Leader-Telegram from Eau Claire, Wisconsin on August 30, 2002 · 14
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Leader-Telegram from Eau Claire, Wisconsin · 14

Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, August 30, 2002
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2C Classified Ads Call 833-WANT or toll-free in Wl (888) 833-9268 BIEBiS Friday. Augist 30, 2002 Leader-Telegram Your Right To Know Legal Notices (Ldr.-Tele. Aug. 30, Sept. 6, 2002) CITY OF EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN NOTICE OF INVITATION FOR BIDS Sealed bids, submitted in accordance with the Invitation for Bids for Procurement No. 2002-35, Stormwater Utility Reconstruction and Improvements will be received in the Office of the City Pur- - chasing - Manager - a203 10:00 a.m. Central Time on beptemDer i, 2002. The bids will be opened and made public in the City Council Chambers, City Hall, 203 South Far-well Street. Eau Claire, Wisconsin within ten minutes after the bid submission deadline has passed. The project includes clearing, grubbing, and backfiliing for storm water piping, furnishing and installing storm sewer piping to create storm water outfalls, furnishing and installing storm water inlets, excavating for a detention swale, placing seeding and hydroseeding for lawn replacement, and relining of a concrete storm sewer pipe. Specific questions regarding the plans and specifications for Project 2002-35 shall be directed o the City of Eau Claire's Public Works Department at (715)839-4934. 5 b'd security is required. The successful bidder for this project will be re-: quired to pay wage rates, determined in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 66.293 and 2.92.215 of the City of Eau Claire Code. To obtain a copy of the bid documents related to this notice, contact the office of the Purchasing Manager, 203 S. Farwett Street, P.O. Box 5148, Eau Claire, Wt 54702-5148, telephone (715) 839-4916. A $50.00 deposit is required. A separate $5.00 non-refundable check is also required if the Bid Documents must be mailed. (Ldr.-Tele. Aug. 23, 30. Sept, 6. 13,2002) Copyright Notice Copyright Notice: All rights reserved re common-law copy- . right of trade-nametrademark. DAVID LEONARD LAR-SON---as well as any and all derivatives - and variations in the spelling of said trade-nametrade-mark Common Law Copyright 1972 by David Leonard Larson Said common-law trade-marktrade-name, DAVID LEONARD. LAR- ' SON, may neither be used nor reproduced, neither in whole or part, nor in any man-, ner whatsoever, without the prior, express, written consent and acknowledgement of -David Leonard Larson as signified by the red-ink signature of Davtd Leonard Larson, hereinafter "Secured Party." With the intent of being contractually bOMQd. any juristic person, as well as the agent of said juristic person, consents and agrees by this Copyright Notice that neither said juristic person, nor the agent of said juristic, person, shall display, nor other-' wise use in any manner, the common-law Irade-name trade-mark David Leonard Larson, nor the common-law copyright described herein, nor any derivative of. nor any variation in the spelling of DAVID LEONARD LARSON without the prior, express, written consent and acknowledgement of Secured Party, as signified by the Secured Party's signature in red ink. Secured Party nen ther grants, nor implies, nor --otherwise gives consent for any unauthonzed use of DAVID ' LEONARD LARSON, and - any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. Secured Party is not now. nor has Secured Party - ever been, an accommodation party, nor a surety, for the pur- ' , ported debtor, i.e. "DAVID LEONARD LARSON;" nor for . any derivative of. nor any varia-. tion in the spelling of, said name, nor for any juristic person, and is so-indemnified and ' held harmless by Debtor, i.e.. "DAVID LEONARD LARSON," in Hold-harmless and Indemnity Agreement No. DLL- . 071572-HHIA dated the . Fifteenth Day in' the Seventh Month in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand -Nine Hundred Seventy-two against any and . all claims, legal actions, orders, . ; warrants. judgments, demands, liabilities, losses, depositions, summonses, ; lawsuits, costs, fines, liens, levies, penalties, damages, interests and expenses whatsoever, , both absolute and contingent, as are due and as -might become due. now existing and as might hereafter arise, and as might be suffered by. imposed on, and incurred by . Debtor for any and every reason, purpose and cause whatsoever Self-executing ContractSecurity Agreement in : ' Event of Unauthorized Use: By this Copyright Notice; both -juristic person and agent of said juristic person, hereinafter .1. jointly and severally 'User.' consent and agree that any use of DAVID LEONARD LARSON other than authorized use as set forth above constitutes unauthorized use. coun-. terfeitmg. of Secured Party's common-law copyrighted prop- , erty. contractually binds User, renders this Copyright Notice a Security Agreement wherein User is debtor and David .Leonard Larson is Secured Party, and signifies that User; (1) grants Secured Party a security interest m all of User's assets, land, and personal property in the sum certain amount of $500,000 00 per each occurrence of use of the. common-law-copyrtghted trade-nametrade-mark DAVID LEONARD