Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on March 8, 1961 · Page 3
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 8, 1961
Page 3
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[ember \n~? ?\VE YEARS AGO f tems From the Files ostville Herald of rcb 12, 1936 be a change In the ^nd management of fy cleaning and press taent next week when Borneo Gordanier takes possession of the Hnlvorson Cleaners business. Mr. Gordanier will have assisting him his son, Howard. Mount Vernon, Iowa. — Robert Harrington of Postville was recently awarded a Cornell freshman numeral sweater in recognition of his exploits as a quarterback on the yearling football eleven last fall. For the fifth consecutive year old reliable seed house of Hall Roberts' Son in Postville has landed an order of goodly proportions from the Iowa State Board of Control, and they secured the contract in open competition with every big seed house in the state of Iowa. Arbie Schroeder of route one, Clermont, was chosen as one of the directors of the Fayette County farm in Iric Wiring Is Our Business ^ESTIMATES — POWER WIRING ^WIRING . . ELECTRIC HEATING . . . ELECTRIC REPAIRS . . . INSTALL NEW SERVICES D & J ELECTRIC 24 Hour Service Day Call 86 4-3725 Night Call 86 4-7688 or 86 4-3979 Holstein Breeders' Association at to be married March 21 to Charles the meeting held at Fayette last.Wegner of this city. Saturday. I "William Kostmann has purchased Lloyd Bruce of this city has turned farmer by proxy. He has leased a 98 acre farm along highway 51, about five miles this side of Waukon, where he already has 75 head of sheep and will also stock up with a goodly number of turkeys a little later on. If the return of the robins is a harbinger of spring that season of the year must be almost here, as quite a number of reputable citizens of Postville the Lambert Brothers south Ludlow township. Only 25 votes were cast at Monday's school election. Bart C. Fleming and Wm. H. Weihe were elected directors, Charley Huebner is engaged in hauling building material to his farm south of town where this spring he will erect a new dwell- i ing house.. , . Mrs. John Baltz, aged 85 years, sm n ^nto „<-,!• reF ! on ,.£ eeln ? passed away Monday at the home ohces ?hn,'t °Ll £ d ' fferen , of her son, Carl, and funeral scrv- places about town on-Tuesday of looo nro h ^„ a +hi s nftprncrm. this week. FIFTY YEARS AGO Interesting: Items From the Files of "The Volksblatt" Published in March 17, 1911 Willman family has the William Gericke The Rudy moved into farm. Mrs. Minna Jahnke expects to open a millinery store at Luana soon. John Levenhagen and family have rented the former Karmaus farm. Steamship tickets from New York to Bremen, Germany, have been reduced to $38.00. Miss Lizzie Luebbers of near Luana was given a pre-nuptial shower at her home last Saturday night by her friends. Miss Lizzie is Only wise men and hungry children fully reciate their blessings! Many of God's gifts, like the air we breathe, received without thought. Others, like the tnidance of the harvest, we think about only season. Still others, like our religious herit- get varying degrees of attention and ponse according to our spiritual perception Vff. or the precariousness of our plight. i| This isn't Christmas ... or Easter. And We hope it is not a time-of personal crisis for S and your family , . . If it's just a normal week, full of the routine ife—then it's an ideal time to remember pr blessings. And Sunday will be an ideal W to begin, renew or strengthen that whole- ne habit of worshipping God in the church |your choice. ffrislit 10U1, Krister Adv. Si-nice, Straslmrc. V.i. 