Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 17, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1927
Page 2
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--r'' - • ^ —r~-i ' ^ ^ 1 [ Mj; yard IK Jwre. jtn>' IIOUB^ IH . n«qiiarit aitd boX-tIke; , ;^ . - 1 J jU-yond iWfin rng^cA meeiltt ami ij ' : brftfnW«« grow;: !. rjlfross Iho Ktrwi jii.v nplKbhor -R* -'r "^-^ yntds nro Uivolyj ' ^ iSiflilHiwpred In blosRonipd ffrepf\ --'i frotii Htiow t«nijow. _ ary (lni<»Mfi firll. jiny handfl '»ro :i wi^ik and benvy; • • .No fJowerH will fpmo to Mohw i- boiM -ath ihPlr rare: | ' It'x soiiK'ibln^. tbbuffh.ltn Jivi- iipxi .(i()or t«i^be«uty— j ' ^ \ I'm if\a{l "^niy neig iliors - koep " ilji'fir yards so fair —rioribpl W(^]{\t Avev In. tho ':• I'liiladelphia QuUftliln. Vint XoWe Grand - fkrislmas yarty ^ i ; 3'Jip members of tlioiPaRt Noble O^nd club o>, the Dbroib-. n-- bejcali lodge wipre-enteila;;in.; ;.. v- Irt 'day at a Christmas liarty home of .Mrs. Mar\in Wilson. siJi South Oak street, with iMrs. Bruce _ Armactfst and .Mr.«.- AVi K. Swln- .fdrd, a.s.sisling. i / The home was gay with holiday - <olorsiand a Ohristma.s tree from jwhlch there ^wa« an exchange of gifts. Dinner was served at- the . itbou hoiir. 3 e <tIon of officers for the new ; resulted as follows: .Mrs. Ar. _ thur tjhives, president: Mrs. ,H. L. Frqdsham, vice-presidenj: ; and •Mya. James . McKarnin, secretary- treasurer. '-'CuestS of the club were Mrs. Lyle AVarner and ..Mr.i. ,JloHCoe Hess, and, these , members were J present: Miss JnUa WilliamHon. .Mrs. Walter Smith. Mrs. .1. H. Herr. MrF W V. Swinfor.'. >tvs. C. •E. Morre;:. Mr J H MiMuVray. SJrs. J. J< Ki'-il' Nl' • 5^- Montgomery, Mi'.«. .1. 11. KHizei". Mrs. B. V. Hei;;cl<!, Mr.-;, .Iuni>>s .McKiirnin, 1 -Mrs. L. F. •yvUson. Mrs. Tom Goes. Mrs. Arthn'r Groves. .Mrs. tJeorge Kerr, Mrs. AVilliam Gillow. Mrs. II. !,, Frod.shamj Mrs. Bruce Arma- cant. .Mr.'.-. .7. E. KllinU and .Mrs. Fred Menzie. ; * • •> IVoman's Re ?ler forps .Meets tlio WomanTg Rellof (Virps of Wi-Took i'«fjt m<"i Friday afl <*no(in at headquariers in .Mi'innrinr hall. Thc-.Hresldcni. Mr^. I.l .i iilnlf. I" .iwas in charge ami ini-sidi 'd H-'T the l)ii|^li'iess meeting.' It was de<'id('d to hold a' joint liiKlnllallon of officiTfl of Mcf 'ook I'ost Grand [of (he U«-i>nlilio. Wnnian's rorps and H<'iiH,er.'ion ("trvlc.. I". January 'i In McMinriar [ith a' picnic dinner at noun grillTo ^m. Kbct^'n members were at the - jneelliig. • • •:• r.ntertalns Club - .Mrs. Waller .Maudlin enlcrlain- "Pd; tlu meinher.s of her cliili yesterday aflenioon at a fhristnia-f - -party In her home. .-i],s .Vnrt'Ii ."•Irbet. •. • Rca^linRS and riirisfnuiR son/ifR "werf ;iven and there was an exchange of gfftw from a Christmas Jree. • Thejmeinbers-present were: 'Mrs. C. A.; Clif^ Mrs. Charles Tobey, -Ifrs.. A. h. .Neete, Mrs. Chas. K. May, j Mrs. Paul Mayhon. Mrs. |. Charles tipp.ia and Mrs. Richard Tobey:' •WiOHian's Uirlstiani T^eiigi^i^ihce Tnlon Taie Woman's. Christian Tcnipcr- anifte C'nipn meeting was lir Id y»-s- lerday afternoon in ihe home of ,.;A . Tweedy. 