The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1956 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1956
Page 3
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SATURDAY, APRIL 14, 1956 BLYTHEVyJS (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Princess- to-Be Grace Is Making a Big Hit Mondcans Love Her By EDDY G1LMORE MONTE CARLO, Monaco (AP) — The Monacans love her. Everywhere you hear, them saying, the same thing; > "Our American Princess—she's even more beautiful than we imagined," That's Grace BOSS* DREAM—This beauty is Peggie Castle, picked as the "Ideal Hollywood Secretary" by the film capital's Chamber of Commerce. Peggie won the nod for her secretarial role in "Miracle in the Rain." Kelly, bethrothed of. Prince Rainier HI. No American has made such a personal impression on the people of Monaco since the U.S. Army- including a lot of Texons—liberat- ed the principality from the Germans in the closing months of World War II. The Stars and Stripes, together with the red and \vhite flags of Monaco, adorn every lamp post and building in this nation of 370 acres. And certainly Americans must be more popular here—because of Grace—than In almost any foreign land. Although the welcome is general it would be hard for any individual Monacan to oifido the warm enthusiasm of the eramblinp casino for American visitors loaded with greenbacks. About 70 of these — friends of Grace and her narents, Mr. and Mrs. John B. Kelly of Philadelphia—arrived with the bride yesterday on the liner Constitution. The casino had sent around in advance passes to the eambling rooms, but just io emphasize how welcome are the free - wheeling Americans, it sent around another set of passes this morning. Croupiers confided that No. 6 • got a hig play on the roulette: wheels last night. • j Aboard ship, Grace had let it! be known 6 was her favorite | number. Did No. 6 win? I "Sometimes it did," said one of Iceland possible prey to Soviet cpnqutst in event of East-Weil conflict. Would also give MM cow great propaganda victory. Tension ovtr Cyptut situation creates antagonism between these two NATO aliit*. Cyprus p rob I e m also strains historic friendship between Greece and Britain. King Paul urges London give right of self-determination to Greek Cypriote. fion of new army still lagging. Germany's "divisions for NATO" are still only paper. NATO ground orces in this key defense pot weakened by transfer f thousands of troop* to Hit down unrest in Algeria. Bitter dispute with Britain over Cypriot demand for union with Greece endangers British hold on its main Mediterranean base Kere. Loss of Cyprus as base would seriously endanger NATO defense in "hot" Middle East area. NATO Countries Communist Controlled DANGER SPOTS ON NATO LINE—When Iceland's parliament asked Washington "How's about taking those Yank troops out of here?" it aroused concern. This northern anchor of NATO defenses could be turned into a tempting morsel lor the Russian bear to gobble up. If anti-Americanism prevails, the island might retire into neutralism. This would be a great Cold War victory for Moscow One of the top objectives of Russian foreign policy is to neutralize Active or potential allies of the West. Iceland's shakiness turns the spotlight on other weak spots in the NATO line, also pointed up on this Newsmap. the stone-faced casino men, sometimes it didn't." 'and NOTICE OF SALE OF BONOS OF THE CITY OF MANILA, ARKANSAS ,537,500 GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS US Communist Attacks Stalin NEW YORK I*— A Russian diplomat has attacked what he termed "the cull of Stalin" in the first pub- lice criticism of the late Soviet dictator made by a Russian official in the. United States. konstantin G. Pedoseev. counsel of the Soviet embassy in Washington, held an informal question->and- answer session with some 80 economics students at Columbia University Thursday t j Answering a question about Stalin and ideological principles, Fedo- secv said: There is Notice is hereby given that the City of Manila, Arkansas offers for sale to the highest bidder at public sale for cash its proposed j issue of $37,500 General Obligation Bonds, dated May l, 1956, bearing, interest at, the rate of 3.35% per j errors have occurred, annum, payable semi-annuully on j "The cult of the Individual June 1 rind December l of .each year, commencing December 1, 195R, and maturing serially on June 1 of each year as follows: SI.000 in each of the years 1959. I960, 1961 and 1962 $1,500 in each or the years 19fi3, 1964 and 1965 52,000 in cacti of the years 19G6 f 1967, 1968. 