The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on May 18, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 18, 1894
Page 1
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VOL. XVHt. NO. 4, CARttOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, MAY 18, 1894. WHOLE NO. 894. GUILD IS LEADER OF LOW PRICES You can buy more at Guild's for than you can anywhere else for $1.50 If you don't believe it just call and see for yourself. All the latest novelties,of the season at prices that defy competition. *£WJU8T NOTE THE FOLLOWING:®^ Ladies' Fine Bibbed Jersey Vests, Ladies' Fine Fast Black Hose, Best Domestic Ginghams, Best Indigo Blue Calicoes, 5c Fine Wool Dress Goods, 36 inch Percales, Fast Colored Sateens • Shaug Tong Pongees, -, worth 15c 16c 15c White goods and embroideries we can suit you in pattern and style and beat the world in prices. LACES AND RIBBONS we have them all > y° u ^^ be money out of pocket if you buy before looking at Dry Goods, Notions Ladies' and Gent's Furnishings, at Next door to postoffice. JOHN GUILD'S OBUBOH DIBHCTOBT rBBMRMU*. Us, * ewnlog, BAPTIST. Italog, i t 0 . W. •. Oimar, aypetumndint. ttalTOJl foot-Otto*. Halli at the oOlae oloet'et telow. STAB BOOIB8- lit. Oirmtl »3d Kenlner. daily except fiundai ' Card*, , W. LAWYER. MMMaM *tWMl Mid , MOWWi ATTORNEY A i LAW, aff wrmrff TEACHERS' GOUfVEN'flQSf. ONE OF THE KOBZ 80OCBMFOL intBTimiS BVKB HILO IN OABBOUi oomnrr. Th« awwt IBM ot the. diioipl* ot Horr BM Mann waa MOO on oar alraeU Uai Friday. All were anticipating aa interesting sewion and none were disappointed, tor eaoh««me prepared to add her little mito to the diw>naaii)M. Prof. Stooe, of Ooon Sapid* had u especial part assigned in opening the evening's session, bat he waa onavoidab- ly absent. Willing bawls, bowsvsr, oommeaoad to* woik tad tb» study, theory and appliettion of the subjects treated of in aribmstio won became general tbsmsa Ibst wsr« Iboroof bly M- ptaiaed. Bebolarsfaip and training showed themselvsa among the many, and aa tb» work was taken up step by atop DOM oonld fail to derir* benefit. The interchange ot theory and of method naadsd bat tbA power assimilation to maka> them one's own, "The psychology of nambsr," "primary work i» atthmstio," "matUr that night aa well tw left till pupils have antared a graded eehool," tto., wart sob- jeots thoroughly exbausted, a review ot whioh our spaas forbids to print The morning session Auisbed the die- oavaioM in MtbsMsia and took up tbe diagnoses ot oaaas at dollnsss, stapidily usnlai iooapaeitf, iaoonigiWlKy, ate. Th«plan laid down in tte Midland Isaohar was followed and tikis work developed mooh intoMsl. To arooas in- Aaraai in ttw dull, to o»Vtivat% tb» obawv- iug taoultiss, to oooaantrvta tha atUotion of In* oarslsss, wd to or««WM tbt in- oorrigibls »w* subjsots dssJt with by b»f4 fao»a in upafisoo*, Mrataliu- uapuMty w«a talafif4 to tb* aUI»'a Attorosy. P. B, I*ilr, of WU BNMWt Md WOB ttW good Will Of th* tMohat* by a »»*> addrsw lnt*np«niiif bit Mwark* *ith teawoeeui ausoiiotaa. Bolb t(w 8«tiu.l a«d UM B«ff*ld b«d roporlsr* prssMt. A uuiauw ot tMpbfjf piMMt Friday eveuiuglsft baton |h« uajitat war* go). itwt«M|, Attoag UIQM uniMl wan; John Duatou, bala iMitg, p. 0. Mar- doo*. Qrw* Ktil, N»ttit B/4», Ad» TUuwp»oB, AUos Wslt*. Bo«t)te TburU- m«u, M«U»1 (ttttok, i, S. Flw«u«w Kagftlton, Liuda Josy UoOiw, IM»U, 1'ap, ). 