The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on May 11, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 11, 1894
Page 12
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Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report, Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE DAILY AND WEEKLT. ALL HOME PRINT. THE 8KNTINGL Is tbe only newspaper In Cat- roll county that Is printed all at home and It con•Ins more local and county news than any other two papers ID this county. POWERS &COLOLO, Props. FRIDAY, MAX 11, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Visit Moore's shoe store. Onion sets at the green house. Winter wheat flour .at KempkerS & Coolidge's. Call at Martin & Olovis' for Olidden barbed wire. Paints, Oils and Brushes at J. W. Hattou's. Workmen are employed on the sewer from the county jail. Tested garden seeds in bulk at the green house East Fifth street. ' For Sale—140 acre farm, $38 per acre. €. E. Reynolds, Carroll, Iowa. Case & Huber threehera and engines at Woodward, Diokey & Oo.'a. Diseases of the eye, ear, throat and noee. Dr. 0. L. Wright, Carroll. G. W. Wattles, of Omaha, was in the >city Monday transacting business. Mrs. A. N. Harding and Miss Mamie Trate spent Wednesday at Sioux City. Transplanted plants, cabbages, tomatoes etc., at the Carroll Green House. Money to loan on real estate at 6 per cent. C. E. Reynolda, Carroll, Iowa, Diseases of wpmen and children a specialty. DH. B. C. KELLEY, Carroll, la. Vava Cooke has returned home after spending the winter in Nashville, Tenn. Ejlipse and Grain wind mills, pnmpe and tanks at Woodward, Diokey & Oo.'e. Ira Gilley arrived in the city Tuesday evening for a short visit with his parents Read Nockels & Guam's ad and then you will know where to buy your clothing. Diao harrows and Diso oultiyators at bottom 'prices at Woodward, Diokey & Oo.'e. Beach & Hoy t are busy house cleaning. They are at work putting their office in repair. Mrs. O. T. Wadsworth was visiting Wednesday with Mrs. C. W. Adams of Breda. Champion and Standard mowers, and Champion binders at Woodward, Diokey & Oo.'e. Choice new maple sugar. Fresh made, guaranteed pare. MOLAOAN & SOHU- MAOHBH. Frank Butler was in the city Wednesday for a short time on his way to Chicago. Try our canned goods, tbe prices and quality will suit you. MoLACUN & UonUMAOHCR, Mrs, Nellie Hunter left 'for Carnavon Wednesday to visit for a few days with her brother's family. Tho family of John Guild arrived in the city Saturday and are now residents of the second ward. Fancy and staple groceries of all kinds at Keuipker & Martin's, ilrst door west of Wethorill & Guam's. H. W. Macomber and W. T. Mineuon are having new cement walks placed in front of their residences. The libraiy is now supplied with a fine copy of "The Prince of India," the gift of Air. Ben. Woodward. Lirge etoek ot carnages, surreys phaotona, buggies and spring wagons at Woodward, Diokey & Oo.'fl. Oat prices ou flour are right, suite everybody, give it a trial and you will ooroe back to tbe Yellow front for more, For good bargains in groceries and fruits and decorated ware, go to Kcuip- kor & Coolldgo's. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Mail and Mrs. K Uonkling took a drive across tho county to Coon liapids Wednesday. Quito u number from this point tool advantage ot tho low rates made to lam lookers to make a visit west. (Should the city council fix the liceun at |70Q us it will probably do,f 400 would go to tho city and f BOO to tho county Tom BoycO'ls now engaged in painting All tho wood work ou SB. I'oiur am Paul's church and is doing a neat job. Bycidos must; keep in the middle of th road after thu and let the plodding pub lie luive exclusive uso of the sidewalks Tho ball gauio ttunday botwn-u tu Blurs und the employes of '!"• «ho factory resulted 0 to 10 iu favor "f th Btnrs. I, N. Griffith has been coufluud t<> .home for tho past week wlthrheuinii' -m lie had been feeling pretty woll for >» u iluie slow hla ruturu from the iiolBptm but when he was vaccinated the old rouble returned and has been unusually minful. Henty Winter, of Glidden, was in the city Monday and on his visit around the ;ity with old friends remembered this (See. Delegates to the state meeting of the Order of United Workmen passed trough the city Monday enroute for Sioux City. Charley's colts are out on the ball rounds practicing eyery afternoon get- ing in shape for their Sunday game with Boone. Geo. Frazier, of Breda, was in