1969, 1970, Report Shows Only Farmers Failed To Share in Area's Boost in Income ST. LOUIS (tf! -~ Only farmers failed to share in a general income rise in the Eighth Federal Reserve District last year, the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank reported yesterday. Income for all residents reached a record 15 billion dollars during 1955, the bank stated, in its April monthly review. Farm income, however, fell less than 1 per cent in the district, compared with an almost 10 per cent drop for the nation as a whole. The 15-billion-dollar figure was 5 not doubt that grave j P cr cent higher than in 1954 and Friday 13th Just Another 13 In Life of Couple TAMPA, Pla. I/Pi — The Rev. and Mrs. C. W. Marshall yesterday celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. They met on the 13th. on the 13th hour o£ the day. became engaged on the 13th and were married on the 13th. Each is a member of a family of 13. Marshall, pastor of the Church of Ood. also was one of 13 Canadian soldiers picked to receive special army training. He received his overseas orders on the 13th, board-. ..,.,. ^ u .. u ^ lvi<J UV .,,, B , OJUL14 ull - - . ed the line Queen Elizabeth on the i dert he authority of Amendment! The '' mcl - s «'>" t« sold upon auc-1 Oscar Pendler, Attorney. attributed to certain persons supernatural qualities. They were regarded almost like miracle workers nnd were worshipped as such. "Such a conception of men and, specifically, of Stalin, fluorished in our country." ! 3!'2 per cent-nbove 1953. The largest increase was in manufacturing payrolls — 11 per cent compared to the previous year. High receipts for the 1955 cotton drop helped keep the farm loss in the district from dipping lower, the bank said. The district covers most ol Mis- souri, all of Arkansas, southern Illinois and Indiana, western Tennessee and Kentucky and northern Mississippi. NOTICE Notice is nereoy given that Ben White & Sons have -applied for a building Permit to construct a one story brick building on Lot 7, Block 4, Davfs Second Addition to City of Blythevillc, Arkansas. This building, when completed to be used for a clothing store business. Any ob- derived from the bond sale and not needed for the construction, on any interest paying date on and after June 1, 1961; from funds from any source on any interest paying date on and after June 1, 1061. 1371, 1972 and 1973 $2,500 in each of the years 1974. 1975, 1976, and 1977 $3,000 in 1978 The bonds are oeing issued un- lert he authority of Amendn 13th and received his notice to re- j No. 13 to the Constitution of the turn on the 13th. I State of Arkansas for the purpose The 13th has been a crood d-iv for ! of P«S*ing a portion of the esti- j of May, 3956 - at tne city Hal1 - m them thev agree and they a so mated cost of constructing exten- the Ctiy of Manila, Akansas. Each inein, uitJ.j' dyi t_.u, HUU uit,,> HIMU i _ «u *..!(., -.. .. : u; j j_.. .t.m u« ,.„,.,, ;,.~,j *•„ ^ nnn ,.;« agree: Uinr "We're not going to have 13 chil- j that is a member of the Feder- Manila at a"special election" to be! a] Deposit Insurance Corporation, held May 1, 1956. The bonds will i payable to the City, to be retained be general obligations of the city! JIS liquidated damage* in the event of Manila and it is proposed u>' the bidder is awarded the sale of dren." tion bids, the sale to be held at 2:00 o'clock p.m. on the 3rd day sions, betterments and improve- bidder will be required to deposit ments to the City's waterworks and a certified or cashier's check in sewer system, subject lo the ap-j L J e arnount^of S750.00 on a bank proval of the voters of the City the undersigned. Given this 5th day of April, 1956 CITY OF MANILA, ARKANSAS By A. A. TIPTON, Mayor. J. B. McMASTERS, City Recorder, 4/7-14-21 levy for the payment of the principal of and interest on the bonds a the bonds but fails to complete the purchase. Checks of unsuccessful For further information, address special annual tax of ten (10) mills ! bidders will be promptly returned which will continue annually until I The Cit >' reserves the right to real! bonds with interest thereon are j fuse fln >' and a11 bids paid in full. It is contemplated that the additional cost of the planned extensions, betterments and improvements will be financed by revenue bonds. The purchaser shall have the privilege of naming the trustee and place of payment for the bonds and shall have the right to convert the bonds to an issue bearing a lower ratn or rates ol interest upon such j terms that the City receive no lest, and pay no more than it would receive and pay if the bonds were not converted. The expenses of the issue, including the printing and trusteeing- of the bonds and the tee of Metvfi'y Smith & WiUiiims. bond counsel of Little Rock. Arkansas, upon approving opinion the bonds will be issued, will be paid by the City's fist-al agent. T»e bond* will be callable for, payment prior to maturity in in-. verse numerical order at par and accrued interest as follows: Frum surplus revenues derived from the .special tax or from surplus funds Serving You Best is our Foremost Concern BURIAL INSURANCE LOGAN Funeral Home LOOK All DeKalb Seed Corn—White or Yellow, while it lasts *Q50 w Per Bu. Get your seed corn now while our stock Is complete and remember more farmers plant DeKalh than any other Hybrid seed com. Tour DeKalb Dealer HARDY SALES & SERVICE 705 Clear Lake Ave. Blytheville — Phone 3-6978 ROTHROCK DRUG STORE Remember us for prescriptions Paint Closeout M*HT Types And C»l*n J Price Hubbard Hardware Margaret Finds 'Big' Decision Actually Only the Beginning NEW YORK M»j—Mnrgarot Tru- iiian says she never dreamed how many more decisions would have to be