The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1956 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1956
Page 2
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PAGE TWO <ARK.) COURIER HEWS IATURDAT, APRIL 14,1»W Singer Nat Cole Continues Dixie Tour in Spite of Attack By ALLEN ALEXANDER RALEIGH, N. C. (AP) — Nat King Cole was on the road in Dixie again today, anxious to, leave in the past the attack by a group of white men during a Birmingham, Ala., performance. . The Negro singer, rejoining a Southern concert tour here last night, said he was readj to leave behind, too, the "political situation" resulting from the incident. "I'm crusading in my own way* ... I was not intending to become a politician." Cole said of an in- vitttion from the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People to join "in the crusade Aluminum /or Survival ALBUQUERQUE, N. M. (If) — Capt. Joseph Garner found a military use for kitchen aluminum foil ond,recently won a commendation from authorities at the Air Force Special Weapons Center at kirtland cant, and accompl davit of the app truth of the appH contain the follovJ (a i The name * applicant; <b> 'Hie location and legal description of the trailer court; j (a A complete plan of the trailer •led by »n affl- [cant a« U> th« iitlon, and shall id address of the AFB. At his suggestion, Jet pilous: t showlng compliance with all here now carry sheets of the foil' p | icab | e provisions of this Ordi- In their survival kit*. Garner, an; „'„„„, and regulations promulgated aeronautical engineer, suggested it: thereunder; makes good cooking utensils as well' 1(1| sucn furt her Information as requested by the health of- ma y against racism." Roy Wilkins, executive secretary of the KAACP, wired Cole tha't the Issue of racism "is a fight which none of us can es- Top Young Farmers— "FOYFs" being Four Outstanding Young Farmers as selected by the U. S. Junior Chamber of Commerce and the American Petroleum Institute committee on agriculture. Awards were made at a banquet in Pittsburgh, Pa. The winners are Robert Y. Sakata, 29, of Brighton, Colo., a truck garden and general farmer; A. D. „ . Sprague. Jr.. 35, o! Siurgis, Ky., general farmer; William A. Posvell, Ca The telegram added: "We invite' 35. of Princeton, Mo., a dairy farmer; and John R. Beckstrand, 35, you to join us in the crusade of Warwick, N. D., a grain and cattle fanner. They were chosen against racism in order to create following community and state eliminations in 47 states and Hawaii, a society in which the Birmingham incident v ould be impossible." . Sernxated Audience Cole said he Would "of course" reply to the wire from Wilkins. "I shouldn't have to be asked my feeling 1 about racism. I have children," he added. They are both girls, aged 11 and 6. The near-capacity segregated audience in Raleigh's Memoria Auditorium greeted Cole with en thusiasm typical of his reception here <in the past. The auditorium seats 3.700. A normal complement of four policemen was on duty. There were no .reports of unusual i dents. In his two 30-minute turns on stage, Cole made no mention of the Birmingham incident. To reporters, he had compliments for Birmingham policemen and citizens. He called the city's reaction "a wonderful gesture. 1 He said he has no intention of filing damage actions against his attackers. I.V THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS National Burial Insurance Company, et al, Pltfs. vs. No. 13,262 C. S. Corey, Malikee Corey,, et al. Dfts. WARNING ORDER The defendants, A. E. Corey and Louise Corey, are warned to appear in this Court within thirty (30) da3's and answer Complaint of plaintiff, National Burial Insurance Company. This the 13th day of April, 1858. SEAL OERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By OPAL DOYLE, D. C. 4/14-21-28-5/6 WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COtJKT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTT, ARKANSAS Farmers Bank & Trust Co., Pltf., vs. No. 13,241 R. H. "Ted" Green, Dtt. The defendant. Vaughn V. Osburn, Kenneth Osburn, and A. T. Osburn, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the cross complaint of the plaintiff, Farmers Bank t Trust Co. Dated this I3th day of April, 1956. as emergency signaling reflectors for downed pilots. . Kn \ 10 enable him