The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1953 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1953
Page 19
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FRIDAY, MAT 89, 195S BLI THE V1LLB (ARK.)' COURIER IffllfB SEVENTEEN Scientific Jargon' Becomes Reality in GE Home Laundry Color-Coded Dials, Ozone, Circuit Breakers Featured Color-coded, illuminated dials, ozone in the dryer and manual re- f-t circuit breakers are not space iiyer jargon but important, features of new General Electric home laundry equipment. It's so new that local dealers haven't got the 1953 washer models yet, but will have in a short t«une. WOne big development, announced by James H. Gross, general manager of. the company's home laundry equipment department, are two new automatic dryers which operate on 220 volts but which may be adapted for 110 volt operation. Two automatic washers, companion pieces to the dryers, also have been completely restyled with a number of design improvements. The washers and dryers feature functional controls mounted on four-inch backsplashers, a continuation of the one-piece work surfaces. The controls are well out of reach of curious children, easy to operate and easier to read. For most efficient, quick drying, It is recommended that the new dryers be operated on 220-volt, three-wire service. Should a user desire 110-volt operation, however, an authorized G-E agent can make the .simple wiring change. -Two illuminated dials on the backsplasher of the Custom Dryer are color-coded to permit determination of settings at a glance, and , an indicator light, centered be- fvxetn the two dials, £lows red during operation. Extra laundry pieces can be added to either new dryer at any time. —,_^^^__ The Custom dryer has an ozone lamp to give clothes a Iresh outdoor aroma. ...-^—^___ General Electric's new automatic washers match' the dryers in height, exterior styling, durable baked enamel finish and control panels. One color-coded dial on the Custom Washer controls cycle operation, and the second, termed the ''Fabri-Flex" sets the temperature of the, wash water and turns the machine off and on. The "Fabri-FIex" feature makes it possible to add forgotten pieces to the load, and permits long soak- Ing of heavily soiled articles. Onct stopped, the washer can be restarted at the exact moment of cycle interruption, or by adjustment of the cycle control dial, It can be made to repeat or skip any stage within the cycle. Such flexibility of control makes it easy to set the minimum wash, rinse, and spin stages essential to proper washing of many of new synthetic fabrics such as Orion. Dacron, and Nylon or combinations of these synthetics with wool or cotton. A small load selector on the Custom and Deluxe washers permits washing five pounds of clothes in 10 gallons of water. Both new washers are equipped with a manual reset circuit breaker which automatically stops the washer in case ol an electrical overload. The washers are top-loading, free-standing and operate on the agitator principle. They require no bolting down or reinforced floors. Full-load capacity is nine pounds of dry clothes in 17 gallons of water. Completing the 1953 line of home laundry equipment are a deluxe, medium-priced, and low priced wringer washer and two ironers. The wringer washers have been restyled for appearance, and design improvements have been incorporated. The Ironer line Is comprised of a portable rotary ironer and a pedal- controlled, automatic, fiatplate ironer. In operating the latter, a slight downward pressure on the foot control brings the shoe into ironing position and causes the ironing surface to exert a pressure of 400 pounds against the fabric. The shoe surface measures 300 square inches, or roughly the equivalent of H hand Irons. In case of power failure,' shoe pressure is released automatically. ^ India Gets US Books NEW DELHI W) — India's book imports from the United States have jumped in the past year, at the United Kingdom's ^expense , commerce minister T. T. Kirshnama- SPEED QUEEN AUTOMATIC WASHER — Years of planning have gone into the new Speed Queen Automatic Washer. Mechanically it has been engineered and field-tested to assure every user the highest degree of dependability and washability. Throughout'the years Speed Queen's bowl-tub and agitator principle has established it as one of the fastest and cleanest-washing washers. chari says. Book imports from the U.S. during the period from April, 1952, until February 1, 1953, totalled 16.880, compared to 11.931 throughout the year ending April 1, 1052. In 1950- 51, 7,601 books were imported from the U.S. The United Kingdom shipped 12 682 books to India during 1950-51 11,106 ill 1951-52, and 9.448 in ,th 10 months ending February 1, 1953. it pays to buy an women tell why automalic Gas clothes dryer! "/ buy far fewer children's clothes now" You buy less because » Gas dryer makes it easy to wash more often. It's so speedy it dries clothes in minulal "My husband's shirts last twice as long" Don't risk line-whipping and clothes-pin rips! Get double th« wear from the gentle tumble- action of a Gas dryer. ''Much, much fluffier towels" They're tumble-tossed in K current of w»rm lir, come out fluffy and wonderfully iweet-smelling. / don't even have to iron pajamas" It's hard to believe how amazingly free from wrinkles your clothes come out of a Gas dryer. You hardly need an iron tor most cottons. Visit your friendly Natural Ga* appliance dealer today for a demonstration of the new fully automatic gas clothes dryer. Kcmember — Nltural Gas