418 south Fiifst Prima Bor^Jpwisi Mi^P^ "f ui not even reiho,tely Int^eni. ed ID'- bftcomipgi a 'movie Ntar." waa ibe anavser! made by KHz Ge^rgely, atar of ''The Student PrlncJB" in Aunralla when aho returned 10 the Miatea a^d wa* oi- tared a movie contract. Tlio Frencb-llangarian soprano had to take tbrea or four day»,nff to convince proil ucem ihai «he" meant .If. The i>tatu-e eliowa .Mln-i G'-r^i-jy «a she arrived In LOH AnRolcij. airft, H. F. Trnrls. KUaabetb, Maiicolm. daughter of, Bi^lJert and Sara]i ^(alcolm. -was, 9iorn at .N 'ewburgh. Orange County, Xew York. February l.=i. 1842. SiiiitenJber 3, 1866, at Sewburgb. -New Yoik. she WHii married to Henry F- Travis, who died November J. 191.V The children born cif this union were:' George and Klizd- beth Travis (twins), Frank Thomas Travis, Thorana W. Bradley Tnivis. Hose Travis. Robert Malcoln»-Travls. Anna Belle Travis. Harry Travis^ lAxzie Travis'. Donald Marion Travis, j . "The .surviVjing iCliildren are;: Frank lionias jTravist Kansas Cit.v, Kas.; Mrs. Rosic Travis King. Manhattan. ..Ka.i.i Roberf M. Travis, Portland. Ore.]; LMIT . ; Belle Travis Rriplianij, • Denver. Colo.; Dotmld Marion Travl.s- Amarlllo. Tex. In addition to the surviving sons and daughters she ., leaves three ghmd.sons and two' giaiiddaugh- l^ers: Donald Heniy Travis. JH«I- '/oiila. ' .\rk., _ son of 'i'liomus W. j Hradley jTravi.", deceased: ' l' JTravis King. .Matiliattan, Kas.; .Mar- iirti King, Manhattan, I\iis.; Mar- jgaret K. fiellon. Kllzabeth, .N. J.: ,.li'uiine unri John Sellon, Kllziihetli, iiald Tiavi's. hvl Tiavls. tola. Kansas, , December 1«. 1927. DEAR SANTA CLAUS: I want a sled, a velocipede, some candy, oranges and ap|ile«s. a loup the lohp. a .sand car and a IM 4|»- guo. ' , IMeafie bring 'my little brotlier a rattle al)ont this size— : .' I have been a good girl. Come down our chimney Santa. Ixits of love. MARILYN JIcHWEX. ' .Moran, Kansas. I : DBAU; SANTA CLAl'S: . I. want a train and a car for Christmas and aome; candy and tints, (jood i ROY PAI'I. RAWJ."^;S. DKI-^AR SANTA CLATS: Please bring me a dollje with curls and a great big orange, and don't forget baby. ' Your Little Friend, .MILDRED .MAY PRENTICE. Army IMM No. \ hall w Jn iho 51fc5. 1 flfreetl -3frs .r. II. Elowerby was the de- AK ^ionjif leader, and the business liKJetii g w^as presided over by the presidmt. Mrs. C. E. Williams. ; Plats were made to attend the ' 3iinch <Joa of the City Federalioh of AVoraah'.s clubs at the Hotel itelley January 2. The Rer. C. M. Flower gave tbo JeSBon, • Mrs.; J. . C. WUson. Mrs. DEC. 17 ! • D «yi to : Cliristsui CKtisttXias greatwt gift. N. J.;. Kcnneili .McI). AiiiariUu. Tex.: lia Amarlllo. Tex. .Mrs. Travis iiu>v>nl to; Kansas City in ist". rtslditi^ llierc iiiilil .\/»Hr. J.S79. when H^ie |-«;maved with her family (<• a i-.trm n^uv lola. Kas, She lived in Ihi.