The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 17, 1948
Page 12
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WWW, TWELYE Peg] ; Magazine Says Soviet Jet Fighter Outspeeds Sound No Effect of Drafi coin?!** Bill Makes LitfU Difference to Recruiting ROCK, Art., Juno 17. Pending c'raft legislation pictured today by B U: i , t i survey u having little tin L t/* Mgnlaj- armed J«rcire rJil/sr- iii jLrkn lisas. An official of the Arkansas Ni- Nonal Guard predicted, hawivii th«* passage of tho 19-throush ^5 JcfuJntjor. n-ould put an end to I heir • »on«Mng difficulties. O«p«. c. U Wnillock. In clim-84 •< the Marine Corps retruHins ol- fi« Ui Little Rook, snid only a tew applicant* haiv indicated they *"er« vftithlg for the dralt iiirtcliin- try befori entering the armed .scr- Yic«fi. He, however, Hint Die end of the r*cem school term ha.s slliilll- lai«d nwnilUng in Arkansas lo point that tlie Army IA almost up to ita quol* this month. Mnj. J. Byus of Ihe Army Hcvruil- fciir Service hers .said ins ofiue. had liad a "so\Hi bli.sine.-.s" since Two Church Bodies Plpn Consolidation PHILADELPHIA, jMna 17.—(UP) —Tiie Kvmifjellcal »nd Reformed Church Announced yesterday 1U approval of i merger with the Congregational Chrkllan churches. Th« merger was »»nge«ted seven yean ago by the Congregational Kioup but was not, earnestly debated unlil the past year. T!i« last syjiod at U\t Kvaunelicat Church to vot« on tin question. tli« Merceisbiirn Synod In Pennsylvania 'ji™'*' 1 " le " l)lcm wlih ""'y one Slate«; 16,000,000 In Germany and Hie remainder scattered throughout th« world. had had a "go\Hl bli.sine-.s" since ^ SHEEirSjU-S-.f r F ° rce Belatedly Admits prftcu i±: ^t 11 ' 1 !'.'"';:: \Acriclfntn Rnmh'mn nf ^OK^.-,. , / • Accidental Bombing of Koreans practically lilted its <] Navy Missi-.s M.iy ((not;. Lieut. J. £>. Miu-heU »[ (In- N.i'y office said -we- an> Limn* a Mil)- TOKVO. .l, inc j -, _ ,,„>, Tli ,.-,, f , hc j llin ,. ( , uH R k , normal day today and no Hidden U. .s. Air K.nce admitted bclim-div , area " iniBii influx ol enlistee/." i yc.-.tcrd..;.- Hint itspbm-s HI-CHICHI'- <.- A ,,,i, i- >• Mitchell pointed out ll,:,t L ,: V ' ally Uomljrd „ Kmvan l,sh)n K 11,-H .',,', h Koieim polu-e. had p] ;1 ce,i Rock Jailed to meet u.s Da./.* li,-,-h ;! !ut,i<l<. ,,[, ih« <-.«i,i ,,f '" T," 0 "' Ul1 ' 1 ' 1I1 » I > 1 "« »<•«,• "11- M«y /or tlie / time i,, : K,.,v!, ,,n «. k ,,, '"S <"'!''' '" ""' K """" montte. Bm he predk-u-d iji-w hi -h , An i.Uu-inl M^tein.-nt (run. K-,r ^ (l '^ •r.l'."'^,. J.'.r!'' T ''",' 1 '.'"'" .choot. graciimte, will ful t'h, J;1 i-.e | l- : ,s, H,,,d,,ua, te.s ter,m-,l ,!,, i /- I > i I e,-, ,w ,t -^ iiur quota. The,*., 392 »„-,, it, ! ,-|d™( -„ mnst nnfor.unnte and re-' , ' ' • s "-"" m June wid has recruited ]6'.>. to date, pn-tialilr nicitlent " ' ' *"' A "' I ' IMrl: oflirials rc- Meanwhile, OD|. Pal Harris u.>- .. , , , ., . . ' f»-«l lo fics.-iiKs wlm: adion nrehi. K " lian lll l > '>'' ls ••i->l'l " ships were be tnken iiaKinsl mission .wr-oiini-l MJilk. H K.noan.s killed and otliors il Inrlh.-r invcstlBntton 'disdosKl , . sistant, adjutant general, Ihe opinion that the draft n'Ou.UI .stiinlil.Tte -V.llioiul Guard recruitiiiR in Avkan.siis, Giwrd recruitiiiR in Aik:m.siis, lhc A "' F '"'«' ncti-pli-d blmno - _ The guard ha.s hfon Inivina iron- '''"'' "" '^.'"ninatUin of ,-n- k|_,., W I , ,- , • ble rcachliiB it* nuthori/ed .-.tien-iii I'U'p.i-.