Is naturally btlUr. "Guess what! It dries PILLOWS!" All hard-drying chores art done quickly, efficiently, in a Gas dry«r. And it'i twice as thrifty per load u >ny other dryer. dries clothes SO fast... costs so little to run! NOW'S THE BEST TIME to install Natural Gas. Installation is cheaper in good weather, and you'll have more time to get your yard back in shape before winter weather sets in. We'll gladly finance your Natural Gas Installation. Ark-Mo Power Co, Experts Say It's Possible to Use Too Muck Soap in Your Washer Home laundry experts will tell you that it's possible to have too much suds in your washer. Excessive suds reduce washing efficiency. That'* one of the points to consider In choosing your sonp. an Important part of the home laundry- ing process. Generally sneaking, t-heve are two tyes of soap—unless you count bar, chips, flakes, powders, etc., uhich could run into dozens, These typos are mild or pure soaps which are used for silks, woolens and some synthetics, and "built" general purpose soaps for cottons, linens and some synthetics. Most packaged powders ana synthetics come under this heading. Soap working for you in the wash goes thru three steps. It helps wet the fabric and soil by reducing the surface tension ol water. Surface tension is the molecular force that "holds water to- pether." You can observe its effect in a drop of water which is polled into a round shape by surface tension or by slowly filling a glass until the water stands above the rim i of the glass. Surface tension holds, H for * moment, before it spills over. WhcM the dirt nnd Roil nve mnnv-|. eel from the fabric, the second soaping action takes 'place. The soupy .loiution holds the dirt in suspension. The third iwtiuu of- soap is to emulsify, or mix with oil nnd grease mid keep the small fat globules sus- pemleu in solution until they can be flushed uu'ay. Within the past few years new chemicals, called detergents, have developed which give'Similar results to sonp, tho they nve not, chemicnlly the same, Generally these detergents, say home economists, are readily soluble in water, produce generous suds and work with hard or soft water. Since tsomc detergents produce more suds than necessary .some makers have U'.'.tu to atUlii'-vi controlling agents. Your wfi.shcr dealer can recommend a detergent or .soap from the ninny excellent brands on the market which will be right for your machine. About -100 persons are killed nnd 1500 more injured by lightning in the United Stales every year. , Dryer Handle Curtains Your best lace curtains can now go Into your washer and dryer, say home economists. Take off hooks, pins nnd removable trim- mines. Use warm water and soap and a pillow case or mesh bag to put the curtains in while they ire being washed. The washing shouldn't be for more than five minutes. The dryer eliminates the use of a curtrtin stretcher. Another important job that your washer and dryer can do for you nt home is washing feather or down pillows. These, too, should be washed in warm water and soap and three to five minutes is considered ample washing time. The Important thing to remember is that the pillows should go Into the dryer immediately after the last wash rinse. Quick drying insures a fresh, clean-smelling pillow nnd prevents the feathers from becoming stale or mildewy. Some Synthetics Are Washabl* A big question tor many women Is the' washabilily of synthetics—Nylon, Orion, Dacron, Dynel, Vl6ira, Acrilan and whatever new ones may have come out this week. There Is no ready answer. Manufacturer* sometimes caution on the label Hint their products should be handwa.shed or dry cleaned. Bui. generally speakinir, items such as men's shiris, unlined draperies, little girl's clothes and similar articles which need frequent washing can be washed in i ma. chine, automatic or conventional. ; Instructions of the machina maker, the soap manufacturer «nd the fabric's maker have to be. carefully followed, tho. Usually lukewarm water, i »af« | soap or detergent, light washer ! loads, short washing times and j special care In spinning or dry- j ing will do the job. An important point: Gear the washing method to the weaker fiber when washing a garment woven of two fibers. Busy Man On an average, London's Lord Mayor fulfills 1000 public engagements, making the same number of speeches, during his year of office. Choose From a Big Selection, Of Home Laundry Needs! Big M-W Cabinet Ironer Big MW Washing Machine Wtrdn Low Prlo* 164 95 ««k about Term* IS rain II -139 * » 15 Dowi n o» Torav Does your Ironing easier, quicker than with hand iron. Merely guide clothes between 2fi-in. padded "floating roll" and chrome plated shoe. Dual heat controls assure even temperature across the shoe. i Washes 10 ibs. of dry clothes with 8 vane swlrlator. Slight lug on clothes slops Wring-A malic wringer. 1 lo 15 minute timer. Efficient pump empties tub fast. WITHOUT PUMP ONLY 132.95 Reg. 119.95 MW Washer Electric Driven - Dial Control Speedy Tump 109 $5 down on Term* 214 95 Buy »nS S»w Enjoy extra sale savings now on this beautiful iVI-VV wringer washer, fi-vane Swirlator washes 9 Ibs. clothes. I.ovell wringer has adjustable pressure. WITHOUT PUMP ONLY \ 02.88 Dial "damp'' or "dry" — automatically dries washer-load of clothes. $5 down on terms. GAS DRYER available on customer order if not in stock. Regular available on customer order if not in stocfl. Regular 259.95, now $234. SHOP WARDS... HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL HOME LAUNDRY NEEDS

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