the city Wednesday on his way home from fevada, where he has been visiting with is relatives. The Circle of King's Daughters has urned over to the library fund forty- ve dollars, the proceeds of the "Temple f Fame" entertainment. George and Mabel Bailey and Mrs. rlaggie Westlund left Wednesday as elegates to the R. Y. P. U. convention which is being held at Denison. Adelphian Quartette at the Baptist hurch May 17. under the auspices of IB Clio club for the benefit of the pubic library. Admission 85 cents. For sale or rent—A blacksmith and wagon shop with tools, well located in Carroll, Iowa. For particulars call on or rite W. R. Lee, Carroll, Iowa. Chase & Sanborn teas and coffees were sed exclusively on the World's fair rounds, selected for their superior nality. Sold only by Merchant. To exohange,flae Bet double breast color driving harness tor good young milk nw. Eugene Monson, driving park. 522* Wm. Trowbridge left Monday for ocahoutas county on a business trip. [e went across the country and took ith him several buggies, wagons and orses. The fire laddies were somewhat dis- ppointed in not getting the assistance ley tsked from the city to enable them o attend the state tournment next month t Iowa Cily. Farmers' Mutual Hail Insurance for owa. Tbe safest, surest and cheapest nsnranoe known. For particulars ad- ress tbe county agent J. 0. Sobwaller, lalbnr, Iowa. There appears to be seme mitunder- landing regarding the payment of city axes so the clerk informs us and says hat they are payable half in labor and he other half cash. Merchant wants you to call at his tore and see how few goods yon can uy for five dollars. Leave your sacks and jaskete at home, but put a double box n your sled or wugon. The ordinance prohibiting bycicles ou lie sidewalk in the central portion of he city will not be relished by the raternity, but to tbe ordinary pedestrian t will be welcomed news. Jerry Lucoy has rented the blacksmith hop formerly run by Fred Franzwa, and s at work there having taken possession Tuesday. Jerry is a first class smith and we hope to see him do well. John Schroeder, a former resident ot Arcadia, but recently of Nebraska, was n the city Monday and informed us that bo was again located at Arcadia engaged u the general merchandise business. The celebrated stallions, Docius Logan and Royal Phallas, will make the season of 1894 ut homo just north of the city imits, Carroll, Iow«. Terms, $10 to insure colt three days old. A. Docius. Tho purchasing committee of the public library would like to have ticket loldors suggest the titles of books not now in the library, to assist in making selections for an order which is to bo sent soon. This is suspender and cuff and collar week at JUiuchon's clothing house. Special low prices will be offered on tlwse goods during the week. Do not fail to Bee the lluu display of these goods iu their window. It will soon be spring weather and you will need good footwear, as this is a time whern money should not be wasted in worthless goods, you will find it beet to take a little time and look at Moore's line before you buy. Tho Y. M. C. A. hat ordered tho furn- ituro for their rooms and carpenter* are now ut work putting in tho baths and making other needed improvements. The rooms will bo ready for occupancy iu u couple of weeks. J. M. Drcos and wife loft Tuesday for Denver to be absent a wook or ton days. Mrs. Drees has gono to too how the climate a groos with her. During thoir absence Mm. Adiuu, of Charter Oak,will huvu charge of the children. 11. 10. Beach returned homo lust even- iiig to remulu for tho nuiuuior vacation. Judge (Joldsuiith hu« completed bin labors for this year uud ho and his reporter will enjoy a vacatlou uutill court convenes again ttiis fall. Their work wilt begin at thin pines on the 3tith of August. Hatty will spend the greater portion of the summer on transcript work an he baa a large amount of it to do. Mayor Parsons is considerable of a Grover Cleveland man himself, for ht swears by the eternal that if a resolution is passed by the city council fixing the saloon license at $700 that it will have to be done over his veto. Kelley's men took to water Wednesday tnd are now floating down tbe Dee Hoines river on 150 flat boats. The people of Des Moines were pleased to get rid of them and started them down the river with two days' rations. Frank Neuerburg moved Monday to his new home in Calhouu county near Auburn, where he has bought a farm and will make his future home. We