The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 9, 1933 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, January 9, 1933
Page 14
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--i . -J 4 x J ._ - & I" I-' t,*-. . - • - - V** !- MONDAY. JANUARY 9,1933 . t f. • -• *i< Issued Bvery articles intended for purely agricultural ifses, have fpimd (heir employment reduced. This lack of buying poWfcir is not i - ' \ ' i ' ^r ' f • • - '* .' ,'" 'r Entered m post ottice at ^akersHeid, California, as Hecond[centered in the agricultural areaMhe.stagtia- class mall matter under ihd Act of Congress March 3, 1870. U ; _ o f (hoSC areas being directly felt inthe Except Sunday in Bakerslleld, Kern County, California ' MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Th'o AsHoclated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of all news dispatches credited to It or »not-otherwise credited In this paper, and also tho local news published therein. , , , _ - , . . . r —i_i»-i •.!•-!_• •.•in-n-fcaiir..-i. I The Californlan is also a client of the United Press and war period OS the standard. In the event Of th$ United News and receives tho complete leased wire service of both. - /I H * industrial centers. The Voluntary Allotment act would establish minimum prices, with prices of'the pre- By FREDERIC J, HA8KIN u V j -, .' -,,. "J EASTERN REPRESENTATIVES Bryant, Griffith & Brunson, Inc. New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta WASHINGTON (D. C.) BUREAU Frederic J. Haskln. Director, Washington, D. C. its successful operation, wheat would again be 90 cents a bushel, cotton, 12 cents a -** r • pound, with other commodity values correspondingly increased, posed plaji have Nor would the pro- any similarity to that Wut do you- n««Tto knowt/ li th«r« tome point, abtwt your buitntji or ptrtoniJ 1tf« tint puutM your li there som«lhln» you wwit-to know without delay f Submit your queitlon to ffwderlo J, limit In, Director of our Wnihlng- ton• Information Bureau. Ho li em01oy«l\to help. you. Addreii• your 1 Inquiry to Wia'Bak- criflold Citlfornlan In form it Ion \ Bureau.' ItW- orlo J. Huklrv Director, Wuhlndon,D.-0., ntid flnclota'S cfnti in coin or'ittmpi for return poitaie. Do not use poitcarda. ,. .-- 1 , ll*. •it f*tr Q. How old crosse?—O. > V. • i Is the game of La- t SUBSCRIPTION PRICE Delivered by carrier or mall In postal zones, one, two, three, per month, 05c By mall in postal zones four to eight, per month, 85o designed to control marketing such as has •Ay. Lacrosse, of today .Was away of yesterday—the oldest-, game Played on the North American cbntl- board. THE IDLE AND THE SOIL A been witnessed at the hands of the farm A processing fee WOUld be levied nated It, centuries * ago and "caltedflt 11 iinn Ilio mnnnfnphirpr HIP nrnpppHq nf aiirlil hoggfttaway. In later years when the upon me mamuaciurer, tne proceeds 01 sucn Ft . onch . Canad | ans Sftw lt P i tty0 d they collections to be paid farmers who voluntar-Deferred, to it as "La crosse" be., . . * .1 i ..i .1 * cttuse the netted stick that was used ily associated themselves with the movement, resembled <a bishop's erozier. The 1 name f has lingered* : .; , , . — : ; -., .- . . r - , Q, What salvage qhlp, is' recovering NEW HAMPSHIRE legislator has intro- the proviso being that the recipients would duced a bill to facilitate the occupancy make proof of having reduced their acreage gold from the sunken ship, w; c. s. of vacant land by needy folks from the production as much as 20 per cent. centers of population, he designating his Obviously, we are not going to get back to measure as an act "to rehabilitate abandoned normal in this country until something akin I ited at Plymouth, England. The work •COIN HCKC TODAY ARIM wtfti it«y bklMNy tf L«fl| tilanri h*m« Llfitft, Ttm'l »lf«, K »• »wltr. PitWtfy wu her nu- Huihlm (• thf lifcwiy, um*'fMli thrvwii . fttodt ' Htr thrttt, tlMMt falnte. ' TtM **!* wu M AitMinl, . MlvlHi th« trlmt. Thty tmvi And ill b<t*A« *ui»«ti: R|r. builfMti UMtltti tf Ttm'u CM- bt VM, hMriwm* ••ItlMi M«nrlnPr«tt f fwiwr wlHf •! Lin**'*; tfir LIM ShMtihMi- iiy, frith wrltir. on tn« ««yw tM ttwfl M*tNtr th< lutitt tra MTMi«H U rtMtlit, •IvlM tfm mil Una «»r» tiM.t* Mlv* thtlr vrttltm. ( ' Llndt flndi tlw'ttwtl *Mi whkh «w it- ttmpt WM MI* U itfiiiU hw (WtMlflrf by • MMIT it lunburd •tntmint) In SUtUntftr'i bithrMm. T«m, luiililtut if 8hiu|hM»ny, Hvehi* hU r*tm. Th« Irlrtniin <lt«*«ri Ihli Mi to «t nutttM rliht Lliite tilti him tht vhtli rttry. uklni him to Mp lihw thi mytttry. • , . - • • . • y NMt mirfilfii Prttt •«• ti tbvHti M4 thi •th«ri UM • ivlm. LlMrii •«< TIM ciMptrt HlHl Mtf tflMUH-lltllt tfmlMWMtl if.tM Myit«ry. LMth ilMi irrlm but Pratt hu mt rrtitriiU.' NOW QO ON WITH THE STORY CHAPTER XLI1I ' their neighbor. "She tf whaillt aulte, early: tonight you 'call the all-around good sport, ' ' ' "She's marvelous at any sport she tries/v Linda was sure he did not at it aulte earlr tonlght-for^tne Benefit K IB of v my girls ,ln. ; ihe;-kitchen >sd :'thftt ; .