Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 24, 1965 · Page 5
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 5

Ironwood, Michigan
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Monday, May 24, 1965
Page 5
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MONDAY, MAY 24, 1963. IRONWOOD DAILY GtOBP, 1RONWOOD, MICHIGAN Fair Is Short of Cash, Customers By ROBERT HOLTON NEW YORK (AP) —Rounding out the first month of its second and final season, the New York World's Fair today finds itself running short of cash and customers — but not suggestions. Reopening last month at least $17.5 million in the hole, the billion-dollar exposition find attendance figures 30 per cent below the first-month total for 1964. "Undersexed and overpriced" is the way more and more con- cessionaries are describing the fair. "This prudish attitude toward good, clean sex, and boosting the admission price from $2 to $2.50 is killing the fair," said Robert Nelson, manager of the "Dancing Waters" show in the amusement area. Even the international exhibitors, who for the most part don't have to depend on sales and individual gate receipts, have complained about the admission boost. So far, fair President Robert Moses has stood firm in .his determination to keep the admissions at $2.50 throughout the day and evening and ban strip shows. Nelson had planned to stage a "teaseless strip tease" by dancer Sherry Britton in an effort to attract more patrons to his establishment. Fair officials rejected the idea. A spokesman for the Hotel Association of New York City had another dire report. He said advance hotel reservations are running about 50 per cent behind last year for out-of- town fair patrons. Last week Moses and his Worker Is Killed At Chrysler Plant DETROIT (AP) — Edward Jones, 46, of Mount Clemens, employe at Chrysler Corp.'s Mack Ave. plant, was killed at the plant Sunday. Police said a pressurized cylinder head exploded when Jones was removing it from a boiler. Stamp News By SYD KRONISH AP Newsfeatures To celebrate "Twenty Years of Reconstruction," Austria has issued a new 1.80 schill ing stamp in red-violet. The stamp depicts bombed buildings in the foreground and new, modern edifices in the background. The theme symbolizes the progress made since the conclusion of board of directors suffered a court setback when the city was given approval to inspect the corporation's books. The city comptroller contends the fair borrowed $24 million to use in preparing the 646-acre site for the fair. Moses has said the transfer of the money was not a loan and served notice that it would not be repaid. Although the major industrial exhibitors and such attractions as the U.S. Pavilion, the Vatican Pavilion and the Sir Winston Churchill display issued no official complaint about the price boost, some quietly express their concern. Moses turned down, for the present, at least, suggestions World War II especially in economic development and growth. Another building stamp was also issued by Aus tria showing a residential building. The value is 1.50 schilling. At the same time, Austria's special stamp to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the International Telecommunications Union was placed on sale. » a o Indian has issued a 15-naya p a i s a stamp commemorating the 100th anniversary of the death of Abraham Lincoln, reports the World Wide Philatelic Agency. The stamp bears a portrait of Lincoln with his name and the dates of his birth and death inscribed at the bottom in English and Hindi. The color is buff and dark brown. •6 ft it Japan has issued a new 10- yen stamp showing the Japanese Postal Museum. It was is sued in honor of the inauguration of the museum and for the World Stamp Exhibition taking Berry's World "Good looming, dear ... is that jour nightgown or an yoa going out to the poo/?* Young Army Widow Is Helping Children of Viet Nam Village By CHARLES WEST SUFFERN, N.Y. (AP) — A pretty, young Army widow who aided a Vietnamese village with medicines and infant food in memory of her husband now proposes to help children there with school supplies. From her farmhouse outside this village of 5,500, Barbara Spruill discussed her interest in the Mekong River delta village of Cai Son, 10,000 miles away. "Jim had talked often about the school and the children," said Mrs. Spruill, 32. "He was teaching a small English class." Her husband, Capt. James P. Spruill of Plymouth, N.C., lived in Cai Son for five months as military adviser until his Jeep touched off a Communist land mine a year ago. The blast Eagles Aerie Meets Tonight ONTONAGON — A meeting of the Ontonagon Aerie of Eagles place in connection with t h e W ill be held this evening at 8 at grand opening. At the exhibition nearly 10,000 stamps were on dis- The WORRY CLINIC By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Mark Plotts outlines a very unique personality change that often