Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 17, 1965 · Page 3
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 3

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 17, 1965
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JULY 17, 1965. IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN i I Housing, School Aid Bills Signed By Gov. Romney LANSING i APi -Gov George Romney Friday signed a measure designed to force repair or even allow removal of substandard dwellings in which the own- housing- projects for senior citizens, or other special groups. —Provide that in all townships, candidates for township offices shall be nominated at primary elections rather than by caucus, as now is done in about one-half Michigan's townships. or does not residf It was amoii" 34 measures signed by the governor, including a S524.1 million school aid bill—up $87.9 million from 1964- Miss Repischak Is at Minneapolis Hospital The Occupational Therapy Department at Western Michig a n University recently announc e d the new placement of 33 students on affiliations. Nine months of affiliations are required for registration as an occupational therapist Placements are made in lie area of psychiatry, general medicine! and surgery, physical disabilities I Labor Festival Plans Finalized; Format Differs 'All Graduate' Reunion to Be Held at Rockland July 24-25 ROCKLAND — Rockland will• open Saturday, July 24. with ft I be a busy town on July 24 and ! P ar ade down the mam street of 125, svhen an "Ail Graduate" re- Rockland at 11 a.m. and pediatrics in a variety of! 65—and a motor vehicle accident claims fund The housing mca-sure Rives i ty P. es of hospitals throughout the owners 90 days to correct viola- Unitcd States. These affiliations lions, and then allows the local] constitute the fifth year of prep- Bovcrninent unit to make re-' al "ation for occupational therapy! pairs and charge the owner for I students. ' them. | These students include Eller-i If no orie has lived in lhe; inc p - Repischak. daughter of! dwelling for six months the lo- Mr> and Mrs - Anton Repischak, CHILDREN'S PARADE HELD—Prior to the rain storm that postponed the rededication of the Hiawatha Statue and the crowning of Miss Ironwood for 1965, the children's parade was held Friday evening through Ironwood's business district. Hundreds of children, majority of them dressed as Indians, participated in the parade which came down McLeod Avenue, went north on Suffolk Street, and then down Aurora Street. There were also many decorated buggies, bicycles and wagons. The children received a 25 cent prize for entering. Globe Photo) , nP f , Sat for 300^400 a" cal unit can either repair or remove the property 624 Balsam St., Ironwood, whoi is affiliated with the Minneapo- If the owner "clot-* not pay the' lls Veterans Administration Hos- charges. they become a lieni pita1 ' Minneapolis. Minnes o t a . upon the property. ! Sne is a 1961 graduate of Luther Romney also signed a bill al-! L - Wright High, lowing a court, five years after the conviction of a person under 21, to set aside that conviction if the person's behavior since then warrants it. ,. _ ~..~j , . - . . . Excluded would be persons turned to her home in St. Ig- monilr >g to compete in the Ontonagon Briefs Corps Seeks State Title At Lansing The WORRY CLINIC By OR. GEORGE W. CRANE ONTONAGON — The Ontonagon Mountaineers Drum and Mrs. Carles Welfley has r e - Bu B le Cor P s left at 4 Thursday who had been convicted of more'nace. after spending a few clays American Legion State Con than one criminal offense or an visiting her father, Axel N y - ventlon at Lansing. This is the offense punishable by life im- garcl. Her daughter Jill re- celebration that will determine prisonment. rnained for a longer visit with " le " CW State Drum and Bugle Eight of the bills signed Fri- her grandfather Corps champions for 1965. day affect senior citizens. They XT ., ,. . 