LARSON, as well as for each and every occurrence of use of any and ail derivatives of. and variations in the spelling of, DAVID LEONARD LARSON, plus costs plus triple damages; (2) authenticates this Security Agreement wherein. User is. debtor and David Leonard ' Larson is Secured Party, and wherein User pledges all of 1 User's assets, land, consumer goods, farm products, inventory, equipment, money, investment property, commercial tort claims, letters -of-credit. letter-, of-credit rights, chattel paper, instruments, deposit accounts, accounts, documents, and general intangibles, and all User's interest in all such foregoing property, now owned and hereafter acquired, now existing and hereafter arising, and , wherever located, as collateral for secunng User's contractual Obligation in favor of Secured Party for User's unauthorized use of Secured Party's common-law-copyrighted property; . ' (3) consents and agrees with Secured Parly's filing of a UCC Financing Statement in the UCC filing office, as well as m any county recorder's office, wherein User is debtor and David Leonard Larson is Secured Party: (4) consents and agrees that said UCC Financing Statement described above in paragraph "(3)" is a continuing financing statement, and further consents and greet with Secured Party's filing of any continuation state - S - FarweH-Street-until ment necessary for maintaining Secured Party's perfected security interest in all of User's property and interest in property, pledged as collateral in this Security Agreement and described above in paragraph "(2).' until User's contractual obligation theretofore incurred has been fully satisfied: (5) consents and agrees with Secured Party's fifing of any UCC Financing Statement, as described in paragraphs '(3)" - and "(4)," as well as the filing of any Security Agreement, as described above in paragraph "(2)," in the UCC filing office, as . well as in any county recorder's ' office: (6) consents and agrees that any and all such filings described in paragraphs (4)" and (5)a above are not, and may not be considered, bogus, and that User will not claim that any such filing is bogus; (7) waives all defenses; and (8) appoints Secured Party as Authorized Representative for User, effective upon User's default re User's contractual obligations in favor of Secured Party as set forth below under "Payment Terms" and "Default Terms," granting Secured Party fuH authorization and power for engaging in any and all actions on behalf of User including, but not limited by, authentication of a record on behalf of User, as Secured Party, in Secured Party's sole discretion, deems appropriate, and User further consents and agrees that this appointment of Secured Party as Authorized Representative for User, effective upon User's default, is irrevocable and coupled with a security interest. agrees with all of the following additional terms of Self-executing ContractSecurity . Unauthorized, Use; Payment JstCDM- In accordance with tees for unauthorized use of DAVID LEONARD LARSON as set forth above, User hereby consents and agrees that User shall pay Secured Party all unauthorized-use fees in full within ten (10) days of the date User is sent Secured Party's invoice, hereinafter "Invoice," itemizing said fees. Default Terro5 In event of non-payment in full of all unauthorized use fees by User within ten (10) days of date Invoice is sent. User shall be deemed in default and: (a) all of User's property and property pledged as collateral by . User, as set forth in above paragraph "(2)," immediately becomes, i.e. is, property of Secured Party; (b) Secured Party is appointed User's Authorized Representative as set forth above in paragraph "(8)."; and (c) User consents and agrees that Secured Party may take possession of, as well as otherwise dispose of in any manner that Secured Party, in Secured Party's sole discretion, deems appropriate, including, but not limited by, sale at auction, at any time following User's default, and . without further notice, any and all of User's property and interest, described above in paragraph "(2)," formerly pledged as collateral by User, now property of Secured Party, in respect of this "Self-executing ContractSecurity Agreement in Event of Unauthorized Use," that Secured Party, again in Secured Party's sole discretion, deems appropriate. Terms for Curing Default: Upon event of default, as set forth . above under "Default Terms." irrespective of any and, all of User's former property ' and interest in property, described above in paragraph "(2)." in the possession of, as well as disposed of by Secured Party, as authorized above under "Default Terms." User may cure User's default only re the remainder of User's former property and interest property, formerly pledged as collateral that is neither in the possession of, nor otherwise disposed of by, Secured Party within twenty (20) days of date of User's default only by payment in full. Terms of Strict Foreclosure: User's non-payment in full of all unauthorized -use fees itemized in Invoice within said twenty- (20) day period for curing default as set forth above under Terms for Curing Default" authorizes Secured Party's immediate non-judicial strict foreclosure on any and all remaining former, property and interest in property, formerty pledged as . collateral by User, now property of Secured Party, which is not in the possession of. nor otherwise disposed of by, Secured Party upon expiration of said twenty- (20) day default-curing period. Ownership subject to common-law copyright and UCC Financing Statement and Security Agreement filed with the UCC filing office. Record Owner: David Leonard Larson, Autograph Common Law CoaynghtO 1972. Unauthorized use of 'David Leonard Larson' incurs the same unauthorized-use fees as those associated with -DAVID LEONARD LARSON, as set forth above in paragraph "(1)' under 'Self -executing ContractSecurity Agreement in Event of Unauthoruad Use.' (Ldr.