0. fiwt, Abbi» Ilrovii, MM OtllMUM, Mtaote Am**}, P. W. B«ffrty f Zerwaa, Anna Yegge, Mary O'Herron, Mary Staiert, Mary Gardner, L. A.Qhap- man, Bath Ferguson, W. A. Darning, Gertrude Roderick, J. Belie Bruoe, W. E. Atkinson, Mrs. W. B. Atkinson, Wm Flanker, Oeo, D. Jacobs, Andrew Stewart, Ora Quint, D. J. Summer wile, F. J. Bettenmaier, B. L. Gtarrett, Mary Laogh- lin, Gerriett Janssen, Lizzie Sande, F. £. Lenooker, Irene Mavity, Emma Beverly, Sue Bdenburo, 8. J. Reiff, Fred 0 Jacobs, Mary Jackson, Emma Winter bourns, Olara Bruob, Mary Bowler, Anua Mavity, Ooia VonBtein.Mas Wolfe, Mag gie Wolfe, Florence Woloott, Anna Hempen, Emily Willey, Jenaial. Fergn •ton, A.E. Wbitten, Nellie Rnmme),Mar; Kellsy, Katie Murray, Paalin* Nsrera), Anna Morgan and J. E. Smith . Lou Patton, Miaa Krayon, MiMes Grace and Jaanis Hunter, Damay Baaom, and Baob- sl Martell did not arrive until the session was olosiog. E. J. Hasted also came late. Snow ON AlUbaooalmioara ot this state now out oa a strike and tbe mine* ban oiossd down. Goal if bsoomiog saaros in this dty, tbe mill WM compelled to ab«t down on Monday end tbe eleotrie lights will be turned oQ in a few days more if coal from outside cannot be seonrsd. Mayor Paraoos says tbat the water work* to supplied with fuel eooogb to ran at least two wssks and be bas enough promised from private partis* in oaee that it is required, to laat two weeks longer. Bo it will be folly a month before tbe city will be la danger of beiog abut off oa water. It is not at all probable that tbe strike will ooaltoa* tbat long bat in oaae that it Joes tbe city will be well oared for so far M the water work* ia oopoarned. It the etrike we* inevitable it WM a fortunate tbiag for tbe people tbat it oooured at a aeaeoa ot tbs year whs* it did. Tae roller mill* nave ainoe aeoored a supply of ooal and MrBautahovai iufotu*u*|bal be will ban no troable ia keeping hi* ouetomen •applied, _ ^ A BAP itoiiAw«r, »tt»4»y kftomoou B. B. Pratt, a farnar Ihlng betweea Auburo and , met with a serious aooidaot. Re attempted to drive aoroM tba iail~ n>ad »t tba growing en MaJo atreel wbeu U» taam, wbtob Waa quite ti«oti»w, gut aoarod Alan e»gw« wbM wag atowtj awoi* tit* OfotaUig, bat alopped Mt. Pratt thought it would, OB)} le»vii)f part ot tbe oioMtef «I*ir. The'horsesjuat M they got np to the engine took fright aud whirled off 10 the east, running down the track. The carriage WM a light spring wagon, in which WM Mr. Pratt end wife and tour email children. The wagon WM thrown over aod broken, all to pieces, and tbe oooopaot* were all more ot less severely injured. One ot the little girls bad one of her thigh bones broken aod WM taken to the home ot B. 0. Quint, end Dr. Wright WM called and reduced tbe fracture. The mother WM thrown with bar head againat the rail and WM rendered unconscious for some little time but came to aod WM all right again. The rest of tbe injured one* were not *o severe bat ell suffered more or less from the shook. It doee teem strange that a man would risk driving so oloae to an engine when he bad ao many human Hv«a in- trusted to bis oare. It would bave been muoL better for him if be bad waited nntil tbe engine WM oat of the way o r to have gone around. AMD Brrui ANOTBBB. There iaalwajie loom for one more ia taken M at» accepted truth, bat in tbis os*e it •ppoera to be somewhat atrained. Carroll is now pretty well (applied with newspapers, bat it appears M it Or. Rick in company with oar friend on Main street ooatemplatM leuoobiof a new enterpriM npoa tbe public. We understand tbe paper ia to be a German-American product, tbat is, tbe paper is to be printed with English tjpe, bat tbe competition ia to be German. Tbe name ot tbe paper aa we lean, ia to be tbe Pbeflii, aa tba doetor claims tbat tbe death ot Die Geimaaia while in bis poa- eeeviou WM eomswbat similar to tbat fabled bird Md agaia being resurrected from it* owa aebe* entitles it to tbe name, Tbi* m»y ia a m*More be true, bat we qatetioo vary otuou ite claim to in> OHtrtallty. I| appear* to aa oaMder a* if it is an effort to foretteU tbe contemplated tumble Die Oermaoitt tollable to take into tba RapnblloaB party at ao aarly dab), Tb* doctor olaiou tbat th* paper, i* to b» independent in politio*, »at M it is to be wholly under tba oon- irol of the Herald it I* no) at all likely to be auytuiug if it doe* not bear th* native Aw- BOUMKW. Manning, other