attacks men past the age of 40. Wives, analyze your husband by the 8-point test below. If you wish a jolly, generous mate, then you must help him maintain an affectionate role after middle age. Otherwise, he may become a Scrooge or Silas Marner! CASE W-401: Mark Plotts is a star salesman who chaperoned me for a day of speeches in Phoenix, Arizona. He covers three states as his territory so he has become a night for their many ailments, usually of the psychosoma t i c sort. (5) They become addicts of Social Security Report Is Given Almost 20,000,000 people in the nation were receiving month 1 y power and show a dictatorial old-age survivor's and disability attitude toward their family, as well as employees. (6) They become tightwads with their money, doling out dimes to their wife, yet having about her extravagant spending. (7) They may develop imagni- insurance payments as of December 1964, Melville H. Hosch, regional director of the U n i t ed States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Chicago, has disclosed. Of these beneficiaries, 608,200 ary romances so their wife will: were living In the State of Mlchl- think their Platonic role with her is explained by their Don Juan life with paramours. (8) Sometimes they actual 1 y consort with a paramour and then they reserve their mlser- gan and were receiving more than $59,698,000 a month in benefit payments. These payments are based upon employment in a Job or business covered by the federal so- curring in the Southeastern ant South Central States. " The number of retired persona drawing benefits in Michigan represents an Increase of 11,341 persons over one year ago. in addition, 2,319 more disabled workers are receiving monthly benefit checks. nitntp nhtsprvpr nf human J "-««-»•«; MK.II. imoci- i.too ouvcicu uy me icueiai BU- fnr observer of human iness, as they squander money cial security Insurance system. reely on their temporary siren. | Today nine out of every ten In this respect, the "s u g a r I working Americans are building daddies" who wait in limousl-i basic family protection against nes for chorus girls are often!the loss of income due to retire- behavior. "Dr. Crane," he began, "I have noticed that some men develop a 'power complex' as they grow older. 'Although they may start out as happily married, with many friends, they begin to alter their personality after middle age. "For they often develop a dictator complex. They greed 11 y reach out for more money or more political power, until they are almost twins for Silas Marner or Hitler. Why does this happen?" SEX SYMBOLS killed him, a U.S. Army ser geant and three Vietnamese soldiers. In the captain's letters, and later in his diary, Mrs. Spruil read of another Viet Cong mine explosion that had gravely in jured four children. The diary noted that this emergency had wiped out the village's medica supplies. 'Jim was trying hard to do something there," Mrs. Spruill said. She wrote to several U.S. pharmaceutical companies, asking for medicines, infant formulas and powdered milk. They responded with the gifts and paid for shipping them. "The Vietnamese made a big ceremony of accepting them," Mrs. Spruill said, opening a scrapbook to copies of speeches by local dignitaries. The main speaker had been Lt. Col. Nguyen Khac Tuan, chief of the Vinh Long Province. "I don't think I'm going to contact any school supply firms," she said. "I probably will just send the money and maybe they can purchase Viet- that daytime admissions be I play from more than 190 con- dropped to $2 or $1.50 and to $1 j tries, after 6 p.m. Those close to the fiscal situation conceded that the fair corporation is dangerously close to Laos has paid tribute to those nations who have been assisting with economic aid. The 25 k i p the critical stage. Among other!honors aid from France, 45 kip things, it sold 17 million ad- aid from Japan, 55 kip aid from year and i Great Britain and 75 kip aid from United States. The face value on each stamp represents the mail rate to each of the four vance tickets last spent the money. It has been reported that the fair's cash position is short and officials soon will bt faced with j charitable countries. paying security and mainte-! o n « nance firms large amounts of Sports car fans will be inter- money for services rendered ested to know that East Africa since early in the spring. Two weeks after the i has issued four new stamps commemorating the 13th East Africa Safari Rally, one of the far in the experience "and m ost difficult of all road races. fair opened, Moses said "Nothing so knowledge of management indicates that the attendance will not be larger than last year." However, Moses said a study of the situation was under way and any "substantial change in policy" will be decided by the fair's executive committee. Last year the explosition fell about 13 million short of its 40- million attendance goal. This year, Moses