- worksiout very nlc^yi'^-/'^:/-..';^...'^^] he . "I'm sorry. If I; have -made' .plans L; ot that cause you' trouble—•" h^Wgah.J hii tries. uinaa was sure ne uia nui. tnat nauso you truuuic— np> UCR^U.^i muiuu aeparcn catch her 64Ulv6datlon; to his ear the ^Not'ttt alll'V She niftnaged td;Bpe*ik: ,Woinan's,,,CIubi ' - -'- bf,- leaning iiri that word more cordially.^ Even'i* fileur's ^high^ '' »*—^ ^'-— - '* —T ' _ .. ' i . ' * *_.:_•>]- . ^ - ^ - •- - A. A m . • _ ^'. _ ^ i • ] A^ _ _ A __ Mrs. Robert Elwood Joses, soprano, and PrAnbis -' - ..j ' - -••> j * '* "t ' \ • ',- ' m Ctow, tetior, : appeared monla department '*brofram r -V$t*i the- -• . -.. shades ^ ( sport", would .be f auite tunperceived '.'Coming/ Tbhi?" • : . 'N , - t , -- i They had ,star ted toward the terrace when enV; saw that her other gueut had disappeared; -V.'v,: /; i, .' •on ,oui::-ritfttlander' cotton,, dethroned .tw6^ye%ips _ everything .to I aco-here wlthbut ceremony, :i8 ; nbw her own advantage did;-irflt*t^l4nda ataglhg. avcomeback* " --^i she need not convey-her annoyance to I yHarold/Ross-and Nat Cropland have this innocent guest "ryani ^u tbj returned to tho University of Callfor- enjoy, yourself; and' we|ve nbt> been rtla. ,V X,; : ;-•-' ,':/,--: ; •';.;. •• .V:-lV-:*;v. * m f^9 .* . ™ ~ . . w _ . . • . * - . -^'_ i u* - / - I ' **;• i • •- *A ' - • * 'A * * - -*-^ * '»'**"! : Frank Krauae of the.- automobile) 1 club Is ( warning- members license able to do much. »- But not r hayin^^a chauffeur* T haV6 to see \t6' it 'that ™^ ^ ^ *^™ ^** ^™ ^* ^™ ^^* " W * n ™" ^ ' ^^ H • ^"^ ^'^ J one of us ts free 'to got oit ,t(>; any "Might I suggest full- of /deference, of almost^eicagger- ls a P!*, CMcia , • ' : . . _ L * ' J ^ t _' * I « * ' doors^slnce ithere aire pa-pers^ handle. We'll co mo out later when the. , t . ^ A •*„-•, . business talk • is over; iHo jr won will i ated consideration but suddenly ^she felt'that" he ^as commanding rather thati suggesting. "Miss Stoner has said It' would be no inconvenience to hereto 1 ;; send her car for mo this evening?',' i ' ". , '-. ••: ..- ^ ' : ' - •!•>•'-• • '•• ' -, "What nonsense!!' MJnda 1 :, could hot heli>-answering sharply; Thev cpnde- scending gesture was so like Fleur! "It'ricAno bother, to drive you to a neighbor's house! Of course' Fleur Both the sedan a purported His 6>ne was| by Clara Phinipu, who is being^sought, I A « - ^HK Wll^^t • Al^lL!^ -^ i ~ . v • M -'."." - - - *• -•"' ; C hr_h , you be wanting to start, DeVost" "Not for . another hour ; or mdre." ..He conimlted.hts watch. ,"Vou were ing, Mrs. Avorilir*. ' ;: * "Only that Fieur'.s a very, clever person," she answered, disposing herself comfortably in the'deep Jawn, ohalr. "But you'vo probably ; found , that .ouib for tyourself ." . She wondered If they were .destined always to talk about Ithe glittering I rifeedh.'t send for \you. Of course she herself .was not| and the roadster " farms. " Tlie measure provides that the state] to prosperity is restored in the agriculturallArtigiio n in command of captain a. Leading farmers and those who have' Quafflla * The sharp ringing of the telephone Fleur has been done bv the salvavo shlnl^me just as the meal was finished, kt/all inclined to, flirt, :yet, after all, nas oeen done ny tne salvage snip j g urpr| ^ e SUBpense nnd quer y mingled IVwas a bit exasperating thfct none of In the look Linda cast her, husband. I that; charm to which she had so In- ^ i- t As an idea struck her she stopped and, turning, caught the look of dls- shall start the incipient farmer in business areas with "a pair of horses, harness, a plow, a given most thought to the farmers' plight are dump cart, a hay rack, chickens," Q. What Is the name.of the Chinese i« ,. - . Al j . -i woman who Is known" as Ixmg John cow, pig and ten | fl"dmg m the proposed measure a hope of | silver IT -H. a. K. • , henrd Tom hang up . San ' ft v«> an I looking at once Tom sprang- up at once and went to stantly responded was exerted In her pleasure on his face! : To his -sUtprise answer it. Keeping up the conversa- direction., Men did not ordinarily dls- —and somewhat to her'own—she sud- around, the table, she could not I miss-her with the perfunctory cour- denly laughed with unabashed, w|iole- An abandoned farm is described I relief, and it is declared to have the endorse-1 pl £te, S w^i* but after a few brief words she tesy t he had shown since the night of hearted amusement. "Why, Mr. De- He came back I the'dance, and she found herself re- Vos—I believe you're ashamed to rir- TWKNTY YEABS AQO ' (*The CaUforhliin, UlU' date. 1018) ' A trace of rain here followed/ cold snap of last night The rainfall .here; to date Is only ,72 of an inch, th© smallest .amount In A period of 29 years; - ,'• - '/*.