (he gelatine has not sufficiently thickened, the air will escape and the gtmtlne will ] become clear again. If the gelatine , becomes clear again. If the gelatine k chilled until too stiff, the gelatine Is not sufficiently viscous to • How for the incorporation of air rb»t produced the light, fluffy tex- 1 lure deakable to a Two-Twi. Whip* Ar* AUraciire VariatiMt Two-tone gelatine whip* are two layered beauties, one layer of clear gelallne, one of whipped gelatine. They look fancy, ar» actually ilm- ple to make. IJere are recipe* for delightful gelatine whips to make your summer dessert making simple. Rule Fruit Whip. envelope unflavored jelallne -t cup cold fruit juice l'-i cups hot fruit Julca 13 cup sugar J <4 teaspoon, salt Soften gelatine In cold fruit Juice. Add hot fruit juice, sugar and salt: slightly thicker than the consistency of unbeaten egg whiles. Bent gelatine mixture with rotary beater until light and fluffy and volume tins doubled. Pour into large or Individual molds and chill until firm. l(iimold and serve plain or with whipped cream. Yield: 8 servings. Delightful natural flavors like these nmy make your gelatine whips: Apricot nectar, prune Juice, apple Juice, tangerine juice, elder, tomato Juice, grapefruit juice, pineapple juke, grape Juice, and orange Juice. Tor Coffee Whip: utt V4 cup water for the cold fruit juice; add 114 cups hot strong coffee for tht hot fruit juice. (ARK.) COURIER XEWH I'arl 1 I.ernon l'ryn« Whip (Two-Tone Dessert) lentrclorw iiiiflavored gelatine '•i cup cold prune juice I 1 * clips hot prune juice 1'3 cnp sugar '* teasp. salt Soften fielfitfue In cold fruit Juice. Add hoi fruit juice, mixnr and soli,; stir \tntll dissolved. Pill large or small molds )ialf full wltli the prune Belnllne mixture; chill until almost firm. Part II 1 envelope unflRvored gelatine 1 4 cup cold water 1 cup hoi water 1'S cup sugar H tea.'sp. salt \'t cup lemon juice So/ten gelatine In cold wnfer. Add hot water, sugar and salt; stir until dissolved. Add lemon juice. Chill Vitomen Quota Found for Family In Citrus Bounty Typical of th« llirlftinesj of canned foods fti general are citrus Juice*. Orange, grapefruit, tangerine and blended Juices are among the fruit bnjw on tile market. Slocks are lilxh and Ilia reality (rood. Also, pocUictlon of tlic JB<7<8 pack of canned grapefruit sections is largely completed and while below the record output of last year is plentiful and at moderate price. This citrus bounty means that the meal planner is able to simply her family's daily quota of Vitamin C *t the cost of a. few cents. Under new and improved methods of processing, both flavor and Vitamin C are retained at high levels ... 96 percent o[ the Vitamin C of fresh citrus being i.ivecj. The fact that citrus Juice and sections come In cans further aids i;i the meal .schedule. Tliere is no time-consuming reaming and \xr.\- ing. There i< no waste. 'Hit can also provides a sanitary, safe container U> hold any of the juke or »ec- lioiis left over a/ter lite first serving. The can need* only to be covered and kept In the refrigerator. Cllrut Juke Vsrt A 6-ounce .serving or canned gru]X!!vuit or orange Juice provides the Vitamin C quota for Hie day. Mure is recommended to com Dub colds or infection. The tart flavor ot citrus Juices makes them excellent mixes with left-over fruit sirups. Citrus Juices mny be usci: as the liquid in cooking ham, tongue, duck or beef. Citrus Juice lolliixips make a hit with children. Pour cHrus juice directly into freezing tray of refrigerator. When juice is frozen almost firm, Insert match sticks with su!- Hom» Agent Suggests Btnitt B* Preserved Dewberries, blackberries and ras- berrles can be preserved for out-of- scason i.ionths, according to Ho;ne IJemonstratlon Agent Mrs. Uertrude Bond Hollman, who recommends that they be used for Jams and (Jellies, frozen for vine freshness • or the Juices extracted nnd canned. Mrs. Holiman suggest that the until Hie mixture is slightly thicker than unbeaten egg white consistency, then beat with a rotary beater until light ami fluffy. Pour on top of prune layer in molds. Chill until firm. Unmold unit serve plain or with whipped cream or custard snuce. Yield: B servings. HSIERKIU •^^ than any insecticide you ever used OR YOUR MONEY BACK! to"*- V* 7 ,"'"?'