-Tele. Aug 30. Sept. 6, 13, 2002) STATE OF WISCONSIN CIRCUIT COURT EAU CLAIRE COUNTY SUMMONS Real Estate Mortgage Foreclosure Case N 02CV486 CHASE MANHATTAN BANK, as Trustee, Plaintiff, vs. TRACY G. DAY UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF TRACY G. DAY 1815 Sierra Drive S Eau Claire, Wl 54701, ' Defendants. THE STATE OF WISCONSIN To each person named above as a defendant: You are hereby notified that the ptatfitrff named above has filed a lawsuit or other legal action against you. The complaint, which is also served on you. states the nature and basis of the legal action. Within 45 days after August 30, 2002, you must respond with a written answer, as that term is used in Chapter 802 of the Wisconsin Statutes, to the complaint. The court may reject or disregard an answer that does not follow the requirements of the statutes. The answer must be sent or delivered to the court, whose address is: Clerk of -Circuit .CouruEau Claire County Courthouse, 721 Oxford Avenue, Eau Claire. Wl 54703 and to Mark R. Cummisford Blommer Peterman, S.C., 4035 N. 127th Street, Brookfield. Wl 53005. You may have an attorney help or represent you If you do not provide a proper answer within 45 days, the court may grant judgment against you for the award of money or other legal action requested in the complaint, and you may lose your right to object to anything that is or may be incorrect in the complaint. A judgment may be enforced as provided by law. A judgment awarding money may become a lien against any real estate you own now or in the future, and may also be enforced by garnishment or seizure of property. Dated this 28th day of August, 2002. s Mark Cummisford Blommer Peterman. S C. State Bar No. 1034906 4035 N. 127th Street Brookfield. Wl 53005' 262-790-5719 Blommer Peterman, S.C. ie the creditor's attorney and i attempting to collect a debt on Ha behalf. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. - (Ldr.-Tele. Aug. 30, Sept. 6, 13. 2002) STATE OF WISCONSIN CIRCUIT COURT EAU CLAIRE COUNTY Notice to Creditors . (Informal Administration) CaseNo.02PR131 IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF MARGARET C. MORAVECK An application has been filed for in formal administration of the estate of the decedent, whose date of birth was November 10. 1910. and date of death was July 26. 2002. The decedent died domiciled in Eau Claire County, State of Wisconsin, with a post office address of: 810 Starr Avenue. Eau Claire. Wl 54703, All interested persons have waived notice. Creditors' claims must be filed, with the probate registrar on or before November 28, 2002. Isl Jean Gay Probate Registrar August 26. 2002 DONALD A. LOSBY & TODD A. PAULS Attorneys 306 S. Barstow Street Suite 200 . Eau Claire, Wl 54701 ' 715-835-9800 (Ldr.-Tele. Aug. 16, 23, 30, 2002) CITY OF ALTOONA PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Plan Commission for the City of Altoona will conduct a Public Hearing regarding the proposed Moonlight Meadows Subdivision and Preliminary Plat at 7:00 p.m. (or as soon thereafter as is practical), on September 9, 2002. The Public Hearing will be held in the Common Council Chambers located at the Ah- toona City Hall, 1303 Lynn Avenue, Altoona, Wisconsin. A copy of the proposed Preliminary Plat and the Deed RestrictionsRestrictive Covenants are available upon request from the City Clerk's Office, located in City Hall. Public input regarding the proposed Preliminary Plat is invited. r (Ldr.-Tele. Aug. 23, NOTICE Public notice is hereby given to all persons in Eau Claire County that a public hearing will be held Tuesday, September 10,. Hoom. UU3U-031 (Lower Level), at me courthouse, subject to the following matters: File No. 03-02112 -AMENDING THE 2002 OFFI CIAL AIRPORT ZONING MAP; TO AMEND SECTION 18.60.050; GENER AL PROVISIONS- File No. 02-03113 -TO AMEND SECTION 18.60.070 C OF THE CODE; ADMINISTRATION; TO CREATE SECTION 18.60.075 OF THE CODE; SITE PLAN PROCEDURE; TO CREATE SECTION 18.60.077 OF APPROVAL; TO AMEND OF THE CODE; APPEALS Gordon Steinhauer, Chair Planning & Development Committee Eau Claire County (Ldr.