-•, ~- v .- :. ~:,f.: ' I*/dumber has been delivered, and Ms on tho ground for the erection of a new hotel at Shafter. •"- '* i= Miss Ellen Kelly will start teaching at the Keene school next Monday. * Alex Ward has returned from Jjos Angeles-In his new Stutz car, Karl Harris -was severely bruised if hen thrown from his bicycle through collision with an automobile. Heavy sand .carried on a strong wind bombarded the city today. •":, • \~ operate 12 pi- relieved. as "any tract of land which for two years I ment of the President-elect. Despite the|mte ships. has been uncultivated/' prophecies in some quarters that the plan This is interesting in face of the fact that will fail, farmers and industry generally will| c ^^ California has become one of the nation's find encouragement in the knowledge that ?L^ rt ^ , 4i*_ir5'i.*_ ' j i i • «.At_ Philadelphia, 1908. Thirty denomlna- largest real estote holders. The State Con- something definite is proposed looking to the | t ions united for the purpose of en- troller notes that in a period of two years, a amelioration of agriculturists. "That was Pratt/' he said. "Went rive there In either of our cars! Too bad we haven't one like Pleur's— but It acutely. • ., - VHave I reached the age when con- home after church with the Algers—| fiderices are ^to be my conversational lit'll be after dark and we .can sneak . meant to 'phone but thought one of h o t?" she * thought. "It's obvious I you up to the .door without anyone What Is the Federal Council of I them had done so. He'll be back to can't vamp a person wHto doesn't know [seeing you!" change fpr tehnlsi Mr. DeVos, I be- j have any features other than my you're going with him later to|, oars . -Well—it's my Job to get every- Her thrust had been a sure one. He j looked at' once startled and sheepish the club courts? I'll-drive you both thing Lean from the creature and and then, as he realUed how he had ^^*V«h4A *' ' - I « * • • *A . A _ . fe^_ _ I * j » « M * • A « * ' • over. abling churches co-operatively to ob- others drifted out into the hall. Linda rose and, following her, _tho hlm ' itfljkt ..« you w!U De back after half million parcels of property have been sold to the state for delinquent taxes, though, during the same year $18,000,000 worth of MORE MONEY, BUT HOW ? r * • E READ less of hoarding than t'ormer- land has been redeemed The State Con-|Wly, particularly since a little inquiry and troUer, in discussing the disquieting develop- investigation ment relative to the sale of land for 'taxes, hoarders of the country are the banks . __ Without doubt the remarkable m- never theless the savings account situation is- crease in delinquencies is due to depressed one that offerg some food for reflectioll> In the United states as a whole} the total of such says: • i ^^^^ ^^r developed that the chief But business condiUons. The number of sales to in 1929." — > A _ ^M ^— A « . I ^^ ^^" " ^ "• ^ ^^ ^» »^^ ^»^ ^ ^i^fc^ ^-^ m,* 4-^, » • ^ v ^^ f. «^« ^^^^^ ^ ^^ w*^^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^F^ ^r^^ the state gained nearly 50 per cent m the two L ccoimts ig $30,000,000,000, and the sugges- years, the total for 1931 benig 321,735 separ- tion is made lhal if the owners thereof were of land, as compared with 185,900| to p]ace w pef cent in circulation through T ,. ,. , .. , t , . „ .freer purchases than they have been making Indicative of the genera trend, m Kern fa recent s> three binions of dollars County the number of sales totaled 5395, | would retum to the channds of trade though in the same period the County Treasurer reported receipts from redemptions as $136,326. With the state coming into possession of, 5 >8 3 aooo savi accountSs the total de _ so many separate pieces of land, and with its bd fa excess Q{ flye bil]ions Qf much and of private ownership not under larg> Qnd fte hist of the savi s accounts tain results which they could not "That seems an imposition." Tho express the fel- Belgian paused to manipulate his clg- i^...»ui« «»J ..«l4-<*' f*t *wk ril««*tM»tn*i r r*. .1 * A • 11*^.1^ t. *«. * t ico, AUIOO JIIB^^ i«**o m»*t.w\».-*4o w i nnLiBittutus y \.u in«, nw reuncu OLILIIJ'. S.*Stt f"l^?^,,^^!H^ r ^ a " ?. r !« e "f^ 4 ^ the club after tha game. She was silent but the quiver of her Fleur seems to be the .