0 Only four corps will represent include a measure prohibiting Nancy Ruotine » and Susan the Upper Peninsula this year, an insurance company from Lahtl liave reUirnecl from the: namely, the Mountaineers, the Dr. Hulcherson is a unique type of medical expert but our country needs mo r e like him. So analyse this case with double care. Then imitate his missionary zeal, both for God and our country. It is growing late, but we can still save the goose that lays ihe wonderful giiid- cn eggs if we act fast and resolutely! union will be held for graduates Mrs. Emily Chejak. a gradu- from 1895 to 1965 to reminisce ate of the first class of Rock- with former classmates and t o land Hj gh School in 1895, wilJ ONTONAGON — In spite of take part in the two day cele-: De t |ie guest of honor. Her of- the uncertainty that surrounds bratlon >. ticial escorts will be members the scheduled reconstruction of The reunion will officially | of the graduating clas* of 1965. River Street, the Ontonagon La- --------------------- ..... ----------- ......... --------- i At 3 P- m - ^ e alumni will bor Festival Committee decided peat appearance here by Joan ™*" *" "£ ^^2?' gnyi ?2 a : at a recent meeting to finalize ' Volek ^ ner nusba nd, Preder- . Srv of RorSd Ud h^ plans for another in the long ick Gersten , who win present a toi y of Rockidnd and the series of Labor Day celebrations ? , 0fram of semi - class ical music j This year's Labor Festival ^JJ'Se day Saturday the celebration will again be ded- finnual Maxwe il street S i d e- 'icated to providing residents of lValk Sale wlll takc place on the this area with a weekend of fam- slreets of Ontonagon In the lily entertainment, although the evenl tne street is under con- ; T he Altar Soc-if-tv will ! format of the celebration will slructlon . the bargai n sale will be the banquet that vil^ be erved I differ from those of prev, o u s conclucle d inside the stores. at the c'ommlinfty HaS Dane" jyeais. Parade officials are presently j ne t n livp mnsir will I , H^ , g nW C M L nnSv' %** £* worldng °" ^ POSSibmty ° f « '%> P ™ ^ "he rade, held on Monday in past again obtaining a flyover of jet Building years, will be staged this year at aircraft for the mammoth pa-l on Sunday m-morial serv- 2 p.m Sunday. Sept 5, in order rade tnat win Degin at 2 p.m. ; ices will be conducted at t h e to utilize the talents of the' S undav. i woodlawn Cemetery at 11:30 many drum and bugle corps ] AS in the past, all civic a m fw 0 ? 1 -n !1 v, °l er ? e ^ r 'l d H eSt 8 r °"9s. business olaces. f rater- w. O. Milde. superintendent tHat will be here for that day. na i organizations, individuals and of the Dollar Bay schools and . - ; If the main street should be otrie r groups have been invit- former Rockland teacher, will passport for heaven, but was unusable that day. the parade ed to compete for the hundreds give the memorial address, in any route ^ lH , low one of the au of dollars in prize money that memory of departed lary stre5 ' : not intended to indicate .... insurance company from''•"'"•' " CIVC «<••"'""=« JIU <" i " c nameiy, uie Mountaineers, tne CASE W-448: Dr. J. Kenneth canceling or increasing prcmi- Forlunc Lake Blble Camp where Munising Silver Echoes, t h e Hutcherson is a prominent urns or failing to renew automo-; - v s P ent - a week. Menominee Northernaires and Louisville eye surgeon, bile coverage after ? person is Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Randle- the current State Champions, But he is also a devote lay- 65, if he still has a valid driv- : man. Carlisle. la., arc visiting, lnc Ishpeming Blue Notes. man leader of his church, so he er's license. their son in law and daughter, "'"" ""'" """ '"'" They also incl'icle expansion Mr. and Mrs. Roy Muskatt. of medical assistance for the ,,„ „_._, .. „,„„,„,, ~ -- - —- ~~— ..-«.« ^..., v . t u .i ^ 1 ,^ a .L 1Cl ..^. 1 ±^ V ^^!!...?. 