dislike to see such good citizens as Mr. Keuerberg leave Carroll county. The Carroll Stars have arranged f »r a game of ball with Boone to be played on the home grounds next Sunday, May 13. The Boone team is a strong one and it is the intention to strengthen the home team and a good game can be looked for. . Recorder Heires has just completed, placing a plat of Albertson's first addition to the city of Carroll on record. The addition comprises four blocks in the northwest part of the city. Mr. Albert- gen will build and the remainder will be placed on the market. A lady at Tooleys, La., was very sick with bilious colic when M. O. Tisler, a prominent merchant of the town.gave her a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. He says she was well in forty minutes after taking the first dose. For sale by J. W. Hatton, druggist. Members of the school board and city council have developed a bad habit of late of casting their votes without con. suiting our esteemed contemporary. This is highly reprehensible and "our esteemed" should let down on them before the thing becomes chronic. 0 At a meeting of the directors of the Building and Loan association Tuesday nineteen loans were passed upon amounting to 97150. Allthe loans were made outside of the county, but one. The association still continues to grow •nd tbe business is steadily increasing. The time of the arrival of tbe Audubon train has been changed to 12:55 and the time of departure is 2:10. This gives a lay over here of one hour and a quarter thus giving sufficient time for parties coming from the south to do consider, able trading and return the same day. An amply illustratedcharacter sketch of Louis Kossuth appears in the May Review of .Reviews. Besides portraits of Kossuth at various stages in hla career, there are several reproductions of rare prints, representing battle scenes in the Hungarian revolution, which were suppressed at the time. Straws simply show which way the wind blows at the time of making the observation and as the wind ia liable to change there U no rticular significance to be attached to any local observation. Just so it is with straw ballots they are also liable to change any time. You must see the best to buy it. It is a wrong plan to buy first and look afterwards and kick vourself when you find that you could h«we done better ' if- vou had seen L. T. Anderson's sewing machines, harness, saddles, trunks and other goods. l-4t Wo are in receipt ot a copy of the premium list for the state fair for 1804, to bejheld at Des Moines from August 31 to September 7. It is tho aim of the efflcers of the association to make this year's fair one of high merit and of unusual interest The premium list offers special attractions and will no doubt attract a flue display of Iowa products. Our atook ia complete, goods first quality, popular prices. Tbe tariff or silver bill outs no figure with ue. Don't think because we don't button hole you on the street and beg you to trade with us, we don't want your trade. We dc.'aut think yon are wiee enough to choose tbe best place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MKltOHANT. The Review of Reviews for May supple ments its monthly "Record of Currem Events" with advance announcements of the great conventions and summer schools of 1801. Much information is given whicl will prove useful to all who expect to at tend any of the numerous gatherings to be hold In tbe country during tho next five months. Tho gkme of ball at Donisoa Friday between the Carroll Stars and tho Don! son club resulted disastrously for the Stars. The boys did all they could bit wore unable to gain a position at any time. They wero cleverly outclassed Tho score stood 18 to 0 iu favor of Deni son player*. Our boys urn uot dls couraged and will try them again in a week or so. Wednesday tho tennis club played il first game on tbe now frouudi. The club hu« two courts which are uaed beside three private courts. Ou Tuesday* an Fridays tho club courli will be used ant be other evenings the members ot the lub will use the other courts by assignment. The new grounds are all thnt fin be required, as they are in first class ondition. With the energy .with which uese players are starting in at Ike prac- Ice games It Will be surprising If there ,re not some good players in owr city lefore tbe season closes. Friend Florencourt more fully realizes very day that he has been deceived by hose who were pretending tobe friends of lis only to use him for