-line to make [betrayed himself, furiously angry. "I would not dream of criticising your motors, Mrs. Averlll. Any'ar- ra'ngemeht you make will be*perfectly has Invlted^us to 1 satisfactory to me," he replied stiffly. tennis of course to change?" It was a question. church; to unite the Christian bodies of America Into service for Christ, in the world nt large; to encourage devotional fellowship and mutual counsel; and to secure a larger combined interest for the churches of Christ in all grounds ^and those of the club? Mr. Pratt and I can walk through ^here—no need to bring your'car for that short Journey!" • "Well,: we'll see." Tom absentmlnd- ufe both back here, understand." Maryln isn't Agoing to Flour's, I take It?" " "I believe I am the only one outside matters affecting the moraland so- Ldly assembled the different sections of-Miss S^oner's own party," He an- clal condition of all people; The headquarters is 105 Bast Twenty-second street, New York City. of the Sunday paper,, scattered about awered somewhat stiffly and she re- lips showed she was by no .means silenced and her eyes, meeting the haughty rebuke In his, were mocking and unconvinced. "If you will excuse me I must go upstajrs now. I think I heard the motor, bringing Mr. Pratt some moments ago and he will be THIRTY YEARS AGO ' . (til* CaltrorhUn. tlili &(•. 1603) • E. J. Emmons Is in the city .today.' Mexico is taking every possible pre- ', caution to-prevent-, the spread of tho bubonic plague, travelers from that country report here. • The Southern Pacific has completed, its third storage tank in the Ollg dlsV trict. .,:-..' The city will purchase a new 60- gallon chemical engine at a cost not to exceed f750. * John Kaar has been riven the contract for the erection of the new firehouse. • VIEWPOINT the room "It's etlll' pretty hot and Pressed a grin as she remembered ready and waiting for me.", you'll need all your wind If you're to that he nad been substituted for a de- "Go right ahead!" Linda permitted play anything-so strenuous as tennis;- Hquent. guest—not, she -was honest graciously. "Here's Mr. Shaughnessey. ' READERS Q. How-many people now live In I warnr your'DeVos,- those two. girls enough to admit to herseU, that Fleur the country where ancient Babylonia | will ^glye you something • to think twasn t srlad of the opportunity. I am was situated?—E. H. H. A. Iraq Is the modern Arab kingdom which occupies approximately the about." The colloquialism seemed to puzzle the other. "To think about? But I assure you area of 143,240 square miles and a pop- | they have already.," Tom laughed. "I mean a stiff- game that keeps any man on I am interested in the correct | th «^? ove ''' he B ^ ld - _. . "Ah! well—as It happens I have been so fortunate as to cross racquets with some of your famous American tennis glad of the opportunity, "I'am to meet them at .-their home so that we shall all leave together for tho r restaurant." region of ancient Babylonia. It has an area of 143,240 square miles and ulution approximating 3,000,000. Q. use of the title; Lady.—S. K. A. Armlger's "Titles" says that the title, Lady, Is held by all peeresses un- . -. avftrn . The figures released hv the Savinoi Rnnkl der the rank of ft d « chesB . by alii*" 11 * 6 " 1 wnen UK. ijguie!> reieuseu oy me savings naiiK] dbughtera of the three highest ranks - . , "It Isn't a restaurant. It's a road?-- _P I house. That Is, it has a "restaurant of course—well,-there's Just no European equivalent, for It, I imagine. But you'll discover what It's like when the time comes." "You are sure that this will not In-. "I shall d 0 | convenience you, Mrs/Av^rlll? I know you could not participate in social af- I think he's coming to tell you Marvin has arrived but he can remain to keep me company.", . She watched the stiff military carriage 'of the retreating back and chuckled again at the disapproval ari&V annoyance it conveyed. "I've Just Insulted Mr. DeVos," she confided to the Irishman who sank uninvited into the chair bslde her. "I suppose It was terrible of me but somehow I don't feel a bit ashamed." EDITOB'B NOTE: Tht CftUrornlui will print Ictttri from reuteri. Such letttrs muit bo confined to 150 wordi, wrlUM leflblytnd on one ltd* of th» paper. They must be bocif- fldely ilgned by the writer with vompUtt ad- *drc» ilTM, which will bo published. No anonymous coramnntcaUon will be printed. nils Is emphatic. The California reserres tho Tlfht to reject any or all mangicrlpts and- la not mponslbU for sentiments contained therein. ALSO "HIRE AMERICAN" t - - . . Editor Bakersfield Calif ornlan: I have been'reading articles in your "A little insulting would be good for paper, also William Randolph Hurst's Association disclose Some very interesting I of The'peerage, "and: by the,wives o'lJJjJlI'V^J ll7ur^tlng A1 battle. nd You < alra but MIss stoner was 80 klndL " /hi Tit At j> *VT ^r i i *i I D&ronQts &nd. KniBnts* facts. In the state of New York alone there that lad," answered the other negligently, . . (Continued Tomorrow) cultivation at present, we wonder if the Q. called a deck of cards?—B. W. A. The origin of tho term Is obscure. Tlie word Is from the Anglo- Saxon "theccan" meaning a coveri movement indicated by the New Hampshire lrmw - „ ,.