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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Saturday, December 17, 1927
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CmcUJjXTION ia the ordy Cpmmbdiiy a Newapaper Has to Sell Its AMertiiiern. VOLUME XXXI. ISLP. 47. : • -' ' il!i:i |'*i^iiy "iti?X'' ilu Diilh- R««tl»t«r. The Wiicl fof^iPall^ Index. LOCAL BANK HAS CHANGED Hrsi National Sl^k Is . Purchased by Gi; A. i Eberlfe IS mOM OKLAHOMA Personnel of Insititutioit Will Remain Same As in Past ' One Shot While HoiaiJpinK.d Is Pulled Today KaiisBH City, Ori-. JT. (AP)— : Ouc pmpl'oye of the Logan i Uones Dry Goods i-ntnpany was jwoitnded by two robbers who ?hl"Sai ^.i :a ^rouTf.'^^^^^^ Of AlrWm |n the do «-mo«-n district" tculay. ! HaVe WeekrEnd of Activity PUBLIC HAS FETE UNDV TODAY The REGISTER'S Cireuta- tiori reeotcls open topublie inspection at~any time. - , lOLA, KAN^ SATURDAY EVENTO.j^DEpEMBER, 17 ma Weekly. Ri>c1'rt «T. KMUWUbfed 1M7. The ^ola Dally Reciiter, EstaMUbed 1897. SIX PAGES Tht Register ' is authorized to uiak«; the Interestliis aud toiport- «nt unnouocem^nt that the control df:th« Mrst ^Vational banlc of lola Ujam changed hands. G. A. EJierle-, niio haa been eu-' - vagod in the banfipg businesR in Oklahoma for,, the pas^ twenty years, has purchased i all -o( - thr /xtock of the First National bclonj;- .* Ing to Mrs. E. J. .Miller ajid to -Melf vln Kronk and will at once take^ur his-residence in Iu(a and assunur: part in the management of the bank i~j\s active vice-president: Thi! personnel, of the bank forcu " will not be changed, and the Security Building and Loan (-(imiuiuy iiu«lor the dlreoilon of Horace .Miller wlllj-ptiHu (iH dfflie in itx pri 'H, <>nt quvriers )U>d wi^t contfuuu its : intiniir.ii! i ^onneution with the liiiuk Kli^rle K .\« "Sfraniyer. . .NlV, Bberle .ltJ not' altogetlier a stranger to Allen county, being .1 grandson of iJie lute G. W. I'arihh w\ui wan for many yearfru farmpj In Kim township and who will be well rtwi'mbcred l)y the older sei- ilers Of that community and of lor ID. .\S remarked above .Mr. Eberlr i ims been engaged in itjie banking business for the past iwenly years practically all his active buslnesi life, having been cashier of I hi First -Vational liauk of Comanche nml later principal owner and inan- ; "ging officer .of the State Bank at Waklta, Oklahoma, which lie recently sold. He has ample capita' aud comes to lola with the highest recommendaiiunsl not only as •• successful banker, but .as a publit spirited, enterprising citizen. He possesses an agreeable'and attract ive personality and those who havi - met him feel sure he will < uickly make a place for" himself in the . business and pivlc life of lol 1; rt Is especially gratifying to the . community that the coming ti' .Mr - Eberle will not make any cha nge in the personnel of the First National ~ Qfflce force, but will meaii an nd- 'dltion to tb« businetui fankjs of loJr l>\'itbout any offsetting subtraction "the Register is glad to welcome f ilr. Eberle to the control of thr eldest bankln'g Institution in this part. o( Kansas, and has no' hesi- tsiniy In assuring hint that he win be Cordially received by the friend: aiid patrons of the bank .and by the " «>mmuriH> generally. BIG BROTHERS FUND lleporteii . .*l*-':i.00 .{Mr. and'.Mih.. Ir;i .Morrison. ; Moran 1.00 Lee: U 'leinT . Jo.dO ./.-.It- Dunlup ,1 1.00 " Cfivli .. .• , 1.00 fssil 1.00 .1. D. I.Awmau, cashierof tlu; company, and £. P- Stltes. mer-- eengen were on their way from a bank to the company's store when _ the n>bbeps attacked hiem, hear Eicihth and Delaware streets. Ix^wman was struck down, and in the ensuing si'uffle. Stifes was slightly wounded In the side hy a bullet. The robbers seized' a satchel containing the money and escaped In a motor car. Lindbergh Is Honored by More Thanf30,000 Mexicans WEST STREET: ROAD NOT TO GET U.S. AID Washingfoh. Dec. 17„ (API. Mrs. Evangeline Lindbergh, mother of the trans-Atlantic nier. plans to leave Detroit Monday by airplane for Mexico City to spend Christmas with her son", Charles A. Lind^rg^. _y._ Federal Bureau, of Roads Will Not,Approve Present Plan MUST RAISE Mexico city. Dec. 17.. (A^»)—€oI. Charles A- lilndbergh. America'^ j good will air - anibasador. today started an exceedingly busy weekend which will be filled with Mexican demonstrations of admiration. The first number, on the weekend program was a great' popular demonstral^n In bis honor this morning In the Mexico City stadium where 30,000. or more; spectii- LEVEL i'^rs gathered (or, 11 public fete ar- , , ranged by <he Department of Edu- New Grade Would Send i , , ri 4. J at. 