a selfish purpose; nd we say again IB we did some weeks ago that he is the victim of a designing rowd of disgruntled politicians and we are sorry for him. Take a friend's advice and shake them before it is too late or you will be sorry. Last Friday Mr. W. H, Gray, the genial and popular agent for the Western Re- vewible Road Graders, together with he officers of Carroll township, operated i grader two miles west of town to the intire satisfactton ot ererygone who witnessed it, after which the trustees ettled for it. Let the good work go on. rhere is no question, but what Mr. Gray s an expert in operating hie graders. Chas. Wegner, of Auburn, was in the city making arrangements for the funeral of his little girl, who died Friday, after eleven weeks of suffering with spinal meningitis, Tbe funeral took place Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at Auburn and the little one was buried in the emetery at Grant City, a large number of sorrowing friends and relatives folio w- ng the remains to the grave. Tbe kind invitation extended to us to deliyer the address on Decoration day IBS been declined as it was imposiible 'or ui to comply. We understand, however, that Hungerford has arranged a program with his friends, Dug Boynton and Billy Smith, and that a genuine oratorical treat is promised for that occasion. Nightly rehearsals are being held n the basement so as not to disturb tbe police. When the captain ot the Stars returned borne Friday evening he, found bis room draped in mourning. The boys quietly took a sneak up the alleys When hey «ot off the train, not caring to explain bow it was done. But Charley declared nextmorning that the, "empire" was against his club and that the Deni- sons played a pitcher from St. Louis and of course he could not win. But bow was it that none of you crossed the home base for a single run? The Adelphian Male Quartette concert company will appear at tbe Baptist church Thursday evening. May 17, under he auspices of the Clio club. The 'male quartette will be assisted by Miss Lilian 'base, a. celebrated elocutionist, and Miss Ethelyn King, pianist. These two adieu could by themselves furnish a first :lass entertainment, but when their choice numbers are intermingled with those of one of the finest male quartettes >cforethe public, the effect is one of tbe keenest pleasures to all who hear it. The Herald says, "if the council does not reconsider its action on $700 license tbe statement of consent will be knocked higher than Gilroy's kite." That's where it should be knocked anyway. While we signed it, we thought it was a farce nnd a humbug from beginning to end and the Herald says the prohibitionists who signed it should now retaliate by going to the auditor's office and withdrawing thoir names. That's what we are in favor of and we are not prohibitionists either, but will accompany any such movement and blot our name from sued a questionable document as this petition appears to bo. SALOON LICENSE. Tbe city council took a vote Monday at ita regular meeting and the result was a surprise to those who bud been looking for the liosnee fee to be put np above tbe 81,000 notob. A ballot wue taken which stood two for $1,000 and five for 8700. A subsequent motion wus token to recou- eider the action nod a yea and nay vote called tor. This resulted tbe same, Merchant and MoNeill votiug lo reconsider and Todd, Rich, Liewer, Hoeft and Bowler voting negatively. Wm. Trowbridge was absent, but left a proxy stating that he voted for 8000. As « result of this action it is evident that tbe license will uot be placed above 8700 and may be re duced to 8000 where we think it ought to be. A license fee of 850 per mouth guarded with all Ibe technicalities of thii Martin law is plenty to throw all tbe safeguard, around tbe saloon that it ia jiosaible to comply with and any farther effort to regulate them will only tend to encourage im open disregard for tbe law us baa been tbe case during tbe poet years, Tbe idea of making the saloon reipeoi- able by giving » few* monopoly of tbe business is iu our opiuion wrong in theory, for tbe gilded Mtloon with all ol PURE bON'T ACCEPT MUTATIONS. THE PROOTER ft GAMBLE CO.. OINTt its allurements IB equally it not more dangerous than the ordinary drinking place e tidnoled in a peaceable and quiet manner. Few drunkards Blurted on their downward career in the dive or the gutter il waa the other extreme that held out the iiidaoementB that lured him on. If the cal i ion IB to be legalized there ia no right or justice in throwing th» bnei- oess in the bends of a few. It will not deoreaee tbe amount of drinkingjnor will it in any wny tend to add respectability to the btiBiti.'BB, for they are all governed by tbe en me law which legalizes their eots. Bad the license been placed at a bigb ral» it woald have closed op several drinking bonee in our city where tbe proprietors of the bars own their own honsea and depend upon the little busi- neas thej are doing to provide a living for themselves and family. A crank Awarded Highest Honors World's Pair, D*PRJCE'S taking 'owder Tb.