„ i • . « n * f i ^J lar 8 er bill does not offer something of value to in the Empire State is duplicated in all of the |-«^ n etorl ^^1^°^ of the Union. It is fruitless to discuss the evils that arise j indeed the possession of so classed; it is play, Hfrs., Averlll?" „. » . , ., ^ i "I'm not In Pleur's class," laughed When was a pack of cards fIrst | Mnda> she saw Mr statlander bear . Ing down on Tom and imperceptibly signaled;to her husband to go with him. "Golf's more my game but even there I'm no champion. , Fleu'r can t\ A n f WTI ^k * D %1 ^f tm D ^f Hn w T t^^ktl A w\ ^k ^^f\^^^ uuitt, mo nil y Uc^y« ^>UL viioii DIIO uouv everything well." ' ' . "Ah, yes!" The Belgian's Interest quickened as the conversation veered In 1693. in the future. a- this commonwealth. We have in the cen- * ters of population in California many thou- l so asc; sands of peopk who are out of employ-^ , an insurance against ills that ment Nor is there any reasonable expectation that the industrial conditions will so improve as to supply work for these jobless thousands. The state, it would seem, might well encourage a movement looking to mak- - , _*_*» *!• *i*» • • » •*•• ^ • I * CC i ing families self-supporting by aiding them I hfll d |K io^occupy the lands which are now vacant. Shakespeare's Henry VI. Q. Where is .the land which was to General L*afayette in appreciation of hia aid during the Revolutionary War?—G. M. S. A. Tho land granted to General Is In Florida. All of town- "It's quite all right with me," she assured htm and did not add the fact* that, Cousin Amos or no Cousin Amos, she would not have been Invited to the gathering. I Just wanted to know about what time you'll leave so I t can arrange to get you over there. If you stop at the club and come home to dress .you'll probably leave 1 here about the time we are through with dinner. Tve put TN "Our - Genial Enemy, Prance/' -*- Kdwln D. Schoonmaker undertakes to show that all the talk about the ¥ © 0 States Is a whole lot of eye wash. The fact of the matter, he says, is that France as never missed a chance to tread heavily on Uncle Sam's corns. papers, regarding this "Buy Amerl-* can Plan" and 1 think, it. is a good Idea as-far as it. goes, but ends too abruptly. - • < Why not make it "Hire American" also? • What good does it do to "Buy America" If it is produced by cheap foreign labor? ', Such labor has low Standards of living, and work for such low wages.that their buying power will be, that I fall to see where It can help very much to "Buy American," unless !t , .Is to create more -wealth for the man who already has millions, and enable hlxn to hord It, or • buy n on taxable bonds and securities. If every one would demand goods marked "Produced by American Labor" and demand service 'in hotels, restaurants, and all public places -by American* citizens, then the plan the business situation that increases Tt is th** nnrprtnintv of l Bni P l north, range 1 east; 11 IS me uncertainly OI | 2 s,028.EO acres, was granted by Con- By DR. FRANK McCOY ^f I . . - m 28, to General Lafayette, December 1824, and title passed to him July vrtttM by rratf«rt.»f ,Thi CtUfernlM, Artfmtrt vrtniM, LM Amtltt, will b* MtvwH. * U Dr.'Frwk MiCn. IN t«irtk I Helm • Mlf-ritfrMttf itw»«« ness among the population of the country. U. 1825. it was sow by order of Gen- i h * * oral- Lafayette many years since, and e Who are gainfully employed do not| It ls now owned b y a great many dif-|"TT IS only growing.pains/V : With RHEUMATIC FEVER IS^OFTEN UNRECOQNIZEO secure in their th do not know th I these words parents used-to laugh ' ' t any _complaints of pain in* the ^r* ^Not that they would farm profitably, but at - ., . „ ^ . it .1 i_ i army Of the Idle. Naturally those Who plan least thev would farm to their own advan-l™ 111 S ° me care are Seeking to pr ° tect their l in thc senate office building The least mej woum larm to uieir own advan- families as aga i nst any calamity that might Secretaries and stenographers. are a P - lage, assuring themselves of sustenance dur- u , „ , TT1 . , .. », J . ^ pointed by tne individual senators. ._:^\,__ ... . B ._ . , . , I befall. Which unquestionably accounts for (other employes How many people are employed by the United States Senate?—M. C. I Joints made by children from about A. . About 800. Some of these work attack may last-for several weeks. building and some work | This acute attack may never .develop, as there Is much more commonly; the seven years ' of age .to . young adults ing the trying months that are obviously ahead of us. The economic depression has demonstrated that men can make some progress, enough at least to insure a living, by activities whidi have received little consideration within recent years. Tlie business of mining is having more and more attention and thousands of men are at least making wages or part wages in the desert and mountain regions. So long as there is a dearth of employment in the cities, what more sensible plan could be evolved than to point the way to the occupancy of farming lands which