'Hie Church ii trip greaiejl /actor railh fur ihr building o[ character . good aliirnttnp. Il it .1 slurrliousc spiritual valun. Without a tlronftCHu ncilrirr dc-mociaiy nor civilization can jur»i-f. Dine ale (our sound rc-aionc why ovrty person iliould attend servicer, regularly and support the Church. 1 hey are: (1) For his on n sake. (2) For his cfiitdrcn's sake. (3) For the sake of his community and nation. (4) For the sake of the Church itself, which needs his moral and materia) suppoil. Plan to go lei church regularly and read your Bible daily. Day Book Chapter Verses Proverbs 20 7 Psalms 78 7-8 Psalms 58 12 lUiinaiis 14 1-3 r cclcsiastt Miutu -lu . 11 7-8 r cclcsiastt Miutu -lu 0 10-12 l'saltas 2S 1-6 LAMAKEE • CLAYTON ILECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. |TEN OIL CO. andard Oil Products >K'S SHELL SERVICE restone Tires f .B MOTOR CO.. hevrolet — Buick — Olds -l ROBERTS' SON feed and Seed IE OIL CO. complete D-X Service t 5RADE FOOD PRODUCTS CORPORATION [ERSTATE POWER CO. |ostville, Iowa MARTINS DAIRY Carnation Dairy Products MEYER PLUMBING AND HEATING Plumbing — Heating — Wiring AER'S and Mrs. Harm Kramer *S0N SINCLAIR SERVICE foodyear Tires J IS SCHUTTE & SONS umiture — Funeral Service OVERLAND HATCHERY Hy-Line Chicks POSTVILLE EGG CO. Buyers of Eggs POSTVILLE FEED MILL Grinding and Mixing POSTVILLE IMPLEMENT Your I-H Dealer POSTVILLE LUMBER CO. Serving the Postville Community SCHUTTA SHOE STORE Shoes for the Entire Family TURNER INSURANCE Insurance that Insures— Service that Endures V AND J CAFE and Dining Room WILLMAN REAL ESTATE Lorenz Willman, Broker ices are being held this afternoon. Marriage licenses were issued this week at Waukon to George L. Marsh of Chicago and Ethel McEwen of Postville, and to Lydia Krumrae and Robert Kiesau The members of the Postville school band are proudly showing the new uniforms they have just been issued. The band will appear in a concert at Turner Hall March 24. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Schroeder, who were married at Vict6r last week, are here spending their honeymoon with relatives of Mr. Schroeder. They will reside in Wellman, where the bridegroom has a good paying restaurant business. George F. Schlue, our congenial clothing merchant, went to Blairstown yesterday where he was mar ried to Miss Lilly May Wilson. After their honeymoon trip, the young couple will live in the house they rented from Mrs. Mary Kluss. Grand Meadow township school electors voted down the consolidation of eight township school districts at the election held Monday. The plan was to build a consolidated central or union school, but the proposition was defeated by a 77 to 11 vote. Finton Brune of Alphina, South Dakota and Beulah Chapman of West Union enquired of Landlord A. E. Cornell yesterday if he furnish them a marrying parson. Ed got in touch with Rev. F. W. Pease, but this gentleman soon learned that the license was valid only in Fayette county. Not to be cheated out of the job, the Reverend took the couple to the Charles Kerr home in Clermont township. They found nobody home there, but gained entrance to the house and the young couple were duly joined in wedlock. May their matrimonial life be beset with less difficulties than befell them here on their wedding day. The Huntleys" showed their moving pictures to packed houses at Turner Hall all last week, their total receipts amounting to over $300. The Baby Contest resulted as follows: Keith Gordon won the table service with 99,150 votes: Jimmie Riley won the gold ring with 90,150 votes and Opal Bellows with 22,875 votes was award ed third prize and a set of silverware. On Sunday evening a packed and overflowing crowd witnessed the showing of the "Life of Christ", but in the collection taken in lieu of regular admission fee, only $30.00 was received, which shows