-Tele. Aug. NOTICE Public notice is hereby given to all persons in Eau Claire County that a public hearing will be held Tuesday, September 10, 2002, at 7:00 P.M. in Room G030-031 (Lower Level), at tne courthouse, subject to the following matters: A conditional use permit request for a monument sign greater than 4 feet above grade in the C2 District. Property description: Lot 14, Blk 4, 2nd Assr's Plat, & part of Lot Section 34, T27N-R9W, Owner: Robert Johnson; Signart Company. A rezoning request from the R-1-L, Sirigle-family Residential District, Large Lot, to the R-1-M, Single-family Residential District. Property description: The south 135 feet of the west 178.7 feet of Lot 15, First-Assessors Plat, Section 32, T27N-R9W, Town of Washington. OwnerApplicant: William Schmidt. A rezoninq request from the A-2, Aqriculture- Residentiaf District, to the trict. Property description: The 150 feet of the south 853 feet of the west 990 feet of the NW14-SE14, Section 1, T26N-R10W, Town of Brunswick. Owner: Irving & Katheryne Franson; Appli cant: Mark Franson. A conditional use permit request for a non-metallic mine greater than 2,000 cubic yards in the A1 District. Property description: Part of the SE14-NW14, Section 30, T26N-R7W, Town of Lincoln. Owner: Henke Trust; Applicant: William Henke. A conditional use permit request for an accessory structure exceeding 1,000 square feet in the RH District. Property descnption: Part ot the nwi4- NW14, Section 13, T27N-R9W, Town of Seymour. OwnerApplicant: Jeffery & Jean Carlson. A conditional use permit request for placement of a pre-occupied single-family dwelling & placement of an accessory structure where the total of struc tures exceeds 1 ,000 square feet in the RL District. Property description: Hart of tne bti4-NWi4, Section 14, T27N-R9W, Town of Seymour. OwnerApplicant: Sandra Cress. . A request to amend a conditional use permit request for placement of a pre-occupied dwelling in the RL District. Property description: Part of the NW14-NE14, Section 15, T27N-R9W, Town of Seymour. OwnerApplicant: Bernard Lerdahl. Gordon Steinhauer, Chair , Planning & Development Committee Eau Claire County (Ldr.-Tele. Aug. 23, 30. Sept. 6. 2002) STATE OF WISCONSIN CIRCUIT COURT EAU CLAIRE COUNTY NOTICE OF MOTION ANO MOTION FOR CHANGE OF PHYSICAL PLACEMENT Case No. 99PA125 IN RE THE PATERNITY OF: ETHAN JOSE IVES CLORISA L SHIMEK. Petitioner, and CHARLES S. IVES. Respondent. TO: Ms. Clonsa L. Shimek 628 Wisconsin Street, Apt 2 Eau Claire Wl 54703 Please be advised that the respondent, Chanes S. fves. by hts attorneys Wachowski & Johnson, S C., will move this Court on the 18th day of September. 2002, at 11:00 a.m.. pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes Section 767 325. to modify the Divorce Judgment and subsequent Stipulations with respect to the parties' physical placements with the parties' minor child, child support and related issues as follows: 1. A change in the physical placement of the minor child granting the respondent, hanes S. Ives, primary physical placement with periods of alternating physical placement being granted to the petitioner, Ctonsa L. Shimek.- -. 2. Requiring the petitioner to pay child support in the amount of 17 of her gross income. 3. Any other relief that the Court deems necessary and appropriate. - - 4. The basis for this motion is set forth in the . attached Affidavit. 5. Notification is hereby given as required by Section 767.327(8), Wis. Stats., of the availability of the information set forth in Section 767.081(2). Wis. Stats., from the Family Court Commissioner. Dated this 14th day of August, 2002. .. . WACHOWSKI & JOHNSON. S C. Isl Attorney Kelly J. McKnight State Bar No. 1036217 Counsel for the Respondent P.O Box 145 Eau Claire, W! 54702-0145 (715)838-2889 Fulltime morning position open on a 450 cow dairy farm. Responsibilities would include scraping freestalt bams . and some milking. Schedule would be from 4:00 a.m. until noon. Training pay is $8.00 per hour. Benefits include health insurance, disability insurance, paid vacation, overtime pay and scheduled time off Call before 9:00 p.m., (715)874-5036, San-dy Acres Dairy. Elk Mound. POSITION OPEN for a self-niotivated. detail-oriented person on a modern, progressive.. 450 6ow dairy farm, responsibilities include, but are not limited to. calf care and special needs .cows. Must have some flexibili ty to-schedule. Experience with dairy cattle preferred. Training pay SSVhour. Sandy Acres Dairy, Elk Mound. Call before 9 p.m., (715)874-5036. LI John Deere M tractor, Owatona 12 ft. grain swather. Call (715)644-2442. isi (dreg a. Lai-ona City ClerkAdministrator 30, Sept. 2, 2002) 2002, at 7:00 P.M. in DISTRICT BOUNDARY THE CODE; SITE PLAN SECTION 18.60.080B AND VARIANCES- 30, Sept. 2, 2002) 1 , Blk 5, 2nd Assr's Plat, Town of Washington. Applicant: Dirk Snyder, RH, Rural Homes Dis V 1 1 Mil,. 1 III )) J HAY Large Square Bales 2nd Crop-Dairy Quality Balage Delivery Available Call for more information at 715-577-3041 or 715-832-7507 HAY or straw for sale. Suitable for landscaping, bedding, etc. 50tabale. (715)382-4366. Marsh hay, straw and old hay for erosion control. Call 715-835-2753 or 715-832-7578. FOR SALE: Fresh and close springing heifers & cows. Will trade for your open heifers. Tim McKeon, 608-523-1 103. EYE GLASSES left at my South side thrift sale on Friday. Au-gust 23. Please call 832-4772. FOUND: Fishing tackle box full of tackle, near Princeton Valley Golf Course. Call (715)878-4277 to identify and claim. -LOST:rescriptionunglas&es-in black case. CalK715)834-2452. LOST: White cat (Flame Point Siamese). "Sntckle", Grover Rd. Area. (715)831-8972. . COUNTRY WOODS ' a BUILDERS - 3520 Crescent Avenue Eau Claire. Wl 54703 . Custom Design - Cabinets Carpentry We wilt custom design to your needs -838-8818 VENDORS WANTED! 