are not now being cultivated? the rather remarkable statement that during the past year savings accounts increased in A*_ W generally 'ap- of the ina- up to x twenty, pains are Now-a-days such to Indicate. the first usual -with, a aevere fever. Such an mild .t3T>e so frequently found In .chil- War from motives of self-interest and tried to limit American Independence at the peace conference; she almost prpvpked a war a few years later, and ever"- since has consistently opposed American policies whenever the chance offered. Today, he asserts, France.Is a men- of Kern county) I know of aliens employed three days per weeR- on the state hlgtiway* while 'American citizens are-begging for bread and unable 'to procure a job of any kind. CHARLIE WILSON. Lone Pine, Calif. ' dren;ahd. which may never flare up ace to world peace. Needing an over- into,,ari acute, crisis ,but is shown by | Beas .empire less than, any, other nation, sho has one. of the world's ^largest and she is developing it solely to get extra man-power for .her armies. vague .pains: in the joints, a fever and heart damage. These symptoms are often present in the. child with bad tonsils. They Imperialism, he sayst flourishes under rarely; occur after the age of twenty- the republic Just as 'it flourished under five. Afer maturity, .when regular the Bourbons and under Napoleon. - ' habits-have been'well established, the L 1 M « is when he to of acute rheumatism and are percenta ff o of eases drops to almost debts,.' however, that ', he: Ke ts really ' treated serlqusly because this disorder VOllime by $55,000,000 ill New York State, | ing an invention while the application with 70,000 new depositors. for patent Is pending?—L. J. K. It can bo seen that at least cases occur at the age Even mild cases may | when young.people are apt to be care- Induce a. tendency toward chronic I less In their habits. Enervation, from Q, Is there danger in manufactur- «o often leaves tho heart in an in- most of i_ it ...un- *x. n A «»i«« Mured state. Even mild cases may when yo critical. Why, he asks, cannot a nation 'which,spends $600,000,000 a year on armaments pay a twelfth of that on Its deb't? Why should , a nation .One of the doubts always assailing 1 mankind' at this time of year la _ i - -' . L • - i whether to send New Years, cards. to the folks whose Christmas greetings took you by surprise. , The farmer who needs relief the most Is the one who moved to town. AT THE FOUNDATION />Ai.4ninl«r ceilUiniy n U tion of uon ui hilt that is not , jjui uittl IN 1101 A. The principal danger in manu- heart disease which parents may not late hours, overeating, irregular and whose manipulations of the gold sup- ntuHni.- nn invention u-hile a-natent in the least suspect. AU authorities occaslpnal 1 violent exercise, taking nly have intensified the world denroq- facturlng an invention while "a-patent I in the least suspect. AU authorities application is pending is that one may 1 agrree that one of the largest causes occaslpiml violent exercise, taking chances with 'exposure, to the elements to romcM becomo involved in an Interference of chronic heart trouble in later life —all of these bad praptlces are especl- ehould not the fact that Prance im- TO come tnl wnriTi ^l^lo Going fishing with secret service astaSt- OT"=^SX#SE h^j^.'s^'^-jraart^ through any campaign waged to encourage the owners of bank accounts to procedure> in Q. "Wlien was the army war) college established?—J. H. M. A. It was established In November, _1901. The objects of the war college Nor are tho direction and co-ordination of upon their savings, and indeed it cannot maintained that that is at all desirable. will the average depositor evince any par- ar interest in such a movement so long|°« lcex ? ° f the army f r fu det 5! led SS d «5 O I « n *« M# r^nnn>*>AtiB nnH 9t\a AYranulnn f\T is acute rheumatism during the early ally, prevalent with young folks be- years. For this reason, if your child I tween 10 and 25. complaints of growing, pains, the best plan would be to take steps to prevent ,the development of .heart" trouble. Naturally, any parent hates to think QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ^Improperly Cooked Meat QUESTION: Mr. Hidalgo Y. asks: of his child as being a victim of heart I "I have heard -it saidTthat people; can disease during the middle years of I contract a disease from undercooked posQd no extra taxes during the war taken into account? . You'll find In this book, as you may have gathered, plenty . to set you thinking. .Published by Ix>m? &\Smith. solitude but t'does prevent small boys from strolling--by with whoppers on their'stringers. life. Acute rheumatic fever also called as the banks are bulging with money and opportunities for investigation and acts of Congress, and the extension of "Inflammatory rheumatism* 1 or "acute ^ • • A ^m ^^ 4 M 4 A B * ^B I •AM 1 -* .A ^ m ^^^^ • ^ A -.r^t ««« yet are i 4*1 t tO 4 K «. «• that study In tho militia of 'the United R :A 4 U « » * it, tne re- states;--- to provide faoiUties for and turn of which is necessary to restore normal to promote oavaiiced study ( . ^ . subjects and "to formulate the conditions. Tlie demand for more money m of the college body on the subjects articular rheumatism." • The largest number of cases occur In January, February, March and April. 