that we still have many people to want "alles fir nix." The delightful spring weather caught cold suddenly Tuesday when a powerful wind tore everything and everywhere in this section. The huge flagstaff near William Shepherd's residence was blown over; numerous awnings about town were torn to shreds, and trees, shrubs, buildings, suffered damages. Two fire alarms, the first in over a year' called out the fire fighters during the night. The first alarm at 9:15 called the com panies to the Ward home where a chimney fire, was causing trouble. Shortly after the men had arrived at the Ward house, another alarm was turned in which sent part of the firemen to the Jacobs house, where a roof fire did damage in the amount of $150, and required the vigilance of the firemen until 11:00 o'clock. Wednesday, March 8, 1961 POSTVILLE (Iowa) HERALD 3 GOOD MAINTENANCE LEADS ATTACK ON SHADE-TREE DISEASE INTERSTATE SHOWS CONTINUED GROWTH A good tree-maintenance program is the most important phase in controlling almost all shade- tree diseases, says Iowa State University Plant Pathologist Malcolm Shurtleff. Shurtleff says such things as pruning, feeding, watering and prompt treatment of tree wounds should never be placed 'Second to spraying in disease-control work. Pruning is especially valuable to promoting good tree health, Shurtleff points out. Besides getting, rid of dead and disease-laden limbs, pruning opens up dense foliage and makes spraying more effective. Be sure to burn all limbs you prune off, so you eliminate these sources of infection. Even removing a few trees in crowdel plantings will increase air circulation and promote faster drying—which frequently helps control foliage diseases. Systematic feeding and watering of your shade trees will keep them vigorous and better able to withstand the effects of any disease -that comes along, Shurtleff says. And "doctoring" pruning cuts and other wounds with tree-wound dressings will keep out disease causing organisms. Put these maintenance practices to work first, Shurtleff adds. Then consider spraying if you have the time, equipment, manpower and money. Nine out of 10 people working today can expect to receive social security benefits when the time comes. The time to learn about your rights and obligations is now. Visit your social security office at 356 East Sarina Street, Winona, Minnesota now. Another year of continued growth and progress for Interstate Power Company was revealed with the release of the utility's 1960 annual report. Net income for the year in-! creased $254,639 over 1959. 1 A substantial increase in net income was necessary to provide a reasonable return on the company's total investment, which includes $8,126,873 in plant and property additions during 1960, the report states. The new property additions include the construction necessary to ensure continued good service for the company's more than 153,500 customers. Electric revenues, which were 77 percent of total revenues, were up 4% per cent over those of last year. While electric residential revenues increased, the average rate paid by the residential customer per kilowatt hour dropped to 3.09 cents in 1960, the lowest in the history of the company. The 1960 accruals for federal, state, county, municipal and other miscellaneous taxes totaled $7,169,124 which was an increase of _ $590,926 over 1959. Taxes took 211 g cents of each dollar of operating, = .revenue during the year. Operating expenses increased about four per cent over 1959. The report points out that the company adequately met all needs'.g of its electric and gas customers, — and closed the year with ample reserve in power plant capacity. A gross peak load of 232,487 KW, the highest in the company's history, was