'i ' proKranj wa«u series of A ^OUniy ^S snare to songs, drllls, dances and tableaux Hiirh Fiirure ''<'°'" ''•"i"' ^'^ ^"'""^ school chiid- * * ; ren of Mexico City's public schools i eager to Iperform before the American air I hero. I'resident i Calles, Americad Ambassador Dwlght Vf.. AJorrow an3 a large body of prom- iiient oftlcials. j Teiichers Called Back. Although Mexico's schoolii had • closed for the Christmas holidays I before Colonel Lindbergh's flight. , the Department of Education is- n. Wrjgnl. engineer for the "H orders as soon as^the American airman hopped off from Wash- WIUi woril from l.lie Lnlted States bureau of roads that ho fed- er.-jl aid will be given on Hie West street roud unless the grade is brought above high water level, the County commissioners are at a slaud.stiU as to paving of four miles w'est of lola. If' bureau, in a statement to; Allen couhty said that no federal aid would be given uuleiis the road is raised above high water • level- This work, county officials say. would raise the cost of the project- approximately |12S,dod- Grading and paving of the four- mile streitch. county authorities estimate, would cost approximately $120,000 If the road is constructed fon the present level. ' t«wt Is Mlgli. The cost under specifications which wonld meet the approval of the federal bureau would tdtal about 1228.000, .with an additional expense to the county ofi around Totiil $i.!e.oo Thill 1« ;i liiil<- lii -inr -foiirte'.'n I 'lolIiir .M ndd<'d to ih»' fim hiiice yes• iJTda .v no<iii. .Vnd oiil.v iilxjut ijj (Dnirllnitorfi have IMHI - in .when •tnen' oughi III li :ive' l>ecn i 'lO. Just •"I'ne' wi '4 'k fnim lotlii..- Ir.i.-kels •hu.-^l W (llstributed. and' before Ihi'.v ure il .str .hiiti d Ihey must [be I <i (l lor. Reiii'm !»(T Huit iiolwdy I 'vlll be. personally Milieilt-d for a .(•untribuliou. f -ii doii'! wait fur a mmmiflee <ir ^1(^l.•Iil•;ng to'call on voH. The ni« IJrot!)ers dt >n "t waat ' unybirjd.v's tnoni .v iinli.>-'.-^ he waiit-s •fi> give it. Int i<lent;ill.\' il might ije renwrktd that ijifts of things •sood to eat which iniglil KO in the iiab'ktL^ will IK- jtist ;IS acieptablo - a'-* "money. j MastorH iif' .nil the pri 'n< ipal <-hurcries were asked the first of l.lie week, to rtijHirt to this office . -The name.of some one in their cou- grcgation; who would act as a member of the committee to search \ dpt. the needy and deserving fami- J -^ies, Thug far such appointment iias been reported from only two churches. If other churches desire to be represented action :.«h()uld . be tiikeu. at once. The tirft meeting bf the committee will • J)t' held at the Portland Hotel next _ Slomlay evening, immediately .following the Current Topics Club . session, at about S o'clock. ' .Mr. Parker has generously con-. ???tnted to place this room at the , disposal of the Big Brothers for . ti .se in receiving any contributions of food that mnV' be made, i and . for the use of.tJie cohiniittee In packing the baskets. ^ ; iijgtoii that ^11 teachers and stud' ents should call oft the holidays and report to their schools to prepare a great demonstratlon. , Secretary of Education Puig Caisauranc and I'nder Secretary .Molses. Saeni yithin a few days succeeded in organizing one of the greatest gatherings of I&exican school children' that the capital has ever seen for a public demon-| Btration. The stadium which seats about 80.000 persons :1>«gaa to swarni «ith people early this morning, many being thfere with the first streak of dawn. Groups of school ,2n,0C. for^rlght-of-way and <^^Uor l^^i?'^^ JS^^ Rebecca Brddl^ Rogets Is Given Fourteen Years III PeitUentiary B^^ LaGrange. Tc.