- "III. HOwZw 'Ami crawl only R f cw GNATS, WASPJ JPIDIRS Mr. Howord A. m<ln _ Qm Insectictd* Ch«mist Soys: "I tested COOK-KILT, „„,, found that it LarMy'ed UTF? f roa «''"'"10MIN- o, Ti j, S .- • • kil l«'l W/c IN - 4 ."OURS. Usin K sane ™ s«t*r it ON! DISTHUCIWE MOTHS, JUVtRUSH, CARPET IEI. ".'S and other clotti- cnlcrs <lie hy contact with COOK-KILL! • VWJM II \Jni Hospitals, Restaurants, Housewives, Public Health Authorities Praise COOK-KILL COOK-KILL I have no'fur.he? trouble " (Test- KvaiUblc upon request,) ffcot's why COOK-KILL fs sold under a money-bock guoronfee. _ COOK KILL rf Kroner Grocery ('„. N O ' ' Kroner Grocery c n . \ o City fiiipcr Murkcl Libtrty c»sh (iroccrj ".'. 7s*»b*rs Grocery Grocery Blytheville phur lieads removed Ijiio each cut« and put back into refrigerator to tree**. Grapefruit Ktftaful lists Canned citrus sections enlianc* (lie flavor of avocados, pears or peaches in sajads. Sections may be broiled for garnlsli wllli fish flllels. Cllfiu sectiojjs may be frozen firm in can ana tli«n .sliced ana servcl HS &niud or dessert. berrl«i b« kept In ih»llow trayi or pans, and not sllowea to stand, »nd iievcr washed until they »re ready to be used. There is no definJU rule for selecting berries top re««rv«. It dependt on how you plan to prewrve them, Mrs. Holman explain*. Jfor canning whole berries or for freezing, choost tall, plump berrler th»t are fresh and have a bright »olid color. For jelly, use about two-thirds . ripe berlen for color and flavor, and one-third under-ripe b*rrl*i for pectin and acid. For canning, put two or three pints ot berries In a cheese clflh and dip them into boiling jlrup (made from one part ot sugar and three parts of water). Pack quickly Into hot sterilized Jars. Cover with boiling sirup. Process pints for 10 minutes and quarts for 12 minulea 111 a boiling water bath. Fo freezing, pack berrlM into container! ,na cover with cold •irup Leave % to 1 inch headspace in the container. The dry s *jar l»ck ta alw used for berries; how- •ver the berries tend to be too mushy. Mix until the sugar is thoroughly dissolved; then pack into container*. NOW! at FOUNTAINS Everywhere! niURSDAY, JUNE n, 1948 PECIAL5 I. American Beauty PORK & BEANS —3 No. 1 cans 22* Texsun GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 46 oz. 15* Tl* A b «...__ TI __ *• •% *• i ^^ The Pause That' Refreshes COCA-COLA Fresh COUNTRY EGGS case Pure - - doz.470 CANE SUGAR - 10 lb. bag 850 For Better Baking—3 Ib. can SPRY SHORTENING $1.09 COFFEE nonebetter ib.390 Armour's Star MILK - 3tallcans39<z Clark's ^ CANDY BARS Popular Brands CIGARETTES Charmin TOILET TISSUE Coffee Shop • carton $1.99 - - 3rolls25<2 •FRUITS and VEGETABLES Iceberg, 5 doz. sizes lettuce--KI.I flc ' Fresh English Peas - - ib. lOc Snqwball, Ige. size, ea. Cauliflower 25c f U.S. No. 2 white, 10 Ib. bag Potatoes—29c Large 54 size, seedless Grapefruit - 25c Vine ripened, Ib. Watermelons 4c Old crop, while they last, 10 Ib. bag -19c For slicing Tomatoes IB. 25c package 3 packages 8 Ib. carton 2 bars GROCERIES Durkec's Shredded COCOANUT A.ssorltd Flavors JELLO Pure LARD Dime Brand MILK Crystal White SOAP Vet's Ifi 07. Can DOGFOOD 25 For Heller Washing Laria' Ikn 3 ta " S OXYDOL 33 Can-I)-l,i(e or HINSO V« PRUNEPLUMS „ 15 Curmva z /- can * ** TEA 77 Assorted llrands M lb box f.1 C5G *RS „„ t 5 All liramls box $t.2i>_2 for 3 BABY FOODS 45 — 6 cans ^V 22' 15' MEAT SPECIALS Couked PICNIC HAMS k Jl>5r Tender, Meaty. Chuck BEEFROAST ,„ 59- Armour's OLEO 43 ~U Smoked fiaam BELLIES COTTAGECHEESE per _ 2 6 SAUSAGE )h 43 «;„_ rr j ">. *1r Nice, Tender lb Home Dressed Daily HOME DRESSED DAILY - HENS & FRYERS Rib or Hrisket STEW MEAT , 39 Sliced, Kcadv to Serve BOLOGNA „ 39 Fat Racks lb ' VV SALT MEAT Liberty Cash Grocery Ib. Low Prices Everyday

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