5th Annual Fall Flea, Craft & Sportcard Sale! All Under One Roof! Sat , Sept. 15 and Sun., Sept 16 9 AM-4 PM each day Altoona Hobbs Sports Center Altoona, Wl ' . $20-BothDays S15-One Day (price includes one picnic table) For Vendor & Table Information, call Ed, 832-8585 if no answer, leave a message Multi-Family Garage Sale Fri. 7am-6pm. Sat. 8am-noon. 3384 Delbert Rd. crib, twin bed, children's clothing (size 4 to 14). ice fishing shack, misc. items. HUGE 3 Family Thrift Sale 628 Deyo Ave.- between Birch St. and Omaha St Antiques, furniture, tools, craft items, jewelry, bedding, linens, clothing include size 8 formats. Pictures, dishes, & much more. Saturday, 8-5 and Sunday 12-4 No early sales. . ESTATE SALES Julie Sokup . Will Buy One Item and or Entire Eslate: 715-723-3790 HUGE LABOR DAY SALE Fri. thru Mon. 830-92. 4324 North Shore Drive. 9 am - 6 pm. Lots of furniture, tools, pnm-itives, antiques, sporting goods, beer & spoils collectibles, glassware, pottery, African & Oriental items. Everything from the" Unique to the Bizarre! . HUGE GARAGE SALE August 30.-31, 8 a.m. -7 p.m. 2929 Northland Drive (Across from Pinehurst . Shopping Center) Furiture, tent, gas gnll, lawn mower. '91 Hyundai Scoupe, runs good, $500 or best offer. Books, clothes, desk, bird cage with stand and two finches, hamster cage with supplies, and much more. HUGE FAMILY THRIFT SALE- Off North Shore Dr., Pine Ct. & River Dr. Aug. 30 & 31, Fri. & Sat., 9-5. Woodstove, drum set. hunting equipment, gas engine, clothes, much morel. LARGE Moving ft Thrift Sal. 715 E. Rivecview Dr. Fri. & Sat., 9 a.m. Dining table & 4 chairs, china cabinet, dishwasher, kitchen utensils, material & more! Very reasonable prices! MOVING SALE 927 Sheridan Rd. (Ml Simon). Sat. 31 & Sun 1st. 9am until late. Too many items to list. 4 FAMILY Thrift Sale Tues. Aug. 27-Sat. Aug. 31. 8-5pm. Boy's clothes, sizes 8-14, toys, miscellaneous kitchen items. 3792 Tower Dr. MOVING SALE Aug. 31. 8:00-12:00. Furniture, dining room set, treadmill, weight machine. Eventhing Goes! 614 Wagner MOVINGTHRIFT SALE. Sat., Sun. & Mon., 9 a.m. 5508 Winget Dr. Furniture, clothing, misc. household items. , HfcSffli: Multi Family Sale Friday & Saturday, 8-5 . - ,1809 Emery Street Bikes, bow, clothes, wheels, and tons of miscellaneous. MOVING SALE Furniture, Hummels, sports memorabilia, men's bike, Dtecast cars, glassware, housewares items, BB guns, etc., etc. 832-2101 THRIFT SALE 1719 Goff Ave. Clothes-Newborn-18 mos. Car body parts & other misc. stuff. . Saturday-Sunday, 8 a.m.-? HUGE THRIFT SALE- Lots of Little Tikes stuff, kids & adults clothes & coats, housewares, movies, books, bikes. Take W. Lowes Creek Rd. to Grey Friar Rd., 102 Canterbury Rd., follow signs. Aug. 29-31, open 7:30 a.m. Multi Family Sale 3477 Molitor Rd. Sat. & Sun. Bicycles, frencb doors, computers, Yamaha motorcycle, electronic telescope, Duncane gas grill, pet kennels, pet igloo, dorm refrigerator, handmade beaded jewelry, etc etc. HUGE THRIFT SALE! 4313 Pine Meadow Drive Thurs. Sat., 8-5 Name brand, clothing, furniture & more! THRIFT SALE: 2330 Sessions St. (Between London Rd & Fairfax St.) Watch for signs. Sat., Aug. 31s1. 9 am - 4 pm. No Early Sales. Largs Assortment: Cham Saw, Home decor, books, dishes, Xmas Items, Clothing, Household items, flower pots. Too Much To List. THRIFT SALE- 1700 Skeels Ave. Fri.. Aug. 30 & Sat., Aug. 31. 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Boys clothes, 7-10. Boy's bike & toys. Men's golf shirts, XL. Women's clothes, small appliances. 2121 LAUREL AVE. Thurs., Fri., Sat, 8 to 4 Household Items, ktds clothes, toys, exercise equip., etc. 704 CHAUNCEY ST. Boys, mens, womens doming, shoes, CPs. exercise equipment, jewelry. MUCH, MUCH MORE' 831-92-8 a.m.-3 p m. Saturday only! Lots of nice infant-size 10 kids clothes, baby Items, nice sofachair, and more. 1235 Wedoewood Ave., follow signs from Seymour Rd. GIANT THRIFT SALE New Stock. Wed. thru Sat. 2418 11th St. Motor home & boat, good condition. 2214 5th St. Fri., Aug. 30, 8-4; Sat., 8- Noon. Double stroller, exersaucer, Pack-N-Play, carseats. student desks, children's clothes A misc. Multi Family Sale, 2741 Alpine Rd. (oil North Clairemont). Men's, women's, chiidrens clothing. 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Beer mirrors, signs, decanters, Pfaltzgraff (Yorktown), furniture; Packer stuff; infant boy's clothes; N.W. Airlines winter coat & pants; uniforms, bedding; kitchenwares; tapes; movies and lots more. - - THRIFT SALE Movies, CD's, girl's & boy's clothes. Beanie Babies, and lots of misc. Thursday-Saturday, 8-5 1227 Vine Street WANTED JUNK CARS Dale's Towing Call 832-9928 THRIFT SALE - Furniture, antique items, dishes & small appliances, snowmobile & winter items, larger size womens clothing, plus chiidrens items and much more. Something for everyone! Fri., Aug. 30, Sat., Aug. 31, starting at 8 a.m. Sun., until noon. 2220 James Ave. Household, misc.. boy's items, toys. Fri. and Sat. 8-5. 428 Saxonwood Rd. mm THRIFT SALE- Sat. &Sun 8 a m - 5 p.m. 18617 Co. Hwy X. Patio furniture, outdoor bar, dishes, lots ot misc. G HUGE THRIFT SALE Books, fishing & hunting items. 135 Grant St., Fall Creek. Sat.-Mon. 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. THRIFT SALE- Fri., Aug. 30 & Sat., Aug. 31, 9 am - 3 p.m. Furniture & lots of good deals. 1006 Graham Ave. -4 1 1 I.WJHWIIK ,1H r-l.Jil.lKT I 1987 MHS 15 YEAR REUNION October 18 & 19-lf you haven't received your invitation, please contact Tracey, 414-302-0801. 