\., Dec. 17. SI'AP )—Mr.s Rebecca^ Bradley Roger."* yohujr former University dif Texais student, i^-f sjfound guilty by a jury in di.s'trict court here today of the daylight robbery of the Farmer'.s Natibhal Bank, of Buda, Texas, in which $1,000 was secured a year ago. The jury 6entence <l her to 14>^ '— ytjirs In the penitentiary. The ^/ndximum penalty under the Texas law for robbery by tire arms. wUb which lihe was ch>irKed. Is e.ecl^ cuiloh aud the minimum is lljqi .veiirs i.tnjtri-oameut. • .v ^t^ Mrs. Rogers gave no sign of eilM' tlcn when the verdi<t was returnf She nHV,intatned her calm wli<-n t Jury was polled and each juror safi his verdict w'as guilty. I Otis Rogers, husband of tlfi young wotkun. who made a drumat' Ic plea for his wife last night; evt denced great surprise over the TC'R t diet. He s.nid last night that Ihj^'i most he expected was a hung Jur^j but was Inclliied to expect an ac-J nuital. The Jurors today would give out liothiiig about how. their .o.e HXMHI , .\ttonieys for the Idijfense liftewii^f declined to liiake a stutemeut eir cept that the usual motion for.^^ new trial would be-made'i and it is overruled, woiilil perfect an ap>'.% peal to a higher court. The defense apparently hai f; fortified Itsef with a record full df ings warrant ItJ they wou exception wlih tlmi object }•! V| M »- <JJU,J,,,I motion fori (.'ntil her motion for a new trial, now beln;;; prepared. Is acted upon, Rebecca must w to Fayttte county jail, her attorneys snliL No Itonil can IK- given until ttie motion is ItKBtJOCA: BRADLKV RJOOERS d be in- a new a short . prelimlnarsketch today, nkreeraent hi d been sent tp bed^under the echoes'of trial. of which was to be filed Tile jury reached an a twelvi' hours- after il. acted upon and .that may not be i District Attorney Blundel until Tuesday or AVednesday. they for a Verdict "that will s^t a pre- explained. If the penalty had been cudent in the southwest a^d warn more than flheen years, bond < wonien'and-girls, would not have been available. ! | He suggea<ted to the jujry that for the de- Rebecca's case is one for execu- Meanwhilo attorneys fense were lnve8tigat,ing the qtjal- ifications of one of the jurors. The;Jurors "to do your duty inve-stigalion began, they xaid. i let tjhe powers at Au.stin.. soon after the verdict was return-;eupilol, do 'whatever is '4dvisable ed and intimated that If the find-Jin the case:' tive I clemency alone and urged the and then he state JARDINE SAYS FARMER NEEDS TARIFF RAXES plea 0OBBED-HAIRI3) WOMEN KILLED iNREDBAltLE iiecessary materials. If the road is constructed under the federal bureau's plans, the county would be forced to expend approximatej/ ^139,000. it was said today. While only .about $8S,000 would be expended by the county j attracted gan to arrive several hours before the program was scheduled to open- Crowds Are Largre. Crowds along the route to the larger than ' have by any bull fight. stadium -were Cbtlhu 'lT*'^""''^i''"^ or'occasion, with the It is understood that state aid would be given for fhe road if it is constructed on '• the present grade. Figures compiled by the county engineer's de^iartment show that sin^ci^ 18S .'i, the road has been closed on an! average of only hours each /ear be<'anso of high waters. The fact that roads east of lola, constructed with federal aid, are under water at least as much as the West street road, makes. the county hesitate about bringing'ttie grade to high water Ie\*el. WEATHER and ROADS {exception of the huge throngs that [Colonel IJndbergh himself attracted oi> the day of his dramatic arrival at the 'Val Buena, flying field. Not satisfied with making the day of his .arrival a public holiday. President Caileit Issued a proclamation making today a public holiday also. All government offices were closed as well as nmny business: establishments. Other buslhelts establishments closed for part of the day or made arrangements so that lis many as possible of their employees might be .ion hand to pay honor to thb American filer. J* To See Mexican Sports Ijomorrow morning. Col. Lind- j borgh expects to attend a'"pba'r- ro" exhibition arranged in his honor