-innis (nun u pr;,c-llci- Ijcnubhu; I ^GW ! >CQOT!QTlOnS of 7,000 mm. " j missii.n by 11 i:;ls b:i•;(•;! <m oklnnwii. f\ T» ' I C I f r\ > •"I txlien: that our ivuinting ]l Sili " lhe I''""!"- 1 ! slinrcit Iht-j-e UH KCICn jelf-Kule problem 'A'ili l>e elided wilh pu.^s- v - l ' r<1 MiHiH (i;ifi in the m-f^i \vherc —. . »«. of the drnfl law,'' Hnvris ui- | i>( ' " UMll ' s J 1 '"- ' r '; t ; l( "*'"' wns tlu- j PfQ MS Af6 OoDOSCd ciftrefl. i u,n l Kiti K>. 1 -jl) nillt-s i>l f I lie f »"^ * At Ica-sl three men. hi- -aid «-eri- Kilsl ''""''' "' KlJ "'-i '» lhe cen- ill ll« of/k-c today inqiliriun u.s u. ' lral ''"I'- 11 ' - s '-'- !_ \VA.SJllNCiroN, .June 17. a;pi-their driltt stHtU-s'shoilld they join I H.-;id<|mu! 1-1 s sikl tlu' fi.limi;' ' i" 1 ''' 1 Ht ->les and Hntain have » National Gtiant Unit. " ve.s.-.'ls iiiuv hin-i. h i mio ,L-.',.. F,.. I I"" 1 '" "''"'^ Prent-h .sngBestions < National Gtiant Unit. He said the drmt .slatu.s of u tlv ruck., i National Guardsman differed In llit iiltiiude »t House and .^nato versions ol lhe fiown. H 111- : !u ' .?S4 Arkansas Drivtrt Have Licenses Revoked In 5-Months Period i.rrn K mx;ic. Ark., ,j, m e n . 'Ui'p... Stair. Ri-veini(. nenartnieni.' . Olncials nniioiiiw-cd yesterday tlmil :i»-l A:-l-::u,,iis moiorist.-i lost llieir iinv.-r-i Ix-i-nao the first fi ve months of i:/l». 3-V,ink cliincy. suporvi.sor of lhe Mul-jr Vehicle Division, snid the "•voi-iiiiiHis were finning well ahead "f lust year. A lotnl of 7B! licenses K-I'J-C rr-vofccd in 1U-17. .inrt mi WC rc cuiic-ellrd in |!)4fj. At tin- present rate, Clam-v .-jiid jinoi-i! iliaii 900 licenses would be ! laki-n a\v;ty fronr Aikansas drh-crs j in ihe 19m twelve months period. ] He ]x)inle,i out thai rc*otntloiis . crnrrally increase duriiij? lhe Tnll i cotton pickiiif season and during ! the winter holiday perlo,!. \\'orld'., Sjilnsters >,ny there are :i80,000.- 000 .spinstprs in ihe world. Of ilie^e, i;.030,0(Kl are in Hi-iuiin; 8.003.020 n- France; n.000,000 in I he United NOW!" at FOUNTAINS Kverv'H'here! THURSDAY, JUNE IT, rMr vol*. m« church wld Nine other synotlj favored the ; union by *. imsnlmout vote. • Ihe chinch snld that of the S3-! Evangelical synods, only one re-i I Jec(cd (he merger. The lolal vole! 1 w«» 1,163 in favor »nd 308 ajalnst, ' Unal action en the union will b« | J taken by (he General Council of the !t CoiDsreKalional Christian Churches I • at ft meeting in Obcilin, O., short- J ly. I If approved, the new church would he known as tlie United Church of Christ, it would have a body of almost two million com- mimlcant members. MALONE Plaster and Stucco x Phone 2029 jar FOUNTAINS ! K very where! THE TOT SHOP Ev«ryUiin K f o ' r children Up lo K r 's i, o "« Closed Wednesday «ft« r noon bill, but that in either the 111- hus been pnhlici/eil as n ]»iirtii-'ei yi-su-i dny. through-25 measure would give men ' boniliim: men and Hint vessels do I Aulhoritnlivc sources said tho »n Jmjvtm to Join s guard unit. | not iiuiinitlly .sail it.s waters bci-nusr i tlvo « uv 't'™iiHM)l. 1 ! brllcvp adequate • . [of the rucks machine] v is available in the. aRtec- Slfters Meet for First The imn,,,,,,,,,,*,,! said ,,-,-„„- "hf ,,l!m '"^ annoima-dT'lnvs Sifters Meet for First 'I'hc iinn.jniu-.inenl said n-ron- -[lie plan w-is announced 10 (lavs Time in Nearly 25 Years |™ to '"'"' ' >tal "' s rn;ulr six "'"^ <>«-ri ; ,n () 'by 'v.-pivla-ntntives of'the imii- WASHINGTON. June 17. ,UP) - nlcs\,Mhe hmZn,!! "„','," " l "" ! V d Sl "! Cii ' Hri!lli "' I''™""'- U"l K iu,n, T»-o years Hgo Mrs. M«spie Mi-Giiit, ; • [ t ,> »,, renter! a room irom Mrs. Bessie mindm ,>i M,,:,n ,,„!.