2 BADGER FOOTBALL Tickets for sale. $55 each Wi. vs MN, in Madison on Nov. 23, 2002. (715)289-3874. 2 BADGERS tickets vs. Northern Illinois, Saturday, 14. near goal line. Face value: $28 each. Call 833-0002. 4 DAVE MATTHEWS TICKETS, Alpine Valley, Wl. August 31. $75 each or best otter. Days at 723-8854, evenings at 834-1476. 4-IRL and ARCA tickets Chicago 718 Turn 1 $150. (715)839-0182 , 4-Unlimited Noah's Ark passes valued at $27.00 each. 12 hotel stay, 21 food coupons, 21 games asking $100. Call (715)833-0070. 4 WWE-Tour of Defiance tickets. 8th row, main floor "on Mon., Sept. 2, 7 p.m. at the LaCrosse Center. Face value, $40 each. Must sell, best offer. 715-597-3868 or 715-597-6468 7 TICKETS to Green Bay V Carolina game, Sept. 28 & 29. Package deal intludes ticket, bus & motel. $275. If interested, call (715)672-5692. Also have a few Beat for Green Bay V Minnesota, Dee. 8 & 9. 97 Badgers Vs West Virginia, 4 Tickets- $112. 914 Badgers Vs No. IL, 4 tickets- $112. Call 715-855-8317. Alcoholics Anonymous Noon A.A. On Tuesdays Anyone with a desire to stop drinking - or stay stopped - is welcome to attend. No dues, no fees, not affiliated with any organization or institution. Held at 202 Graham Ave., corner 'of Graham and Gibson, just inside the front door and past the desk to the left. Handicapped accessible. You're welcome to come late, leave early, or bring a lunch. On national holidays or snow emergency days, when the schools are closed, . the building is closed and the meeting will not be held. ALL VIKING TICKETS Starting at $25. Call (715)834-6313 or cell 379-5090 Are you concerned with someone else's drinking? There is help. Al-Anon and Alateen are fellowships of friends and relatives of alcoholics who share their experience, strength and hope. For additional 'information and a current meeting schedule, can 715-833-1878 or visit our website at www.wtsc-aianon.org ATTENTION BUND BOX USERS The cost of a blind box in your ad is $5.00 if you pick up your replies at the Leader-Telegram office OR $10.00 if the replies, are mailed to you daily. This is in addition to the cost of your ad. To place a Classified ad cat 833-9268. ATTENTION FAEEBEE ADVERTISERS Private party ads tor merchandise Kerns $25 value or less, will run free for 7 days. You may can in one 7 day extension if tne ad is son running. No mora than 6 same or similar ads may run in one calendar year. Starting immediately all Freebee ads wiN run under class 582 'Bargain Column. Freebees may be delayed due to space limitations. The Classified Department reserves the right to determine what qualifies as a Free Bee. Free Bees wiH not be taken by phone, drop them in the mail or stop in at the downtown office. DAVE MATTHEWS BAND 2 Reserved Tickets For Sat. -Show At Alpine Valley Call (715)831-9567 . DEADLINES: Ads must be in the computer by 3:30 p.m. day prior to publication for Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 12:00 p.m. Friday for Saturday, 1:00 p.m. Friday for Sunday and Monday. No ads, cancellations or corrections can be taken the day of publication. To place an ad or for further I- tnformation Call 833-9268 Debadoos Errand Service Willing to do errands. 715-723-4385. DOING anything August 31 ? Why not take the family to the Leader Telegram Buckshot Run for Special Olympics? Walk or run 2 or 5 miles. Call 833-0833 for details or visit us on line at www.buckshotrun.com IF YOU WANT to drink, that's your business. If you want to stop, that's ours. Call Alcoholics Anonymous, (7151-835-5543 or write: P.O. Box 261, Eau Claire, Wl 54702. Lady over 50 looking for pleasant, stable gentleman. Age open. Serious only. KH-268 Leader Telegram P.O. Box 570 Eau Claire, Wl 54702 MEET SINGLES! Love , Romance. Guaranteed privacy. Free information. Friendships, 2619 E. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire, Wl 54701. Need a different fundraiser, try Avon fundraising. Contact Kathy (715)831-9984. PACKER TICKETS All Sold Out Concerts Tick King 800-992-7328 theticketking.com RAWHIDE BOYS RANCH Needs Cars, Boats. Campers, Real Estate.Donors receive full tax benefit. Statewide collection points. 1-800-RAWHIDE (A 501(C)(3) Organization) RESUMES TYPING The Gallery, 2619 E. Clairemont . ; Eau Claire, 835-6451 ' ' Suspect You're Pregnant? Free Professional Pregnancy . Tests. Call BIRTHRIGHT 834-1144 THE Leader-Telegram Buckshot Run is coming! Saturday, August 31. Help us celebrate our 20th anniversary by being one of our noisemakers! Call us at 833-0833 for details. THE SINGLES CONNECTION "Where Singles and Fun Meet" A social group for singles of all ages in the Eau Claire and surrounding area. Mondays, 6-9 p.m., Upper Dining Room - Holiday Inn - Downtown. For more information call Darren: B394116, Rosalie 832-9986 or the Hotline, 715431-7236 VIKINGS vs. Buffalo, 915; Carolina, 922. All home games. Call (763)315-0263. VIKING TICKETS. 9-15 Bills, 9-22 Panthers. 10-13 Lions, 10-27 Bears, 11-10 Giants, 12-1 Falcons ft 12-21 Dolphins. (715)556-4556 Steve. WANTED: Individuals willing to volunteer their time for the Leader Telegram Buckshot Run, Saturday, August 31. Call 833-0833 for details. WANT TO PUBLISH Your BookCookbookFamily History? Call Rev. Bill Hems, 8744677, 1-800-55-HEINS. WE BUY MORTGAGES ft LAND CONTRACTS, ff you hold one & would prefer a lump sum cash-out, .call 715-834-5764. 