The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 17, 1948
Page 13
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THURSDAY, .JUNK 17. I'M* • °°W , W. Wnek . 17 —(UP) ^°e e ii 11 lm- 1 .rt" S | k '! 1Cd - i< ' Ul 15olht ' is ! WASHINGTON, Jnne 17. ~IU1>> ™4 Of rmnU 'T" Wht! " » ~ SlX mliSC1 ' S <" '>>« *"»»"•= "«t hose in a nS' > C °f1 *T S " rolie «''» ">'-"< e S«»»"« traiiiliw trips lo °oVr-,r, .,i '.^ """ c '™»«d Nov« Scolla. Newfoundland and '"'?" cnl "''ViiiK 18 miners. Bermuda. Tlie cruisers will give Water RntwT'i , Wa ? kle " tificli >« ! 3.<W5 enlisted and 245 officer reserve moor,vu?n W " r ' W ' Vll ' ll)crsoullt!l two Wl ' eks " f t™l»his. n~, lhc cnr ra ''WK the .The fust cnilscr will leave Norfolk 111 c "' ' Va., Sund'ny. Committee Okays TEW Housing Bill Buf House Members Strip Two Senate- Approved Provisions By Rex Chanty UnUril I'ress Shift Coi respondent WASHINGTON, June 17. iUl'l Tin. 1 House Banking Committee fu- day approved by a 15 to 11 vole a housing hi!! stripped of I ho eon- Uovt-rsLal public housing and slum clearance leiitnres t)l the Tufi-Kl- k'nder-U'ayKcr nieastire. Tlie Bi.nhiilK Committee, in n;>- lirovniK the new housing hill without the most controversial provisions of the Senate-approved TEW measure, reversed an earlier decision, The Banking Committee on a II to 1:1 vole last week approved a bill with the public housing and .slum clearance provisions in it. Thai bill was table;! und, in i-lled. killed uy the House Rules Committee ye.ster- May Hy-1'asK Hulrs Group Nanking Commntee CJhatrm/l Je.v>e P. WolcDlt, H., Mich., told reporters the. new housing; bill w.ll be con.sidyrtcl uy the House under :. .sn;,|H'!:.siou ol the rules procedure today or lomoraw. Under this prn- Li'Uuie, (he hjll will not huve lo clou- through the itules Conmiii.- lee. The bill will refjuire, however, a uvo-lhnds aftirmauve vote by thi; House to ji. /™ from MAYROSE TEST KITCHEN BACON & CHEESE TWINKLES W SERVINGS! 6 slices bread 9 slices Mayrose Bacon 12 thin slices Mayrose American Cheese ToiSl bicjd on on: side and [urn. Place t\\o dun slices of chccic on eaiji plctc of brcaj Cut c.uh slice of bacon in [wo. Place three iulf slices of bacon on lop ol cheese. Broil stov.'ly to ctisp bacon and niclc cheese. Serve hot with pickle ictish U desired, '^l^y"' 1 '^ vAKK.) COUUIKR NIC Good Knives Prevent Waste UJ IJUC. Ji, liMJ, aIKI .SOLS tip H fit'C- ondarv housing mortgage market HI 1 h(> H.^r-nn^l i-iirHnn TT'imi r *r-rt f*i>,-!-, L. ^iA •!"•••-' The ricK* Many ho»i« rxptu-ts suy tin- weH- , RQiiLppLUl kitchen noi-ds nL !«\ six pk'^cif of cuilciy — ]>tu'iiiK hnliV, i bi'ciul knife, tarvi-r, iiiilhy sliwr. iniii; fork ami .stmi peninn «U'el, Tlu 1 : I Associated CiUIcry industiirs of lAincrk'ii jwiia out huii tiurhiK Utc wi\r out inotallurKlc ri i .s* i nrch dr- 1 vrlopc<i Uic fitwtil qtialUy steel, i which is unv, 1 beiiin used [in Ainpr- • tc:ui t:\iUoi\ r . r'oi' oilnis fruit pvirpimilLim, th* 1 rlj^lit knile s»vi\s tiinr, ii]>|K';uiuict' nnd the fnilt Itself. l-\n~ (-xnniplc, with gmpcTi'Liit, one "swipe" of tfie utiiily Jtntfc and Uic urnpi'^ , fruit l.s liuh'L'd, clprtn, sinootli tmd ' ready_ IQ serve "HS Is"—or, 1C you ' wmn to serve half n grapefruit wllh a profe.ssionnl look nnd lor more j convenient c;\Ung, use OIR inirved , grapefruit, knife to cut nrotind Hie i outer cdKC nnd mound tho nilddln I "core" to remove it, r;i,siJy Then |C»L from center lo outer «!