by (the National Association of ^Hiarros, or Mexican horsemen, where the flier will see tho best VOK hAXS.lS: mbublr fair (c oiKhl and .Siindtiy e.x'fept Komewiiat nnsettied in west portion; continued eoid. l-'or lulii and Vicinity.: Fair and horseback: riders and lasso throw- confinned rold toniirht and Sunday, ers [in Mexico display, their skill. ' Temperature—Highest yesterday /U, noon tomorrow. Lindbergh .19, at 3 p. m.; lowest last night, i prolmbly will review froni the Women's Farm Bureau . i Council Niames Officers ^ A decision to hold quarierly tnoetings was reached yesterday afternoon at a meeting of the advisory council . of the Women's Karm^ Bureau! . Miss Josephlnr - WeltH of IjaHarpc. was elected chairman of the council for ' the ticxt year. Mrs. Harry Gritiin o* ^lolawas elected vice.-chairnian and jlKdith Strong Of .Moran, was chosen as secretary. I The ' council approved the kitchen contest plan fot ihe Women's Farm Bureau vj-ork next year aud decided 'to meet In ifanuary to appoint a fair committee. 20. at 7 a. m.: normal for today, 34j: deficiency yesterday, 4; e.xcess sjndie .lanhary 1st, 28.3 degrees; this date last year, highest, -IS: lowest. IS. - Precipitation for the 2-1 hours ending at 7 a. m. today .00; total for this year to date, 51.88; excess since January 1st. 14-96 inches. ' itelative humidity at 12 apon yesterdayy49 per cent: 7 a. m. today .77 "per cent: barometer reduced to sea level. :{fl!.14 inches. Sun rises. 7:33 a. m.: sun sets. ri:04 j>. m.,. J ' ]{<»nd (oiiditlons. Clear, all roads good, except: Pittsburg, clear, roads frozen; -Arkansas City, partly cloudy, roads good. baldony of the national palace a parade organized by the Mexican Regional Federation of Labor, the foreimost labor organization in Mexico. President Calles and Am- basi ador Slorrow will also review the parade. More than 80.000, some predict as many as 150,000, workmen will parade tho streets as an expression of the admiration and affection for t'he American flier.* After the labor parade. Colonel Lindbergh .wili.ltinch at the American embassy and unless present indication^ .change will :go to a bull fight Sunday afternoon, not as part of his official program bnt in resrionse to an invitation of the management Of the bull ring. Nun Jumps 90 Feet With Sick B(ty In Arms to Escape Death in Fire • Queibec, Uec. 17. (.\P)—X nun who jumped 90 feet with a sick hoy In her arms to save him from the second fire in two days to destroy the children's hoines maintained by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, was close to death today as a result of her heroism. ^ler youthful charge also was seflously injured bnt was expected to recover. • The second fire 4iroku out hist night In the six stor>' .building housing tile Jean . Berchmam's bnardiog house for bo.vs and Uie St. Louis academy, ns firemen etlll were clearing the ruins of the hospice St. Cbarles orphanage where no lives were lost two nights before. One himdred and forty-two halt dressed young bpys were led from the burning building Into the arctic storm was sweeping the city but Sister Ste. Victoire, a nurse in the academ.v. found herself trapped on the top loor wl4h a sick boy named Redmond. Carrying the youth to a window the nun called to firemen to spread a net and then leaped from the flames that were tbreateninr her and the boy. The net heM. but the impact of the 90 foot drop was si} great that both nurse .and patient suffered serious Injury. ' Change Damaging to AH:Chinese Troops ShoDt All Agriculture, Asserts Secretary ... . . j New York. Hic. 17. i.\l'» -A! change in th.- .^In ^rililn prot ctive i tariff would barm tli" f .irm r moie j than It would a;d Iiini. W. .\1. Jar-l dine, secretary o.' agriculture. i«ild ! the Republican club today. "'Tht* lime is approachlnjc." he said, "when, tariff protection will be more imiKirUint to agriculture than to industry in this country, since agriculture lr< becoming less I an lndustr>- more ili p <Miiienl DD foreign markets." •! Agriculiurul product.s. lie ii-<ljir-:; ed; have been for in.any .»»sirs a: diminishing part ai .Vmeric;r>« exports, and agricultural exp.)rt!s :ire becoming a diminishing percentage of the country's total domestic production in agriculture. The total value of agricultural exports Increased 123 per cent for the period 1900 -1904 to the period 1922-26, he said, while the value of all other exports increase! .'