9 a.m.- 5 p.m., ask for Bob. DISNEY AREA - 6 nights at Ramada. Good 1 year. Paid $599, Sell for $199. Call (715) 261-7094. CONSUMER ALERT Employment and business opportunities requiring an initial purchase or investment can be questionable. For information about questionable offers, call the Wisconsin Department . of Consumer Protection: 1-800-422-7128 or 715-839-3848. When placing an ad in the Publications you must specify if there is a fee or investment required in the ad. 12 YEAR OLD Girt will do Baby sitting evenings, weekends. Experienced. References. 715-. 552-3483 or leave message. ' 15 Years Experience in quality childcare. Lots of Fun! Licensed, Norihside of EC. Near Hwy 53. Call 834-81 77. 1 FULL TIME 1st shift opening for 2-3 yr. old on Wastside. Call (715)834-5569. 2 experienced daycare moms in one convenient Westside location have 1st shift openings. Call Jenny or Shawn at 715-835-5322 or 715-720-4625. ABC 123 Learning Center has fuU or part time openings. Preschool activities inducted. Infants welcome. 831-8457. A licensed provider in the Lowes Creek area has 1 full time opening for ages 2 years and up. (715)830-0220. ALTOONA licensed provider has 3 fuH-time openings for children 6 weeks to 5 years ok). Beautiful place with fenced yard. Call Tlsha at 834-7121. A NEW DAYCARE On Rudolph Road has openings for age 2 and up. Large yard, nutritious meals, pre-school curriculum, large activity area. Weekends available. Call Heaven's Treasures at 833-9969 (daytime) or 552-8050 evenings. 'Anottt' Daycare Large Christian Home, large fenced-in yard. 8 yrs. daycare experience. Nutritious meals. WiH work with teacher's schedules J, special needs children. Activities, Lot's ot Fun! We have 1st, 3rd shrft, a fan openings, full & pert-time. 12 mos. or oldM Can 716-834-ea83 APPLE BLOSSOM CHILDCARE CENTER has openings tor 2 years and up in the new John F Flytw School District Large yard, pre-school activities, food program, tots of TLC For more informalion cat! (715)834-6304 AUGUSTA in-home daycare has openings tor 2nd. 3rd shrft and before school. 2 weeks to 12 years. Sunday evening through Friday evening. Cynthia, 286-291 1 or 559-1348 Available: Certified daycare has daytime openings. Shopko South area.. Infants & Up Meals included. Deb. 834-5010- Before. After, or days off school care available. Flynn and IC area for the 2002 school year. Call Tina at 715-833-8819 Certified Daycare Openings, ages 2 & up. Nutritious meals, preschool activities fenced-in backyard. Please call Ten-at (715)830-1817. Certified family daycare on Northside has immediate full time openings for infants or toddlers. Fenced in yard. Fun learning environment. Call Cheri at 833-1724. . Certified In-Home Family Daycare currently has openings, Northside, Sam Davey School. Annette at 552-0733. CERTIFIED PROVIDER has full & part time openings for in-tant. Call Diane (715)831-0309. CHILDCARE available in my Altoona home. Full or part time. 3 years and up. CPR Certified. Call Deb at 715-833-8370. Day care has fullpart time openings available Mon. -Fri. in Cleghom area. Off Hwy 93. Call Dane at (715)878-4792. EDUCATED MOTHER of one has openings in family day care beginning Oct. 7th. Fun, educational activities. Elk Lake Area. (715)559-7944 tor informalion. Excellent responsible childcare-available now, ages 2 & older. Northside. (715)855-0285. Experienced and loving child care available in Seymour area. Full or part time. Reasonable rates. Please call (715)832-0063. Experienced licensed Child Care located near Locust Lane has opeinings. Infants wet-come. For quality care, call Jean at 715-830-0569, if no answer, 715-579-8002. First Lutheran Preschool now accepting registration for fall. 1005 Oxford Ave. Call (715)832-8321. HONESTY, kindness, patience end trust: that's what my daycare revolves around. Give me a call, and your child can be a part of it all. Call Linda, 715-830-0377. LEARN and PLAY Licensed home day-care has full time openings for ages 2 and up. East Hill location. Open Mon. - Fri., 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Fenced back yard. Planned pre-school activities, variety of toys, games, arts and crafts, food program. Mary, 835-3043. : Little Learners Preschool for 2 & 3 year olds Openings available for fall and winter sessions. 2 dayswk. to equal 8 hrs. minimum Call (715)833-8684. LOOKING FOR responsible babysitter for my 4 yeat old twins in my home. Mostly weekends, must have transportation. If interested call Christy. (715)636-9552. LOVING, responsible North side child care available. Excellent references. Call 834-3298. Mary's Little Lambs Available for day care, any age, any hours, any shift, plus some weekends. Full, part lime or drop-off. Westside area. Call Mary at 839-0283 MOTHER of 2 has full time openings. Southside area. References available. 830-0688 Mother of 2 willing to babysit in her home evening hours 7 days, a week. Reasonable rates. Phone (715)836-9552. Mother's Helper Needed, 4 & 6 year old need occasional transportation from daycare to home. Also needed is a couple of hours of care per week ( 1 0-15 hours). The children are happy & easy going, The hours are flexible, pay is negotiable. Great for college student or Grandmother with time on their hands. Call Tammy at (71 5)831 -6413 for more information. New Daycare Opening Sept. 3rd. Melissa's Magical Daycare, ages 2-6. Open 6 a.m.