-s viciiilt.v" and ,lola. Kas.. until laiO. In .1»1C .she I rcinov<Hl to .Manhatthn, Kas.. since v.i)ic!i time slie has lived with her ilatiRlucrs, .\lrS'. A. II. King of .Man- iitittaii anil .\lr.s. Chas. lirigham -if I)eiiver,= Colo. It was .il the homo.; of the tatter that Mis. Travis I passed away on December 12 after I a-, iiripf illness. At an early age !Mr .-f. Travis be- .same a nienilier oflht- llnion'Pres­ byterian chill cli of Newhurgh, Oranci! Count.v. New York. This meni!;ership was transferred to the LaHarpe jPresbyterlan churcli and lator.'.whon maicmg liet Home ni lola. she'itinitcd with thf First ^ ;Me|thodist cinirch.' i '• 'Tlie foregoing.1>rief biographical! lijk^ich of a long, active and useful: life, was read at the funeral serv-' •.eh which wore hi-ld in the Sleep-; er Chapel in lola Friday afternoon,' ' December 10. and were conducted : by Rev. H. G. (Mathls, D. D., of the Fiist Presbyterian church, a.ssisled by Rev. C; 1. Coldsmitli. of the First A1.. E. church. Suitable music was effeitively rendered by a nuartette <-onii>osed of .Mrs. J. II. Henderson, Mi.-s Julia .McClure. Mr. .\. E. Gar- visoii and y\r. X. C. Scott, with Mrs. .1. E. CornWi !rt the piano. Beautiful flowers, the tribute of many frir-nds, atT,psted the high regard in whi<h Mrs. Tr.ivis was held by those wlm i Uni'W lier. The body'" was laid to rest-in the lola cenie- teiv. , V Meml>ers of tfie family presen*. I from, outside of lola were: -Col. I 1 and '.Mrs. F. L. Travis, of Kansas • if :iry. Kas,: ,Mis.:«<!lU« Travis, Ilrig- 1 iiiani, of; J)i>nvi'r; .Mrs. Rose 'fravis | Kiii ;;,ifot .Manhattan, and D.^n H. I "Travii? (son of Thomas Travis) of liidsi.nia. Ark. • DEAR .SANTA ClMiS: I atn a little girl ii years old and am not asking for very tiitich, but would l<ive very much to,have it nli.r- dolj with cnrls, and wjll he glad to )(et anything else .von want til bring ine. ' ,; Your Little Friend. MARtniC M,;U11E PRENTICE, P. S.—PJease remember all the titili- l)iiys aiKl girls in loin. DEAR SANTA OLAl'S: Merc's lioping you don't forget us litis Chrlstmasl I will bo thankful for iin.vihing you bring, I am not particular, but; remember m.t. two' sisters anjd baby brother. I CLYDE PRENTICE. l-:dW«.rd Kmisell and .Air.--. L. E. Woir werj- gi»>ts._ A Inncli was s .Tved. ; ' Tile niiiiihiMy: |iri>t.fiu were: .Mrs. (1. K. Wimiinis. Mrs. - J. H. .-<owi.rh.v. .Mrs. J; II. Griffith. -Mrs. Kryscr, Mis. .\.' H. Snydi'i. Rev. Carrli- M. Flower. .Mr.«:. J. F. Varrier, .Mrs. F. H. j Hitchcock, Mrs, I'liarli's Kietiman. .Mr!«. S. C. Dela- ijiviier. .'ilrs. 1). B. .McCartv. Mrs. Harlan Taylor. .Mrs. G. W. Feni- iiioro. Mis. J. E. Land. .Mrs. C. O. PcleV .-oii. .Mrs. L. A., .Mi-.Millan, Mrs. AM).. Hawihorin. and Mrs. J. H. Wolf. THOMA.S I.A.\KI.K Thomas I.,angley wasl liorii In Huron .x:ounty, Ohio, Mar. 24. 18^0. He came with his paronts' to lola more than fifty years ago. He was an industrious worker nil his life until about aix years ago when bl^ hcaiih failed, rendering him im- tlhle to cintinin- liis industrious habits. Hut ;be workeii many times when his w^ak.