established during 1960. At the Elevator A DOLLAR will buy nearly $2.00 WORTH of Merchandise from our BARGAIN TABLE Double Duty Dollars Shop in Postville always and especially during Dollar Days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March 9, 10 and 11. You'll save Dollars during DOLLAR DAYS by taking advantage of the many bargains being offered by the friendly Postville merchants. The Dollars you spend at home help stimulate business and boost the town's economy. That helps us all. Save Dollars for yourself and bank your savings with us during Dollar Days. To avoid a delay in receiving your first social security check, get in touch with your social security office two or three months before you retire. 1 Postville State Bank I 1872 — 1961 1 WE OFFER A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE I Member of F. D. I. C. sflllllllllllll Semi-Annual Report of Leon Henderson, Treasurer of Allamakee County, Iowa, For the Period from June 1, 1960, to December 31, 1960, Inclusive. STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS BY t UNDS FUNDS Balance June I, I960 Receipts Total to bo Accounted for Disbursements Auditor's • Balance Outstanding Dec. 3 1. 1960 Warrants Soldiers' Compensation No. 2 $ Automobile License 2,398.25 Homestead Credit Fund Military Service Credits Use Tax General County Court Expense Poor | State Institution Mental Health | Sec. Road 2,133.27 32,075.90 20,435.21 44,815.55 62,392.13 16,177.18 395,290.17 Weed Eradication Road Clearing 5,701.82 7,585.73 EGG BASKETS Reg. $3.99 — Now $1.99 CREEP FEEDERS Reg. $3.99 — Now $1.99 NURS-A-CALF Reg. $3.99 —Now $1.99 County School 3,233.58 County Board Education 16,050.88 Interest of School 1.152.98 Soldiers' Relief 4,695.63 County Assessor 7,893.06 Domestic Animal 2,653.85 Bovine Tuberculosis 9,061.00 Bang's Disease ' '" Teachers' Institute Emergency Drainage Assessments No. I Drain-ige Assessments No, 2 Corporation Funds School District Funds Township Funds (Cemetery) District Library County Fair Agric. Extension Council — Waukon Curb and Gutter Korean Veterans Bonus County Bounty F. O. A. B I. P. E. R. S. New Albin Sewer 6,152.65 689.01 22,457.02 157.04 21.58 3,142.45 24.852.26 88.78 905.15 4,238.60 9,703.85 53.95 4,394.65 3.839.38 5,319.93 53.26 Net balance on hand June I, I960 $719,933.33 $ 5,956.40 80,915.11 81,890.33 3,536.04 16,204.67 70,600.96 8,443.21 66,429.88 42,281.12 7,358.78 297,746.94 2,744.24 4,553.84 8,327.14 16,383.38 3,783.14 10,772.19 405.25 4.16 5,062.05 500.00 18.36 2.044.17 96,609.59 520,543.28 1,334.82 43.66 3,788.72 7,577.00 85.74 3.995.53 2.527.68 3,603.66 5.062.05 916.65 $1,382,249.74 $ 6,073.98 83,313.36 81,890.33 3,536.04 18,337.94 102,676.86 28,878.42 1 1 1,245.43 104,673.25 23,535.96 693,037.1 1 8,446.06 12,139.57 1 1,560.72 32,434.26 1,152.98 8,478.77 18,665.25 3.059.10 9,065.16 11,214.70 1,189.01 22,475.38 2,201.21 21.58 99,752.04 545,395.54 1,423.60 948.81 8,027.32 17,280.85 85.74 4,049.48 6,922.33 7,643.04 10,361.98 969.91 $2,102,183.07 6,017.05 32,529.06 81,890.33 3,536.04 14,757.15 73,719.14 9,786.07 62,899.27 53,044.68 15.140.65 513,744.50 5,720.38 1 1,973.59 6,349.72 23,839.11 2,919.30 9,1 16.81 210.20 317.80 9,547.00 692.35 2.107.06 87.181.19 470.659.3 1 1,210.32 399.76 7,838.08 16,237.04 3.851.41 2,810.30 5,154.12 5,432.86 233.77 56.93 $ 50,784.30 3,580.79 28,957.72 2,277.63 19.092.35 283.28 48,346.16 1,143.54 5 1,628.57 8,395.31 • 573.84 179,292.61 39,333.59 2,725.66 52.5 1 165.98 67.20 5.211.00 8,595.15 277.74 1.152.98 5.559.47 69.96 9,548.44 367.44 2.848.90 8,747.36 1,667.70 496.66 22,475.38 94.15 1,624.; 3 21.58 12.570.85 74,736.23 213.26 549.05 189.24 1,043.81 85.74 198.07 4,112.03 2,488.92 2.327.2 1 4,949.12 2.298.00 736.14 $561,317.65 $50,896.1 7 Reg, DIAPHACIN 