'The rea- I'of this disease can be traced to- tho pork. Js this true?" v " - . ANSWER: Trichinosis, or pork poisoning, Is usually caused from eating • pork which has not .been .thoroughly • cooked. Practlcally< all cases i .• i_ 4 • circulation may be met by Arid perhaps we are coming to that, RANDOM NOTES EMARKABLY enough, the prices of flour and bread are practically as high today as they Avere in 1913; but in that yeur wheat was selling for 90 cents a bushel as gainst half that price at the present time. A senator recently referred to the Voluntary Allotment act, which is now proposed as u, , . , , M1 , , . . , . , _•• relief measure for farmers, as simply u "shot pkces «? *L iMe * tby a PP° inlraent ' »dudiug Even if tha. should be true, if I*?™ 15 ' 000 P«»tnia.le« * tli£it4£* n *+*\ £*j^tf*hftt^\L^ nl v-h-k* f*^^*< j ft .. *• studied for tho Information of the deflation" yet.|ohief of staff. Q. AVhat Is the Ohio4clea?—B. B. A. From .1888 to 1 1870 the .'Democratic party's Demand for puper money and tho taxation of government bonds was so Insistent that the inflation There will be about 100,000 jobs at the dis-l movement was commonly known as posal of the new administration when it is tho Ohio Idea. son for this IB because children arc generally fed more: hearty diets than usual and also because the'skin docm not throw off an much waste material through perBplratlon as" during the warmer months. In young ndults the disease Is more likely to tend to affect the Joints and, after several acute attacks.' a chronic arthritis may develop. A patient who has had one attack is all the .more likely to have others unless the case Is judiciously handled. In children there IH more of n eating i6f raw sausage or improperly cooked pork. In this disease, certain parasites'from'the pig are eaten by the human. The • eggs develop In the Intestines and' finally, reach the muscles, where they may be found In the form of small worms. , By cook- Ing all pork thoroughly the danger-of such infection is avoided. The chap who used 'to flunk in mathematics is now getting set to out-calculate the income tax collector. The unreasonably co^d weather Cal- Ifornlans have been having this year has : been a source of real" joy—to Florldlahs. • . -r- v Qhaperous canriot take .the plaoe of character.—Mrs, tYankllh p. Roosevelt, wife of the president-elect, , sfe LANTERNS OF THE DEAD | If 3.2 beer is norilntoxicatlns, the wets will not care for it, and if it Is About halfway on the road from An.-v gers to Poitiers,, In France, one*comes, upon the old town of Fontevault, which' Is famous not only for an ancient abbey, where ISngllsh kings have wished they bur led, - but for a fine — r rrn or AAAI Q» PlCttHO glVO tl)O ; dqtOS : Of the inerc are 450,UUU| opening of some of the largo chain in the arm.* 1 the result gave the producers of wheat and cotton and hogs and cpm higher prices, the effect would inevitably bfc felt by industry as whole. inaugurated on systems.—L. The first of the existing chain aild in addition, I store systems appears to have been the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company which M'afi founded In 1$58. The Jones Brothers Tea Company was established in 3872; Woolforth's Five and Ten Cent Stores In 1879; James But- llllS does not mean any new WOrk, IlOr her Company's Grocers' Chain in 1882; ,i^ rti , ., Wrt • jj'i* . n _iii_ i McCrory Grocery Chain in 1888; does it mean any addition to the number who | Kresge company in ISSG; united 1901; > MUplaoed Bursa QUESTION: Beryl D. H. writes: "For, almost eight years I havo had a hood of dnrfiBRo to the vnlyen of tho I knot about the size of a pigeon egg on henrf or other membrane lining of the my wrist; It used to come and go, A 0l_ife__ heart. • . • : Rheumatic fever represents an acuto perlntendont League. „. *u * *< o i i t*" 18 9* the dead (lanterns (Jes morts), or tne Anti-Saloon I An American tourist hates to miss something which was for centuries a ,._ ,. ,. . . A I curiosity to Europeans. Juat \vhat was » H« \ -y 10 ** a ., l h ^A ng l° "? a ?