-ned ho<iy:<'0uld not stand the sti-ain. ^ i i ' He wa« converte <l in the- Methodist church in^Ohio when a young man about 19 >'Tear8 ago. and when tbe Salvation Army was e«-, tablished in loja some years agoj he urriliated w'lth that organixa- tion, taking pan' in its n^eeiings and serving on ;the street and In many other wayi. i i In the last few ' months his health failed rapidly, but his'sud­ den, death came as a distinct ahock to ills near riilBtlves. _;HIs home was at 51,3 North Sycamore street, where he was carefully looked after by his slater. Mra. Emnia Leslie, and lilm brothVr-In-Iaw. When it wbs diecoxered that he was failing, hc 'wii .iilinducetl by his sister, Ut -^te moy^ to her home i at 310 south :8VUrM» street,'anija taxi was otdefetll to remove him. But tils time hiid come and on the way to; iijs sister's home hta liea^t ceaa- ed and his spirit fled: and inatead of arriving at his sister's honie he arrived, at his heavenly home. Tomt^iy I.,anglcy was k'lpwn and respe<t<!d by a large grou)^ of people whd have long resided'in lola. He leaves in sorrow two: sisters. Mrs. Emma Leslie and Mrs. Mary Lasater: three nephews, Willie Lnsaterj-Fred Lasater and Milford Langleji: four nieces-,. Edith Lealie. I^oujse l.,e.<)lle. .Mrit Evk Fisher ajnci Rohe Crcyiston. ^11 of lola: aid a large circle of friends.— riend. i . "Life of Riley" Is BiUed for Kclley . .' ''—^—r ' 1 A Mardf Oran and Venetian celn- hrailon 'combined can't be more plcture,)ique and colorful than, the circus background that figures In "The !,,ife of Hllev," the Wotoim flint comedy co-featuring Ccotgo Sidney and Charlie SlurnO'. coming to the KeMey Thenlre Monday and n'uesdny. i Eliilihanis and camels, wild men and bo»;rded women clowns and hula' girls In this senuence vrp with \ a cprIoa;il of fireworks, explotling among the principal piayers, a ilot and a villofle fire, and maiiy other con»edy ijlements, ' in providing tangha and thrills. 'Rural coiAedy has In the pas: i been. consldePMl natural mirth ma-' terli^!, but In combination with such! vesotin" thrilte it is doubly ;effective in "The Life of Riley.' I Tljr famous comics ot stage jind •••crefn, Sidney and .Murray, are chariactertrtd as rural town Fire Chief and Police Chief, respectively, artd Sam Hatiiy. '.Myrtle Stfd.- mani June .Marlowe, Stephen Caj-r, Edwards'Davis and Bert Woodrjiff.] havt^ interesting supporting rofe^. I'^D^mi-Bride" at Elite : Monday and Tuesday j 'The frequent appearance oi .Nor- • 'ma .Shearer and Lew Coiiy in the! same plc.ttires Is rapidly idenlltyitig ' tiiem as a team of screen stars that ' la uitbeatable for comedy. [ Ijtat year this team gave to pic-! turc^oers ".\"SJave of Fashion.'.'J whid^ liioved atie of (he nio.*t popular bi^x office siicicssc.s of the aa- i son. T-Iarly this vear they apiienred . together in "His Secretary," I.<>',v' as the flisi half alu! .Vornia as tli.> last word of .111- litli'. i - j The smii-ss "f tliis coiued.v is' bLslory .Vnd tnnv , loines "Th;! Demi-BrlUe." another .Metro-Gold-i Wyn-.Ma.ver conn-d .v, starring .Mi.