-« ;„ ,1... , , - v - V ^ not approved the pluu [i»- start- r A Horse's Life Is Not So'Stable Luxembourg and the Nelherlnnds. . ..---• ''"' Ke frunei- i.s lhe only nation ' ' 'nmiB, «. , :,.",'," ,, ' UI ; kS "' ''"' t; " Bel ll; "- »ot approved the plan In, siari- Prom time to time thev would i il e f o v '" sn^'IIV ,'>''' "'"""* '"* " """>"" tovemmem in lhe *op lor a chat bt... it. -«,„•,,„ , -',;, , .:;, V! ,' r ,h '"'I' "'T, i^''"''" X '""' y "" d " lilci " ? r«te,-day (hat they mentinned , „, ,v „ s ' lhp ""- ""' "nhr .luluslrwl area under in- mniden namcs-und both ' •'-,-— teriiationul e<.ntro[ n»m« hart l»en Adnn" ,- , ' ° U ", ls "^'""l 1 """- "'" Acrordin,, to reliable infonnants, It turned out they were sis!,,, c- IT,"' -n ''f''.'^ n,"'!-')'"''! 1 '",'''"" ^' ! ' ;U ' A "'«''™H mu-Mon lo the who liiul last .seen euch utht-r in ,,-l,'-- „ ,i , , " """ ' I ' JV1 "' 1 ' J>m|:<™) s !'> K-.-LUVIW (lie 10*4 in Winston-SBleni NC , ' ' " '" I>1 ' 1 .": VI ' a : H''-''"ll5-| ">-- "ath.u ninuwn,-,. n, ix.iuiun . ' • l " '" ''- ur t'ci-in-i-iKl williiu die limits | falUiued these general lines: 1. Ally attCMllpI to redraft tlie recommendations \vonld he useless al this time. The plan r,']ir«onts the best agreemenl iluu ciin Any future problems involv- iii!i I lie security of Fratn-e can l>o met l>v sjifrciiaiYls .set up in rho London iiRreemcnl. These provide (or com inning review o[ the t'.er- luan problem, and eonsullatinli nil security matters. Not lli s li, Th.- ['ontmcntitl Divide, conlr.iiv li. mpttlLii- njiiiiicin, is mi; a !i::'- <ii,rr.u t!n>n.^h lhc limhesl p,';i::'; n; i.-ic }v % ,.-r:y AIo!inla;ns, hul a line Oi\nlm.- ilir- rivers dv.iin into lhc A: inn; u- iviim iliuse th;it <h;rn Him tiie I'iicilic. **•. * •>' "-^iV :£*$ >.•< " '" *&f~ llm ' f%!i. f ?& JSiJ-ia^-Jt— f" foPfisyr •" , »Sui»MM'.5i&>i.-• <ik ;Mm^W •* * I J "^y-"f n ;, R^^' 4 ^f^Qf^' -j 111 Priced Right/ Tcisf^s Just ask... itre like to say "YES" to LOANS • AUTOMOBILE • SIGNATURE • CO-MAKER • FURNITURE Quick, Private Servk* • P«r»onolized Attention Com« in or ftl«pl, 0 n, 2938 122 W. Ash St. BLYTHEVILLE GENERAL CONTRACT, PURCHASE CORPORATION . w^ zmm^- w To thif London dray horv. i:tc is ,,-ic -irnri-p itlc- i,""- |l?tcFt is p.r-lurcd abovr. The- ,,-,.< v,,,-'-,; ;!- ,-v , , ,f, ',',' • .bout (he toy animsl. which i-o,M]v"snll,M-= T^ i - ,,' {. '. by the dray „„,„. ,„,-,-,,, ,,, HOUS Choose Your Own Way To Wash! . -•. Y«», now you OHI, <!<, j,, s ( UKIC Al Hopkins Unnilrv— All you can bring in ,-„„,- l itllll(1| . v .„„, M ,, s WKsh . ( for.voy in a now LatmOer;,!! Aulomalic \Viir-lier—,„-! 1« if yourself in » m-w K,^. .Hpi.Klrier. Wl,«lev fir v,,u prefer, we can a«-comni,ifla(c you. D.m't f tirKCJ , he „.„„„ HOPKINS LAUNDRY-ALL 414 Gatewood Grocery Srate Line GAS GAS Reg., Gal. Ethyl, Gal. Phone 975 20k 22k Whiskies Segrom "1" Calverr .... Bonds Cagarets . .. 1-2 Pt. . 1.35 . 1.35 .2.25 Pt. 5th 2.65 4.15 2.65 4.15 4.35 6.90 Ctn.—1.55 STUDEBAKE T U D E B A K Cfiamblin Sales Co E R STUD EBAKE 1S47 GMC1 Ton Slake I94« Ford 1 '/* Ton Slake 1948 Kludeliaker ft Ton Fitkup 1911 Chevrolet 2 »o«r And Many Mor«. Complete Service Dep't Paint & Body Parts & Accessories "Your Friendly Sludcbuker Dealer" R. K. & Ash Phone 219; RS T U D E B A K E R RS WWLSTON SCHOOL OF MUSIC Offers SPECIAL SUMMER CLASSES PiANO - ORGAN - VOICE Mrs. I);,lton C. V.nvKtnn. It. \. ; ,,,,| ;\| s M Diillon C. Fiiuislnii. M.S.M. 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