« only 1'ure Creum of Tartar Powder.—No 4uituouia; No Alum. Ufe4 in Million* of Homes—40 Years tbe Standard legislature saw proper to piece tbe fee at 8600 which is surely high enough to «uit a liberal community like thie, wbers tbe saloon business has always flourished in spite ot the law and the sentiment of the people baa sustained them in their aote. It is estimated that with the license placed at 8700 there will be ten saloons which will pay into the city treasury 8^,000 per year, an amount equal to what is now being received and will only drive one or two out of business if any. The action of tbe council suite as all right, but t would please as still more thonld it onalade to place tbe amount at 8600 'ben it comes to paee tbe resolution fix- ng the amount as required by law. BOY ORATOR. Master George Winterbonrne, of Oliden, delivered his lecture on the "White Oily" Friday evening at the Baptist bnrch. The little orator ia only 13 ears old, but he succeeded to a remark- ble degree in entertaining bis audience. He has an exceptionally strong delivery or a lad of bis years and bis voice ie 'ear and expressive. His descriptions re in many instance* grand and won lie admiration ot tbe entire audience. Ie has also a happy way of looking at tie comical tide ot tbe many pleasing io- ideuta which were of daily occurrence at be fair and expreeaea these in snob a way as to render bis lecture Mousing aa well instructive. This) young boy baa a bright future tefore him and we trust be will realize he full fruition of tbe hopes and aspira- ions ot bib parents and friends. We eel positive that he will entertain any audience he may be placed before and bat hie hearers will not become weary of be .highly interesting description this child gives of his visit to tbe great show. We understand an effort is being made o have him repeat the lecture in oar city at no distant date and should be do so we feel certain be will meet with a kind welcome by-our citizens. PIGEON SHOOT. Tuesday eeveral of tbe sports engaged u a pigeon shoot at Miuoheu's park. The wind was quite etrong and made it mrd shooting, tor tbe birda soon got out of bonds, but tbe boya were neuny all off and tbe shooting was very "burn." The ollowing score was made at live birdu with thirty yardHriee: I'urions 8 Fred Uuuuhett 1 Dodson 6 Jcllrey 8 Jno, Kelz(!» 6 Anderwm , 8 tiui. Butiiiriiweber 'i Goo. Ua«s 4 Parsons took ttret money, Dodson aid •telzer divided second and Haas third. The eoore made shooting at clay pigeons uot much bettor than the former: Parsons 7 Jeffrey! 4 Dodnou 7 Andernou !i Belzer 0 Until 2 Parsons and Doilaon shot off for first money, Dodeon winning, Belswr took •eooud and Jeffrey third. Tim whole olub admitted that the ehoottug was tua poorest they ever did and dvmonetrat- ed that they were greatly in need of prejtioe. ___________ MAKB It 8000. We would like to «ee the question submitted to H vote ot the oitiiteimof this oitylo determine whether tbe saloon license should lie placed at 8600 or 11,000. A» tbe question ot flxiug the license was uot an iwue at the eUutiou of mayor it woald be well for him to consult the interests of bii oouutitueute and support a measure that ie ludurwd by the majority ot the oiligeue of our city. Carroll i« opposed to monopolies uud tbe oouunoatiou ol property by law. A large number ot tUww buiuble saloon aittu own tbeir properly «ud it in loo«ted when the buildings o*uuol be at«i tor »uy other purpote. Should (be license be placed BO high us to render it prohibitory to them, it would amount lo a confiscation of their' property: Theee men have been encouraged in acquiring these building* ami using them in violation ot law, supported by the liberal sentiment of our citizens, nod nowitdoM not seem right, nimpty baonneo the law often an'opportunity, tor the city author- ties to forcibly take from these men Ibe means whereby they