to determine ' — : ; j that the proposed trailer court will OKDI.VAXCE \o. 567 : comply with legal requirements. A.V ORDINANCE for the purpose 3.3 A complete plan, for the pur- of reeulatlnj the parking of oc- : pose of obtaining a permit to be cupied or unoccupied trailer : ,!j,ued by the health officer, shall coaches and of defining; and regu- show; latins trailer courts; establishing) , a > The area and dimensions of mlnumum jtandards governing , tne tract, of land; the construction and maintenance <b' The number, location, and of trailer courts; establishing j size of all trailer-coach spaces; minimum .standards governing the i icl The location and width of provided utilities and facilities, j roadw-ys and walkways; anil other physical things and i <d> The location of service build- conditions to make trailer courts ; ings and any other proposed slruc- safc, sanitary, and fit for human tures; habitation; fixing the resnonsi- 1 (e) The location of water and billtlcs and duties of owners and sewer lines; and statement oC the (round* thtrefor within ten days after the day th« notice was served. Upon receipt of such petition, the health officer shall set t time and place for such hearing, and shall give the peti- tloner Written notice thereof. At such hearing, the petitioner shall be given an opportunity to oe heard, and to show why such notice should be modified or with* drawn. The hearing shall be commenced not later than ten ' days after the day on which the petition was filed; PROVIDED, That, upon application of the petitioner, the health officer may postpone the date of the hearing for a reasonable time beyond such ten-day period, on his judgment that the petitioner has submitted a good] and sufficient reason for such postponement. 5.3 After such hearing the health officer shall sustain, modify, or to the tervlot bulldlnc, or other clothes-drying facilities, shall be provided. A minimum of 50 squire feet per coach space shall be provided in the area used for clothes drying. SECTION VIII—SERVICE BUILDINGS 8.1 Each trailer court shall be provided with one or more Mrvice buildings adequately equipped with flush-type toilet fixtures. No service building shall contain less than two toilets for females, one toilet for males, one lavatory and shower, for each sex, one urinal for males, one laundry tray, and one slop-water closet. Dependent trailer coaches shall be parked not more than 200 feet from the service building. 8.2 Service buildings shall: fa) Be located 15 feet or more from any trailer-coach space; (b) Be of permanent construction, and be adequately lighted: withdraw the notice, depending up-1 (c) 3,, „[ moisture-resistant ma- on his findings as to compliance j terlal, to permit frequent washing or noncompliance with the provisions of this Ordinance, and of regulations adopted pursuant thereto. If the health officer should sustain and cleaning; (d 1 ) Have sufficient toilet and laundry facilities, according to requirements promulgated by the operators of Iraller courts: author- ' (O Plans and specifications of, served pursuant to Subsection 3.1 l7.Ing Inspection of trailer courts; all buildings and other improve- °{, tn ', s Ordinance shall automatic- ments constructed or to be co: siructed within the trailer court. i 3.4 Any person whose application : for a permit under this Ordinance For the purpose of this Ordinance, ! has been denied may request and the following words and phrases j shall be granted a hearing on the shall have the meanings ascribed to ' matter before the health officer. or modify such notice, it shall be j health officer, to serve adequately deemed to be an order. Any notice and fixing penalties for violations.: ments constructed or to be con- Be it. therefore, ordained by the City of Blytheville as follows: SECTION I—DEFINITIONS th"m in this section. ; under the procedure provided by ally become an order if a written petition for a hearing shall not have been filed in the office of the health officer within , ten days after such notice was served. After n hearing in the case of any notice suspending any permit both males and females; (e) Hade adequate heating facilities to maintain a temperature of 70 degrees F. during cold weather, and to supply a minimum of three gallons of hot water per hour per coach space during time of peak demands. (ft Have all rooms Tell ventilated, with all openings effectively HEALTH OFFICER shall mean Section IV ol. this Ordinance, tlie legally designated health au- i 3.5 Whenever, upon inspection of j thority of th? City of Blytheville ! any trailer court, the health officer or his authorized representative, i "nds that conditions or practices PERMIT shall mean a written i exist which are in violation of any required by this Ordinance, or by j * cr ' eene d- any regulation adopted pursuant; " ' thereto, when such notice shall j have been sustained by the hesMi i water separate room ? m "L'¥^l'!.;?. 