made—and how fast she'd have to muke them—after the bifi one WHS out or the wtiy. She srttd she waited-a "decent interval" before giving the answer to her fiance, Clifton Dunk 1 !. Once she did, though, she found, it was just the beginning. First off, she said, friends and couldn't even buy a pair of gloves without getting reams of publicity. She and Daniel couldn't go house-hunting until after the engagement was tumoimced — "Miss Truman Is n rather conspicuous person to take house-hunting," said Daniel—and after the announcement she found she didn't have time. So after their wedding trip to the Bahnmns, they'll settle for the time family wanted to know right, away I being in Miss Truman's present her choices of silver, crystal and china patterns. There also were the details of her troussenu, furnishings for her home and also, where her new home was to be. She said she never anticipated all the breathless newspaper hullabaloo over every tiny detail of everything, bin she had one accidental stroke of Rood luck, "1 bought my clothes In February, and I was never smarter in my life." This was before the announcement of her engagement. Now she jection to the erection of this building for the purpose specified should be made In writing and filed with the City Clerk within 30 days. Dated: 4/6/56. DAN BLODGETT, City Engineer, City of Blytheville. 4/^7-14 apartment In the oHtel Carryle. Right now she's busy clearing closet sptice to muke room for a man's wardrobe, too. As for her wedding April 21 in Independence. Mo., she sflid she has been leaving details of the reception up to her mother and "Mom has everything well In hand." Crows Go to Town ALBUQUERQUE, N. M. OB — A U. S. and Fish Wildlife official here says thut crows are moving into the residential areas of the city. The gravel-voiced Intruders, which used to make the valley form hind their quarters, are Infiltrating into the plushler, clipped; hedge find patio section of the city "They are extremely adaptable,' the official siiid. FOR THE BIRD—Silly season in Cincinnati finds this birdcage hat taking third - place honors in a local "silly hat* contest. Mrs. Vincent Grote made the hat from wire, spring blooms and her pet parakee* • We'll pick up prescriptions at your home or office, compound (hem find delivdr the medicines—at tto extra charge. Make a note to cult us next lime! Woods Drug Store Phone POplar 3-4507 Protect Your Fine Garments With Bestway STORAGE Safe - Convenient and Economical We Specialize Tn Formal ami Evening Wear Guaranteed Summer Storage Phone 2-2408 BESTWAY CLEANERS 2012 W. Main The Most Complete Selection of GARDEN & LAWN TOOLS Blytheville's Most Complete Hardware Store! General Hardware & Appliance Co. Phone 3-4585 For aches, pains, outs, bruises, born*, colds, headaches, bites and stings, In Bob's Gypsy Rub Liniment Available at vonr favorite drag conntei C. G SMITH PRODUCTS CO COOD NEIGHBOR-Clearing the walks of snow as he zips down the street on his converted garden tractor is Carl Roehrig, 53, of Cincinnati, Ohio. The retired grocer recently cleared the walks, free and no strings attached, from some 200 homes — because he likes his neighbors. 'I figure the world would be a better place if everybody would 'love thy neighbor as thyself,'" h- explains philosophically. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Sun Vertiko! Panel Drapes Linen-Nylon-Plastic Phone 3-4863 For Free Estimates Hope Young Blytheville, Ark. Centrally Located For Easy Shopping r K? (./raw 'N.« -PLANTING SEED- DELFOS 9169 (Pedigreed) Ton $180 DELFOS (1 Yr. from breeder) Ton $100 DP&L-15 (1 yr. from breeder) Ton $100 RED TOP GIN CO., Inc. N. Highway 61 Phone 3-3756 hy y, aLencf HI-WAY DRUG We Give Top Value Stamps Prrrti* Po'rtrr R't Pharmacist A Mitr Charlpi Rrfltdnn. nimer Main al Division Pho«« 2-2111 DELTA PROPANE CO. Gas Appliances • Gas Installation Traclor Carhurction (Factory Type Installation) R. C. Farr&Sons Petroleum Products Butane — Propane "Serving this area for over 20 years" Office: Phones: 400 So. Railroad St. 3-1567 & 3-t6fi2 Announcing... OUR NEW WAREHOUSE AND OFFICE Located on North Highway 61 ACROSS HIGHWAY FROM THE BLYTHEVILLE WAREHOUSE CORP. AND NORTH OF BLYTHEVILLE PROPANE CO. Seeds Breeders Deltapine Cottons Cert. Deltapine Cottons Soybeans Alfalfas Sorghums Lespedeia Funk's Hybrid Corn Dixie Hybrid 22 & 33 Corn Small Grains Pasture Seeds Fertilizers Ammonium Nitrate 12-12-12 Urea Nitrate of Soda Other Mixed Fertilizers Chemicals Dalapon Karmex 0-L Baron 2-4 D 2-4ST Soil Fumigants Grain Fumigant! Innoculants Insecticides Come in and see us and get such bargains as: Cert. Blue Tag Deltapine 15 - per ton $90 DALAPON (The Best Johnson Grass Killer) Per Lb. 97t If You Would Like Our Bi-Monthly Price List Call or Send a 2c Postcard to— The Paul D. Foster Co, Box 326. KlylhcMile, Ark. Phone POplar 3-3418 Bella's Drapery Shop • T)r aperies • Cornices » Traverse Rods • Upholstering New Supply of Decorator Fabrics just arrived. 332 S. Division Ph. PO 3-88 KTRSCH DEALER • Now in i NNS I . ........ . *',; 10 f DrPepper the friendly "PEPPER UPPER"

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