forecast a 37%-million gate for the six-month season. Woman's Club Plans To Sponsor Concert ONTONAGON— The Ontonagon Woman's Club is mak i n g plans to sponsor the Joan Volek- Frederick Gersten Concert here Sunday, June 13. Miss Volek, Ontonagon's coloratura soprano, will team with her baritone husband, Gersten, for the event which should be . one of the finest ever held here. They have sung in many operas, concerts and have made many guest appearances in European countries. Historian Contributes $500,000 to Columbia NEW YORK (AP)-Dr. Allan Kevins, historian and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, has endowed a chair of history at Columbia University with a gift of $500,000. The gift was made anonymously last December, but Columbia disclosed Wednesday that Nevins was the donor. Nevins will be 75 Friday. For some 3,000 miles over a variety of terrain ranging from bad to terrible, the demands on cars and crews is so great that less than half the starters usually finish. The starting point is in Nairobi. Each stamp In this new set has the official emblem of the East Africa Safari Rally. o a a Norway honors the 20th anniversary of peace and liberation from the Nazi yoke by issuing two new stamps, reports the Norwegian Post Office. There is a surcharge on each stamp with the additional values going to Norway's war handicap? e d. The 30 ore plus 10 depicts a broken chain and a dove of peace. The 60 ore .plus 10 shows Norwegian flags. <5r 0 a Malyasia reports it will issue three stamps commemorati n g the National Mosque being built In Kuala Lumpur, Its capital. Also soon to be issued by Malaysia are triangular stamps showing monuments built to hail their fight against communism and one stamp for the new international airport which will accommodate the world's largest jets. candidates will be held and lunch wil be served after the meeting. At a special ^neeting here May 17, with Norman Perand e r presiding, officers were elec ted lor the ensuing year as follows: Junior past president, Norman Perander; worthy president, Erwin Sirvio; worthy vice pr e s i- dent, Bert Heikkinen; secretary, Francis A. Rebo; treasurer, Francis Neuman; chaplain, William E. Burgess; conductor, Henry Thompson; inside guard, Ray Hales; outside guard, Frank Lindberg; trustee, three years, Charles Koski. Installation of officers will be held June 14 at the regu 1 a r meeting. Fire Causes $150,000 Damage to Warehouse DETROIT (AP) — Fire caused an estimated $150,000 damage Sunday night to a Love Bros. Inc. warehouse. The five- alarm fire burned out the first floor of the warehouse and damaged the second and third floors. WHY WAIT? ... FILL-UP NOW! lf$ not too early to fill that coal bin for next winter with High grade, low ash, oil treated "clock coal". A Summer Oil Fill Will Prevent Rust & Condensation in Your Tank. TUflU flTV CIIEI I If IH VI I I rllCl M2-M02 323 8. Lowell St. MM. Jet. Kangtry. Prop. the Eagles Hall. Initiation of new nan:ese sup p lies and that way it SEATO NATIONS The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization is composed of t h e United States, Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Pakistan and Thailand. wouldn't be another isolated American gift." The Army compiled excerpts from his Viet Nam letters in a 12-page booklet, "The Line is Drawn." This and other mementos adorn the farmhouse apartment: a Purple Heart and other medals, framed behind glass. A portrait of the West Point cadet. A snapshot of the captain in Viet Nam, a sub-machine gun casually held in one hand. A fat scrapbook. They keep alive the memory for Barbara Spruill and her two children, Mark, 8, and Elisabeth, 5. On the wall hangs a work of Vietnamese art, lacquered wood, sent to her by the colonel on behalf of his people. The villagers also erected a stone monument on the spot where the jeep was blasted. It bears the names of the victims, the date and the words, "Well done. Be thou at peace." Money often becomes a substitute symbol of masculine vigor, especially in men past the age of 40. When a husband grows platonic in his marriage, he may try to regain control of his wife's devotion by holding on to the purse strings very tightly. In psychiatry, we often equate miserliness with a platonic sex life in husbands. For a man who is full of masculine virility is likely to be generous both with love as well s money. Conversely, a husband who is approaching the platonic stage, s likely to be a miser with both ove and money! When husbands enter the male climacteric (counterpart of the eminine menopause), they prout some or all of these clas sical symptoms: (1) They may start drink i n g iquor to excess. (2) They drive their car reck essly and may actually state hey hope a tire blows out as hey take, a curve (suic i d a urge). (3) They become miserly with words of praise and, inst e a c ,hey go out of their way to find ault. They are overly