- 6 p.m. A small licensed group daycare. A place where children are able to grow, develop, discover, and use their own imaginations. Call (715)720-0740 for more information, Hallie area, off Hwy. 53. SMALL SMOKE-FREE in-home childcare has part time openings: before and after school, school breaks, half-day preschoolers. Reserve now for the cortiing year. North side. 832-0224, Southside Daycare, located 1 block from Manz School, has a couple of openings for school-age childaren, K-5. 832-6300. State licensed stay home mom has openings starting Sept. 16. Northwoods school area. Large yard. Educational computer programs, meals, snacks and lots of fun. Carrie at (715)831-8494. The NAEYC accredited YMCA Kurth Child Care in Chippewa Falls has a full time opening for a teacher. Qualifications include: working as a team member and child care certification. For more information stop at the YMCA or call 723-5135. WANTED Individuals to work with school-age children, M-F from 2-6 p.m. Must have or be willing to take Early Childhood I, CPR, and First Aid. Great way to achieve experience if working toward an Elementary Education or Early Childhood degree. Stop in or call the Chippewa Valley Family YMCA Kurth Childcare Center at 723-5135. Ask for Kathi Rice. Will do daycare in my home before and after school. Live near Roosevelt School. Excellent references and years of experience. Call (715)835-1877. AFFORDABLE Cleaning Services for all your commercial and residential cleaning needs, lawn and garden too. Call Tracy at (715)855-7831. CHRISTIAN YOUNG ladies looking for homes to clean. Experienceref Hard working, dependable. Call TJ. (715)379-7725. I am starting a home cleaning service. Wit! promise & guarantee a good job. For more de-taira.caH (715)835-6997. KINO'S CARPET CLEANING 2 Rooms and Hallway $50 00 Commercial & Residential Bonded. Insured.. References available. 715-552-3300 MATURE RELIABLE LADIES seeking offices & homes to clean. 715-636-3117 ONE CALL DOES IT ALU From cooking & cleaning to mowing & weeding. Hardworking & dependable. 835-1477. Reliable A Affordable Cleaning Service Homes & businesses. For great results, can Rita. 838-9013 WILL DO HO USE CLEANING In Lafayette Hallie area. Mature, reliable, trustworthy & experienced References available Call 726-1992 after 4 p.m. Live-in care giver for 84 yr. old gentlemen. Please call (715)223-3835. Win stay with your elderly loved one during the day. Please call (715)286-2442.. WSi ARBY'S Now hiring full & part time positions for all shifts. Flexible hours to work around any schedule. We promote from within to management positiohsT Apply in person" at any Arby's location: EAU CLAIRE ' Shopko South Hastings Way Oakwood Mall' CHIPPEWA FALLS K-Mart Plaza No Phone Calls Please! . EOE Cook needed at St. Bede . Monastery 1190 Priory Rd. please call between 7 a.m -1 . p.m. Monday-Friday. Anne 834-2397. DISHWASHER NEEDED Days, Nights, Weekdsn. . Apply in person at: PIZZA DEL RE 911 N. Hastings Way Eau Claire NORTHWOODS ' BREW PUB & GRILL NOW HIRING! Full Time Kitchen Manager Competitive Salary With Paid Health Insurance Apply within NORTHWOODS BREW PUB 3560 Oakwood Mall Eau Claire Wanted: Responsible, ambitious individual who enjoys early mornings and working inde-, pendently. Must have good cus- . fomer service skills and reliable transportation. Call Lifetouch Studios (715)831-6099 for more information on our seasonal photography positions. PART TIME MUSIC INSTRUCTORS WANTED Keyboard, string and band instruments. Send resume to: Morgan Music 2405 E. Clairemont Ave. Eau Claire Attention Greg i . or e-mail to gregg morgan musiconline.com Chippewa area manufacturing firm seeks self motivated individual for full time bookkeeperdata entry general office position. Computer experience necessary. Full benefit package offered. Send resume to: KH-259 Leader Telegram P.O. Box 570 Eau Claire, Wl 54702 DEAR VALUED READERS: When applying to a blind box ad - If you have certain companies you do not want your resume forwarded to please insert the resume inside a larger envelope addressed to: Classified Supervisor, P.O. Box 570, Eau ' Claire. Wl 54702. Pleaseie4iea inside the name of the companies you do not want us to forward your resume to. Your resume will then be discarded. If you have questions please call . 833-9235. IMMEDIATE OPENING " for full time secretary. Knowledge of Excel & Peachtree helpful. Marsha Lee's Embroidery 715-874-5168 NOW HIRING Weekends, all shifts. Answering phones and taking messages. Call 715-839-9668, between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. weekdays, for more information. OFFICE POSITION The Best Place to Work For The Best People Looking for a team player to work in a fast paced office. Work with a fun group . of people at a multi-franchise, well respected dealership. Must be detail oriented and have an energetic personality. Full-time, Monday through Friday. If your background includes experience with switchboard, cashier, keyboard-ing, 10-key and accounting, our basic requirements are met. Previous ADP Computer and automotive office experience is a plus. Apply in person or send resume. BOTHUN AUTOMOTIVE 3100 Mall Drive Across from London Square Mall (Blue Building) Eau Claire

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