3 , 11 b f_ dee ™? SECTION IX-WATER SUPPLY to have been revoked. Any such permit issuer! by the health officer i provision of this Ordinance, or of i Permit which shall have been sus- permitting the trailer court to op- j any regulation adopted pursuant " " erate under this Ordinance and reg- j 'hereto, the health officer shall give 9.1 Water supply to the trailer pended deemed by to be a .11 nave ueer M.S- court sha ,, be Mpab , e Q , finishing aTnLicaS £ ! L™^ J"°"* '" "* i per trailer-coach space. •.••UK. uiiijv. i iiii-i %ji uiixniwt- oiiu icg- --, • a- • . (-.I- f n l*r> *ir,rr'' r< v viiinci -t. \rntu opntc. illations promulgated thereunder. notice in writing to the person to \™*f° l [ J petition for hearing; 9 . 2 The water system of the trail- TRAILER COURT shall mean any I whom the permit was issued; and, | snai] not nave oeen inea, j.n me j „,. „„,,„, «. u «n K* *^ n ^ tn ^ u,, ~;— plot of ground upon which two or veyance upon £"%S ^^l^o^^^eT^ ^a^ter^blHf record in Jh. j «, ™ omcer. uch hichwav. and Hniv iiratunhip nc' n °t been corrected, he shall give] mgnwajs ana auly llceasable as u-htine to the nerson to I record shall include, also, a such, and constructed in such a nouce ui wining to me peison to [ . . subj ' Jy nr H able ,,,„ supplies, nor be ect to the hazards of backflow located In « trailer coieh, nor within 5 feet of a door thereof. SECTION XV - Tint PROTECTION 15 i The court »res shall bt subject to the rules and regiul«tlone o[ Uie City ol Blytheville tire-prevention minority. 15.2 Trailer-court areas «h«ll b* kept free of lltt«r. rubbish and other flammable materials. 15.3 Portable fire extinguisher! of > type ipproved by the fire-prevention authority shall b« kept In service buildings »nd in nil ether locations named by such fire-prevention authority, and shall b« maintained in good operating condition. 15.4 Where a public water system is available to the trailer court, standard lire hydrants shall be located within 400 feet of each trailer coach. 15.5 Fires shall be made only In stoves, and other equipment intended for such purposes. SECTION XVI — ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS: RESTRICTION OF ANIMAL* AND PETS 18.1 No permanent additions of any kind shall be built onto, nor become a part of any trailer coach. Skirting of coaches Is permissible, but such skirting shall not attach the coach permanently to the ground, provide a harborage for rodents, or create a fir* hazard. 16.2 The wheels of the coach shall not be removed, except temporarl- under the frame, of the coach to prevent movement on the springs while the coach is parked and occupied. 16.3 No owner or person In charge of a dog, cat, or other pet animal shall permit it to run at large, or to commit any nuisance within the limits of any trailer court. SECTION XVH — REGISTRATION OF OCCUPANTS, REPORTING OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASES 17.1 Every trailer-court owner or operator shall maintain a register containing a record of all trailer coaches and occupants using the trailer court. Such register, shall be , available to any authorized person COACH shall mean a trailer coach ficer that his permit will be sus- n ] be damaged^ by the parking of such pended unless certain conditions or I which requires immediate action! TRAILER COURTS officer, shall be afforded a hearing as soon as 1 possible. After such 4.1 The health officer is hereby , hearing, depending upon his finrt- for men and womo •aler rlosol and laundry and with separate bath or shower iccominodations. SECTION II—PERMIT FOR PARKING OUTSIDE OP TRAILER COURT 2.1 H shall be unlawful, within „, .._,. „ _ r _ _ ...... Jie llmiis nf the City of Blythe- I authorized and