<3S per cent. 'Since agriculture is becoming less an industry more dependent on the foretgii market." said Secretary Jardlne, "it Is becoming increasingly important to agriculture that protection should be maintained against foreign competitiou In.'our' markets. ' "Those who, unthinkingly or in a spirit of political revenge, would wreck our protective .system In the alleged intbrest of agriculture, should stop to ithlnk what It would really mean. ICompetitlon of foreign agricultural products In our markets would be keenly felt by our farmers and agriculture would surely suffer with the i^esi 'because of that inability of commercial relations which drastic tariff changes would create." ' Another factor essential to a fa|ir appralsal of the tariff policy in ilts relation io agriculture, he said, lis that the United States today is the world's largest!free trade market He pointed out' that in this country there are no trade barriers such as exist in £nrope. ^In addition to commercial free- jkjm," he asserted, "we need stability of commercial relatioiis. This we shall achieve in proportion as we learn to control economic forc- (Continued on Page 6. No- 2.) In Belief They« Are Commlmists (VP) — been Can- ' Shanghai. De«!. V, N'ioeteen Russians have exociiti'd iu *e streets of ton as a wjirning to thosi who turn to communism, a( vices from H.ongkoiig stated today. The registration of all soviet- subjects by necember, 2; has be.en ordered by > the Nai king uutionalist. government i:i iits ciini|)aien ;)K!iinst conimu ilsm. I oud<»ii." Dec. 17. (API -An K.\clianKe [Telegraph 'disjatch from Tot: I 'd says that the Jap; •inese press fears that \Ios^ low 's protejit. against the killing of the •: soviet consc - at .Canton ma.\-^be accompanied by 'punitive action.' The wai office does, not think that Hos- cow| win take military action. There liave been unconfli med reports that [both the aivlet consul-general. and the ice- consul at Canton were executed In connection with the rti:ent communist uprising there. Canton. IHH\ 17. (AP)—Ar least fourt.een lM )l>l)ed-halred girl i and womeii hat-e been shot do' m by anti-red troops. Bobbed h ijr la cdn.^idered to be the sign ol a female communist in China. A ruthless campaign against the communists is continuing. The troops shot down the glrla knd women In the ..streets wlthoui compunction. It was stated here that t;has been definitely established that the communist plot at Canton was or­ ganised by the soviet Consu -General Polivaiisliy. H«s was am ounc- ed' to-be under ari'est- (There were rumors fn Hong­ kong thati tho soviet (»nsni- general was executed in the TOtnd-up of Russians atter the'ooniitei-revo- Intlciiary movement) Fifteen Reds Deported Hankow. iDec 17. (AP)i-Itlfteen soviet officials. Including .Consul- €^eneral Plltst^e. were deported this morning. ' They left aboard a Chinese steamerienroute to Shanghai and 'Vladlvoitok. Siberia. Most of the -hnssian and Chinese officials arrested In yesterday's raid on the consulate and communists apprehended in other parts of the city were detained for Sixty pensons, werO detained tor further investigation. John Baeten Injured As Horse Runs Away John Baeten. 73 years old. who lives three miles w-est and three milos north of tola, received serious injuries to his left eye and was badly skinned up this afternoor when his horse ran away, the biu:- gy striking, a Franklin sedan In front of Evans store and turning over.. ' , According to Dr. R. O. Christian' who attended him. a blood vessel was ruptured io his left eye and blood was spreadins over the cornea. Dr. Christian would not say how serious the Injury.was. but admitted that such accidents sometimes resulted In loss of sight to HutbHiuson tomorrow The car belonging to a Humboldt Isheriff H. O.: Smock. Both^ werr Two Pn'scbers to Gdl To State Reformatory John Liooney, ,sentenced tb^'foui rears in the state penitentlab* for l ^r80D ,•and Herman &igek>wj sent- enceed to Ave y^ita In the reformatory for chicken theft, will be tak- ^ by man, was slightly damaged sentenced early, this week. WITHMONEY Western Union- Authority: Testifies in Slush Fund Hearing FILES ^STkOYEp No Record Is Obtainable Of Messages Sent During 1926 Washington. Dec.