tuwoa, any "inflated" twous, bat phlltfwtOryfor many "inflated" keep, up a steady and natural growth. Before tbe o' ise of the present month there will Imve been commenced the erection of tUree, and poaaibly tour, sub etantial brick bueiaara buildings on the lota south of the State bank. On the lot next to tbe banking bouse the enter prising drug firm of Lewis & Gran will erect a two-story brick, the ground floor ot wbiob will be occupied by tbe firm aod the second floor by the K, of P.'s M a lodge room. Tbe building will be eighty feet deep and twenty-five feet wide. J. P. Arp, Lawrence & Co., and, poeaibly,Dr.A.L. Wright, will erect bricks on the next three lots, thai of the first named to be used M a millinery b*2ar by Mre. Arp. What line ot business will be carried on in tbe other buildings is &ot yet known. To My Friends vi TOO are Well aware that t would not recommend that wbleh I did not believe to be good, I denlre to Mr to all who need a good, rellible, ftuullr medlolne, that I bollove one bottle of Sulphur Bitter* will do ion more good than any other remed/1 ever »aw.-Rev. ca*im» Soui. Advertised Letters. Tbe following letter* remain uncalled for at the poatofNoe, May 14, 1894. Unless delivered within thirty day* from date they will be forwarded to the dead (titter office at WMhlugton, D. O.: Jrhlllp Wslth I*. A. tiaiUh Obu. Purklak Uri. Ohm* Uo. Miller iUrrrilDl Louu Brugguan J* A. Amlut 1.1>. Singleton Lee Levl k 0. BlMutburger Kd* Benfred* The law provide* that one cent nball be paid for all letter* advertised. When calling for same please mate date of ad- vortUeuteut. JNO. L. Poweiia, I'. M. OBBAP BXOUB8JON8. On May 8th and 89th th* North- Western Line will «ell Homo-Seeker*' Kxcurtlon ticket* to point* In north wetteru Iowa, western Mliimwot*. North Dakota, South Dakota, Manitoba, *fobra«ka, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho aud lloutaue at exceedingly low rate* tor the round trip. These ticket* will be good for return pt»«age wlthlu thirty day* from date of mlu aud will allow Stop-over privilege* on KO> lug trip lu territory to which tluketa era •old. For ticket* aud full Information apply to agem Chlo»«o & North wiutern Hallway, TAB VALH1 OFMlNNBUtAHTA U the title of a beautifully Illuslratea booklet rooeully l»*u«d, awcrljHivo of tlio UotSi>ilUBu,8outUD%koU, aud tlio I'D)- oaoy orth»lrwator»forthoouro of rhau- )uktUm,uour«>jfl* auil kluilruU dlsowos, Copy of thl« pauiphlut will bu uiulliKl froo by IK, A. Thrall, Uenoral J'aasoutfur Agout.Uhioago * North'W««teru railway, Qhloago, 111., upon receipt of raquegt, eu- oJo»lug two-cciit -'- Liut Month'. Kcc<TrJ. "> 'V" William Johnson of Boston, •who has taken weather observations at 5 a. m. every day for years, reports that tbe gloss averaged at that hoar 41} degree* all last month, and that it was the warm- eat March, •within the 40 years he has been keeping a record. A FRIEND •pMki ttroogh the Boottibay (Me.) togitkr, ol the b*n«nel»l reaulU hena* received troar a regular uie of Ay«r't Pills. Heuvt: "1 WM teellng sick and tired and my stomach •e«med all out of order. 1 tried a number of remedies, but none teemed to give me relief until I wa* Induced to try the old reliable Ayw'e rill*. I have taken only on* bos, but 1 1««! like a n»w man. I think they are the oo*t pleaMai aud easy to uk* ot anything l ever u**d, being to Hotly lugar- coated that even a child will take UMB. I urge upon all woo an la need of a lautit* to try Am's HIU. They will do good." For all dUcMM of tb» MoniMli, Urw. Mut BowcU, take - t AVER'S PILLS Bv«ry Dose Effective -THJC— Of CARROLL, IOWA. Capital, $100,000.00. $ff,OOO.UO. UfflCIUtAIl' UlttMUTOUt: 0. 4, MAST, - - - P(wld«ltt. U. W. Wil'lXKrf, - - vice a L. WArri.Ka, ' j. K. ortffltii, v, N. V. dlur«««, ' COM, loU»w»t paid on Mui» o» Mil* ooiupaule*.

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