support tbeir fami- liue, to turn thrfpurt ot a highwayman and rob them of tbeir rights guaranteed to them under tbe law, simply because they cannot afford to buy oat tbe law M, a few can, who will in nowise conduct the business in a more respectable way.' We make no plea tot the saloon, for BO far as we are concerned we have no use (or them, bat HH « question of simple justice to those who »ro engaged in tbe business and cannot retire from it without a great sacrifice to »hem»nlves, which they are nnabln to make, wo say the license should be placed at 8600. The Superiority Of Hood's Sarenparlllu Is due to the tromenni- ous amount o£ brain work and constant care used In Ita preparation. Try one bottle and you will bo convinced ot its snperorltr. It parities the blood which Is tho source of health, cures dyspepsia, overcomes sick headaches and bllllousness. It Is Just the medicine (or you. Hood's pills are the b<s8t after dinner pills, assist digestion, cure hcftdnche. Try abox. Pigeons Wanted. I want 500 good live pigeons during tbe month of May at ten cents each. E. M. Parsons. 24t WANTED. To bnv some potatoes at MoLsgan ft Schumacher's. WANTED. An active agent ia each county in tbe United States, to solicit subscriptions for the Twice-n -Week Republic. A liberal commission will be paid to bustlers. Address, superintendent circulation, The Republic, St. Louts, Mo. For Sale. I offer my farm situated in section 9, Washington township, for sale. For farther particulars addreee 38-6m ERNEST DBABBIH, Aroadin, Carroll Oonnty, luwa. Notice. My laud office ia now over the first door south ot tbe poetoffioe. P. M. GCTHBIB. All parties owing me must call and settle either by cash or note. WM. TitowniUDOK. Foil SALE. A well improved farm adjoining tbe city limits of Breda. A uooci barn 50x80, a two story house 20x30, good L r a caries 30x30 and other good out buildings. THOMAS BUKNS, Breda, (a'. CHEAP EXOUK8ION8. On Way 8th and 2Uth Hit North- t Line will sell Home-Hookers' Excursion tickets to potato in north western Iowa, western Miilnesotn, North Dakota, South Dakota, Manitoba, Nt'uniska, Colorado, Wyoming. Utuli, Idaho und Montana at exceedingly low rntes ror tlio round trip. TheHo tlclcutb will bo Koud for return pas- ange within thirty rtuys from tluto of Rale and will allow stop-over privileges on go- Ing trip in territory to which ticlci'ts are sold. For UcliutH und full iiil'oniuiion apply to aborts C'hleiife'o & Northwestern Uailway. __ ' Notloe. To whom It may concern : 1. Geo. Sol/.ci-, huruLiy that 1 am engaged in manufacturing, bottling and welling , soda water, minimi! waturu, ginger ale, cider, birch bum- uud wlno cream ut Carroll, (u Carroll county, liiwn, In bottles, ca«es, bottle huUluru uud Hlphonn, having my mark of ownership 1 1 in mm HH follows: Tho half pint botlldH used f»r ttodn water and mlniTiil \vntern uru marked "Weliter HroH,," or "(leo. S«l/.or," muiw UoliiR blown Iu the bottlns, Vhu quart bottlus lined for elder, ginger alu, bli'eli beer and wine cream, are marked "(Juo. Hul/.nr" blown In the bottles, Thiicnmix and bottlo hold- -rttttrtt marked "Sitl/wr Uros,," or "Qeo. sr-i/er," or "Carroll UottlliiK Works." ulther liurnoU In thn wood or marked wlib wltliHtenell platn. TlmHlplmii^meumrk- e d "duo. 8el/.cr," engraved or ground In Uniuluatt. All persons uru forbidden to use or destroy any of snoli property under penalty of the law. GlCO. 81U.SOKH. buy toll. described Bxooutor'u Notice. Hollos Is htiroby given tu Hit imrnoiiH lnter«*t«tf, tbat ou the £)d dur of AiirlUKU, thoundortlined WSB appointed by the dfstrlut uourt jf Gurell wmnty, low*, tsxwoutor ut tlt» «nutu ol Mttlf B. Uurrlcr, Ueoniufd, lutu ut inld county, lnw». ; All iwrcout Indebted to «uld otiatH will inako payments K> the uiidenlgiiod, and tlioie Imylng olulroi i-iittinft tiio HUMID will (ironout tlioin legally uuUivntloittoa to thu auld uourt (or allow* Htxuoutor'B NoWoo. Notloo In lioruby tflvon tu all pumaim uvtud.lliut an tiiu Htli <|jy i-r April, If Hi tho uudurKlgiit'd "U» HiiiHilutud by Hit) oourlof t'uti " vntillu lutw ol nuliluuuiity. lowu All |ii'i'«oim ludi'bttid lo »uld I'ntulu \v ni umk« piiyuiunt tu (ho uudumlKiiud. and HIUH i> Imvlug oltkluu ugiiiiul ibu »uiiii< will pruvunt lliuin legully uutuuuUoHtud lo Uiu nuid cuur t lor Ml-, lowuuou. ^ ! r Ourruii coumy, low*, uxuoul or ot th ot KlUnli-lli UuliwulUir, d tcuuvtiU . Uulod, tuu DOtu d«y of April, 1BW. VfOTOUsdlWAlv 1.KB,

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