- 17. '(AP) . —A group of telegraph and cable officials followed each other to the witness i stand today to tell the senate, committee Investigating the Hearst- Mexican slush fund documents fhat no record could be found of- money transfers and telegrams which were purported to hjive passed between Mexi- ' CO and the Uiiited States. . Washingtoh.. Dec. 17. (AP)~ Westem l)nibn Telegraph files presented today to the senate comf mittee Investigattitgf the Hearst Mexican Blush fund, documents showed no record of a numbeii of meBsa);es and money transfers supposed to have taken place between -Washington and Mexico City. James E. Bresnahau. a Western Union officii](l of Washington, the first witness, was asked If he had any record of the transrnission of money from Mexico to Arturo .M. Elias, Mexican' consul general in New York in the summer of 1926. \ The files of all telegrams sent and received prior to December, 1926, had been destroyed. Bresihi- han declared. From Deceniber. Bresnahan went over the records of messages held by the committee. No Itecord Found. •'One mij'ssage supposed to have been sent 'io Elias we find no record! of." saldi "Another' message supposed to have been, sent Elias by Pani, (former Mexican minister of the treasury) we have no record of,'•W^e cannot, check on the mes-- sages sent •^rlor' to -December, 1926-'' - • > 6«ine over the committee list of alleged -• messages to -Elias' in March, 1927, Bresnahan said he could find no record of transfers of money on ..the date.<t named. The messages were supposed to have been from the treasurer general of Mexico to Elias for the National City bank and to J. P. Morg^an and the Chase National bank to the account of Ellas. "AVe have a ilouble check on sich messages and could find no record whatever of • these messages,'^ he said. ' i "I -want' to tell yoii gentlemen wo find-no messages signed by the'' treasurer general. There were messages to EHas signed by other persotts'-r said Bresnahan. /Reed Asks Niames. Chairman Reed asked for -:the names in the name of the senate. "One was signed by,.Gonzla'and the other by Pini" the -n-itness said. "You are sure the name was not spelled 'PanlT" Keed inquired. ".Vo. It is spelled Plni." Bresnahan said after closer Inspection of the message. | These messages were dated March 25. 26 and 27,1927, the dates on which Elias was supposed to have received messages from the treasurer general. The messages were in SpaiUsh and Bresnahan said he had no translation. "Was any money paid on account of them?" asked Senator Robinson of Arkansas. \ \\ "None was paid." .[ .Reed called attention that - one was in code, but the witness repeated no money had been paid on account of it" , Banker Seeks \ Return of Hi^ Kidnaped Gifl TJOS Angeles, Dec. 17.- (AP )4- A,-father and a ihotber. brok4fa . hy the torture of hours of su^ pense. today . offered y "any- fhlrig—anything at all" thj|t would bring back 12-year-otd Marion Parker; who was ki({- iiaped Thursday trom htf school room in a Los Angeles- junior high school. - •• ^ . ' That the Tprlce of th^ glrl^ ; return would be money was lij- /dicated in a telephone call r^ : ceived la^t; night by the fathe^, Perrjr M. Parker, as^sta'i^t cashier of a Los Angeles bank- A husky voice which-purported to be that of the-; *i<l- na per, asked Parker ove*^ ti» telephone It he' were "a ChrH- tlan gentle>)ian:etioiigh te ps^ money" If the child weri brought; home. < . GUARDSHOLD SWAYTODAir IN OKLAHOMA I^egislature Adjourns tQ Spend Week-end I As It Desires : ' ^ MORAL TXmPITUDE? » ' .• i, • . • i- Such Is Seventh Charge Drafted Against . v f Johnston ' SAMBUSLEYM IS KILLED IN LaHarpe Man Is Cau^^ht In. Machinery at ^ Elevator ' WILSON HEARD HIM Machinery Is Shut Doi^n, But Aged Man Is ; Found Debd Oklahoma City, Dec. 17.'