directed to make j ) n g as to compliance or noncom- i-ille, Arknnsas, for any person to ! inspection to determine the condi-1 piiance with the provisions of this lark any Iraller coach of any kind i lion 0( trailer courts'located wihin [ Ordinance, and of regulations m nny street, alloy, highway, or ! lllc cil - v Ol Blytheville in order that j adopted pursuant thereto, have other public place 'in the corner- i he "'">' perform his duty of safe-i been complied with, the health of- ate limits of the City of Blythe- ! guarding the health and safety of f| cor sn all continue such order In ille, Arknnsas. ' | occupants of trailer courts and of e ff cct O r modify it or revoke it. te ' thl ; H?,!)"", 1 p ,"! >Uc ; r . >, „ „ ! SECTION vi - ADOPTION OF 4.2 me health off.cer shall have i REGULATroNS BY THE HEALTH OFFICER SECTION X—SEWAGE DISPOSAL er coach, (3) the State territory, or county issuing the trailer license, and (4) the dates of arrival and departure of each trailer coach. 17.2 Every owner, operator, attendant or other person operating a trailer court shall notify the local health officer immediately of any suspected communicable or con- i0.2 Each trailer-coach space shall I a trniler court shall not permit the be provided with at least a 3-inch j departure of a trailer coach or its sewer connection. The sewer con- | occupants, or the removal there- . nection .shall be provided with suitable fittings, so that a watertight connection can be made between the )_ n n__ „_ >, j ,, tu i u i i. */j *™ ! e ' 0ach ™ m . dth SCWer health, officer. from of clothing or other articles which have been exposed to infection, without approval of the old bandstand and use the lumber lor t\ bonfire, celebration. 2.2 No trniler conch shall marked, used, or occupied on any tract of around within the eorpor- j lhc P mvcr lo enter al reasonable ate limits of tho City of BlvilAville. | u ""' s "I 1011 "">' Private or public Arkansas, except [is provided In • P ru P"ty for the purpose of Inthis ordinance iction. Such individual coach ons shall be so constructed linked to a coach, and shall be jspocting »nd investigating condi- j authorized to make »no\ after^pub- trapped in such a manner as to . maintain them in an odor-free con- 6.1 The health officer is hereby [ dition. 10.3 Sewer lines shall be con' tions to the enforcement lie hearing, to adopt such written structed with the approval of the NOW ESTABLISHED 18.1 It is recognized by the Council that in recent times certain individual trailers have been parked on privately owned lots and certain trailer courts, as herein defined, have been established without compliance with existing laws and probably without knowledge on the SIMPLIFY SHOPPING AND SAVING WITH What do you Need? - Get it fast with a low cost want ad! Thrifty women — and men, too — read our classified ads every day for the best reason IN the world: YOU SAVE! ! Want ads in this paper ar» a market place for everything you want to buy, sell, or swap and — for expert services. . . . Get the classified shopping habit, now. . . . we will help you write the Ad! Ads placed before S p.m. will appear next day, •xcept for. Monday's paper when ads must be placed by noon Saturday. All classified advertising payable in advance. COURIER NEWS 2.3 No person shall park. me. or ' regulations as may be necessary health officer, and in 2.4 A permit shall be oblaineri by ; ls( , s a , n , 150n ., b i e umes' for the ' ina ." er Provided. !he miller roach orcnpnnl for any - c „, lnsp(!< , tion . locntinn outside, nf a trailer park I 45 I( sh;1] , bc , he dmy of e ! from the City CnllKtra- who issues , occup:1 , n of a trailer court to give such licenses for other privileges.; |he owner , hel . eo , 01 . hjs j m . Thr permit shall be fora prriod '"' SECTION VII — LOCATION, SPACE. AND GENERAL LAYOUT M The trailer court shall be !o- employee access any part of • catcd on a well-drained site, and ' ' insect - breeding areas, accident in wiliout special permission of the hazards or air pollution. i Council, shall be deemed to be op- 11.2 All refuse shall be stored in Derating in violation of this ordi- flytight, watertight, rodenl-prooi'. nance, unless within six months containers, which shall be located t next after the adoption hereof there not. more than 150 feet from any 1 shall be