critic a 1 both of their wife as -well a heir children. (4) They become "w o r r ji warts" about their health a n shop around from one physician o another, taking pills day and stingy with their wives! Women, if you want a generous husband, then rememb e r hat you must Insure h i m against impotence via your ss- ductive allure. So send for my booklet "How ;o Prevent Platonic Husbands," Dnclosing a long stamped, return envelope, plus 20 cents. Feed your mate plenty of gastric as well as erotic calories and he will purr contentedly through your Golden Wedding Day. make way -rfhe Your own' brand of jeans! The name's Maverick*! Lean, long took. Right in tune with today's tempo. Styled for the young and lively life. Maverick for her in denim blue, black, wheat, faded blue and white. Regular jeans and knee pants, too. 8 to 18. Maverick jeans for him in denim bluejjlack, wheat, loden green. 27 to 42. Al I i n fine fabrics Sanforized*' for shrink-resistance. $2.98 to $3.98. Maverick jeans for all. Ducleaux Clothing, Ewen; Wampum Shop, Mercer; Muskatt's, Ontonagon. Wagar's Apparel, Ontonagon; (Always write to Dr. Crane in care of this newspaper, enclos- ig a long stamped, addressed envelope and 20 cents to cover typing and printing costs when you send for one of his booklets.) (Copyright by the Hopkins Syndicate, Inc.) ment, death or disability, Hosch said. The program is financed by the social security tax paid by employes, employers and self- employed persons. Most of the persons drawing benefits are retired workers, their wives and children. Benefits are also paid to disabled workers and the i r families and to surviving widows and children of decea s e d workers. The average monthly benef i t paid in the State of Michi g a n increased from $85.09 in December 1963 to 85.71 in December 1964. The average mont h 1 y rate paid in the nation wai $77.57. The Northeastern and North Central States continue to have the highest average retirement benefit with the lowest oc Banquet Held For Athletes ONTONAGON — The a n nual banquet for Ontonagon athletes their fathers, varsity cheerleaders, coaches and school board members was held Tuesday evening at the school cafeteria. The meal was cooked by school personnel and served by the "B' f squad cheerleaders. Grace was ed by senior athlete, Martin Domitrovich, and Principal James Webber served as TO as- ;er of ceremonies. Guest speaker for the evening was Guido Connelli, trainer at Northern Michigan Universl t y , Marqutte. Connelli compared life to a game of football, with the backfield composed of the virtues of faith, hope and charity. The speaker noted that the goal posts are the gates to heaven and the only referee Is God. The speaker was'Well received by the 120 persons in attendance. Football and Track Coach Richard Koski and basketball Coach David Tucker gave the h i g h- lights of the OHS sport season with some of the prospects for the 1965-66 years. USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS SAW SONS TAKE OFFICE The fathers of four U. 8. presidents lived to see their sons take office: John Quincy Adams, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge and John F. Kennedy. "All I said was? Show me a filter that realty delivers taste and 111 eat my hat." TRY NEW LUCKY STRIKE FILTERS His Honor's'65 Ford eeeeee rides quieter than His Lordshipls Rolls-Royce In certified tests '65 Fords rode quieter than a Rolls-Royce.* Bmt we invite you to judge the new Ford for yourself. Visit your Ford Dealer. Take a no-obligation test drive. You won't find Ford offering the rare handcraftcd luxuries of a Rolls-Royce, but you will find a hushed ride and solid feel you never expected in a popular-priced car ... proof of Ford's deep-down quality. New Quality • 100% new body- strongest ever on a Ford. Frame tunes out irritating road vibration • New suspension pots a big ultra- soft coil spring at each wheel New Luxury LTD's • Decorator interiors, thick nylon carpeting • Wal- nutlike vinyl inserts on doors and instrument panel • Rear-seat center arm rests, five ash trays (4-door hardtops), padded instrument panel New Power • Big, new 289-cu. in. V-8 standard in XL's and LTD's • New BIG SIX—biggest Six in any car, standard on other Galaxie and Custom models Visit your Ford Dealer soon! •Leading acoufttctri coenMuit* < twte in which 1965 Fords (Gakxfe SO* Sedan, XL and LTD Hardtops) with at- c«. in. V-8 engines and automatic traMBfe dons rode quieter than a new Rolb-Rojra. Tests were certified by the U.S. Aeto Oeh. Test Drive Total Performance *6S Best year yet to go Ford! FORD MOE WALT DISNCVS MAGIC SKYWAY *T IMC FORO MOTOR OOMPMtV MVIIKM. NCW VOW WO*tD*S MM 1965 Fort >5MLTD4-DoerHef«oe Save Now at Your Ford Dealer's Red, White and Blue Sale! BESSEMER AUTO CO. •ESSEMift, MICH. EWEN MOTOR CO., INC. IWIN, MICH. LABYAK MOTOR SALES, INC. ONTONAOOM, MICH. •'

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