0 , 1 ::seldom seen locally because of World's Greatest Applied Psy- alumni, will be awarded. Youth groups roses will be placed at the foot Seven drum and bugle corps withmemberships of 12 years of of the flagpole bv their class- implacable foe of Communism" S^^S^ afternoon has been so he and his devote wife, Faith, 1he Atmetic Field Sunday eve-: Merchants ?Sl^ms in this left" open sf that members o" n,,r A-n • cam , palg . n !lin &' besides appearing in the pa- a rea will be contacted shortly the 70 graduating classes at- our Ameiican Kepuo- raci e that afternoon. by the Labor Festival Commit- tending can hold informal gath- iiee enter- Participating will be ttie Chor- tee regarding their annual con- erings before the reunion comes . delaires of Milwaukee. the tribution toward the financial to a close. Americ a n , Mercury Thunderbolts of Cedar- support of the Labor Festival The Women's Society of Chris- ousiness, the pro- burg, Wis., the Eau Claire Boys celebration tian Service of '•he Methodist thP fam-,I" ^r unions or o n Corps of Eau Claire, Wis.. the A fireworks display Monday Church will sell roon lunches the farms, should do likewise, Bells of St. Mary's of Rhine- evening will conclude the 1965 during the two-day reunion, so I am holding up Dr. Hutch- lander, the Munising Silver celebration Coffe erson as a splendid example. Echoes, the Iron River Legion- whether in It isn't enough to bem o a n cites and the Ontonagon Moun- aged to include n dental pro- in e Schon Elected Head of Board Coffee socials held throughout the occasion will be free of charge and sponsored by the alumni committee. A museum recalling the o 1 d days will be open througho u t the reunion. J. ! This four day trip is routine ;.sked me to come down and tl:e ™ pld tread toward Social- taineers. for the road-happy Mountain- deliver an address from its pul- 1S ™ in our , great country o r Labor Day itself, Monday, eers who are often heard but pit on the topic, "Jesus — The W ™_ B _° ur ., , an . in _ dismay. _ Sept. 6 will be devoted to the en^.. lt .. 1,.^- . , ,. . . . seldom seen locally because of World's i Rram and extension of the same v '' n havc returned to Milwaukee tlieir busy engagement schedule, chologist $140 a month benefits to those in ?«er spending a few days visit- The corps was away during the i arrived on Saturday night trend! . . nave designated Monday as ONTONAGON - Wilfred ... _ .... r • uncle and aunt, Mr. and three-day Independence D ay so we stopped at his suite of Faith without works," says "Kid's Day" and are planning Schon, secretary of the Onton-; ' Op Malt iCOTCS in weekend and the past weekend medical offices the Bible ' " is dead! " a children's parade for 1 p.m. agon School Board, was elected Bridge Are Listed the unit was in Negaunee for And I noticed several v e r v Meamn S that patriotic ideals An old-fashioned holiday cele- president of the Gogebic-Onton- Mrs M Stefanich the Centennial celebration unusual aspects thereof and lQ y &lt y to tnis Republic are bration schedule aimed at the agon Intermediate School Board Drum Major Dan Guzek has For on his magazine table not very effective unless they children will follow the parade, at a meeting held in Bergland. been having the corps practice was a copy of the Bible! ar . e _.. narness . ed - _ Some of the many activities; Schon has been a member of Mar- for five hours each day. during HOW many medical, dental or you readers medical care facilities as were ,, ^ _,.. extended in 196-4 to those in con- ft ' rs - ° D ' Rlie y- valcscent homes. Romney signed bills creating three new boards or councils— a law enforcement officers training council, a stutc fire safety board and a slate board of horology makers. Other sinned Mills: Honored by Family ONTONAGON — Mrs. arel Stefanich. Norwich Road, the time it is home, and the law offices"have — Seven attended the regular ses- of the Duplicate B r i dge Wednesday evening with scores recorded b y Klapperich, Mrs. , 28: Mrs. Francis Harold Holmes, collect benefits •accrued the time of dea'h. Without this strong Republic, planned are watermelon and; the Ontonagon School Board club _ v ^^ _ _._ ^ w 4i v IQW Uitlv , uo ,, avc , uu icaucia wnere would the United