full compliance with all trailer-coach space. They shall be i the requirements of this ordinancs pnrate premises. j 2.S. Application for the permit; •-hall contain the street and mini- ; her of (he oratpipd dwelling the name of the occupant of [ho said : dwelling and his permission to lo- ; cate: and the plan mii5-t bo np- i trailer-coach spaces; ; dcnnmp Bround lhem ib» Necessarv streets and HEAIUNGS. AND ORDERS 3.1 Whenever tne health officer determines that there are reason- - „ , . . able grounds lo bellr-ve that there VT „"* """* "*' has been n violation of any pro- nult ' s - nntl vision of this Ordinance, or of any id) Service areas and ; leged violation to the person or persons responsible therefor, as here- ; lars, or by Imprisonment for not SECTION XII — INSECT AND j less than 1 day nor more than 30 RODENT CONTROL ! days; and each day's failure of 12.1 Insect - and rodent - control i compliance with any such proyis- 1 measures to safeguard public: ion shall constitute a separate vio- play- heii'lh as recommended by the|lalion. health officer, shall be applied in SECTION XX — CONFLICT Or ORDINANCES: EFFECT Or PARTIAL INVALIDITY , „ ., regulation adopted pursuant there- srounds. ,,,--- proved by the City tngmwr and - s , , ^ ^ of ^ a ,_ 7.3 Each trailer-coach space shall the |rrjlel . cmlrt City Health Officer a.s to .-amta- ; , d vlolnlion ,„ the p( , rson or per . contain a mmlmum of 1,000 square . !2 2 Effcctlvc i.rvicldal solutions i tion. location anu s\7.e oi s^'.u lot "" " * or lots, and as !o cnlr.niccs and exit. 5 to snid parking lots. SECTION III—PERMIT FOR TRAILER COURT feet, shall bc at least 25 feet wide. mav be rec ommencied by the: 20.1 In any case where a provis- dnvewa.v or ^ health officer for fly-or mosquito- ion of this Ordinance is found to be and shall abut on 3.1 It shall • bo unlawful for any person to construct,, op- rrate or alter any trailer court wit.hin the limits of Blythevilto inaftcr provided. Such notice s'tall: lai Be put in writing; ,,,-,, ^ „ j d)i Include a statemenl of the s l" m ' s sha " be clrarl >' d(innet1 " nd : nent measures. i health ordinance or code of this reasons for its issuance: trailer coaches shall be parked in 12 .3 Accumulations of debris: City of Blytheville existing on the (ci Allow a reasonable lime for such spaces so that there will be which may provide harborage for effective date of this Ordinance, other clear area with unobstructed j breeding areas which cannot be: in conflict with a provision of any access to a public street. Such : controlled by other, more perma-; zoning, building, fire, safety, or the quires: oi nny act it re- minimum of IS , feel between ; vodenls shnH not be permuted in the provision which, in the judg- trailer coaches and so that no t | le jmjier court. trailer coach will be loss than 10 j ment of the health officer, estab- unless he holds a valid permit issued j ' lc ;> Be served upon Ihe owner or trailer coach will oe loss than 10 12.4 when rats or other rodents; lishcs the higher standard for the annually by the health officer in; nis nge nt, or the occupant, as Ihe teel (rom lhc ™ e rior boundary of ! are known lo be m the trailer: promotion and protection of the the name of such poison for the ; case ma y rc q u | rr: PROVIDED. " 1(1 ""'I" court. j court, the court operator shall take ' health and safety of the people specific trailer court. All applied- | That sl]c h notice or order shall be ~ A " tlhnl1 ^ '"ee»l lo park a ; definite action, as directed by the shall prevail. In any case where a tions for permits shall bo made to j Deemed to have been properly trailer coach less than 25 feet from i health officer, to exterminate provision of this Ordinance is found ihe health officer who shall certify i serve d upon such owner or agent, i an '' s 1 " 10 ' or highway, or so that! them. to be in conflict with a provision any pan of such trailer coach will i 12.5 Suitable measures recom-i of any other ordinance or code of obstruct any roadway or walkway. ; mended by Ihe health officer shall j this City of Blytheville existing on 75 " >h all lie illeiial lo allow any; be taken by the trailer-court op-i the effective date of this Ordinance ed purMinnl thereto has been met. | dress or when a copy thereof has trailer coach lo remain In a trailer • erator to control