(•« bei ttt'cen cacli section. »f cllriu fruit, For ftihulti or i rlJ u L .up p to n-'t .stncxjlh wholi" .seijiiient.s, ped thp -skin [nun thn unnipfrnlt willi u (inrliiK knife, cuuinn di'irp cnoui:)i lo remove ull tlio v-hlln nu'iuljuine with the skin, -rht'ii st'imriii« tbo .seciion^ am) nc'-l elciiti. ((Hin scivtnjt) One medium V;0cnrij\ oninjie, 1 titblt-spotm slneddi'd C(KOIHH <dry or jm>iM i. .Sllrc or dice (tin pci'li-d oranuf. Sprtnkh- or mix \M(]I ntcuittil. chill and .serve Jnn<« Anihrosla Six Valencia orunBPfi. '-j t-ui) shredded c.ovoiuit. '2 banaims. l cup stniwliej-iles, \ u up sugar or a lu- b]e.s;KK>ns hont'v. Dice the onni^e."; wltJ» Almin knife. Slice the tjitiiium.s. Add Hie S'rsc'ctcnitin fttid nu-oinn. Nilx unit cover with slrawlunTlt'fl. Chill be- Windstorm Hits Little Rock; One Death Reported (Hy I!,tilt a rrrM) Arkansas hreiitlnM cooler uli with relief loday s |t«r Ihe Summer's Intest heal wave w»s broken by heavy rainfall ami avert wind: wlilcli le.vulled In r xtcnslvr pro]i-' rrty damage »nd »t least one dentil ye.sterday. Charles Oober, A .'Ift-year-rAl llenslcy niRti, was drowned In Ihe Arkansas idi'f-r about u , m l,, f i Southwest of Little Rock while at- 1 templliiK In save hl.i wlnd-uuffclrd i molorlKial. oolicr and a rompnn-1 tun. Frederick r'lnnlKim of 1,11 tie' PAGE THIRTEEN 1 peelally for Imcfc crop* and (rultj. I'he slonn ami widespread rains moved In from the Northwest, hlt- 'Inft iitlore noon »l Bcntonvillr, Sprlnnd«le and lingers. nentonville reiwrled one of Ihe oil"* 1 , *'i" ( ' i""' e ' Cc: ' I '' c ' !l1 "lorim 11 lecoru und a lotal of 1.87 Inches Of mln. A severe fire In * tjar»gc »«r Bentonvllle WM bwufjhi under control by the dly fire deiiiulmenl. i.|)rlii8<J.ilc r<..,x«.t c<1 lennwrary disruptions In telephone ami dec- ! trie service „» wind uprooted trees and blew down power llnei. At Darilnuellc, one horn* wi\ by"!ii'f ""'""'"H »'«' damaged Al lUrrlson. a slutni lejnperalure drop was reported when high »-i.irU I mid ruin struck the c i|y I many report* of wind \ signs, trees, plate and wires. Including windows »i the tttU e»pitoT . You to | The i Accessory Shop ; F«mlnin« Apparel > Hogan Jewic Srlt* i Hotel Noble RMg ! Kl.vlhevill*, Ark. ! Hie Heconstrncllon Finance. Corp. Tile bill contains an accelera;ccl depixviaiion piovi.sion nzulej' which ihe bnihlei-^ ol new apartment houses und other nmUiple dwelling units can cuaige of! lor Ux purposes up to 50 per cent of depioi-i- I :)t:oji in (he lim five year.s. This is clone at a rate of 10 per cent a ye.i.'. compared with ttie present rale of 1 1-2 per cent. Kiwanis Club Members ] Get Convention Reports } J. M. Cleveland and Tommy , Little, Jr.. who attended the Kij wauis International Convention in '• Los Angeles last v;e<?k, reported on j the convention to (he local Khvanis i Club nt their mcctinf at the Hotel ; NobJe yesterday at noon. ' While at the convention Mr. Cleveland served us assistant, scr: geatit at arms. j Principal addresses were made by James A. Farley and Governor Earl j Warren ot California, and Mr. Llt- . tie. who reported on the addresses that both were concerned with Hie growth or communism in the United States. Alex of Chattanooga, Tenn., and Cecil Wei.sel or Virginia were guest.'; of the Kiwanians. Head Courier Newt WHIH Ads. „ REMINDER: IM T h • n a m e I "MAYROSE" high• i r quality meat produdi, juch aj . . .- M a y (o i« Sliced Beff, May and Mayrote Ready-S«rv* Ham. Ask For Ihem by nom« . . . MAYROSF Good News Ahoul o Greul flew Suds Discover> Tra your hands! Tr.KN'n is neutral. Il contains no alkali, nn ac!'.l. For mildness, coinpiircTUKMJ with even your favorite complexion soaiv It's easy on your hands. THKND tobies ymr hands! Trend cuts dishwashing time in half! Class- wave, dishes drain sparkling dry without wiping... even in hardest, coldest water. No sneeze powder. Nodishpan ring. Trend is sofer than the mildest soap for fine laundry! Sheerest nylons rinse out deanly, last longer. \Voolenscomcout fluffy, new- lookinjr- Brightens colors, t«). Made by the makers of PUREX SPECIAL BARGAIN AT VOUR 6ROCE& NOW 16-Yeor-Old Girl Escapes from Man Who Held Her Prisoner in Swamp FAYETTHVlI.l.K. N. C.. June 17. + lUPt — A blonde tcen-it^ed covered with the scars of bcuthiRs I today how » nmn who risked l " c told olid ™n- .. '"f... , , „ , . ' f Uo . ^ l11 ' .'"