1 lb. Size $1.69 Now 99c DIAPHACIN Vi lb. Size Reg. 89c — Now 49c AGRICO PLANT FOOD 3 Pounds Reg. $3.49 — Now $1.79 STONEMO GRIT HOPPER PAKS Reg. 85c — Now 40c LOUSE Reg. 50c POWDER — Now 29c MANY OTHER BARGAINS « ; POSTVILLE, IOWA Members of the Postville FFA' Chapter received gold ratings in four events and silver in a fifth at a sub-district speech contest held at Monona Saturday, February 25. The program of work team com posed of Mark Zieman, Dale Green and Wayne Corlett received a gold rating on their presentation. The program of work is a summary of the chapter's activities for t u " previous year. A gold rating was received by the members of the parliamentary procedure team demonstrating proper conduct of a meeting. Team members include: Lowell Carlson, John Bengfort', Calvin Foels, Gary Larson and Lyle Bachelder. Rex Carlson received a gold ra ting on his presentation of the creed and J. D. Thoreson received a gold rating in public speaking Larry Snitker received a silver ra ting in extermporaneous speaking, The program of work team, creed speaker and parliamentary proce dure team will, advance to the dis trict contest held at Manchester on March 11. ' Herald Want Ads bring results, $1,540,865.42 RECEIPTS On Hand June I, 1960 From current taxes 1959 tax list From delinquent taxes 1958 and prior years Penalty, interest and costs Current Penalty, interest and costs Delinquent From drainage taxes — F'rom city special assessment (paving, sewer, etc.) _. Delinquent dog tax From cigarette license Use tax to county Mobile Homes Weed Eradication 3 examination and institute fees From sale of automobile numbers and licenses 80.915.1 I Soldiers Relief 497.26 Fines and forfeitures From care of patients in state institutions County School Library —• From sale of produce and livestock at County Home 8,304.68 Board of Education 3,670.16 Fees from county auditor Fees from county treasurer Fees from county recorder Fees from clerk of the district court Sheriff's fees from sheriff . County School . "Use" tax (Motor Vehicle) 16,204.67 Homestead Credits 81,890.33 Military Service Credits Pther Receipts— County Secondary Road County Poor 2,116.91 Mental Health Domestic Animal Transfers from funds under Code Sec. 24.21 fit Amount 719.933.33 955.722.2 1 1,577.25 7,289.66 254.58 2.044.17 1,002.39 44.00 500.00 172,896.34 431.00 13.95 500.00 '.26 4.096.15 2,705.90 4 3.66 313.00 2,266.75 1.588.95 3.913.47 168.75 185.07 3,536.04 552.2 1 456.25 1 327.25 gen. bui~ 22,410.11 TCI to be Accounted for -^Ss^^-----"-- '\*»«»V County auditor's warrants * ° '233 77 City specials (pav., sewer, etc.) R7 IRI'IQ Orders on county treasurer by mayor of c.ties andI town. 87.181.19 Orders on county treas. by presidents of school districts 470.65V.3l Township clerk's receipts Drafts for automobile licenses $28,997.09 948.92 316.30 30,262.31 14,757.15 2,266.75 3.851.41 14.974.26 22,410.11 umu iui .... Drafts for automobile licensee 3 Vo Drafts for automobile licenses 1 % Receipts for "Use Tex" remitted for Treasurer . Homestead Credit apportioned ,'??? „. Military Service Credits apportioned 3,536 .04 Soldiers' Compensation No. 2 S'S'H! Motor Vehicle Fees To County Korean Veterans Bonus County Agricultural Extension Council Transfer to funds under Code Sec. 24.21 &: gen. bus. Total Disbursements .$1,540,865.42 Balance on hand at close of bus. December 31, I960 $ 561,317.65 Total Accounted for $2,102,183.07 Waukon, Iowa, Jan. 18, 1961 1, Leon Henderson, Treasurer of Allamakee County, Iowa do hereby certify that the report given above is a correct summary of the business transacted by me as said treasurer during the period therein specified. LEON HENDERSON. County Treasurer

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