other Insects and ! which establishes a lower standard '""" ' "*'- ^ - '~- L • - f 0r t nc promotion and protection of the health and safety of tha same Hint compliance by Ihe appli- I or upon sllcn occupant, when cant with provisions of this ordi- co))y [hereof has been sent by re nance and of any n-nulations adopt- | jstercd mall lo his last known ad- ed purMiniil thereto has been met. | dress or when a copy thereof has After such certification by the health j been posted In a conspicuous place! c ™rt unless a trailer-coach space : obnoxious weeds. officer, the City Clerk shall Issue I j n or about the dwelling affecled ! ' s available. | SECTION XIII — a permit, at a fee of Five '£>.M» ! by the notice; or when he has been 7.6 Access roads of concrete or: 13.1 An electrical outlet supply- Unllnvs for each trniler conch lot j served with such notice by any asphalt shall be provided to each ing at least 110 volts shall be pro- .. there-ill accorriiiiB to plan filed, said I other method authorized or re- : trailer-coach space. Each access video for each trailer-coach space, j and such other ordinances or codes fee lii-liiR for a period of a fiscal i quired by the laws of this State: : road shall be continuous, shall con- ; The installation shall comply with year or a part ihcroot. Applications , (e) Contain an outline ol reme- ' nect with a street or highway, and | all State and local electrical codes ELECTRICITY people, the provisions of this Ordinance shall be deemed to prevail, are hereby declared to be repealed to the extent that they may be for renewal of permits may be dial action, which, if taken, will • shall have « minimum width of 20 and ordinances. Such electrical out- found in conflict with this Ordl- mad' 1 within .10 d:iys prior lo ex-! effect compliance with Ihe pro-: feet. : lets shall be weatherproofed. No j nance. plratlon, «I same Ice and require- i visions of this Ordinance, and with 7.7 Areas shall be provided for (he power line -shall he permitted to lie I All ordinances and parts of ordi- ments. No permit sluill be trans-i regulations adopted pursuant there- parking of motor vehicles. Such ; on the ground, or to be suspended nances in conflict herewith are ferflblc. Every ,jer,son holding a permit shall give no(k*e in writing to the health officer within twentv- shall accommodate at least: less than 18 feet above the ground. 5.2 Any person affected by any the number of vehicles equal to the I SECTION XIV — FUEL . notice which has been issued in ' number of trailer-coach spaces pro- u.l Liquefied petroleum gns for cooking purposes shall not be used hereby repealed. SECTION XXI - EMERGENCY CLAUSE An emergency is therefore de- four hours after luivinf: sold, trans- I connection with Ihe enforcement if t videri. ( .... - - .,, uiven away, or otherwise dis- ! nny provision of this Ordinance, or. ".« Playground areas shall be pro- • at individual Irallcr-coach spaces ! clared and this ordinince being posed of. tni-!v..t in or control of I of any regulation adopted pursuant vided. and shall he restricted to .such the conuinerj are properly | necessary for the preservation of any trailer court. Such notice shall j thereto, may request and shall be UM\ areas .shall be protected connected by copper or other suitable metallic tubing. Liquefied pe- the public peace, health and safe- , ty shAll be in full fore* and effect include the name and address of Granted « hearing on the matter from the main highway and from able met the person succeediiis to the own- i before the health officer: PROV1D-' parking areas. A minimum of 100 troleum gas cylinders shall be se- from and after Its passage, ^rship or control of Mich trnllor I ^D, That such person shall file tn square feet per coach space shn'i ' curcly fastened In place, nnd shall ( Passed ?nd floproved this I0th ; l ie office of I'le 'ie?'llh officer a be mud'. 1 nvnihblo in one or more - •:-••—:'y nrntoctrv! from the d'y of Ann!, lfi'6. . 3.2 Applications fr, r pVrmH.^ Mull be In writing, signed by the upplt- . written pel f -n r'equrshng siirh ' j'^r^.- for men pl.iysriMind fl.vrfs. , ler. N'o containing! . . hearing and setting forth « brief j 7.9 OuUsIde drying space adjacent j liquefied petroleum gss shall be I W. L. MALIN. TOLER BUCHANAN,

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