°"Jthe jpurposo of these tall etone fune- nations) had violent disputes,* butl rary lunterns, built like inland But now for oyer a year It has not dls- | ^rpm my experience^one 'can; dispute | houses, was not known till a few yeara appeared at all. - The doctors say It In one who has present In his should either he cut .out or hit with t _. I.ABH* ^^^ K _ with the British' and 'Americana and afterward pe all the better. friends. « it •.! are scores ot minor places along with and seasonal PlVmlovmfllt aim Bcu&uiiui einpiuymeui. It is pointed out that "over half of thepres- will be gainfully employed. AU the places ent unemployment is due to reduction in for which appointments can be made or farm buying power. Country people buy, or otherwise filled are already supplied, and all used to buy, clothing, shoes, paint, cement, | that can happen is the elimination of railroad tickets, body the particular toxins which nro- duco, rheumatism. In my opinion those Bufferimr from rheumatic fever must have a definite 'toxemia prenent before 'ari'nmit'o at tank develops. ^Thls.. — toxic condition should be regarded as I replace, but the best method seems to the tru* underlying rnype nnd thp'pr- to cold or wet only a contrlbut- ago a passage was found in the writings of Peter the Venerable, a twelfth France. a'bUr book. Do you know of.any way | •^ d 5^ lard Herrlot, former , premier of | century Abbot of Cluhy, that they I could ffot rid of this trouble?" ANSWER: The knot on your wrist Is probably a misplaced bursa. Burna Preachers are talking about moral •»-* »*» -wi^^r**.,^ ** ••••H > * i*%wu UU& D<«» , 4-VWI Otft Ik 4J Bim A. m t m *"*** »•» of the wrist Is sometimes difficult to questions wUhout knowing what the were lit in homage to the dead Christiana. Most 'of them date from th« eleventh century. in in pulling yourself up on a horizontal bar, and have someone push-the mem- Thn symptoms *-*f R severe attapk of I hrane' or "Bursa" In place while the inflammatory rhoumntlsm start I Joint Is stretched apart, with a f^ellnff of beln«r out of 8ort«. moral means.—Clarence Durrow, be to -Btretch the affected Joint by I Chicago attorney and aBnoatic. ' • I I ISLE OF.TiXEL saying pretty 1 as 4 'techrloc- * Socialists have been much the same thing racy" for two ' generations.—Upton Sinclair, novelist. ,...,'. I Invented article before ap- patent?—0. P. magazines, newspapers, | who now hold the places in favor of those bo'oks, medicine, movie tickets and most | who do not. Indeed, it may definitely be said I of the inventor, or^with his knowledge Q. Is it wise to manufacture OJ>d| t} » en Chilliness, followed by a quick rlnft of tflmtierature which may r^noh 103 Or 104 fleKn»e*« "Fnhrnnhflt. WUK tho fover one of the' Joints'or several become* painful; pwollan, hot, *r> thft touch and flushed r««J. ---Dim to thft Qoat'i Milk QUESTION: Mr. HorBhel H, writes: "I would Appreciate your opinion as to the benefits of iroat*s milk for children and adults," , . ANSWER: Goats are naturally to keep the Joint I healthy animals and their milk Is very bther things which modern civiliztftion can I that there probably will be fewer places t^ produce m such abundance." Today 40 per filled under the new administration than ^ " " ' " * u """ —— - J-- the appll* pvel^ht of, befl coverings on.,lt. , As the * r ii i L • it. -iii.. « . , ., i—-*«•.-* —,..,-..v~. . v - ( -patenti pr acute Inflummatlon sut)Rld<»s In nno cent ol mat miying power has been wiped out exist ul the present time, by reason of the who,uses or eeiis one so cowaruotecj. hrmnn ofjointw it moy hroak out in n 35,000,000 workers engaged in produc- expressed determination to simplify govern- ?!> lU o^rt6^ tVEeSfiffl^^^ ^ig farm implements, fertilizer and other) mental management. |eomade or purchased with 0 ut^iiii>uuy| no t 0 a. tho tongue is boatod and ,tho secured fresji, *ypu'. w;lll find that It makpo a good flubstltuto" for OOW'B Hutfidutnen, the most northerly. seaside resort in Holland, near to the naval port of Heldon, has a fine Vf*ch and a good view of TexeJ,* the bird lover's hunting ground, On account of the continual presence of warships, the sea at thia point IB usually full of interest,, helped .further by many hy* ^ . . droplanes. Trips can be made to Wie- threw |t| lett, be.foiind even rlngen, the Island exile of the Qer- The AoU 6:39. I man crown prince, which U A THOUGHT / A ut If It b« of Qod, ye cannot evtr nooted with the mainland by an CiMfw therefor. I; t patient shows * the marked * weakness tMrttea* vrHtM ky rintfvi •» Thi HIM. Urir««M4 U Or. rrMk MiOty. tM Adt^M. vlll to M „. „, . . The Divine. mind is as vloibj* in 'ita mous dyke, one of tho" first fuli energy of operation on every I outed In eonnectlon with the. reclaiin jowly bank und mouldering stone ^ as Iny of the Zuyder Zee. Th<* birds of In, tno .iftmir-of the pfllarn or heven, Texel Inclde plovers,: avoqeib; \ • and. settling the ;fovudaUpu of thq-Uwr reeves. and on the panU banfco •« ^ *•* KB 1 • • * ^1*1 _^ ' < . . • I • - 7 — b - .-. i .*.•--' ^*- ,,. - f .., „• ^ •• earth.—Buskin* seals can be seou at tlmea. ', *. j. j * I 1 -, ' V • J *- .L ' i •-< 1 -.•v 1 f 1 ' I -\ 1 . '. I I ' * , I I ^ I -

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