Na- pie-eating contests, greased pole for 22 years and has served as top to rc"iilat watch was honored at a family''gather- long h o u r s of repetHion"are ever "visited where ^"BibTe^was tions be> as wel1 as the Inter ' climbs, races, and sawdust piles, its secretary for 20 years. H i s ing at the home of her daughter slowly paying off. available as part of the reading national Red Cross, etc? hiding a child's fortune in coins, service on the Intermediate Mrs. Catherine Jenkins, Sun- The schedule of some of the j material for patients? ~ " ; , _ uuucjc njiiL lias ueen iaviiit yuiti- PHVP nepn mvii.en r,n'.inai.f* vt!Hr;s Him ne i.s nrKisrm.iv H i s ti -• --- ~« -—•>—•- Mrs. M e r der 12 can enter floats, tricy- Township Board. Schon is a na- Kin S' Mrs - Marvin Heinske, 24. If the goose is killed, it might cles, bicycles, buggies and cos- tiv*e of Ontonagon and is em- be 1,000 years before such tumes in the parade as well as ployed as a foreman in the j onn freedoms would again prevail iaking their pick of the activities smelter at the White Pine Cop- 1 "I eive nnp nf them tn Parh anywhere on this planet that follow the parade. per Company. b u^ ui uicui iu cdi,u ge send for my booklet " How Another innovation this year other officers elected at t h e to Save Our Republic," enclos- will be a consolidation into one re-organizational meeting in ad- ing a long stamped, return en- event of the queen judging and dition to Schon were: Vice Presi- velope, plus 20 cents. ; coronation. The judging will take dent, C. E. Richards. Waters' place on Thursday, Sept. 2, and meet, former superintendent o f , . period of 16 T — Permit conMnu.ition of a day. in observance of her 80th engagements is as follows: ! Dr Hutcherson also has sev- goose that nas been la y in B g° ld - h ave been invited to participate years and he is presently also "' *• ^ rs - James Haiarna, Mrs. workmen's comoons-.tion claim birthday anniversary. A n o t her Saturday, July 24. Rockland.' eralexamining rooms and in en eggs for us and the rest of in Monday's events. Children un- a member of the Ontonagon so dependents m n^ employe nnughter. Mrs. Rose Pestka, Alumni homecoming parade, 11 every one of them he also has the worldl to °° ' . lllirelatccl Milwaukee, a big stack of pocket booklets Sunday, Aug. 1. Park Falls, containing the Gospel of St. = . -,. _. . with -. assisted at the a -m- the compensnbie miury may event. A highlight of the party until \va.s a cook-out which w as Wis., parade at 1 p.m. .served to Mrs. Stefanich's child- competition to follow. -Provide tax «xemption for le n, their husbands anci wives, Aug. 6 and 7, Duluth, appear- patient " he said leased as well as j.wnod vehicles ,, er gl . andch |i dr e n and gre a t- onces d u r i n g the Portorama of public authorities operating grandchildren. celebration. USK DAILY Ol.OBK. W AWT-ADS mass transportation systems. — Make possible llv use of urban renewal land for public ATTENTION! Anyone who may have witnessed the accident in which Walter Silvestri was fatally injured please call 932-2676. K of C Picnic to Be Held on Sunday A. Daniels Family Holding Its Reunion "But once an amusine com nlication arnsp i hart pvaminprf ! a middle aged man "As he was readv to leave l ; CARPENTER WORK COMMERCIAL * RESIDENTIAL i Remodeling Home Construction — Finishing FREE ESTIMATES 1 GUST GIANCOLA, INC. DIAL 561-4906 General Contractor ONTONAGON - The Knights ONTONAGON - Se v e r _ . T of Columbus will hold their an- members of the Allen Dan- l tolcl nim ne c °. uld have the nual picnic at the Ontona g o n - ie \ s family, Ontonagon, are re- lirst Prescription filled at t h e O »v Iloiiljv Jr Hi K, oUljQflV, J XI J V jiniffri for fhf* fi)*yf fi mp* in 1 fi OptlCai C0111p3riy ClO^^ri CllG St,**tJCL. • , . ., years. Among those home to ' Bu - t ;, ^ s . aid ne ' d get tne Refreshments will be ready vislt their father Allen Da niels, one fllleci ln heaven, beginning at 1 for both children and their brothers and sisters in and adults. A variety