•""'''dors. *™ '"* " }m ?"*"» t™'"'"R c "' , " * 7'"" . fo , r . sni ." c ^ <* f « m ' n • ! ' " le lu>0(1(!ri " 1 "" ! te "',' Ult '' r , t , CU """ Ilw " V:( '' 1 « 1 " >C " )i! " L "' J "" e ' J ' Read Courier News Want Ads. nds nf iijihnvful She ui-Rcil that lTcV\o"mMrri»i»^lcw''lie7'iirlsonw! of tllC , "!T h m. '!'"' 1whilc - rol « 1 ' 1 1» a rlepp »»•«„,„ f,,,- n ,,,onth, feed- !" 0 .'!" !'. c ulcutlr >« 1 »'«! tonight, to inK her only roots and berries. Slxtccn-ycar-olcl Benin Mae Mason ran s^reanilnR from Hie swanni yesterday. She was found by a Negro woman ;vho fed her. Officers .said she was badly beaten nnd her sti«hl back was covered! with livid welts. Her llj>s were) hnilsed badly nnd her body scratched j from her wild flight tlirotiKli Uic I thick damp reaches of Hosklns' swamp. I Deputy Sheriff Dave McNeill snld I Benin told him she lett home about! a mouth KKO with Norman Heard,! HI. when lie asked her lo marry Ishn. ^ The officer quoted her as saying Beard led her Into the mnrsh, beul her and kept her a prisoner. i An assault warrant was sworn out 1 for Beard. Officers said they be-' llftved he was still hiding in Ihe swamp and a search would Ije be- ' gnu today. i Beula said she hadn't eaten a meal In two days when she fled from Beard. Dossie Burns, a Negro 1 SERVE RiCEUND RlCEoftcnl Save on your food budget! pans. But mostly all they had were berries and roots which the man gathered around the dank pools and fens of the lonely swamp. She weighed nboui 90 pounds, officers said. Probes Sought In Raid on Negro Girl Scout Camp MONTGOMERY. Ala., June 17 — (UPi— Federal and slate govern Dient officials were asked today to look into » raid ou a Ncs;ro Girl Scout camp by men wearing hoods and masks resembling of the KurKlux Klan. Oov. James E. Folsom snld h« would ask Attorney Gen. A. A. Car mlchacl lor a full report on the incident, in which masked men en. tercd the sleeping qnarlers of two white (,'irl instructors at the camp and warned them to %el oul. Folsom described the Incident as "very, very unfortunate." In New York, the national direr- lor of (he Girl Scovils nskpd U. S. Attorney Gen. Tom Clark lo I lives - tigate the raid. Mrs. Vail] Rittenhonse asked Clark lo make, the invrslination "on ^ '^ >J jto& % cosrt^ °$m i^-vr* ^ c * Arkansas Hire flrowfrs Co-op. Assn, Slultjarl, 7J!V»^ At CITY SUPER MARKET PATTON'S MILK in the carton Pasteurized, Qr 20c Homogenized, Qf 22c No deposit! No returns MEAT VALUES <}tmlilv BEEF ROAST Kinrtloss, Sliced BACON Top Qtiiililv (.'oiiiilry SAUSAGE Delicious Lean HAMBURGER (.'oUarje CHEESE PRODUCE No. 1 Hed POTATOES 9 WATERMELONS CANTALOUPES PLUMS Ih California OR ARSES 1K ,, 59 GROCERIES SUGAR .'1 I,arg« or (i Small- PET MILK 5 Or.. Tin SHRIMP Monarch TEA I'nrple Hull PEAS 4749- 25' u CITY SUPER MARKET 109 Main —W« Dtliver- Phenc n°X°£> i^v- Aaordinary•vs'as'hdress4||nowcosts $3.21 _ broadcloth shirb ^ $335- a sliest [J$2.7l _ 50, if 70 jLj!• want to save on expenses, save ^ur fabrics! (above 4 lowest prices 12 leading U.S. department stores) . 7k« nt,. «AII OQMl (?. p ;«j. , mtloll 110 „ '.o,i«,l I, ,i. r.-d L>aly)li:AUlVHATII for r-.;t:r.?i'.s. Pinw: 'a sicei^t * THi COmfiOUED 'ACTION BIXACH on -rdnoir. Spread wi:h i«t cloth. \VJpe sink ar.a stove ctumel vitli same . Rinse. Mal«s youv

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