(.4P)—:. A charge of moral'turpitude, itbei-i ^l seventh drafted by a bouse com-; mittee against Governor Hen y S., Johnston; today awaited rat rica-^' tion as the lowei; branch of the self-j; convened legislature.adjourned im-j peac-hm^nt proceedings oyer the; week-end- _ : Representative H. Tom iKt^t,? j chairman of the hous.e fnveatigat- T ing committee, announced that the; charge hail been unanimously r*- port<-d out at an executive sessioo: ^ yesterday. Discussion of the new- ' est allegation against the govei-npr,; with d view to ratification along; with the six -ounts in a bill of Im- [ peaehment already voted by, the^ i house and accepted by the sienate, j jwas slated iMoiiday, Mr. Klght! said. ; ; j Approval of the charge In cxeiu- ]'< ! tlve session, followed an open hear- ; ' ii »g at which several witnesses testified. The •Imiuiry centered on J Mrs. O- 0.- Hammonds, confidential if secretary to the cjovernor, whojwaa tiescrlbed at the last ' Elon_ of tho legislature asi "the I woihan governor." . Franklin stakes Cliarge^j ' AVilliam M. Franklin former >e- : yl gal advisor to" the governor' and Jessie May Dalgamo Is Injured in Fall Miss Jessie May Dalgamo. student at Kansas University, received a sacral-iliac sprain to her back yesterday when she fell down the stairs of one. of . the university hiiildings. She; was brought to the home of her mother, Mrs.: George C. Dalgamo, 202 North Elm, on a stretcher. Her sister. Miss Viola Dalgamo. met ' the train .. on which she was retui-ned to Tola at OtUwa. ' '. Samttel Busley, 63 years old,? an employe of the Wilson Eleytftpr company at LaHarpe, was in5t^tlyigf^ -p,;^7^^7„ "the ^Hm^y elic- 1 killed this mornliig when caugh^ in [tion for the Democratic gttbema' a line shaft of the elevator while ttorjal nomination, alleged .Mrs. corn was being shelled. : - [Hamnnond often Influenced the •-' chief executive-in ' decisions on Leo •\\''ilson, son of Walter Tj^'ll- son. owner of the p^ant, said^he heard a noise upstairs! and that; he shut down the machinery. He went up and found Busley's badly mangled body. -\; The machinery had, been oij^ed, the Wilsons said, and they were at a loss'^to know why Busley \iras upstairs. < . Dn Q. L. Garlingbouse, eot^ty coroneij. weiit to LaHarpe. He^e- cided no inqnest -would be necessary, j 4 , . Iiil^ S. Xearljr 40 Yfwn. i ' Mr. Itusley had lived in the-,vicinity of LaHarpe for nearly 5 40 years, coming here from his hdme in Yorlcshlre, England. He has two soiis, botii llVingNn ~Vork8h^re. : In addition (Mr. Busley has ssv- erai- cousins in this .county: i* ' Funeral services -will be held'at 2:30 o'block tomorrow, afterh^n at the ,LaHarpe.^lethodist church. The Rev. Mr. Andrews, pastor-of the church- will be in charge. 'lihe Odd Fellows lodge will assist? in tho ftine'ral ceremony. Burial ^ilt be In the l<aHarpe cemetery; IS POSTPONE) New Trial Request Will Be Heard December • : 28i Decision ^ Eureka. Kas.; Dec. 17. (APji— Farther litigation in tbe-triarlof Ivan iVt: Hart.( cdhvicted in distinct court h^re last We^lc of second degree murder for killing his bHde of three w.eeks, -Mafbel Marm^nt Hart h' slashing her throat wlt$ a pocket knife last July 8. wa-s de-I'Although the senate has Deen sn- Jayed, j today when Judge A. ^ T.: thorlzed to meet there by the gov- 'Ayres 'postponed hearing on fhejernor, the house has been refused defense motion for a new trial wn-j this.privilege- , til "n ^ednesday, Decemberi28.- The- Unless the governor declarts hearin'^ jptieviously had been iet; martial; law, observers 'beliet; d for-today. ^ there would be no^ further threai a ?