<s Slieamr with Cody. It Is a Knnili i faicf from tlie iici).-) oi' K. Iliinlii Herbert, a 'listiiiKuisiiid ltl 'iti^j|| <i-r !ter. an;i Florem -e llyiTsnii. ih-,-' well known scenarist. ' j In the lattrr picture, at tlie, l -;;ite Theatre ..Monday :iiiil Tii.s-I d ;i .v, Nciiiiia has tin- inle of a saiiiy and iiii'-i 'liji'Viiii.'' Kien .h' siluMil girl. Cody, .if (•(iiiryf. i.-^ ,||.'| nijin, and C ;iinnl .Myrs liir .Jiii"-' miithiT. • fJtl.'iT ilien ;I )cr.>" iii" tin- la.-l aj-,-! Dor -'thy Hcbasiijiii. Liimel Itclimirf, I Tenen Holt/, and Noia Ctiil. 'Hi.-i pictiite wa" ditectid by l.'i licit /.. ' Leonard; Pleasant Valley Hill Dec. 14.—"The .sick folks In the Valfe.v are now convalc -ieent. Miss Isabel Colvin is back in school again after nii.ssing two day.-< last week on arcnniil of iliiie .-s. Ml-. Rotliwell Cleaver aiiii -M ^s. Gladys .M. Young «if near Savon- Hii-g, who is leoflifr of the VaU %-y school, with -Mr. Harold Cleaver and his bride of only <i week or two with them, went Itiihe hoiin- of Rev. N. L. Vczie in lola Saturday evening and were <|uietiy niar-i rie<l. .Mrs. Cleavt-r will continue toacbing her term of .school here, jand they will spend the remainder lof tile winter wit |i .Mr. ('leaver 's Ijiareiiis, .Mr. and .Mi!.^. l-'reil Cleaver, who'live only one mile from tin* S'chool house. The two bridal pm- pl«fa were given a rousing charivari Saturday night, and all ale a bojintifnl wedding dinner at Mr. Fred CJejaver's Sunday. -Miss Tholma Harrington in atfeiidunce and .wa.s very efficient help in serving and entertaining. We extend hearty congratulations. Karl Martin and famliy were at Ralph Ellis's the first of the week. Earl hauled corn tor Ralph. .Monday nftf rnoon, Tuesday .and We<N nesday and Thursday foreiioon. aiiil Mrs. iMartln helped !Mrs. Ellis hang wall paper. .Mrs. Scafe of Stonepile <listri<:t -is on the sick list. She was missed from the V^ai'ey Siiinlay where sh'i ',wns expected lo talk awhile after Sunday school. The Valley Cliilstinas entertainment tree, pageant ami whatever materialixes will, be held i^aturda^- iilght.' December 24. Everybody Is w^elcome to attenil with prt^sents for their! fainlHes or friends. \- FRAMED PICTURES GIBSON'S TwoiBig Qhiefs on the Warpath Cfiit-fi'e tMurrdy wd* dtc^^ ^cUnV i^-'Tim Ufjt pPJtiJI^ AUrtkE KELLEY THEATRE MONDAY AND TUESDAY Swiff s Premium Ham And Bacon, Toe M. & M. MARKET Meat That You Can Eat Join .ours today. It i,s the way to ^runran- teti a happy Christmas to you and your.s. Come in today and join the Chtb. lola State Qank Wm Be This Is Especially for the Conveniem a Wild Haven't the Opportunity to During the Day " hose eirson. ISbamion Hardware Co. STYLEj^LEADCRS^^ Cbmpwiy DRyooops^iwMENs wEAR^iiuNM' ^ Bccfc Fflralture Co. lOUk - - - -KAiltAS THE HUB T. M. Sartels Ckiaa Store Barcby-ShieMs Ck Co. lotoV.II<*er«» $p(it Ca^ Sloe Store ; , • -•.:.1.>-. • : 1.1

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