of games {Ms area are Mr. and M r s . will be set up for the afternoon. Layton Daniels and daughter, The next meeting of the Eureka, Calif.: Mr. and M r s . . . Knights of Columbus will be Richard Daniels and three child- thl ? man ' s daughter fearfully in- held Tuesday evening, July 27, ren Nashville Tenn • Mrs Dor- ^ uired how bad her father's at the Eagle Hall. oth j, T hebeau,' Kathy and P a t, condition really was. Cadet, Mo.; Mrs. Kath e r i n e . " J re P Ji ed that he was O. K. Eberhard and children, Lans- e ^cept that he needed new ing. Mrs. Evelyn Everett of Ely- Classes. Then I asked why she ria, O.: Mrs. Joyce Eberhard seem e d to alarmed about him. of St, Johns arrived T h u r s - ' Sne said tnat ner fath er day evening. Two other sisters, f ame nome thinking he was go- Mrs. Ardell Lobeck and Miss ! n f to dle soo » because I had (Alwa ys write to Dr. Crane in the New Miss Ontonagon County the Watersmeet District and di- re of ttlis news P a P er . enclos- will be selected, announced ing a long stamped, addressed crowned that same evening. ' "lasses and also a CODV o f care of tnis news P a P er . enclos- will be selected, announced and rector of the Michigan A s John's Gosoel ing a long stamped, addressed crowned that same evening. sociation of School Boards; trea- "I told him he could havr thp envelope and 20 cents to cover Friday evening the annual Cor- surer, R. Ernest Dear. Iron- Vj "- typing and printing costs when onation Ball will be staged at wood, superintendent of the you send for the one of his the Ontonagon Comm u n booklets.) Building. (Copyright by The Hopkins Saturday's celebration activi- Intermediate School District sup Syndicate, Inc.) , ties will be highlighted by a re-, erintendent. , !' We11 ' . Dr ' Crane ' l didn?t tmnk anything more about it till daughter •• la ^ e that night ' 'Then my telephone rang and RELIABLE Plumbing Fixtures and Workmanship it our motto. CALL } A. EVAR ANDERSON & SON 932-0793 ... or 932-3030 Mich. A Wis. Licensed Master Plumbers HAiLY ULUBK WANT-ADS Ruth Daniels, live in Ontona- inf ormed him that he would g on get that s e c o nd prescrip- One son. Francis, is currenllv U °" fllled , in heaven! serving with the armed forces So l told ner l nad simply in England and the younge s t n ]5 antrf t hat , the Gos P el I ha d son, Edward, is in Los Angeles offered her father contained the and is unable to attend the re- — union. An open house reception is being held this afternoon and evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ardell Lobeck, Cranberry Road, at which time friends and relatives may visit with the,Escanaba construction contractor Head of Fair Board Resigns ESCANABA — Erling Arntzen, family while they are here. AND BUILDING SUPPLIES • "BARRETT ROOFING"-Shingles & Rolls • COMBINATION DOORS & WINDOWS • JOHNS MANVILLE INSULATION • WEYERHAUSER 4-SQUARE LUMBER • FLOOR & CEILING TILE • CULVERT PIPE, TILE PIPE, DRAIN TILE • DYNAMITE, CAPS, FUSE • SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINTS Remember! Before you buy ... Get an Estimate from Us! Iron County Lumber & Fuel Phone 561-3161 FREE ESTIMATES is resigning from the U.P. State Fair Board, which he is presently serving as chairman. In a letter to Gov. Geor g e Romney, Arntzen asked that his resignation become "effective at once." Arntzen advised the Governor that his decision was made "as a matter of health and is not to be construed as dissatisfaction with the board members, or the fair itself or any of the- personnel connected with the fai.v' Gov. Romney appointed Arntzen to the Fair Board in February, 1963, for a term that will not expire until 1967 Arntzen is a past president of the Escanaba Chamber of Commerce, of the Rotary Club, and is active in civic projects. The vacancy will be filled by appointment by the Gover no r. Other members of the board are: Mrs. Ruth Butler, Houghton Robert Davis, St. Ignace; Carl Tlansen, Wallace, and Kemp Brown, Munising. 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