— -4-. > to stop meetings ot the oni- Cohtinued Cold Is ' side the building. Billed! for Kansas stat4 affairs. He told the conir mittee that this influence had.faeen exerted in' the interesr of - faerswis • outside the capitol- . Franklin then called a. tention to charges made in a prop<8ed In- qulrj- at the last session of .'he leg-', islature, when .several leg slatocs complained Mrs. ^Hammondb. pjtten barred the way to conferences -with^ J Governor Johnston, ^^^^ile the res-j : ign'ation of Mrs. Hammonds -wast i. demanded at that time: the invesT r tigation was tabled aud the gor- | ; ernor came to her defense. ^ \ Informed of the nature of th» ; .inquiry. .Governor Johnston again' ^ defended' Mrs. Hammonds. ; "She Is above reproach" said the j governor- House leaders then announced that a petition would be. pres^nttJd to the senate, organized as a donrt of impeachment, to review^ the su-' ^ preme coiirt decision holding the ^" l^slature had no right to call a -. special session. The sena.te had de-' clared Its decision on the varfottis legal questions growing out of tb» i session would take precedence over ruling of any state court. - Hemtp Preparrs. Senate , lleaders indicated they were pressing preparations for the trial ' of Goi-erbor Johnston and two Other olflcials named in impeachment bills by the house, the senate, -which has adjourned untit December 2H, intimated. that the trial of the governor would be fol- lofc'ed br that of Chief Justice Fred P. Branson of the state supreme '' court, chijirged With corruption in office. Harr}' B. Cordell, president , of the state ijoaril of agriculture. Is' next I on the docket. He is • charged ^Ith irregularities In, office, ihcladiug allege<l dlscrepen- ; cies in the payroll of that depart- . tnent. w • _ i Adjournment, ot the legislatiire : left the liatlonal guard in 'tmdis- pnted poiisession of the capitol. Although the senate has been au- Topeica, Dec. 17. (AP)—Generally fair and continued cold wpalh- er was! the forecast ot the weather bnreaujthis morning., Tenipeya- tures at Topeka the last 24 hogrS: averaged six degrees below iior- mal and conditions over the stftte, said Si D- Flora, meteorologist, were about the same. j Al CapoHe Returns to Chicago in \ Armored Car, DefyingPoliceForce Chicago, Dec. 17. (AP)—Undls mayed by police colnmanda. tO; keep out of C!hicago. "Scarface \ Capone, once a gangster but now a tourist ^as home todciy. He spent the night .with his mother-unmolested by police. Accompanied by six bodyguards lie arri\'ed in Chicago by atitomobile after Iposting sufficient bonds to obuin his release from the Joliet police force, the membership of which had constituted a reception committee for him -wnen he alight- 'ed yesterday from a Santa I'e train; The gangster-tourist- who toiolc hasty leave of Los Angeles when a p61ic.e-n<ewspaper-cltizenry. ronibl- hatldn [demanded that he do '\o, left Joliet at 6 p. m.; yesterday'in an armored car, surronnded by his henchm%n, proclaiming defiantly to all i*ho were" interested: "Certainly. 1 am going back.» I was hating a nice -|ime in C^l- fornla. bnt Chicago is my home and I am homesick. ', It's the best town in the woVld, and although the police are houndinil me for no reason' at alii I won't b^ driven out of ift Christfaias at hoi^ie—that i?or me and the fellows with me." C Aqd he dared-Mayor ThomP^n and all [of his Chicago policenjfen to keep {him—a taxpaying ciiizei^ from coiming home. - ^ 1- Alvarado Must Serve His Sentence •V- . Oklahoma City. Dec. 17- (AP)— Joise Alvarado. peace officer aUd alleged bank robber, whose ein-' ployment as a special detective bf Gov. Henry S- Johnston is the • basis of, an < impeachment charge iagaihst the governor, must serve , se>en years in the state peiiltein- tlary, the slate criminal court Of appeals held' today. The appellate court affirmed the - district-*ourt of Osage coutity in finding Alvarado guilty of burglary , of a stor^ at Burbank and sentenc-^, j ing .him to seven years' In prison. ^ -K. Gov. Johnston several months j ago. cited I'Alvarado's pending ap-" - ' peal in xjxe burglary case as ,a reason for not turning hjm over to the Texas authorlttes who wished to try him on a charge of rol)- i>ery of a bank at Wlldorado, (Hd< han\.; county. Texas. , ; One of the six Impeachment charges brought against (tovernor Johnston by the self-convened session of the Oklahoma house of rep- resentativea this .week dealt with the govarn|>r's employment ot,Al-:. varado as a special agent to hunt bank robhers. The governor's' contract with Alvarado promised, him inunttnity if Anyone was killed (Continued on Page 6,No. 1.}.

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